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apex predator

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Why does he look like he's tripping balls?

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YOU are the prey

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Because he is. That guy is high as FUCK right now.

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hes coming for you, planeswalker

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something lurks in the shadows

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hunt bigger game

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he was cursed by the chain veil and now he seeks revenge

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he seeks the most powerful quarry. at the top of the food chain

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Needs more Windows Movie Maker effects

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I took a really funny screenshot of him in one of the tie in comics he was in. It looked like he was making one of those "are you a wizard" macro faces, but I can't find it.

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"If anyone asks, tell them the tusks qualify you for veterinary work"

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apex lel

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Rolled 5


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Ha! He loses his mind because of a veil. The only thing that can make me lose my mind is John Cena, and he's like Superman.

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Stop it, Randy. Cena is a parody of Superman.

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So, getting cursed with Black mana can make you overfill with said Mana and become evil, right? That is more or less what happened to Garruk?

Can you do that with the other colors? What happens if you curse Lilliana with White Mana?

Or, lets get away from the good/evil thing. If Garruk had been cursed with Blue mana, would he have become smarter and more crafty? Or what?

Can you curse yourself with a color of mana that you are already leaning towards to make yourself even better at using that color?

So many possibilities...

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Do you work at wizards?

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A green/blue hunter would also track your grazing patterns, what you're after, and prepare an ambush. Had Garruk been Green/Blue, he would have seen if he could intercept Liliana at her next demon.
Green/Black/Blue is pretty much a super hunter, one that analyzes your trail, and sets an ambush for you, before taking you out with a strike from behind.

I hope this is the direction Garruk is going in the future.

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>tfw no wedge coloured and flavoured Walkers

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Only two more years before the next chance anon, have some hope.

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>What happens if you curse Lilliana with White Mana?
You ever seen those /d/ comics where it's about a former prostitute who finds a kind-hearted soul who takes them in and shows them a better way of life and makes them pure again? I bet it would be like that.

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More like RAPEX predator, amirite?

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I love how Triumph of Ferocity led to a shitstorm that has even possibly (unconfirmed afaik) led to a change in the style guide, but no one batted an eyelid over Triumph of Cruelty.

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Imagine the tears if you played an alter art with Garruk having his dick out and Lilly's dress torn.

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Dick is just excessive. Torn dress is more than enough for supershitstorm.

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Or that one where a succubus gets fucked so hard by a holy dick she turns into an angel.

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RIP in piece, little mask dude

>> No.33313993

I remember that one. Got the name of the artist?

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>"Oh yes, Gideon! Fill me with your white mana!"

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I prefer the idea of Elspeth getting some BBC.
Oh, and it actually happened.

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Nah, that's already been done with Garruk. The next step would be a reversal.

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I saw this in the Custom Card thread, can someone explain it to me?

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Lilliana gave him some spooky pcp.

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Why does garruk always look like he has downs in all his art?

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Because he does.
That's why he gets on with animals and hates people, and why he resorts to violence when confused.

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Moar liek apex shithead, amirite?

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there never will be

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Have you noticed how Slivers are getting more and more human-shaped as the sets come out?

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Two Thirds Beast, One part man.

No really though.
Garruk was as always cock-deep into the Killfuck Soulshitter side of green, prefering the company of predatory animals as opposed to humanity.

So of course he's going to be about as mentally retarded as your average PC Druid is going to be... That is to say 7 Int or less.

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A Wedge planeswalker was the primary antagonist in DotP 2014, and they've brought DotP characters into real Magic before.

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Nah that's because it was an Art error.
The currently "Slivers" were supposed to be something else entirely with a Sliver-esque trait, sort of like how Golemancers are.

Somebody in the Executive office said something like "Hey, those are like slivers, our fans like those, just make them slivers. They'll sell like hotcakes."
But the art was already made, and thusly we have these weird slivers

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It wasn't an executive, it was their internal playtesting. Otherwise, spot on. They were going to be related to Slivers and called 'Sleens'.

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>While we knew we were bringing "Slivers" back in Magic 2014, we did not know whether or not they were going to be called Slivers. In fact, in the design file they weren't even called Slivers. Originally they were called "Heroes." Development then changed them to "Sleens" to make people understand they were a new creature type that was foreign and not Human ("Hero" implied "Human" to most playtesters).

>Why did we eventually change them to Slivers? Because we kept having playtests where people would play them and then inform either Mark Globus or Dave Guskin, the lead developer of Magic 2014, that the mechanic felt too much like Slivers. When Dave informed them that they were the Sliver mechanic, they always asked, "Why don't you just call them Slivers, then?" We talked a lot about it and finally decided that we had created equity in the name and that it made sense to maintain the name.

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Yeah, I figured that was pretty much how it went down.
Still, we have established flavor now, maybe (hopefully) they will build upon that and give us a PWing Sliver overmind/hive/whatever.

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Next duel deck: Eldrazi vs Slivers

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I came

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Now all we need is a video of few minutes of this image being raped by some stupid special effects with dubstep soundtrack.

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And it's not going to just going to be some slivers.
Once one sliver gets a spark, they ALL get a spark.

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Tomoka Sakurai Gold Angel? Is that it?
god I really want this now

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How would a planeswalker sliver card even work?
Would it be a four ability planeswalker with the first block filled up by:
>Put 3 loyalty counters on every sliver in play or as a sliver enters play. All slivers have the following loyalty abilities:

>> No.33316145

Nah m8, only those under the queen whose underling got the spark
From >>33315834:
>The idea was if one Sliver learned how to form wings, the whole hive would also gain that ability. Interestingly, by the way, in the story there was a geographical limit to how far the hive mind reached, meaning that if it were far enough away, a Sliver did not get the bonus from the herd.

Now, if two hives were to meet...

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It's a hentai. If I'm correct.

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I wish, but there's no way in fuck to make that not completely broken. It would instantly be the best planeswalker if you get it in play, hands-down.

>> No.33316243

Planeswalkers can arrive wherever they want on a plane they know, so the sliver bond only has metadistance to go through.

>> No.33316293

I'm sot sure about what your post means

>> No.33316342

make it 5 colors so it'll never see play
I assume they'll just keep trying to make one work until they decide to make a block with sliver antagonists

>> No.33316371

2 abilities, like Innistrad Garruk without a second face.
Doesn't make the other slivers walkers mechanically, but it does let you spend slivers like loyalty counters.
Abilities are probably related to making sliver tokens and making non-slivers work like slivers for an ult. Think of a world where every sliver is a Snapcaster Mage as well.
Obviously it costs WUBRG.

There is no geographic distance when you can planeswalk

>> No.33316385

>make it 5 colors so it'll never see play

>> No.33316451

isn't their sharing ability mediated through their physical bodies? sure, they can be anywhere they want, but only in one place at one time

>> No.33316542

But we know Walkers can sense other walkers on other planes, which means some information can be transferred.
Do we know if sealing a sliver in a box curs the link with the hive?

>> No.33316623

I'm afraid I don't know the answer to either of those questions

>> No.33316690

Found it.

>> No.33316696

planeswalker - sliver
0: sacrifice a sliver. Put loyalty counters on ~ equal to the sacrificed creature's CMC (maybe Power so tokens can be used, maybe not)
-n: do something, maybe make a sliver token.
-m: Exile target non-sliver creature. All slivers have the abilities of creatures exiled this way.

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thank you so much, intelligen/tg/entleman

>> No.33316806

Nicol Bolas?

>> No.33316827

>Ye shall break them with a rod of iron
I'm dying anon

you're killing me

>> No.33316849

Grixis is friendly colors.

>> No.33316878

Bolas is an arc walker. A color and its two allies.
Wedge is a color and its two enemies, for example WBR or URG

>> No.33316896 [DELETED] 

The difference is that Ferocity is incredibly tiggering and insensitive. The same scene could certainly have been depicted without sexualizing the female figure being victimized. Magic art generally is good about staying away from overly sexualizing victims, portraying "damsels in distress," and so on. Liliana's clearly not helpless here, when the whole context is considered and seeing her clearly prepared to fight back, but the positions of the figures and general tone of the image is something that strongly resonates with many women for whom sexual assault is a very real threat, and a reminder of that in their escapist fantasy world is very discomforting. Changing the image to be less on-the-nose with regard to that could have portrayed the same situation without alienating or discomforting those people. Trying to keep this sort of thing in mind doesn't take anything away from the people for whom it doesn't affect, and it does a lot of good for those whom it does.

>> No.33316899

Oh I see, sorry got the terminology mixed up.

>> No.33316961

I think the CMC is a better option, and maybe make -m "You get an emblem with 'creatures you control are slivers in addition to their other types'" for more synergy with the first one

>> No.33316992

You need to gtfo.

>> No.33317012

You sound like a massive tool

>> No.33317016

>The difference is that Ferocity is incredibly tiggering and insensitive.
>click arrow
>"Hide Post"
Much better

>> No.33317018

What an awful emblem. You should already be playing a deckfull of slivers anyways.

Besides, there would be no use to play the walker for the effect instead of playing Hivestone.

>> No.33317022

Problem I see with that Ult is you hardly play any non-slivers to start with.
Slivers are insanely parasitic, it's nearly always wrong to play a creature which isn't going to get the boosts or give them.

>> No.33317065

I think I've seen that text before, calm your beards.

>> No.33317087

Thanks for that clearly explained and thought out reasoning.
Don't let the boys club get to you.

>> No.33317100

Yeah, that looks like copypasta, but startpage gives me nothing

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>> No.33317193

Jegus. Other women feel threatened by a drawing of a fictional event that only sort of resembled a "very real threat"? How do these people live with themselves?

>> No.33317386

It's a copypasta.

>> No.33317423

Please don't talk to Chandere. Completely isolation is the only way to get them to go away.

>> No.33317450

Doesn't change the fact that this generation is too fucking retarded to tell fantasy from reality.

>> No.33317468

Heh, I shall put my filters up. I barely look at the names these days.

>> No.33317495

And apparently we're the ones that can't seperate fantasy from reality.

>> No.33317501

It's okay. Just trying to spread awareness. It's my civic duty.

>> No.33317583

>implying I am male

>> No.33319227

God dammit, don't remind me of that fucking bullshit. Take the tits off and it's one dude about to smash another dude's head clean in. Add the tits back on and guess what? THAT'S STILL WHAT IT IS. Viewing it as offensive ONLY because it's a woman in the submissive position is, in and of itself, sexist pigdisgusting faggotry. Classic female hypoagency, and far more harmful than an evil bitch about to get murdered.

>> No.33319244

It's not something you can understand if you've never experienced it. Once you go through such a horrifically traumatic event, you are forever scarred. Insensitive art like this can easily trigger a rape victim and remind them of the horror they experienced.

>> No.33319516

> scene could have been done without sexualizing the female
But why? Why should she dress any more modestly for a fight to the death than she does for an evening of light torture or a blasphemous ritual of human sacrifice? She wears that outfit in all her art. It's her thing. Your assertion that were she in a different outfit this would be less rapey is actually part of the problem: sexual assault is sexual assault REGARDLESS OF HOW SHE'S DRESSED OR HOW SHE LOOKS. I'm never not flabbergasted by the intellectual inconsistency of people like you.

> a reminder of sexual assault in muh escapist fantasy
What about the reminder of getting FUCKING MURDERED? Men are, statistically, far more likely to be the target of most violent crimes, and believe it or not the number of men who are victim to sex crimes is not that much lower than the number of women. But one gender is told that being prepared for violence is simply a part of day-to-day life and the other gender is told that anyone who makes you feel threatened is literally committing a hate crime - even if it's not their intention to do so.

tl;dr take your "triggering" bullshit and shove it. You and people like you actually ARE too sensitive to perceived threats, especially given the real-life numbers. It's not you're fault, because people have been making you feel paranoid about that shit all your life, but that doesn't change the fact that it's utterly divorced from reality.

>> No.33319556

All sorts of things can trigger a PTSD victim. You can get triggered by a song, a sight, or in my case by a smell (I get cold sweats every time I smell a specific perfume because the woman who raped me while I was zoned out on cold meds was wearing it). That doesn't mean I can tell complete strangers not to wear that fucking perfume, play that song, or have that haircut.

Avoiding your triggers is not a healthy coping strategy. Ask any goddamn trauma therapist and they'll tell you: confront your triggers and work to dissociate them from the event.

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>So, getting cursed with Black mana can make you overfill with said Mana and become evil, right?

FYI he got cursed by the Chain Vail, which is slightly different.

>> No.33324161

You can't graveborn a Planeswalker for cheaper then 5

>> No.33325016

The art wasn't already made at that point.

>> No.33325100

They constantly say that they had already commissioned the Sleen art when they decided to switch them to Slivers

>> No.33325195

One of black's unique properties is its corruptive nature. You can add black to any color and it pretty much just becomes a darker, edgier version of that color. Look at the set Torment. It just taints and slowly kills/transforms what its gotten into.

A few reasons for this: Black has a pretty wide range of design space, because black can do nearly anything if you're willing to pay life for it. So it makes mechanical sense added to a lot of colors.

Black's also got a magnification theme. The more black you have, the better black gets.

One can say that black isn't necissarily evil, and there have been a few black protagonists and plenty of villains that were totally not black at all; mono-whites and mono-blues, especially. But when its an effect that's intentionally meant to creep into you, then its pretty fucking evil.

Remember, its not just that Garruk's using black mana. Its that he's been CURSED with a specific magic power that was probably just supposed to kill him. He turned out to be a bad enough dude to instead adapt it and make it part of his nature.

>> No.33325237


I'm just feeling so tiggered right now

>> No.33325251

White doesn't "redeem" people much. Magic in general doesn't have that many Redemption plots, unless I'm forgetting one. When people do redeem themselves, its generally not by latching onto another nature, but by remembering their original core positive traits.

>> No.33325288

Well there's Ajani.
But his "Redemption" was basically growing the fuck up and getting past his mid life crisis.

>> No.33325336

>Give a planeswalker shittier versions of Nicol Bolas' abilities
>Casuals are somehow excited

I don't understand casuals sometimes. How is the "kill target planeswalker" somehow causing more hype than Karn or Bolas' "destroy/exile target permanent"?

>> No.33325357

I knew this would come in handy some day.

>> No.33325360

Then he promptly went "smell ya later" planeswalked away, leaving Espeth and Koth standing over Venser's unmoving corpse.

>> No.33325377

Because Bolas forces you into Grixis and Karn is a billion dollars

>> No.33325422

>Not always playing Grixis/5CC for that sweet Cruel Ultimatum

There is not a single spell in magic that is more fun to resolve

>> No.33325471

Because Karn's "Exile target permanent" was his minus ability. getting plus off a planeswalker stomp is appealing.
So is getting a plus of dropping decently sized deathtouchers
his minus is a doom blade with lifegain
And his ult basically says "Fuck this guy in particular"
The problem with Bolas was that he cost 8 across three colors that can't into ramp. Garruk cost 7 in two colors, one of which is a color that IS ramp and mana-fixing

>> No.33325542

This thread looks like people are excited for him?

>> No.33325588

If you think this Garruk is anywhere near Karn in terms of powerlevel, you're delusional. He might see sideboard play for the control matchup, if there is a GB midrange deck come rotation, but he won't see any amount of eternal play like Karn does.

>> No.33325625

No one on /tg/ is ever excited for cards, except for Vexing Devil, and I suspect that was only to buttblast autists.

Everywhere else people are crazy amounts of hype for a 7 mana spell

>> No.33325681

The thing that annoys me about Karn is I know I'm eventually going to cave and buy him, just to have one.

>> No.33325744


>purification fetish

and the best one

>> No.33325782 [DELETED] 

I booted up windows movie maker for the first time ever, because I want this. I have no idea what I'm doing. Will this song work?

>> No.33325788

I don't thik that Garruk is as strong as Karn, not really. I was just comparing abilities.
Aside from that: He just looks really fun to play.
Granted he's coming off a block that didn't look halfway interesting until Journey into Nyx, so at this point Kamigawa looks fun.

>> No.33325812

I'm happy I got mine when he was in standard and a lot cheaper. Tron is pretty miserable in modern now, and I can't afford vintage, so I don't get to play them anymore though.

I guess he's okay in EDH as a colorless removal spell?

>> No.33325872

In the last modern thread some anon posted mathmatical proof that Theros is the worst block in modern in terms of cards played by number, cards played weighted by amount played, AND cards played as a percentage of the whole set.

It was the lowest in every category. I thought it was bad, but holy shit.

>> No.33325883

This will do. Leave the animal roar in if possible.

>> No.33325972

Just give me a source.

>> No.33325991

Looks like this is a series, why can I only find that one chapter?

>> No.33325998

He's actually really solid in EDH.

Duplicant or Spine of Ish Sah is the probably the closest thing we have other than him.

>> No.33326025

>tfw get a foil karn for $45
>a month later its $160

>> No.33326049

It's not a series, nor does it look like one.

>> No.33326050

I have no idea what I'm doing, this video looks like shit. I can't even make his head spin or add in lens flares.

>> No.33326072

Well do you have Snoop Dogg gifs in?

>> No.33326109

Oh shit that's right I need to download snoop gifs.

>> No.33326250 [SPOILER] 

If I took that veil off, would you die?

>> No.33326338

Planeswalker - Sliverwalker
Sliverwalker enters the battlefield with loyalty counters equal to the number of Sliver creatures you control (or on the battlefield..whatevs).
+1: Put a 1/1 colorless sliver creature token onto the battlefield.
-10: You get an emblem with "Nontoken Sliver creatures you control have "T: Put a token that's a copy of this creature onto the battlefield.."

>> No.33326390

I think if that was played, most of the time you could use it's -10 when it comes in.

>> No.33326534

It would be the apex of pain.

>> No.33326710

He's a big guy.

>> No.33326940 [DELETED] 

For Gruul.

>> No.33326970

For Jund

>> No.33327181


>> No.33327652

Except it is only that if you are looking at it completely out of context. In context Garruk is actually trying to get her to fix the curse SHE placed on HIM. You know when she assaulted him with the veil. As in he is a victim.

>> No.33328445

Men cannot be victims. Only rapey brutes.

>> No.33329405

>replying to copypasta when people clearly say it's copypasta

>> No.33329456

This shit always makes me laugh.

>> No.33329569

Looks certainly insecure and triggering.
Totally offends me.

>> No.33329609

This might be slightly off topic, but I couldn't find one more fitting.

I'm playing 3.5 and Warblades get Hunters Sense (scent ability). My character is level 3 and he's an Orc. I play him like a 40k ork. His name is Swamptooth Handsome because he has a rotten tooth that stinks like utter shit. How would you fluff his sudden Scent ability?

>> No.33329722

>Magic art generally is good about staying away from overly sexualizing victims, portraying "damsels in distress," and so on.

>> No.33329755


Earthbind: starting fetishes since...

Hell, I don't even remember what edition that belonged to. 2nd? 3rd?

>> No.33329770

Earthbind was in Alpha.

>> No.33329774

in this day and age that card also would start a shit storm of femnazis

>> No.33330019

An that's a known issue with Magic, sometimes you do see the cards out of context because shot is random.
See: Theros block story cards, including Deicide.

>> No.33330072

You've got the entirely wrong genre of /tg/ man.
As for fluffing his Scent ability, his stench is so foul that anything else comes off very strong to him? I'm not sure how these things worke.

>> No.33330098

Add in some microsoft sam text reading from random posts and we're done.

>> No.33330110

I thought about that, but I wondered if having constant stink in his face would dull his sense of smell, leading to my fluff problem. I could go that route, if it came to it, but I'm trying to think of something funnier and it just isn't coming to me

>> No.33330346

His nose is broken in such a way that he can no longer smell his own breath?

>> No.33331673

How could that be misinterpreted
It's elspeth stabbing Xenagos in the chest

>> No.33333865


>> No.33334173

Without any other context, who's the villain?
Is this person committing murder or an execution?
What crime, if any, has warranted capital punishment?

You might know that Garruk is just fighting back against an equally or more powerful character, but to an outsider it's just a big dude beating up a skinny chick.

>> No.33334197

Liliana is holding a fireball, hardly looks defenceless.

>> No.33334224

What an interesting guy.

>> No.33334309

He has started taking care of his oral hygene?

>> No.33334452

The girl has a handful of fire, so she can singe the guy currently throttling her and about to stab her face with a punchdagger.

Hardly empowering.

>> No.33334473

Of course it's not empowering, she just lost the fight.

>> No.33334536

>>Hardly empowering.
Lilian's the villain why should anything with her in it be empowering?

>> No.33334625

>Every woman portrayed in a conflict must be empowered

>Liliana is supposed to be empowered in this situation


>> No.33334656

But would you know that from the card alone?

>> No.33334784

The flavor text explicitly refers to Liliana as a "witch" who has cursed Garruk:
>"Rid me of this curse, witch, or die with me." -Garruk Wildspeaker
By the card alone, one sees an evil witch being defeated in combat to a large man, who wants her to remove some kind of curse.

>> No.33334880

Would I know that liliana isn't supposed to be empowered in this situation if I didn't know the story and context of the card?

Um, yes. It looks like she's about to get her shit kicked in, that's probably on purpose. I don't hold a standard in every conflict that any woman should automatically come out on top. I don't hold standards like that at all.

As for >>33334536

I would also imagine that anyone who isn't blind would notice that liliana isn't necessarily the nicest person around. She's wearing a 'sexy and evil' outfit, has solid white eyes in this image, and instead of showing any kind of fear at the prospect of being rekt by this XBAWKS HUEG guy, she greets it with a snarl on her face. Granted, with the weird skin tone on garruk's part and overall slightly grim color palette of the image, I would chalk up the conflict as a battle between villians. I still wouldn't come upon the notion that somehow it's immoral for liliana to be in a position of distress just because she's female.

>> No.33336045

Unfortunately, his opening arguments are flimsy and flawed. Not a terrible guy, but not very compelling in his message.

>> No.33338000

Dat underbite.

>> No.33338200

he's a big g-

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