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How do you tau?

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Gently, then hard.

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with unrelenting love. love from the end of a crab claw moving 2fast4u mortal scum

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By not being seen.

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Pittsburgh Rare

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Not very well.

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heh, midgets.

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Quide well, ant you?

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with fire!

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I would turn my back on mankind for that.

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It's drawn by Technomancer so odds are she's got a diaper on under those baggy pants.

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Now THAT I would turn my back on humanity for

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like this

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impossible, since you can clearly see that she's wearing a bikini bottom

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I know right?
diapergirls are the best

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Get back in your containment board.

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I also would like an excuse to post delicious blueberry cheesecake, OP.

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So who is this Technomancer guy and where can I find more of his works?

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Good xeno.

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in there, among stuff from other drawfags

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Mhmm . . . Blueberries

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Damn you sexy xeno, why must you tempt me!

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Now I want to cuddle a Tau girl. Dammit, /tg/.

Pic related is how I tau.

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Look at her cute face! I'd totally-
>dead platoon of guardsmen behind her
maaaaybe not.

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what a fag

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>yfw it's canon that Imperials defected for hugs

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I thought those were orks?

>attackho strength

very appropriate

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they're orks

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Go back to /empire/

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berry well, thank you berry much

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We're talking about an entirely seperate species, that has evolved seperately but to be so similar to our own, where every caste is its own sub-species - each with different curves, textures, and personalities - and you're so narrowminded that, rather than trace those tattoos and feel the delicious curve of their hips and their firm muscle, you just wanna stick your penis it in?

Also Tau only live for thirty years so I might be a pedo if I did more than cuddle?

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>you just wanna stick your penis in it?
It's the human way.

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roboberries are the best!

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When hate is all you know, a little compassion can go a pretty long way.

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Oi beg ta diffa.

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Yeah, a friendly hug and a whispered "You did good, you're going to be fine" is enough to make any guardsman cry tears of relief.

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Strange how something that seems to bee common sense is the kind of sense that will get you a bullet to the head from your own superior officer.

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I thought we were supposed to hate xeno now. Did something change?

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As long as they are sexy xeno it's okay.

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>Burned dem humans
>Burned em good

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>Guardsman Joe is told to go to the manufacuring sector
>when he gets there, a bunch of Tau jump out with a crude small birthday cake
>"Happy birthday, Gue'la Joe!"
>Joe starts blubbering
>"No one has celebrated my birthday before! I didn't even know it was my birthday!"
>"We did medical testing on you and found our your biological age and counted it in Terran years. Because we care."
>Guardsman Joe immediately joins the Greater Good
>The cake sucks but it is the most delicious thing he's ever eaten

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About alien in general what if they see in infra red or thermal vision since male of their specie produce very little body heat Since they insect or such kind of creature they are interest in a human being since for them our body heat is like lights show especially in the penis it is like a fire work

Sounds like good reason for alien to crave a dick

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Kinda reminds me of the Christmas Truces in WWI.

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No bully Xeno

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Why does Palette-swap Rei have hooves?

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she became neat!

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Oi jus preffer mah bluebarrys ta be propah Orky an' witout bein' more shoiny bitz than bluey bitz.

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they're orks

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>Also Tau only live for thirty years so I might be a pedo if I did more than cuddle?

Pretty sure Aun'va is pushing towards a thousand years!

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Depends on caste.

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That's only ethereals. And then it's weird the other way.

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So If Tau are Mammals, where are the Mammalries in the females?
Canonically they look pretty damn masculine since famous Rogue Trader womanizers are known to not know the difference on first sight.

Do they develop after actually having kids? Like rapid, sudden puberty after having or in the process of having kids?
It'd explain why Tau have so many female warriors because of the hormonal differences of men and women are minimal until they actually breed. Which would be in coincidence with the fluff that you either retire from being a warrior when you're ready to have a family or you never get to breed as a female Tau.

It would also explain why Rogue Traders have a difficulty since the Breeding females are usually closely guarded, since the Tau are extremely anal about their breeding rights.

So that would mean, by all logical definitions, that any given blueberries with tits are Milfs.
Unfortunately no pure waifus, but Milfs will do.

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Holy fuck, Japan.
You've done it again.

Thank you for this glorious boner.
May it's fireworks shine brightly.


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stop being autistic

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It's a mans duty to stick his dock in any alien species he encounters!

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>Canonically they look pretty damn masculine since famous Rogue Trader womanizers are known to not know the difference on first sight.

It was Commissar Cain from the novel ''The Greater Good''.

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Is breeding rights actually a canon thing or are you just fucking with me? I don't know much about Tau.

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>tau are mammals
>implying earth phyla have any meaning to xenoforms

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In the ''Fire Warrior'' novel, it's said that the ministry of propagation that gives breeding rights and assigns Tau citizens with their suitable partners.

In the Shadowsun novel, Shadowsun's father chooses retirement and gets married to a beautiful Shas lady. They eventually get three daughters and raise them in the loving home of their mansion

That's all I know about Tau love life.

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Human sterilization/castration in their population is a legitimate thing. They're afraid their women will be addicted to the human dickings.

But yeah, it's kind of a big thing, Isn't population being low a really really big issue for the Tau?
I mean I remember seeing that somewhere, and Breeding right management goes hand in hand with a low population, whether it's the cause or the solution.

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Ah sorry.
So it was a Commisar, but still.

Out of curiosity, is the "Y" slit for females, "I" slit for males a canon thing? Spoken or unspoken doesn't matter. As long as there are no males with Y's or vice versa, the argument can hold.

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Hey hey now. Calm down.
I like Lore and theorycraft of all sorts.
Just because it's related to sex is just an an added bonus.

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I just figured that concern for low population would create a more "free love" environment then one that mandates getting a warrant in the first place. But then, I don't live in the 41st millennium.

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No, the sterilizing was in a single ending to dawn of war, which isn't cannon last time I checked.

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If you're talking about Dark Crusade (again), it specifically mentions that the people they sterilized were actively rioting and attempting to kill Tau off after the Tau took the over.

There's other evidence that otherwise humans have the opportunity to live fairly normal lives, at the least, they have had standing Gue'Vesa auxiliaries for a while and it's unlikely they captured all of them.

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Breeding restriction is to keep breeding from going between castes. The tau system is built on eugenics that have been cultivated over the past thousand+ years, so any mixing of the castes would be disastrous for their current government.

Gue'vesa aren't considered an official part of the caste system, and regardless, are genetically incompatible with tau, so breeding isn't really an issue. Your average gue'vesa is far enough from actually taking a bite of the blueberry pie that it isn't really covered by laws.

Correct me if I'm wrong at any point.

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The breeding program via ministry of propagation the was only mentioned in the Fire Warrior novel and no where else. It's effects on Tau population were never discussed.

The population problem bit was mentioned in the Tau in the 6e Tau dex. It was brought upon by the constant wars and hunger of the Tau empire for growth. The Tau are redeeming this issue, according to the dex, by seeking planets with huge alien populations and including them into the empire to fuel the growth and defense of their growing nation with immigrant alien hands.

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as I said, you're autistic

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>Out of curiosity, is the "Y" slit for females, "I" slit for males a canon thing?

The Y slits were never said to be indicative of gender in any lore piece about the Tau. Fans just assume it to be.

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Well yeah, I assumed as much, since Tau social life and biology has hardly anything on it, despite the dozen dusty tomes on the organs that go into a Spehz Muhreen.

I'm mostly asking if there's anything that can deconfirm it. Even if it's a Tau Snowflake's Model having an opposite slit then the gender it's confirmed to be.

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>end of a crab claw
Fucking Pleb...

Yes... yes...

I know, right?
If it wasn't for the other Daemons always kicking our shit in, we would have won this war millennia ago...

Fucking Androidals...

>Palette-swap Rei
Fucking Casuals...

>So that would mean, by all logical definitions, that any given blueberries with tits are Milfs.
...And this is bad how?

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>...And this is bad how?
Some people like their big-titted blueberry waifus to be pure and untouched.
But it's not really a complaint, just an attempt at observation.

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>Some people like their big-titted blueberry waifus to be pure and untouched.
>Not giving your Blueberry waifu cow-tits through your own touch
Do you even Slaanesh?

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>I'm mostly asking if there's anything that can deconfirm it

Well, the female Ethereal from the Xenology book has an ''I'' slit.

Though, most people dismiss that book for whatever reason

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Huh. I see a lot of Ethereals with an "I" slit.
Do you think the caste is part of the determining factor on the slit?

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because of that
because the illustration and the description do not match
because unreliable narrator

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Thanks, I was pretty happy with it.

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With more dakka

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Equipped to destroy.

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I like this one a lot

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Unfortunately, she only likes guns. She REALLY likes guns

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doubleteamed by two sweaty beefcake spess muhreens

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So is she incredibly lucky?
Since Orkz think blue is a really lucky color.
Is she kept around because she's a good luck charm?

>> No.33305552

that was a good weekend

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Essentially. Also because the Freebooters who looted her are a little...odd.

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>tfw no firearm-loving communist xeno to take to the firing range daily for fun

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Her dildo is another gun
I'm not making this up.

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One of those rare moments where /tg/ is struck with fevered inspiration spawned a whole bunvh of kooky orks and this one tau girl. Read up on em, they're a lot of fun.

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I hope you're into shaming, she'd laugh at your pitiful moist nugget

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>All these heretics
>that feel when gay
Talk about most loyal guys.

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That's super cute.

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The Gayer Good has something for you degenerates too.

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Being a lover of designing firearms, I now wonder if I can make a .22 LR dildo gun with a squeeze-activated trigger and perhaps a helical magazine that wraps around the outside of the gun.

It'd need to be a rather linear setup which would be interesting for shell ejection, it'd need to push out the front, hmm.

>> No.33305869

>It'd need to be a rather linear setup which would be interesting for shell ejection
Hers had the good fortune of being energy based.

I wonder if it heated with overuse...

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What, gross blue skinned cunts? Catachan men all the way.

>> No.33305895

What is that, a picture of an epic army?

>> No.33305897

I always liked her pet squig.

>> No.33305926

It could basically just eject them into a tube on the side, which then pushed them forwards with the return of the bolt each time, possibly past a ratchet to keep the casings from blocking the eject. Then they'd just slowly spill out near the muzzle at the base of the dildo, F2000 style.

I have had wondered about energy weapons, they're slightly tricker to design mostly because I don't know the effects of what I'm using. Have wondered the effects of electron guns on targets...

She'd laugh because I don't have any guns at all.

>> No.33305961

>Not having any guns
But if someone breaks into your house, how will you shoot them?

>> No.33305986

still not as neat as Mr Drone

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Why do the Tau have 80s hair?

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>> No.33306008

I gotta make do with what I have at hand.

Not my choice to not own anything but what I'm getting is worth it.

>> No.33306010

it's like that's an ridicolously uncommon occurance i, civilized countries!

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I gun them down, trash their belongings and throw their young in the fire.

>> No.33306040

Even Xeno likes the squig better, anon.

>> No.33306042

Only Torchstar does cause she's the best.

>> No.33306051

That's only cause she just met it. If you asked her who's her favorite critter, she'd say Drone.

>> No.33306096

Sounds like sour grapes to me

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I just attempted to design a full auto .22LR dildo for a fictional girl of a race that doesn't exist.

What am I doing with my life.

>> No.33306171

Looks like the face of a piss-poor wannabe Imperial Knight.

>> No.33306190

>implying the plastic knights came first

I don't know if that's just a terrible failure of a joke or if you're just new and ignorant.

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God dang it I just fapped minutes ago. I'm getting out before I try to double fap within the half hour.

>> No.33306276

Ehh part of the problem is FW put the chest piece so it is leaning forward and looking down slightly which makes it look kinda dumb.
Also the riptide / R'varna came out before the new knight kits.

>> No.33306294


God dang it I just fapped minutes ago. I'm getting out before I try to double fap within the half hour and really drain dry.

>> No.33306345

Nawww, only kidding. I bleed the younguns for every drop of blood. It brings more favor from big K.

>> No.33306346

I don't hate this (actually I think it's worth mentioning that over time I decided that I don't even really hate tau like I did back in the late 2000's) it's vomit inducingly cute but also it puts a different light on the orks, like in a universe filled with only war why wouldn't there be a couple good-guy-ish orks? The one thing I hate about the new codex (well I might hate a lot more later on) is orks really should be allies of convenience with almost everyone, except for tyranids of course, they would only be desperate allies

>> No.33306365

go ahead anon

>> No.33306377

first i smear inequality and fear on my genitals, then i stand behind a space marine

never fails

>> No.33306385

There needs to be more fluff about this.

>> No.33306390

They aren't even really good guys no more than Deff Skwadron are, you just see everything from their point of view, which is childish and fun. They might wipe out a whole planet and take everything of worth, but they had quite the larf doing it so it's all okay.

>> No.33306418

this is how I would like to do tau, just not sure where to go from there

>> No.33306474

Maybe something about Mad Jak Krumpkill?

Actually Churchill would make a great Ork. Always brought his choppa, was flamboyant and didn't want the war to end

>> No.33306496

Usually I kill them brutally. Rip their guts out, that sort of thing.

>> No.33306500

>Mad Jak Krumpkill
Yes, this needs to be a thing.

>> No.33306541

The thing about the Orks is that they love fighting so much they're always liable to betray their "allies" out of pure boredom. They can barely work with other orks without descending into a free-for-all.

>> No.33306543

in a weird way I just like the idea of orks that don't kill non-combatants because... they don't even make good target practice, I mean the little ones are ok cuz dey small but then they start cry'n n' scream'n, it's obvio's where dey is... it's like, jeez if you arn't even going to play just go teh fuck home n' suck on ya momma's tit's why don't ya? ya fug'n mammals.. >:`[

>> No.33306558

Xenology is, in-universe, written by a madman. It's unreliable.

>> No.33306579

Dey's like grots but dey's not funny.

>> No.33306584

By being sexually mature when you're like, 5.

>> No.33306592

>new warboss

Give me back my side gubbinz.

>> No.33306601

"They poop crystals, crystals I say!" "There's a fortune to be had in them craftworld sewers!"

>> No.33306622

Ponsy gits can't stand to put up a good scrap. Stomp 'em good.

>> No.33306637

He is also credited with the last killing of a soldier in war time with a longbow (and arrow).

He was in a bell tower or something and a German squad was approaching, so he turned to his squad mates and went something like "I'm going to kill that German with an arrow" and he did.

He's pretty damn crazy. Cool, but crazy.

>> No.33306642

Ethereal, idk still thinking about how to get that same aesthetic feel, I have thought about high elf archers for bits but it doesn't quite work perfectly, need to think harder... bleh

>> No.33306666

Where are the chubby and up Tau?

>> No.33306702

Crazy doesn't even begin to describe it, he was a shitty leader who got his whole command killed by giving off their position and making the mortar team's job easy by sustained bagpipe playing.

I mean, Orky as fuck, but nothing to swoon over or respect.

>> No.33306703

I knowz! at least grotz dont takz it so grok-damn personal w'en ya try 'n kill 'em, hummie n' blues young'ins whine n' scream so much ya think dey was a squig caught 'n a spike pit!

>> No.33306704

fuck off

>> No.33306711

Render unto me female tau of the earth caste

>> No.33306712

Old fluff had them enslaving entire planets because it's easier to get dakka fer da WAAAGH from a planet you own than a planet you don't, so really it just depends on which ork you run into.

I imagine the Scraplootas would probably be on the more merciful side, due to their brutal cunnin and the fact that they're mercenaries and killing your customers is bad for business.

>> No.33306715

They're right here, O Chosen of Slaanesh.

>> No.33306730

>Well, the female Ethereal from the Xenology book has an ''I'' slit.
It also had toes.

>> No.33306736

Good lord, this chart has everything

>> No.33306742

Earth Caste tau are built to work and farm. They aren't chubby so much as built with a workin' gals hips n thighs.

>> No.33306746

I dunno if I like the Fire Caste more for the GIRL ABS, or the Earth Caste more for the HIIIIIPS.

>> No.33306751

including what nobody wants

>> No.33306756

Samefag; I also suspect the one on the far right is the Tau's attempt at reverse-engineering Space Marine gene-seed.

>> No.33306760

There's gotta be a middle ground.
Is there a lava/magma caste?
If not, can we make one?

>> No.33306778

I actually thought that was supposed to be Shadowsun seeing that I remember her height being like 7feet

>> No.33306782

Combat engineers?

>> No.33306786

Possibly the most relevent thread to ask it in...

I'm going to be playing a RT game soon using the Firewarrior Class (With humans stats/lacking tau racial traits) for an Ex-Gue'vesa (The game is running in a version of the setting with a bit more Tau in that sector than normal).

The idea is that they grew up on a Tau controlled world...and defected to a Rogue Trader Crew when they got a sight of just how much force the imperium can apply to a planet it doesn't like. Sure, it's a primitive cannon compared to a Tau weapon...but there is a lot of them and they are very very large.

What would the mindset of someone who grew up on a Tau-Controlled planet, without learning about the Imperium more than propaganda be like? What sorts of things would be a completely new concept to them?

So far, I'm working on them being professional, tactical...and completely dismissive of 'Melee' as a viable way to solve a fight. After all, what is there that could get close to a fireteam with guns? They see how battle works less as 'WW1 IN SPACE WITH DEMONS' and more 'Modern Shooter/SWAT game'. It's all about cover, slicing the pie, flash and clear and being a bit tacticool.

That and very naive about anything to do with the Warp in general and dismissive of the Imperial Cult being THAT important. I mean, it's not like it's the Greater Good, just some primitive faith that smart people outgrew.

>> No.33306793

More at HIPS and ABS, but they can do that too.

>> No.33306800

There are fire caste girls with larger hips and more toned earth caste

>> No.33306810

She just looks taller because she's in a battlesuit.

>> No.33306822

This is where Mary Sues like everything past Air Caste on >>33306715 lie. Proceed at your own faggotry.

Why not just take both like fucking seriously. Even Mexican lolis have that shit figured out.

>> No.33306827

>> No.33306831

Because it's taking both and stuffing them into one, of course!

>> No.33306888

it's the Samus effect

>> No.33306898

and yeah, that's what I think would be cool... yup... any body else... nope, ok i'll go back to /jp/ now

>> No.33306906

By killing the xeno filth

>> No.33306921

Fuck you
And fuck Sakamoto too

>> No.33306973

>The ice princess
>uses meltas

>> No.33306979

Apparently the Death Korps of Krieg had a run-in with the Rising Sons chapter.

>> No.33306984

Ice Princess refers to her demeanor, not her weaponry. It's not like there's a cold-based weapon out there, and if it is, it's not available to the Tau.

>> No.33306991

40k wise I thought about using kroot as human auxiliary (using knowledge of the imperium to sneak around, and because kroot aren't all that killy in cqc game) but other than that I have nothing worth mentioning. also psykers, blanks, and faith in the emperor giving you protection in general would probably blow there fucking minds, along with the them not having regulating inquisitors, so there isn't much knowledge regarding the imperium that is inherently forbidden, so it's perfectly reasonable that they would know things the average imperial citizen wouldn't, they might even look at space marines as fucking horrible abominations, not that much different from a dark eldar grotesque

>> No.33307036

>no one does anything interesting with there fire warriors
>just want someone to prove me wrong

pro tip: you can't ;_(

>> No.33307051

How about making them into something that's not a stereotype? That would be neat.

>> No.33307057

This gives me an idea for a campaign.

There's this preacher in a backwater world who speaks about loving each other and oneself as much as the Emperor loves them, somewhere between a Christian evangelist and Mr. Rogers.
The Inquisition sees this as a perversion of the hate-filled, hate-based, and hate-obsessed Imperial Cult, so they send Acolytes to assassinate the preacher and or instigate a riot so they can justify the use of multiple simultaneous Exterminatii.

Here's the shocker, Mr. Rogers is a Tau plant recruiting worlds for the Greater Good, the Inquisitor is a Khornate agent who wants the blood to flow.

It'd be a good contrast. Imperials always say the Emperor protects, but have they ever said the Emperor loves you?

>> No.33307125

What do you want?

>> No.33307129

are you really giving me shit for thinking of choosing a japanse theme in a game with the 'middle eastern' imperial army and the 'american' imperial army and the 'russian' imperial army and the 'german' imperial army and the ect.

>> No.33307146

I give them shit as well, placing more emphasis on making your character a character and not a bag of tropes.

>> No.33307154

I mean fuck. I'd even settle for something based on Cold Fusion as a power source, but not even that.

>> No.33307184

I don't include them. Ever.

>> No.33307203

I really don't have a perfect idea yet, but I really do want to make the fire warriors stand out from the out of the box version, I like the models well enough but they really lack a certain custom touch, it could really be as simple as a paint job
*pic related
I do have some empire bitz from fantasy but I'm not sure putting feathers all over every thing would look very good

>> No.33307228

The issue is that Firewarriors are based on modern infantry, which prize uniformity, group cohesion, and unit-based success rather than the IG's more eclectic approach.

>> No.33307255

The only right answer.

>> No.33307264

look I understand the hesitation to resort to making "the tau/imperial guard version of 'x'" but sometimes I think that can be a really go place to start, for example chaos dwarfs wouldn't be the weird kinda bizarre/lovable mess that they are with out some turkish (and maybe timuridi?) influences, and I'm still kinda fishing for ideas

>> No.33307315

They don't live 30 years. It's more like 50.

They live less than humans who aren't in complete squalor which is about 65.

>> No.33307350

I still feel like there is a lot of room to make different types of soldiers, specialized for certain roles maybe, but obviously done to give them a unique look more than anything else. I mean just mgs 1 art (hell I could just throw a bunch of shemagh scarfs every were if I was call of duty lazy)

>> No.33307380

They do or they don't. Depends how cunning the warboss is and how well he can keep his boys restrained enough to capture slaves and not kill them. But even then they're constantly beating up the slaves, either for fun or because they don't realise that humans can't handle that. Except for specific slaver orks who do.

Read the start of Gunheads, it features an ork captive.

>> No.33307416

Are they just Draenei with no horns and head vaginas?

>> No.33307419

You know, if they're all supposed to be Americans, why are they using FAMAS F1s rather than M4s?

>> No.33307428


>> No.33307445


Somebody shoop that sign to say No Tau Allowed.

>> No.33307449

If I recall correctly, it was regarding a Fire Warrior in full armor, and thus sexual dimorphimism of any kind would be difficult to determine in something that heavy.

>> No.33307462


The FAMAS is not normally used by any U.S. special forces, since their standard issue weapon is usually the M4A1. The FAMAS was most likely chosen for the game due to the its blocky design being easier to render with the PlayStation engine, much like the SOCOM. The M4 has a more cylinder-based design, which would have been difficult to make with a 32-bit 3D graphic system.

>> No.33307513

Yeah, full body armor is not very flattering.

>> No.33307525


>> No.33307527


Pffft, whatever yoohoo, you just need to get on my level, good to go, devil dog?

>> No.33307549

same reason everyone used the P90 in late 90's and the XM8 in the early 2000's, when the game came out every asshole and his mom thought that would be the GUN OF THE FUTURE!
fun fact the berrett m82 is the only sniper rifle that any one has made or used for the last 20 years

>> No.33307552

Ethereals live considerably longer than any other caste. Though even non-Ethereals can live longer than the about 40 years that is average Tau lifespan. Puretide was 60-somethign when he retired, and lived for several decades after that, albeit with the help of life support gear.

>> No.33307562

The P90's still a really good gun, it just lacks relative range.

>> No.33307564

The Inquisition will take care of your xeno problem, baby.

>> No.33307581


Am I the only one who thought the XM8 was hideous? The FN2000 and ACR are also pretty popular and fugly (inb4 Bushmasterfags). The G36 was super popular too and it's also ugly in a similar vein.

The only carrying handles I will ever like are M16 family and FAMAS.

>> No.33307595

Dey'z good eatin' tho.

>> No.33307602

yeah but a mp5 or a m4 is something every one already has, the scar is also got more dakka but vegas odds are you won't see the army completely replace there guns for every solider, or really even just most soldiers. Me thinks it's a money thing

>> No.33307627

They want something that blows everything else out of the water. The stopping power and range of a Garand and the everything else of the P-90.

>> No.33307640

the m16 is the SEGA genesis of guns, every time I see a tacticool m16/m4 I just think of this fucking mess

>> No.33307645


Is the Garand really still relevant? Isn't it like .30 or something like that? Those rounds are worse than the 5.56

It would have been great to see the look on the Germans' faces when the Garand first entered service though.

>> No.33307646

The only Tau character identified as female (Shadowsun) is decipted with the Y slit, while every male character has the I slit, so it's likely a gender thing but has never been confirmed.

There is also mention in the Deathwatch book about sterilisation of a part of the population being one of the methods used by the Tau to keep the potentially rebellious human population on the annexed worlds in Jericho Reach within manageable levels. Jerich Reach is bit of a special case, tho, being located far from the Tau Empire proper (their usually expansion strategy involves annexing worlds bordering their empire; in Jerich Reach they're testing if they can also take and hold worlds further away from their sphere of influence), so they have limited manpower availeable to deal with insurgency, especially since they're also locked in a war with Imperium and Tyranids. Generally Tau want a large amount of auxillaries as they bring additional manpower for the relatively small Tau Empire (indeed, even in Jericho Reach the human worlds that willingly joined the Tau rather than being conquered by force are treated well and have very little Tau involvement in governing)

>> No.33307650


>> No.33307666

>cylinder and magazine well
>extending the magazine makes it automatic


>> No.33307679

Said book also has said Ethrereal drawn with toes instead of hooves, so it's likely that the artist wasn't very familiar with how Tau are supposed to look.

There are some other weird things as well, such as Eldar apparently having no bodyfat or bodyfat analoques, despite female Eldar clearly having breasts (and in case of that one banshee from the 3rd edition codex, dem hips), and DE Haemonculi specifically being mentioned as having no bodyfat since they've replaced most of their unnecessary biology with drugs, poison and extra dicks or whatever (implying that regular Eldar do have bodyfat as othervise Haemonculi removing all of theirs isn't noteworthy).

>> No.33307680

Not really relevant, but the size of the round makes it less likely to overpenetrate, which is a problem.

>> No.33307684

looks orky as fuck

>> No.33307687

>Taushit thread becomes /k/ thread.

Better than expected

>> No.33307688

Meh, not enuff flashy bitz.

>> No.33307725

>not muh 40krap
You faggots can be insufferable. Someone likes shit you don't like, so you just bitch and bitch and bitch. If you aren't going to add anything of substance to the thread, shut the fuck up and continue hot-gluing all your space marines.

>> No.33307741

whut the fuck man he didn't even say anything that bad

>> No.33307745


Haha, get fucked oompa loompa boy

>> No.33307753

The average Tau player, ladies and gentleman.

>> No.33307759


Taufags are way worse than marinefags in every way except playerbase size.

>> No.33307768

He's bitching, that's bad enough.
I don't play Tau, faggot, I used to, and I still pay attention to this stuff, because it interests me, but you're still a shit for complaining about it.
I disagree, because the marinefags are the ones who start the most vs threads.

>> No.33307776

>I disagree, because the marinefags are the ones who start the most vs threads.

>> No.33307781

>The average 40k player
>The average 14 year old

but seriously I saved this picture with the file name as is about a year ago. Now I'm actually really interested in a tau kill team, and maybe even a army at some point

>> No.33307783

>not wanting to cuddle

What a frigid-cunt...

>> No.33307793

The Ethereal here isn't very accurate, though. Have you seen the Ethereal models that aren't fully robed (such as Aun'va's bodyguards, or the one guy with the dumbells)? They're really buff for Tau. Femal Etherals would be musclegirs. Old and wizened looking musclegirs, but still.

On a related note, I can't decide between Earth and Air Caste girl. One has dem hips, but the other is really tall and graceful-looking. For practical reasons Earth Caste probably wins out, though, I mean Air Caste can't even handle prolonged exposure to 1g gravity without a pressure suit. Poor thing would probably break a bone if you a smuch as held hands.

>> No.33307798

Most countries use their own special rifle.

>> No.33307804


Most of the posters in space marine vs. threads try to argue that 40k marines would lose. There was even someone saying "starcraft marines and 40k marines are the exact same".

You also act like zerg vs. tyranid threads don't exist, or X vs. Chaos Gods/Emperor or Y vs. 40K.

>> No.33307812


Any more ideas for this?

>> No.33307815

it seems to me like everybody grows out of tau hate at some point, it's like hating somebodies else favorite band because it's not 'x' enough

>> No.33307823

well that's not what video games from the 00's taught me

>> No.33307835


I grew into Tau hate because fuck Tau.

>> No.33307850

I argue they are the exact same because starcraft/warcraft were originally licensed warhammer games, and starcraft spess murenes were just 40k ones with the serial numbers filed off.
It's like arguing over if hobbits are stronger than halflings. They're the same thing, one's got a slightly more generic name.

>> No.33307864

yeah did you pick that up from the twenty something year olds at your hobby shop?

>> No.33307870


If hobbits were pumped full of steroids and were taller and twice as muscular and wide as halflings, yes, they'd be stronger.

You're a fucking idiot for thinking terran marines = astartes, and you're even more of a fucking idiot for thinking Blizzard didn't alter the IP whatsoever after GW pulled out.

>> No.33307882

No, it means they're close enough.
If you like, I can pull out the fluff text that says a land raider is slower, worse armored, and worse armed than a Abrams.

>> No.33307883


If somebody hating on something is stupid, you're even stupider for hating on somebody for hating on something. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. You're just a butthurt faggot.

"“Critics who treat 'adult' as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence."

Every adult you've called a kid has laughed at you for years, because I know that's how long you've been making stupid posts for.

>> No.33307891

>hur dur RT not being able to into real world specs means 40k = Starcraft

You are really retarded. There have been clear canon examples of terran marines being too weak to lift objects while 40k marines can.

>> No.33307953

actually I was saying you were probably just being a faggot because a bunch of older dudes told you too, my deal is your aren't really explaining what you hate about tau, also I'm entitled to my opinion that clive lewis and chronicles of narnia blow dick

>> No.33307986


Even if people spelled it out for you, would it change anything? Nobody's here to convince you to not like Tau.

And honestly, if you can't figure out the common reasons people hate Tau, which have been repeated dozens of times on /tg/, I can see why you'd be stupid enough to make the posts you're making.

People hate things for a reason, even if that reason isn't apparent to you. It's not like it's one random person, it's a huge portion of people.

>> No.33308045

Good... good...

>Why not just take both like fucking seriously.
>Because it's taking both and stuffing them into one, of course!
Both are pleasing to Slaanesh!

>There's this preacher in a backwater world who speaks about loving each other and oneself as much as the Emperor loves them, somewhere between a Christian evangelist and Mr. Rogers.
>It'd be a good contrast. Imperials always say the Emperor protects, but have they ever said the Emperor loves you?
Hell, this is standard procedure for my Daughters of Peace cultist working on Imperial worlds, just with more MILFs and gender flipping where applicable.

Needs more hip and chest enunciation, possibly to the point of exaggeration...

Not if we send in our Deathgarian attack squads, they won't!

>> No.33308064


>> No.33308121


>Old and wizened looking musclegirs, but still.
Well the old and wizened skin might be because of Ethereal's vastly increased life span...
I've had an idea now for a while of an Ethereal who, due to her vanity, has up-kept youthful skin, but her rather un-voluptuous body has left her an Eternal Loli...
...A problem she has turn to the Ruinous Powers for a solution to...

>> No.33308239


Different Ta'u contingents, I like they're called Shas, are specialized in different theaters of combat. You can play that up.

Also I really dig the blood bonded groups of Firewarriors. A bond that goes beyond military, and they carry their symbol knife into battle.

I think they key to making Ta'u cool again, is play up the Ta'u Empire as a much more multispecies Empire. Beyond the Ta'u you see many other alien species as part of their Empire, including humans as the Gue'vesa.

>> No.33308299

Specifically Shrike and the Khan if I'm right.

>> No.33308304

>Different Ta'u contingents, I like they're called Shas, are specialized in different theaters of combat
I thought a "Contingent" of Tau are called a "Tio've," Shas is the Fire Caste.

>> No.33308317

Tri-clit hypersensitive nervous system that does poorly under pain.

And of course, Tri-clit Tripod futanari which gets even more confusing if fully stacked.

>> No.33308356

>Tri-clit hypersensitive nervous system that does poorly under pain.
I like...

>And of course, Tri-clit Tripod futanari
And then you ruined it...
Points for creativity though.

>> No.33308368

>And of course, Tri-clit Tripod futanari
And then you ruined it...
Points for creativity though.

>Implying I ruined it

Look up Tri-clt on the archives, we had a most wonder discussion and the effects of a Japanese massage roller on Tau tr-clit, and the things you can do with three dicks in close proximity.

>> No.33308381

I'm just saying you're being a dickblister for something you could have ignored. Now, I could have ignored you, but you decided to fag up the thread, for no reason other than "not muh cup of tea", and while I might not be above being petty myself, I didn't go out of my way, you stuck your dick in the pudding, and I'm calling you out on it.

>> No.33308425

>anon on /tg/ doesn't like futa

Do you even praise Slaanesh? It's entrylevel, yeah, but that doesn't make it bad.

>> No.33308468

Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?

>> No.33308475

I thought the tau couldn't breed between castes.

>> No.33308496

This is 40k, it's pretty magical realm, whatever you want to be your canon, is canon.

>> No.33308550


I remember reading that Kojima wanted weapons that looked and sounded like fantasy guns -- FAMAS bullpup, SOCOM pistol, PSG-1 rifle... they all sounded pretty unrealistic back then.

>> No.33308628

The best part of that quote is imagining it being said with a prim and haughty British accent.

>> No.33308668

I imagine such an individual would be much like a college freshman, bright-eyed and optimistic, believing everything he's told (because it's all he's been told) and knowing in his heart that if everyone just did their part, the galaxy could change for the better! None can stand in the way of the greater good!

Naturally, joining an Imperial RT crew would shatter his hopes and dreams, but given that the Greater Good is all he's ever known, there would probably be a cognitive disconnect between his bedrock presuppositions and reality.

Solid characterization could come from the character trying to reconcile the dichotomy, adapt to the reality of the Imperium or even sinking into obstinate denial and madness.

>> No.33308883

> This is how I ethereal.
Old and wise is fine too, though.

>> No.33308939

Oh right, loose and ambiguous fluff and all that.

Well then, time to make ogryn marines.

>> No.33308965

>mfw this is how Tau females actually look like (the left one)

>> No.33308997


>> No.33309020

love some of the old concept stuff

>> No.33309095

>liking anything but 1 and 2

>> No.33309109

yeah why not, make something crazy if you can find rules you would want to use for it (already reminds me of zoats)

>> No.33309165

It's a shame they abandoned all the flavor and dirt.

The Tau really need to be dragged through the mud a few times before they can look like they belong.

>> No.33309183

anybody have another race from the tau empire the want to model up? kinda like the tarellians
(plus lizardmen in space)

>> No.33309199


>> No.33309204

>> No.33309219

yeah but that's a choice the player can still make when painting and converting there units, I like the bottom left one a lot because i think it would look cool to have a larger symbol painted across all the armor, also tattoos and cybernetics would probably go along way

>> No.33309254 [SPOILER] 


>> No.33309281


>> No.33309322

>tfw the golden age of /tg/ porn has ended.

>> No.33309341

You're gonna carry that weight

>> No.33309344

> how Obama/Feinstein think guns work.jpg

>> No.33309346

The porn continues, anon. It just isn't posted as often or as visibly.

>> No.33309419

I'll try to refrain from posting more shitty versions of the pictures you extract..... but in your professional opinion is that more 'deal with it' or 'dat ass' ?

>> No.33309432


>> No.33309475

I think it may be more a 'dat ass" picture actually.

>> No.33309508

it's also mediocre

>> No.33309514

Hence why it's not the golden age of it anymore.

>> No.33309529

yeah i see it as >>33309281 goes with >>33309204, the dark angle has my favorite expression though, lots of personalty under that helmet you can tell

>> No.33309563

dark *angle..... fuck

>> No.33309864

You mean furries vs manga fans, right?

>> No.33309902


In the ass.


For the Emperor, of course. Rape is always for the Emperor.

>> No.33309941

>mfw weeboo fags only believe in whichever cannon it suits them

>> No.33309982


Refer to this >>33308965

>> No.33310045

>things you can do with three dicks in close proximity.
But dicks are so boring, all they do is get stiff and want to be rubbed...
Now tri-clit prehensile tentacles...

But I'm a Daemonette crystallized around concepts of female superiority and motherhood, phallic is practically my anathema!

Which is what makes it so awesome!

How about LADY Ogryn marines?!

...Or having a Norm Queen Zoat Sororita into her personal infiltration force...

But we shall continue this legacy regardless!

>> No.33310244


I'd love to see models for Galg someday.

>> No.33310257

>LADY Ogryns
I actually remember somewhere that ogryn ladies were pretty opposite of male ones, they were supposedly pretty good looking. Don't remember where that was though.

>> No.33310322

I only saw them mentioned in Cain, where he notes that Jurgen was only hit on once, by a pair of drunk female Ogryns

>> No.33310341


And other sources say that the Tau let Guevesa worship the Emperor all they want so long as they don't try to purge people and they put the Greater Good first, and that Sterilization is only used on populations that continue to be difficult so that a rebellious society doesn't grow too large to keep in check.

40k canon contradicts itself sometimes, film at 2, 7, 11 and 28.

>> No.33310360

how do you detect every single /tg/ post that could be related to fetishes no matter where it is?

Do you have a greasemonkey script or something?

>> No.33310456

>how do you detect every single /tg/ post that could be related to fetishes no matter where it is?
It is my gift and my curse...

...Also I have no life, so the constant browsing of /tg/ allows for a greater chance of coming across a particular type of post.

>> No.33311066

He is the fetish whisperer.

The savant of smut.

The prophet of porn.

The lord of lewd.

...okay, I'll stop.

The shaman of cheesecake.

>> No.33311121

Oh man, that's some Morrowind shit right there. It's a shame.

>> No.33311282

daaaaammmmnnnn that's actually a really good observation

>> No.33311342

>Shaman of cheesecake.
The sounds of "sh" and "ch" in that example are completely different to a native English speaker.

Where are you from? Sweden, perhaps?

>> No.33311409

now it kinda reminds me of tau armor

>> No.33311429

>The lord of lewd
But I wanna be the Lady of Lewd...

Chieftain of Cheesecake then?

>> No.33311465

I knew it wasn't completely the same sound, but I figured, eh, close enough.

>> No.33311566

>The Ethereal here isn't very accurate, though
I agree, a correct ethereal would be a musclemilf who everyone wants to fight for. However, that chart lacks the fat fetish mary sue faggotry, so prefer it.

>> No.33311623

Looks like the whole Y-slit for females thing was always meant to be a thing.

>> No.33311647

Am I the only one who wants the average one?

>> No.33311651

Them angry blue dwarf dudes.

Oh, and the pancake bears.

>> No.33311692

WST have brought about a Smut Renaissance of sorts. Its mostly written stuff, but they have a good few drawfags involved too.

>> No.33311777

It's fanart. Just look at the filename, Technomancer did it.

Pic related is GW concept art, from WD262.

>> No.33311803

And the other page.

>> No.33311831

>However, that chart lacks the fat fetish mary sue faggotry, so prefer it.
Wait, what?
How is the tubby one a fat fetish Mary Sue?

...Which one is the average one?

>a Smut Renaissance of sorts
This should be the next thread sub title...

>> No.33311844

2 or 8 please, preferably 8

>> No.33311887

>...Which one is the average one?
The one waving. I don't know about tau caste.

>> No.33312105

I could go for 1-2 and/or 4-8, preferably all at once.

Well that is a tough question, since >>33306715 has far more than >>33306742, which has a female fitting for every caste...
The first four from the right of both are Earth, Fire, Water, and Air Caste respectively, but the additional four in >>33306715 don't match the established physiques of any caste.

>> No.33312309

that is still somehow a pretty big improvement to me

>> No.33312843

I remember seeing a fan-made artwork on a female Ogryn and it being pretty hot (large breasts on a muscular, but still noticeably feminine frame). Wish I knew where it went off to.

>> No.33313552

Far right is Shadowsun. Not sure about the rest. Blue haired one could be a young Ethereal, if the skin was a bit greyer.

>> No.33313801

>Far right is Shadowsun
Not true at all.

>> No.33313878

Well, yeah, it's not official art Shadowsun, it's Shadowsun through a fapfilter. But art still has her standing roughly as tall as a space marine.

See: >>33305520

>> No.33314051

took a powersword to the chest, surprised and sorta impressed she's still alive after Voltoris

I mean I wasnt expecting GW to kill of Shadowsun or anything, but its still pretty damn impressive

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