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The loli bards have mobilized.

We have ten hours.

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I don't see a problem here.

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Oh shit all we've got to fight them with is an army of monks!

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>loli bards
I have to wait ten hours? Fuck that, which direction did you say they were in?

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Let's get on with it!

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Good good, so they accepted the false intel?

Soon they shall arrive, unaware that we possess a fully leveled up loli druid.

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>ten hours
I want my loli bards now.

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Not today, son.

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I seriously doubt that he'd be able to even feel pleasure at this point. Not of any earthly sort, at least.

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>Using the term "loli"

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Do not worry, reinforcements have arrived!

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we've already lost some guards to the wild lolis, now we have a bunch of heavily armed brainwashed loli lovers attacking anything that threatens their loli!

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Are they being lead by their loli mage empress?

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I think the loli bards had already arrived...? Wait... why are they carry axes... OHSHITOHSHITOHSHITIDONOTWANTTODIE!!!!!!

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Then loose the warbeasts!

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Unleash the mightiest bards upon them, let creation tremble at the bardic confrontation.

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Shut up.

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