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ITT: We talk/post about our favorite regiments that need more love.

Why can't we get more stuff about Vostroyans, Mordians, and Tallarns?

When are they gonna make the Vostroyan Command squad available again?

Any ideas how I'd go around a Mordian Iron Guard costume so I can use to cosplay?

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We need fluff on the IG regiment from Vastadt 1.
Not enough Slav stuff in 40K

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And the other page

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Furthermore, we need more Tanith First and Only art.

Already have 2 books, Rebel Winter and Commisar
They got Iron Guard
Desert Raiders

Mordians are based on this
so just do some research on the uniforms, throw on some Aguilas and similar stuff and there you ahve it.

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>woad warriors

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I like how shitty the Cadians look in that picture

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>there's literally cavemen wearing scraps in that image

Yea okay

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I sure wish we had more about CADIANS

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I meant that they look shitty compared to how they look now

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The Bushmen of Serica, the Space Australians.

They need some fluff love

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>The Bushmen of Serica, the Space Australians.
Nigga you dumb.

Space Aussies are clearly the Ozlandus 'Redbacks'.
The took part in the 13th black crusade. Don't remember where they are mentioned though. Gonna have to look it up again.

But I agree, Space 'Straya need some love, as a planet and a IG regiment.

>"Catachan? Pfft. That place is walk in the park, cunt. I take my kids there for day care."
>"Caliban? Yeah, nah, it can't be too deadly. It let itself get blown up.
I want to find out more about the Cadian Pylons.

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>a planet of Saxton Hales

I would play the fuck out of that army

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Steel Legion, always.

I'm sick of Death Korp and Cadia being the only two guard regiments in existence, with the occasional mention of Valhallans.

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Dunno who Saxton Hale is, but he looks like he should at least be a company captain in the glorious Ozlandus Redbacks regiment.

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his mustache is a fucking Aquila

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Lel, the metal Cadians are based.
Pretty sure Bushmen of Serica are South African.

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He's the guy behind all the tech in TF2.

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good thing I've got you covered cunts


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By strines, for strines.
Onya Vic, bonza sheila.

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Cunt I posed this exact same thing here. >>33481030

You nigger bitch. You just copied my link and claimed it as your own.

Fucking fight me cunt! Fucking swear to god i'll wreak your mum.

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Jopall Indentured, of course.

They showed up in that Season of Shadows short story but the only thing it really told about them was that at least one of their soldiers had dark skin, they sign the aquila in an odd triple way, and their Low Gothic is unintelligible.

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you slimy wallaby shagging cunt, Ill fuck yah up and take yah corpse for a beer afterwards, speaking of beer wanna grab one cunt?

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>that spider mouse
Happened to me once.

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Ow my please for the love of god regale us with your tale of spidey mouse

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>Third row, second from the left
1st Membranes confirmed canon

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look up the old Armageddon campaign website, there's a few stories featuring them there.

Unfortunately the longest one just covers one joining the Catachans and becoming an ork hunter

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>Armageddon campaign website
That site was the coolest fuckin' thing when I was a kid.

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I want to find some of these tank riders.

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i had forgoten about that picture thank you. also every conversation they have with a cathchan:
>you call that a 'nife mate? naaaah you must have yer digeredoo out a tune, this...
*pulls the reaper blade from a warlord titan out of his back poket*
>this is a bleedin knife! too right i am!

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Fucking A cunt. I'll meet ya down the pub later. Gotta wrestle this here megacroc.

Order me a chicken schnitzel will ya cunt? MAKE SURE THEY DON'T SKIMP ON THE CHEESE.

Fucking Bonza knife cunt.

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>A devil? mate you must be a real poofta to think this cunt is frightening, now hold me beer and watch.

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But Catachan are Space 80s Action Movie 'Nam Vets

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they seen the war man, you wern't there man! YOU WER'NT THERE!
>is there acual sauce on a vietnam style catchan army? fukken a

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There was a Catachan Air Cav formation back in the day with Colonel Kilgore.
And of course, Sly Marbo, whose name is pretty much the least subtle name GW has made since Inquisitor Obiwan Sherlock Clousseu

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I read Commissar and Iron Guard.

Iron Guard was a fantastic book, I loved it, the twist was perfect, it felt grimly dark like 40k should feel instead of borderlined like many Black Library books, and above all, it really emphasized the culture and traditions of the Mordian Iron Guard. You never forgot which regiment you were reading about, no sir. I love that author now, and I gained a lot of respect for the Iron Guard.

Commissar was okay, but it was bland. If it weren't for the fact that one central element of the story was based around Vostroyan noble codes, you could have replaced the Firstborn regiment in the novel with just about any other regiment. The author rarely went out of his way to use Vostroyan terminology or to even describe the soldiers or uniforms. Rather disappointing for a diehard Vostroyan fan.

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I think it'd be cool if there was an Indian Imperial Guard regiment. Like, not Native American, but Indian.

Problem is I know next to nothing about Indians outside of some background history, so I wouldn't know how to make the regiment.

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Bump for Vostroya!

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>Ctrl + F
>No Desert Foxes

Come on guys

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I never liked this image, It just doesn't make sense why would fire warriors be charging an imperial position? It goes against every inch of Tau battle doctrine, this is what kroot are for.

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Actually, I think the fluff behind this pic is of Vostroyan soldiers charging INTO Tau positions. Apparently the Vostroyan general grabbed the flag and inspired his men into a last charge against the Tau.

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Really? strange, the Vostroyans look more hunkered down and the tau look like they are charging,

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Other way around, actually. That is a cropped image, the full image has the whole picture.
Fuckload of Vostroyans charging from the left towards those Tau.

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I see it the opposite way - see how the Tau are in that ditch down there, below that ledge the Vostroyans are on? I think that was the position they had taken as they tried to surround the Vostroyans to force them to surrender. It's static and it provides some cover, like a WW1 trenchline.

I think the reason the flagcarrier is on that ledge is to inspire the soldiers to keep fighting. He looks like he's sort of in a running position, right? Maybe that's just me.

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Aaah, here's the full picture!

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ahh thats better gives the battle better context, cheers for that bud

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thank you

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Speaking of Tanith, ashort story or 2 about the Vitrian Dragoons would also be welcome.

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...Who are those?

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Shit no one cares about.

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I never got why Rough Riders use lances. Surely fighting as dragoons or light dragoons would make more sense for the IG?

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The Regiment fighting alongside Tanith on several occasions, even against fellow IG. They use high tech armor and have an interesting mentality.

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>dragoons or light dragoons
Are things that exist in the IG, they're just referred to as cavalry. There was this battle report type thing, think it was in Inferno! magazine, it was about Imperial Guard triumphing over orks. Dragoons played a major part in the war.

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Whoops, sorry m8, missed your post.
I just went to use the mouse, put my hand on a bloody great huntsman. Scared us both I think.

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>Planet of origin: Kreig

Fucking hell.

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>Pretty sure Bushmen of Serica are South African.
They are clearly modelled on the Anzacs

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Is there a Suomi-inspired regiment?

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The Diepr Mountain Men (top row 4th from left in >>33475577) are like a mix of classic European arctic warfare troops, like the Alpini and the Sissi. They wear a kind of peaked cap that looks a lot like pic related crossed with a czapka.

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Man I didn't realise the hero of the Finnish people looked like he ate a grenade.

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Praetorians of course, old boy.

>> No.33487985

They also were conquered by the Tau.

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The reason he looks like that is because he took a bullet to the jaw.

>> No.33488359

Didn't he also kill the guy who shot him?

>> No.33488436

I dunno. Probably. You just couldn't stop him from killing Russians.

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>citation needed

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Shadowsun novella. It's called il'Wolaho now.

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You would find all three in my bits box bro

I love the look on the middle guy's face, it's all
>just send an ork to kill me already, I hate this life

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They were also mentioned in Redemption Corps.
Something about every deed of the guardsman is tallied and then chamged into money. So that the guardsman can pay off his debt, accumulated as a child, when he did nothing

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Here's what you base an Indian regiment on, not some Raj warrior bullshit.


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An exploding bullet to the jaw.

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Why doesn't GW start making newer scuplts of regiments besides the Cadians and Catachans? You'd think more variety would make them more money.

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Because marines

>> No.33494209

>You'd think more variety would make them more money

No it wouldn't. Unless it was Horus Heresy/marine variety.

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they died fighting at least

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Just picked up the Gaunt omnibus,
what am I in for?
(have read a number of HH books but not much IG except for one Ciphas Cain awhile ago)

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things are looking up then

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Expect this one heretical traitor who had helped tau take over - this heretic will be surely hunted down and impaled with a fucking pike.

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