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Suddenly, blueberries.

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Got a link to the uncensored pic?

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seconding this.

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anyone got that story of the ogrgn in warhammer 40k and the tau girl he took in?

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Bump. Love blueberries. So yummy

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You have my attention.

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Dear diary: Today, OP failed to deliver.

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I'm not impressed by the amount of blueberries in this here thread.
Step up your game, /tg/.

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you asked for it.

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Woah man! Do you want the mods to delete the thread? Spoiler that, for the greater good.

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Read the sticky, sir.

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Fixed. That was close!

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how well would digitigrade legs actually work for upright bipeds? it seems to me the toe would be to small an area to properly balance on while standing.

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They'd need tails.

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Probably wouldn't be that different from walking on the balls of your foot. Pretty easy to balance on.

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Jeez dude, blueboard, come on. I could be at work here.

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Yeah okay, we get it. Funny.

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Balance issues can be solved via other adaptations, tails can help, as can a very fine and *powerful* motor control of a "soft" hoof, and extremely good posture.

Our foot shape really just gives a bit of a mechanical advantage and larger operating space for balance adjustments. No reason you shouldn't be able to miniaturize it if playing god- doubly so if the specimens are capable of consistently being psykers.

Not quite, as you still have the advantage of your toes.

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Try walking tiptoed. It's not difficult, though the style of walking will be different than walking normally.

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spoiler - lewd blueberry

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>extremely good posture.
>tits and ass sticking out everywhere

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Extremely good posture for their own species, dumbass. They'd have to manage their center of mass a hell of a lot better than we do.

As is, their stance and gait would likely be visually distinct compared to our own.

If you're talking about that picture posted above, she'd have to be using some form of not-pictured assistance in order to stand like that- you'd need clown feet to have your center of mass *that* far over your heel and not be falling forward without help.

And if you're talking about other pictures, you seem to forget that fanservice often tells physics to fuck off.

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I have

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Interestingly enough, it is a FAR more efficient design then our own foot. More force can be placed in a smaller area, less small and fiddly bones that can break too.

Consider this: We had to make massive changes to our hips, knees, ankles, toes, feet, skull and spinal cord JUST to walk efficiently as a biped.

We can expect them to do the same in their own way.

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That's gay

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It's called "Lesbian" anon
You don't care if it's gay.

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Part of the problem is that tau hooves are consistently drawn incorrectly because most artists either don't know or don't care how cloven hooves actually work.

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Also people screw up the number of toes.

They're perissodactyls, not artiodactyls.

Or, in english, they've got three toes on their foot, not two like here >>33506257 or four like here >>33513539 . Tau miniatures (hell, even the battlesuits) typically give them one large central toe. A slightly smaller but still quite large secondary toe on the outside, and a small dewclaw on the inside.

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>Consider this: We had to make massive changes to our hips, knees, ankles, toes, feet, skull and spinal cord JUST to walk efficiently as a biped.

Nah, the human walking gait is CRAZY efficient. Go look at passive-dyanmic gravity-walkers (e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2pAMe_5VeY). You get a swing-hip ock-knee gait than can walk down an incline unpowered and un-actuated. Humans are endurance hunters, so this is understandable.

But running? Not that apart from when wearing thick-soled running shoes, people tend to run on the balls of their feet. This is you you can get not only the muscles around the knees and hip in play for power delivery, but the muscles around the ankle too. But this sort of gait isn't energy efficient; you burn a whole lot of energy for that increase in available motive power.
Even just standing on the balls of your feet is easy, but you can feel yopur muscles straining to keep you there. But standing on the flat of your feet with your knees locked and feet spread, leaning slightly forwards to engage the tendons running around the back of your ankle. you can do that all day with minimal energy expenditure.

A digitigrade biped would not have this ability. They're either going to sit down a lot when not in motion, or have semi-locking joints (e.g. slip-lock tendons) in order to stand and walk with minimal energy expenditure.

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what's the difference?

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Take a study trip to /u/ and you will learn.

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One turns you on. The other doesn't even more.

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actually, I've just always wondered why it was necessary to distinguish lesbians from gays.

it seems kind of pointless to me.

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This thread needs more bl/u/eberries.

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There needs to be more bl/u/eberries for us to share, first. Get on that. Learn to draw and then bless us with sweet, tender Tau scissoring.

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But drawing is hard.

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Very hard indeed..

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But Tau are not. Tau have like, almost no warp presence.
If you read the bible, you will notice god is OK with lesbians. (The passages about gays all complain about men who know men or men who lie with men as though they were women)
o hay, xeno, it's been a while! How are you?

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>o hay, xeno, it's been a while! How are you?
Super duper fine, as always!
Every day is great when you're the littlest phaeron!

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Tell me, how does it feel to know Blue is superior to you in just about every way?

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is not! She's neat and all but come on! she smells weird and doesn't wipe her hooves on the rug before entering! Also she tried eating one of my scarabs once.

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It looks like she's flirting with you to me

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>not two like here >>33506257

The third "toe" is on the inside of the foot, so how do you know it's not there?

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It's not gay if they aren't touc...


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You hugged her squig without permission, so you kinda had it coming

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> More force can be placed in a smaller area
That's great until you try to walk on mud.

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but it was so squeezable!

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That bit wasn't translated from Greek.

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The line about Leveticus wasn't meant to be God saying "stop being homo, guys", it was a retarded cultural thing that humans put into the bible.

In that culture, men had all the power. To put your dick in another man is to emasculate him and to make him a woman.

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Same thing with pork. God didn't go "no bacon for u lolxd" "pork chops is from the devil", it was a cultural thing to make sure the Israelis didn't catch the numerous diseases of that time since they did not have proper ways to prepare pork and other meats or refrigeration.

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That's a fair point. Okay, that image gets a pass on the number of toes.

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>What is Romans 1:26-27?

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Fuck Romans.

shit's not canon.

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Romans 1 condemns them because they went against their nature -- their heterosexual orientation -- and engaged in same-gender sexual behavior. By the same reasoning, lesbians and gays who went against their fundamental nature -- their homosexual orientation -- and engaged in opposite-gender sexual behavior would also be sinning.

If you're a hot lesbian, it's a sin for you NOT to get all hot and sweaty with another hot chick!

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It's canon if you're Christian.

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Less god, more blueberries

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Have some pie

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These kinds of threads always end up like pic related

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>no pic of ethereal

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>liking DFC

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Growing up in the anime hay day of breasts bigger than her head I like variety and huge titties have been done to death.

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you're implying that /tg/'s offtopic discussions are worth reading and well-argumentated.

They aren't.
Stop glorifying that shit; it doesn't make our board spontaneous and educated, it just means we're a bunch of over-argumentative autists who simply can't miss any opportunity to show everyone how much more we know about academic subjects than them. Which is to say squat

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>not liking dfc

Brocookie, you're crazy or something.

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Tau scissoring?

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I really want an arathereal muscle milf, but no one is willing to draw one

>> No.33520740

Okay, I'm doing it.

I'm crap at drawing, though.

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Needs more ara and more muscle. Should also be a little more milf and a little less gmilf. Ethereals are buff, dude.

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Here's a preview of my drawing (too tired to continue right now)

What do you think?

>> No.33521996

It's a start. Though keep in mind /tg/ canon dictates that female tau have a y-shaped facial slit and not a bar shaped one

>> No.33522059

Alright. Anything else?

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She could be a little bustier and a little friendlier looking, but that's just nitpicking. It's hard to be all ara ara~ with a scowl on.

Hips too. You can't forget the hips. It's not a blueberry without dem hips.

Still, it's better than the current ethereal blueberry.

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Depends on which version of the bible you use. Some versions of the bible dump books, some versions keep them.
It hasn't been dissproven yet.

>> No.33522651

>It hasn't been dissproven yet.
No, it just means there's some really ugly tau broads out there. Mainly I was just trying to avoid the argument that always seem to spring up about where real canon ends and /tg/ canon begins every fucking time.

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>> No.33522961

Superior Torchberry

>> No.33522964

Personally, I think in >>33522127 that Earth Caste (far left) is prettiest. Not that Air, Water, and Fire aren't delicious blueberries.

>> No.33522982

I-I was gonna post that one next...

>> No.33522987

/tg/ would probably agree with you, seeing as most /tg/ OCs are earth caste.

>> No.33523019

But of course there's still the luckiest blueberry.

>> No.33523020

That one always looked a little off to me.

>> No.33523043

I still think the Air Caste one's the tastiest, I can't lie.

>> No.33523069

I think Air needs more love too, myself. They all do, really.

>> No.33523086

eeeh, they can work if you play up the bridge bunny trope but otherwise, meh

>> No.33523094

Torchstar really is top tier though.

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Just wait till you see her official art and her popularity will drop faster than Shadowsun's

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You could do plenty with a lanky, aloof Space Ace.
There's no denying that.

>> No.33523126

Is that Orky? (like the luck reference)

>> No.33523127

>Same thing with pork. God didn't go "no bacon for u lolxd" "pork chops is from the devil", it was a cultural thing to make sure the Israelis didn't catch the numerous diseases of that time since they did not have proper ways to prepare pork and other meats or refrigeration.

Oh hey, really, can you quote the chapter and verse where God says "Not that this is a command or anything, just a cultural thing to make sure you Israelis dodn't catch the numerous diseases of these times since you don't have proper ways to prepare pork and other meats or refrigeration." No? You mean you just heard it from some guy some day and reckoned it made intuitive sense to you, and you never questioned why anyone else in those days was eating pork, or why Romans built up a great big empire while happily eating the stuff?

>> No.33523137

Oh I thought far left was water caste.

More sex appeal would make sense for the diplomatic caste.

>> No.33523178

That's Blue, aka Da Blue Grot. A tau earth caste child adopted by a tribe of ork pirates who gets into shenanigans along with their looted chaos titan.

>> No.33523187

Water Caste is the one in the middle. Earth Caste are supposed to be short and stocky. Which means such hips.

>> No.33523206

From left to right it's Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Ethereal.

>> No.33523218

I concur.

Tau are great.
If I was more into 40k, I'd consider seeing about running a Tau quest or something, I think.

I just can't get too into it. Too over-the-top with the grimdark crap, and it seems like nothing ever changes.
It's kinda hard to care.

>> No.33523244

>no pic of ethereal
PLEEEEASE some drawfag show an etherial spraying the room with hot Greater Good pheronomes, blueberries writhing in glorious altruism.

>> No.33523271

It would be even better if you make it as anime as possible. Some hot blooded Fire Caste making epic speeches and doing all sorts of John Woo Gun-Fu (with flocks of drones replacing the doves) and trying their hardest to get Ethereal-Sempai to notice them.

>> No.33523276

But there are so many possibilities within such a huge universe! I can understand why you might not like nothing ever changing, but that's more on a large scale, ya know? You can still help the universe from planet to planet - or destroy it, whatever you want to do.

>> No.33523277


Are you implying the Romans weren't more advanced than the Israelis?

>> No.33523281

>if it's not in the Bible, it's just some shit you heard somewhere from some retard

>> No.33523284

>that pic
Is... is that bottom Ethereal holding two Shake Weights?

>> No.33523288


Why is Jubilee a retarded vampire?

>> No.33523316

Dayum straight, gue'la

>> No.33523328


This artist made X-23 too girly and attractive.

>> No.33523333

If I did it, it'd obviously be as animu as possible!
This IS 4chan, after all.

I guess. I like the Cain novels and stuff, and Heretical Love Quest was awesome, but just getting into the lore of the universe itself is almost impossible.
Not to mention all the names and stuff that kind of quest would require me to come up with.

>> No.33523374


There's a 40k character who is exactly like you. /tg/ hates him universally. You'd think you'd know better, but I guess not.

His name is Leandros.

>> No.33523397

>Dayum straight, gue'la
Well no wonder they're in such peak physical condition.

>> No.33523398

First, you start small. A few books are good, and games are especially good because a good game can draw you in well and show you a lot of stuff more physically.

If games and books don't cover everything, I just went to a 40k wiki called the Lexicanium and hit the random button a bunch, and clicked on the links I didn't know about. If you notice something you like in particular - Tau, for instance - you can click on the links to learn about Tau castes and battlesuits and stuff. It took a long time, but I learned a lot of stuff before I even cracked open a codex.

>> No.33523473

>Not to mention all the names and stuff that kind of quest would require me to come up with.
It's not that hard. For Imperials, just add some psuedo-latin ending to a completely average name (eg: Johnius, Johnarion, Johnacles), for Orks, just mash a bunch of harsh sounding words together or use ghetto names (eg: Naffgroff, Killcrusha, Airwrecka, Dareelyst), for Eldar just use generic elf names and maybe mix em with some 80's glam metal names, and for tau just use this handy dandy chart to make funny names like "Commander Hot Blooded Spoon" or "Private Victory Between Spheres".

>> No.33523840

I dunno, it seems like lotsa work for a genre I don't know I could write into.

I get the feeling that if I tried, it'd be shit.
Maybe I'll look into it in a few months, see if I can handle an addition to my metaphorical plate.

>> No.33523875

>It's a start. Though keep in mind /tg/ canon dictates
Wow, good thing even GW adhere to /tg/ canon!

>> No.33523951

While the Tau discussion is going on, can anyone identify which Sept the Tau in this image come from?

>> No.33523963

Xenology (I know, Xenology is shit, but still) has female tau with bar-slits and >>33522651 has male looking tau with y-slits. Like I said earlier, the only reason I stuck that little caveat in there was to try to avoid bitching over what's canon and what's not since a lot of the general assumptions made about tau are neither confirmed nor denied (and sometimes both at the same time) by GW.

>> No.33524009

That's fine. 40K isn't the kind of thing you can force yourself into. I'm still pretty fucking new to it and most of my exposure has been reading things that sound neat on /tg/ and taking quick jaunts over to Lexicanum to verify them or reading various codex excerpts.

>> No.33524086

More like Blueberry Board

>> No.33524130

>has male looking tau with y-slits.
In spite of all the fanwanking and blueberries, the last official thing I read was male and female Tau look more or less the same. So I'm pretty sure the Tau on the left here >>33522651 is supposed to be a female as signified by the slit that is also official canon.

>> No.33524276

>the last official thing I read was male and female Tau look more or less the same
I've seen other sources say that the female water caste were instantly recognizable, so who knows.

>> No.33524306

Yet another reason I can't into 40k- there are no reliable sources.

>> No.33524366

Just do your own thing. It will always piss at least one person off, but just enjoy yourself. Of course, you probably shouldn't go overboard and completely wreck the setting like Knights Inductor or Female Space Marines or that one guy who tried to make a Chaos Sisters faction, but some big hipped tau or a commissar who isn't a total teamkilling fucktard ought to be alright.

I guess what I'm saying is learn what few absolutes there are, and branch out from there until you make it your own.

>> No.33524398

>Chaos sisters

I can't find my vomit-tan, dammit.

>> No.33524416

Oh yeah you shameless bitches. Show me your juicy centers.

>> No.33524467

>Xenology (I know, Xenology is shit, but still) has female tau with bar-slits

What's never mentioned is that Xenology came out before the 4th edition Tau update, which was when Shadowsun and her Y-slit were introduced - the first and only depiction of a female Tau from GW themselves. There was only a short gap in between (something like 2 months) so chances are they were being worked on at the same time, but obviously with about as much coordination as you'd expect from GW and BL.

>> No.33524473

>no reliable sources
>yet we know space marines have geneseeds, chapters are 1000 strong in general, the codex astartes is a thing, how many marks of power armor there are, etc

The "there is no canon" line is abunch of bullshit.

>> No.33524478

You mean that faggot ND?

>> No.33524501

But Chaos Sisters are canon.

>> No.33524554

A single fallen Chaos Sister is canon and other sisters are susceptible to possession, but haven't fallen. Turning Mirial into a billions-strong fighting force is obnoxious.
No, this was another faggot. ND is the genderbender obsessed dude who pretends to be a girl and always shitposts about his creepy fetish army of lactating daemonettes who just want to be friends and claims that Khorne is a woman.

>> No.33524568

Cain Finds it difficult to tell the difference between female and male Tau.

If females had a clear distinct feature, then that would not have happened.

>> No.33524572

Commissars who don't kill often are common in the Black Library. Usually they're the older sort, though - and there are exceptions to even that rule.

>> No.33524581

Yes, the thing around her neck is the symbol for orky.

>> No.33524589

>susceptible to possession

You mean the run of the mill corruption and madness so typical of Chaos.

>> No.33524605

Or he's just covering his ass because he knows that his memoirs are being edited by the Inquisition.

>> No.33524614

No, I mean DAoT era nanobots infected with daemons, something even Grey Knights feared.

>> No.33524621


Cain is a silly man.

>> No.33524630

If you want some written Blueberry, there's a new story about Blue here:


It's also quite long.

>> No.33524645

But enough talk, have at blue(berry)!

>> No.33524650

That's just silly.

There is no reason for covering that bit. Also Cain writes a lot of things he would not write if he knew someone was reading his writings.

>> No.33524720

Blue a cute

>> No.33524723

This guy managed to figure out Shadowsun's gender while she was helmeted. The way he did it was odd.

He examined her movements and saw that she moved in a feminine way. That part of the novel confused me a little because it kinda implies that femininity is universal or something.

>> No.33524746

>Implying Amberley didn't get super-miffed about Cain's appreciation of Tau jubblies and edit it out

>> No.33524765

well apparently tau femininity is close enough to human femininity that even a guy who has never seen a vagina in real life and spends all his time with his bros or killing monsters can tell that kind of thing

>> No.33524772

You mean it's not?

>> No.33524820

>He examined her movements and saw that she moved in a feminine way.
>who has never seen a vagina in real life
Because one thing has so much to do with another...right.

I imagine SM are able to tell minor stuff like that, because it would come handy in a fight. That one guy that seems to try avoid putting weight on his left ankle? Guess where my next legsweep is going to land?

>> No.33525539

Suddenly cancer

>> No.33525738

Pretty sure Kor'sarro fought Daemonettes.

>> No.33525833

>It took only a mere 3 minutes for the Khan's lightning-quick battle logic to deduce that his foes--these fell Daemonettes of Slaanesh--were actually female

>> No.33525903


>> No.33526003

vampire blood suicide bombing

>> No.33526123

"Ciaphas, dear? What's this about 'big, beautiful blue breasts,' in your accounting of the Gravalax affair?"
"Err, well, you see... maybe we'd just better leave that bit out of the published manuscript, yes?"
Just like that.

>> No.33526188

I don't always shitpost...

Indeed, the Galaxy is so vast anything you do won't affect the whole.

>Not to mention all the names and stuff that kind of quest would require me to come up with.
True that, I'll probably never run Daemonhost Waifu Quest just because I can't imagine what the Inquisitor is suppose to do after getting a Waifu in a box.

>"Private Victory Between Spheres"
And there are people who still doubt Tau have breasts...
...How ELSE would they be able to give tittyjobs?


You'd be surprised how rare that actually is anymore...

>> No.33526211

oh fuck, not him again

>> No.33526221

>Implying she even asked
Amberley almost comes across as a bit of a clingy jealous type

>> No.33526246

What sort of Blueberry variant has /tg/ NOT done yet?

I still like my orky tank-girl Blueberry most mind you.

>> No.33526265

eldar berry

>> No.33526277


Dark Eldar Wych Berry

>> No.33526282

chaos or imperial ones

>> No.33526284


>> No.33526314

I was ALWAYS here Anon...


>eldar berry
Wait, are you talking about a MILFBerry, or an Eldar suffering a Blueberry expansion/transformation?

>> No.33526432

Blueberry with a harem of Eldar waifus?

I could come to love that.
Emphasis on 'I', 'love', and 'that'.

>> No.33526479


Tau'n Sept, I think.

>> No.33526499

...Are we sure it wouldn't be the other way around?
I mean, I can't really imagine the Tau Empire allowing that sort of thing, and Craftworld Eldar are notoriously stuck up...

>> No.33526501

nope, I think Tau'n's sept color is yellow; this one here is red

>> No.33526534

To be fair, in the novels its implied Cain's been dead for years. Wouldn't you be a bit jealous when it turned out the one man you'd gotten to have a relationship with had other women in his life, and you didn't find it out til years after he had gone?

And honestly, some of her clingyness is just d'aw.

>> No.33526569

We're talking about a blueberry that has been raised by/ acts like an Eldar.

No need to make it weird sex stuff, dude. This isn't the smut thread.

>> No.33526585

Commander Brightsword (The first one) was leading this attack.

Check out which Sept he is from and you will get your answer.

>> No.33526593

I know, and I think most of her clinginess is cute

but his other relationships came before Amberley, so, I dunno, I guess it seems a bit silly.

Especially given the way he talks about her- the whole 'only girl for me' thing

It was all just cute.

>> No.33526600

thank god it isn't.

>> No.33526655

What about an Eldar Corsair who has a harem of Eldar-acting air caste blueberry pirates?

>> No.33526665

>an Eldar suffering a Blueberry expansion/transformation?
Inflation stuff is pretty gross but I'd be down with a tau transformation. Meanwhile, here's a lightly censored pic of a daemonette-possessed tau.

>> No.33526677

and they're his bridge bunnies as suggested earlier
which means they all look and dress alike

>> No.33526688

>covers tits
>leaves blatantly exposed vagoo
anon, pls

>> No.33526707

can't really tell with that long hair
blueberries normally have short-ish hair

>> No.33526714

Do want.
>Male eldar
but eldar are gay, anon

>Censoring the breasts and not her labia
Wat r u doin

>> No.33526717


>> No.33526745

It's okay, I fixed it.

>> No.33526760

Did they really? I'm not sure about the cronological order of the books. I know for a fact that he knew Amberly when he went to the ice planet with all the Tyranids, and she's the one who called in the Space Marines, and I'm pretty sure it was implied at the end that they spent the night together.

...Still best couple. The fact that she was willing to look through the most private memoirs of his life and keep them unchanged but for footnotes....

>> No.33526786

>implying a female pirate doesn't appreciate bridge bunnies too

>> No.33526794

And here's a version where you can pretend she's got a big, black dick, if that's your thing.

>> No.33526795


I'd like to request the uncensored version.

>> No.33526876

Not on a blueberry board.

>> No.33526895

I said eldar are gay
I didn't specify males, this anon>>33526677

In all the ones I've read (I haven't read them all yet- last one I read was the one where Cain killed the magic-charisma chaos guy, with Dolan an' the cadets) any mention of other girls has been before Amberley.

>> No.33526919


doesn't have to been delivered here

>> No.33526953

I like my blueberries.

>> No.33526961

That's more of a lewdberry.

>> No.33527006

> liking naga
What a shitty artist

>> No.33527020

Because, you know, there are so many other artists falling all over themselves to draw 40k fetish art.

>> No.33527037

Now this is lewd.

>> No.33527060

And I fucked it up.

>> No.33527081

Even Techno is better. Hell, I would even take his shitty diaper fetish over the swill Naga peddles

>> No.33527146


Accidents Happen

>> No.33527165

>smut snob
You are the absolute worst kind of human being.

>> No.33527219

> liking shitscribbles
I'm not even talking smut, Naga's art is just plain ugly to look at, him having shitty, obnoxious fetishes is just another reason he sucks

>> No.33527272

I just can't stand the faces, maaaaaan.

Though the fetishes are a bit too... something. For my tastes, anyways.

>> No.33527326

Hold on a second... you are legitimately mad about this, aren't you? And not even in an ironic, "ha ha I'm on the internet!" kind of way. Your panties are actually in a knot.

Wow. That is easily the most pathetic thing I've seen all day and I'm posting in a thread about blue-skinned space cowgirls.

>> No.33527332

The noses look like shit too. And the bodies. And that faggy half-lidded smirk he draws on fucking everything

>> No.33527357

Another worshipper making a sacrifice for his god. Pay it no mind.

>> No.33527362

Not really, u just hate the shitpost fest any thread becomes whenever anyone starts spamming his art

>> No.33527366

massive underbites and puffy cheekbones
like caricatures of slav women

>> No.33527404

>Space cowgirls
>Tau cowgirls
>Tau girls with revolvers and cowboy hats

>> No.33527419

so sad

>> No.33527429

he means ponygirls

>> No.33527430


I am just getting annoyed at the difficulty it is to find a database of this art.

>> No.33527438

I actually meant more that they're big-boobed ungulates but I like your idea, too.

>> No.33527447


female 40k gunslingers?

>> No.33527460

is that a penis?

>> No.33527461

Why is that dire avenger wearing a hooded sweatshirt?

>> No.33527467

objectively terrible

>> No.33527468

That shit is retarded. Trying too fucking hard to be cool.

>> No.33527475

I knew what he meant.

I'm just contemplating the idea it gave me.

That's not a blueberry, anon
And it's not a cowgirl, either

>> No.33527483


>> No.33527498

in all the wrong ways

>> No.33527529

actually it's not. Blueberry dicks are too small to be functional.
It's their balls that are of considerable size.

>> No.33527530

god xmen got weird latter on....

>> No.33527531


You know, just having a woman in full Mesh armor is cool enough, you don't need to add on the sweatshirt.

>> No.33527533

>gun kata
>straps over what looks like aspect armour
>shimmershield without CCW
>single elbowpad
>armour on legs, but nothing on torso
I want you to take a second, step back, and understand why this is wrong.

>> No.33527557

Still, though... I kinda like the way her ass hangs over the straps on her holsters.

>> No.33527564

those delicious face vaginas

>> No.33527573

But, anon, isn't covering your feet in heavy-looking armor and leaving your important organs relatively unprotected as if you were planning to be nimble really cool?

And that single arm-bit is SUPER-edgy! Just look at that edge! That thing's dangerous!


>> No.33527599


you do realize that gun kata is just about the most eldar thing ever?

Because it's hella stupid comlex

>> No.33527604

Fair enough.
Still shit.
?I don't know why, but I just don't like booty. Not a fan.
Kill me.

>> No.33527613

why do only the most immature boards complain about things being edgy?

>> No.33527622


wait, there are mature boards?

>> No.33527628

I'm brought to the movie Equilibrium by the thought.
And your dubs.
Checked :^)
Pic related

>> No.33527634

She's wearing heavy metal boots, anon

Those HAVE to slow her down

and, at the same time, her torso is unarmored

The gun kata isn't the thing he's complaining about.

She has a BLADE THINGIE on her arm, dude. It was a pun. gimme a break.

>> No.33527635

I said "most immature"

>> No.33527639


Fun factoid,

Howling Banshees' have bags over their armor, and dire avengers do have leather straps wrapping around their legs.

Everything else is stupid.

>> No.33527655

not metal

>> No.33527661

Some people are Irish, it's ok.

>> No.33527673


... wait, there are boards more mature than other boards?

>> No.33527681

Yeah nigga, our crop just sprung up. Big delicious, organic blueberries by the hundreds of pounds.

>> No.33527683

Whatever it is, it's in the least useful place.

Literally ANYWHERE else, it could serve a purpose and be at least a little reasonable.

>> No.33527688

Where the fuck's the smut at?

>> No.33527701


Have you ever stepped on something sharp?

Dropped heavy things on your toes?

Had to wade in shit?

>> No.33527716

Have you ever been SHOT IN THE CHEST because your armor was on your feet instead of covering your vital organs?

>> No.33527723


I have no fucking idea.

>> No.33527727

Point taken.
They're still retarded. Why not have it as part of the armour? What, you can sing a building into existence from your own farts, but drop holsters are the best you can come up with for your sidearm?
>you will never get a boring, bony lapdance from a disinterested Commorrite, leaving you both unaroused.
>you will never leave the Stripclub and catch a Raider to an unmarked tower
>you will never put on a mask and pay a 500 slave entry fee
>you will never enter the dark underworld of anonymous Dark Eldar cuddling

>> No.33527732

Associate with mon'keigh.

Seriously, you need at least knee-highs.

>> No.33527753

we went over this. That whole "handholding and cuddling is lewd ans shocking" meme overstayed its welcome months ago

>> No.33527786

don't use the n-word, don't use the n-word, don't use the n-word

>> No.33527800


pretty sure it's older then that.

stuff recurs.

>> No.33527803


>Handholding is lewd and shocking meme

My friend, that is one hell of an old meme, fuck, four years? definitely longer then that though, still one of those that never really left 4chan, at least not to face book status.

>> No.33527813


>> No.33527815

it's old and busted and was never funny in the first place

>> No.33527821

Now just give her an air caste harem

>> No.33527822


>> No.33527847

no, not her

>> No.33527866

Weekend Smut Threads, holmes

>> No.33527887

no arousing material there, only bland OCDONOTSTEEL

>> No.33527893

Eh, she's just the most corsair-ish Eldar I've seen drawn

>> No.33527904

I have disdain for people who bandy around buzzwords, but the word I was looking for was New. It's an insult, and I'd hope to give someone like >>33527753 a better welcome than pointing out the relatively short time he's spent her.
Besides, he's managed to do that on his own.

>> No.33527908

Then ask for smut

>> No.33527913

Yeah, but she looks like a cocksheathe for a real Rogue Trader. We need someone with a little more presence to head up a whole harem of blueberries. Someone that looks like she can take charge, not take eleven inches, uncut.

>> No.33527933

that's not the point.
People are getting tired of your unfunny maymay.
Just like how people got tired of Desu and trollface.

>> No.33527961

they won't give it. They'll keep developing their masterpieces of unique character development and intricate story arcs at the complete expense of lewdness and then pat each other on the back

>> No.33527980

Seems legit.

>> No.33527984

She's by FAR the least corsair-ish eldar I've ever seen, even your average craftworlder autarch looks more flamboyant, decadent and wildly dressed, therefore more corsair-ish

>> No.33527991

Why does it bother you so much? Are you angered by it?

>> No.33528003


Whatever man, your bitching won't change anything.

>> No.33528006

that's why we need a male one who looks very gay

>> No.33528025

only because you refuse to change, out of sheer /tg/ contrarianism

cause when I open spoilers I expect something even vaguely funny or lewd and every time it's just this obnoxious meme.

>> No.33528065

> getting tired of Desu

>> No.33528086

True. We need someone glam as fuck.

>> No.33528087

>implying holding hands isn't lewd
It's okay to be angered by unfamiliar surroundings, Anon. I hope that with more time here you can get over your fear of the unknown.
>p-people don't want to change for m-me, bawwww

>> No.33528100


>Not worshiping Suiseiseki

The pleb

>> No.33528117

if you wanna get familiar with the 40k universe read the books.


read these first

>> No.33528137

I've wondered something about this pic - why are they wearing green armor? Is there a reason? Is it just a random color?

>> No.33528168


Its the color of her dress, the lining matches her frills as well.

Some things are simple, though when I look at this now, it does make me wonder if it was made in a way to emulate the salamanders.

>> No.33528199


But then I realize that her knee has the "Pools Closed" guy as a joint piece, her leg has long cat, and she has what I believe to be a watering can hanging from her waist.

I always forget those are there

>> No.33528312

That's some pretty serious effort and coordination (or good memory). It's a really good pic.

>> No.33528363


Its probably one of the better images I found on 4chan, I found this before I knew what 40k was, or anything in it, I just thought it was cool. now looking at this I know all the stories and the such that comes from the image.

>> No.33528440

The best part is that all of the embellishment is done in a very 40k sort of way. It's a narrative of /b/'s glorious victories and conquests right there on her armor. Pretty boss.

>> No.33528500

>/b/'s glorious victories and conquests

>> No.33528514

I was there for the Habbo Crusade. Shit was pretty glorious at the time.

>> No.33528523

>It's a narrative of /b/'s glorious victories and conquests right there on her armor.

That is some really cool stuff right there. I never really thought to look at it that way, and it's an awesome thing to think about having for...well, anything.

>> No.33528543


Its definitely stood the test of time, bad stuff only gets passed down if its spectacularly bad.

>> No.33529089


>> No.33530052

Needs more blueberries

>> No.33531207

>> No.33531254

>Glam Eldar Corsair covered in blueberry groupies
Fuck yes.

>> No.33531548

any blueberries that are more pretty/cute than hot/sexy?

>> No.33531595

see >>33531207
Blue is pretty cute, too.

>> No.33531921 [DELETED] 


Dark red Sept markings. Looks too dark for Vior'la. It's not confirmed where he's from, but Tash'var owes its existence to him. So wouldn't be surprising to find him in charge of them.

>> No.33531956


Dark red Sept markings. Looks too dark for Vior'la. It's not confirmed where he's from, and there have been many Brightswords according to fluff.

>> No.33532132

Pretty sure that is not official art. And if it is, they alse drew the shoulder pad on the wrong shoulder.

Though female and male Tau are supposed to look quite similar (a human atleast) , so I wouldn't be suprised if haveing a different forhead slit and maybe slightly more feminine features (Shadowsun in the art has more feminine facial features than male tau, with narrower chin, larger eyes and longer hair).

I can't decide between Earth and Air. I do like tall and elegant looking girs, but Earth caste has dem hips.
Incidentally, aside from the Ethereal not looking buff enough, the height of the Water and Fire castes are wrong in that picture. Fire caste is actually the second tallest and most muscular of the four (Air is taller but they're really slender), being roughly the same height as average human (Water caste is somewhat shorter, and Earth caste are essentially dorfs, short and stout).

>> No.33532368

>only because you refuse to change, out of sheer /tg/ contrarianism

I found Tzeentch

>> No.33532484

If that's the case, we need more Corsair drawings. Maybe I should request from the drawthread a picture of a Corsair Princess I came up for RT encounter. Unusually for me, I actually got a pretty good mental image on how she looks and what she wears.

>> No.33532513


Duke. Motherfuckin. Sliscus. That is all. He's already Bowie in space.

>> No.33532522

Is she into blubbery lesbian sex?

I could try drawing her, if you want. I'm not that good, though.

>> No.33532725

I posted a description in the drawthread. I suppose she could be. I never actually used the character, since it felt redundant as I ended up including the Archon from Soul Reaver and felt the two would have been too similar characters, so I didn't really develop her beyond basic personality traits.

>> No.33532997

I wonder what was she doing.

Was she skipping around and swaying here hips?

>> No.33533229

300 post thread!

>> No.33534476


>> No.33534711

Well I am a Daemonette...

Much more plausible...

Are we sure she's transforming?
Kinda looks like she's just wearing a Daemonette costume...


Do you want me to post MY shitscribbles anon?

Indeed, sure it's not a fucking Rembrandt, but I don't see a helluva lot of artist lining up to draw a sequence of an Inquisitor turning into a Daemonette...


I hope not... but yeah...

Pics or it didn't happen!

Oh, it's this faggot again...

>> No.33535377


Uncencored image please

>> No.33535785

Apparently it's behind a paywall at Eatatau.

>> No.33535954

There is some pretty good smut on Eatatau, though. Maybe it's worth it?

>> No.33536056


>Paying for smut

Settle your dick fellow anon, if you want to give money, give if you like the comic, there will always be another artist who will draw tits on blue skinned aliens and call it smut.

>> No.33536087

A lot of artists that might otherwise deliver wind up getting shouted down by faggots like >>33527006. /tg/ would rather have no smut at all than settle for merely okay smut.

>> No.33536168

Naga is a comission artist too, dumbass

>> No.33536737

Yeah, but also a 40k nerd. He draws this stuff for fun, too.

>> No.33536884

looks really good, thanks
and I recognize your art style too!

Is your regular non smut webcomic in perm hiatus or do you plan on resuming it?

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