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What are the Imperium's opinions on LGBT causes?

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They don't seem to care. So long as you're shooting xenos and heretics you can bone who you want.

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I would imagine no one would give a fuck. There are slightly more pressing matters at hand than dudes banging dudes.

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It probably doesn't give a shit. Ask the individual planet in question. Or better yet, just admit you just wanted to post suggestive images.

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can i see op's pic, but with two orks in stead and a second panel where one hits the other.

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Like pretty much EVERY 40K QUESTION LIKE THIS EVER, the answer is the same.
Depends on the planet.

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>Depends on the author/Publisher

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Anything not directly related to the overall functioning of the Imperium is disregarded. As long as you're not indulging in heresy, praying to the Emperor and paying your Imperial tithes, you're good.

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Would it be heretical to fap to depictions of the Emperor, or would it be alright considering he's the perfect embodiment of Man?

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Probably will not give a damn unless it is somehow detracting from Imperial Guard Tithes.

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Which probably takes place on a different planet than other authors/publishers. So it still depends on the planet

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That' fukkin heresy bro.
That's wasting precious sperm. That sperm could have made a guardsman.
Wasting resources is heresy and thus fapping is heresy.
Unless you are donating. Then fap all you want.

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fuck off legbutt. no one cares.

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Exactly, stop trying to shoehorn your socio-political bullshit into everything.

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Political views vary between the hundreds of Imperial worlds, thousands of colonies, and billions of cities. The Imperium at large cares not for gender or sexual orientation. So long as you say your prayers, shoot the heretics, and pay your tithes.

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on worlds with a large tithe they would probably have a sperm-bank system with lesbians/singlewomen/widows receiving and gays/singlemen/widowers donating

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Depends on the planet and whether the T tries to become a girl to enter the convent of Adepta Sororitas, or if he decided to make a man out of her to join the manly Guard.

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if(not) killing xenos and heretics goto HERESY
if(not) creating new soldiers goto HERESY
if(not) distracted by something else goto HERESY

if HERESY run Blam.exe

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Process Failed

Would you like to diagnose the problem?...I'll save you time: the process failed because you can't code for shit. If a spastic rhesus accidentally sat too near a keyboard, while he was having a stroke and masturbating, he could produce more functional script.

It's the 21st century, there are children younger than Gangnam Style who can make more legible code. Kill yourself.

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no one cares unless its causing problems.

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Do you have to ask?

Decadent Slaaneshi Heresy

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Plus, he's using gotos when he can structure his code instead. That'd damnable heresy if I've ever known it.

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There's canon mention of at least one Lesbian in the HH Series, and probably far more.

So yes.

Can we end this thread now? OP's question has been answered several dozen times now.

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Really it'd be nice to have a sticky that answers questions like this one related to 40k, since most of the time it's just someone looking for an excuse to post soft porn.

Just type it depends on the planet in big bold red letters

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Isn't that on 1d4chan?

Or should they have a 'Sexualities in the Imperium of Man' page there aso people don't ask this anymore?

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>dat art
has there been any updates to Luth and Muju's running comic?

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Nah, that pretty much pigeonholes the matter into "DEVIANCY IS AH-OK SAY THE J00Z", since artistic integrity is anathema to BL writers and staff.

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It's legible as pseudo-code. Stop being a sperging faggot about the syntax of imaginary languages.

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What if you conserve the protons by eating it?

This. Imperium does not give a fuck about most things, but planetary culture and government might.

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>all imperial sperm banks have as aids is a framed picture of the Emporer

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They grow peoplein fucking vats.

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Fucking vats, eh? Sounds like a party

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That would vary from imperial church to church.

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I don't think they care as long as you are not into xenos, mutants or heretics.

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well, Sororitas were originally 'brides of the emperor'.
You just know they got a little emperor statue to schlick with.

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The answer is always exterminatus.
If one man holds another man's hand without immediately saying "no homo", then boom, planet's gone.

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Vandire used them as his harem.

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Space Marines has lots of benefits.

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LGBT is baby's first Slaaneshi cult they are purged without mercy

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I think one of the Ravenor novels made a passing comment about a dude courting another dude.

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You're probably right. I always figured most BL authors had to be from another planet.

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Given how most Imperial planets happily send away tithes of men into the Imperial Guard just to prevent the planets from getting overpopulated, I very much doubt that anyone on a planet more advanced than a feudal planet cares.

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>emotional and sexual gratification above the cause of the Emperor and procreation of Man
Sounds like Heresy at best and Slaanesh worship at worst.

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But the Universe is a big place...

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Are you having children? If you're not having children you're not fighting the alien and the heretic. Not fighting the alien and the heretic is heresy. Heresy is punishable by *BLAM!*

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The one resource the Imperium has enough of and always will have enough of is fucking people

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You can still produce babies and be gay.

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Shit, homosexual couples are currently fighting for the right to have and raise children IRL.There are lesbian couples that pay for sperm for invitro.

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Then you have your answer. As long as you're having children, and therefore fighting the alien and the heretic, and Slaanesh isn't jerking it to whatever you're doing (any moreso than she usually does, I mean), then you're fine.

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Fine don't let it affect your conduct or the imperium at large
Fine on't let it affect your conduct or the imperium at large
Fine pretty sure Rouge traders are always likethis

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The answer to every 40k question is:

Space Marines have an organ that allows them to absorb the memories by eating the brains of their enemies.

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Giver or take the imperium has 1 million worlds. I'm pretty sure it would vary. Just like on some worlds, most people worship the emps like modern catholics who go to church six times a year and pick and choose which tenets to follow. Although on others you'll have grimderp emperor worship, like praying facing towards terra nine times a day, reciting fifteen minutes of litanies, an hour of church everyday, 15% tithes on everything for the church alone, and forgetting to capitalize 'Him' or 'His Godliness' in the context of the emperor will get your family sent to a concentration camp.

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the imperium really doesn't seem to give a fuck.

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I hope the Imperium create a space marine chapter that specializes in killing LGBT.

Sons of Cis
Cis Templars
Privilege Marines

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This, the individuals don't matter, the Inquisition isn't going to go after an adepta sororitas order because two of the sisters are having funtimes in the monastery, but if the LGBT movement from the 21st century appeared in any fashion on any imperial world, it would get the entire planet exterminatused.

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> privilege marines

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It would immediately be in opposition to all the chapters with homosexual overtones.

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Yiffs, too.

Dark Angels would be super against them

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Unless they were Space Marines. They can't breed anyway.

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As organizations of hypermasculine cloistered monks doing manly things in space I'd say that'd be damn enar all of them.

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The only time I can remember it coming up in the fluff is a couple of Gaurdswomen in one of the Cephas Cain novels. I believe their squadmates treated it like an amusing quirk.

If you really wanted to you could argue that any nonprocreative sex is decadent and invites corruption by Slaanesh, but it feels like a stretch.

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So only lesbians are allowed. /b/'s dream

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Yeah, if that were the case the entire Imperium would have fallen to Slaanesh within a month of his/her/probablysomeunfathomablethirdgender creation.

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Same sex anything is strictly against guard regulations, as mentioned in cain novels, but it still happens.

The imperium does in fact try to deter these things, but it's not enforced too hard.

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>If you really wanted to you could argue that any nonprocreative sex is decadent and invites corruption by Slaanesh
The imperium has paradise worlds devoted entirely to brothels and shit, a little girl on girl ain't gonna open up a new eye of terror

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>womyn space marines

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Just wear a condom and afterwards donate your semen to the local gene-bank.

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Is it bad that I like the second option more? There are no devoted countries left on Earth.

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>As long as you're not indulging in heresy, praying to the Emperor and paying your Imperial tithes, you're good.

That's the problem, anon.

LGBT are incapable of making themselves anything short of Slaaneshi-tier hedonists.

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But by fapping you're reducing the amount of satisfaction Slannesh heretics could get out of you should you die or get captured.

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The purest form of love keeps the taint of chaos away.

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But that's not what Cis gendered means, if someone is cis it means that they're not transexual. That's literally all it means.

Which means it only kills the T in LGBT and that's ok because T are usually retarded scum

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Yes. Emps didn't want to be worshipped. He just wanted to be king.

he was still kind of a dick though, IIRC he still had the same policy on aliens as the inquisition- kill the shit out of them and don't even attempt diplomacy. oh yeah, and he wasted the thunder warriors because they were no longer of good use to him, was a horrible father, and was a militant fedora enthusiast.

I still like him though because he's a generally ideal leader whom I much prefer over elected officials or monarchs/dictators who are always corrupt whereas the emps cares about humanity (despite being a dick).

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>Which means it only kills the T in LGBT and that's ok because T are usually retarded scum

>Using the word retarded as an insult
>Being this ableist.

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>he was still kind of a dick though, IIRC he still had the same policy on aliens as the inquisition- kill the shit out of them and don't even attempt diplomacy.

To be fair he had ample reason to do this.

Humanity had many Xeno partners and allies during the DAoT, but when shit hit the fan they all either let Humanity fall, or betrayed their former comrades to carve out a slice of the pie.

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I can smell the taint of Slaanesh on you from here, heretic.

>> No.33561613


Yeah that is true. I mean, it's extreme but that's maximum security right there.

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Does it smell like bacon?

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It smells like ultrapurple and infrapink.

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You prefer concentration camps over unfaithful people.

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The Emprah was just a fedoracore because he feared that the Chaos gods would come into power and then they did.

Chaos is one of the major obstacles that prevents any kind of constructive development because they fuck with humanities technology.

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Why are you sniffing his taint, dude?

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slaanesh is about sensation, ALL of it, tearing off your face, feeling fear, feeling sorrow, feeling ecstasy, etc, not sex. sex is carried out by chaos cultists in about 0.5% of their activities. it's just advertised like that to get 13 year old boys into the game.

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Citation needed. Lust is one of the six circles in Slaanesh's realm.

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That's what the eldar thought.

>> No.33564612

That's heresy even by Chaos's standards. You're a fucking degenerate.

Blood for the Blood God

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This thread is a pretty good example of why /tg/ is ultimately a shit place to discuss 40k.

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If it's Scissoring for the Emprah, it's all good.

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>wearing daemon-possessed armor
>no purity seal loincloth
0/10 would purge for being a Chaos mockery of the SoBs

>> No.33566122

Oh? This garment was weaved from the very hair of THE EMPEROR! It's power and my faith is what gives it life. And through that we cannot be ashamed of the pure body of Mankind.

Hide behind your armor and your misconceptions, they will be proven incorrect. Show me the strength of your conviction I wouldn't want to strike you down for your ignorance and be bored in the process.

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which is hilariously ironic, because religion actually keeps the chaos gods away

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The Imperium's official policy regarding sexual orientation went through 3 distinct phases:
The First phase was made directly under His Divine Majesty. The guiding principle was that "Love is Reciprocal." Stable heterosexual and homosexual relations were accepted. Equal social status between the sexes were enforced during The Great Crusades. Rapists and pedophiles were sentenced to correctional neuro-surgery or genetic therapy carried out by the Cult Mechanicus. After the great Heresy, different planets set up different policies based on the resources they had at their disposal.
The second phase was unfortunately under the much despised Ecclesiarch Goge Vandire. His cult, The Temple of the Saviour Emperor, held as one of their sacred tenants: “Salvation through Propagation.” And so, when Vandire seized control of most of the Imperium, It became heretical to have sex without producing children. Hypocritically, Vandire was reported to have engaged in many sexual liaisons, none of which produced offspring, supposedly. Heterosexual polygamy, rape, incest were all considered sinless if it resulted in the birth of a child. All of this troubled the Brides of The Emperor, but they figuratively shrugged and said that correcting doctrine wasn’t their job. This changed directly after Alicia Dominica had a meeting directly with the emperor which led her to decapitate Goge Vandire.
Thankfully, the third phase, under the Saints Sebastian Thor and Alicia Dominica, were a return to some tolerance. “Only With Consent” is the mantra that still holds true to this day when it comes to the Imperium’s policy regarding gender and sexual relations. Un-consensual sex is currently viewed as being a gate-way sin toward acts of greater heretical depravity. Sexual crimes are punished severely, with offenders turned into parts for servitors or burned at the stake.

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more importantly, how prevalent is homolust in the sororitas? what about pedophilia?

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Hey anony, how does this sound:

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Slaanesh cares.

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It doesn't. It empowers the chaos gods to a point as well, just not as much as emotion and their respective areas of action do.

Belief in the emperor however is different.

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"It's a waste of our time to care, go ask your planetary government"
"Oh and next centuries tithe is up three percent, and your soldiers are now worth two percent less due to the increased peace in your sector"

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I don't get why people associate lgbt stuff with slaanesh.
Like... it sometimes involves dicks or tits. That's really all there is to it. Strait people fuck too, with just as much enthusiasm and bizarre fetishes. It seems like for some reason people think that slaanesh is the god of porn.

Plus, there's a common link between being transgender and having an interest in transhumanism. I would guess a lot of them end up in the adaptes mechanicus because if you find yourself in the wrong body, a religion which actively preaches that you should alter it (to have ten arms and cameras for eyes, admittedly) is gonna appeal. Who cares about your dick when you're going to have a shiny robot body anyway?

>> No.33573427


>It seems like for some reason people think that slaanesh is the god of porn.

Because a lot of people don't read the lore and boil all of the gods or their worshipers down to simple things.

Khorne - Blood, killing, etc. All Khornate characters are frothing berserkers incapable of rational thought.

Nurgle - Plagues

Tzeentch - Just as planned XD

Slaanesh - Porn

It happens a lot with the pre-fall Eldar and Dark Eldar as well, people being unable to grasp that when they talk about being debauched and what have you, they automatically means sex. Dark Eldar sex is likely completely different from the generic sex most of the people who make such erroneous assumptions think of.

>> No.33573479

I guess. And it's bloody stupid. If the most debauched thing you can think of is putting your willy in another man, then slaanesh is probably not the god for you.

>> No.33573529

>Because a lot of people don't read the lore and boil all of the gods or their worshipers down to simple things.
To be fair, GW does the same.

>> No.33573606

For a group of catholic space nazis, this is a surprisingly sane and noble official outlook.

>> No.33574226

Well fuck you...



Not really, she get's board with traditional homosex pretty fast...

>> No.33577236

Doesn't matter as long as it's not Xenos or Chaos.
Suffer not the mutant.
Suffer not the xeno.
Suffer not the heretic.

But if you've got porn of tau or cultist chan or something, then Oh lawdy you gonna get commissioned.

>> No.33577463

No, you're just a dumbass that parrots contrarian opinions.

Slaanesh is very much sex. Not all sex all the time, but very much sex.

>> No.33577531

this whole thread disregards the one problematic thing about homosexuality for a totalitarian regime: Open Homosexuals dont produce children. If ten percent of your breeding population doesn't breed, that's kind of a disadvantage.

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>> No.33577629

Manpower is the one resource the Imperium is never short of. They've got lots of problems; population is not one of them.

>> No.33577647

They will vary by world.

Generally indifferent, as long as you don't shirk your duties. You may be expected to have kids, too.

>> No.33578562

This is why Lesbian Imperium is BEST Imperium!

>> No.33578634

Counterpoint: Gay Aunt/Uncle Theory. Raising children takes up a significant amount of resources and time. If you tally that up against the total labour that the parents produce you end up with a fairly diminished surplus until the children reach adulthood and start working themself.
Meanwhile, your gay population won't have any children (or only a negligible number) of their own, meaning that they'll provide a much greater labour surplus over their lifetime to your society.

>> No.33578651

Would likely vary between worlds. The Imperium is fairly open in letting worlds retain their own cultures, as long as they are subervient to the Imperium.

>> No.33578692

The Eldar weren't just indulging in 'a little girl-on-girl'. Besides, I'm pretty sure that was down to Eldar pyschic stuff rather than just the decadence.

>> No.33578770

>Eldar weren't just indulging in 'a little girl-on-girl'. Besides, I'm pretty sure that was down to Eldar pyschic stuff rather than just the decadence.
Honestly, I think Lesbian Slaanesh would be better than the current incarnation...

>> No.33580834

Homo- and bisexuality are still a veneration of the Holy Human Form, i.e. protected by ecclesarchial dogma, but different planets may be more or less harsh in enforcing that or might even have an entirely different exegesis altogether. The Imperium as a whole is down with it, though.
Not sure about the transgender case, on the other hand. That seems like a more troublesome issue for them on the whole, but it likely still depends on the planet/local sect/mood of the arbiter currently steping on your head.

>> No.33581015

It just empowers the emperor, chaos god of hope and faith.

>> No.33581141


There's more pressing matters on Earth than that right now, too. And yet people still get butthurt over it. Humans gonna human.

>> No.33581409

Not unless it's really fucking kinky and done while under the influence of a hundred assorted drugs while listening to rock and roll.

>> No.33581863

>The Emperor
>Hope and faith
>Not chaos god of the Emperor being a chaos god

>> No.33581960


>Hurr being gay is slaaneshi

How fucking boring do you have to be to consier homosexuality as some sort of boundary pushing source of excess?

>> No.33582079

Go back to /lgbt/ you genital mutilator

>> No.33582310

>Saudi Arabia
>preinvasion Afghanistan
>best korea

>> No.33582336

>implying 90% of the country has changed in any way

>> No.33582352

How common are guardswomen in the IG? You always seem some in art and miniatures, and it makes sense for them to be desperate enough on many occasions to use them to bolster their manpower.

>> No.33582464

not common enough for you to get a girlfriend

>> No.33582523

A waste of energy that would be better served in either work, reproduction or prayer.

>> No.33582579

iirc about 1 in 20 regiments are female only, with mixed regiments being extremely rare.
This of course doesn't include those outside of the chain of command, like sanctioned psykers, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter if the cogboy is actually a coggirl.

>> No.33582607

Rolled 19 + 5

like everything is the vast imperium, highly varied

>> No.33582682

>about 1 in 20 regiments are female only, with mixed regiments being extremely rare.
I'm not sure about that. I believe a lot of planets recruit equally from men and women, but keep them in separate companies.

>> No.33582695

They're totally cool with it, as long as you're attracted to other pure glorious humans and not mutants or heretics or filthy xenos.

>> No.33582713

One of my players' character is in a homosexual relationship with a NPC acolyte. Everyone is pretty cool with it. Well, the cleric is mostly annoyed, but it's not because of the lesbianism but more that he's the only one in the party who ever gets any.

>> No.33582735

and some don't use female regiments at all.
I'm not sure about the exact numbers, but female regiments are rarer, and mixed regiments are extremely rare and usually only formed under extreme circumstances.

>> No.33582750

Catachan certainly does, but considering how much Catachans love to buck authority and do their own thing, Catachan mixed regiments are probably far more common than they are from other planets. Cadia's birthrate and recruitment rate is similarly identical.

I know Vostroya recruits primarily from firstborn sons, but if Only War's art is anything to go by, they either accept firstborn daughters as well or they let second-borns volunteer, whereas the firstborn are mandatorily drafted.

/tg/ loves to spout how Krieg is all HURR MEN ONLY WIMMEN STAY IN KITCHEN MAEK BABBY but with a martyrdom culture as strong as Krieg's (not to mention their absurd casualty rates) I don't think they'd turn away any women willing to fight. Besides, they're mostly clones anyway.

>> No.33582789

Cadia recruits men and women equally as well. I imagine most heavily militarized planets do- if all your population is good for is fighting, it makes sense not to stop 50% of them from fighting because eww tits.

How do you tell if a Kriegers a boy or a girl under all that?

>> No.33582817

If their trenchcoat has a cleavage window, they're a girl.

>> No.33583332

Vostroya doesn't, but in general you are correct. There are also planets that exclusivly recruit women into their tithe forces.

>> No.33583523

And at least one uses EXCLUSIVELY Female Regiments...

>Besides, they're mostly clones anyway.
Female clones at that!

>There are also planets that exclusivly recruit women into their tithe forces.
Yeah, does anyone have that picture of all the different regiments?

>> No.33583532

we've been over this you dumbass, Kriegers aren't clones

>> No.33583602

Not grimdark, go away.

>> No.33583627

Fine, "Vat grown test-tube babies..."

Is your autism satisfied now?

>> No.33583658 [DELETED] 

>/tg/ loves to spout how Krieg is all HURR MEN ONLY WIMMEN STAY IN KITCHEN MAEK BABBY
Because that's canon and you can fucking deal with it.

>> No.33583708

I imagine the Imperium, if it presses anything, it presses fertility.

Its inexhaustible resource didn't become inexhaustible by Adam and Steve.

You want the honest truth people? The dirty secret? In the modern day, with faggotry and trannies and Feminism going global, they will no longer produce any children. No Flower Marriages for appearance, no woem pressured into marriage and babies etc etc.

Transgendered garbage will no longer be pressured to reproduce and pass on their faulty genes to the next generation.

Hardcore Faggots and Dykes will, within my lifetime, begin a slow but notcieable die off, as they simply don't produce any kids. And most likely, neither will many bisexuals.

Feminists? Again, once it goes global, guess what? A woman's desire to reproduce and have children, not sex drive and raw capacity of fertility, but actual desire to have children, will be added on to the other selective pressures. ITs a selective pressure that, up until Marital Rape was criminalized, was completely irrelevant and had no outcome on whether a woman had kids.

So anti-birth feminists will die out. And women who strongly desire to have children will out compete them, because feminism, and contraception, and societal acceptance, will allow those women to jump out of the gene pool.

You want the truth? Women who do not want children and do not desire to reproduce in the 41st millenium, will be such a stark and tiny minority that I doubt they will number even in the billions, across all the Imperium, because Feminism and contraception had made them all die out tens of thousands of years ago from the perspective of 40k.

>> No.33583735

So yeah, the Imperium won't care at best. Because Lesbians and Gays of choice/birth will simply not exist. Bisexuals maybe, trans hell no.

At worst, it would be seen as a sign of Chaos Slaaneshi corruption.

>> No.33583770

/pol/ please go

>> No.33583782 [DELETED] 

You know, Krieg could indeed have female regiments. Possibly volunteer.

Of women exclusively 45 and older. Survivors come back to train new Kriegsmen. Lol Kriegsmen trained by granny.

>> No.33583798 [DELETED] 

Yeah, I'm sure a woman who's like 95% stretchmarks is going to make a decent soldier.

>> No.33583809 [DELETED] 

Cry moar and die out faggot.

>> No.33583826 [DELETED] 

>Kriegzombiemarch incoming.

>> No.33583831

/pol/ go,

>You want the honest truth people? The dirty secret?
Haha, faggot

>> No.33583849

>love between brothers/sisters in battle is the purest form of love
I feel like this would apply greatly in the setting, since they seem to place a massive importance on military and comradery.
So you and your brother/sister in arms can do whatever you want together so long as you continue to fight for the glory of the imperium.

>> No.33583865 [DELETED] 

>Lol Kriegsmen trained by granny.
Child, Granmama didn't live long enough to become granmama by NOT being a badass...

>> No.33583968 [DELETED] 

Meanwhile, I drink thine tears.
I know, its fucking awesome.
>Have a dozen children to serve the Emperor
>Joins volunteer regiment because that just wasn't enough
>Survives a dozen wars across the galaxy
>At age 80, gets rejuv treatment, sent home
>"So, you want to know how to war and death?"

>> No.33584588

well like most things in 40k things vary from planet to planet, and the exact numbers are never consistent from source to source, the canon has been pretty consistent that all female regiments do exist, and are not thought of as some strange aberation by the munitorum, and that mixed regiments also exist.

For if I was, for instance, running an Only War campaign I'd be fine with players having their planets regiment be any combination.

>> No.33584666


Vandire was a filthy heretic.

>> No.33584697

>get a load of this faggot

>> No.33584699

>non-leftist opinion
>i-i-it must be pol! the nazis!

tumblr fuck off.

>> No.33584745

>lust is purely sexual
Catholic pls.

>> No.33584762

>> No.33584787

>> No.33584805 [DELETED] 

>Now, sonny, this is how you make an improvised explosive...

>> No.33584918

>Men are less pure than women

Meme or not, you need to toddle on back to tumblr with your misandry, wenchlet.

>> No.33584926 [DELETED] 


>> No.33584993 [DELETED] 

>Let gammy tell you about the time she used tar and a bottle of shampoo to blow the leg off of a Maulerfiend

>> No.33585016


Fuck off back to tumblr, namefag. This is an Emprah-fearing board.

>> No.33585033

But that's not true. We've seen bi/trans/panhomonomic people adopt kids and propagate their ideals that way.

>> No.33585048


...did tumblr leak in here during the raids?

>> No.33585054

Unfortunatly, that's not entirely true. In germany they're parasites on our taxes, so you could consider them a 'real' problem.

>> No.33585086

And the worst thing is the backlash if you try to ban it.

>> No.33585103

As a strong, feminine man, I can finally admit, I am worth less than women because of my gender!

>> No.33585125

but the worst is individualism

>> No.33585142

You mean THIS Emperor!

>> No.33585147

Yaoifags getting BTFO

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