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Well, we have another Pathfinder iconic revealed in the run up to the Advanced Class Guide. This time it's the brawler. Big surprise, it's another human. That's 16/28 iconics that are human. If Wayne Reynolds can't draw a non-human fantasy character who doesn't look ridiculous (and even his humans look ridiculous, honestly), Paizo needs to find someone else to draw their iconic characters.

At least she doesn't have a bunch of completely over-the-top weapons all hanging on her armor, or a sword that looks like just a big slab of steel. That armor is pretty bad, though.

Anyone want a picture of any other iconics to mock Reynolds' art style?

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Who gives a fuck about the iconics? You're just going to make your own character anyway, with whatever art you want

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I think Reynolds would burst into flame if he ever tried to draw a character who didn't have at least fifty leather belts and two dozen random objects hanging from straps. I especially like that her top seems to consists entirely of leather belts.

And people thought Nomura was ridiculous.

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I always thought wayne reynolds' art looked... off. Like you were looking at a bumpy surface rather than something with depth. Anyone else see this or am I crazy?

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would pound brewskis and then spitroast the party sorceress with

she honestly seems like a total bro

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Because it's fun to make fun of Reynolds' shitty art style and how prominent a place Paizo gives him. Paizo works with much better artists. Give them more commissions.

And sometimes I like to put together a party of iconics to be rival adventurers of the PCs.

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Reynolds designs always gives me the impression that he's just doodling. He has no clear vision of what he wants to design to be like nor does he do any real sketches, he just draws limb by limb and just doodles random belts and straps for hours.

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>would pound brewskis and then spitroast the party sorceress with
Definitely has a bulldyke vibe, for sure. She probably has a strap-on hidden somewhere on her (you think she's packing?), and she definitely has enough leather to make a harness for it.

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A strap-on made entire of woven leather, to be sure. With little rings and amulets dangling from it.

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Wayne Reynolds is to the west what Tetsuya Nomura is to Japan.

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JRPG character with multiple belts and and a zipper? OMG kingdom sharts faggotry gb2/a/
Pathfinder character with an entire outfit made of belts and three hundred doodads just hanging everywhere? 10/10 creative brilliance, look at that attention to detail, Reynolds is the Monet of our times.

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I was under the impression that in golarion everyone was bi.

Is bullbi even a thing?

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>Anyone want a picture of any other iconics to mock Reynolds' art style?
Post all those casters.

I mean, I GET that they are supposed to have lotsa ingredients but fuck all those weird-ass rune tapes ar annoying as shit.

>Definitely has a bulldyke vibe, for sure
So I guess I wasn't the only one.

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>She probably has a strap-on

Alchemy and spells exist for a reason. What sort of pleb uses a strap on when you can grow a real cock?

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Sasuga Blackhearto-sama.

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The sort of person that enjoys the feel of rough leather on their skin so much they made an entire outfit of it they wear 24/7 under the pretense of armor.

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>Anyone want a picture of any other iconics to mock Reynolds' art style?

Sure, go for it. Reynolds' art has always looked weird to me, it isn't even the beltanzipper thing he's got going, just the features, the proportions.

I know some people would just scream "stylized!" at me, but it's a style I find strange and uncanny and not at all what I want from a heroic fantasy setting.

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The best part is that I've seen people actually defend it on /tg/, saying stuff like "but adventurers have a lot of random daggers, vials, scrolls and other equipment, so having them all hang from individual leather straps and belts makes perfect sense!"

Well, at least his fantasy art isn't as terrible as his historical art. Normally Osprey have higher standards.

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>I was under the impression that in golarion everyone was bi.
I think that's an exaggeration. My understanding is that nobody's sexuality is canon, so if you think it's appropriate for Feiya to swing both ways in your campaign, nobody can say that goes against canon.

This one, though, definitely a butch lesbian.

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>Big surprise, it's another human.
The only race that matters is the most commonly represented one? Big surprise.

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Her face even looks like Ellen DeGeneres.

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>tfw people don't realize humans are the master race

>hail zarus

>shit wrong setting

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It's more "they're whatever you want them to be in your game", because the devs don't really find character sexuality important.

I don't blame them.

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>adventurers have a lot of random daggers
LOTS of random daggers

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Zarus is in every setting that attempts to include man.

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But Nomura drawings are good.

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>Specialized in throwing daggers

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Look at how big of a slab of steel this warpriest pretends is a sword!

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Never said the defense made any sense, just that people have claimed it does, seemingly without any irony.

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That's true for most NPC. Too bad Iconics have their canon sexuality, Kyra is Lesbian for example.

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What are even the little metal triangles on his torso supposed to be?

My favorite part is the random little spiky thing hanging near the drum. It's almost like Wayne is making fun of himself at this point. Would hurt like a bitch while running, too.

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>That helmet
Kaizoku Sentai, GOKAIGER!!

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Specializing in throwing daggers is terrible, though. 10-foot range increment, 1d4 base damage, more expensive than arrows/crossbow bolts, expensive to enchant, etc.

>another big slab of steel

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> 16/28 are human
> just over half
> humans are the majority in golorion

I don't really see the problem here. I don't think we need affirmative action for races that aren't even a real thing

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Amiri needs more random belt

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I tried counting the amulets and straps, but had to give up.

That's the string around her stomach even supposed to be?

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Not everyone powergames, even if PF is a load of shit for people who like concept more than optimizing math like a bunch of chinamen.

Also I think Reynolds is using "big hunk of metal" greatswords because Berserk is fucking boss and everyone knows that.

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>Not subpar as fuck
Amiri for example wields a large bastardsword, which is stupid because it gives you -2 to attack for a mere +2 to damage, and more stupid when she could weild a large greatsword (+3.5 of damage) instead.

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>Also I think Reynolds is using "big hunk of metal" greatswords because Berserk is fucking boss and everyone knows that.
He does it terribly though.

Guts has the design to make it work. Most Iconics by Reynolds... just don't.

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Just imagine the noise every time any Reynolds character moves. The resulting clinking of little metal amulets and the creak of the leather belts would be deafening. It must also be very, very uncomfortable to run, and all the random stuff strapped to you bounce around. Ouch.

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Forget the spiky bit hanging by the drum. The drum itself is spiky.

>Yeah, my pauldron is a bulletin board. So what?

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I didn't say he did a good job, I just made a guess at his motivation.

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>half those scars were caused by his own equipment

>> No.33470369

>-20 to stealth
>take 1d4 damage every time you run or charge

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>Doesn't know how Japanese pauldrons work
They were the shields of Samurais, Anon.

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It's D&D (PF, whatever, it's all the same), what do you expect?

PS. Salute of the Jugger any one?

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It seems he really restrained himself with that design, though. For example, I don't see a single ribbon, metal trinket or scroll hang from that spear. Quite remarkable, really.

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>50% chance your scrolls and potions break, since you have them bouncing around out in the open like that instead of in a bag or other container like a reasonable adventurer

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Nigga you what? that's probably the best samurai armor representation ever, did you ever see a oyoroi? shit is so flamboyant it scares the shit out of your sexuality.

>> No.33470429

Did they tack messages to them like they were some kind of dorm room bulletin board, though?

The summoner's gear is very reasonable by WAR standards. Dat hat, though.

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You mean seals?, yeah, they did.

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>>33470426 see >>33470429
My issue isn't with how the armor is formed, it's with stapling whatever those notes are to it.

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You realize they tell him what to fucking draw, right? If he's drawing humans it's because that's what they asked for.

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Don't kid yourselfm, it's just as terrible in Berserk.

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If your enemy had a "sorcerer" or a miko on the field? Fuck yes they did.

Charms against spirits and kami were big fucking deals.

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Has nobody ever heard of a bag or backpack?

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I bet you're a 40kid aren't you?

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It's funny because Merisiel and Kyra (the Rogue and Cleric) are in a relationship, and it's implied that Kyra's a lesbian and the wizard-dude's gay.

I'm still wondering when Seoni and Valeros are just going to fuck already, considering one is rarely seen without the other in artwork and the pair have a "thing" going on between 'em.

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You can't quick draws shit from a backback, son.

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Reynolds drew for historic japanese and celtic books, his samurai is actually pretty accurate.

Her ninja meanwhile...

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Well I guess then the lightening is working against Reynolds here.

Or a front pouch. Or, well, anything but STRAPS STRAPS STRAPS.

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OK, I've just never seen people randomly tacking strips of paper to their gear anywhere but Reynolds' artwork. I suppose the halfling arcanist is secretly also an honorable samurai warrior.

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Ameiko is confirmed (at the very least) to either be bisexual or heterosexual, considering she had a fling with a male cleric before the guy was torn apart by cannibals.

>> No.33470518

The straps are all his own idea, though. His MotG art is full of it, too. Cunning Sparkmage being one of the most extreme examples.

>> No.33470530

You havent looked at enough WHFRP material.

>> No.33470531

Now that's not a fair comparison. Merisiel is explicitly said in-character to solve nearly any problem she comes across with knives, and in the event that knives don't work, "More Knives". He having a dozen on her person at all times is fine, as it's part of her character.

>> No.33470548

You can't really move with your entire inventory hanging from your waist, either.

>> No.33470560

That's sooo Salute of the Juggers inspired.

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>> No.33470576


At least her clothes are dark blue... Wait, is that blue? Kind of hard to tell.

Point is, Ninja clothes were blue because it was better in the black of night than black.

>> No.33470591

Yes, yes you can (specially according to the framework of the rules and the paradigm of the setting).

>> No.33470595

Even the random stuff that's strapped to him has random stuff strapped to them.

>> No.33470598

Blue/Grey patches is the best.

>> No.33470612

Are you stupid? I don't care about other classes, but irl samurai, bushi, etc had seals in the armors to protect them against evil spirits, kami and shit.

>> No.33470642


This guy did the Ninja better.

>> No.33470654

Did you meet a irl samurai? no, then shut up, weeaboo.

Purity seals ala WH40k is stupid as fuck.

>> No.33470675

They all use Wayne Reynolds' art as the main reference, though.

>> No.33470677

>implying anyone who isn't a weeaboo historian of samurai is stupid

>> No.33470679

That fucking tit-window. Jesus.

>> No.33470680


For hiding throwing stars in, no doubt.

>> No.33470692


Beautiful, isn't it?

>> No.33470698


>> No.33470702

Kunoichi did that sometimes... well certain schools of kunoichi.

>> No.33470722


Considering they're big sacks of fat, your breasts can get pretty sweaty and uncomfortable.

>> No.33470726

how can you be a weeaboo historian? don't weeaboos know shit about actual Japanese history?

>> No.33470734

well, you have to admit, he's pretty dang well equipped. For a rogue archetype, that's the most important thing.

>> No.33470738

>Citation needed
Well, from sources that aren't hentai, anyway.

>> No.33470747

You know what worse than an artist who likes to draw straps? People incessantly whining about it. You don't like his art, we get it. Now shut the fuck up.

>> No.33470749

I'm just imagining an orc guard peering into the darkness and seeing only mysterious floating cleavage.

>> No.33470751

Yes, but not while wearing a ninja costume, with armor and stuff.

>> No.33470766

Those aren't moobs, son.

>> No.33470770

Seduction and assassination are totally believable.

>> No.33470776


The funny part is her breasts are so large it doesn't look like she could cover them up even if she wanted to.

>> No.33470784

>nobody can criticize art ever

>> No.33470787

>only I am allowed to have an opinion!

>> No.33470789

You know what's worse than people whining about something? people whining about other people whining when they can just ignore the thread.

Oh oh, wait, this was a bait...shit, I always fall for this things. Good job there, you got me.

>> No.33470793

You must be several kinds of stupid. What do you think those seals bound to trees around shrines are, both in reality and in anime/manga? They're meant to protect against spirits; obviously this samurai wants protected, too.

>> No.33470808

Ninjas were spies, and spy women used seduction.

>> No.33470813

[Whining intensifies]

>> No.33470814

>Caring about boob size in a fantasy pic

You some kind of fag

>> No.33470817

Yes, but they're usually kind of separate things. I highly doubt someone would go around in full stealth outfit and try to seduce people. That kinda gives away the fact that you have ulterior motives.

>> No.33470825

Has anyone else noticed that the Brawler appears to have American-striped boxer-shorts underneath the armor?

>> No.33470828

Fucking prove it, show me a picture of a real samurai wearing that shitty post-its.

>> No.33470834

While wearing full ninja outfits?

>> No.33470835

I'm more concerned with how her scabbard is situated. I cant imagine trying to sheath a rapier positioned like that.

>> No.33470842


And she's not wearing pants, and yet this time paizo didn't ask for an art revision. I wonder what makes this one different from the previous pants revisions?

>> No.33470857


Not at all anon, I'm just noting that her outfit was explicitly designed to display her cleavage at all times.

Just something that seems a bit ineffective if she wants to be stealthy... Unless prominently displaying the tops of her breasts is effective in distracting opponents (after all, wouldn't you be a bit flustered if you randomly came across a chesty ninja?)

>> No.33470942

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. His left shin. It is bending. It hurts to look at now that I've noticed.

>> No.33471002

Those are some long thighs

>> No.33471027

>Ninjas are proficient only whit light armors

>> No.33471058

>That lady
>Light armor
>Also light armor
>Medium armor

The fuck?

>> No.33471165

She looks like if Ellen gave up and became a boxer in the 13th century..

>> No.33471207

Not that guy, but they are called O-fuda and indeed Samurai did wear them on their armor.

>> No.33471450

lacquered leather, like all Japanese armors

>> No.33471631

>like all Japanese armors
Inform yourself before making those stupid statements.

>> No.33471658

Humans are more populous than other races.
And the armor is good.

OP is, as usual, a fag.

>> No.33471677

I actually like Wayne Reynolds, mostly because when I draw my PCs I do the opposite, my drawings are so fucking clean, with so few details, etc, that's why I always look to his work and copy a little, adding equipment, charms, weapons, etc.

>> No.33471702

>Waaay better than the monk
>Still a tier4 that probably wont see much play
Unarmed combat is shit unless you're druid

>> No.33471704

What the fuck is that flail thing hanging from his hand?
Its like a piece of modern art with a sword stuck in it attached to a chain? WHAT?

>> No.33471730

I like Wayne Reinolds a lot. You are whining about things that are common in all heroic fanstasy. Wayne just draws it nicer. Go fuck youself OP, you suck hard.

>> No.33471773

It does look like the the symbol in his banner.
He's a warpriest, what's the problem?

>> No.33471783

Holy symbol.

>> No.33471822

It's the Holy Symbol of Gorum.

>> No.33471843

Do you also give your characters normal, non-rubber limbs and like to lookat WAR for the fucked up limbs you didn't use?

>> No.33471845

Sorry. The comment was a reply to that guy.

>> No.33472153


Not sure if trolling, but if not... come on, "Ninja clothes" are not even a thing and you should know that by now if you have been on /tg/ for any length of time.

They were spies and assassins, so why the hell would they wear a uniform advertising that fact? Actual, historical ninjas wore disguises; they were dressed as priests, ronin, laborers, or whatever was convenient to the situation, not black or even blue outfits.

The "ninja clothes" in pop culture today came from how they were portrayed in traditional Japanese bunraku plays and woodprints. They wore the same black costumes as the stage hands, because the audience knew that the stage hands in black were meant to be ignored, hence ninja characters were "there but not-there" when sneaking around on stage.

>> No.33472317

I like WARs work, even if they are ridiculous.

>> No.33472361


His warforged is pretty badass too

>> No.33472428

Name one other fantasy artist who adds random ribbons and hanging trinkets to absolutely everything he or she draws. And I do mean EVERYTHING, not just an artist who've drawn that once or twice. It should be easy, if it's as common as you claim.

>> No.33472500

That guy isn't even implying that. He's implying that if you make a point of denoting how stupid something is, you might as well do some research before you get proved wrong.

And besides, what kind of retarded argument is "do you know any irl samurais?" Bitch, I sure don't know any irl emperors, but that doesn't stop me from reading fucking history books.

Geez, a simple "oh, I didn't know that samurai warriors used to do that, I guess I messed up on this, but my point still stands concerning other characters" would have been so simple and polite. Why are people so dense?

>> No.33472534

Every single one drawing for warhammer 40K or fantasy.

>> No.33472660

I enjoyed Reynolds work in the Eberron sourcebooks...

>> No.33472696

>because the devs don't really find character sexuality important.
Dude, Pathfinder is loaded with obnoxious sexuality-dependent mechanics. Take Charming social trait, for instance:

>Blessed with good looks, you’ve come to depend on the fact that others find you attractive. You gain a +1 trait bonus when you use Bluff or Diplomacy on a character that is (or could be) sexually attracted to you, and a +1 trait bonus to the save DC of any language-dependent spell you cast on such characters or creatures.

There are so many places where you get bonuses vs characters who could be sexually attracted to you it's obnoxious. It's just that most people try not to go down that route.

Here's another: Seducer's Eyes (bard 2/wizard 2/witch 2) (Calistria) (enchantment (Charm))
>You gain a bonus on Charisma-based skill checks equal to 1 + 1 for every 4 caster levels you possess (to a maximum of +5), but only when interacting with those who might conceivably find you sexually attractive. You do not gain this bonus against those you or your allies are attacking or threatening.

>> No.33472708


The only things that i dont care for are the Pathfinder Iconics and the 4e core book covers really.

He did great Eberron stuff, I like his PF Covers and lot of his 3.5 stuff.

>> No.33472727

I just noticed this last night, I can't really see a conceivable reason she would be standing in that position. But I'm okay with that.

>> No.33472732

That's just purity seals, they don't tie freaking amulets and spiky balls to every object or wear fifty belts at once.

>> No.33472733

Paizo makes great adventures. That has always been their greatest strength.

Their handle on mechanics has always felt questionable to me, even in their Dragon Magazine days.

>> No.33472754

I can't stand how he does feet. I know that's sort of a weird nitpick, but it drives me nuts.

For whatever reason, his style seems "right" when doing Eberron, though. He does some of the best Warforged art.

>> No.33472776

Is she trying to block the incoming strike face first? What the hell is happening in that picture?

>> No.33472797

Five scrolls six purity seals, an artificial limb, a book on a chain, two guns and a sword, halo, backpack with a brazier and power armour is your general hospitaller SoB.

>> No.33472807

Clearly she swung, but the vampire thing jumped over it.

>> No.33472810

>Their handle on mechanics has always felt questionable

>even in their Dragon Magazine days
Massive understatement.

Their Dragon Magazine mechanics content was devaluing the Dragon Magazine and 3.5 brand name with their ridiculous shit. If you hear someone is playing a 3.5 character with Dragon Magazine content, you're just *expecting* something hideously broken.

>> No.33472813


OK, now you're just trolling.

>> No.33472825

For a lot of artists working on nerdy stuff like games, comics, book covers and so on, the most important thing when drawing a female character is to make sure to put her in an awkward pose that shows both boobs and ass simultaneously. Don't ask why, but it's apparently extremely important.

>> No.33472968

>Vampires gain +4 to cha
>Those faces, fingers, and bodies

>> No.33472969

You have no idea how the shinto charms work, right?

>> No.33473091

Depends on how you like your vampires.
A good few depictions of vamps have them with two forms that they go between, one that blends in with the aristocratic feel, and the other being them exposing their true horrific satanic nature.

It's personally my favorite type of vampires.

>> No.33473098

but that's exactly what usual adventurers wear.
He draws what players do - giant equipment charts with legs.
People only count armor for stealth penalties.

>> No.33473196

WAR actually draws for them too.

>> No.33473230

Look at the wizard's motion compared to her pose. His spell is leaving a trail going away from the enemies.

She is moving him out of the way. She is bent over like that because she leaned forward and scooped him back with her shield arm.

Is it exactly right? Hell no, but there is some resemblance of sense to her pose when you tale motion into play.

>> No.33473251

PF vampires don't have hybrid monstrous forms, they either look humanoid or turn into a giant bat or giant wolf.

>> No.33473347

You stick them all over your body, hang them off your bow, and generally plaster them wherever you can reach, right? Because that's what you're saying if you're claiming WAR's shit is "totally accurate you guys."

>> No.33473490

I don't get the hate boner /tg/ has for reynolds. I mean yeah it's over the top, cheesy, pulpy and unrealistic but so is D&D. I mean, sure it isn't the best but it has a definite style to it and more heart than a lot of the digital stuff I see. Honestly I could care less about what the artist himself can or can't do as long as the shit on the page matches the shit in the books and mentally prepares me for smashing monsters with my giant, historically questionable sword, I'm cool.

I actually really enjoy the cluttered look in the context of Pathfinder since your average PC adventurer is going to have the inventory of a small armoury strapped to his person. It's nice to see that represented in the art.

>> No.33473505

Not all over, no. But a few on places where they won't get in the way, such as, hey, pauldrons, isn't retarded.

>> No.33473605

Everyone knows gnomes love pimpin hats and I'll be damned if that hat isn't pimin.

>> No.33473611


IIRC something in relation to marital status and fertility, from what I know of Native Americans, since that's what a lot of "Barbarain culture" draws from.

>> No.33473681

>I mean yeah it's over the top, cheesy, pulpy and unrealistic but so is D&D.
This, definitely.
But the muh realism guys will still cry havoc.

>> No.33473821

>Old Gnomish not!Wizard
>Expecting him to have anything besides gray/white facial hair and a funny hat.

>> No.33473899

>"All over your body, bow and generally plaster them wherever you can reach"
>Can count only 4
Are you inherrently stupid or you train? want to win that gold medal of most retarded eh?

>> No.33473974


So you're saying Amiri is fertile?

>> No.33473984

>"but adventurers have a lot of random daggers, vials, scrolls and other equipment, so having them all hang from individual leather straps and belts makes perfect sense!"

I don't see what's wrong with this arguement.

When your average character has mountain climbing gear, two more grappling hooks beyond that -just in case- about a dozen diferent daggers that all have different magic effects or poisons on them, 5 scroll cases, 4 potions, a fuckload of reagent materials, Door spikes, and an actual human skeleton strung up like a marionette doll and wrapped in a stolen carpet of course they're going to look bulky.

I mean, maybe it's just my players and my own personal play style, considering I'm giving an actual example of the spellthief rogue in my current campaign, but I honestly don't see what's wrong with depicting PCs as being as absurdly equipped as they actually are.

>> No.33473998

An angry lesbian match made in heaven.

>> No.33474031

Fertile and Available, seeing as the symbolic meaning behind the string is that you can't/shouldn't tie a string around a pregnant chicks belly.

>> No.33474277


Available as in *looking* for a mate, or she's just not already married.

>> No.33474334

At that point I have no clue.
But Judging from the "Bear Tribe" wanting her to be a docile, motherly type of person with her "Fuck you dad" attitude, I can only assume it's more inclined to the latter.

>> No.33474383


Is that a halfling on a dire ferret? Because that is pretty awesome.

>> No.33474396

I thought she hated men because of her origin story?

>> No.33474416

Don't know if it's a halfling, looks like an elf, but there are plenty of Dire Ferrets in the Reign of Winter campaign, which is what it looks like it's from.

>> No.33474448


nigga can't draw feet

>> No.33474469

I remember getting into arguments with other nerds for hours about whether or not "Let's make a show of it" is or isn't an actual phrase that was every used anywhere else ever before.

>> No.33474498

No, she was just overtly competitive with them, and wanted to be a warrior like in the tribal tales of glory she was most likely told about as a kid. You know, instead of being stuck at home cooking, sewing, and getting knocked up by someone who was off securing his place in those tales, as she quietly waits to be forgotten from her tribes history.

Not every tomboy or just a chick with any kind of ambition is the kind of person to stick her face in a tuna sandwich.

>> No.33474511


Belt of Giant's Strength.

>> No.33474518

daggers ≠ throwing knives

A dagger is something you hold in your hand to defend yourself with or attack somebody.
A throwing knife is a knife that you throw. In case you miss what you were aiming for you might want to bring more than one.

There. Do you want me to explain something else to you?

>> No.33474550

Its the bone sleeves and pauldrons

>> No.33474572


Seoni's probably the most fertile of the group anyway.

>> No.33474575

I was thinking more about the part where she leaves the tribe. I re-read it though and she just hates the elders.

>> No.33474576

Dude, is just how the show was subbed, don't overthink it.

>> No.33474592

From what I understand, Wayne Reynolds is super-reliable; you ask him to do art for your RPG or whatever, and he gives you a striking, detailed piece that LOOKs like it had a lot of heart put into it. And he does it on time.

He often works little stories into his art, too. There's a key on the iconic paladin's leg.

Also, apparently the barbarian's bare midriff is so she can twist 'round the middle and keep her fuckhuge sword's momentum going. So, there is a flimsy reason beyond delicious bare belly.

>> No.33474631

My point is that his shit sells, and everyone in the industry likes him. Apparently he's a likable guy.

>> No.33474777

I don't understand, realism doesn't matter for high fantasy and Galerion is high fantasy as fuck. Reynolds art works for it, everything is exaggerated from setting to art.

>> No.33475190

>that armor
>implying she won't get disemboweled by the first enemy she meets with a knife

>> No.33475266

>Asking for realism when you get hit
>When she can pretty much jump from the Everest and survive
Dude, she can dodge bullets.

>> No.33475627

I also think that WotC did a better job reeling in his more outlandish tendencies with Eberron than Paizo does for Pathfinder stuff.

Take this picture, for example. When Sharn, City of Towers came out for 3.5, Eberron fans (at least on the WotC Eberron forums) loved this piece. It's really busy, but it isn't busy in the same way his Pathfinder iconic portraits are. Characters don't have lots of random shit hanging off their armor. The details are in the scenery, the characters, and their equipment, not just quantities of equipment.

>> No.33475702

The hat is totally appropriate for the character, but wow is it outlandish.

>> No.33475727

That shifter has probably 6 or less Int, right?

>> No.33475799

I like his art
Especially >>33470149, looks cool as fuck

>> No.33475804

or an unseen ring of feather fall or some other magic item to prevent death by splatting

>> No.33475833

But yeah, 6 or less Int is most likely.

>> No.33475890


Wouldn't that be more a 6 Wis thing?

I mean, Int just means you're dumb, Wis means you're brash and impulsive.

>> No.33475894

These guys get it.

But get his dirty hands of my crunch!

>> No.33475904

I think this shifter is at a low enough cognitive level that "object permanence" might even be a stretch, though.

>> No.33475920

Probably has a deficit of both.

>> No.33477144

My sides have left the building

>> No.33477253


So is brawler any good?

>> No.33477272

My sides have left the building

>> No.33477519

Eh, its still martial.

>> No.33477585

There's a saying about artists and writers and similar professions. There are three virtues you can have. 1) you do good/great work 2) you always meet your deadlines and 3) you're easy/pleasent to work with. You only really need two out of the three to keep getting work.

So If the works great and always on time, people will put up with you being a sod, if the works great and you're easy to work with they'll forgive your slowness and missed deadlines and if you're pleasant to work with and always meet your deadlines they wont mind if the work is merely mediocre.

>> No.33477906

Trouble is reynolds isn't really mediocre. His style is kind of wierd, but he has a far above average understanding of anatomy for these artists. Remember the 3.x tiefling wizard?

>> No.33478126

His anatomy is still pretty bad. Consider his art for the iconic witch:

>> No.33478854

Why can't he draw like this for Paizo?

>> No.33478937

Though with this post, I suddenly can't unsee this dude's dislocated hip

>> No.33478990

>Why can't he draw like this for Paizo?
Because Paizo doesn't want him to draw that way for them. They wouldn't give him the work if they didn't like what he produces for them.

>> No.33479056

Yeah, I guess the real problem is Paizo art direction

>> No.33479136

"You've got big tits"
"For you."

>> No.33479828

>all the sjw that on that tumblr
On one hand, yeah.
On the other hand, Tumblr.

>> No.33480119

Being a SJW doesn't make one incapable of noticing bad anatomy in art. Don't get your knickers in a twist. If I knew of a better link for that criticism, I would've used it instead.

>> No.33482111

Whoever did that had no idea what they were doing. They clearly missed where the legs ended (as indicated by the broadest part of the hips) even though they traced the silhouette themselves he managed to cut the hip in half...
Then they say in the same post that Reynold is good at bringing movement into his art to make the pictures look dynamic and then criticize the methods by which he does that (perspective and stretch and squash).

Seriously this just seems like somebody is just desperately trying to find something bad to say about him.

>> No.33482176

And he has no idea what actual humans look like either. I've met people who look closer to the drawing than his example.

You're right about >muh perspective, good catch

>> No.33482344

Knees. Every character has kneecles (knee-calf-ankle merged together.

Cant stand it.

>> No.33482526

No. You are just an autistic fuck, who can't into anatomy.
It's called a knee cap. That's exactly what it looks like.
Maybe you don't like his style of rendering it (soft vs hard with sharp contrasts), but there is nothing wrong with it.

>> No.33482602

>. She probably has a strap-on hidden somewhere on her
I assumed those two rods hanging from her hip were gigadildos since they can't be weapons because she is supposed to be a brawler

>> No.33482818

People in power usually have weird fetishes. What better way to hide a ninja seductress assassin than as a hooker roleplaying as a ninja seductress assassin?

>> No.33482851

It's a bag of holding.

>> No.33482873


>> No.33484162

I like Reynold's art

>> No.33484211

>ignoring that the Dragon Magazine was actually put together by WotC and that Paizo only published it

>> No.33484293

Reliability and speed are huge selling points with art in books. You must have those to be worthwhile to hire. Yeah, they're busy, but until you actually have those Handy Haversacks, you're going to be carrying around a lot of crap.

>> No.33484314

The iconics aren't as busy when he adds them into larger pieces, you know. Its only their portraits that he does that with.

>> No.33484508

>making fun of someone's art style
>posts no art you've made
please be at least talented enough or shut up

>> No.33488031

Except that's not true you drooling halfwit.

>> No.33488139

what a retarded argument

>> No.33488343

While it's true that you don't have to be an artist to criticize art, criticism from an artist usually bears more weight, because it tends to be more insightful for the person being criticized.

Comments like
>shitty art style
Are barely more than noise though, because if the person with a criticism can't even vocalize what exactly bothers him there is little point to listening to them.

>> No.33489083

Holy shit Reynolds

How long has he draw again? fuck

>> No.33489123

Considering 80% of Dragon was written by the people who worked at WotC (as if you couldn't tell by their mary-sue fanwakery) yeah, it is true.

>> No.33489135

You have no idea what art is do you.

>> No.33489159


Forgive me but english is my 3rd language

>> No.33489163

Humans are harass.

Also, I don't care how ridiculous they look. My warblade player has 30 +1 daggers strapped to himself with no attempt to hide even one.

>> No.33489203

The Investigator looks pretty fucking rad, though.

>> No.33489469


>> No.33489671

Dude, Paizo produced the magazines under license from WOTC. Erik Mona and James Jacobs were the editor's-in-chief. I'm sure that plenty of the freelance writers also did stuff for WOTC but that doesn't change the fact that Paizo were in control and responsible for the quality of the magazines. Dragon magazine was "put together" by Paizo, they made it what it was. To state otherwise is an outright falsehood.

>> No.33490097

It would be even better if he didn't have all that shit hanging off his outfit. The trenchcoat+ sword cane look is pretty good.

>> No.33490186

>had a fling with a male cleric before the guy was torn apart by cannibals

That's a fucking bummer, man.

>> No.33491871

Think superstitious warriors. Those are to ward off malevolent magic or spirit, or bring good luck.

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