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this is how I reflex save.

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This is how I party face.

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This is how I Melon Lord.

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this is how I atheist paladin.

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what is this sorcery?

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this is how I stealth

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Zen Archery

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this is how I bard.

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and how I combat intimidate

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This is how I Copper Dragon.

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This is how I abomination,

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This is how I Craft (Weapon)

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>prototype Bolter.jpg

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This is how I craft weapon.

And destroy any thread on /k/ in the process.

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Oh god my jimmies.
I wonder if it takes 10mm

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What the FUCK am I looking at?

this is how I pun

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If I were to guess, I'd say rednecks, fireworks, and a lot of beer.

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That's not a reflex save. That's having a really high touch ac.

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>That filename

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This is how I tame wild animal

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I see what you did there.

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Took me a minute.
>hurr, it's missing something!

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this is how I vampire.

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This is how I rage

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This is how I warforged.

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Is this a joke about vampires not showing up in photographs or did you just forget to upload a picture?

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forgot pic.

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I get it anon

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Jesus be all, "Fuck your tables and their curious 1990s style construction!"

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wished I had thought of it first.

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It was better the first time.

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This is both of my fetishes

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"He's a big blue faced vampire!"
I fucking hate that spoiled brat.

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...Is.....Is that a Firework Gatling Gun?

I think I'm in love.

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remember, when someone asks, "what would Jesus do?" Flipping tables and chasing people with a whip is still in the cards.

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This is how I dex fighter

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Roman candles are not fireworks

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If only there was some way to monk other than that.
Is that a real thing?

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This is how I rogue.

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this is how I get reported and/or banned

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Well, they are.

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This is how I monk

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i don't get it?

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this is how I monk

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is that The Stig doing pro-wrestling.

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An M1 makes a distinctive ping noise when in runs out of ammunition.

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It should be


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.png as in ping as in ting
close enough nigga

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That gun holds 8 rounds in an internal magazine and makes a distinctive ping when it runs out.

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This is how I Monk.

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>bullet dodging

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This is how I Throw Anything

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This is how I Only War

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this is how I female fighter

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Lost. This is too funny.

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lol got it

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This is how I Sorceror

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not the anon that posted it but that's Elektra and the goons are wearing HAMMER uniforms so it took place during the Dark Reign status quo/event thing.

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This is how I that guy

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Hal was the best thing in that movie.

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This is how I alternate history.

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nah, it's probably got too much range to be a bolter.

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I know that's just moeshit but why the fuck did she steal the strawberry?
Why didn't the other moeshit just deck her?
What the fuck do you watch that shit for?

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This is how I Martial party

in that they're all dead now ;-;

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Because everyone in that room is Mugi's bitch.

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I think I would have to smack a bitch

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Not him but
>Is a jerk
>Is a moeblob
>is my fetish

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<This is how I Adeptus Mechanicus after being pushed too far.

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This is how I tabletop 40k.

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this is how I unique and original setting

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I Barbarian

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This is how i seduce

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Well, basically the one who stole the strawberry spent the entire episode deliberately trying to get decked in order to find out what it's like. It would've spoiled the joke if it happened too early.

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Dude bitchslapped a cobra! How fucking ALPHA is that?

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Very, he's in a pit of cobras

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>nat 1 on slight of hand.gif

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this is how I monk

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I thought it was gonna be his dick

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This map is bogus, there should be a kingdom either in the med, or the baltic landmass, as with control over the two largest bodies of water, you'd have logistical advantage on everybody forever.

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No, but it is the Stig's wrestling cousin!

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This is how I knight

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I just got done watching Badland Rumble a couple of days ago and I'm thinking about doing a Gunsmoke Quest.

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I just love how it falls over after a moment like "I'm sorry"

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At first I thought this was just at some kid's birthday party. It would've been even better.

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I won't look behind me, I won't look behind me, I won't look behind me, I won't look behind me, I won't look behind me, I won't look behind me, I won't look behind me, I won't look behind me, I won't look behind me, I won't look behind me, I won't look behind me, I won't look behind me...

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He made me make this post. I'm so sorry.

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Nah I'm just joking man

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go away Tyler

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This is how I cause the fall of my kingdom.

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This is how I felinid.

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The look on the black haired one's face. You can actually see the moment her heart breaks.

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This is how I max ranks in perception.

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well time for the foundation!

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OOOH, what's this?

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It's very Ork-ward is what it is

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Yes but is there a name? I love those cheesy RPG Maker games as long as they have good/funny writing.

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How the hell can anyone watch this shit?

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Hey I remember you, glad to see things are going all right.

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This is how I campaign derailment.

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This is how I universal mystery/poorly thought out plot point.

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Nice buttons

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Them movie tie-ins, derailing my karate bugmen

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This is how I acrobatics.

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This is how I diplomacy.

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This is how I psion.

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This is how I successful dodge.

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with badly-done special effects?

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how I Big Eyes, Small Mouth.

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>The Earth is 75% landmass

Fuck this gay Earth, kill me now

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You fucking talking shit about motherfucking JoJo? Get the fuck out of here you nigger

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B-but anon, there IS a kingdom on the med.

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Misquoted, meant for >>33460650

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The strong don't need special effects.

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And google isn't helping.

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>This is how he critical fails

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Fucking Mummies man.

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>just crosses his arms and stands there

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Not quite the same without Darkseid bitch slapping him first.

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Because it's a tough manly show for straight men.

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More like nat 1 perception. Goddamn old people and their perception penalties.

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>14 bullets

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Doesn't WIS, and thus perception, go UP as you get older?

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Totally possible. I have a .32 with an extended clip that has 12 shots.

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This is how I barbarian

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This is how I kill PCs

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As someone who works with old people on a daily basis, I can definitively say that that is a horrible misconception.

Old people get scammed more than anyone, I swear. That ain't no high WIS score.

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So you run Tomb of Horrors?

>> No.33461769

He's quite the guy.

>> No.33461770

In D&D / PF, yes, which really bugs me. The idiot devs are all "hurr durr realism, game's realistic, realistic reflection of realism" when age-related hindrances in real life don't fucking work that way.

As people age, their vision gets worse, their hearing fades, their memory gets worse, and the parts of the brain responsible for impulse control deteriorate. I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound much like +Int, +Wis, and +Cha to me.

I wouldn't have a problem with the bonuses to mental scores with increasing age categories if they'd drop the pretense of realism, but we're talking about WOTC and Paizo here, so expectations have to be lowered.

Also, this is how I ICEBURN.

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A rock?

>> No.33461776

>small caliber
>one in the chamber
>double stacked

But also
>trying to apply science to a show about some hippie with a laser arm

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Dat burn

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>> No.33461857

You uh
You realize that pistols have pretty high capacities right
Hint: The Glock 17 isn't named so because of arbitrary reasons. it's named that because it holds 17 rounds of 9mm Luger.

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This is how I shadowrun.

>> No.33461894

They say he once wrestled Andre the Giant and outlasted him, that he once called the People's Elbow "Merely a handful", all we know is-


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This is how I level 20 wizard

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This is how I VeloCity.

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It is improving, my character has more motivation, and hes incorporating a bit of Clerical viewpoints and also wearing the Gaurds old Deathmask in honor of her. Im also kinda going Corvo from Dishonored caused any visual and auditory upgrades I get are being implanted into the mask rather than straight to the flesh.

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This is how I rage

>> No.33462060

Holy shit dude you are getting deep into the ARCANE.

Seriously, what does the rest of the party do if you can work such great feats of magic?

>> No.33462064

I remember that.
Never saw season 2. How was it?

>> No.33462068

This is how I monk

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>punching glass
shit thats hardcore

>> No.33462126

Didn't have as much fresh charm as season 1, but still had plenty of good moments.

Pic related.

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This is how I search for traps.

>> No.33462156

Funny, that's exactly how I hack computers.

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This is how I street samurai

>> No.33462197

This is how I chaotic good

>> No.33462216

This is how I craft traps.

>> No.33462248

That's the most fucked up thing that I've seen today.

>> No.33462260

It seems chaotic, but then you realize he's got danger sense, and even he pointed out that it didn't trigger in that situation. Which means that no, it's not chaotic, he's just neutral, and not to be fucked with, because he is an asshole.

>> No.33462266

This is how I Chaotic Evil.

>> No.33462267

As if you even need the needles on the legos.

>> No.33462269

This is how I wizard:


>> No.33462288

No anon, it's called the glock 17 because it's the 17th design by gaston glock.

What, did you think the glock 41 holds 41 rounds of .45 ACP?

though /k/ would be okay with that

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>Never saw season 2. How was it?

Worse than season 1. By far.

The blue ranger was shipped to America and never seen again, and replaced with some bitch who's only using the rangers to get on the good side of Steven Spielberg, who inexplicably loves power rangers.

Noburo goes off the deep end, declares Aoi to be his eternal waifu (forgetting entirely about the 3D girl from season 1), and gains a supermode that consists of him pretending that Aoi is hugging him.

The main villain is a fanfic writer who writes OCs badly enough that he warps reality while doing so.

The only good point about it is that it is that eventually actual plot kicks in, and the horrible jokes are replaced with good ones since the writers can't get away with making waifu jokes for that long.

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>Mexico Land
I'm out.

>> No.33462351

Roman candles duck taped together then light in a staggered fashion so they fire in a constant stream.
They are harmless and very flashy which makes them popular and not yet banned.

>> No.33462354

Holy shit what is this show called?

>> No.33462363


This is how I Necromancer.

>> No.33462376


This is how I Assassin.

>> No.33462388

Brotherhood of the Wolf was the best bad movie I've ever seen. Fucking loved every second of it. Those fights were incredible.

>> No.33462414

This is how I final form

>> No.33462439


Rich Weirdo is Morgan Freeman. You're now hearing this in my voice. Manually.

>> No.33462450

This is how I random encounter.

>> No.33462463

This is how I Handle Animal.

>> No.33462494

This is how I roll for Divine Intervention

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>> No.33462566

This is how I rage

>> No.33462586

This is how I deal with GM-introduced love interests.

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>> No.33462604

>tfw your qm is grounded from his computer
shiggydiggy remove dyke

>> No.33462614

This is how I Ride.

>> No.33462616

Goddamn gifs for fucking ants.

>> No.33462659

You know, i would actually enjoy that combo. Huzza for terrible accidents robbing taste buds

>> No.33462774


>pic related

>> No.33462796

forgot pic.
to much blood in my crotch, sorry.

>> No.33462813


>Jello wrestling

>> No.33462825

Which one is that from?

>> No.33462829


>> No.33462856

Beta Ray Bill. So, one of the cosmic titles. Probably Annihilation or Annihilation: Conquest.

>> No.33462857


This is how I get da WAAAAGH goin'

>> No.33462864

Is the guy in the start of it gay or something?

>> No.33462880

I... I hope you don't plan on going through with that, Anon.

>> No.33462898

That comic was so disappointing. For a moment, I thought we'd get an actually good ending, with some much-needed purification. Instead, we just got more shitty Lemonfont-standard corruption and transformation.

>> No.33462911

Don't be such a prude, shitheel. Mummies Man is a very tender lover.

>> No.33462916

dungeon dashers

>> No.33462922

I'm glad someone else posted this. I was thinking it as soon as I saw it, but I hoped that I wasn't being autistic.

>> No.33462931

Where is this from? Google just shows me buildings.

>> No.33462975

This is how I ranged critical.

>> No.33463057

>mfw fuck this galactus guy

>> No.33463063


>Expecting purification from Lemonfont

You do realize that this is the guy who began the sequel to a comic that ended with loving consensual sex with the main character odered to exhibitionist at an office where people know her while spurting human mutating milk and wearing a horrible shade of lipstick.

>> No.33463073

This is how I extra hour in the ballpit

>> No.33463085

That was started after the angel arc. It's just as shit, since all nonconsensual TF porn is shit.

>> No.33463108

If you think about it a bit, the metaphor is too beautiful.

>> No.33463136

>mummy rot
Please use protection

>> No.33463146

Actually, given how Vash dodges isn't it a combination of reflex and extremely high perception?

IIRC, he reads the trajectory of the bullet based on exactly where the gun is aimed.

>> No.33463156


No idea. Pulled it off /v/ last night.

>> No.33463185


>> No.33463191


I fucking love Darkman.

>> No.33463250

>Not from Parts Unknown
You flubbed it.

>> No.33463396

It's been forever since I've seen it.
The second I saw this thread, that scene just sort of popped into my head.

>> No.33463418

This is how I Barbarian.

>> No.33463464

Someone's been fudging their rolls.

It's nearly statistically impossible to have a maxed out statline like that.

>> No.33463478

He didn't forget. Bitch dumped him.


>> No.33463492


>> No.33463773

> implying he wasn't a worthless nigger since birth
> Implying he was worth the broest general shu ever had

>> No.33464340

i dont see it. are we missing the PING!

>> No.33464359


>> No.33464363


>> No.33464514


>> No.33464591

Are they ded?

>> No.33464695

But that's wrong, let us make it good implies an objective sense of good- a paladin needs an ultimate authority like god or gods to be able to appeal to- if there is no god there is no objective good

>> No.33464791

What me mum told me as a wee lad
etc. etc.

>> No.33464811

Actually. No. In 90% of settings with paladins there is a solid, objective sense of good. Some systems let you play paladins that merely appeal to that sense of good, rather than gods.

>not to mention that, in real life, there is objective good
>so shut it you subjectivist twat


>> No.33464816

Neither is there with deities. You'd merely relegate the defining to them. And "good" in deitylingo may appear not "good" to us at all.

>> No.33464834

>There's objective good

>> No.33464846

Cause George Lucas knows the truth of the universe and imparted it to us with his witty one liners?

>> No.33464855

And just why do gods get a free pass to be the ultimate authority on good? I've seen more paladins I'd trust to define the objective good than gods I'd trust to go two days without being a hypocritical asshole

>> No.33464859

How I tech-priest.

>> No.33464924


>only the sith deal in absolutes

That statement itself is an absolute.
Therefore, Obi Wan must have been a sith.
Why would you trust a sith?

>> No.33464934

Odd, that is how I paladin of pantheism.

>> No.33464977

>And just why do gods get a free pass to be the ultimate authority on good?

because they are gods

>> No.33464983

This is how I Fighter

>> No.33464992


>> No.33465001

This is how I countersong.


>> No.33465026

did she died?

>> No.33465040

Yes, a couple of months before that, and a couple of years before that.

>> No.33465045

Hell no. Especially in D&D, where a God's power is very much related to how many worshippers they have, therefore making the worshippers the deciding factors in which interpretation of morality gets to dominate.
The only claim to authority the Gods have is power.

>> No.33465104

Rock falls, everyone dies

>> No.33465148


Alright. Awakened bear shadowdancer. I can't wait to see the look on my group's face.

>> No.33465187


>> No.33465234

This is how I explain linear fighter/quadratic wizards


>> No.33465237

funny thing, in ye olde times pantheism was called easy atheism by some philosophers

>> No.33465241

This is how I bard

>> No.33465252

literally every post-Socratic philosopher would trash your shit for thinking that The Good doesn't have its own ontological integrity

>> No.33465269

This is how I ninja

>> No.33465282

Holy shit, this is like the only time I get to say this

>> No.33465293

That's because they are philosophers, and philosophers are stupid and pretentious people who are incapable of grasping anything being their own, arrogant opinions. Not to mention complete wastes of functioning organs.

>> No.33465309

>lying in bed
>nobody can possibly be behind me
get fucked

>> No.33465321

No, he's right. It has an internal magazine that is loaded with the en bloc clips.

>> No.33465333

>still being 14

>> No.33465356

>posting waypool
kill yourself

>> No.33465377

Peter Parker is Lawful Good until pushed to the breaking point. Hank Pym is Chaotic Neutral.

>> No.33465391

That's just like, their opinion, man.

It really is.

>> No.33465395

This is how I That Guy stealing the spotlight.

>> No.33465407

Not to mention that 'ontological integrity' sounds like a paradox in and of itself.

>> No.33465410

>Hank Pym
That's Scott Lang.

>> No.33465437

Come back when you can drive a car

>> No.33465439

I meant 'oxymoron'.

>> No.33465443

This is how I sense motive

>> No.33465448

>translation: I have not even taken a basic philosophy course

>> No.33465470

This is how I DM

>> No.33465475

>not the RUISE CRUISE one

>> No.33465484

No, I was busy learning actual skills instead of pseudo-intellectual masturbation.

>> No.33465490



>> No.33465537

I'm not sure how accurate my context is, but that move he performed, the Christ Air, was something that previously was thought to only belong/be possible in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater "I hit a ramp and now I'm on the Moon" video games.

And he did it in real life.

>> No.33465539

This is how I Lawful Good

>> No.33465543

This is how I Enlarge Person

>> No.33465544

This is how I CE.

>> No.33465550


You beat me to it, anon.

>> No.33465581

This is how I Firefly RPG.

>> No.33465619

this is how i rogue

>> No.33465624

This is how I CG.

>> No.33465647

this is how i disguise check

>> No.33465653

this is how i intimidate

>> No.33465654


Dolph Lundgren reaffirms the existence of the Ubermensch, every day.

>> No.33465678 [SPOILER] 

This is how I CE.

>> No.33465683

That was a good thread.

>> No.33465731


Donald and Scrooge are barbarians. No doubt of it.

>> No.33465736

Not him, but let me but in here.
One can do both, no? Train the body and the mind and all that crap? Why the hell couldn't you read some plato and some kant on the side? I know I did. It's not like it takes up any more time than reading other books, and these are actually thought provoking.
Unlike your fucking Dresden Files.

>> No.33465755

Scrooge dumped a lot of points into diplomacy though. And multiclassed to merchant in his old age.

When was the last time we saw him rage anyway? These days, it's just Donald carrying on the family rage.

>> No.33465843

This is how I kill the katanaboos

>> No.33466026

Urm well maybe you should think about that, if theres an objective good it must be beyond atoms and so can be treated as a god in its own perfection- shit4brains, atheism may well be a belief there is no god but it implies a lack of transcendental beliefs too as god is able to be defined as beyond the physical

>> No.33466173

Well, what does Scrooge have to rage for these days?
Near every fool knows not to cross him, lest they face either his nephews fury or the might of the mallard himself, and Don does well enough at keeping McDuck placated.

Besides the fact that nowadays it's poor form to have a comic character throw a titanic tantrum, instead everything has to be resolved with tearful hugs and admissions of acceptance in safespaces, goddamn soccermoms.

>> No.33466214

I want to see Scrooge beat the fucking shit out of Glomgold. That would be awesome.

>> No.33466246

>Dark Souls PVP

>> No.33466318

This is how I react to loot.

>> No.33466338

>not posting longer version

>> No.33466339

The problem here is that gods don't define their portfolios, they are slaves to them. If a god is the god of Lizardmen, he can't decide what Lizardmen are, they just are. A god of Murder can't decided that Murder is now gifting of cupcakes. A god of Good can't decide that Good is rape and genocide.

It doesn't work that way. Unless it does, and then we're not really talking about Paladins.

>> No.33466340


Is she suplexing a rock or stuck inside a gelatinous cube?

>> No.33466366

This is how I Maid

>> No.33466406


Not any of them but


>> No.33466408

little of column A
little of column B

>> No.33466468

Stop memeing so hard

>> No.33466602

This is how I cleric

>> No.33466770

Why do people like that fat faggot anyway?
I amdit, I never played Dark souls. I saw that trailer with the ancient dead and naked Dragons and I was fucking out man.

>> No.33466814


>> No.33466832

Because he is a Bro. Especially if you are incapable of playing online. Also how many settings have dragons that aren't naked?

>> No.33466882

Because he's really optimistic and a bit naive, when everyone else is going on about how fucked everything is. Also, jolly cooperation.

>> No.33466920

Wasn't there some shit in Dark Souls about a Dragon who had no scales (hence naked) betraying other Dragons... or something?

I don't really know, the gameplay looks amazing, but the story put me off so much I don't think I'll ever play.

>> No.33466960

Yes. He didn't have scales that made them immortal so he went apeshit and killed a bunch of them to study their scales. He eventually became immortal by a different method, was made a Duke and became the father of sorcery.

>> No.33467010

Yeah, that would be Seath the Scaleless. I picked up DS over the summer sale, and I have to say that I'm having a lot of fun with it. It's very hard in places, and they don't really give much indication as to which areas might be too high level for you, but for the most part it feels fair. They do sometimes throw horrible traps at you, but they always give some hint on how to avoid them

>> No.33467021

You make that sound dope, but then I know this will all be presented Jap style, so way to fucking hype me up and ruin it, asshole.

>> No.33467072

Except most of it isn't presented at all. You only find out he invented sorcery from reading spell descriptions and maybe one NPC and The dragon doesn't ever talk to you. In fact you only find out hes immortal by getting wrecked by him and being incapable of hurting him until you break his plot thing. The only real indication that hes a duke is that he lives in the Dukes archive which is his enormous castle library.

>> No.33467434

This is how I spot check

>> No.33467497

you monster

>> No.33467723

Because he's had a hard life, abut he's still a happy, go-lucky guy.

>> No.33469387 [DELETED] 

Rolled 1, 2 = 3


>> No.33469529

How I GM

I'm working on being a bigger bastard but it doesn't come easily to me

>> No.33469739

Is that... a machine shotgun?

>> No.33469948


I don't see what the self-evident hypocrisy of the Jedi has to do with anything.

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