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Where's the filename thread?

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that's on /v/ though

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Okay, I'll bite.

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Only because I feel sorry for you.

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Nice, haven't seen that one before.

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People dropping like rocks is never not funny

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You mother fucker you don't even know how right you are.

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Did this really need to be a .gif?

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no, but I don't have the still version

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He probably got it from tumblr

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Yeah, that's the problem. They always make .gifs out of images that don't need to be .gifs.

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Yeah I fucking hate it.

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>dat disapproving shield

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Clever bastard.

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So do they just blend in with the crowd?

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Fucking lightening bolt.

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You don't have the one this guy get hit by lightning twice?

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is she riding a dick

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Can't you read? There's an earthquake happening.

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but it looks like dick riding

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Well, seeing as I recognize the earthquake in souh korea one from a porn thing, it's a safe guess.

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From this video :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjI8AxZnrx8

how unlucky have you to be to be hit by lightning twice in one minute?

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It's an earthquake anon

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I love these spoidahs. They're so cute.

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Woah. What was this from?

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Try and keep it /tg/ related

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It lacks penises everywhere.

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what do you think the white spots are?

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>Malkavian meets his nemesis again.jpg

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Didn't Spain won against Austria? why Austria is helping to Spain's demise?

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Because nobody likes Spain. Not even spaniards.

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darn them slaaneshi cultists

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What the fuck is this

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Music video for Turn Down for What.
The song is so bland and generic it hurts, but the music video is gold. Fucking insane gold.

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What the fuck is this

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I got a few.

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>Not even Spaniards
Spanishfag here, I concur. We're a buch of homophobic, good for nothing retards who're currently destroying their economy while whining and complaining a lot.

Feel free to insult me, I fucking deserve it.

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somebody should put this video with Guile's theme:

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I like playing Castille in EU4 so there's that?

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I was right it's incredible.

Just put the video on mute and open Guile's them on another tab

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>Germanfag detected

Shall we go full /pol/? Because I have some things ready for you.

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That's all of mine.

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Also don't forget that each part of Spain wants the others to fuck off.

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No, please.

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Yo?, un Alemán? Ojalá, eso tíos si saben lo que hacen.

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Doesn't that happens with every State/Community/County/Whatever its name is in other countries in every country?
>Hey! they get more money than us! fuck them!

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USA isn't particularly like that unless you mean for sports fuck New York

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It happens everywhere, but it's not always a question of money.

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>Tries to pose as a Spaniard
>Forgets about the interrogation marks at the begining or a question
You almost got me. Nice accents though.

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Germany just has endless east/west north/south squabbles but it's not like they want to secede or kick a part of the country out.

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>That second when his leg is just in the air
Omae wa mo shindeiru

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That's some quality animation right there.

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Those marks are the single most idiotic thing about spanish language.
Why. Are people there so stupid they need to know something is an exclamation or a question beforehand?

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I dunno man, making those upside down question marks is pretty hard

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Do we even need those marks anyway. Can't people just infer whether something is a question from the words and syntax used.

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It's actually pretty useful for long sentences, and all languages should implement it because everyone can profit from it

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>Why. Are people there so stupid they need to know something is an exclamation or a question beforehand?
In case of questions, no, because their questions have the same syntaxis as a normal phrase, so unless you open it with a question mark you wont know its a question til the end of if.

In spoken language isn't needed, because the entonation, of course, but in writen language, due the syntaxis, yeah, is kinda needed, and I say kinda because nowadays almost nobody uses the question or exclamation mark at the begining, only for oficial, formal texts and stuff.

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Needed for what exactly? You can get that a sentence is a question from the way it's worded and context before you get to the question mark at the end.
Unless of course you are retarded.

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>everyone in the world has an attention span of a goldfish

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Why Arabs write from right to left? doesn't that blurs what they wrote already?
Some people want to watch the world burn, I guess.

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Again, it's traditional, nowadays are almost optional.

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Maybe they feel bad for lefties?

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>Why they have accents?
>Why they have that weird n letter with a wave over it?
>Why they have that weird c with an s below?
>Why they...
They're crazy, dude.

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Except that is wrong.

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Thank you anon. That was awesome.

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>Waste of ink resources by writing useless symbols
Now I know why their country went bankrupt.

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Anybody have the full story?

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Are you saying it's a shit theory?

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Neither of this has so little functional reason to exist as the upside down question mark and exclamation mark.
Accents discern words which otherwise would be full homographs, and the funny letters illustrate sounds not present in standard latin alphabet. They both have important reasons to be there, while the retarded mark thing has none.

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Think about this: when you're asking a question of someone, don't you have to inflect your voice differently than if you're just making a statement? Well, what if you're not speaking and just writing, how do you make sure people know they're about to read a question and not a general statement since there's no way to inflect your voice while silently reading? I mean, we don't want people wandering into questions thinking that they're statements and visa-versa, as this would cause some interesting problems!

Therefore, we can assume that the inverted question mark arose in order to warn people of an impending question! We don't need an inverted question mark in English though because we have the auxiliary verb 'do', something that Spanish doesn't have!

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The ñ doesn't sound like an n. You should write ny, nn or nh if you didn't had the letter, and you will be wasting space and ink and also would not be exactly correct. The ç is not in spanish, it's in portuguese and catalan. You need accents because bebé is baby and bebe is the imperative of the verb beber (drink), for example.

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Else we'll get shipped out to /soc/.

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>A ti te gusta la sopa
You like soup
>¿A ti te gusta la sopa?
Do you like soup?

Now imagine the problem in a long question/sentence, if they don't put the inverted interrogation mark, they don't know it's a question til the end of it.

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Hasn't it been shown that, at least in English, we read sentences non-linearly? So even without auxiliary verbs or inverted ?s or shit like that, people can still tell if a sentence is interrogative before they're done with it.

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Because obviously context is for pussies.

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Lily would never say such a thing

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Because even with context misunderstandings never happened.

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For stupid people it doesn't count as a misunderstanding, it counts as them being stupid.

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Sounds more like a crapshoot

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So the inverse exclamation mark prevents, sometimes, retards from having misunderstandings? I call that an achievement, not useless crap.

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Oh yeah well I call you an enabler.

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I've read something about it, but I still don't get the fascination with snails in medieval illustrations.

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Spoonfeeding your idiots is the prime cause of Spain's dandy economy right now.
Their language caused all this.

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>Arguing about exclamation marks on a foreigner language on a filename thread on /tg/
Why am I surprised?

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>Sticking to the topic is overrated, here we just post stuff

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>he never caught a snail and kept him in a jar feeding him lettuce and grass
>he never had the snail nibble on his fingers

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Trying to help morons instead of letting them die is what sank your economy, Spaniards.

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god that must be the stupidest idea ever

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You mean the show, Adventure Time?

>> No.33535325

Sir Bearington?

Some fag made up a story about how he played a bear in D&D.

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Both that and >>33534393 are Zone animations. France is from the Wakfu one and South Korea is from the Juri one.

>> No.33535385

So the filenames are jokes about this Zone being shit quality or something?

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We used to solve this sending the retards to america, but we send so many of them that in the end there was a retard explosion and now you have latino-america

>> No.33535411

Well, we did similar shit but sending them to Australia in hopes the local fauna would kill them...but they became stronger.

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It is what we could call "false naivety". Like posting gay porn and writting "whoa, those guys wrestle really well". Or deliberatly avoiding the subject of pseudopenises in a gnoll thread

>> No.33535494

So that Wakfu one is dick riding.

>> No.33535530

yes, anon.

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Well that just raises more questions than it answers.

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>Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog. Nobody laughs and the frog dies.

>> No.33535628

>whoa, those guys wrestle really well

The weirdest thing about professional wrestling is that, despite being about men in tights throwing weird poses, is that it's still somehow less gay than legit Greco-Roman wrestling.

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>> No.33535655

That's not gay, that's manly.

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You didn't laugh when you were dissecting live frogs?

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No homo.

>> No.33535685

Dissecting live frogs is against my necro fetish.

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The construction for a question and for any normal phrase is exactly the same in spanish.

You english people don't really need marks because the whole sentence's structure changes.

Eres retrasado.
¿Eres retrasado?

>> No.33535728

I agree. I only explained because anon didn't understand and kept asking


turkish oil wrestling is literally two guys that need to rub oil inside the other's short in order to win.

>> No.33535739

as in, putting an oil-covered hand inside the other's short and rubbing

>> No.33535745

Somehow Japanese manages without inverted question marks despite having the exact same "problem" of constructing questions and statements identically.

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This poster is a fag?
This poster is a fag.
Gobbles mounds of dicks?
Gobbles mounds of dicks.

>> No.33535749


English sentences, when written appropriately, have the interrogative words at the beginning.

>Who are you?
>How did you do that?
>What are you talking about?
>Where are we going?
>When are we getting lunch?
>Why don't I have any pants?

Sometimes, you get "Are," as in "Are you fucking kidding me?"

Assholes do that.

Don't be an asshole.

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Gay doesn't necessarily mean prancing pixie gay. Tom of Finland's drawings were of large, muscular men and were the gayest things on earth. Bara is a whole genre of manga that's like yaoi except actually aimed at gay men and are at least as testosterone-packed as Tom of Finland's stuff.

>> No.33535782

>Is this poster a fag?
>a word is not a sentence
>a nominal structure is not a sentence

>> No.33535855

>mixes casual, conversational grammar and proper grammar
Next you'll be goin' after me fo' my contractions an' choice o' wording.

>> No.33535903


well, as Shakespear said: "This ain't no good"

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>> No.33535968

cant say I understand that one

>> No.33536039

>Deal the same damage as a greatsword
That picture is wrong.

>> No.33536169


Have you ever tried a skill roll in the Dark heresy engine?

It's not pretty

>> No.33536173

I've got literally a thousand of these but can't be bothered to do them all so I'll throw out a couple occasionally.

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Do you know what the source is for that gif? Please tell me you know. I've never wanted to know something so badly in my life.

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>> No.33536333

I clicked on the arrow next to the post name and used the image search -> google feature and was told it's from the 2009 movie Gentlemen Broncos.



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>> No.33536352

Where's that from?

>> No.33536373

Absent a good reaction image, here.

You are good anons and you should feel good.

>> No.33536381

I didn't notice the joke until the second loop...

>> No.33536436

Sensible chuckle.jpg

>> No.33536439

>WWI in a nutshell

>> No.33536454

Dammit Obama, you're still President! Quit playing CoC!

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>> No.33536498

>Be switch hitter
>Str 20 Dex 16 by 5th level
>GM describes every kill pretty much like that
I'm having a great time.

>> No.33536541

At the opposite end there's Imgur making a series of still images instead of a gif.

>> No.33536542

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>> No.33536582


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>> No.33536609

I usually see the opposite, where they make everything into 3 second gifs instead of still images or one long gif.

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>> No.33536644

Instead of a quarterstaff you should use your unarmed damage.

>> No.33536771

Thank you!

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>> No.33536835

>Dark Souls 3

>> No.33536845

>THAT GUY hell bent on becoming a wizard in CoC
>7 rerolls before the campaign ends
>still wants to know and use magic

>> No.33536861

>> No.33536865

>> No.33536882

>> No.33536891

>> No.33536900

>people still complain about the wheelie skellies

>> No.33536904

You were saying?

>> No.33536918

He's indestructible so it doesn't count.

>> No.33536924

>implying Flash isn't strong as all fuck on top of being fast

>> No.33536947

>> No.33536959

He isn't strong, his Str is actually just that of a fit average guy. All the shit he can do is because Speeeeeed!.

>> No.33536964

>> No.33536979

The difference being that the Flash can accelerate his blows for brunt damage. DEX is finnesse.

>> No.33536984

then how come his fists don't explode when he hits stuff.

>> No.33536995


>> No.33537001

Speed Force

>> No.33537005

>implying speed isn't a strength-based trait
>body can withstand forces that would create enough energy to obliterate entire planets

Magic strength enhancements are still strength enhancements.

>> No.33537008

In regards to The Flash:
Any question about his abilities has one and only one answer: Speedforce, it just works.

>> No.33537010

>a random encounter for ants

>> No.33537029

So he's a Cha-based caster, not a Dex character.

>> No.33537030

But Flash can't lift a car but he can punch like a meteor, explain that.

>> No.33537032

What the fuck did I just watch?

>> No.33537036

>> No.33537044


>> No.33537049


>> No.33537065

fuck yeah anthrax filled cow head

>> No.33537066

Actually, he's a INT based alchemist who was retro-actively templated with a home-brew 'race'.

>> No.33537089

How about me?

>> No.33537106

Gay as all fuck

>> No.33537114

Optimal response of "both Str+ and Dex+".

>> No.33537115


Bullshit. He bloodied Superman's nose.

>> No.33537140

So what? Does that make him straight?
He still loves the cock and wants to ride it.

>> No.33537165

He can dodge lasers and pressure point your ass, he doesn't always need the Str, he beat strong and tough as fuck opponents without using much str, just agility, dextery and martial arts.

>> No.33537169

You're the best around.

>> No.33537185

and wut?

I am entertained and confused.
I must assume Bollywood music video.

>> No.33537189

I hate when that is done with Int instead.
>I'm so smart I'm going to beat this immortal, indestructible, superdooperfast, hyperstrong guy in a fist fight.

>> No.33537200


>> No.33537216

This is how I epilogue.

>> No.33537226

>> No.33537241

Fast-twitch vs. slow-twitch muscle.

>> No.33537251

>they later died of cold

>> No.33537266

As a morrowind fan I had a good clean chortle.

>> No.33537305

That's not how Str works on most systems, specially those with Dex.
In fact, I pretty much think Dex in those system is another type of strength (not Str), as you well explained in your post.

>> No.33537344

what game is this?

>> No.33537365

Which is which?

>> No.33537375


>> No.33537390

Boku no Postal

>> No.33537392

>One relies only in his martial prowes and perfect body, and succeeds
>To succeeds the other has to rely on his gadgets, roleplaying and a little bit of DM's help

>> No.33537405

Yeah, nah. Fuck the South. And the Midwest. And especially Florida.

>> No.33537499

Don't doubt the usefulness of preparing a shitton of magic/mundane items.

>> No.33537522

Oh, I don't, both are effective, but one is a monk and the other needs a shit ton of preptime, magic items and DM's help to be as effective as the first one.

>> No.33537561

Except a lot other languages don't have an inverted question structure and still manage without the reverse marks. Like Italian for instance

>> No.33537606


>> No.33537617

And other languages manage to come up with all phonetics with their alphabets without relying on stuff like ñ or ç, your point?. Some languages evolve differently.

And for the 13th time, inverted exclamation marks are optional now in Spain, only used for formal/official lettes and stuff.

>> No.33537646

>Wizard solves the encounter once again
I'm fucking dying here.

>> No.33537662

>tfw your party knows pic related IC and OOC
>tfw you still do stupid shit like this to each other when acting out their characters doing it

>> No.33537699


One is a guy who is pretty good with his fists and who gets impenetrable plot armor out of pity, while the other is a god of martial arts who can break mountains by finding their weak spot.

>> No.33537707

My point is that Spanish is perfectly understandable without reverse marks. Why would I need to know that the sentence is a question before I read it?

>> No.33537733

But if they'd ignored the wizard halfway through they could've moved in without him and mopped things up.

>> No.33537759

Mid to high strength, mid to high dex.
Every single broken splatbook feat that exists in ever.

>> No.33537777

So Italians are smarter than Spaniards,news at eleven: at least Italians fucked their country out of their love of underage pussy.

>> No.33537785

Is a thing of the past, languages evolve, some things change other stay, inverted question marks stood for a long time, and now are slowly dissapearing.

It's retarded like some people said? I don't think so, it's really needed? pretty much no, you can get almost all from the context, but it didn't hurt though.

>> No.33537826

Quads make that statement real.

And I'm Spaniard.

>> No.33537828

And a natural inclination towards deceit betrayal, you forgot about how we have that.

>> No.33537843

which is which edition?

>> No.33537845

>deceit and betrayal
I don't know why I missed that.

>> No.33537857


It's not deceitful if everyone knows you're going to do it.

>> No.33537886


Karate Kid, the best martial artist in history, is a 4E Monk, whil Batman, a guy who needs to rely on his gadgets and DM fiat just to keep up with the rest of his party, is a 3E Monk.

>> No.33537896

That's why you pretend you're a Spaniard when you do it.

>> No.33537910


Fiendish, my Italians friend.

>> No.33538027

>> No.33538030

Sorry, but you can't pass for a Spaniard, you're handsomer, classier and have bigger cocks than us, so stop lying.

>> No.33538045

Is that techno viking moves?

>> No.33538059



>> No.33538062

That's a skald.

>> No.33538220

>> No.33538255

This shit is fucking gold

>> No.33538322

>> No.33538350

Can you explain the logic of 6-9 to me?

>> No.33538386

To only use one hand.

>> No.33538417

Can I get a sauce?

>> No.33538448

>Perils of the Warp

>> No.33538449

DYE- Fantasy


Not safe for work

>> No.33538488

>attacking team
yep, that's /pol/ intelligence right there

>> No.33538523

>> No.33538627

>> No.33538665

I chuckled

>> No.33538701

>> No.33538719

I must know what this is from so I can watch the whole thing.

>> No.33538851

>> No.33538920

But they can cast their 1d10 cantrip whenever they want.

>> No.33538949

Due to 5e's ritual casting feat, this is actually a thing.
Also, there's a spellcasting versions of every class except monk.
Fighter has Eldritch knight. Rogue has Arcane trickster.
And Monk, while it can never get spell slots, the Elemental monk uses its ki points to cast spell-likes.

>> No.33538965

I love the Cheetus .gifs. Every time I see one, I'm compelled to watch it, no matter whether I'm in a hurry or doing something, I just need to watch it. And I chuckle at the ending every single fucking time. I think it's some kind of subliminal hypnosis or something. It can't be that I want to watch it for no reason.

>> No.33538988

Monk can cast by spending ki points, Anon.

>> No.33539038

We just don't bath for a week and drink a lot first.

>> No.33539042

I kinda thing warlocks suck asses, specially shit like blade pact and walk unseen (which doesn't work if you walk btw).

>> No.33539088

Wait how did they fuck warlocks up? I thought that would be the class most easily moving from 3.5-4-5?

>> No.33539095

The don't bath for a week works, but drink a lot? you're trying to pass for a Spaniard, not for a British hooligan.

>> No.33539121


PC version

>> No.33539154

They have shit that doesn't synergizes at all, for example blade pact (you got a magic blade that doesn't improves...but is actually stupid because form 5th level you will deal more damage with cantrips than with your sorry ass blade, ah, and you don't get extra attack) and walk unseen is being invisible on dim light, shadow or darkness unless you move, take an action or a reaction...is just silly, like other invocations ruined with similar silly rules.

>> No.33539176

>except actually aimed at gay
Yeah, because all gays only want burly guys, no exceptions.

That shit irritates me.

>> No.33539188

That makes me sad...

>> No.33539242

But that's in the Alpha Draft, right? they still can change it, right?

>> No.33539256


there's a pretty wide variety of gay shit you can get a hold of in gay-slanted yaoi

bara itself is mostly muscleheads with square jaws and body hair yeah but there's variants out there too

the famous yaranaika has bara and a schoolboy, for example

the gay stereotype seems like more of a "california-exclusive but pretending it's everywhere" kind of thing

>> No.33539459

Try Eldritch Knight (one of the fighter's subclasses) can have 3 bonded weapons which can summon as a free action and can cast til 4th level spells, and has some class features like cast a spell and attack in the same turn!. If you buy it now it comes with all weapon and armor proficiencies, what are you waiting for?

>> No.33539538

>Can summon weapons
>Heavy armor
>4th level spells
>Cast and attack
Kota, here I go.

>> No.33539569

Vampire Genocide, best day of my life.

>> No.33539646

I wish I knew, I first saw it in a /k/ funny image thread some time ago.

>> No.33539652

up the bit rate

>> No.33539696

Does that Power Ranger Samurai have what it seems to be an orange and a lime in his armor?

>> No.33539738


>> No.33539784


>> No.33539786

>Power Ranger
Goddamn it, people, that's clearly a Beetle Borg.

>> No.33539794

I think it's a melon, actually.

>> No.33539829

>> No.33539835

No, it's clearly an orange.

>> No.33540712

>> No.33541261

See how polite he was to bow to his opponent before laying down unconscious?

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