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Whats the opinion about this ? I found out about this game rather late..but I'm interested.

So basically I'm not able to get all those Kickstarter miniatures ? (Said miniatures are going for 2840928340$ on ebay already)

The concept looks really nice.

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Is that a piss puddle?

Or is that just a really fucking inconveniently put mold line?

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You decide!

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I'm under the impression they super glued her tuckus to the base and that the chemical after effects from the plastics melting together.

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Yes. It's piss in the illustration.

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"The concept looks really nice."

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This whole game looks like "fan service, the game" though the models are amazing

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Looks neat. Is overpriced as hell though.

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[citation needed]

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>Looks neat.
too bad its not.

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Right. But why?

Have they still not delivered?

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>Have they still not delivered?
The kickstarter grew to monstrous proportions so they are long overdue. But all signs point to that they're actually goona deliver.

Overall - it's a game where holding hands can make you lose people. What's not to love?

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Another delay. Im personally expecting it to come out by the end of the year.

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Jeeze. Okay then.

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Yeah, that was the plan from very beginning. The question is which year.

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In every thread.

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Cosplay when?

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I managed to put money down for the Kickstarter. Every time the creator delayed, he added another piece as some sort of plea for the fans to not hate him. At this point- when the game comes out it'll be worth probably more than certain other companies would deign to give you at the same price. Seriously. The comparison between the Original and new starter set is almost humorous.

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I would love to get this game but it would be impossible for me to get my friends into playing this.

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Considering they have followed SPM's example, and decided to give up on estimated deadlines to instead just list completion of components, it looks like it is reasonably far along. IF it spills over into next year, it wont be coming out until may or june at best, because chinese new year will fuck it up.

But the game itself is done, they are just waiting on the plastics. And im okay with that, given how much they are expanding the game in the 'down time' instead of just making more shit to sell. Hell, the minor expansions are now larger than then Major expansions were when we pledged for them. The slendy expansion is huge, rivaling everything we had already seen of expansions like Gorm or Sunstalker, and is STILL the smallest expansion in the game.

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As soon as some 400lb weeaboo monstrosity sees it and thinks "yeah, I'd look sexy in there!"

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So how much do I need to pay to get the game + every expansion ? Is this even possible anymore ? Pinups and stuff like that not included.

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It would be like come into my magical realm.

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I have an ongoing side-bet with my friend as to how "Magical Realm" the game will actually end up as. I'm in the camp that they used cheesecake to sell the game, but ultimately there won't be that many mechanics around it.

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It's a porn "game", of course it's a piss puddle.

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>that face when

$600 bucks to get all 'gameplay content' in the kickstarter. That doesn't include the pinups, but DOES include the promos that come with new gear and oneshot campaigns.

At retail? You probably shouldn't treat it like a normal board game. The expansions are not meant to all be used simultaneously, they are just there to add replay value by changing up the campaign and adding new advancement options. You should treat it more like people treat DnD. Don't get every splatbook, just the ones you will actually use.

At retail it will likely be over 1k for all gameplay content. Probably even 1.5k

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Technically it's impossible to purchase any at all currently (I think) because they don't want to start selling more until the actual first release. I might be talking out of my ass though.

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That will most likely be the case. I saw the combat system and it had little magical in it.
However some of my friends are very touchy on such subjects. If I show them the artwork and the figure and ask them if they would play it they would enter awkward mode.

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Really? I would have guessed only around $800-$900 myself. I might be bad at estimating prices I suppose.

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A bit in the story sections, none in the actual gameplay, short of the population growth table which will be vague at best when it comes to details.

A lot of people like to say it will be magical realm, but really, only a single monster in the entire setting (the Grand Mother) has any sexual interest in humans, and its not in the game. All the others either see us as food, as a source of free labor, or as bros to hang out with and share art (lion knight for bro of the year.)

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Won't stop me from making jokes about it though. I'm waiting for a drawfag to parody one of those "This is what I was wearing" anti-rape ads with one of the Kingdom Death girls.

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You are making it sound very normal. The whole theme is death and difficult survival.

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Soon then.
Now to wait for the next table top convention.

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So it's basically Corruption of Champions: Tabletop Edition, with less furries?

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And actual lethality. Think Dark Souls meets Monster Hunter.

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Assuming the core box was the ONLY thing to increase in price (unlikely), that would come out to $1010. However the Manhunter is also missing from that list. Being a small expansion its likely 50 dollars, bumping the price to $1060. Promos will not be sold in the store, so you will likely have to go to ebay for that. Assuming they go for ONLY $30 each, that would raise the price by $210, to $1270. Add to that the Pinups of Death which come with a single card and piece of gear, it raises another $80, to $1350.

So yeah. Don't bother trying to get everything, and going after the promos is a little silly. Just grab the expansions that look the coolest.

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Dark Souls is already pretty similar to Monster Hunter. Granted, only through the gameplay...

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>The whole theme is death and difficult survival.
Yes. Because the monsters want to kill or enslave you. Not because they want to rape you.

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Not really. The setting is pretty similar, but the gameplay is vastly different.

And in this, the "bad end" isn't a witch hooking you up to a milk machine. The bad end is a True Human soldier coming to your settlement, flaying your skin off, and using your organs to do some redecorating.

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Wow. Just- wow.

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>it's a game where holding hands can make you lose people.

That demands an explanation bro.

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The game has an 'intimacy table' which is a very poorly named table for the population growth of your settlement. It determines how many new survivors you get each session, but can sometimes trigger story events, like giving you a super powered Savior, or actually LOSING survivors.

One of the possible events is that two of your survivors will give up on the utter hellhole that is Kingdom Death, form a suicide pact, and wander out, unarmed, into the darkness, never to be seen again. Leaving their lanterns behind.

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Or going insane and wandering off into the darkness without your lamp (possibly your soul) to get your head ripped off and dangles from a long dead tree older than time itself.

Or pissing off one of the 3-7 ish knights who could probably kill everyone in your settlement/village without breaking a sweat.

Or disintegration. Maiming. Hunted by the God of Lions. Burned alive by the Phoenix. Sacrificed to the "Sun" which is more like a gigantic shoggoth in the sky.

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God damn it I really want to read the fluff for this game..

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Can someone explain this stuff to me?
I've seen some artwork and a lot of miniature and it seems like fetishbait combined with some weird monsters.

I feel like I'm missing a whole lot of setting information here.

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Jesus Christ.

>Sacrificed to the "Sun" which is more like a gigantic shoggoth in the sky.

My wife played a lunar exalt like that.

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This is mostly through inference. He's released sparce information on the setting itself so much as he has released more info for each of the Monsters in the game. If I am remembering this correctly, the Dragon King actually breathes radiation. Then there's those creepy as shit, uncanny valley spider monsters that pull an angler fish trick on survivors and then eat them. "Gorm" is probably an undying mutant monster baby of an even more terrifying monster or some shit because the regeneration its skin gives works even after you've killed it. What you're basically looking at for all intents and purposes- is a giant, terrible death world that may as well be a plane of hell where insanity reigns supreme. The only city of light is protected by the setting's supposed "god" but he demands constant sacrifice and we haven't even covered how his soldiers are created or what sacrifices must be made to appease him.

Basically the only "happy" event in the game I can tell thus far is the lantern festival, where (we can assume) survivors flock to the gathering of other survivors to possibly celebrate the fact they're still alive.

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40k has met its match.

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That's because the whole thing really is just fetishbait with some weird monsters, and with a grimderp setting as a cover so you can claim that you won't buy these just to fap on them.

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I really like the beetle knight.

I fucking love beetle inspired concepts in general.

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This shit creeps me out.
That said weirdo jap cartoons do to

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I prefer the Flower Knight. This is a boss looking motherfucker, though I will admit Dung Beetle Knight looks cool as shit too.

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We all are, we know very little about the setting.

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>wears ridiculous cheesecake outfit that exposes as much skin as possible.

This setting is kinda stupid.

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I like their Slender Man, its my favorite monster next to the Lion Knight so far

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It's fetishbait, of course it is.

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Might be the breath of a wendigo.

Abridged version is

Congratulation, you are four demented cavemen that dont even have a language, wrapped in a piece of cloth, using a rock and having a lantern (of which's flame is your soul by the way, don't lose it) hang off you! Now go and try not to die in the hellscape that is the world, without any sun (its just all dark), soil (its just all petrified half alive faces), water (only blood) and other creature comforts.

Cavemen meet other cavemen and build a village! Civilization! Except they have to hunt creatures that can rip a man apart in a second for resources to craft basic goods and tools (like clothes or real weapons). Little village expands, miraculously, and meets nonhuman knights and monsters. Eventually even the King's Men. The world is ruled by hideous beings, and humanity exists to be food or as a means of reproduction. Should your village survive despite all odds, congratulations! Your village has been noticed by True Humans, creatures of which your little cavemen are just mutant offshoots, with unnecessary free will. They are displeased.

Aside from this basic premise there is generally snippets of lore for pretty much everything, and legends of things like the Maiden of Lanterns whom seduce people into the dark and gently rob them of their lives and souls, or the Scribe whom is an omnipotent, cruel being, to the horrible Dragon King which breaths radioactive death.

There was a thread which collected lore snippets and had interviews with the guy behind it. I'll see if I can find it.

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I wouldn't know, the cheesecake art is non canon. Its just... art, not visual representation of that which literally transpires in character.

>> No.33467760

That's a promo pinup, not representative of the actual setting of the game.

It makes me wonder whether the extra money he's made from selling the pinups makes up for the bad press the game has received, and all the people dismissing it based on stuff that's not actually part of the game.

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>the cheesecake art is non canon
Well, except when it is. I swear, you denialists really deserve all of the "fetish game" trolls.

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Don't forget that the human city ruled by that god, has True Humans, the ones made in his image. As in, all humans living there are literal extensions of himself, with him basically acting as a hivemind for all humans in the city, with none of them having any free will of their own.

The humans you play as have broken this rule. The big theory is that he intentionally created you, but didn't add his will to your survivors, because they were only meant to serve as lion food, and not survive more than 5 minutes. The fact that your survivors win the tutorial at all is a massive fluke, and the only reason you even stand a chance in the setting. Killing the final boss of the base game has him noticing you, and just spawning hundreds of monsters as the game just becomes a boss rush with no chance to gather resources or repopulate your settlement.

The lantern festival changes that ending to him taking matters into his own hands.

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I doubt that the Taliban is large enough of a demographic to harm sales.

>> No.33467936

But what about all the people who took one look at it and thought it was some magical-realmy bullshit and noped it out of there?

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The general rule of thumb is that the pinups do exist in the world, but only as costumes for festivals, unless stated otherwise.

Currently the only one that it has been stated otherwise for, is the Regeneration Suit, which is canonical, and even has an actual card in the game, but is only worn under actual armor, never on its own.

Saying that they are canon while implying that they are the actual armor that women have to wear in combat, is like saying that pic related is how all people dress because FASHION. Seriously, the pinups are just fashion show models.

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I was admittedly in that group, and missed out on the black friday sales because of it. Friend convinced me to watch the gameplay videos before making a final decision, and I'm glad he did. I got in it for $200 on the last day, and upped my pledge to $600 when the pledge manager opened.

>> No.33467969

What about them? They were never part of any demographic being targeted, and from the perspective of Adam, everything is a complete success. He got to see his dream realized thanks to his target demographic: people who aren't retards.

>> No.33467972

A couple extremely uptight, fun hating people aren't going to harm sales. Seriously, the game has sold to the point of catastrophically overburdening production.

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>I missed the kickstarter

>> No.33468002

>regeneration suit is canon
Wait what? [Citation Needed]

>> No.33468015

Right, but I was saying that it wasn't just ridiculously conservative people who were driven off. It was also people who normally would have bought it.

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>it wasn't just ridiculously conservative people who were driven off
No, it was.
The people driven off were the people who didn't care about it any more than a single glance, and the people who are offended anyway for whatever retarded reason.

Unfortunately, a lot of the people who stuck around and pledged are also in denial about the kind of world Kingdom Death is, but...

>> No.33468038

>quoted from KS
We have unlocked the optional Regeneration Suit and as many of you have guessed it is indeed a Gorm Armor Pinup. However, when the artist and I started to work on it we ended up simply arming her in the skin-tight Regeneration Suit that is an in game piece of gear. Normally its meant to be worn under armor and so there is no miniature that represents it, so this seemed like a great excuse to do just that! She can be added as a reward in plastic for +$15 or in resin for +$25. I have a fantastic sculptor lined up for her, but work on her won't begin until jan.


>> No.33468044

I get the feeling my shipment will be a pretty big box.

>Survivor Pack plus all those extras included
>Holiday: White Speaker Nico
>Kingsmen Regiment x5
>Man Hunter
>Lion Knight & Court
>Dung Beetle Knight
>Latern Festival
>Lonely Tree
>Resin Lioness
>Resin Dragon Sacrifice
>Resin Rawhide Dame
>Resin Leather Queen
>Resin Twilight Witch

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I like thighs. I like survival more.

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Look, I love this game, and am super excited to see its success, but saying that anyone at all uncomfortable with it is retarded.... makes you sound really fucking stupid.

Its got some contravention stuff in the game, and even more in the promotional items. Kingdom Death is awesome, but its the fucking Evony Online of board gaming, and you really can't deny that.

>> No.33468075

Well yeah, if you turn out to be ridiculously conservative or progressive you probably don't believe in games or fun, and at the very least such people are unlikely to be interested in a game set in a subterranean survivalist nightmare.

All things considered, its never worthwhile to bank on appealing to vicious people with stifled imaginations, as they were never going to buy one's product anyway.

>> No.33468093

>but saying that anyone at all uncomfortable with it is retarded.... makes you sound really fucking stupid.
What a coincidence, I feel that you disagreeing with me makes you sound pretty fucking stupid as well.

There's no need to care about people who look at something and instantly make up their mind about it, just like there's no need to care about people who aren't interested in the thing that you want to make. This wasn't being done to maximize profits. This was being done because Adam Poots has a thing that he really fucking wants to make.

>> No.33468101

Sure, they're still going to/have already make a fuckton of money. Just, not as much. Although your point still stands; they probably weren't too great to rely upon as customers to begin with.

>> No.33468103

> but saying that anyone at all uncomfortable with it is retarded.

Not the guy you're talking to, but it is, its a game, if you get offended by it or feel an urge to wail how it harms your self esteem, you're a retard.

Especially since its marketed as a horror game.

>> No.33468110

>$300 for a base game after shipping.
I'll wait for someone to put it online.

>> No.33468111

>but saying that anyone at all uncomfortable with it is retarded....
Calm down there sparky.

>> No.33468124

>I feel that you disagreeing with me makes you sound pretty fucking stupid as well.
I really hope you're joking.

>> No.33468129

>Just, not as much.

There's no evidence to support that, though. On the other hand, there's, what, eight millenia of evidence that support that sexual implications are a great marketing ploy. I don't think nerds are so Anti-Sex League that it would be different for them.

>> No.33468135

>Horror means it HAS to have porn. There has never been any horror story that didn't have pron

>> No.33468139

>Arguing hypothetical
>Based on appearance
>With a /tg/ game

>> No.33468160

I'm so poor and I missed the Kickstarter.

Guess I'll... hope for someone to scan the contents and rulebooks and then just read them when its released?

>> No.33468172

>Having to insult/talk down to people.
>It's horror so it's not porn!
Seems pretty magical realm to me at times, and I actually like the game a lot.

>> No.33468173

Eroticism and horror walk hand in hand. Aliens, almost every slasher movie, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc.

You dont have to have porn, but its not against it in theme.

Plus >scantly clad people are porn


>> No.33468178

>This game with over the top fanservice is immature and offensive!
>This game with over the top violence isn't immature and offensive!
All about Forced Controversy, next stop Stupidville.

>> No.33468185

It'll happen, one guy really wanted to do online settlements and stuff. And with a $300 price tag playing before you pay is probably a wise option.

>> No.33468191

I forget, is KD the one with the Grand Mothers that have tongued tentacles in their vagina that eat off their partner's penis?

>> No.33468193

Thats a fact, whats also a fact is that you look up survival horror boardgame inspired by Berserk, Alien, Dark Souls and Monster Hunter you might expect vagina monsters and not be a little whiny bitch about it.

>> No.33468210

>Plus >scantly clad people are porn
>Ignoring the tits and dicks, dick monsters, dick tentacles.

>> No.33468230

>Expecting monsters to feel embarrassed about nudity
I bet you put shorts on dogs too.

>> No.33468232


I don't remember anything like that in Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, or Aliens, HR Giger was actually pretty classy with the Alien design. I don't read Berserk, I remember rape but no Dick monsters, but again, I don't follow it so you have 1 point out of 4. Good show.

>> No.33468233

And thats porn? Generally porn is a form of media that depicts sex with the intent to invoke arousal but hey, we're being autismal now so I guess anything that might be conceived erotic is porn.

>> No.33468246

I was just pointing it out. But the defensiveness of hardcore KD fans is endearing.

>> No.33468259

>HR Giger was actually pretty classy with the Alien design

Wut? that thing was a walking penis rape monster. I'll admit its the one of the least fucked up thing old Giger made but still..

>> No.33468260

>I dont know about these things so they dont count

Clever. Berserk had rape via horse, vagina and dick monsters, rape, impregnation via monsters, fetus demons, etc. Giger had tentalces, vaginas and dicks on everything, his monsters bred via rape by vagina with fingers. Monster hunter is the economy of the game. Dark Souls is the artstyle for knights and King's people.

>> No.33468261

Considering how defensive you're getting, i think you're the one with self esteem issues, anon.

Seriously, Just look at this thread, It's so easy to have your first impression of KD be the pinups and dismiss it as a porn game. And I'm sorry to break this to you, but not wanting to play a porn game doesn't make you a hyper conservative super prude or ultra SJW. Just think about how many people might switch off when they see a pinup picture and never see the awesome monsters or the fantastic quality models.

>> No.33468272

This isnt defensiveness, what, is it wrong to call out dump people spreading misinfo?

>> No.33468273

Could anyone give me the abstract about this game? I am trying to understand what is going on, but for now it sounds like Pen & Paper und a Dungeon Crawler had a baby with tabletopism.

>> No.33468276

Honestly, I'm of the opinion that its not the people who support the game that are lashing out and being pants on head retarded saying "THERE IS NO PORN HERE. THIS IS A WORKSAFE GAME. YOU ALL ARE JUST PRUDES", but people who want to see the game fail trying to make it look bad, because it consistently causes a shitstorm every single time.

>> No.33468287

>If you disagree you're defensive

>> No.33468294

>Seriously, Just look at this thread, It's so easy to have your first impression of KD be the pinups and dismiss it as a porn game

Indeed, it is easy to be retarded.

>> No.33468298


You mean facehuggers? It wasn't really a cock they forced down peoples throats now was it? And the model was crazy enough that people didn't think vaginas when they saw it. Again, pretty classy for Giger.

I don't read mangos.

Clever girl.

>> No.33468302

Hey man, some people like one type of offensive immaturity and not the other type.

>> No.33468318


I'm talking about the Alien, the thing with a cock for a head and has a mini fanged dick in its mouth.

>> No.33468319

Nice samefagging by the way.

>> No.33468327

>Eroticism and horror walk hand in hand. Aliens

There is a difference between phallic imaginery and outright dickings.

Me, I dont give a dick, some of the models are nice but I am a scifi fan at heart. I'm not offended by the imaginery, but to try and claim it's not a magical realm is silly. In fact, since you brought up Aliens..KD is what Geiger's designs would be if he was literal-minded and lacked subtlety.

>> No.33468335

Xenomorph has a cock for a head you dumb shit. Giger had a great style, but don't imply he was subtle because he sure as fuck wasn't.

>> No.33468336

I actually like the game though. But it is fun to point out because people get very upset very quickly.

>> No.33468342

Tabletop civilization game where you have to hunt monsters for resources to craft gear.

>> No.33468356

>but to try and claim it's not a magical realm is silly

No-one said its not. It quite is, in the veins of Alien being magical realm. Its marketed as such. Hence why those who somehow still find themselves offended are retarded.

>> No.33468358

That's two different people though smart guy.

The difference is it's not obvious enough that people think "dicks!" again speaking to good design by Giger. But you're free to get upset if you like.

>> No.33468369

Fair enough. How long do sessions run? Should I have a regular group for this or can I put this out one evening with 3 buddies?

>> No.33468376

A minute apart typing the same way and using the same sayings. Uh-huh.

>> No.33468383

>Muh subtle imagery

>> No.33468386

It probably plays best as a civilisation style game with multiple evenings taking part of the whole. But I believe it can be run off "one-shots" to an extent. That does leave out a lot of the cooler stuff though, so progressive games are really where it's at.

>> No.33468393

Why? It's not set up in an 18+ corner of the internet. Right now there's an artcile about it on BoW. Someone might find it there and feel offended. To say you can never be offended at stuff which is designed to be offensive from the start is silly.

>> No.33468395

You should watch the youtube vids on it. I think its a one evening thing.

>> No.33468399

>the Grand Mother
>Castrates and kills her victims
Wait, is that seriously it? this and some pin ups are the "controversy"?
Worse hullabaloo happens in That Guy threads.

Is there still a way to back or do I have to wait for release?

>> No.33468401

>Fair enough. How long do sessions run? Should I have a regular group for this or can I put this out one evening with 3 buddies?
1-2 hours. First session probably wont be longer because its set up to be a tutorial and is missing one of the 3 phases of the game, to help drop you right into combat and get started.

You don't need the SAME group of people every time, but you do want at least some consistency. If your group is 6 or 7 people, and you rotate in groups of 4 of who plays each session, it should work fine.

>> No.33468403

I was happy to be in the KD kickstarter, and I am looking forward to playing the game. I am also glad that I did bother to read into the details about the mechanics/story etc..
Although I do love the pinups I must agree that they did injure the campaign and cause a great deal of people to dismiss the game simply because all they saw first were the scantily clad women who were not actually part of the game and rejected the campaign without looking further into it.
It's a shame, but it is how most of the population seems to behave these days, basing their entire opinions on first glances and realistically speaking being too stubborn and judgmental to change their minds.
It's a shame, but there is not much we can do about it, it's just the way we are I guess..

>> No.33468406

Looks different in the movies.

I could post the screenshot of the (you) post and the other without but you'd scream "photoshop!" anyway.

Keep grasping dem straws lil buddy.

>> No.33468409

>Someone might find it there and feel offended.

Anyone can get offended at anything.

>> No.33468417


>> No.33468420

Take your /v/ tier arguments back there please.

>> No.33468423


~_~ I can't believe I repeated myself in that paragraph... gah!

>> No.33468424

Cool story.

>> No.33468426

Wait for release and save 300 bucks or join the online community.

>> No.33468432

The controversy isn't really one at all. Its mostly people arguing about where in canon the pinups fall, if at all, and whether that has any merit on the game itself.

>> No.33468439

>that they did injure the campaign
Every single thing that was intended to be produced was produced, to the point where Poots ran out of expansions that he could just stick on as stretch goals.
How was the campaign "injured" in any way, being one of the most funded kickstarters around?

> and cause a great deal of people to dismiss the game simply because all they saw first were...
Why are these people relevant? Why do we care about them? Why do I care about them? Why should Poots care about them?

What's "a shame"? Where's the problem? Nothing has gone wrong in this regard.

>> No.33468440

Yawn. (>>33468417)

Multiple people can share a similar opinion. Try not to be so stupid.

>> No.33468448

Indeed. However certain things are likely to cause more offense than others. Very few will be offended at a butterfly picture. Quite...

why am i even discussing this for fuck's sake, it's a game of tittymonsters and black bibles, every argument about it will be as dumb as the source material.

>> No.33468455

>I'll just call a perfectly reasonable thing to do retarded, then act as if I've won the argument! That'll show 'em!

>> No.33468460

>Try not to be so stupid
This is coming from the shitposter that ends posts with
>Pssh nothing personnel kiddo :^)

>> No.33468465

>a perfectly reasonable thing to do
Taking a quick glance at something and then deciding that you know everything about it is far from reasonable.

>> No.33468466

Yeah, they got nothing to worry about.

>> No.33468470

The rabid defence of the game in these threads did far more to put me off than the fan-servicey ancillary shit.

>> No.33468471

I for one don't really like the Cock monsters either. The Knights are pretty smashing though. But the Sunstalker is pretty meh, forge god is odd, Mother..etc. I still think the game is pretty cool though, I just wouldn't play with those monsters.

>> No.33468472

>Indeed. However certain things are likely to cause more offense than others. Very few will be offended at a butterfly picture. Quite...

Who cares though, those offended can leave, they are under no compulsion to whine, bitch and troll.

>> No.33468482

>if you disagree you're a retard
Yeah, they're not acting defensive at all.

>> No.33468483

I said I liked the game in my first post. Try not to be so upset.

>> No.33468484

Good for you.

>> No.33468489

Do you seriously believe that the number of people who dismissed KD because they can't handle pinups and magical realm horror is larger than the number of people who noticed it for the same reasons, looked into it and got interested?

I wouldn't even know about the game if I hadn't seen one of the pinups out of context, thought it looked rad and googled kingdom death.

>> No.33468492

So where can I get this thing? I don't see it on the Kingdom Death website.

>> No.33468519

>Five posts in a row ends with buddy, kid or upset
Man that's some compelling argument right there. It isn't like you're just shitting the thread up at all!

>> No.33468522


>> No.33468543

>All posters are the same person.
>Actually getting upset that someone has a different opinion.
I just find it funny Kid Buddy.

>> No.33468546

Damn that thing looks cool. Might have to pick it up at some point.

>> No.33468564

Epic :^)

>> No.33468569

The monsters that aren't dick deamons are really cool. Look up the Dung Beetle Knight, or any of the knights really. Pretty boss models. Also the dragon is quite lovely.

>> No.33468571

Praise Jesus

>> No.33468604

>forge god
I love his adorable puppy dog penis faces.

>> No.33468615

Hnnnng. The things I would do to that body. White haired starter guy is hot too.

It kinda disappoints me he just went for over the top body builder beefcake for the male pinup. He had really sexy guys already.

>> No.33468642

If I could be assed to pay out the nose for the awesome model only to chop off his tentacle cock I would, but eh, lots of work and I'd probably ruin it. I'll just play KD: Knights.


>> No.33468643

And you can leave, and are under no compulsion to whine, bitch and troll.

>> No.33468668

Can someone post a non cheesecake image/model?

>> No.33468682

re-read my comment.. I never mentioned them being a larger number than those of us who actually loved the pinups.. I was referring simply to the point that the overall amount of backers could have been larger.. it was a catch22 situation really

its getting very hard to support conversations when even those who we agree with need to dispute and argue with every comment

>> No.33468690


>> No.33468691



>> No.33468706

Yeah, the male pinup is a disappointment. Male Power Fantasy instead of Female Fetish fuel.

>> No.33468709

Actually, it's perfectly reasonable, especially when you're talking about promotional artwork, the whole purpose of which is to give you an impression of the product.

>> No.33468727


>> No.33468734

>it's perfectly reasonable, especially when you're talking about promotional artwork
It's still not reasonable, ESPECIALLY when you're talking about promotional artwork, which very frequently DOESN'T give you an impression of the product.

But really, it's irrelevant, because nobody who matters cares, nor needs to care, about what those people think or do.

>> No.33468735

Yes. Here, my favourite in the line by far.

>> No.33468746

2 mirrion of 35k stretch

Must have made their day

>> No.33468747

Eh, I think it's like that anime mecha pantsuu game
A lot of people seem to like it

>> No.33468759

Super Ornstein surrounded by hookers.

>> No.33468761


>> No.33468763

So why do you care so much? Just ignore it if it bothers you so much, no one is forcing you to reply and I don't think KD needs your defensiveness to succeed.

>> No.33468776


>> No.33468783

What's wrong with your arms

>> No.33468786

Post anus

>> No.33468794

The only two things that affect me are retards who were offended and keep insisting that people should care, and retards who are in denial about the setting of Kingdom Death who react to criticism by sticking their heads in the sand and pretending not to know what's going on.

>> No.33468795

>Huh, there is a lot of scifi stuff in this game. I don't like sci-fi games, so I probably wont like this one. I'll go find another game.
>Huh, this is a anime weeb art in this game. I don't usually like anime weeb games, so I probably wont like this one. I'll go find another game.
>Huh, there is a lot of fetish fuel art in this game. I don't normally like fetish fuel in my games, so I probably wont like this one. I'll go find another game.

Why is the last one any more unreasonable than the other two?

>> No.33468796

Pick up a thesaurus already.

>> No.33468812

it sucks that he is so big he needs to be molded in pvc, I hope they figure out a hard plastic version one day.

>> No.33468825

Breath deep, and try not to let the internet bother you so much.

You can do better. Apply yourself man.

>> No.33468844

>Why is the last one any more unreasonable than the other two?
Why do you expect me to respond to a scenario that you've made up that inaccurately describes the actual situation, omitting key details so that your opinion appears more "correct"?

>> No.33468849

What in the fuck

>> No.33468857

>nobody who matters
Can you sound any more like a defensive, elitist little teen?

Oh, and people care because they want it to succeed to the highest degree, to get the greatest amount of exposure.

>> No.33468865

Antelope god!

>> No.33468870

Without the cheesecake I find it pretty mediocre.

With it, I find it distasteful.

>> No.33468871

Don't worry. We got the yaoi hands covered just for the ladies.

>> No.33468889

seriously my favorite monster so far.. I hope they release him and put him in the game!

>> No.33468892

>6 inches tall!

>> No.33468914

This game is giving me a lantern fetish

>> No.33468916

Seconded. I hadn't seen that one yet, but by god it's awesome. Hopefully it doesn't have hands coming out of it's butthole, but in that shot it looks amazingly and appropriately terrifying.

>> No.33468928

"Nobody who matters" is an accurate description. People who are genuinely uninterested in the game or who are legitimately (lol?) offended by it are irrelevant. They don't matter, and the project was a complete success without the support of idiots who are easily offended.

>Oh, and people care because they want it to succeed to the highest degree, to get the greatest amount of exposure.
Not everything needs that. Not every person and project wants that.
This project was a massive success and is delivering its product to exactly its audience. It couldn't be more of a victory.

>> No.33468937

>Should your village survive despite all odds, congratulations! Your village has been noticed by True Humans, creatures of which your little cavemen are just mutant offshoots, with unnecessary free will. They are displeased.

Not gonna lie, this made me giggle.

>> No.33468960

I haven't kept up at all. Is this really not out yet?

>> No.33468961

>It couldn't be more of a victory.
Yes it could have.

>> No.33468984

Dude he's just baiting you on now. Just hide and move on.

>> No.33468993

>Nightmare horror
Yeah, they got the audience they wanted.

>> No.33468996

It's completely accurate too. True Humans are NOT to be fucked with in the KD setting. They're pretty much "the next tier" in every sense.

>> No.33469008

>Those little hands

>> No.33469012

He keeps getting delays from his chinaman factory workers, and rather then going with the schedule they keep telling him and pushing back, he has said "Fuck it. Its done when they finish making my fucking minis. Here is the progress they HAVE made though:" and then he posted the pic in this post >>33467034

>> No.33469018

>anyone who doesn't like what i like is an idiot
2/10 too obvious

>> No.33469051

>literally has spiders with naked humans hanging off of them, monsters that steal free will by shoving breasts in your face, and an elephant with a giant pair of testicles
Yeah. I'm sure only easily offended people would be bothered by that.

>> No.33469052


I meant of the survivors.

Like the OP model. Wheres the non
pinup version of that?

>> No.33469059

Thanks. I'd groan about about waiting another year but seeing progress made is uplifting.

>> No.33469094


So, the model with the three scantily clad women at his feet is the NON sexualized version??

>> No.33469126


>> No.33469130

Women were a stretch goal. They are on a completely different sprue. But yes, sadly. Those women are canon characters, and important to that expansion.

>> No.33469154

yep there is only one version of the Lion Knight, the three ladies are his 'court' or his favorites who travel with him in his travels to gain knowledge and generally see the sights..lol
I guess since they are seperate miniatures there is no need to use them if people don't want to.

>> No.33469234

Can you out pimp the Lion Knight?
You can try
Spoiler; You fail

>> No.33469249

Guys, can we tone down the defensiveness a bit? The actual number of backers wasn't that high, I wouldn't mind if I actually had somebody to play with. I'm sure the rabid fanboyism from som of you would be off putting.

>> No.33469270


>> No.33469311

As if the "offended" are any better. Lurk moar, you end up in enough threads where the same shit happens you tune it out.

>> No.33469312


>> No.33469315

pot and the kettle

>> No.33469325

Reminder to add defensive to /tg/ filter list.

>> No.33469348

I agree with you, but don't go expecting anyone here to comply.. /tg is just for people to argue these days.. lol

>> No.33469405

Hey, don't lump us homosexuals in with that guy.

>> No.33469467


I've never noticed how fucking creepy hands are until I stumbled into this thread today. I disliked hands anyways (hard to draw)... but god damn.

>> No.33469586

I fucking love the designs in this game, so many monsters made of bits of human aesthetically.

>> No.33469620

Heard you like hands

>> No.33469695

Yeah, I love the monsters too. Also I'm the kind of guy than never has enough of them.

>> No.33469755

>That box size.
>That content upgrade

Mah dick.

>> No.33470319

Also spidicules is going to have the ability to make baby spiders. I hope there's some way to domesticate or cage one.

>> No.33470435


>> No.33470450

I went in with my brother, I was mainly interested in the models, but I'm looking forward to playing the game too. The wait is killing me, I just wanna paint some cronenbergs.

>> No.33470699

>The bad end is a True Human soldier coming to your settlement, flaying your skin off, and using your organs to do some redecorating.
Wait what

>> No.33470710

Dark Souls had Spider Tits. Whatever her name was. Plus that Giant boobed lady. Plus the trap god.

>> No.33470744

OK, so i must ask :
Is it out yet?
When will it be out?

>> No.33470748

Priscilla being barefoot was also fetish fuel for the project lead, this is a matter of record.

>> No.33470765

>people still shitting up KD threads a year and a half after the Kickstarter ended

Filter it if you hate it so much.

>> No.33470786

No; when Poots manages to get all the production stuff done; most of the models are ready to be produced (and being made now, I think) and the cards/book are already printed (I believe), but there are still some fiddly bits on models that need to be finished.

>> No.33470790

Answer 1: No.
Answer 2: "IT's out when it comes out." - Said the frustrated kickstarter Author when his Chinamen realized how hard it is to sculpt tits properly.

>> No.33470829


Now to wait. Fuck.

>> No.33470845 [DELETED] 

xcdgvfiuedhrfivugwshedgibedvhgbiurfbgowihgoindvkmpowfjpqojfksmdnfgrkpweogvniorbgvoibnas osjkdnbvoirhbwokrngblNlknolsdvbolrihnjmvknvkvnlk,ema;lkefvlmdx;cv.m;;ljmvblkfnbkfiknjvp;sndfsrnopnbkjcxv njsdfnboripoibvklsdnbknfrnobnksndvoejvbponbvkmfpojdrpoj

>> No.33470887

I see your settlement has decided to forgo the 'Language' Innovation. Not the best move, in my opinion.

>> No.33470951

I tried to house rule a campain using what little fluff I had collected and running it on a made up game system. Somewhere along the first few weeks they decided to invent music first and communicate via scat singing.

>> No.33471035

>i suppose colouring the nipple would make it cross some sort of nsfw line

>> No.33471044

Depends on what color you make them.

>> No.33471078

One of the events that can happen while hunting a monster is that you wander too far from camp. If you do that, the monster you WERE hunting goes running, and you now get to fight one of the 2 True Humans in the base game, the Kings Hand, which is a random patrolling soldier, and is as strong as the other monsters in the game, and becomes the new boss fight for that session. Fighting one alerts the True Humans (and by extension, their godlike hivemind, The Golden Entity) to your existence.

Of course, its not always bad! Sometimes the Emperors Chosen will show up, and leave a baby at your doorstep! I don't trust it. I am fucking murdering that child if it ever shows up in one of my sessions. Its probably a spy for the Entity.

>> No.33471231

Male superheroes aren't shirtless, and most of them are actually more built than the men on those covers. Plus, it's not just build but presentation. There are ways to emphasise muscles to make them sexy or powerful. most picture of superman don't linger on his abs like those covers do.

>> No.33471247

>lantern festival
Hey, those are some nice lanterns you got there.

>> No.33471297


>> No.33471375

Wouldn't be caught dead with Kingdom Death because normal people wont get it.

>> No.33471621

Normal people get it, then leave the neckbeard alone to wank to his fetish creatures

>> No.33471800

>more built than the men on those covers.
Ludicrously more built all the way to "how the fuck do they even move" depending on the illustrator

>> No.33471829

I don't know what you are talking about

>> No.33471832

We aren't talking about superheroes, and just as many of those covers feature full upper torso shots.
Do realize that for beefcake, the face, eyes, hair all figure just as prominently as a scultpted chest and washboard abs. Pinup is pinup.

>> No.33471842

fucking cubist pecs man

>> No.33471876

except they aren't the same. The romance covers, and the starting survivors, are ally physically fit, and visually appealing.

Meanwhile, superheroes, and the male pinup, are all buff just for the sake of having more muscles to look powerful, which isn't the same thing at all. Those guys look like weightlifters, while the ones on the romance covers just look like they take really good care of themselves.

Those are not even remotely the same thing.

>> No.33471928

Nah, Kingdom Death is so much Magical Realm it's like getting caught with a fursuit.

>> No.33471964

>Meanwhile, superheroes, and the male pinup, are all buff just for the sake of having more muscles to look powerful, which isn't the same thing at all
It actually depends a lot on the artist in particular.
You are right that the romance covers are drawn with sex appeal in mind, versus a vision of strength and capability.

>> No.33472011

It's probably not going to be a very well designed game. It sold based on the miniatures and people's imagined idea of how super awesome a mashup of Dark Souls and Monster Hunter in board game form would be. The "dark" theme and designs that are loaded to the gills with sexual stuff doesn't pull off "mature and creepy" so much as "pathetic." There's just zero indication that there's anything special here. People bought in for the miniatures and if that's what you're into whatever but don't actually expect anything other that the physical components from the entire thing.

>> No.33472068

I for one only bought it after watching the gameplay videos. And the playtest stories sound actually entertaining.

I don't have extremely high hopes (been burnt by one too many kickstarters), but it still looks fun, and the systems laid out seem pretty solid.

Out of curiosity, what about the gameplay specifically makes it look lackluster to you? Is it the randomness of hitlocations+damage? Thats the complaint I generally see from people worried about the gameplay.

>> No.33472083

>Is it the randomness of hit locations+damage?
So it's like DH?

>> No.33472130

>It actually depends a lot on the artist in particular.
that's exactly what i said

>> No.33472134

Humans have 6 hit locations, each of which has a different armor rating based on your gear.

Monsters, however, have a deck of cards to show their unique anatomy. Each part of their body has a different toughness score (essentially their AC), as well as different crit effects. One of the examples was cutting off a lions hand to make it so its claw attacks no longer deal damage, but instead spray you with blood, causing sanity damage instead.

>> No.33472139

>doesn't pull off "mature and creepy" so much as "pathetic." There's just zero indication that there's anything special here
That's just, like, your opinion, man.
Also, you sound ignorant as fuck. There's actually been plenty of information about how the game will play, so I think saying "oh people are just buying because of the models" just makes you look like an ass.

>> No.33472163

Flower knight looks so badass.

>> No.33472184

>saying "oh people are just buying because of the models" just makes you look like an ass.
Especially because when poots stopped by one of these threads and did a Q&A for people, he said that the expansions alone (not even counting the base game) outsold the pinups by almost DOUBLE. It actually makes the priorities of the KS backers pretty clear.

>> No.33472245

He did? When?

>> No.33472308


The randomness is a big part of it, yeah, and the reason that you hear about it a lot is because it's a really valid criticism. Randomization in the style that they've gone with is the worst possible way you could implement it; "Roll to see if you get instantly decapitated or not" isn't good design no matter how you slice it. The examples of play made it look like you've got to make a handful of very obvious "tactical" choices and then see what the dice gives to you. That's fine if you're all about narrative or however else you want to frame it, but in terms of the game aspect it just looks like a wet fart that's talking itself up to be a lot more than it actually is. It looks to be tabletop RPG levels of brokenness without the role-playing aspect to justify a less-than-stellar underlying system. To reiterate, there just doesn't seem to be anything noteworthy or special here outside of the theme and fluff and whatever else which I personally think is laughable shit. It's got a really childish approach to what it's trying to do, and a lot of it is just embarrassing.

In a more generalized sense though backing tabletop stuff on Kickstarter is really, really stupid. Everybody's the "ideas guy" when it comes to tabletop stuff, and it's markedly more easy to print off some cardboard chits than it is to program a video game or whatever else, so it's a haven for this kind of shit. The sheer number of miniature, tabletop RPG, board game, and other traditional games type of Kickstarters that get buckets of money dumped into them is laughable because everything that's come out has been super lukewarm. For some reason people are real suckers for a handful of miniatures and some vague gameplay promises without any understanding of how easy it is to make a really bad ruleset. Then you and your buddies are sitting there with a big pile of plastic and cardboard you paid hundreds of dollars for pretending to have fun because of the whole sunk cost fallacy thing.

>> No.33472328


The information available about how it plays is exactly what reinforces why there's nothing of note here.

>> No.33472365

If information was food I could diet off of your posts.

>> No.33472374

Wait...Kingdom Death ISN'T a porn game? Because all I ever see of it is the pinup models.

>> No.33472380

>Big fuck-off monsters

>> No.33472386


You backed what's going to be a really bad game and can't justify it with anything concrete.

>> No.33472400

Sure is hard to look into things.

>> No.33472421

So its basically grimderp Monster Hunter: The board game where no one can win?

I mean it sounds like a mix of appealing and non appealing stuff.

>> No.33472476

I like the setting and the whole idea of managing a settlement of stone-age people all the way to possibly bronze+monsterbones age people. I think the sexual stuff is setting people off a bit too much, or at least it does on /tg/
The re-population mechanic is not you and your friends mimicking the noises of a moist vagina being ravished by a hard penis, is just a table where you see how much your population has grown.
Unfortunately the rest of your post is head on and is the main reason I did not kickstart and the reason I will wait until there are YouTube/Vimeo plays of the game, the general idea seems good, like everything on Kickstarter, but the execution and actual design decisions don't seem functional.
inb4 all board games have a random element
there is a difference between Toilet Imperium and Relic, one actually gives you some agency the other is just random randomness til somebody rolls lucky stuff

>> No.33472487

So, why are people so fucking insecure about their morbid toys that they need to validate some kind of maturity.

It's fucking /tg/. It's a manchild junktion! Why the shitflinging?

>> No.33472497

>I can see the future! Or I'm just massive cunt being way too obvious with my bait.

>> No.33472501


>> No.33472509

Fuck you, and fuck your filenames.

But you can win, just not in the base campaign. Some of the Major Expansions have their own campaigns (Dragon King and Sunstalker) which we don't know much about, but may be perfectly winnable (likely slowly building a settlement, and then trying to throw off the shackles of your monster overlord). The Lantern Festival does the same thing for the base game, letting you fight the thing that triggers the bad end in the base game.

Also, the base game, and every promo figure come with one-shot challenge scenarios which are perfectly winnable. Other than that, yeah. Grimderp Monster Hunter is pretty spot on.

>> No.33472515

> I must agree that they did injure the campaign
And you're probably wrong.

The controversial pieces along with his wonderful pieces is most likely why he's successful. No publicity is bad publicity. (Unless you're being assaulted by an urban youth.) He has something that draws people in, and then he has genuine material to keep them in.

Obviously it's unprovable one way or the other, but the fact is he has been more successful than he had initially dreamed of ever being. And his "controversial" pieces are what lead to that. Had he not, who knows where he'd be. /tg/ related material seems to have a good track record on kickstarter, but 2million is a pretty big deal suggesting there's something about poot's game that's DIFFERENT from many others. (Maybe the pinups?)


>> No.33472542

Fuck off you miserable cunt.

>> No.33472575

Wow, you must hate every /tg/ related game EVER if "rabid fans" can turn you off something.

>> No.33472586

People need incentives to look into things. If the first thing you see makes it look like shit you aren't interested in, you are not going to look any further. This is not unreasonable.

>> No.33472592

this has to be my most desired model ever. I'm gonna start practicing OSL just for him

>> No.33472601

There actually is a game like that in development, called Brighter Than The Sun. Its basically Noblebright Monster Hunter. I think I have the playtest rules saved somewhere, let me see if I can find them.

Its a pretty neat system, but still in fairly obvious beta.

>> No.33472609

Because stop liking what I don't like

>> No.33472620

but the filename makes the image.

Anyway, that sounds neat. Most of what i've read about the game is 'Okay you start off in a bad place and then more bad stuff happens and then your guys go insane and then get killed or sometimes used to breed new monsters and at the end of it all the monsters come by and murder whoever's left' which just doesn't sound too appealing to me.

The miniatures are amazeballs though and while the pinup stuff is cheesy I think it's all in good fun and if people get bent out of shape over it, whatever.

I don't like the seeming randomness in the rules or combat, but I do like rough things... Just, tough things you have a chance of beating and conquering rather than staving off inevitability.

>> No.33472623

But this shit has been going on for two years now or something. Shouldn't people have smarted up by now?

>> No.33472639

I dunno. Super Dungeon Explore and Descent are arguably similar in genre, use just as many randomization mechanics, and rely more on having pretty minis than they do having solid gameplay, and both of those games are wildly successful. I don't see why KDM would be any different.

>> No.33472650


You're a lot more sensible than most of the thread then.

When you look at it Kingdom Death big picture it is just like the most perfect storm of tempting nerd stuff without anything substantial to explain why it will be a good, worthwhile game which culminates in it being super unappealing. Monster Hunter! Dark Souls! Arbitrary dicks and tits that let you pretend you're in a mature setting! Miniatures! Table top game! Gameplay elements that will be a thousand times more shallow than what you're envisioning in your mind! It's basically just a bunch of buzzwords coming from a guy who's a miniature maker, not a game designer.

Everybody that's super hyped about it STILL and is vehemently lashing out at any criticism really needs to step back and think about how much of how great you perceive it being is just your own imagination. A lot of people got caught up in the frenzy of the Kickstarter and can't be objective about shit.

>> No.33472657

Considering the stereotypes with this hobby in general I'm surprised people care anymore. It's over a year now. It's still advertised as nightmare horror, it's a little late to care about hypothetical customers when it succeeded so well already.

>> No.33472672

>I don't see why KDM would be any different.
Because the others are cheaper.

>> No.33472694

Do you realise you just said it was unprovable either way, and then insisted it was one way? Because that makes you an idiot.

>> No.33472724


Can this be the KD:M motto? I think it's a good one.

>> No.33472782

Jesus, you people are touchy. Your last paragraph is a strawman. No one has said that the pinups ruined the game. People just suggested that it might have made more money without them. And while that's conjecture, you can't prove them wrong.

I know you might be feeling sensitive after spending so much money on it, but please stop overreacting so much.

>> No.33472801

>you people
Please take your bigotry somewhere else.

>> No.33472815

>why it will be a good
day one they said is about your character leading a settlement of people who may not even know how to tan leather and are preyed upon by claw-handed albino sentient lions, then built up a lot of interest for the setting by adding more monsters, the idea they might be magically altered humans, the idea you might have a complex research tree, the idea of using parts of the monsters as components for the armor
i dunno why people have such a problem with nudity, is not like you don't know, with some inexactitude obviously, what is under people's clothing; if all of you guys are horny, pimp-riddled teens i could understand it, but i know a good bunch of you aren't, is it the puritan anglosaxon upbringing? not even that explains it, since not all of you fit the description
the minis are great, specially the knights, but like i said i did not backed this up because i don't believe in kickstarter or steam's early access, if want to see a finished product before spending, I am not looking to take the risk investors do only to get extra stuff, no matter how good it looks
You could also try to reword your comments, most of the rage against them is not that you criticize the game, but rather that you do it while sounding like a total dick.

>> No.33472833

Found the playtest.

Basically, each weapon is a different class. You play with a deck of standard playing cards. Each card in it represents a specific attack with your weapon, with face cards being special attacks. Sometimes suit matters, like for the Twin Axes which lets you play 1 black card and 1 red card a turn.

Killing monsters gets you loot that you can craft into new weapons which let you swap out the effects on your weapon table, to customize your weapon to be uniquely yours. Has the start of some settlement building elements, but not many.

>> No.33472835

Why would I want to look into something selling resin pinup models? The only thing I've seen of KD until I looked into this thread were those stupid cheesecake things

>> No.33472892

>kingdom death
>R: 294

>> No.33472918

>actually playing that social justice forced political correctness piece of shit

>> No.33472927


The dicks (aside from that one thing that might just be a pseudopod on the Sunstalker) and tits aren't attached to the setting or game very much, nor would they be related to its 'maturity' in any way if they were. I bought it for the models, full stop. The setting has potential, and I'm not going to judge the rules until I see them (although I am cautiously optimistic). Seeing the minis that have been put out, the hard plastics, my investment in the minis is 100% justified. They are gorgeous and spectacular, every one of them. If the game and setting are good too, that's just icing on the cake.

Seriously, if you're going to bitch and be pissy about an overused element to make it look 'dark' and 'creepy' (which I assume is what you meant by mature? Fuck, I don't know), at least complain about something legitimate like the hands fucking everywhere.

>> No.33472928


>> No.33472931

Can you at least save your "I told you so"s for when the game is actually out? Because right now you just sound like a right cunt who hates the fact that other people are excited about something.

>> No.33472951

quints don't need a citation

>> No.33472974


Alright, now explain to me the specific mechanical nature of gameplay that that story is built on top of that will justify it being called a good game.

On the second point, nobody has a problem with nudity. Nobody has said anything of the sort. The problem is when you cram a bunch of sexual stuff into something with the very transparent intention of forcefeeding you a setting. The style of nudity in Kingdom Death exists for the express purpose of people plopping down the game and then going "I am certainly NOT going to bat an eye at all of these penises and large breasts because I'm a mature adult who's above such things." It's like a twelve year old virgin trying to play it cool when his older brothers buddies are telling sex stories. Nobody is offended, but it just comes across as sad.

Kingdom Death as a whole, both the creator and its defenders, is just a big pile of sad, delusional garbage. It's sunk cost fallacies and desperate, unsubstantial defenses all the way down. For as mature everyone likes to pretend to be none of them seem to be big enough to acknowledge reality and throw up their hands and admit that maybe this whole thing is actually going to be a bit shit.

>> No.33472979

>Finally finding a finished Watcher
Looks great

>> No.33473034

>There actually is a game like that in development, called Brighter Than The Sun. Its basically Noblebright Monster Hunter. I think I have the playtest rules saved somewhere, let me see if I can find them.

Sounds cool, why have I never heard of it at all? Maybe they should consider doing something to draw attention to it. Like pinups.

>> No.33473050


I'm still not sure where the 'sexual' complaint is coming from. Explain the overt sexuality about the game that you're upset by, and I'll actually address the point.

Remember: Kingdom Death: Monster is not just a game made using the sculpts from the website, Kingdom Death. In fact, only a tiny handful of models have any crossover at all.

>> No.33473080

The reason why is because its still in super early alpha, and the person making it is too tied up in a legal battle with WotC to actually work on anything at the moment.

>> No.33473082

>Remember: Kingdom Death: Monster is not just a game made using the sculpts from the website, Kingdom Death. In fact, only a tiny handful of models have any crossover at all.
At the same time, remember that it IS a game set in the same universe, and one that fully intends to draw from every possible appropriate aspect of that universe.

>> No.33473083

Just fuck off.

>> No.33473123

You started this argument how about you substantiate your points with something other than telling us to grow up.

>> No.33473159

>now explain to me the specific mechanical nature of gameplay that that story is built on top of that will justify it being called a good game.
The lack of that is exactly what has keep me on the fence of the whole thing, walletwise, well that and my previously mentioned distrust of the whole crowdfunded deal.

>The problem is when you cram a bunch of sexual stuff into something with the very transparent intention of forcefeeding you a setting.
This is more like you personally having taken sexual content as something that can only be used to force feed otherwise unpalatable stuff. While I have no reason to believe the game is good, neither do I see the sexuality in it being crammed in there to make up for the gameplay, nor think anyone can until we see more of it.
>delusional garbage.
if you were actually interested in arguing with people you would not be calling people names, your arguments would be enough to make your point across, this is why until you reword your comments you cannot be taken fully seriously even if you bring up some real and visible concerns about the production of the game (mainly how the demands of design and production has clearly exceeded the capabilities of the author)

>> No.33473160

>It's not sexism if it's done to men.


>> No.33473181


That's... not even half of a response. None of the pin ups are attached to the game, there are no 'titty monsters' in KD:M, and only one of the expansions featured women in any context (the Lion Knight has some women on his base; I don't think we have any idea what effect they have, if any).

>> No.33473194


Rock solid counterpoints that perfectly articulate why this game will be immaculate.


How about lion guy with comically long cock for chin and tail or baby monster with lovingly modeled cock, scrotum, asshole and vagina mouth. Start with those guys.

>> No.33473216

Nobody said that at all. People were just saying male sexualization and male power fantasy are the same thing, and they aren't. Thats what that post was about, dumbass.

>> No.33473227


>> No.33473237

If you don't want to play the game because you don't like cock and balls that's fine.

Hark! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the subjectivity of your argument, and your balless effeminate logic is the sun.

>> No.33473244


To be fair, it's true. The Psycho, from Borderlands 2, is a really good example of what we're talking about. He's specifically designed to be a sexy man (whether or not this is kinda creepy is another discussion entirely). His pose, his clothing, the way he acts, etc, and he's noticeably different in style and design than, say, Roland or the other new Soldier who no one cares about. Roland is still a fit, attractive man, but he's not designed to be sexy specifically.

>> No.33473255

It wasn't half a response. I was pointing out that in your defensiveness you've overreached again, doing that embarrassing thing where you deny what Kingdom Death IS.
Here's an example:
>there are no 'titty monsters' in KD:M
I'm not sure exactly what you mean by this, but it's a great example. What you MEANT to say was "There are currently no 'titty monster' miniatures being used in KD:M". Such things are part of the universe. They may be part of the game even if they aren't depicted with a miniature in a combat encounter currently, and existing monster miniatures may be converted to expansions for the game as well at a later date.

So you see, you're making a definitive claim about what ISN'T in Kingdom Death: Monster, and it's a claim that you aren't in a position to make.

>> No.33473258

>Male sexualization and male power fantasy aren't the same thing

But they are.

>> No.33473259



>> No.33473282

>the demands of design and production has clearly exceeded the capabilities of the author
Welcome to almost every tumbler with stretch goals ever. It's almost funny how many kickstarter campaigns seem to be victims of their own success.

>> No.33473285

This entire thread.

>> No.33473296

But it isn't.

>Roland is still a fit, attractive man, but he's not designed to be sexy specifically.

You have to be ten kinds of dumb with autism sprinkles on the side to type that and not realize "Hey, I used 'attractive' as proof something isn't sexual."

>> No.33473297

>How about lion guy with comically long cock for chin
You mean you don't?

>> No.33473317

I'm not a backer, I just think you're a massive cunt.

>> No.33473325

Poots has flat out stated multiple times that the Wet Nurse will never have gamerules attached to it, because fighting it doesn't make ANY FUCKING SENSE.

>> No.33473340

But they aren't, numbskull.

>> No.33473366

b-but I want my tit armour! And a tit flail...

>> No.33473368

>tumbler with stretch goals

>> No.33473372

It's like you didn't even actually read my post and just immediately went on the defensive... again.

>> No.33473381

But they are.

Define the difference, if it's so obvious.

>> No.33473405

>Except where they said they won't.

>> No.33473416

You have to be ten kinds of dumb with autism sprinkles on the side to type that and not realize "Hey, being 'attractive' and being solely designed to be sexy are different things."

Please do try and use your brain, you drooling shitstain.

>> No.33473430

Those guys on Way You Love Me, Taming a Disgusting Scot Highlander, and Archangel's Storm have the exact same build as Superman retard. And claiming all women are only attracted to abs, not pecs is sexism. Check your overgeneralization privilege

>> No.33473432

You encounter the wet nurse!
It looks fearfully at you, it is a nursery monster it has no means of defending itself and your swords made out of the bones of monsters it may have nursed may be intimidating.
Your sword goes snicker snap and off comes the nurse's boob! You have easily slain the hideous beast!

>> No.33473437

it was explained here: >>33471876
IE: Weightlifting Gods of Strength vs Well Toned Men

>> No.33473438

You can ad hom all you want, you cannot point to an objective difference between what you claim is a male power fantasy and a sexualized male.

Also, thanks for copying my insult, glad you enjoyed it.

>> No.33473444

>All this talk about dicks and balls
>Ignoring the creepy fucking hands all over everything
Well we certainly know where your minds are

>> No.33473449

So now you've gone from not reading my post to pulling the old "THE PERSON I AM ARGUING WITH IS SILLY" routine. I think this has gone on long enough, I'm with >>33468276

The hyper-defensive "backers" are just trying to make the game look bad.

>> No.33473471

Oh, I'm sorry, you're saying muscles aren't sexual in any way?

Well all this time I was convinced women liked looking at muscle, whether on Nightwing's perfect butt or Superman's glorious pecs.

But now I understand completely! So long as I hide sexualization under the guise of "usefulness", I can sexualize anything!

So why do you think the pin-ups are sexualized again?

>> No.33473476


>> No.33473482

Good lord! The shitposting in KD threads is in a league of its own.

40k shitposting might be autistic as all hell but KD get smug shitposters instead that will stalk the thread until death do them apart.

>> No.33473497

that's a really poor answer
again going back to the idea sexual content is not content but rather a consolation or a make up to hide poor design choices
while it can be that, the same goes for good production values, violence, use of licensed IP, use of known celebrities can be used to hide fuck ups in games
it could be argued, with lots of ignorance, that KD is nothing other than pretty minis, violence and sexual content, but until the game is out and tested we don't really know if the actual game is good or not

>> No.33473509

>death do them apart

>> No.33473510

Pretty much.
Except it doesn't raise the monsters, it raises the 'True' Humans that people have been mentioning in this thread.
Then again, is man not the most deadly monster of them all?

I really like that term True Human. Anyone know if its actually canonical?

>> No.33473528

Oh .Hack
Let me count the ways

>> No.33473535

That should be kickstarter, obviously. I have no idea why I typed tumbler. Brain fart, I guess, or autocorrect gone mad.

>> No.33473553

you do that in dragon age, except for the part where your arms are made from monsters
i dunno what the problem would be, hundreds of games are about you killing people with penises and breasts, even monsters who may have reproductory organs, so now that you can see them is taboo? is sexual content so much worse than the regular gore and violence in which there are not breast but you can see the brains of previously human zombie fall out of the cavity?

>> No.33473566

Honestly, just fucking kill yourself, you stupid piece of shit.

>> No.33473577

1/10, got me to rate you.

>> No.33473581

it raises both
the true humans are the mindless husks, that otherwise look totally like regular humans, under the direct control of the setting's "God-thingie"

>> No.33473630

Why does tumblr go on and on about we should put trigger warnings everywhere to spare the feelings of the suicidal, but then tells people to kill themselves when they can't win an argument.

>> No.33473636

So, from where the lantern/souls origin?

>> No.33473652

the god makes the lanterns, or so i understood

>> No.33473683

But the god, wasn't he the one who kill you if he finds your civ exists because he doesn't want free willed humans? Or are the souls and free will separated?

>> No.33473705

Are the threads usually like this?

I'm more into PnP rpgs but it looked pretty fun in the videos.

>> No.33473731

that's what i haven't bothered to look into because if this shit sinks badly then the lore will be forever unfinished
my current speculation, somewhat ignorant btw, is that he let's some human become independents, either because he has some use for them that way or because sometimes he bakes too much human gingerbread but does not make enough mind-controlling glasse
either way he seems not to care about them until they start to grow too big in power

>> No.33473771

yes threads always have at least one fight about:
It's just porn and you a sad person VS Horror explorer all areas of human experience, sexuality is just one of them and not even the main one explored in KD.

The game is certainly not roleplay, but the setting could be.

>> No.33473841

I would play a RPG inspired in the setting though. RQ6 seems a good system to use.

>> No.33473888

I would play a vidya about it
something indie would be fine, but just producing the board game has already gone beyond what Poots can handle, I wonder if its in him to make a partnership with a v-dev

>> No.33473900

I'm not entirely clear on the details, but I think it goes that there's the Entity up at the top of the pyramid who rules over the 'Holy Lands' and has the Mothers give birth to Entities to glorify its narcissism. Underneath the Entity is the Scribe, who scratches in his book the things he wishes to put into reality, the Scribe lays down people across the world to form new settlements and then after a while he comes to 'harvest the crop' he's also supposed to be the power behind the Kings and their Armies who are the ones you encounter ingame.

So I think it goes that God doesn't give a shit about you, the whole gameplay cycle is the mechanism by which His civilization maintains itself.

>> No.33473920

Check his created projects. He TRIED to make a videogame, but there was no interest in it.

>> No.33473966

Because SJW tumblrfags are a bunch of ugly tweens with aspergers.

>> No.33473967

well if the board game does well maybe he will be able to grow his company, hire some people help him if he makes enough money

>> No.33474014

>You can play a bard

>> No.33474045


Roland is strong, well-built, well dressed, well-armed, and he has really good posture. He's a no-nonsense guy, with a serious, powerful stare. He stands up straight, wears tight fitting shirts and speaks clearly. Most women, if they were to meet him in the real world, would think he was attractive and sexy.

The Psycho is topless, has hyper-defined muscles (even for Borderlands) but is not bulky, wears a mask (if I need to explain this one, I don't even know where to start) and his passive stance is with his pelvis thrust forward, hips cocked to the side and shoulders thrown back with chest thrust forward. Where else have we seen this pose, folks? He also wears his pants at JUST THE RIGHT HEIGHT to prominently display the entirety of his adonis belt and to draw attention to the fact that the waist line stops JUST SHORT of his groin. They're also weirdly nice pants, but the mileage on that one may vary.

If you don't understand the difference still, I can't help you.

>> No.33474154

No, the Scribe is not the Golden Entity (who has the King's Hand etc)

>> No.33474183

...because those are softcore porn at best, and they're aimed at women who want to read a domination fantasy, or women who want to fix a pretty gay guy who's trying to dominate them.

The fact that they're also male power fantasies in comics is incidental; it's the same imagery being used for similar reasons by disparate groups. Women because they want to masturbate, men because they're fat 45 year olds with kids who don't appreciate why the comics have to stay in the lucite baggies and whose wives never seem to be interested even though they've got all these books under the bed with titles like "To Tame A Hot Billionaire" and "She Took It Like A Bitch, It Was Empowering" with pictures of homosexual models' chests on the front and their daughter's friends are starting to look attractive and society is just holding them back and criminals are getting all this tax money that honest middle aged fatasses pay spent on them living in luxury six to a bed the way they like it and man, wouldn't it be easier if you didn't have to prove shit in a court and you could just beat the crap out of some actual god-damn Nazis before lunch and save the entire universe in the afternoon, looking like one of those guys you assume your wife finds hotter than you because fantasy and reality are totally the same for her, and surrounded by similarly hot guys and hot women who dress like strippers, and maybe one or two who cover up and play hard to get, but secretly they're the ones who want you the most, right?

I mean you're seriously straying into Billy and the Cloneasaurus territory even reposting that image as a joke, anon.

>> No.33474193

>King's Hand
Pure and utter dick. Potentially.

>> No.33474226

He's just doing what's right to bring real civilization to the unwashed savages

>> No.33474253

Anon I want you to go think about what you are trying to say and then come back with a post that makes sense.

>> No.33474490


As you turn the corner, you see a shape in the darkness. It stands about 20 to 25 feet tall and has two long spindly arms about half that long each. Atop its amorphous body is a truck connecting the main body with what can only be described as a caricature of an infants face. Where its torso might be are a score of bloated, oozing breasts and a dozen skeletal, spindly arms. Surrounding the Wet Nurse are a trio of sickly naked, human women; the looks on their faces suggest that they are each in the throes of ecstasy or perhaps about to be deathly ill, or perhaps both..

The Wet Nurse turns to face you and flashes you a sinister, ethereal grin. What do you do?

>I roll to seduce.

>> No.33474535

Yeah not that kind

>> No.33474545


Not the guy you're replying to, but both of those seem like women would find them sexy, and both are *intended* to be sexy.

>> No.33474560

you can also have your character stay in the settlement and prevent people from going crazy from all the grimDark stuff going on

>> No.33474739


Well, that is a shame.

>> No.33474763

"Hey, why does my wife have all these pictures of guys on these books, I don't look like that, it must be what she finds hot."

"Life sure would be simpler and better and more fun if I was a hot vigilante."

"Why am I so fat and bald and old and the owner of all these poorly written poorly illustrated stories?"

"I have never heard of this Jurassic Park of which you speak, I have done so little research into the great idea I had that things which are startlingly obvious to the rest of the world are entirely new to me."

tl;dr the picture is for solipsists, by solipsists, attempting to explain things that cannot be adequately explained to others by a solipsist

>> No.33474821

He probably should expand the franchise in comics before aiming for a videogame. Investors needs proof that the franchise can get an audience outside of the tabletop.

>> No.33474940

I don't see an expansion into video games being a good move at all, honestly. It's better off as a miniatures line and tabletop games, and far far away from the modern video game industry.

I'm interested in the proper Kingdom Death RPG that he wanted to work on after Monster. That's a much better direction to go.

>> No.33475013

Well, there is the Dark Souls audience but I don't think a world made out of stonefaces would work well in that kinda game.

>> No.33475041

It wasn't an RPG, that was just a misunderstanding from a poorly worded quote in an interview. It would just be more based on the 'hero classes', and would likely have things like level up mechanics, but would be more like Descent or the DnD board games.

He mentioned that if it can be done easily, and if KDM does well enough for there to be demand for it, he will make Kingdom Death Heroes compatible with KDM, which pretty much confirms its going to be another board game, just functioning at a different 'power level'

>> No.33475059

I can imagine a rogue like game out of it.

>> No.33475076

The Dark Souls audience is not the same audience. It isn't even fucking close. Mainstream gamers like that are the ones closest to the likes of Kotaku, and you can only begin to imagine the negative publicity that they and other sites would give a Kingdom Death video game. Monster was lucky to have escaped that, mostly by virtue of being a tabletop game and being very careful after what happened to other kickstarters...

>It wasn't an RPG, that was just a misunderstanding from a poorly worded quote in an interview.
Oh, really? That's a little disappointing, but it's still an interesting thought, and I'd like to see how it turns out.

>> No.33475106

With how hype some of the fans have been out it, it wouldn't surprise me if he works on an actual RPG.

>> No.33475358

I used the Dark Souls audience because Dark Souls put dark fantasy horror back on the map of videogames.

Also, most people that play Dark Souls don't read kotaku.

>> No.33475626

>dat artwork in the rulebook
Don't need it

>> No.33475827

But it's so pretty!

>> No.33475863

>Checking the kickstarter
>Suddenly this

>> No.33475902

I would've preferred something more like Alistair myself, but the effort itself is worth it, I guess. Also it opens up the possibility of other, future male pin-ups.

>> No.33475948

It's probably pointless, but look, being attractive to women is part of the male power fantasy. No one wants to be ugly. But being powerful and competent and a bad ass are more important.
It's mostly about emphasis. One character emphasises badasness, the other emphasises sexiness.

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