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Post funny /tg/ moments/

Using this thread to request Cap about evil queen denouncing her evil ways because she's horrified by Mr. Bone's Wild Ride.

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I'll contribute, but unfortunately I don't have what you're looking for.

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>inb4 no one gets it

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last one for now, I'll post more later if this is still up,

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Sounds like the plot to Brandish.

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>when the time comes, I'll know

Sounds like every D&D player ever.

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Don't fuck with cats man, they mess you up.

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Still looking for the thread cap, or thread links.

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I'd turn to chaos as well. Fuck.

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There has to be more of these stories lurking the interwebs somewhere. I need more!!

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Also need that story

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Here's some stories.

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I don't think i have the one OP's after, though.

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>in b4 no one gets it

Because Aristocrats jokes are so obscure and exclusive, right, you fucking gigantic faggot?

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Oh shit that hurt more than I thought it would

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>Hey Angry, I'm dad
My Sides have been purged by the fires of laughter.

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Why does that make some much sense?
I'm questioning semantics now. This is a bad thing.
I don't even.

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It doesn't make sense, dude. There is no soil on Mars. Only sand and rocks

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I don't know why I love these so much

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I seem to remember being about half a dozen of those threads. Were they ever archived at all?

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That's fucking hilarious.

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>the Paladin bellows "DEUS VULT" as he cums
love it.

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glorious gropey

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That is the most beautiful thing I have ever read. Moar of these?

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DM here, and I feel like I am in a predicament.

Is it alright to have NPC being independent and info dumping every now and then? Or should I just have the players do whatever the fuck they want?

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None that haven't been posted already.

The thing is with these freeform RPGs I hear about, half of them make me want to write out settings based on them. Like how sweet would that dragon rider thing be, choosing from a bunch of flying mounts and doing dragon rider shit?

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Instant classic

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You should start a new thread to ask these questions, and probably provide a little more context. I'm not sure I even understand what you're asking

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That would be pretty bitchin'. There's no shame in stealing the settings from the speshul faggots anyway. If you can improve it, do so, your players will be all the better for it.

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I won't allow any other kind of Necromancer in my game, ever.

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>people should have the same irl skills as their characters
They why the fuck do you have skills in game?

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Is this the original? I seem to remember it being less silly.

>Eric Holder

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I have no idea... it could be the 10th edition for all I know.

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Posting something magical from last night

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What's the context of this?

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somebody asked why LARPers never use billhooks

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This thread just reminds me of Gregg, the Grim Reaper from Conker's Bad Fur Day.

"Apparently, squirrels are like cats. They get as many lives as they THINK they can get away with. Goddamn cats. The way they meow, and piss everywhere..."

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How can you not break out of a room as a lich? Wouldn't you need to be, like, a level 15 wizard at least? Fucker can't break down a wall?

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it was a magic room

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OP checking back in.
Thanks for the caps guys, but
has anyone found the story I mentioned

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Did anybody save the smut thread that turned into about 100 posts about minotaur rape particulars?

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no one cared

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Let's see how much of my folder I can get dumped here.

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Man, whatever happened to MR. RAGE? That guy knew his shit.

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I was just thinking the same thing. He was one of the few decent tripfags.

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Yeah, I'm trying to think of the last time I saw him, but I haven't been around /tg/ as much lately so I dunno.

Here's an all-caps Mr. Rage post for old-times' sake.

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Hopefully he's angrily running a kickass game so others may learn of his ways.

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This is one of my favorites.

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You literally posted that screencap right as I was trying to.

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This one, OP?

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Clearly you have good taste in /tg/ old jokes.

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(It gets posted a fair amount in /co/ screencap threads too, since it's also a Futurama joke)

Speaking of /tg/ classics...

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Hey, I remember using that trip back in the day. I never imagined someone would cap something I've said.

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OP here
Yes! Yes! Thank you!

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Damn, forgot to post an image.

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my favourite story of in-character sex is the one in which a Guardsman goes to the brothel, purchases some time (And during all this, the players are silently going "Fade to black, ANY time now. Please.")
And then the GM says "Your lady friend has a pretty cool tattoo. Roll Knowledge Chaos."

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That's pretty hilarious

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>Stealthing through a dungeon with party
>My turn comes around, about to kill generic evil wizard #238,946
>DM: "A strange wave of energy passes over you. When you reach for your weapon, your hand mysteriously turns away."
>Suddenly have idea
>Stuff bag of holding over enemy's head
>Tie it closed
>Throw it into a portable hole
>Entire table's face when

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Goddammit 4chan, stop deleting my captchas!

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>/tg/ - You don't even need the other boards

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Just so that I'm getting this right, the gist of the story is that the person decided to just repaint his Spacewolves Dreadnoughts unit instead of buying a new one to go with his Blood Angels/Ravens.

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It's a joke about how the Blood Ravens steal EVERYTHING.

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Well, it's a mashup of the Bloody Magpies and Bjorn the Fell-Handed copypastas.

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Well, I saved one, so according to the ancient rules I must post one.

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That was laugh-inducing.

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> There is no soil on Mars.
That's not relevant.

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Yeah if we want to get into a semantics argument here, "earth" just refers to any kind of sediment that you find on the ground.

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>My face when I'm in that one

I never thought I'd feel so happy.

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This one isn't funny, but it is awesome.

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Oh whoops, that's not funny at all. don't know how that one got in there.

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Oh shit, I remember that setting and the threads around the worldbuilding, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called.

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Shattered Sun.

Someday I'll run a game in that setting. I'll tell my players nothing about it before they start.

Either that or I'll just run a quest on /tg/.

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>> No.33367168

Anyone got an archive of the thread that's from? I have *got* to see that thread.

>eddinn curious


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And that's all I have. Good night, /tg/.

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That was a heroic effort, anon.

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>/tg/ is a better /adv/

/tg/ is a better everything. Be it /a/, /v/, /d/, or even boards like /pol/ and /sp/, you can count on this place 1 upping them in what they do best.

You don't even need the other boards.

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My only question is did she worship Nurgle or Slaanesh...

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>You don't even need the other boards.
Well I sorta kinda need /d/ ever since mods started passing the "/tg/ is sfw" myth a fact.

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I sadly didn't cap the thread, but I remember like a year or two ago, /tg/ had threads dedicated to figuring out how to make Black Blood affected Maka more Boner inducing.

>> No.33367852

From just now, in the catalog.

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> Hey Angry, I'm dad.
Oh my god.

It is now my mission in life to create a great demon lord, who has sired children that seek to take over the world.

And all he does all day is make horrible dad jokes.

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My sides

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I don't have a fucking clue what game this refers to, or really what manaweaving is
but the response and the picture have me in fucking tears

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First time reading this.

I-it's. . . it's wonderful

>> No.33368801

Defending the Emperah Eh?

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good story, never happened

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In Magic: The Gathering, some players take their lands (what gives you mana and enables you to cast spells.) out of their deck and evenly spread them through their deck. It's very controversial, because it really seems like stacking your deck. (Having no lands, or having too many lands will cause you to lose; generally without a hope or challenge.) But of course, people who do it will say "It's okay! I shuffle afterwards!" Which would mean that:
If they were shuffling properly, why bother manaweaving?
If they aren't shuffling properly, then it IS stacking the deck.

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>purple greentext
u wot m8

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Okay I see these all over /tg/ I need to know, where can I damned find a free form Forum. Any help from people on here?

>> No.33369366

Most of them are shit. The diamonds in the rough are hard to find unless you know a guy who knows a guy.
But it's bullshit that is influenced by out of character drama so don't do it.

>> No.33369403

Meh I've been all over I don't really care about people being stupid I was hoping to just find something to take up a good chunk of my time. I just want to try a few see for myself maybe a few stories I get to bring back, probably not but hey no harm trying.

>> No.33369450

Just do Garrysmod roleplay. It's fun if you make friends out of character.

I suggest Taco n Banana because Infusion Gaming shut down years ago.

>> No.33369466

SO many moments

>pants inside legs
>retard siren
>literal jailbait
Fetal Alcohol Dragon

>> No.33369489

I was hoping to try forum stuff I've done some game stuff I was just looking to try a forum and asking if anyone knew one I could go to.

>> No.33369646

anyone got that one of the duke nukem tank pilot?

>> No.33370381


Did he ever need the pigeons? I need to know!

>> No.33371260

Was anyone else there when Horus slew the Emprah?

>> No.33371288

Admittedly, I've never actually played anything /tg/ related. This makes me fearful.

>> No.33371603

Umm... Does anyone have the picture of the elf girl in this one?
Its adorable, so I needs it.

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This is why I don't buy from chinaman.
You can trust English plastic not to have lead in it.

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Looking at this, I wonder how I'd go about setting up a boxer as a monk character. Preferably London Prize Rules.

>> No.33373329

Try roleplayerguild. They have three sections of varying quality, so you can pick between godawful one-liner posts with poor spelling or halfway decent posts that are way too long.

>> No.33373788

I remember that thread.

>> No.33374643

And what if major weirdo had won?

>I must have the both of you for two nights.

>> No.33374889

Anybody got a cap from the thread last night where somebody made made dwarfs and orcs analogous to the israel and palestine crisis? I remember palestine was called orcistrine or something

>> No.33375435

>tfw my players would just bitch and moan about it being "unfair" that a lucky low-level NPC can kill them

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>> No.33375638

Just get the fuck out and don't come back.

>> No.33375655

I came

>> No.33375961

Fuck, that's a sad story.

>> No.33376084

thats where your wrong.
/tg/ isnt a better /b/.
because /b/ is literally the best at what it does-
Being a leaky radioactive waste barrel of an attempt to contain a cesspool of cancerous prepubescent faggotry mixed with kiloliters of the repetitive watery diarrhea bursting from literally every anus who tries to be special by shit-posting their own pathetic excuse of yet another generic thread.

/tg/ can't be better then /b/ in that sense because /tg/ isn't shit- and same goes for a lot of other boards.

>> No.33376144

>He's right about the fucking English.

>> No.33376385

holy shit, I've never had the feeling of being in a screencap before

>> No.33376679

had a friend new to tabletop try this in shadowrun after multiple times where we explicitly told him you can't just get by on a roll but he kept doing it so we always used to joke saying shit like "i roll to charisma him" etc

>> No.33376694

This one actually makes me tear up a bit.

>> No.33376963

Just gonna say that is probably my favorite thread cap ever. I hope death is like that, would be one last good giggle. Before the bag.

>> No.33377567

Posted a funny screeny here from this thread. I would have put it here, but image limit.

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