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Can we have a Scraplootas thread for old time’s sake?

I finally got around to finishing "Blue Visits Boris", now entitled "Two Tribes: A Grotocracy Story". In it, Blue finds herself caught in the middle of bitter tensions between the two largest factions in Titanopolis. Tasked with avoiding full-blown civil war, she must use her wits, her courage, and her sheer determination to keep the peace, and to stop all the mucking about once and for all.

PDF: http://www.scribd.com/doc/234513854/Two-Tribes-A-Grotocracy-Story
Epub: https://mega.co.nz/#!wxYhHBpA!1h3-sSAagM__2MKAz642wHnFJ_ZInFsh2_70P-JK56Y
Mobi: https://mega.co.nz/#!8tIRGLAZ!LjXiroOHSHdsbvBWWLIu3F8VZvNetxADPIi84qybdnY

I tried attaching it as a PDF here, but it didn't work for some reason.

I'll not pretend this is a year in the making, as it wasn't. I'm working on board a ship at the moment, and writing this comfortably occupied the six hours a day that I'm not working or sleeping. For a week at least. I know it'll be TL;DR for a lot of people, but that's fine. If even one guy reads and enjoys it, that's good enough for me, and I know there are still a lot of Scraplootas fans around. And for anyone who does bother to read it, any feedback at all would be appreciated, good or bad.

Regarding the story itself, it had always disappointed me that none of the Scraploota tales ever really covered the grotocracy, or the rivalry between the two arms. So I decided to write it myself, and this is the (slightly longer than expected) result. It contains a few new characters, a few expanded locations, and a few questionable attempts at humour.

So, enjoy. Or don't. It's not like I can tell you what to do.

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I have yet to read it, but this deserves a bump.

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Oh, I should note that it's optimised for viewing two pages to a screen, so you'd be better off downloading it rather than reading it on scribd.

That, and the ebook formats might be a bit wonky. Still readable though.

Thanks. It'll take some time anyway, it's about 20,000 words. As I said, I had literally nothing else to do on board, we don't even have internet, I'm only posting it now because I'm at anchor outside Straya.

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Did that guy ever draw any other stuff?

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Not since the original threads, I don't think.

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Shame, they were good. There's loads of writefaggotry for them, but hardly any pictures.

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Yep. They're lots of fun and lend themselves to shenanigans, but not too many drawfags really picked up on em. I'm stil thankful for every sketch and doodle we got, though.

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Same. Though this remains my favourite ever.

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Those links are about your story, right?

I wonder if that guy who made the compilation of all the Scraplootas stories will see this. It'd be good if he could add it.

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Yeah, it's just the one wot I wrote, but I'd be happy for it to be added by that guy. The only thing is that, as I said, it's kind of long. Still, it's all finished, so I don't really mind what's done with it now. Hell, even if it doesn't get read by anyone, I had a lot of fun writing it and it's good practice for getting into creative writing again (I haven't done it for years and I'm kind of rusty).

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Bump with more Boris. The thread will probably die before anyone finishes reading it (if they decide to) anyway, but hey, at least more guys will see it.

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>the compilation of all the Scraplootas stories

that thing was almost unreadable, i hope not

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It was fine for me.

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I thought it was alright too. It's good for what it is; a compilation.

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the thing was that it was just solid text, there were no line breaks or anything. that and the punctuation was all over the place

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Isn't the punctuation an issue of the story themselves?

The lack of linebreaks didn't really bother me since I just got too used to reading Black Library novels.

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if you're going to make a compilation you should at least proof read it

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Anyone got more Blue?

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Quite a bit was posted in the blueberry thread.

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I hadn't noticed that thread. Thanks.

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Just curious, why is it that 90% of /tg/'s OC and writefaggotry done in Pratchett style? It's almost weird.

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90%? Other than the Scraplootas, I can't think of any exceedingly British /tg/ OC.

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Angry Marines? Crazy Hassan?

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Just a little thing, if anyone does read any of it, even just the first part or something, I'd love feedback, even if it's criticism.

I don't know about the rest of /tg/, but I love Terry Pratchett, and that probably rubs off a bit. I'd never claim to even be near the same level as him though.

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in what way are the scraplootas british?

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It's because literally every poster on /tg/ is one of the many multiple personalities trapped in Pratchett's tortured mind. Including you and me.

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Probably because a lot of fa/tg/uys have read Discworld, or books by guys who were inspired by Sir Terry Pratchett.

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Football hooligans. All orks are football hooligans.

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Their humor was described as pretty Pratchett/Douglas Adams, such as how the Grotocracy exists due to a bunch of grots setting up shop inside a daemon possessed Chaos Titan. The daemon, unable to drive the little orkoids insane or possess them or any of his usual tricks did the next best evil thing he could: he turned them all into bureaucrats. Thus, the grotocracy was born.

Then there's other things like Derknitt, the ork who keeps the Chaos Titan and the rest of the Scraplootas orky by doing things like finding areas where the possessed titan has grown wailing faces on its walls and yelling right back at them until they go away.

Or Threegrot, the weirdboy as weird as three grots who is in no way three weirdgrots stacked on top of one another in an overcoat.

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that makes some sense i guess

ok, but i don't see how having the same sort of humor as british guys makes it british

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Those posters are just using it as shorthand for "similar in style or execution to British humor such as Pratchett or Adams". It's not that hard to understand.

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I had forgotten how much fun the whole Scraplootas thing was. It's so much more fleshed out than I remembered, even minor details. Stuff like the wire system in the arms is actually kind of clever.

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/tg/ has always been too clever for its own good. In fact, I'd say all of 4chan is pretty witty and clever, even if a lot of people might disagree with me.

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I love the sixty-second market. It's a really fun idea.

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I think it varies from board to board, but you make a good point. I doubt many people would be so dedicated about something or like something so much that they'd eventually find their way to a website just for discussing it. It's a nerdy thing, and nerdy people are more often than not really clever.

I imagine on /tg/ especially you end up surrounded by people who discuss universes and compare lore and write their own ideas and stories and get exposed to a lot of written work. A lot of us tend to spend a lot of time figuring how everything works and fits together, and that requires some imagination. I want to be a writer, and I imagine a few other fa/tg/uys feel the same.

So yeah, in short, most people on 4chan are nerds, and most nerds are clever and crafty people who are smart at what they're smart at.

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Yeah, it is. I think the strength of the Scraplootas is that while they're daft in so many ways, they're also not entirely out of the realm of possibility.

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It's like, 'who would do something so reckless and dangerous?' then you remember that they're Orks, and then you realize that they're not being stupid and just making things work for them.

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Pretty much. Ok, so /b/ is objectively shit, but people say boards like /sp/ and /v/ are shit, and they really aren't. There are just a lot more voices, so the funny and clever stuff is sometimes a bit less obvious on the surface. There have been so many times that I've randomly burst out laughing thinking about that one image, or that post somebody made, which has probably been forgotten even by the guy who posted it by now.

One that got me recently was looking at a picture of a spine. Out of nowhere, my brain randomly jumped to TOBLEROOOOOONE. It's such a stupid thing, but it's also funny as hell.

Plus, and it's the thing I like most of all, everything is anonymous. Nobody's putting a name to any of the Scraplootas stories, for example. It's just done by a bunch of guys, who have probably never directly talked to each other outside of these threads. It's creating for the sake of creating, rather than trying feeding an ego or somebody's pockets.

It's anarchic, but it works. It's also why I absolutely hate the other places on the internet like Reddit, where creations are all the pet projects of individuals and everyone circlejerks about the people making things instead of the thing itself. I'm not expressing myself very well, but I think you get the idea.

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Why want? It's not that hard to become one. Just write. Do you feel your writing isn't good enough, or do you mean professional writer?

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>Do you feel your writing isn't good enough

If that's the case, I don't see why people don't just practice. /tg/ OC can be good for that actually, as people tend to read it, it has an established set of characters, and it can be quite fun to write.

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Other anon here: I actually want to write background novels for the wargame I'm working on.

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Yeah. There's absolutely nothing stopping anyone from writing. All it takes is a keyboard and a word processor. Christ, it takes even less than that, a pen and paper can even do the job.

That's the beauty and the curse of literature. Anybody can be a writer, all they need to do is write.

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Gotta start somewhere. Make a skeletal story with the major plot points, start thinking about how to connect them properly and get to writing man. You can do it. /tg/ believes in you.

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Some people might point out that people might go to /b/ for 'lol so randum I can be cool internet man' instead of being interested in something, but I agree with what you're saying. I mean, I haven't been here for more than a year at most, but I get what you're saying.

The problem with all that is that as perfect as the anarchic order is, if you miss out you miss out. You can't really explain it properly to someone who wasn't there. 1d4chan is a great help, but it can be outdated and miss many newer things.

It's beautiful, it's wonderful, it's inane, it's everything you said, but there's no real permanence to any of it (not that you want to keep half of it anyway).

A little from column A, a little from column B. Professional writing is a lot different than a few short stories for internet folks, and I find I don't do as well as a writer without being in the right mood. I can do well, especially when I focus, but if I lose track I find it hard to finish. What kind of writer has to say, "I can't work on my novel today, I don't feel like it?"

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I find it interesting how ideas come to you as you write. You can be writing something really plain, and then suddenly something that's actually clever will appear out of nowhere, like your subconscious has been sorting through various ideas in the background.

>> No.33526207

Don't forget that it's ok to cut things. I cut the entire second half of my novel.

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>What kind of writer has to say, "I can't work on my novel today, I don't feel like it?"

If you believe Stephen King, every single one ever.

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That is how the brain works. Your frontal lobe is both your short term memory and your active processing memory. Most of the time the largest part of your brain, which is pretty much the rest of it, is processing information without you realizing it.

Also fun; dreams are pretty much disk defragmentation in the sense that your brain is playing connect the dots with your memories.

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>What kind of writer has to say, "I can't work on my novel today, I don't feel like it?"
Almost all of them. I feel the same. So does Neil Gaiman, sometimes, and the dude's probably one of the most well known writers in the world.

He actually wrote a story inspired by that for Sandman. It's called "Calliope" and the main character is a struggling author.

I've actually started with the world, plotting out a century of technical advancement and political motivations.

The setting was actually originally built on the idea of "what happens when Steampunk runs out of coal?"

>> No.33526307


Is there something preventing them from using distilled spirits as fuel? It sounds interesting enough. Got a timeline for us?

>> No.33526361

The brain's a crazy thing.

I'm currently working on (or at least, I've just started) a story about neural implants, and how they create a new class system between the rich who can afford them, letting them become hyper-intelligent, and the poor who can't, who become regarded as crazies. Throw in a bit of stuff about how criminals have their chip removed, some corporate espionage, and a conspiracy.

Cliched? Sure. Done before? Yeah. Good practice until I get to having some better ideas? Definitely.

>He actually wrote a story inspired by that for Sandman. It's called "Calliope" and the main character is a struggling author.

If you want another example, there's Barton Fink, which was written by the Coens because they couldn't think of anything else to write. It's also great.

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Oh, and Adaptation, where Charlie Kaufman wrote a screenplay about himself failing to write a screenplay for a book he was supposed to adapt.

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Not a timeline, yet. Just ideas in my head and their results, a tabletop wargame about mechs fighting Trenchbreaker operations that's nearly done.

>> No.33526469

Hate ta be a git, but does anyone actually have a Scribd account or whatever and can share the PDF with us so we can propah download it?

It's frustrating to get through an entire story, realize you legitimately like it and want to keep it, and you need a dumb account for yet another site just so you can download it.

I swear, part of the reason I switched to 4chan.

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I'd like to write a proper story for the Vostroyan Firstborn. I read Commissar, and it was okay, but it was disappointing.

>> No.33526519

Got you covered:


Sorry, I thought Scribd allowed downloading, my mistake. Glad you liked it though.

>> No.33526520

I've just realized that this is a really good possible title for the game. If a rulebook had a picture of an art-deco battlemech swinging a rocket boosted warhammer at its lightning khopesh wielding counterpart, and the name "TRENCHBREAKER" in a suitably metal font, would you pick it up and look through it?

>> No.33526532

Not personally, but I can think of a lot of people who would.

>> No.33526654


does anyone actually use them?

>> No.33526658

I would.

>> No.33526801

I do. Much better than pdf for reading on the kindle.

>> No.33526822

Now, I've yet to actually put it together, but what would your reaction be on seeing that the entire system was about a 15 page pamphlet plus one double-sided page of rules for each faction?

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Flesh that shit out nigga

>> No.33526904

Which generation of kindle? I've got one of the old Kindle 3s, and I'm considering upgrading, but I'm not sure.

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That's brilliant, when did that get made?

>> No.33526957

>that ultrasmurf mug
Makes me happier than it reasonably should.

>> No.33526959

It's deliberately slim. Here's all the rules on how mechs work.


And here's how the turn works.


Both of these are works in progress; I need to work on more ways to get Strategic Points, for one thing.

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a month ago....I have one with zizzbitz but never finished him

>> No.33527058

Noice. You've got some major talent.

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One of the old black and white ones. It's fairly OK.
Eh... put it in a box with some feelies and you should do fine.

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when's this story supposed to be set?

>> No.33527204


fuck yes.


>> No.33527386

I thought there was a story written about that, but I can't seem to find it. Oh well.

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Blue's been with the Scraplootas for a while, long enough to be established, but she's still never been inside Boris. Up until now she's stuck with Tinka, and not really gone anywhere on her own. One of Boris' brain tubes has split though, and Tinka's too big to fit in properly. So he trusts the job to Blue.

>> No.33527690

>sixty pages about a shitty blueberry waifu written by a neckbeard

Ha, no.

>> No.33527842

Nobody's asking you to read it. Besides, I've never thought of Blue as a waifu, even if that was why she was created. She, to me, is an audience surrogate. She's there to be the introduction to the craziness of the Scraplootas, and an excuse for things to be explained. She's the anchor holding everything in place.

Then again, maybe it's just because I'm very anti-lewdness in stories. I can't speak for others.

>> No.33527919

The lewdness has to be properly done. I''ve read enough great fantasy novels with a bit of innuendo and near-smut here and there to realize that sometimes, character will do what characters will do.

But personally, I don't think Blue would ever have sex with someone. She wouldn't understand it, it's not proper Orky, and she'd probably krump some jerk who was seemingly obsessed with grabbing her squishy bits. She probably wouldn't even form a friendship with anyone who wasn't an Ork or a grot - and if she did, it'd be more an antagonistic friendship than any deep relationship. I still laugh at my own headcanons for that sort of friendship.

Anyway, I found the story good and imaginative and worth reading. I would have enjoyed it as much with Blue as without.

>> No.33527966

is it bad one day i want to see a quest of Blue trying to deal with the bullshit that is the Grotocracy and trying to keep the entirety of it from crapping itself only to watch /tg/ purposely fuck it up?

>> No.33528021

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I pretty much agree with everything you just said there, regarding what Blue would think about anything sexual. It just wouldn't make sense to her, it's not part of her thinking, and it's not part of Orky society.

Still, nothing can stop someone else from shoehorning it in if they feel like it.

On a side note that I didn't mention earlier, HOLY SHIT writing orky speak gets irritating after a while. It's so much more difficult than you'd think. It's why I pretty much gave up with characters like Tinybones. It's okay in small doses, but having to do a full conversation with it is just maddening.

>> No.33528194

Have you ever read the book 'To Take a Theif?' Almost the entire first 2/3rds of the novel has the characters talking in a grundgy peasant dialect. It's actually really fun after a while and helps show that the characters are ill-educated and set them apart from the upper-class folks, but if you're not ready to wrap your mind around it it's disorienting as fuck.

>> No.33528249

Genius. I think he is supposed to have a peg leg, though.

>> No.33528274

Yeah, I've not read that but I've seen it used a lot in different places. Trainspotting does it too, with the Scottish accent. It's effective to read, but a bugger to write.

>> No.33528328


why would anyone do that

>> No.33528349

I fucking love everything about this

>> No.33528383

Some people feel it forces sex into the story, possibly having the characters act differently than they should to have the lewd happen.

Some people feel it's distracting, and lewd is better meant for porn - no mixing work and pleasure, you know? Or maybe they don't enjoy it as well written as drawn.

>> No.33528384

Who said you gits could start a Scraplootas thread? Especially without me.

...I guess I should get writing.

This is a thing of beauty right here. An absolute thing of beauty. Do you have a site that I can follow the shit out of?

>> No.33528387

>tfw you skip to a random bit and then immediately find a mistake when you thought you'd ironed them all out


>> No.33528397

Reminds me of the moles in Redwall. Goddamn those were tough at first.

>> No.33528407


>> No.33528418

>tfw I didn't have any trouble because I'm a Brit

American books don't seem to do the whole accent thing as much, it's weird.

>> No.33528470

Probably because all we have is Texan, Midwestern (i.e. no accent), and Bronx.

I never knew what accent the moles were supposed to have, honestly. Is there a video with someone speaking in that accent or something?

>> No.33528482

The only American accent thick enough to write down is Creole and there's no such thing as a literate Creole

>> No.33528485

Good to know you're still kicking about, I used Grot Quest for reference in a few places.

>> No.33528577


As the anon who named Zizzbitz: I love it, and beg you continue.

>> No.33528639

Supposedly the moles have a Somerset accent. I couldn't tell you exactly as I'm from up north.

>> No.33528698

How does it make you feel knowing they are over two years old?

>> No.33528763


Here's what I've noodled out so far in the months since I last posted about Scraplootas.
What is a Threegrot? What does it do? How does it come about? Moreover, /why/ is a Threegrot?
These are all excellent questions, and Mad Dok Gitstitcha would like to answer all of them. Or at least, he was going to try to. He had the bone saw and the Annisfetik knock out sandbag and giddy laughter all ready and everything. That trench coat would bare its juicy inner secrets yet.
But of course the problem remained catching Threegrot unawares. The Mad Dok couldn't explain it, but for some reason that git had eyes out of the back of his head and off to the side too. Probably a weirdboy thing. They did that. Whenever he got within ten feet of Threegrot, the git scampered. Practically grew two additional sets of legs the git moved so quick. Whatever. Really the hunt was part of the thrill for Gitstitcha. Before his tribe of Feral Orks had been picked up by the Scraplootas. There was a strange something going on, a mutation had stopped squigs from sprouting so the Orks were forced to hunt. And he was the butcher. Not that his tribe didn't eat all of their prey, bones and all, but there was something that required a bit of formality to all of it. It was kind of the same reason he fashioned himself a nice apron of crudely stitched together hide (made of of gits, naturally). It was as instinctive as putting together a shoota from scrap metal that was lying around. Butchering was practical too. You had to figure out how to make sure the bigger nobs got their bigger shares after all.
Carving up meat one way or the other was the same for Gitstitcha. He just patched it all back up when he was done nowadays instead of shoving it in his mouth.

>> No.33528822

I like what you got so far, especially the humor with Threegrot.

As I know little about the background of Scraplootas, I wanna ask - are there multiple clans among them, are they just sort of their own clanless organization? Could there be a Deathskull obsessed with looting the best bits from inside Boris?

>> No.33528828


It took the Mad Dok the good part of the month to finally catch up to Threegrot, probably because Threegrot was sick of being chased around, probably not because of Gitsticha's cunnin', but Gitstitcha wouldn't hear a word of it if you said something. Mostly because you'd be speaking in some human tongue and Orks don't /actually/ speak in a hooligan English accent it's a translation conv--
The Mad Dok realized that despite all the experimentation he did on himself and everyone else that he could get his hands on, he definitely did not want to experiment or investigate Threegrot. Threegrot was all wavy and shaky, but that was normal Threegrot. Because Threegrot was just a weirdboy with the power of three weirdgrots. And that was it. These were not implanted thoughts by Threegrot. Mad Dok Gitstitcha came up with them himself. Oh, and make Threegrot your assistant.

>> No.33528862


What is a Daemoncore? What does it do? How does it come about? Moreover, why is a Daemoncore?
These are all excellent questions, and Mad Dok Gitstitcha would like to answer them with help from his assistant, Threegrot. From what he could tell through visual observation, it was a dodecahedron, a twenty sided regular shape made all of triangles covered in weirdsquigs. Except it had twenty one sides.
No matter how Gitstitcha counted or looked at it or marked off the sides, he always counted one extra. Also covered in weirdsquigs. Like there was something wrong with how the Daemoncore interacted with reality. Reality kept trying to force it into a certain shape, and the Daemoncore did its best to have a little rebellion to declare that it wasn't a part of reality's system. Other than that, it was cloudy and flashy on the inside, like there was a perpetual storm in there. And it spoke with a booming voice. If you asked the Mad Dok to describe it, it was a right flashy voice that sort of barged into your brain without knocking on your ears first. It was also usually quite demanding.
I DARE SAY YOU OLD POMPOUS ORK, ARE YOU BACK AGAIN FOR ANOTHER GO AT IT? I SWEAR YOU SHANT GET ANOTHER WORD OUT OF--OH BY KHORNE STOP THE LICKINGAAHH thought Mad Dok as he got closer to the daemoncore. Mentioned previously, it was covered in glowing weirdsquigs, but that was explained. The weirdsquigs regulated the Daemoncore's temperment, reducing the amount of mischief it could get up to. Otherwise they'd have constantly screaming walls and whispering dakka and weirdgrots standing on each other's shoulders hoping they could pass for an actual weirdboy.
"Oi, Threegrot," Gitstitcha said, "Quit whistlin', it bothers mah finkin'."

>> No.33528865

"These are not the grots you are looking for"

Oi loike it gov'nah! Had me in stitches it did!

>> No.33528973

They're just sort of their own thing. You have to remember that they're actually almost all grots, so it changes the dynamic a bit.

Try reading the compilation book, maybe the OP story, and at the very least the wiki page. There's a lot of background to them.


>> No.33529042

>are there multiple clans among them, are they just sort of their own clanless organization?
Most WAAAGHs have multiple Klans in them and the Scraplootas are Freebooters, who are even more motley than your average WAAAGH
>Could there be a Deathskull obsessed with looting the best bits from inside Boris?
You most absolutely could, though he would probably end up at odds with the Grotocracy. You could also have one who keeps trying to loot Blue on account of how lucky she must be, only to get krumped by Zizzbitz or Snekkit.

>> No.33529124

Gork bless you.

>> No.33529171


Anyway, something about the weirdsquigs' saliva sedated the Daemoncore, and because he broke a bonesaw choppa getting nowhere with the Daemoncore and it didn't quite seem to have applicable anatomy to saw off anyway, Gitstitcha was happy to simply pester the thing with questions. He fed the weirdsquigs and cleaned up their super dense and boring looking gray waste that made sensors in Boris click violently.
"I'm doin' research fer da sake of prosp- prosper- prospar-"
"Yeah, dat one. Now, who wuz ya daddy?"
The Mad Dok frowned and scratched his head. Who was doing the Syko- Psych- Psykee- head scratching thing. Getting to the brains without using a proper choppa and only just words.
"Oi, dat's da one. Sykoanaling. Who was doing dat 'ere, da Mad Dok, or da Daemoncore git?" He knocked the Daemoncore about with his broken bonesaw, causing several Weirdsquigs to relieve themselves.
There was the sound of a static screech in Gitstitcha's mind. Threegrot swayed even harder than he usually did.
"Oi jus got sum kwestshuns. Now, who wuz yur daddy?"
The Mad Dok stopped tickling the weirdsquigs and motioned for Threegrot to do the same. Gitstitcha did not see multiple additional arms retreating back into Threegrot's trench.
"Okay. So youse gotta pretty rough choildhood. I fink."

>> No.33529218

just how powerful IS the grotocracy?

>> No.33529252


I think I just fixed the derpier bits. I'll get back to writing and not editing now.

Oh god Grot Quest ;_;7 I swore I'd return to that when I had more time after college. I started working and now I have even less free time...

It sometimes pains me that more people than I know have read my shitty two year old writing. That they didn't find it terrible (and sometimes quite funny) is heartening.

The thing about stealing away Blue is that that's Snekkit's thing. He steals Blue from Zizzbitz, so the Deathskull would be kinda redundant.
But I should note that there's still plenty of room for antagonists and gits all throughout the Scraplootas. There's definitely spies and double agents for other Ork groups out to take down the biggest and baddest Orks in the sector.

The Grotocracy is the most powerful thing inside Boris outside of Boris the Ork. It's hard to exactly pin down how powerful exactly the Grotocracy is because the Grotocracy immediately folds and makes way for any nob that comes investigating. They could potentially hold an uprising, but they like their status quo as it is. No telling what the nobs would do if they found out the grots were organized.

>> No.33529302

I wonder what would happen to blue if she got caught up in the Grotocracy and what would happen if she ended up on top.

>> No.33529348

They're probably too stuffy for her tastes

>> No.33529354

"Oi wans ta know where yer got yuh blue paint."
"My skin's blue like this, ya git!"
"...Ye mean ye gets ta be lucky all da toime?!"

"Cuddja hold this fer a second?"
"Wot the zog? Wot for?"
"So ye can make it luckiez."
"...Foine. Gimme that. Wotsit, looks a lot like -"

"Oi'd givva shoiny toof ta carry dat blue grot inta battulh. She'd moike me real lucky for sur!"

"Hate buyin' tings from grots! Oi'm stikkin' ta lootin'!"
"Wot's wrong widdit?"
"So I goes to one of them cleany grots an' Oi' seys, 'Oh, get me unno dem Shootas so oi ken boi it frum ya!'An' he goes off an' gets me one, and asks really polite like ifin' Oi wanted ta boi it. so Oi sed, 'Oh corse I do ya grot!' an I tried ta hittem, but he moved fast, an I pulled out unno dese funny slips of paper, Coo-prawns er sumthin', they's supposed ta give me a great deal. But when I gave 'im dat and took me shoota, he said I owed 'im sum teef, so I krumped him. Stupid grot. They don't' act propah."

>> No.33529437

>No telling what the nobs would do if they found out the grots were organized.

Probably bop them on the head and tell them to stop mucking about.

>> No.33529449

>The thing about stealing away Blue is that that's Snekkit's thing. He steals Blue from Zizzbitz, so the Deathskull would be kinda redundant.
While I don't disagree, Snekkit more just borrows her. Some Deathskull infiltrator looking to loot her and take her back to his Warboss without getting caught could be fun.

>> No.33529452

Personally I'd rather that she be marked by the Grotocracy as someone who was never to be targeted for anything ever, and they do their own bit to get her out of trouble if need be. If Blue bites in a Grotocracy sponsored activity. Zizzbitz would start asking Questions, and that would be No Good At All. It's never good when random words are capitalized in a sentence.

Of course even if she did get caught up in the politics (which would probably bore her because it's machinery she can't actually tinker with since it's all thoughts and words) she wouldn't end up on top due to writer's fiat. I don't like Blue with that much power, not to say she doesn't already have a lot of power as Zizzbitz's personal grot, but it makes her more than just Blue, which I feel is a step in the wrong direction. Da Blue Grot isn't really supposed to be a roleplaying character, more of a Saturday Morning Cartoon character. All of the Scraplootas are. They need a default that they always snap back to at the end of the episode. Their environments can and will change, but they themselves stay the same.

Of course, I'm just one writefaggrot. Other ones might think differently.

>> No.33529479


That's a thing that totally works. He'd have to fight off the Farseer and the Tau (not to mention the Scraplootas) to do it though.


>> No.33529500

Fair enough.
Plus Blue herself would resist.

>> No.33529553

>Plus Blue herself would resist
Of course she would. He would probably have to team up with Derknitt at some point.

>> No.33529617

>How does it make you feel knowing they are over two years old?

It reminds me that we Get Shit Done, even unintentionally, and that the line between played out and fleshed out is a spanner's edge.

>> No.33529745

True enough.

I'm just glad they haven't been forgotten after all this time.

>> No.33529841

It's some of the best Ork writing around. I think it'd be difficult to learn about Orks and NOT find out about the Scraplootas' exploits.

>> No.33530038

I think the trouble is nobody bothers to learn about Orks

>> No.33530294


Far from the containment chamber that was the daemoncore's holding cell, Boris the Ork shuddered himself out of a fitful sleep. The bridge grots around him eyed each other nervously. This soon before a major engagement? It was a bad omen. Something that could not be fixed by dressing up with those funny long eared headbands and hopping about. The last time this happened, they ran into the Gargaunt that almost got Boris good.
Boris groaned and then thumped his chest. The Titan around him imitated the motion with a long drawn out metallic crunch, rattling everyone in and around Boris to the bone.
"Some git finda pink squig. Two pink squigs. Da chewable uns. Oi fink its 'eartburn." Suits him right for eating so many greased fried squigs before battle.
A select few grots pulled off their headbands and ripped off the bits of rags that they stuck on ther butts in a ball and scampered off. The other ones prepared the bucket of water that was necessary to down pink squigs. They were too chalky otherwise. Where was the Mad Dok in all of this? He should have been supervising. Not that the grots didn't do all of the work themselves, just well, it was good form to have nobs heading all of the projects. Grots milling about with a purpose was always suspicious in the mind of any alert enough Ork. Wasn't proppa Orky, grots doing things with out orders.
The intercom did its chirpy thing. It was looted from the communications of a Warhawk VI that the Chaos marines used to own, and for some reason it developed a weird chirp after it was installed, and it limited messages to roughly twenty eight words, give or take. It was probably some twit's fault that it did that. Some git must have found it funny.
"Oi, Boris, wat da zog wuz all dat den? Somfin 'appen?" It was Urtylug, being a good Kaptin. Of course, you'd definitely want to check up on your biggest boy if he was the size of a thousand or so of your other boyz, give or take a few grots.

>> No.33530513

>all this writing for a piece of fanfiction about a piece of fanfiction about orks in 40k

it's actually sad

>> No.33530769

Any more?

>> No.33531047

Are they the only set of /tg/ Orks?

>> No.33531152

I think so, though it's not like any faction's other than Space Marines get much love from /tg/

>> No.33531187

It might be kind of selfish, but I love the way the Scraplootas have become /tg/'s emblematic orks, almost up there with Angry Marines or Cultist-Chan for their respective factions in terms of recognition.

>> No.33531347

Shame really given that spess mereens are the most boring part of 40k.

>> No.33531537

How is it? People are dedicated to things they like.

>> No.33531561

Whoops fell asleep there for a bit.

"I fink I'm fine, Warb-Kaptin. Jus a pinch uv 'eartburn. Can ya find da Mad Dok's head fer me?"
There were a few things that the Mad Dok was not allowed to do on Urtylug's orders. One of them was to come within a hallway of Boris's command bridge, at least with his body. Gitstitcha was free to make check ups on Boris in his reduced squig leg form. He was held up by grots and then passed around like some weird religious bauble, inspecting the Ork that now hasn't sat down or gotten out of his control harness mechanism in several years. Boris was remarkable in that sense. Perhaps it was the Warp-interacting-with-the-Waugh weirdness that created much of the Scraplootas' oddities that gave him the ability to continuously pilot the Titan. It was hard to say if Boris slept standing because the Titan was always standing or if the Titan was always standing because Boris slept that way. Causality had broken off at some point, not to say it wasn't in a casual relationship already with the Scraplootas. Boris showed no otherwise signs of slowing or wear or tear. It truly was as if the Titan was him and he was the Titan, though how much crossover there really was was a question that Mad Dok was forbidden from finding out, as most of his methods involved amputating and reattaching limbs or setting things on fire.

>> No.33531576


...Well in this case the Daemoncore looked like it was already burning on the inside already, so it wasn't technically setting things on fire, right?
Gitstitcha knew about metaphors and figures of speech and all, but he had a hard time figuring out which ones were supposed to be literal and which ones were supposed to be figurative. As did most of the Orks. For this one at least, he hazarded that it had to be literal. Torture went hand in hand with interrogation after all. Putting someone in the hot seat had to be a real thing that hoomie gits especially did to their interrogatees. The trick was to get the seat hot enough without killing the weirdsquigs. Even at his worse the Mad Dok knew better than to test his chances with the unbridled Daemoncore.
He eventually decided to just heat up the entire containment chamber. Threegrot was looking awfully warm in his trench coat now too, and was more likely to take it off, an added bonus.
Gitstitcha imagined a sound not unlike the rapid deflating of a large wet tire. The hot seat was working.
The Mad Dok was scribbling notes as fast has he could, meaning that he was scribbling on a piece of paper and one of the ubiquitous grots next to him was carefully writing everything down to be dictated to the Mad Dok the next time it was necessary.

>> No.33531586

I don't know why but I really dislike the dok gitsticha character. The other ones I love, barring maybe Derknitt because I hate reference humour, but the doctor thing just rubs me the wrong way. It feels a bit too much like "oh shit we need one of these, how do we make him wacky", rather than a natural creation like the others.

Just my opinion though.

>> No.33531598


Gitstitcha nodded sagely. Why the Daemoncore was coming together nicely.
Gitstitcha frowned. He indicated to Threegrot that he should put more fuel in the steam generator that was pointed at the Daemoncore.

"Ugh. Dem pink squigs ain't workin'. Da 'eartburn's worse. Where'z dat zoggin' Mad Dok when ya need 'im?"
That's all I'm doing for tonight. I really should get to sleep. I'll see if I'm up for more writing tomorrow? If not, then I'll see you guys the next time the Scraplootas are brought up...

>> No.33531611

He didn't really get fleshed out/cleaned up like the others did, coming in at the tail end and all. I kinda share your sentiments, but hes not all bad.

>> No.33531720

He's definitely not in my favorites, but he did barely get any fleshing out originally. This was an attempt to make him more of just a set piece for medical things. I may have pushed too hard on the wacky, but that's really a part of trying to figure out the character.
Personally I'd feel more comfortable if I could make up more about him, instead of playing with the bits that already exist. It's why I've not written about Derknitt, since he is established as dumb hateful BatOrk and I really do not know what to do with him.

>> No.33532091

you are a hateful person

>> No.33532220


I liked it.

>> No.33532288

He makes some good points, even if you dont wholly agree with him.

>> No.33532341

>barring maybe Derknitt because I hate reference humour
Derknitt may have started as reference humor (like several of the Scraplootas, to be honest), but he evolved into his own thing, an ork purist who tries to make sure all orks remain orky in the face of Chaos and muckin about, doing so in an ironically unorky manner (skulking around, spying on others, and generally being a sneaky git). He may be the one closest to his source material, but he most certainly is more than just "Batman, but an ork".

>> No.33532609

I guess so, it just has some hangovers from the original "ork batman" concept that put me off.

>> No.33532834

>Can we have a Scraplootas thread for old time’s sake?

You just wanted an excuse to talk about yourself

>> No.33533059

Or, you know, a story.

>> No.33533075

I wonder who would win in a fight, The Grot or Blue?

>> No.33533197

Blue. Obviously. That's not even a question.

>> No.33533230

who? i know blue but not the other

>> No.33533243


>> No.33533289

>thread has gone on this long without Blue's dildo

>> No.33533324

Every time

>> No.33533441

I would prefer to have kept it that way.

Blue is one of the female characters /tg/ has created that I would rather remained entirely pure. She's too childlike for anything else, in my mind.

>> No.33533502

I fail to see how anything she routinely does (build weapons, drink, kill sentients) is remotely childlike.

>> No.33533513

Her naivety. Yes, a lot of the things she does are pretty rough, but it's how she does them. She's part of a culture where those actions are the norm, and where growing up isn't really a concern.

She's kind of the Peter Pan of 40k.

>> No.33533518

>> No.33533529

Only with tits, hips and absolutely no problem with all things Orky.

>> No.33533535


You're delusional, anon.

Besides, da funstikk is a perfect fit.

>> No.33533549

True enough.

To me it's like sexualising a grown woman with a mental age of 13. Sure, she's got the right things in the right places, but does that make it right?

>> No.33533970

She's not a kid, anon. Either in appearance or mentality, certainly not in age.

Don't confuse the orky, simple attitude as naivete.

>> No.33534140


Back to /tv/ with you

>waaaaah creativity is tiring and a lot of work

>> No.33534216

>appealing to morality
>on 4chan

>> No.33534270

She was kidnapped as a child, and she hasn't developed mentally since then. Since sexuality isn't even a thing in Ork society, she's probably only wearing clothes because they help keep her gubbins in place. To me, personally, it'd be wrong to look at someone like that in anything other than an innocent way.

At least, innocent in the sexual sense. She's guilty as sin for murder, assault, theft, and so on.

I like to think that deep down this place isn't as depraved as people say.

>> No.33534301


Why /tv/ of all the boards you could think of?

>> No.33534306

>innocent in the sexual sense
Not since the fanseer got to her.

Also you're either one hell of an optimist, or you've not been here long.

>> No.33534312

If you're talking about the Scraplootas, I've been here since the inception. If you're talking about 4chan I've been here far too long.

I guess I try to think the best of people.Most of it is just joking around and exaggeration anyway.

>> No.33534321

>sexuality isn't a thing in orky society

And there you have why the dildo is so fitting.

>growing girl tau in ork society
>ask da boss why her gubbinz iz tinglin'
>gets told to stop muckin' about
>stops muckin' about
>builds something to help with dem tingly gubbinz, proppa orky

>> No.33534325

So the optimist choice then.

>> No.33534394


Pretty much all they do is hate on things they didn't write without ever trying anything remotely useful, which is exactly like watching regular tv so I guess it applies in both ways?

>> No.33534677

>Not since the fanseer got to her.
>Implying that's canon

It has a line through it on the wiki, that means it didn't happen.

>> No.33534701

You could say that about almost every single entertainment-based board on the site. If you want a hugbox where everyone is nice all the time, Reddit is over there.

>> No.33534904

I suppose. Anyway, the main point I was trying to make is that I don't like lewd stuff in /tg/ stories. Keep porn in porn.

>> No.33534982

>tfw you read too much ork fiction and have to stop yourself from saying "zog" as a swearword in real life

>> No.33535181

what about krump?

>> No.33535224

>not positively /d/liteful

Get thee elsewhere with such wholesome thoughts.

Also, >>33534321
Shit sounds like it fits perfect.

>> No.33535296

Don't be a smutfag outside of your designated threads.

>> No.33535362

What. There's a n entire board of topics that can be seen in lewd lights. The scraplootas threads were some.

Don't be assmad faggot outside of your deignated analpain pen.

>> No.33535415

Don't be a shitposter just because people don't want to talk about your shitty porn fantasies 24/7. That's how faggots like NiceDaemonette are made.

>> No.33535523

This, hard.

>> No.33535582

You sound like the sort of person that injects their fetishes when they DM.

>> No.33535991

Well this is nice to wake up to.

My opinion on the matter is that Blue can have a reasonably active sex life, as long as it's mostly off screen. Why? Because it's muckin' about to the Orks, and it really doesn't work with the Saturday Morning Cartoon aesthetic.

I'm not saying that we should get into graphic detail and fetishize the girl, but I'm also not saying that it's completely out of parts to assume that she does have needs.
Your daughteru feels the same lust that other Tau of her age do, but instead of the greater good, she's surrounded by asexual fungi bros and a lot of scrap metal. Of course she's going to build something and take the matter into her own hands.

Does this mean that we need more fapfic? Up to you. I'm probably not going to write anymore fapfic, and I would certainly not like it if the majority of stories written about Blue from now on are fapfic or an excuse for fapfic.

>> No.33537068

Well get you and your not taking sides. I agree on the saturday morning cartoon thing. Sex doesn't belong in something with that sort of feel.

>> No.33537196

>not a single person has read the story

i wonder how the op feels

>muh 100 scribd views

that just counts opening the page

>> No.33537222

>>not a single person has read the story
Plenty of anons commented on it, though.

>> No.33537382

Personally, I agree with >>33527919 back here. Seriously, why'd the sex talk come up again when we'd already talked about it?

Ah well. To throw my own two cents in, even if she does have urges (assuming they get triggered by anything in the first place), would she even know what to associate them with? She's been raised Orky and learned to have fun in a pretty Orky way. She might try to go out and have a fight, or invent a new machine, or have a race. She might even just sleep and wait for the feeling to go away, like Boris in the story described. Who says she'd ever think to turn to shlicking or sex? I think you'd need someone about who's not an Ork to explain something like that to her to have that happen, and she has bad memories about her earlier Tau life and I doubt a humie or a pointy-eared git would be there to explain it to her, or in the case of the latter, would explain it to her if they were there. (Knowing us humies, a humie would try to just make a move and Blue would krump them for being a git. And I'd laugh.)

Even then, I just don't think a fapfic with Blue would really...work. Does that make any sense? It just doesn't fit in my mind to have it happen. Maybe I'm a bit of a prude, yeah, but this is probably one thing that has managed to stay pure for me.

>> No.33537408

I read the story and downloaded it. I loved it. The sixty second market was especially fun, and the Shootists and Choppists were both unique and funny. Blue behaved proper Orky, but had some quirks and a slightly more think-y bent that reminded you she wasn't just a grot.

>> No.33539589

Where's the full color Scraplootas that one anon posted?

>> No.33539691

Gotcha covered.

>> No.33539840

Looks good. Why do we keep forgetting this one?

>> No.33539970

Does it need a gigantic, Borderlands-esque SCRAPLOOTAS! title card stuck in front?

>> No.33540037

That would actually be pretty great, especially if we made any rules for any of the characters.

Though really, you could just have em all be their respective units. Threegrot is a weirdboy, Zizzbitz is a Big Mek with Blue as his oiler grot, stuff like that.

>> No.33541464

The sixty second market is probably one of the best locations /tg/ has ever come up with.

>> No.33542099

That;s not hard, /tg/ has barely created any places. Lots of characters, but hardly any places.

>> No.33543245

I've not seen that one before.

>> No.33543794

>even if she does have urges (assuming they get triggered by anything in the first place), would she even know what to associate them with?

Just throwing in that most people learn to masturbate without being told about it.

>> No.33545585

why has nobody ever written a good story about fizzgutz? he was always my favorite but he never gets any mention by the stories except as a really minor character.

i read it and thought it was ok. all the 40k lore was wrong though.

>> No.33548012

Agreed, he needs more love.

>> No.33549197

Wait, what?

I've actually been looking forward to seeing that finished.

>> No.33549264

Well, it finally is. I had got sick of seeing it listed as "unfinished", it was making me feel guilty, so I bothered to get around to it.

Talking about finished, have you seen: >>33526917

>> No.33549274

No one really cared when I brought up that point.


The compilation is also missing a few stories that were found after it was made.

>> No.33549316

Nope, I just got into this thread.

Did a search for scraplootas on foolz just to see if there was any recent chatter and saw the OP.
Guess I posted in response to that before reading through the thread. My bad.

The finished one is pretty damn cool looking.

>> No.33549441

I've begun reading it.

>The head councillor put do wn the phone, and leaned back in his chair.
There a space in the middle of "down".
Is that a formatting issue on my end or is it actually a space?

I'll post more things I catch when I get done with each part.

>> No.33549506

Maybe you could update it again, if you find the time. As for proofreading, who cares if it's only minor stuff like little bits of punctuation?

Looks like your end. The PDF and mobi both have it as one word. I did my best to iron out stuff like that, but it's not to say things haven't crept in.

>> No.33549569

Oh, and when I was asking for feedback I was meaning more in the general sense, I'm not planning on editing the story any more than it has been already, it's finished in my eyes. It's more for if I write anything in the future things that work or don't work, that people like or don't like, and so on.

That's not to say I don't appreciate it though, I do.

Off for a nap now though so I'll respond to anything in a few hours. Four hours of sleep in thirty, it's a hard life.

>> No.33549579

I didn't make the compilation doc, I was only trying to help improve it with whatever I could contribute.

Non-intentional spelling and punctuation errors can sometimes ruin the smoothness of the story.

>> No.33551199 [SPOILER] 

You should be ashamed of yourself, OP. The ending is absolutely adorable.

>> No.33551300

Stabwound is pretty funny.

Though I'm a little confused now about where the 60-Second Market is located. I thought it was in the right leg, but that doesn't sound like the heart of Boris' machinery. Or maybe it is after untold years of orky modifications.

>> No.33552163

Finished reading the Two Tribes. I like it.

Gonna read Writefaggrot's new piece during the daylight hours though.

>> No.33553347

I had always thought of it as being somewhere in the centre, a little bit above the daemon core, where the most machines are. For it to be in the right leg doesn't make sense, as that would mean that there should be the exact same on the opposite side.

Anyway, Plus, it being located there makes the most sense for why grots had set up stalls in the first place.

>> No.33553416

I cannot be held responsible for any natural adorableness that may emanate from a certain character named Blue.

Good to know you liked it, I'm glad people do.

>> No.33553990

>Did a search for scraplootas on foolz

So I'm NOT the only one who does that.

>> No.33554354

There are probably a lot of us.

>> No.33555971

not so adorable when you realise she remains a murdering psychopath

>> No.33556621

I'd argue it makes her even more adorable. What's cuter than wanton violence?

>> No.33556775

People who don't pretend to be a fictional character on Twitter.

>> No.33557204

What? Is that a reference I'm not understanding?

If someone has made a Blue twitter roleplaying thing I'll be irritated as hell though.

>> No.33557549

I thought the right leg was the casinos and things, and the left leg is homes and industry,

>> No.33558065


Why would Orks ever want to play Bop-it?

>> No.33559160

I can see it.


All that makes me imagine is it making noise and shouting instructions now.

>> No.33560159

I usually look at this to get my bearings with Boris' innards.

It could probably be updated a little.

>> No.33560750

Yeah, it could be updated I'd say. It was made right at the beginning.

>> No.33563074

Well I'm liking it so far.

Are you going to put it in a pastebin when it's done?

>> No.33564130

At least three anyway.

>> No.33566008

That seems horribly outdated, it doesn't even match most of the stories.

>> No.33566121

>mfw I'm the guy who originally designed Gitstitcha and had no idea he'd been expanded so much

>> No.33566734

One thing I noticed between the Two Tribes story and the one Writefaggrot is currently working on is an inconsistency on the physical condition of Boris' squishy bits.

In Two Tribes he's described as emancipated with a lot of physical deterioration happening, but in that other story he sounds like he's still in pretty OK shape.

Personally I'm just going to chalk this one up to before and after Gitsticha joined and the difference he made, but I felt it was worth pointing out.

>> No.33567441

Personally, I think it makes more sense for him to be pretty fucked, body wise. It further emphasises the fact he has actually become the Titan, as he's now all machine and pretty much not a real ork any more. Still, they're all stories made up by different people, inconsistencies are to be expected.

Plus, it makes for a more interesting concept, I feel, rather than just an Ork in a chair.

>> No.33567597

Here it is


Pretty sure they were mentioned before in another story, something about having a nid pit for entertainment reasons. Or maybe that was just the gladiator arena.

>> No.33567706

He doesn't even have chair in the one currently in progress in the thread, he just stays standing all the time.

In the story where Blue gets captured by the tau, she looted a particularly comfortable chair with the intent of letting either Boris or Urtylug have it.

>> No.33568640

Also make sense when considering that this is a chaos titan, especially with that green-goo bit in the epilogue.

>> No.33569375

>he just stays standing all the time.

That doesn't make sense.

So chaos titans actually turn their pilots into machines? I thought that was artistic license.

>> No.33570150

While this is the only picture I have of Boris' squishy bits, I always imagined him being dreadnaught or Emperor tier of dessicated and plugged into cables.

>> No.33570386

This just bothers me. I think when a pic gets uploaded to and then saved from 1d4chan, the pic comes back different.

Anyway, I always thought of squishy Boris as being the same as any other ork, only with cables stuck all over him.

Sometimes I think he'd be bulked up to the point where he'd fill most of the room since orks supposedly get bigger and stronger with the more things they krump and the more boyz that respect them.
Other times I think he'd be on the small side.

Orks work in weird ways.

>> No.33570494

I guess it works on personal preference, it's a group that /tg/ created anyway, so it's not like there's any real hard and fast rules.

Al I know is that I really like all the ideas for the inside of the titan, like the 60-second market, the swingees in the arms, the faction war, the casinos and entertainment in one leg and industry in the other, and the Grotocracy of course. It's actually a really clever and fun setting, better than a lot of real writers come up with.

>> No.33570914


What if squishy bits Boris was as hollow as big Boris? He can be big and Orky and dessicated at the same time.

>> No.33571065

Maybe he's a Cybork? Open up his chest and you see an Ork mini 'piloting' it, amidst mechanical gubbins and bitz.

>> No.33571314

Jesus is this still up ._.
I'll probably update again on the weekend/next time I see a Scraplootas thread. My weeks are far too hectic this time of year.

I'll be honest with you guys, I don't know too much about Titan pilots. I assumed they stood up all the time so they could make the Titan walk while they walked, like a Jaeger pilot from Pacific Rim only even more enormous. The idea of standing for years was added for a touch of Chaos-y weirdness to Boris's squishy bits. Other than that, I had him as this: >>33570150
A regular looking Ork that was hooked up to the Titan machinery. I didn't think of him as thin and withered. However, he could be still, since all I say is that he's standing and he can't eat too many greased fried squigs.

However I like >>33570914
A lot more. Since Boris is the Titan and the squishy bits and the squishy bits reflect the Titan which reflects the squishy bits in every way, why doesn't the inside of Boris' squishy bits reflect the inside of Boris the Titan? If you were to crack open Boris's skull, you would probably find an empty space with a mini-Boris driving Boris's squishy bits...

>> No.33572518

Scraplootas threads are pretty uncommon, I dunno if this one will make it to the weekend, so you might get a fair bit of time to work on it.

As for the inner workings of a titan, especially a chaos titan, that's pretty much a mystery to mostly everyone here.
Like when I tried finding out what a deamon core was supposed to look like a while back and couldn't find any real info on it.

Winging it is fine for this sort of thing I think.

>> No.33572586

Don't forget it's also a chaos titan made orky. Really, I think there's room to do whatever you fancy with it.

>> No.33572715

Oh, I know they're uncommon. I'm just putting it out there in case it happens. I just popped in to say that 1) I don't know shit about Titans and it's really hard to find concrete references that doesn't involve reading seven WH40k books and 2) I really like the idea of Borises all the way in.

>> No.33573167

Most I've been able to find on chaos titans is that they fuse with deamons, but nothing on how that works. I guess the titan becomes the deamon's body while its essence finds someplace to reside within it.

Also that the crews would sometimes fuse with their titans. That kind of happened with Boris and to a lesser extent Tinybones already.

There's nothing too specific.

That too.

>> No.33574523

These ones don't get posted very often.

Someone wanted Blue in a dress for some reason.

>> No.33574561

I am hard pressed trying to come up with a reason why Blue would ever willingly wear a dress.

Maybe a craftworld infiltration, Mission Impossible style? But that would only raise further questions.

>> No.33574564

>Green background

Vomiting everywhere. Also dresses aren't orky.

>> No.33575039

Drawfag reporting, doing a thing, not too much to get excited over. I need to sleep for now, probably finished tomorrow.

>> No.33575051

But anything can be made orky.

Makes you wonder what an orky dress would look like.

>> No.33575142

I like it

>> No.33575208

Many, MANY sharp bits.

Also, that picture is great, when was it done?

I actually wrote that greentext in one of the original threads.

>> No.33575344

Nice. Another reason to keep an eye on this thread.

A while ago.
Foolz and other archive sites have been uncooperative with displaying all instances of when a pic has been posted since 4chan changed the image URLs, so I can't give you an exact post.

>> No.33575379

Is she working on/using what I think that is?

>> No.33575382

Noice. I'd kind of like a Drawfag to take a punt at drawing one of the arms/the 60 second market or something, but I'd imagine it'd be difficult.

>> No.33575418

Fair enough. I never know what to search for when I'm looking for pictures of Blue or people talking about her on foolz. Blue is too vague, and nobody ever calls her the Blue Grot.

>> No.33576611

I hope not

>> No.33577034

considering she's a a blueberry waifu blue doesn't have much art

>> No.33577789

The trick is to search the imagine dimensions and things.

>> No.33578197

>dat tool


>> No.33579154

That's great, I love how Blue looks. You should color it.

>> No.33580196

>A dress

She doesn't have as many autists spamming her all the time

>> No.33580345

>Someone wanted Blue in a dress for some reason.
Some guy was asking for all /tg/ OCs in a dress for a while

>> No.33580462

Why though?

>> No.33580971

No clue. Maybe he thought it would be cute.

>> No.33581621

>She doesn't have as many autists spamming her all the time

See >>33580345

I guess we'll never know. Maybe it's for the best.

>> No.33581662

>See >>33580345
But that guy wanted ALL /tg/ OCs, not just Blue. In fact, I think he asked for Macha, Xeno, and Cata-chan before her.

>> No.33581664

>put on goggles
>get comfy
>rev up da funstikk

>> No.33581690

>all /tg/ OCs
...so Urtylug and Zizzbitz too?

>> No.33582171


>> No.33583573

Only the female ones. I'm sure he would've asked for Angry Marines or Fuklaw in a dress and/or formal wear first, anyways

>> No.33584225

Drawfag here, heads up that if this thread dies before I'm finished I'll be posting >>33575039 at >>>/i/421352

>> No.33584269


>> No.33585834

How exactly do you do that?

The only search options I get for flies are the file name or the file hash.

>> No.33586977


Oh. Er. Hmm.

>> No.33587309

I'm guessing there will be tits.

>> No.33587395

I fucking hope so. Also high impact, self-inflicted sexual violence.

>> No.33587433

Very enthusiastic high impact, self-inflicted violence.

>> No.33587660

Shame really, as I like the clean, non-sexual art. Let's not start that argument again though.

>> No.33587687

>lying down
>no shirt
>holding funstikk

What exactly did you expect was going on?

>> No.33587752

The rough sketch was clear on how things were going to go.

It's your own fault for not recognizing it.

>> No.33589274

To be honest I'm surprised it took this long for Blue smut to surface.
I would love to see her using it on the Fanseer some point, myself.

>> No.33589342

It's been a little over a year since this was made.


>> No.33590206

I can't even work out WHAT the fuck is going on in that picture

>> No.33590269

Zoom out. Apparently Blue's laying on her stomach, smiling joyfully as she gets worked from behind by some machine.

>> No.33590372

You can hardly even tell that's Blue. Or that it's lewd. That's like...half a smut at best.

>> No.33590450

>As for proofreading, who cares if it's only minor stuff like little bits of punctuation?
That's the god damned point of proof reading in the first place. Making judgement values about whether a sentence flows properly is secondary to making sure you've spelled everything properly.

>> No.33592469

Is there a smut measurement I'm not aware of?

Agreed, though I find any sort of error pulls me out of a story, be it spelling, punctuation, the incorrect use of words, or whatever.

>> No.33592815

So why was I the only one who tried to do proofreading on this then?


I posted what I found, I'm sure there's other stuff that needs correcting, but I have no way of contacting the guy who compiled it to enact the fixes though.
Not to mention it's missing a few stories that were found afterwards.

I think after spelling/grammar is dealt with, it should get some page breaks and fancy formatting like the story in the OP.

>> No.33594200


Hopefully that'll do. Reading the thread it seems like it'll be kinda disappointing but at least the rendering's pretty good or something.

>> No.33594305

Well done man.

>> No.33595337


The second piece of drawn smut that I know of featuring her, but the first with details.

>> No.33595982

OP here, thanks to everyone for a great thread. I'm off out to sea now so no more interent for a few weeks, it's great to know that the Scraplootas (and Blue) still get plenty of love here.

Great job. I might not be too big on the whole sexualising Blue thing, but I can appreciate well done art and that certainly is.

>> No.33596063

Thanks for finishing that story up, it far exceeded anything I was expecting, and have a safe voyage.

>> No.33596373

not that guy but what were you expecting? its just another story

>> No.33596430

Thanks, I really appreciate it. And don't worry, I'll try not to crash the ship into anything. If you see some news saying "Bulk Carrier sinks with all hands in Sulu Sea" though, that may be me.

>> No.33596672

I wasn't expecting it to be 60+ pages.

>> No.33599764

Well, there's still a handful of bumps left in this thread, might as well see if anything will happen with it.

>> No.33600477

Everything here is delicious.

>dat loob can

>> No.33600886

You're awesome and should feel awesome!

Any chance for a larger one?

>> No.33601559

One wonders what horrible noises would spew forth anything spawned from Cultist and Blue.

>> No.33604322

I'd imagine sounds one would make from being strangled after a while.

>> No.33605267


The other's 800x600, this one's 1200x900.

>> No.33605296

>[awesome intensifying]

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