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Chaos edition

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Big Emps bites the dust, and somehow he --or something resembling him-- ends up becoming a Warp God.

What happens?

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Malal re-enters the canon, just with a White/Golden coat of paint slapped on it.
I mean, what else?

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>eight points on the star of chaos
>people only ever assign the four major gods to it, and never any minor ones
I never understood this. We've got four flavors of Malal, the trinity of spiky gubbinz, the Raptor's god, and a handful of gods from Fantasy.
The least you could do is throw some of them into one of these images to fill space.

>> No.33486075

God of law, order, hierarchy, oppression

I'd imagine a white, silver and gold colour scheme

>> No.33486152

The Chaos Gods consume his soul and torment him forever for his betrayal.

Close proximity to the Chaos Gods is lethal to the Emperor, according to Alivia.

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>> No.33486197

Malal is still in the canon, they just call him Malice now.

>> No.33486201

God of Stasis is born. Begin 10,000 years of pissing off warp gods.

>> No.33486232

Since Malice was summon to the material realm, he is Greater Daemon tier.

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Roboute Guilliman becomes the new Emperor, assuming his rightful place on the Golden Throne. The Ultramarines become the New Emperor's Chosen Sons, and lead a crusade into the Warp spearheaded by Kaldor Draigo's Grey Knights where they vanquish the Chaos Gods forever.

>> No.33486275

Based Ward, deliver us!

>> No.33486282

Let me guess, the Tau help and everyone lives happily ever after?

>> No.33486292

> Roboute Guilliman
> not Marneus Augustus Calgar

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I think you mean necrons

>> No.33486324

Marneus Calgar is busy punching every alien to death.

>> No.33486408

I think you mean taucrons.

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