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Why are tau always depicted as busty, curvy blueberries in fanon? Aren't their sexual characteristics supposed to be indistinguishable from one another to humans?

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>Aren't their sexual characteristics supposed to be indistinguishable from one another to humans?
Is that relevant at all?

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>Why does the fandom not stay 100% within the canon?
Well jeepers I wonder why?

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Because it's the only way to make Tau good.

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Because fanon tau females are curvy, chesty and cute. The alternative bears no thinking on.

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Because it's more fun that way, duh.

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Would you a tau?

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Earthberries are naturally more zaftig than fireberries. Airberries may as well be flatberries.

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>Aren't their sexual characteristics supposed to be indistinguishable from one another to humans?

are they though? I thought the women got Y shaped noses while men had slits?

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>Why are tau always depicted as busty, curvy blueberries in fanon?
because it's usually drawn by a human, and they sexualise everything, ESPECIALLY things which ought not to be sexual.

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I would totally a tau

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Breastberries are bestberries.

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Because horny nerds.

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it's not the tau that bug me so much as when they stick breasts on airplanes and things.

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The Tau for some reason just attracts a special kind of horny fanart kids.
Probably due to the weeaboo flavour, can't have proper mecha animu style with disgusting fishfaced aliens so fuck canon and voila, blueberries were invented.

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huegtau is besttau

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Not one drawn by Naga.

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No thanks, I'm not into fetishizing slow, corpulent death. Or vore.

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she's all muscle, dongus

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a taucron, yes

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sure, but they are so close to being human, it seems fucking silly to not give them tits.

Kroot/Vespid are the only mainline humanoid aliens who can get away with not being mammels.

Alt, Tau don't have tits active all the time, for whatever reason (despite having extremely violent subspecies) and fanon has tit time.

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>Why are tau always depicted as busty, curvy blueberries in fanon? Aren't their sexual characteristics supposed to be indistinguishable from one another to humans?

The same reason Draenei are always depicted as busty, curvy futa.

The same reason Elves are always depicted as busty, curvy whores.

The same reason Humans are always depicted as busty, curvy sluts.

The same reason Orcs are always depicted as busty, curvy barbarians.

Noticing a pattern?

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I don't think we've eveyr gotten a good description of female Tau's anatomy (Shadowsun does apparently appear without her armour in on BL novel but I don't think they really describe what she looks like), so we don't really know about their sexual characteristics. If Shadowsun is an indication they have a different forehead slit and more slender facial structure, but we don't know if their bodies look different as well.

I think drawing female Tau as curvy is because
a) Their digitigrade posture emphacises their hips, so might as well emphacise them further.
b) It sets them apart from Eldar. Eldar women are tall and thin (That one Banshee from 3rd edition codex, who is really curvy for Eldar, nonwithstanding), so Tau women can be shorter but curvy.

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>Would you a___
The answer is always yes.

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yes and I love it

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>Elves are always depicted as busty, curvy whores
Yeah but they're lesbians

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I never really got the whole draenei futa thing.

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I think it started on HF

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One probably should not confuse /d/ with the rest of the ttrpg culture...

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>Aren't their sexual characteristics supposed to be indistinguishable from one another to humans?
yes. Even the males are busty, curvy blueberries.

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Are you new to the internet, OP?

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this makes Imperial propaganda about Tau traps a lot funnier

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>a) Their digitigrade posture emphacises their hips, so might as well emphacise them further.

Are you telling me that tau have fish-bird faces, no chest but curvy, round, plump, delicious ass and thighs ? I think I can deal with it.

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Simple. Really.

>Delicious fat horse cock

See ?

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Because /tg/ drags magical realm into everything. Far in the past it wasn't so bad, but a shorter distance back, it was terrible.

Rejoice that those days are gone.

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There wasn't an actual canon answer for whether or not they have tits last I checked.

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As I recall, the proportion of (social) trad gamers that are not deviants, as well as the proportion of (social) deviants that are not trad gamers are both a minority.

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Do we not have anything on their biology? Come on, no erotic ears, sensetive feet, secret dicks in armpits, nothing? GW, you must fuel my boner!

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citation needed

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paging Dr bullshit

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Not now, as xenology has been specifically said to be non canon.

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But WoW succubi have hooves too and they're considerably less horsecocked.

I think it has to do with someone commissioning enough art of their horsecock dranei waifu that it eventually caught on as a thing to do.

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>Not now, as xenology has been specifically said to be non canon. [citation needed]

I mean, you can treat it as non-canon and that's fine, but

>[citation needed]

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Draenei females only have one character model and it's busty and curvy. Can't see their package to determine dick status.

Hot draenei are canon. That's probably why they're my fetish.

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Post citation stating it's canon.

Unless Tau have toes instead of hooves now.

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>this thread
I will not fap on my mother's bday, stop making me want to.

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Are you planing to keep it for your mother ?

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Would you?

choose your next words carefully

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We Do.
They have THREE Clitorises
Possibly in the same formation at the points on a Tau Y which brings up the question of the insignias origin
Now imagine those clits become futa
It's like a tripod of cock

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How disappointing.

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Thri-keen erotica is nothing new, stop pretending erp/smut threads are a recent thing.

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I'm not saying it's canon though. But if someone says there's a specific statement about something, I expect to actually see it. If it exists, which these 'specific statements' almost never do.

And out of all the mistakes in Xenology that people could use against it, Tau toes is a pretty terrible one when the drawing doesn't even match what the actual report says.

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That's actually a thing with furries now.
They've moved from "Draw Porn of Furries" to "Draw Porn of Anything Not Human".

And I fucking love it

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what about Etherberries?

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Ripped half naked monk girls.

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I'm now realizing Tau resemble slightly more fit (and bluer) Mudokons

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You got it right, anon. You got it right

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>just breast
I've seen jetfuta.

Where's your god now?

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weeaboo shit, OP. Tau are animu, and you get busty girls in sll that.

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Is that drone supposed to have a dick?

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You say that like your drones don't have dicks.

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...and now.

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That's fucking retarded line of thought.

An alien originating from a different planet, despite being humanoid, or even looking like human in some ways, no way necessiates them having tits, or any other mammalian traits.
They can have whatever assortment of traits that seem similar, or utterly alien, to earth based life, in whatever combinations which suited the life on their own planet.

Fanon will of course ad tits to everything though, because sex deprived nerds need to sexualise every fucking thing they have interest in.

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But this would mean that male Tau already have 3 cocks as a clit is just a shrunken girlcock. Damn it, fanonfags never think these things through.

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> sex deprived nerds
Anon, you are on 4chan, no need to state the obvious besides including ad homenems in your arguement.

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Dude, these stories have for humans.

If the guys are just humans with fancy hair, odd fingers and feet and no nose, why are you surprised that people do the same for the ladies?

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I am not surprised that fans do that.
Not at all. It is expected.

What I criticized was the line of thought that "If it is that close to human, the female members of it's species MUST have tits."

Because that's a retarded assumption to make.

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oh god

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Look, anon, it's a forehead alien.
If 40K doesn't want us treating it like a forehead alien, then don't make a forehead alien.

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Actually, they have three, but with that said it possibly isn't Y but I with the clits as a clit cluster, meaning males have liked one shaft and a bumpy head that was like three or something.

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Nothing in the tau fluff has stated that the tau females differ in any way from the males, so there is no reason to make such assumption.
Don't try to justify your desire for blueberry tau. They are fanfwank, just like Love can bloom and Angry Marines.

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call it what you want, it's completely reasonable for fans to treat them as "humans with weird makeup", since that is what they are presented as.

It's just basic human psychology.

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>three bell ends
That's even dumber though. Multicock makes sense for inseminating multiple females in quick succession, triple cockhead would just impede reproduction.

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>They are fanfwank, just like Love can bloom and Angry Marines.

You are litterally telling us that the two best things that ever came out of W40K with the ogryn that falls in love with a sister of battle are shit.

>> No.33384669

>liking that stuff unironically

>> No.33384694


>Not letting out a little tear at the end of the story of the ogryn

You are a bad person.

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Not triple headed, necessarily. More like a trefoil cross section.

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>> No.33384716

Isn't the "tau females are undistinguishable from males for humans" based on Cain talking about a fire warrior in full armor anyway?
I'm just saying, a human in full (sensible) armor can be pretty sex neutral even to another human, so aliens in heavy armor...

>> No.33384723

That's still an absolutely dumb shape for a penis. What need would that serve?

>> No.33384743

What purpose does a Y-shaped vag and three citorises serve?

>> No.33384759

None whatsoever. Which is why it's dumb as fuck. Is this shit even actually canon?

>> No.33384764


Nah, it really isn't.
The only reasonable way to treat any species or faction within any setting is based on what canonically is stated about them.
Nothing in the fluff even remotely indicates Tau females being hawt blue babes. That idea is completely invented by a sub-sect of tau fanbase, and thus it is fanwank. What tau female faces look like canonically, are far off from the pictures posted in this thread.

I said that they are fanwank, which they are. I didn't call them shit, that you added yourself.

>> No.33384767

that's a cross section, and there's weirder shit in the actual animal kingdom.
Like, snakes have two penises, or ducks have corkscrew shaped dicks.

>> No.33384768

Contrary to what the more caustic part of /tg/ might say, blueberries are, indeed, canon.

Also, Naga a shit.

>> No.33384771


Remember that alien blue onahole ?

>> No.33384774

If the vagina is similarly shaped, then it helps it lock in place for insemination, especially if teasing the triple-clits tightens everything up.

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>> No.33384796

Turtles have a dick that blooms like a goddamn tulip.

>> No.33384805

I know that. But duck dicks and snake dicks both serve a purpose. A triple bellend is pointless and only impedes reproduction.
Such a Tau would have an inefficient penis.

>> No.33384818

>nah, it really isn't
Sorry anon, personification is core to the human psyche.
We see ourselves in everything.
Especially in things that are humans-but-blue.

>> No.33384823

...okay, I'll bite. HOW would it impede reproduction, smart guy?

>> No.33384829

This is a veteran warrior in the middle of being slashed in the face with power claws.
The actual mini has a rather cute face.

>> No.33384831

But that only impedes insertion. You can lock a dick in place much better with the traditional bell end shape.

>> No.33384838

Unless it is an adaptation somehow.
You know, like it stays placed inside the tau female even though tau females do X during procreation.

Or it allows for them to block out any other competing males, because tau only reproduce in orgies.

We don't know, because GW isn't going to explore that.

>> No.33384861

Cain rescued a Fire Warrior and made this comment

>‘They’re definitely not well,’ I replied, hurrying to the nearest, whichever it was. He (or she, I’ve never found it that easy to tell, even without the body armour, and it only matters to another tau anyway)

>> No.33384876

Reproduction isn't all about efficiency.

Why doesn't the human boner have a bone?

>> No.33384877

Unless it's thin as fuck it would be much more difficult to insert than a regular one-headed penis. Same reason you don't see three headed arrows every day. If female Tau have Y cunts then it also must be inserted at a certain angle. Shit's inefficient.

>> No.33384881

How humanocentric of you. Have you checked your privilege today anon?

>> No.33384891


You being unable to imagine that an alien might be different despite superficial similarity to us, is not a mental condition that impedes everyone here.

If by cute, you mean "looks like a fish", then I agree.

>> No.33384915

>You're unable to tell they're different!
Stop with the strawmen.
YOU are the one who asked "Why do people do this?"
and I'm giving you the answer.
It's basic human psychology to do that.
The inability to see humanity in things is in fact a sign of mental disability according to psychologists.

>> No.33384918

Maybe a trifoiled dick is the only thing that can make it past dem massive hips.

>> No.33384922

>not striving for maximum efficiency within the limitations of the organism
>actual penis bones being efficient
I can't even.

>> No.33384942

>using models as proof
In that case, women dont exist in 40K

>> No.33384956

that's actually a fairly feminine by human standards face, for a shitty 40k model.

>> No.33384990

But seriously are you guys just parroting fanon about the 3 clits or is there some actual canon statement to the fact? You can never really tell with 40k.

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>> No.33385008

there isn't any 40k fluff that isn't fanon

>> No.33385038

Because humans are evolved to have sex frequently in short sessions and so doesn't need the bone to help maintain the boner. At least, that's how I remember it.

>> No.33385055

God damn it
Enjoying nostalgic memories of my qt blue shaman would be so much more pleasant if the internet quit bringing up that godawful fetish at the first mention of draenei.

>> No.33385063

also, having a hard to heal bone inside of our reproductive systems would basically kill all of our ability to have sex after a single small injury.

>> No.33385075


I didn't ask anything, I am not the OP.
My first post was this:>>33383840
where I criticized the attitude that "any humanoid female must have tits", while also acknowledging that fans will ad tits to anything, because that's what some fans do.

That of course, doesn't change the fact that what the fans do is complete fanwank regarding the Tau that are in question here.
Fluffwise, nothing indicates that tau females are any different from the males.

The post I replied to claimed that Shadowsun model has a "cute face".

Hardly. It is just a flat, noseless face, that looks nearly the same as any firewarrior face.

Anyways, I'd love to discuss this topic further, but as it is 2 am, I gotta go. A debate about what Tau females look like is a lower priority than resting well.

>> No.33385096


Confirmed for blind.

>> No.33385099

Books, codices etc all count as canon even if the statements therein may be affected by the biases of their characters.
I will rephrase: has any statement of Tau having tree clits ever appeared in a codex, supplement, Black Library book, White Dwarf, videogame or other work produced with the direct oversight of GW?

>> No.33385120

Codexes aren't canon either

>> No.33385153


I'd hardly consider a small ridge underneath the face slits all tau have, as a nose.
And if the model had an actual nose, that would make even less sense, as tau have no noses.

>> No.33385166

Not with a belly that size she ain't.

You're under swolearrest for promoting fat acceptance.

>> No.33385178

Squats are canon m8. Answer the damn question or I'll default to the assumption that you people only think Tau have 3 clits because you wank to the idea.

>> No.33385181

that is CLEARLY a nose.

>> No.33385199

>squats are canon
Now who's the one talking fanon.
I am a neutral party with little to no 40K knowledge simply poking fun

>> No.33385208


Except it isn't.
It is a ridge underneath the lower portion of the face slit.
It is not a nose, as the fluff clearly states that the tau lack noses.

>> No.33385237

But the model has a nose!
A nose I tell you! A nose!

>> No.33385243

No damnit. Current fluff says they exist and are recognized by the Imperium.
No fun is allowed here. Penile inefficiency is a serious accusation and we absolutely must get to the bottom of it.

>> No.33385266


Call it whatever you want m8.
It is 2 am, I won't start debating if that fucking model has a nose or not any further.
Good night.

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>> No.33385372 [SPOILER] 


Hello, Wait!

>> No.33385461

Was that fight pictured something that actually happened, or is it just a random art piece with iconic characters thrown in?

>> No.33385464


>What tau female faces look like canonically, are far off from the pictures posted in this thread.

They look like blue gooks with redhair then ? Nice.

>> No.33385623

There is not nearly enough blueberry pictures in this thread.

>> No.33385649

I know, right? Time to remedy that.

>> No.33385682

>> No.33385711

>> No.33385732

This is one of my favorites. Battleberry.

>> No.33385746

>> No.33385764

>> No.33385807

>> No.33385824

Random fight.

In the novelization, Shadowsun fought only Khan.

>> No.33385837

>> No.33385854

>> No.33385890

Was the novel any good? And if so, could I please have a name to hunt it down with?

>> No.33385935

Nice of you to chip in.

>> No.33385959

>> No.33385975

I've got some chromeberry I could contribute but some people still get buttfrustrated about Gzeenaw.

>> No.33386000

>> No.33386006

It's great, Imo.

It's part of the Damocles collection from BL.


Audiobook version

>> No.33386020

Not enough fap material in 40k. Sisters and guard just don't do it these days..

>> No.33386030

Thank ye kindly anon.

>> No.33386032

Ignore the people that get buttfrustrated.

>> No.33386057

>> No.33386064


>> No.33386106

>> No.33386114

Possible theory: All tau fap images were designed by and approved by Aun'va to make human/tau relations more acceptable.

also ever noticed that their noses are vaginas? would you deep into a tau's nasal slit?

>> No.33386121

>> No.33386147

>> No.33386160

That, sir, is a trap.

>> No.33386198

Aun'va, the humans are unto our ploy!

>> No.33386226

Meh, it's still blueberry.

>> No.33386241

>> No.33386251


>You now realize Burning Crusade was released 7 years ago.

>> No.33386279

>> No.33386292

Yes, and?

>> No.33386343

your point is?

>> No.33386347

we're onto you, damn Ethereals.

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>> No.33386682

>> No.33386703

>> No.33386726

>> No.33386768

>> No.33386791


>a dick outline

Wow you really cant tell difference between male and female Tau.

>> No.33386803

>> No.33386812

Eh, that's just Technomancer.

>> No.33386827

>> No.33386852

>> No.33386884

>> No.33386916

Taur Centaur, in armor. I'd love to see that.

>> No.33386917

>> No.33386952

>Tau have udders, short tails above the base of the spine, and they excrete enormous amounts of methane gas, especially when stressed.

This is the only canon you need.

>> No.33386984

We could easily be missing a gender.

>> No.33387021


>in fanon

that's why, retard

>> No.33387057

>183 replies
>54 images
>page 1
>got you to respond
Who's the retard, now?

>> No.33387100

>canon methane stress farts, udders, and tails.
Blue alien-cow people?

>> No.33387117

waiting on the tau diaper people to appear.

>> No.33387133

na you are a faggot

>> No.33387139

I would that drone, if it didn't mean breaking the First Warning.

>> No.33387265

Every day, save Sigmonday while I pray in the house of the TRUE God Emperor.

But far be it from me to stop you from masturbating to your vampire husbando.

>> No.33387274

Is there a full version of this?

>> No.33387290


>> No.33387295

There's a larger version, I think. Looks like it's from Eatatau.

>> No.33387432


>> No.33387485

He discovered Patraeon recently, all the good stuff is paywalled.

>> No.33387497


>> No.33387522


>> No.33387565

>> No.33387683

looks fucking metal to me

>> No.33387895

You think I can't Detect Trap? I've been playing TRPGs for seventeen years. I plan on springing that trap and reseting it for bonus experience.

>> No.33388311


If all tau males are trap I'd join the greater good instantly. And since they don't have warp presence the chance of bringing slaaneshi horrors during a trap orgy are very low.

>> No.33388446

But they do, it is just really small. Also, you'd have a larger warp presence than them, so daemons would go after you first once summoned.

>> No.33388904

I'd still cum in their nose-slits.

>> No.33388905

its like this guy doesnt even know about mid 90s internet fapfics or badly translate if at all hentai. "image loading...oh yeah boob..image loading...oh yeah here we go. Image loading..dick...DAMNIT."

>> No.33389013


>> No.33389020

By that logic Khorne daemons would spawn at every battle ever.

>> No.33389076


>> No.33389096

i think the whole horsecock thing was made so artists didin't have to draw the fuck HUEG male draenei fucking their females, so lazyness pushed em to simply add a cock to them

massive improvement

>> No.33389218

I like the way you think anon.

the number of people who draw shemales and call them futa greatly annoy me.

>> No.33389771

40k is objectively terrible and the only thing that makes it any good is fudging the lore and making up your own shit with it.

Hence Tau cheesecake and wacky orkz.

>> No.33389932

yet you know in older editions Taus would be both cheesecake like the art and halfbreeds would be illegible to become space marines?

>> No.33390225

>implying wacky orkz aren't kanon

>> No.33390400

Does anyone have the good stuff?

Link plz?

>> No.33390468

Yes, but not every faction is the orkz.

>> No.33390732

I dislike Tau cheesecake a lot. But that far right one is 10/10 material.

>> No.33392193

Nobody said they were, just that wacky orkz are canon.

To stay on topic, have this Blue git here.

>> No.33392208

Because deviation from canon improves 40k.

>> No.33392500

The platypus has a dick with multiple heads.

>> No.33392587

That just means they're busty, curvy blueberries regardless of sex. Duh.

>> No.33395004

How is that a trap? It's got big honkers.

>> No.33395019

because sex inspires art more then anything. you can teach more people to draw an amazing set of tits faster then you can teach them to draw a realistic apple

>> No.33395068


Rynn's World, the home planet of the Crimson Fists, is an agri-world and one of its chief exports is "Jadeberry Pie" - it's in an old WD.

>> No.33395074

Having big honkers in no way makes it impossible that she has some sausage hidden away. Some would consider that an unpleasant surprise.

>> No.33395081

Tau aren't forehead aliens.

They're blue, have no nose, have hooves, they're shorter and don't have souls.

>> No.33395105

It has an 'I' head slit

Female tau have a 'Y'

So it's clearly a trans pre-op tau who hasn't had the head or gential surgery

>> No.33395156

the tau are about as alien as communists are.

>> No.33395381

is that a stealth suit on her crotch?

>> No.33395443

You wouldn't fuck a cow

>> No.33395459


>> No.33395472

>day 3
>She still hasn't noticed

>> No.33395500

With calmer expression.

>> No.33395516

are there any female tau models?

>> No.33395559

Shadowsun is the only confirmed female mini.

>> No.33395663

are those nostrils?

>> No.33395936


Her face looks like Big O.

>> No.33396049


>> No.33396316

Velma would make a perfect tau. Short hair, curvy figure, nerdy... She's practically an earth caste, already!

>> No.33397188

Just paint her blue.

>> No.33397291

I strongly dislike the contents of this thread. Sexualization of Tau is absolutely wrong. We already have a race for sexualizing and that's the spess elfs.

>> No.33397363

Thin your paints.

Otherwise it doesn't look any less feminine than most Sisters.

>> No.33397440

lol'd so hard

>> No.33397848

Surely you meant orks?

>> No.33397910

>lewd Orks
pls no. That's like the one and only thing worse than lewd Tau.

>> No.33397996


>> No.33398652


>> No.33399336


>> No.33399354

Would you /tg/?

>> No.33399409


Because the people who draw them likes their T&A?

>> No.33399429

>same artist

>> No.33399495

Just to say I did.

>> No.33399829

No, it's a nos...I mean a slit bridge.

>> No.33402399

Is it?

>> No.33403810

>Naga art
>no giant nose

What has this world come to?

>> No.33403849

Go on.

>> No.33404426

It's the greatest good of all.

>> No.33404561

Something I found recently that might amuse you:

1st Legion Weekly Conference Call:
Azrael: "My homies, it is time."
Angels of Absolution Grand Master: "Time to bust a rhyme?"
Azrael: "No."
Guardians of the Covenant Grand Master: "Is it time to suck a lime?"
Azrael: "No."
Diciples of Caliban Grand Master: "It's time for the 'yo mother's so stupid joke of the week?:
Azrael: "No, but she is so stupid she tripped over a cordless phone."
GotC GM: "Oooooh no you didn't!"
AoA GM: "Oh yes he did!"
Azrael: "Seriously guys, shut up. Call yo' boys up, it's time to burn out those blue skinned commie Tau once and for all. Oh, and we're gonna have Kreig nuke the livin' crap out of them first. Word is bond."
AoA GM: "Word."
DoC GM: "Word."
GotC GM: "Word."
Azrael: "Call the Blood Angels too. We shared a codex in 2nd edition, most people still don't know the difference."

>> No.33404642

Does anyone have a reasonably accurate estimate of how many planets the Tau actually own?

The current Tau codex names 17 (I think) and their map shows maybe 30 or so. Maybe someone in the 40s if you include the Farsight Enclave and the Kroot worlds.
Are the Tau really THAT small?

>> No.33404690

Based on a map I saw that represented all the faction's respective territory, the Tau were barely even a blip on the radar.

>> No.33404773

Damn, then the Tau should give prayers of thanks to the Tyranid Hivemind; because the hive fleets being a real threat are the only reason the Imperium hasn't wiped them from existence.

>> No.33404795

How deep is the forehead slit?

>> No.33404838

As deep as you want, anon.

>> No.33404850

As deep as you need it to be.

>> No.33404864

The Tau have a 100+ worlds and increasing.

They conquered a few sectors from the Imperium in the TSE and are still going for more.

>> No.33404943

Because Eldar were already tall and slim and we needed something to be the opposite of that.

Variety is the spice of life afterall.

>> No.33405203

would it be heresy for a group of guardsmen/ very unorthodox space marines to rape an incapacitated Tau/Elder/human like Xeno Apocalypse now style?

>> No.33405444

Executions all around.

Remember that the Imperium is Nazi Germany on steroids, with aliens, mutants, and chaos worshipers being held in an as much regard as the Nazis would a Jewish person's stool sample.
You can get executed for having a Tau-made toaster in your house. How the fuck do you think the commissar would react to a trooper finding a xeno attractive enough to get hard over?

>> No.33405495

>what is hatefucking
>what is sadism
reddit pls go

>> No.33405577

Both of those are thoroughly French sentiments, Germans have no time for such frivolity

>> No.33405672

Dumbass, Imperials have a ridiculous superiority complex and consider aliens to be diseased and disgusting at best.
A guardsman would be too afraid of tooth vaginas and alien infection and being morally corrupted to even want to touch an alien. They're reluctant to even move dead bodies for fear of being defiled.

Think of it like this: the Imperium is a space Nazie Germany made out of Jihadist Muslims. And all aliens are made of pork.

Barbarians and feral worlders aside, this is not something a "civilized" Imperial would even consider. If that isn't completely obvious to you then you just don't get 40k at all.

>> No.33406104


>female eldar are sexy humans with pointed ears and lithe bodies
>a lot of guardsmen aren't actually as faithful as you make them out to be

Yeah, sure, rape would neeevverr happen

>> No.33406145

That's what Commissars are for.

>> No.33406289


Parts of the fluff actually say that the Eldar are fucking creepy to humans. Like full uncanny valley, inhuman and wrong looking.
Also, raping a being that is superior to a human in every way, is no easy feat.

>> No.33406326

>all curvy races
>all played by people with 'NO MEN' on their kink list even though their orientations says they're bisexual or pansexual.

Fuck F-list.net

>> No.33406336

Can we get back to talking about blueberry T&A?

>> No.33406390

>>female eldar are sexy humans with pointed ears and lithe bodies
That heavily depends on the artist. They're usually described as looking fairly alien, and some of the artwork shows it.

And besides which, most Guardsmen would probably be somewhat fearful of an alien, especially given the propaganda. For all they know, an Eldar could kill them with their mind in an instant (and some can, actually), or have vagina dentata, or snap their spine if they get too close (again, entirely possible). Hell, some Guardsmen may even find it incredibly eerie that a xenos would look that similar to them.

And if a Guardsman did try to rape an Eldar, in addition to what I mentioned above, there's the fact that their armor reacts to the Eldar's thoughts, as well as things around them. The wraithbone wouldn't be removable by your average human, and for all anyone knows, if the Guardsman somehow managed to get his dick inside, the wraithbone could probably chop it off.

>> No.33406434

> some Guardsmen may even find it incredibly eerie that a xenos would look that similar to them
They look almost like us.
What if.
What if we are in fact xenos too and just don't know it!

>> No.33406486

Six years in the Iso-cubes, heretic.

>> No.33406506

>Implying all Imperials even have the same culture

No, it is you who just doesn't get 40k

>> No.33406718


In the Pawns of Chaos (a novel), IGs invade a peaceful Chaos world and start killing the populace. The Guardsmen commit many atrocities and one of them is raping the women of that Chaos world.

Heretic rape is A-Okay.

>> No.33406798

Daily reminder that the heroine from the Path series though to herself that humans would be overwhelmed with her beauty and would fight to death for her zero body fat booty.

It's canonical that Eldar know that humans want to hit HARD them

>> No.33406843

Or maybe Thirianna just flattered herself.
It is something that bitch would do.

>> No.33406910


On top of that, having an ego the size of Jupiter and and an arrogant outlook greater than Gene Roddenberry is pretty much the standard among Eldar.

>> No.33407364

Still humans, not xenos.

>> No.33407704

udders can be pretty hot on girls.

Just find a picture of it on /d/.

>> No.33407923


>Taking this shit seriously

No, neither of you get 40k

>> No.33408618

sts bsns

>> No.33413295

I was looking for porn the other night and found some transformation stories from fucking usenet
they were hot, too. I felt like I was masturbating to a cultural artifact

>> No.33413338

Fascinating. Was there anything of lasting significance or was it just old internet smut?

>> No.33413443

a lot of it was furry porn, like oldschool fursuit stuff (much to my dismay)
I think /d/ and /tg/ may have spoiled me

>> No.33413688

Even furries don't like fursuits.

>> No.33413701

Because /tg/ is repressed and wants to sexualize everything.

>> No.33413709

That's a goddamn tragedy. I can't say that I am hugely surprised, however. As the internet has matured, the quality of the fetish material has improved dramatically. I'm not sure what you would call that phenomenon, but I'm grateful for it; you wouldn't have been able to find such a wealth of blueberry smut ten years ago, for instance.

>> No.33413828

Also, totally unrelated, this is the longest I've seen a blueberry thread go in months.

>> No.33413947

Because it didnt start with Xeno

>> No.33414075

They were mutants and Chaos cultists.

>> No.33414722

Haven't we decided the Tau are descended from some kind of Xeno Ungulate and, thus, the females would have massive milky udders?


Damn straight.

As long as they're not Loli, I'm good!


Bretty much...

Well DUH!
What do you think "Forging your own Narrative" means?!


Don't be too quick to rule that out anon...

>Implying you wouldn't fuck a giant lady robot...


...Maybe that's what "TAU" has stood for all along, "Tits, Asses, and... Ungulate?"


It's simply the amount of access.
20 years ago, the Internet was just coming into the common place, now kids have literally grown up on it.

>> No.33414935

That's hardly the only precondition. There was a thread just the other day that started with >>33386726 and it got deleted.

>> No.33416966

lol where did you find dat

>> No.33420227

I have a thing for stacked chubby species

>> No.33420852

That's all muscle

>> No.33421265

So what you're saying is that about half of those tau are traps?

>> No.33421925


>> No.33423481

>Why are tau always depicted as busty, curvy blueberries in fanon?

for fun mostly.

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