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You can really help me out, /tg/, but imagining a scenario. Pretend your group has very limited knowledge of pop culture, specifically movies and video games, and anything over 10 years old is a complete mystery to them. If you were the GM of this group, what plots of movies/video games/TV shows/etc would you steal and adapt for PnP? If you're feeling extra helpful, what system would you run it in?

I happen to have just such a group. Thanks to strict upbringings and a lack of interest in most of pop culture (or so they think) they only know of things like the Transformers movies, Batman, etc. I can't let this golden opportunity slip by.

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Jojo's bizarre adventure.

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The Evil Empire is conquering the surrounding nations. The PCs are rebel that have to protect a cache of gold the rebels needs desperately. The party consists of:
a farmboy turned hero
an old wizard
a roguish pirate
a silent strong giant
a spunky princess
and two peasants

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What's this ripping off?

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I can't tell from the Wikipedia page if this is a comedy series or not, although an ally named "Robert E. O. Speedwagon" tends to make me believe the latter...

All of them are huge Star Wars fans and I hate the series, so that's out.

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Same things I do now.

Old cowboy/samurai flicks.
70s scifi. (Niven the shit.)
50s scifi. (Heinlein also the shit.)
Lord of the Rings. (Just a chapter or two at a time. They won't guess if you dress it up fancy.)

It's more having a sound fund of plots and plot fragments and cool scenes/sequences to draw on. I use it less to plan things out than to improvise on the fly.

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Star Wars with a bit of The Hidden Fortress

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Oh sweet, that's a good idea. I'm going to stick to the movie though, for obvious reasons. That's so famous though that they might have at least a passing familiarity with it, so I'll have to disguise the plot a bit. Hm.

Good tips. I'll try examining these properties for scenes rather than plots, at least some of the time.

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Goa'uld are just great villains in general. Parasites that can take control of people are pretty scary

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>On May 29, 2014, Warner Brothers and MGM announced plans for a reboot trilogy.
Best case scenario you'd have a few months starting from this moment here to run this game before TV commercials make them figure out the connection.

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I was there at the dawn of the third age of mankind.

It began in the Earth year 2257, with the founding of the last of the Babylon stations, located deep in neutral space. It was a port of call for refugees, smugglers, businessmen, diplomats . . . and travelers from a hundred worlds. Could be a dangerous place – but we accepted the risk, because Babylon 5 was our last, best hope for peace.

Under the leadership of its final commander, Babylon 5 was a dream given form: a dream of a galaxy without war, when species from different worlds could live side by side in mutual respect. A dream that was in danger as never before, by the arrival of one man on a mission of destruction.

Babylon 5 was the last of the Babylon stations. This is its story....

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Aw yiss. B5 is right up there in my list as Best Science Fiction Series. (Firefly gets second place, for being too short to have long-running plot arcs.)

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Hm, okay, I'll look into B5. I've always heard it's pretty good, but just haven't had the time to get into it.

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>is jojo a comedy series or not
That is actually a really good question that I cannot answer without deep, deep thought.

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Oh my, yes, but only if you're willing to shit down the neck of your player's sanity. Spec Ops is more than just a story, it's a punishment.

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Scenes take two forms.

First, there's the actual physical disposition of it. Chariot race before a crowded colliseum. Fighting atop a carriage careening down a narrow mountain road. Fleeing through a winter wood as a pack of werewolves howl behind you.

Then there's just essential plots. A curse lingers over this town. People who enter the woods are vanishing. The crime boss over on Treacle Street is intimidating local business.

Latter for continuity, former for memorable encounters.

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7 Samurai/Magnificent 7

Shit, I use these even with people who have seen them.

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I read that as "a femboy turned hero".

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Take advantage of this, get them into westerns samurai shit and then introduce them to what inspired you once the campaign is over.

Although maybe samurai won't work too well without them having watched some flicks first, they might need some sort of touchstone to do the whole honorabu stoicism interspersed with ultraviolent weaboo fightan magicks right.

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Boku no Pico?

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Jojo's bizarre adventure is fabulous. and, well hard to pin down. It's a wild ride with lots of humor and action.

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Farscape, Farscape is a good thing to draw from.

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I think it's not a comedy series but you shouldn't take it seriously either.

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it's a PTSD simulator

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Run a dune inspired campaign. You'd blow their fucking minds.

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I dunno, spice, endless deserts, neo feudalism, psionics, immortality via cinnamon, blue eyed nobles etc. I think this stuff has spread via popcultural osmosis enough that anyone can track down the source.

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I think you'd be surprised, actually, sort of like how so few people realize space marines were a thing from starship troopers, but i guess I wouldn't be surprised if they knew. I guess you could look at some old video games for inspiration, like Myst or Another World. There were a lot of really cool old adventure and rpg games with awesome settings that have been long forgotten.

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mang I remember when Fallout was this semiobscure thing that no one outside of some Computer Game grognards knew about, then bethesda buys the license and... I dunno I kind of liked it back when Cowadooty faggots weren't bitching about The Inkblots or how Fallout Should have fucking slipknot in the sound track.

anyways speaking of old media, how about the ghost busters? Are they still in the modern zietgiest or have they faded?

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Jesus, I know what you mean, I remember way back
introducing people to X-Com years ago and blowing their
minds, only to have people ignore it these days because
there's a new one out, wishing they could do shit you could
do in the original, like stopping to look around and being able
to ambush aliens.

Anyway ghostbusters is walking a fine line. You might
slip it by if you disguise it, but you should probably assume
they've seen it or heard of it.

You could probably steal Minority Report's entire plot pretty safely, though. people seem to forget about that one.

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> I kind of liked it back when Cowadooty faggots weren't bitching about The Inkblots or how Fallout Should have fucking slipknot in the sound track

Shit that didn't happen.txt

Or on the off chance it did holy shit stop getting mad about people not liking the things you like, they're only fucking computer games

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Shit, this. Do this.

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I should get around to playing the old one, Xenonauts is pretty good too, has that nice edge of viciousness that you need in a good strategy game.

Oh, and hey outside of legacy and whatitsname Tron seems to be pretty obscure these days.

oh and this is right too.

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4/10 you made me reply.

I cannot count the number of times I've heard casuals complain about Fallout 3's soundtrack, or New Vegas, how it should have metal, or rap or modern shit like that. The point of the series has always been satire and the soundtrack plays a part in that.

and we've seen what happens when you include slipknot on fallout's soundtrack, that way madness lies.

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A lot of 80s action movies could lend themselves well. I've always wanted to run Demolition Man in particular, and it can be translated well to a fantasy setting if you prefer that.

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>anything over 10 years old is a complete mystery to them

By that measure, the entire Matrix trilogy is technically out of their range. Assuming they managed to miss that one, that might be an interesting campaign to run, though you might want to scrap some of the "The One" nonsense. I'd keep The Architect though, if just for the opportunity to try and make their heads explode.

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>I totally know loads of people who said it

So you know a couple of idiots, we all do.

I know a crazy dude who thinks sonic 06 is the best game ever and games need more Mach speed sections, same difference

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I've been wanting to do a fantasy version of demolition man for awhile, have this magitek civilization fall and leave like, magitek AIs or magically modified people to keep society going, have some soldiers put into magical cryogenics wake up to this backwards agrarian society that needs heroes to save it from this technobarbarian horde...

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System Shock?
Blade Runner?
The Thing?

Suicide bomber rookies is what I miss most. Nothing quite captured the sense of desperation in the original game as clearing a UFO using rookies with primed grenades in hand.

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I've had my DM nearly fool us by running us through the plot of Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, sorta kinda. He might have got away with it too, if I hadn't recently played it that weekend.

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didn't war of the lions have heavy shades of hamlet?

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Given the name, I wouldn't be surprised if they got the plot from The Lion King...

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The Dark Tower, Sandman, Dresden Files (system should be Trail of Cthulhu or CoC Pulp), Discworld, Dune, One Piece (seriously the whole thing is basically a Pen and Paper anime), anything by Asimov or Blade Runner

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I would say more from the real-world War of the Roses.

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Lord of the rings.

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I knew it was borrowing from something. As I recall it FFT was based quite a bit on Ogre Tactics gameplay wise and both of those series tended to have long surprisingly complex plots.

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You could also go with the Illuminatus Trilogy if you want to realy mindfuck them.

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No need for anything so dramatic. A paladin is doing battle with a cultist, who is sacrificing innocents to obtain demonic powers himself. The ritual succeeds. The paladin defeats him anyway, but the paladin is on death's door. A wizard who works for the paladin's order puts him in magical stasis. Fast-forward a long-ass time, and the city of Sangales has changed. Free of crime or war, it seems like a paradise, but it's a paradise enforced by constant scrying spells monitoring the entire city. The paladin's order, faced with this peace, has grown stagnant. After all, how can you be vigilant against evil when there is no evil? They've forgotten their ways. All that changes one day, as the cultist, now transformed into a demon by his ritual, is somehow back and rampaging through the city. None of the order knows what to do, but one individual, a young scribe and historian of the order (who may or may not be the paladin's daughter) remembers hearing about the warrior who stopped the threat before. It's time for the paladin to kick some ass, and remind his order what it means to be the boot of justice.

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Not too surprising, considering FFT was done by the same guy who did the Ogre Battle/Tactics Ogre games. It was visible in the whole game, in the story, the graphics, the gameplay, the music... It was a Tactics Ogre game in all but name, and his absence is why the later FFT games fell so far from the original.

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that works too, I've been wanting to do something involving magitek and lost civilizations tho, no so big on ye olde fantasy and paladins and such tho they can be fun.

Pretty much, I always recommend Ogre Tactics when people ask for game recomendations over FFT. I mean some of the FFT games reach Ogre Tactics levels of goodness but without the help of that one dude who worked one Ogre Battle/Tactics Ogre they become kinda bland and shallow.

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Fair enough, sticking that loyally to the source material can also cause problems when you want to write for an entire party, so changing it up ilike you're proposing is probably better.

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It isn't, but that doesn't mean its not funny

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Hawk The Slayer
Sword and the Sorcerer
The Warrior and the Sorceress
Hell Comes to Frogtown
World Gone Wild
Ator, the Fighting Eagle
The Blade Master

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Have them do Twin Peaks. They'll never get it.

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Great ideas, guys! I've taken some inspiration from this myself

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