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I would like to see which races of planeswalkers that are still missing from the cast are the more wanted ones.
Which is the one race you want to see the most gain a planeswalker?

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Also vedalken.
Also sphinx.
Also viashino.
Fuck, how many was I supposed to choose again?

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You where supposed to say one but I think I'll count your comment as goblin because usually the first one you say is the one you want the most.

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Vedalken or Viashino, mostly
Maybe an Angel planeswalker

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im sorry, angels cant have a spark. same with demons. as they dont have souls.
now if a situation similiar to what happened with Karn in which one is given a soul then maybe..

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That was a joke, I want all of them. Give me all of them.

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Elves. Nissa's shit.

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Does that mean Ob Nixilis had his soul stripped from him?

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Cephalid or Metathran.
The only two blue races that have mattered other than merfolk and vedalken.

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Urza. Wait, what was this about again?

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More specifically it was shattered, and he's the demonic representation of that shard.

It is assumable that he's an oldwalker who was in demon form when his soul got shattered.
It hasn't really been confirmed one way or another.

(Yes, oldwalkers could change their shape to look like whatever they felt like. "Fuck it. I'm gonna be a shoe today." - An Oldwalker with a foot fetish)

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What species you want to see planeswalkers of that we haven't yet seen planeswalkers of.

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>All slivers are planeswalkers with "+1: Something", "-2: Something else" and "-8: Something epic" (They are still creatures)

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Pretty sure that wouldn't work very well for a number of reasons, but scary idea, lore-wise.

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I want to see a female, cause there are almost none Goblin, a Sphinx, and maybe an Angel? Like Serra? I could go for a Veldaken too but they'd be blue and I'm not huge on them.

Oh man, what about a Phyrexian walker? The blessing spreads.

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on his wiki page it says that the mana of zendikar
"corrupted" his spark and then made his demonic appearance.

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It's also plausible that Ob Nixilis is the Lithomancer that aided Sorin and Ugin in trapping the Eldrazi to begin with.

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Pretty sure there are plenty of female goblins, they just look the same as males to us.

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Nah. The Mercadian Masque ones were pretty noticeably female, and that was the last they ever existed. Shit's like Mass Effect now.

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"Ob Nixilis is a demonic planeswalker who lost his spark while on the plane of Zendikar in an unknown way relating to the abnormal flow of mana there. Trapped on Zendikar, he has vowed revenge on the plane and its inhabitants.

It has been stated that his demonic nature is the direct result of the loss of his spark, having trapped him in his current form when it was lost. "

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Serra wasn't really an angel, she just made lots of them and liked appearing as one. Phyrexians can't be 'walkers because they don't have souls. It's always possile that if we got a Vedalken 'walker they wouldn't be pure blue; they could be U/R like Nin or a U/G Alaran Heretic.

Goblin Electromancer is female.

As for the list, I could go for some Kor, an Aven war-priest, a Werewolf/Wolfir shaman though maybe not because furries or a Flamekin. Any of the Shadowmoor/Eventide variant tribes would be cool, too (Selkie Merfolk, Hobs, Redcaps, Duergar, etc).

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>Can't like werewolves cause of furries
Absolutely fuck that. Furries can't take away how radical werewolves are from me. A werewolf walker would be awesome.

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Don't get me wrong, I'd absolutely kill for a Wolfir planeswalker in a massive greatcoat with a bitching Innistradian hat and a massive crossbow or something. That bit about furries was mostly a joke; Ajani already exists and BARBED PENIS only comes up about a quarter of the times he's mentioned.

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Furries? Who cares. We already have Dragon, Vampire, and Satyr planeswalkers.

You can just get a foil Sorin and have a sparkling vampire.

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Eh, well I do disagree there, I don't want a wolfir. I want a werewolf. Pretty huge difference, I didn't like the Wolfir too much.

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Phyrexians can't have a spark. That's hard canon.

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Oh, and Ajani.

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I said Wolfir rather than Werewolf mostly because I don't want yet another R/G planeswalker. MonoG either would be find, but Wolfir pisses less in Garruk's apex hunter pot than Werewolf.

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Karn's part Phyrexian. He has Xantcha's soul.

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The key there is that Xantcha actually had a soul. Most Phyrexians don't. He also had a perfectly good bevy of other souls in there which is probably what counts. Tezzeret being part machine doesn't prevent him from planeswalking either.

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Serra you scrub

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I think a kitsune pw would be neat.
Anthropomorphic characters are not furry. For something to be considered furry, it has to be from a mostly internet subculture revolving around a particular fetish.
Fapping to furry porn doesn't make one furry either as long as that's as far as they go with it.

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Serra was a human.

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Serra was born human with a human soul and may have never been a "true" angel, you double scrub.

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dang im a mega scrub

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eldrazi can already planeswalk, in a fashion.

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Yeah, so just imagine if one had a spark. It'd probably get a huge boost.

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They planeswalk the same way a mudskipper swims. A spark makes no difference because they can already breathe the water between the metaphorical islands.

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An akki walker.

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Could a Myr have a spark?

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Not naturally. Maybe some weird shit could happen like how Karn can 'walk, but I doubt it.

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Considering they don't have classes/a culture, have never been shown to have souls and are only borderline sapient, probably not.

captcha: probably drivedEU

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Pretty sure that lithomancer was a grill

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Any particular reason for that, anon? I'm not that well versed in Zendikar lore.

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I'm... not sure. I feel pretty definite about it, but I can't remember where I heard it from. Feel free to disregard, until some God King Vorthos comes along and vindicates me

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A goblin planeswalker would be awesome.

Also Grizzly. I'm sort of serious, I'd like to see another non-humanoid Planeswalker apart from Nicol Bolas.

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A Zendikon. A planeswalker who is literally a piece of Zendikar that escaped the plane. All it's abilities have something to do with lands.

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So slightly-reflavored Nissa, Worldwaker?

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Goblin. Werewolf. Flamekin.

An angel planeswalker would be cool too, but for that we have to wait till Wizards decide to shift the setting again and Sorin/Avacyn do an Urza/Karn.

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No idea where you're getting that from. The Lithomancer has been kept as ambiguous as possible so far.

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I guess. Honestly, I just want to see a huge chunk of rock that travels between worlds and tries to awaken the land in a (probably futile) attempt to take back Zendikar. Not a golem or a man-like creature made of stone, just an actual floating rock. Maybe with eyes.

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Hans is fucked.

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Also it's whole fluff revolves around chasing down these two people who escaped from it.

Come to think of it, Planeswalkers in an Un-set would be kinda neat.

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I want a manly muscle elf, Llanowar Elves style.

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>a cowardly Rincewind-esque un-set planeswalker

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>Fapping to furry porn doesn't make one furry either as long as that's as far as they go with it.

Suuuuuure it doesn't, furfag. And collecting CP doesn't make one a pedophile.

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If we didn't get Urza's Severed Head as a planeswalker card, there would be a riot.

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In the novel "The teeth of Akorum" Sorin call a female name in his sleep and everyone think that's the name od the lithomanfer.

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Viashino. Lizards are cool

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Imagine planeswalkers who only get loyalty if you do embarrassing and/or awkward things. Or nice ones."+2 Give target opponent backrub".

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Squee gets the spark.

>> No.33444208

thaaaaaaaaaaaaaat's it, thankyou anon

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I don't give a fuck about the lore I love those pointy face retards.

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It would be adorable, if nothing else.

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>It would be adorable, if nothing else.
Now don't get me wrong I love myr, to the point where I intend to build a full-sized model of one just for having, but a myr walker would be the most horrendously degenerate thing ever
I would run 4

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It would be horrendously degenerate and adorable. The two things aren't mutually exclusive.

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I tried to explain nyaruko to a friend last night while drunk
It didn't go so well

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It would be adorable as long as it wasn't "vaguely humanoid pile of blades" scars model myr
I'm really fucking glad they didn't do that makeover to the scars-exclusive myr like propagator and galvanizer
This is probably the kind of adorable degeneracy we would get

>> No.33445063

Treefolk, always treefolk.

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Flamekin planeswalker would be awesome.
It's + ability should be like Obsidian Fireheart's ability.

>> No.33445205

A Sphinx. Though I'm a little worries about how complicated their loyalty abilities would be.

>> No.33445285

Changeling/clone walker

>> No.33445808

Sir Bearington, the Planeswalker.

>> No.33445837

Slobad not enough for you?

>> No.33446620

Slobad immediately surrendered his spark (Glissa's spark) to revive Glissa and all of fucking Mirrodin
He was a Planeswalker for like 20 minutes

>> No.33446660


Slobad should have let Mirrodin burn. Take that phyrexia!

Slobad dumbest worst planeswalker

>> No.33446699

red is best color

>> No.33446776

>Slobad should have let Mirrodin burn.
The only person who ever cared about him was dead because of him
Would you choose to be immortal with that on your conscience? Especially given that it was only through her death that he became a Planeswalker

>> No.33446781

u wot m8

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I thought this guy was a goblin?

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I want a scarecrow planeswalker.

>> No.33447276

Human just short

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Giant or OGRE, planeswalker. Imagine the possibilities.

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Also there was technically a minotaur planeswalker from Homelands named Sandruu, but he obviously didn't get a card and barely got any limelight in the flavor.

>> No.33447440

ebola virus

>> No.33447467

Young to be exact. He's like 13 years old.

>> No.33447478

Kitsune were pretty unremarkable, IMO. Nezumi and soratami were the coolest tribes in Kamigawa, so I'm glad at least one of them got a rep

>> No.33447480

A mother fucking Dinosaur, I want an excuse for a Muraganda block.

>> No.33447540

>tfw the old planeswalkers like Urza, Commodore Guff, Bo Levar, Freyalise and Lord Windgrace will never be printed
>tfw we get a gorillion versions of shitty planeswalkers like Ajani and Jace instead

Too bad the old dominarian walkers are all dead now, would be amazing to see Wizards print them as planeswalkers.

>> No.33447553

That's probably because for whatever reason they put kitsune in the wrong color. Blue kitsune doing a bunch of illusion and trickery bullshit would have been awesome.

>> No.33447556

They could in supplemental sets, since they'd only be legacy legal.

>> No.33447563

I want a sliver just to fuck with the lore. A hivemind of adapting evolution machines with interplanar travel sure can't go wrong, can it?

Other than that, cephalids and goblins are two cool tribes that don't yet have a planeswalker, and either would be pretty cool.

I also want a Tibalt that isn't a piece of shit, though that might take a while. He is such a cool character, but his card is unplayable in anything that isn't casual janky self discard decks.

>> No.33447583

Anything non-humanoid since anything can have a spark.

It's really godamn obnoxious that Wizards has dozens of races to pick from for walkers, yet almost all of them are human and every plane has humans.

Viashino and Goblin are at the top of my list for "likely" candidates though.

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I want this guy to be a Planeswalker

>> No.33447599

Wizards isn't required to copy the source mythology exactly, they can change things if they want.

That said, it might have made more sense for the soratami to be white and the kitsune to be blue.

>> No.33447603

You could just have a Planeswalker that rolled into the wrong part of town and either got assimilated or grew fond of the creatures and acts as an envoy on their behalf.

>> No.33447611

Lorwyn didn't have humans...except for the walkers themselves :P

>> No.33447613


Kiora is a merfolk walker right?

>> No.33447630

It would have made perfect sense. One race is based off a creature known for illusions, turning into things, tricking people, seducing men and other various extremely blue things, and the other is based of a very old legend that implies nothing about the race apart from them coming from the moon.

>> No.33447631

I think it's canon that humans are the most common race across the multiverse, for what it's worth. They might have a number of planeswalkers equal to their representation across the planes

>> No.33447651

Right, and in MTG the soratami are very uppity 'holier-than-thou' jackasses which suits white pretty well

>> No.33447658


Wurm Walker
Squirrel Walker
Coming to an Un-set never

As for me I'd like to see Nantuko or Avian
Maybe Homarid.

>> No.33447674

>we'll never get another Un-set with amazing full art basics


>> No.33447681

Maybe some day they'll return to kamigawa and do everything properly this time. Like making spilce not suck, not having everything be overcosted by 3, no focus on a restrictive supertype and including tengu.

>> No.33447688

I wouldnt mind a Sliver planeswalker

maybe not an actual sliver but one that works with slivers, maybe the scientist that created them

>> No.33447695


That, sir, is a Crab.

But I want that Crab in particular, best flavor in all of Theros

>> No.33447697

I'd really like to go back to Kamigawa and chill.

Also a Kitsune Walker who's just a traveling swordsmen/woman would be pretty neat.
A new walker perhaps traveling from plane to plane, unsure of how to get back, each time hoping his next jump is the way home. So he can finally undo the ancient evil that has befallen his homeland.

>> No.33447722

>Maybe some day they'll return to kamigawa

Tengu would've been cool though. I liked the dynamic they were attempting with ogres and demons (there was a mono red demon!) but like most things in Kamigawa it was just too underpowered. Tengu might have also fit in as red demons/spirits, yeah?

>> No.33447731

>I want a block where every creature is a grey ogre or a craw wurm
You are what's wrong with magic

>> No.33447745

Tengu were supposed to be in red along with the akki and were even going to have some ninjas but they decided against it for some reason.

>> No.33447746

>They're dead
Didn't stop them from printing Karn

>> No.33447766

>the sculptor
You are one retarded nigger

>> No.33447778


T'Jorah, Voice of the Hive 1WGU
/+1\ Put a 1/1 colorless Sliver creature token onto the battlefield
\-4/ Draw a card for each Sliver you control
\-6/ You get an emblem with "At the beginning of your upkeep you may search your library for up to two non-legendary Slivers and put them into the battlefield, then shuffle your library/"

>> No.33447821

If you go onto the Wizards lore page, Yisan gets super interested by them, and stays with the Sliver Hive and lets Jalira keep all the loot from the hive.

Yisan, Sliver Envoy?Harbinger?

>> No.33447866

I'd be down with that.

And Wizards seems to want to bring them back in a small capacity. Maybe we'll get a supplemental product like a 5-color commander deck or something.

It's only a matter of time until they start printing supplemental walkers anyway.

>> No.33447893

I would accept this. At the very least s/he would actually do something unlike tamiyo.

>> No.33447896

I meant character, not card. Obviously Jace 1&2 and Ajani Vengeant are great cards.

>> No.33447914

I have a hard time imagining it being much different than a combat focused version of the original Gideon.
I like the core concept though.

>> No.33447985

Named Jamurai Sack right?

>> No.33447987
File: 74 KB, 312x445, 44[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I imagine it'd be more of an Ajani Mentor than Gideon. Kitsune in MTG are all about philosophy and poetry and crap

>> No.33448054

Why not both?
Give creatures Bushido and then turn into a creature?

>> No.33448459

It was also the set that Magic started to decline extremely in terms of sales and players to the point that WotC thought that Magic might be dead.

Then ZEN came along and sales shot through the roof and have continued as such. RtR is the highest printed set in the games history (which was predicted to only be able to last 10 years maximum anyway)/

>> No.33448494

Oh God I see it now
>see sales have been declining
>boost powerlevel of the game
Masques, then Lorwyn, who knows when it'll happen again

>> No.33448540

Lorwyn was way above Zen in terms of power level, are you kidding?

>> No.33448568

I would love a minotaur

SPeaking of which, the Boros mazerunner should have been one

>> No.33448575

No, I missed everything from Lorwyn to RTR

>> No.33448585

Could I put multiple training counters in a creature and have it gain multiple instance of Bushido 1?

>> No.33448604

Not only would that make more people fucking pissed than excited, not only would that shit all over the characters' diversity and power levels, but it would make absolutely no goddamn ingame sense for them to be at the same level as neowalkers. I'd rather they shit up the NeoWalkers some more than ruin Urza with HURRR +1 SERCH LIBERRY FOR ARDIFAGT.

>> No.33448605


>> No.33448613

Mite b cool to have an "Urza Reborn" card

>> No.33448614

It would just have
Bushido 1
Bushido 1
Bushido 1
Bushido 1
Bushido 1
etc with each instance triggering so it just gets a bunch of +1/+1's rather than a single +5/+5

At least that's how I understand it.

>> No.33448621

Kithkin. There isn't a Kithkin planeswalker yet, right? They're just so adorable!

>> No.33448632

Kithkin are fucking hideous and I hope we never return to Lorwyn

>> No.33448633

Only if it has a soul and a measure of sapience. Lorwyn didn't have humans but we're likely never going back there, sad to say.

Most of the Lorwyn 5 never actually went to Lorwyn. They were literally holdovers from the Future Sight design file that got carried over when FS ran out of room for rares and they have little to no story connection to Lorwyn.

>> No.33448634


>> No.33448658

Unfortunately they've decided it would probably take fewer resources to make an all-new plane for Kamigawa's niche than to try and fix Kamigawa.

>> No.33448677

>It's only a matter of time until they start printing supplemental walkers anyway.
Already happened with Dack Fayden in Conspiracy.

>> No.33448688

True; I'd forgotten about him.

>> No.33448708

I am so godamn excited to make dozens of tokens then turn them sideways once the new block rolls in and all the old control tools roll out.
I mean what loser actually likes to do any kind of tempo, kill, or controll when they could just turn things sideways?

>> No.33448770

TSP/LOR were what drove the sales down. Time Spiral had the most esoteric mechanics they'd ever printed, Lorwyn/Shadowmoor had the most esoteric world and lore. They were too good to be true; TSP was amazing for long-term players who loved the rules and the world that had long been building but a Time Spiral common set the entry barrier higher than some of the most complex rares from previous sets. Lorwyn had a deeply fleshed out, well-researched and original fantasy world with great art that nailed down the feeling it wanted to evoke exactly. Unfortunately, it also lacked relatable reference points for most people to connect to the world through and was too extreme a departure from usual Magic settings for most people.

>> No.33448810

Zombie, or at least a B or UB walker that creates zombies, like a new version of Liliana would be perfect

>> No.33448815

No, it wouldn't. It would blow open the gates on an already very tidily finished story for the sake of nostalgia, literally raising the corpse of one of the series' old figureheads for the sake of a cheap thrill and potentially ruining their image for all time. Karn has shown us that it isn't a good idea.

>> No.33448834

>New player, started with Theros
>Lorwyn, Time Spiral, Mirrodin, Planar Chaos and Zendikar are my favorite blocks of all time

Dammit, who are the casuals ruining the game for the rest of us and why don't they like what I like?

>> No.33448838

>original fantasy world

>> No.33448856

>Karn has shown us that it isn't a good idea.
Explain this faggotry you call an opinion

>> No.33448857

What are you even going on about there? What does that have to do with anything in this thread? By the way, if you don't like the direction Standard is headed you should just stop playing standard and switch to Modern or something for a while. It's that easy.

>> No.33448886

Zendikar was extremely well received. We'll at least be returning there some day.

You weren't around for the Karn shitstorm?

It felt like such blatant, hamfisted nostalgia bait that it pissed off a lot of if not most of the people it was supposed to appeal to. Urza 'walker would probably be worse.

>> No.33448894

I kind of just want a walker who's focused on the removal side of black. Especially since WotC seems to have forgotten that spot removal or reasonably costed board wipers are.

>> No.33448899

>switch to Modern or something
>from Standard
Some people are not made of money, you know

>It felt like such blatant, hamfisted nostalgia bait
I wasn't around, but a good card is a good card, and I really like it as a concept

>> No.33448928

That's because they moved board wiping to blue and white, those queers. I just want a Lili with the "bring all creatures back under your control" with the added "those creatures are zombies in addition to their other types"

>> No.33448933

>It felt like such blatant, hamfisted nostalgia bait
But Karn was always known to be alive and wandering, and Mirrodin was his baby. Wasn't it obvious he was coming back?

>> No.33448937

It wasn't about the card, it was about the character.

>> No.33448941

I haven't played standard in years and with the way things are going I don't intend to start any time soon.

>> No.33448954

Why are you complaining if it doesn't even affect you?

>> No.33448967

I want a spirit or Kitsune walker from Kamigawa, I want mo Kamigawa period.

>> No.33449004

Because I'd like to play standard again.

MaRo hated it as did most players. The best you'll get is that throw away walked from Restored which was just a godawful set.
Seriously, how do you piss away two sets worth of fantastic world building that hard?

>> No.33449024

>Seriously, how do you piss away two sets worth of fantastic world building that hard?
See also: Dragon's Maze.

>> No.33449072

What was wrong with Maze or Restored?

>> No.33449113

Restored was going to be oh shit, all the demons in the Helvault have been released oh fuck but hey at least the Angel of Hope was in there as well looks like we're PANDORAing to the good guys as well. It was going to end on a war between angels and demons but that was folded away into the angels instantly winning because Creative didn't want yet another block which ends with a conflict and never has anything fully resolved.

>> No.33449118

Well idk about Dragon's Maze but Avacyn Restored threw out everything that had to do with the last two blocks. No mechanics were brought back and all of the themes they had built upon were replaced with "lolangels"

Same shit happened with Rise of the Eldrazi, which was even worse because it introduced the Eldrazi

>> No.33449140

>No mechanics were brought back
Undying was brought back.

>> No.33449148


>> No.33449155

Meant to link

captcha: large yuropos

>> No.33449179

Whatever, the important thing is they threw out all the good mechanics

>> No.33449188
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I want to hug one
>my captcha disagrees

>> No.33449195

Eldrazi I think worked. Granted I think Landfall should have returned, but it still felt like the same world; only now instead of adventurers exploring tombs and shit, the focus shifted to the eldrich horrors elf hitler helped unleash on the world.
The art and world still felt reasonably in tact.

Restored, as you said, was pretty much an entirely different set on a different plane.
Although I suppose it doesn't really matter in the long run since Werewolves where such a wasted concept and I will never get over that.

>> No.33449214

He never really died, no? Why the butthurt?

>> No.33449255

I just hate the Eldrazi as a concept and especially in their execution. Emrakul seems like a card that was ripped straight out of a casual timmy's mouth

>> No.33449299

God forbid someone else gets thrown a bone.

>> No.33449316

>seems like a card that was ripped straight out of a casual timmy's mouth
If you're going to make Lovecraftian gods you should make them big and powerful. They're also hardly just casual cards.

>> No.33449339


>my pay to win toy game isn't hardcore enough for mature adults such as myself

>> No.33449456

Ok so back on topic; I think I'd like to see a Treefolk, a Goblin, and maybe an Avian walker.

I'm interested to see what design space they have left that won't dip too hard into any other walkers talent pool.

Also what are the odds Ral will come back? He's pretty well received at my LGS, but I don't know what his current lore is or how well liked he is elsewhere.

>> No.33449732


>> No.33449781

It's specifically what they were going for, m8

But I believed the word they used was "Cthulus"

>> No.33449833
File: 41 KB, 900x350, sliders.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A new walker perhaps traveling from plane to plane, unsure of how to get back, each time hoping his next jump is the way home.

>> No.33449967

You. You get it.

>> No.33449980
File: 597 KB, 1920x1304, Cartoons_Samurai_Jack_052186_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So he can finally undo the ancient evil that has befallen his homeland.

>> No.33449984


>> No.33450044

>elemental walker with all - abilities because they're burning out
>changeling walker with all effects copying other things you do / your creatures
>five-color, expensive card that lets you summon planeswalkers our of your deck. Must be cast from hand
>artifact that sucks planeswalkers out of your deck, but starts them all at one loyalty and you can't use them this turn


>> No.33450046


I think someone even mentioned an Un-set planeswalker, if they wanted to go full-on Cutebold. Otherwise, just a normal, cute Kobold

>> No.33450118

Loxodon G/W planeswalker. I know we got a G/W Ajani a few weeks ago, but I'd prefer Selesnya to have an exclusive Planeswalker as Ajani changes colours a lot.

>> No.33450142

been trying to come up with a pauper kobold deck for mtgo. I'd love a planeswalker though.

>> No.33450205

>Khar of Kher Keep
>Colour Identifier: Red
>Planeswalker - Khar
>+1: Shuffle your library.
>-1/2: Kobolds you control gain Bands with Other Kobolds until end of turn.
>-3 You get an emblem with "Kobolds you control get +1/+0 and have Plainswalk"
>Starting Loyalty 1

>> No.33450283


>> No.33450291

I really want fblthp to be a 1 mana planeswalker with near useless abilities.

>> No.33450298
File: 4.61 MB, 300x162, 0277_0m3v.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want it

>> No.33450348

>>somthing something kobold
>>+1 all kobolds gain +1 until end of turn.
>>0 put two 0/1 kobold tokens onto the battlefield
>>-3 gain an emblem "whenever you play a land put a 0/1 kobold token onto the battlefield
>>starting loyalty 1

>> No.33450511

>that 0
Too good.

>> No.33453493

I had a hunch that it was the case. Considering that Nissa and Ob are making returns, it isn't implausible to assume the Eldrazi may be a threat again. Koth is a geomancer, which is similar enough to a lithomancer, and Sarkhan is channelling Ugin.
All the pieces are there...

>> No.33453529

Sorin is 20k years old, so that's not much of a hint!

>> No.33453792

Here's a topic, what will the walkers be in Khans besides Sarkhan?

>> No.33453877

Sorin is 700 years old

>> No.33454005

There's gonna be about 5, half returning half new.

I'll guess Tezzeret returning because we haven't seen him for a while, we've seen all the Lorwyn Five recently, and Sarkhan is connected to Bolas.

But maybe it'll be Liliana since she didn't get a new version in M15, or Chandra or Kiora because they're both connected to Zendikar like Sarkhan. But I'll say Tez.

For new ones: I guess Sarkhan will be RG again and Tez will be mono U. So we need someone white and someone black. Let's guess a white and something planeswalker native to Tarkir and a monoblack planeswalker from somewhere else, because we haven't had a new monoB one for a while.

>> No.33454217

A lot of peeps seem to think Sorin will be back in monoblack, chasing Sarkhan to grill him over what the fuck happened to Ugin and the Lithomancer.

>> No.33454278


Fuck goblins man gimme orcs back. I'd kill for a an Orc Stain inspired planeswalker.

>> No.33454401

I forgot Sorin was in ZEN. Yes, him instead of a new monoB one and no Tez.

So that leaves blue and white: I guess one planeswalker for each of them, one with another color, one from Tarkir. At a push I'd say WU local and mono U from elsewhere. Maybe it'll even be Tamiyo again.

>> No.33454501

>Orc Stain
So you want Ron Spencer to do the art?

>> No.33456252

A shotawalker, eh?

>> No.33456696

This whole story is a mystery to me. I feel like there's something going on that goes deep.

>> No.33456737
File: 60 KB, 500x625, 527386_4791084539029_330289072_n[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Really? He's not green. Or with pointy ears.

I thought he was a woman when first spoiled with fuzzy art.

>> No.33456761

Is that a Welkin Tern?

>> No.33457507


And, shit, just get Stokoe too. Maybe with Magic money he'll finally have time to get to work on his comic.

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