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Can we get a best of /tg/ thread going?

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I'll start with a classic.

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How about the Ballad of Edgardo?

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I fucking hate Captcha.

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STORYTIEM's 10 Commandments. Worth a read.

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Perhaps one day we shall get an answer to what the fuck a yellow dragon is.

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I think this is /d/, but who cares because /tg/ is such a /d/lite.

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And with that I'm out. Someone have anything?

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And I'm out.

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Why do you keep reposting this?

It's a pretty terrible story, with the climax prematurely spoiled within the first few paragraphs by the obvious loophole in the poorly designed mechanics (which he takes an excessive amount of time to dryly explain).

Beyond that, it's a chore to read through, it's protagonist and comrades are as unlikable as its intended villains, and it's neither believable nor compelling.

When I think of "Best of /tg/", I'm expecting stories that are above and beyond, not just barely mediocre.

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You sound like a nice champ. Not the guy who posted this, but if you even know remotely how terrible forum roleplayers are, the story offers everything.

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Edgardo is one of the dullest, least believable stories that is posted on these threads. And the thing that always gets to me is the people who reply saying that it was beautiful and incredible.

It's a bad story.

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Because no thread is complete without Bearington (also, I have no idea what most of these are before uploading).

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I'm no stranger to forum roleplaying, which might be one of the many reasons why I find the Edgardo story so terrible.

It's just a really bad story, that you keep promoting as some sort of amazing shit.

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That's quite macabre but not all that good. Someone has confused dark with cool.

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I'd love to play from one game to the next, but my GM doesn't particularly want to do it.

Last one.

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Thats the whole point. forum roleplaying is terrible, the story is terrible.
I appreciate exactly that.

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If it's so terrible, why post it in a Best of /tg/ thread?

I really don't understand your logic, unless it's some sort of hipster logic of liking things ironically, at which point all I can say is simply fuck you.

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now i have a sad

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I didn't post it.
Some guy always does.

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>John McClane in space

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Does anyone know if this guy ever came back? I'd love to hear the end of this story.

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Someone complaining about Edgardo because he says it's false and shitty.
I'm just going to post the two other freeform forum stories I have, because they're quite different and are presented in a less heroic and epic light.
This one is just guys fucking up the darkedgy setting of a bunch of teenagers.

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And this one is about a guy ruining the day of a couple faggots who hit on his sister.

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Going to dump other stuff too because why not.

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Some people like it. Lighten up and stop trying to stop them from having badwrong fun.

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Only the finest here on /tg/.

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Shouldn't you be posting when /tg/ gets shit done?

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you can think that if you want. I personally think it's a fun story, way better than all those 40k stories in which the punchline is always the same.

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Huang Long, the Golden Dragon and fifth of the four holy beasts. Governs the element of earth and the center of the compass.

Go now, and be enlightened.

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requesting story about a elf fighter who got his arms ripped off by the BBEG and became a god and defeated him

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Nice buzzword there.

It's not about people having fun, it's about people pretending shit ain't shit.

But, since you're probably the guy who wrote it and keeps trying to promote it, or one of his six cronies that just want to drag /tg/ down to their pathetically low standards, I don't expect you to listen to reason.

But, I just want you to understand that no one's really falling for your shit and actually believes that the story is anything other than a poorly composed sack of tripe.

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Good god, you are so mad.

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He is, but he has a point. It isn't a good story and yet it is endlessly reposted and praised.

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Whoo... really digging into the old may-mays of the past.

I'm surprised you didn't just straight up use U MAD?

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Oh, he does, even if there's no actual practical use for stating said point.

But sweet jesus, the mad. Someone could have a real good time with someone this mad over something so trivial.

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Reposts of reposts of reposts foreverrr

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Please don't. It would shit up a good thread with endless bitching.

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Yup. Thats the whole point of the thread. Did you come in here to say that this thread is like the other exact same threads? Cause a thread like this can only be reposts.

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>Even if there's no actual practical use for stating said point.

Might encourage people to write and post better things in these /tg/ thread threads.

Going in and always seeing the same boring story, complete with people always posting about how amazing it is, is enough to discourage most people to even bother with /tg/ as a whole if that's the best we've got to offer.

Like >>33560552 says, all we get are reposts of reposts of reposts, and sadly most of the ones in this thread are either not really worth the time reading or just straight-up make you wonder why anyone bothered screencapping them in the first place.

/tg/ has lost a lot of drawfags and writefags over the years, to a degree that we haven't had any really good stories in such a long time, well over a year now. In the past, there was a least one really great, as in actually right up fantastic, story at least once every two or three months, but nowadays all we get are mediocre tales or the constant reposting of bad ones by people with fairly transparent agendas.

/tg/ used to be a good environment for writefaggotry, but with people praising and reposting what's basically slander against /tg/ (how else could you describe proclaiming such trash as its best?), it's no wonder that most writefags don't bother with /tg/, and the few who still do don't bother bringing their A game anymore.

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These days, I've yet to read a storytime thread where people don't immediately start shitting on the author for wasting their time, or automatically assuming the story they're telling is the opposite of what actually happened, or that they're completely making it up. I can't know if it's always been like that. But by simple human logic, a negative atmosphere will never encourage creativity as much as a positive atmosphere. It's one thing if bad works are discouraged, leaving good works to rise above them into popularity. But right now, stories are ALWAYS shit on, more than you would expect even from 4chan.

You might be projecting the logical motivation onto these people, and assume that they're trying to discourage inadequate contributions. But more likely, they just trying to be cool by being the non-conformist that attacks the beloved author in their own hugbox thread. Never mind that there's already five guys doing that.

Really, trying to encourage content by discouraging it just doesn't make any sense. We have thicker skins than most, but even we aren't going to be eager to contribute something if the reward for doing extremely well, is just barely more people enjoying it than those calling us wastes of space.

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I hope this is the right one.

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Basically, imagine if all storytimes got adequate good praise to get them screencapped, even the really objectively shitty ones. This isn't necessarily a good thing, but let's take it as an example.

These best-of-/tg/ threads would then act as sieves. People post content from their personal folders, then save the new content that they enjoyed. As people post what they enjoyed most, it becomes more common in other people's folders, and the less-enjoyed content dwindles down to obscurity or nonexistence. So even if someone posted their own terrible piece every single thread(which is impossible without a bot, or a horrific amount of free time), it would still fade away the moment they gave up.

Now realize that this is how it works already, but not as well since we have a shortage of new content to push out the less-good content. So these threads are mostly the same content over and over again with a small rotation of newer stuff.

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>Never use a jpeg
>his image was a jpeg
What a hipocrite

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That's not a jpeg, it's a jpg.

They're completely different because the names aren't the same.

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yep thats it, cheers

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>So even if someone posted their own terrible piece every single thread(which is impossible without a bot, or a horrific amount of free time), it would still fade away the moment they gave up.

It's not really all that difficult. /tg/ threads last about a day on average, and checking once a day for a ReThread thread and posting your same old story is pretty easy for one guy, let alone two or three.

Also, let's not pretend that the threads posted here are the best of the best of the best. These are mostly just threads posted from recent acquirements by one or two people, and most of the ones posted in this thread are not exactly the cream of the crop. so to speak.

The Best of Threads SHOULD act as a sieve, but with people posting just any old threads (or posting threads based on some sort of personal agenda), and some people actively discouraging criticism, all they end up being is vehicles for self-promotion and general board degradation.

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>These days, I've yet to read a storytime thread where people don't immediately start shitting on the author for wasting their time, or automatically assuming the story they're telling is the opposite of what actually happened, or that they're completely making it up.

That's largely unchanged from the past.

If you look back in the archives, even some of the best stories have naysayers in the early posts. However, even with that, the great stories came, faced the criticism, and soldiered on.

/tg/ actually had a larger bite back then, to such a degree that outside a few exceptions, your story actually had to have SOMETHING in order for people to take the time and effort into screenshotting it.

Nowadays, with people starving for content, so much so that they so desperately want to be able to say "I was actually in this thread when it happened!" that they screenshot any thread longer than four posts that isn't a quest, it's impossible to filter through all the crud and reposted crud to isolate the few gems that might still be being written here.

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