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Welcome to Grimtale University. An institution of learning for mythical creatures deemed too dangerous for the outside world where mermaids, vampires, werewolves, various oni and yokai, banshees, elves, succubi, orcs, leprechauns, gnomes, necromancers, ogres, yetis, blemmyes and even incubuses reside. But the headmaster, The Antichrist, has decided to do a little social experiment. He has enlisted you, a young Succubus Hunter who hunts the succubi with not only his blade and dual pistols, but his dick as well. Your life is dedicated to ridding the world of these evil creatures and you begin your true hunting days right here, at the Grimtale University....
But first, what shall be your name, o great Hunter of the Temptresses of the Night?

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Dick Hardcheese

>> No.33212743

Roland Pravisk

>> No.33212756

Thade Tempestfowl

>> No.33212758

Donte obviously. Full name is Donte Obviously

>> No.33212759

Mahky Mahk

>> No.33212775

Fist RockBone

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Samefag pls. Your mascara is running.

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Stump BeefKnob

>> No.33212848

Big McLargeHuge

>> No.33212889

Eduardo Martinez

>> No.33212890

Thade Tempestfowl or Dante Obviously. First to 3 votes wins

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Bob Johnson

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Starting the quest off with a wonderfully faggy name, regardless of who wins.

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I agree, both those names are garbage

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The samefag for the name vote is amusing at least.

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Maybe it could be a plotpoint later on that those name are completely made up and the succubus hunter has a different real name.

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Ok then, if you guys have a problem with the names, suggest some names yourself and keep throwing out names and votes for names you like. In order to keep the thread of falling off, I'll also add all the names suggested to the final votes.
Dante and Thade both have 1

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>We could've been Big Mclargehuge

And now I must weep.

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Sigh, Thade Tempestfowl. Just to help you get started and survive the initial phase of begigning a quest.

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I like this one
Or this one >>33212743
Throw my vote toward either

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You want a guy named after his ability to devastate chickens.

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>> No.33213093

I made the name, it's supposed to be like 'Chad Thundercock' but not.

>> No.33213108

Thade Thundercock is a name I could get behind. because I sure as fuck don't want to be in front of it

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This one

>> No.33213129

I vote for Thade Thundercock

>> No.33213132

A fair compromise.

>> No.33213154

You make a name OP, only way to end this chaos.

>> No.33213160

Thats three.

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>> No.33213189

Thade Thundercock (I love it, thank you to who suggested) will be the name of the great hunter.
Before we begin, you must also go through another voting process name. Name the blade and dual pistols

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Big Mclargehuge


>> No.33213216

>thinly veiled cheesecake quest

I can dig it

>> No.33213234

Dual pistols are Dire and Straits

>> No.33213251

If we're going to base all the names around sex then I guess his sword should be called "The Boner".

>> No.33213264

Name the blade Ashkandi.

>> No.33213267

Make that two for Big McLargehuge and Dire and Dire and Straits

>> No.33213282


Nutcracker and Floodgate

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>> No.33213346

And name the guns Benediction and Anathema.

>> No.33213407

Let's go with this combo

>> No.33213478

The sword shall be called The Boner. The pistols, Dire and Straits.
Let's begin.....
You have one single backpack as you observe a large, rainbow colored bus with spikes coming out of the sky. The sky is ominous with its pink and black glow. You feel the otherworldly atmosphere illuminating around, the doors of the bus open up. You see a plethora of creatures around you, a couple of long haired guys with fangs and intense eyes, a couple of sniveling orcs in the back whispering to each other and laughing and coughing, a huge ogre sitting by himself, sadly looking out the window. This will be your company for the next few years.

Where do you sit?
A: By yourself
B: Next to an obvious succubus
C: The lonely-looking ogre
D: A yeti sitting with his arms crossed who seems like a cool guy
E: A pair of gnomes bantering

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>D: A yeti sitting with his arms crossed who seems like a cool guy

Now hear me out. We're going to be knee deep in succubutts shortly. Bros are the thing that'll be hard to come by.

>> No.33213526

Ogre, let's make some buddies

>> No.33213541

D: A yeti sitting with his arms crossed who seems like a cool guy
Awwwww yissssss! Yeti bros!

>> No.33213546

>B: Next to an obvious succubus
"Hey Foxy Mama, You smell kinda pretty. Wanna smell me? Hoohah!"

>> No.33213586

>B: Next to an obvious succubus

>> No.33213594


>> No.33213610

>B: Next to an obvious succubus
>C: The lonely-looking ogre
Sit between them, but only if its a girl ogre.

>> No.33213626

>D: A yeti sitting with his arms crossed who seems like a cool guy

I can't help but vote for puns

>> No.33213642

>B: Next to an obvious succubus

First target?

>> No.33213645

>A: By yourself
Don't want to draw too much attention unless you've had some time to observe.

>> No.33213646

>B: Next to an obvious succubus
Time to hunt.

>> No.33213650

We need to be Johnny Bravo with guns.

>> No.33213651

>D: A yeti sitting with his arms crossed who seems like a cool guy

>> No.33213659

You approach the Yeti.
Thade: What's up, bro?
The Yeti turns his head sharply and smiles at you
The Yeti: What's up, dude?
Thade: Just hanging in here, is it cool if I set down?
The Yeti: For sure man
You sit next to him and he kind of smells but he's a Yeti so it's natural.
Thade: I'm Thade. Thade Thundercock.
Yeti: I'm Shine Hugetoes. My friends call me Shine.
Thade: Well it's good to meet you Shine. I'm just glad I can make a friend without getting killed! I do look rather human...
Shine: Yeah you do smell kind of human but you have the aura about you. What are you?
What do you tell him?
A: I'm a vampire
B: I'm an incubus
C: Tell him straight up. I hunt succubus.
D: I shapeshift.
E: Uh....

>> No.33213683

>C: Tell him straight up. I hunt succubus.

>> No.33213697

B: I'm an incubus
C: Tell him straight up. I hunt succubus.

>> No.33213698

C, no need to lie

>> No.33213716

>C: Tell him straight up. I hunt succubus.
With my dick

>> No.33213723

Admit that you're human, don't tell what you hunt. Lying about your species might get you in trouble later on.

>> No.33213747

There is a succubus in the room.

>> No.33213760

Which just means we're accelerating when we're going to show her our Boner.

>> No.33213774

Oh boo hoo, give her a wink while we tell the yeti about our occupation

>> No.33213797

We're here at the behest of the Antichrist for a social experiment. Little point if we just try to hide who we are.

>> No.33213826

I think I know where you got the idea for this quest from.

>> No.33213857

You should use the discarded names from earlier as NPC names, that'd be neato in my opinion

>> No.33213889

>Big McLargeHuge is our rival

>> No.33213892

You drop your eyes the ground.... you want to be honest because he seems like a really nice guy.
You whisper into his ears
Thade: You heard about The Antichrist's new idea?
Shine: Yeah bro I think it's a great idea, a secret human! What a good experience for the human
Thade: Yeah well I'm that human.
Shine turns his head back and is visibly shocked, he nods and grins.
Shine: I'm really happy you're so straight up with me man. I respect it. What is it that you do?
You subtly point at the beautiful succubus sitting in front of you staring at the window and make a throatcutting gesture.
Shine does a big booming laugh and slaps you on the back, it draws a couple of looks from people.
Shine: You're alright, Thade!
Shine whispers into your ear
Shine: Your secrets safe with me, my dude.
You breathe a sigh of relief.
You step off the bus and arrive at Grimtale University. It looks like a huge city! You're simply amazed at the grandness of it all. While your group of 20 or so people are off the boss you are greeted by a young but maturelooking succubus who seems to be in charge. Of something. She introduces herself and her name is Victoria and that she will be leading you to your dorms. Yeti bumps you on the side and you both grin. You also notice Victoria looking right at you...
Your lead to the dorms with no events really happening and the time has come for you to choose your roommate. You have been selected to go second. The roommates are also co-ed.
Who do you choose as your roommate?
A: Your bro Shine
B: The succubus girl on the bus
C: The trio of gnomes bantering on the bus
D: The lonely, sad ogre
E: The strange looking guy with a sombrero and eye patch

>> No.33213922

Eduardo Martinez must be secured as a friend

>> No.33213941

>B: I'm an incubus
>C: Tell him straight up. I hunt succubus.

Deadly combination.

>> No.33213954

>B: The succubus girl on the bus

>> No.33213955

>A: Your bro Shine

A place with no drama to rest, plus someone who understands when we bring home all the bitches.

>> No.33213968

>B: The succubus girl on the bus

Nothing can go wrong.

>> No.33213980

>B: The succubus girl on the bus
Why not?

>> No.33213981

Shine. Call me a suspicious person, but I'd rather be near him just he doesn't intend to keep the secret or is bad at keeping secrets.

>> No.33213991

Time to fuck on the bus?

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>> No.33214013

The samefags are angry they've been denied for this long

>> No.33214028


>> No.33214037

Whenever someone says that, something goes wrong.

>> No.33214045

It'll be amusing when this blows up in their faces, though.

>> No.33214155

You pucker at your lips and smile and look right at the shy but gorgeous succubus girl and you point right at her, make a gunshot finger gesture and wink at her. She blushes. You stick your tongue out while no one is looking.
The two of you make small talk while you're setting up your room.
Thade: So what's your name?
Succubus girl: M-my name is Therese....
You nod your head and smile: That's a pretty name. I'm Thade. Thade Thundercock.
She flirtatiously smiles and says
Therese: Pleasure to meet you, Thade.
Thade: The pleasure is all mine.
Her shygirl/flirty persona change didn't fool you for an instant. She's just like her sisters, a demon, a creature, something you will not only with your dick but with your Boner as well. You think about slashing her throat and putting the Dire Straits in her eyes, you get lost in your fantasy....
Therese: Um.... Thade?
Thade: Oh sorry, just got lost for a bit.
Victoria walks in the room,
Victoria: Sorry to interrupt you two but the class selection is starting.
You walk with two succubi around your arms all comical and flirtatious. You look at a huge white paper covering the walls. You have to select 3 classes, morning, day and evening.
What is your morning class?
A: Arts and Crafts
B: Field Frolicking
C: Finding Your Destined One: Succubus 101

What is your day class
A: Gnome Moviewatching
B: Intermediate Necromancy
C: Hunting with the Yeti's

What is your evening class?
A: Self-Defense
B: Powers of Seduction
C: Nightswimming

>> No.33214170

>B: The succubus girl on the bus

>> No.33214193

C and A, respectively

>> No.33214217

whoops forgot about morning class, A why not. C and A were for day and evening

>> No.33214229

>B: Field Frolicking
>C: Hunting with the Yeti's
>A: Self-Defense

>> No.33214240

C: Finding Your Destined One: Succubus 101
C: Hunting with the Yeti's
B: Powers of Seduction

>> No.33214329

B: Field Frolicking
C: Hunting with the Yeti's
A: Self-Defense

>> No.33214344

>C, C, B

I'm curious about what the first C is about, and B might help to raise defenses against the succubi.

>> No.33214365


>> No.33214372

You sign up for Field Frolicking, Hunting with the Yeti's and Self Defense. A natural combination for you. You're informed that the classes start tomorrow.
As you're walking back to your dorm to see what Therese is doing so you can potentially have sex with her you hear a voice.
Spanish accent: Hola, Thade Thundercock

You turn around and hear an acoustic guitar playing with a strange looking guy with a sombrero, an eye patch and a handlebar mustache.
Thade: It's the dude from the bus. How do you know my name?
Sombrerobro: I know many things, Thade Thundercock.... Allow me to introduce myself, Me llamo Eduardo Martinez.... vampire.
You shake hands with your new friend.
Thade: Good to meet you, Eduardo.
Eduardo: Si.... you as well, mi amigo.... I'm having a little gettogether in the hunting fields tonight.....
Would you like to come?
What do you do?
A: Accept, let's party!
B: Decline, better get some rest.

>> No.33214395


>> No.33214397

>A: Accept, let's party!

And we're the main dish

>> No.33214408


>> No.33214418

He smells that you're human. Don't go.

>> No.33214440

All I'm hearing from you is CLUCK CLUCK CLUCK

>> No.33214470

what part of thunderCOCK don't you understand?

>> No.33214505

You accept.
Thade: Hell yeah! I'm there amigo!
Eduardo: Muy bien..... I will see you there, Thade Thundercock.

You got some time to kill until the party.
What do you wanna do?
A: Try to get some face-time in with your hot RA Victoria
B: See where Therese is.
C: Take a nap
D: Go smoke some weed with Shine
E: Go hunting
F: You decide

>> No.33214529


>> No.33214532

>A: Try to get some face-time in with your hot RA Victoria

>> No.33214546

F: Get ahold of some anti-vampire equipment. If the party is sincere, we're fine. If the party isn't we're prepared.

>> No.33214552

I'm down for this

>> No.33214562

>we're fine
>Show up to a party weighed down with stakes, crosses and garlic

Yeah, I can totally see everyone being fine with this

>> No.33214573

Hide those in a dufflebag or under our cloak.

>> No.33214585

What if we made garlic bread

>> No.33214592

>D: Go smoke some weed with Shine
Maybe he wants to go to the party too

>> No.33214617

This isn't a bad idea, it would be good to have someone we know as backup in case things turn sour, less conspicuous than most other methods of preparing for the worst too

>> No.33214681


>> No.33214741


and a bit of A.

>> No.33214801

You decide to chill and get nice and toasty with Shine for a little while, you knock on his door and he opens it and you both at the same time, pull out a bag of weed. You guys are ripping the bong, smoking joints, joking, eating snacks, listening to music and just enjoying each others company, but the subject of the matter still needs to be discussed.
You mutter in a hazy stupor...
Thade: Yo.....
Shine turns his head and giggles and says
Shine: What's up dude..........
Thade: I need... *cough* I need you to.... I need you to come with me to the Hunting Fields tonight I don't trust that fancy sombrero dude he's obviously *cough*
Shine: Oh you mean Eduardo? Nah that dude is harmless. I mean he may be a beast who exists solely off of sucking blood and the life out of people but he seems kinda nice to me man...
Thade: Regardless you should come with me.....
Shine laughs and says
Shine: Whatever you say bro....
The two of you step out of the dormitory reeking of marijuana, cheese nips and iced tea and people are giving you looks. You're blowing people kisses and Shine is growling at them. What a couple of jokers. It's about that time to go to the party but when you step outside you notice a number of scenes.
What do you wanna step into?
A: The Gnomes having a rap battle
B: A trio of succubi having an argument
C: An incubus coming onto a werewolf girl
D: None of them, head right to the party
E: Go introduce yourself to the stunning redheaded mermaid

>> No.33214834

>E: Go introduce yourself to the stunning redheaded mermaid
Someone we don't have to kill after we bone her.

>> No.33214835


>> No.33214885

B: A trio of succubi having an argument

>> No.33214901

So we've got one companion just in case though no specialized preparations. Are Vampires and Werewolves mortal enemies in this setting? If yes then I would suggest trying to get the werewolf girl to come to the party. She may be willing to help us if things turn violent.

>> No.33214921

You are one seriously paranoid guy, anon.

>> No.33214943

>E: Go introduce yourself to the stunning redheaded mermaid

Mermaid on land?

>> No.33214974

I prefer the term, genre savvy.

>> No.33214994

>B: A trio of succubi having an argument

>> No.33215005

Yeah, we are going to die if we aren't prepared.

>> No.33215020

>E: Go introduce yourself to the stunning redheaded mermaid

The three bitches are totally hashing our mellow

>> No.33215060

She's surrounded herself with a water shell of course.

You picked up a cross along the way just in case it gets dicey.
You observe 3 bombshell succubi quarreling over boys.
You nudge Shine's shoulder and say
Thade: Yo here's my chance! Back me up, dude!
Shine: Alright alright don't get ahead of yourself
You approach the trio and turn on the charm
Thade: Ladies, ladies what is this about?
The purple haired one is going on about finding her Destined One and how the pink haired one stole him from her. The black haired one is attempting to get them to calm down and drop the situation.
Who do you side with in the argument:
A: Purple hair, she has every right to be upset!
B: Pink hair, it's hers for the taking
C: Black hair, let's just keep the peace.
D: Invite them to the party so all 3 of them can relieve some stress
E: You decide

>> No.33215082

>D: Invite them to the party so all 3 of them can relieve some stress

This will in no way blow up in our faces

>> No.33215116

Eduardo is gonna be upset because his small social gathering has gone way over his head, but I can't wait for shenanigans

>> No.33215117

D: Invite them to the party

>> No.33215141

>D: Invite them to the party so all 3 of them can relieve some stress

>> No.33215148

It's not a party until it's a completely out of control riot

>> No.33215226

Thade: Hey I have an, idea.
Pinkhair, that bitch cuts you off and says
Pinkhair: Yeah what is it?
You don't like her sass, your blood boils and hatred runs through your bones like an ages-old rivalry. You enjoy the tension and take a silent deep breath.
Thade: Me and my boy Shine are going to a party in the Hunting Fields right now. You ladies in?
All three go at the same time
Pinkhair, blackhair, purple hair: Yes!
Shine suspiciously eyes that weird anime-esque chirp-along and three potential targets and your main man travel along to the party. Night has fallen and you already see big bright lights at a big, green field. You have arrived at The Party.
The three girls all run off to go have fun and Shine says he has to go discuss something with his Yeti brothers, seeing as how they own The Hunting Fields. You are left alone at this great big rager, you must find something to do.
What do you do?
A: Walk over to the Gnome Rap Battle
B: Walk over to the Kappa Drum Circle
C: Go hunting
D: Go approach Eduardo
E: You decide

>> No.33215259


>> No.33215291

>C: Go hunting for Eduardo

>> No.33215316

>C: Go hunting

Hunting, eh? Werewolf random encounter, I'd guess.

>> No.33215320

Why would we kill Eddy

>> No.33215342

He's saying he wants gay sex, anon

>> No.33215408



>> No.33215433

We brought a stake.

>> No.33215439

>D: Go approach Eduardo

>> No.33215452

>All these faggots in a quest about succubi

This is awesome

>> No.33215463

You have not forgotten the earchewing, mindnumbingly painful screech of the succubi. You rub your eyes a bit and go for a little walk, hoping that a lonely succubus girl is being a creature of deception and ugliness somewhere alone.
You go far, deep into the woods. You notice some Yeti brothers hunting and shouting with glee, you smile brightly. Reminds you of Shine.
The dark greenery surrounds you with various noises, making it a monster amazon jungle, blooming with atmosphere and suspense.
You hear a voice say
Female voice: Hi.
You turn your head sharply and its Purplehair.
How do you approach Purplehair?
A: Feign shyness and nervousness
B: With aggression and intent to kill
C: With charm and slyness
D: Run away

>> No.33215489

A, bitches love that shy boy shit

>> No.33215505

>A: Feign shyness and nervousness
She'll eat that shit up. Then she'll eat us

>> No.33215534

>B: With aggression and intent to kill
>B: With aggression and intent to kill
>B: With aggression and intent to kill
>B: With aggression and intent to kill
>B: With aggression and intent to kill

>> No.33215564

you forgot the pic

>> No.33215587

Remove Succubi.

>> No.33215595

Dude, chill. We'll put a stake in something tonight.

>> No.33215617

A: Feign shyness and nervousness

we draw her in and gut her later

>> No.33215622


>> No.33215623

>implying eduardo won't put a stake in us.

the anons want it

>> No.33215693

Thade: O-oh.... hey..... hey you....
She flips her purple hair and her huge purple eyes illuminate in the night sky....
She slowly walks toward you
Purplehair: You know..... I've had my eye on you.....
Thade: O..... oh..... have you? That's nice....
Purple: Mmmmm.... I like you.... say.... whats your name?
She starts to kiss your neck and is feeling your pants up. You know what to do so you let her do her thing for a bit.
You start to feel her up and shes breathing slowly and heavily...
The two of you start to kiss and you bite her tongue...
She lets out a slight moan but you feel your energy slightly going down...
What do you do?
A: Slam her head into a fucking tree
B: Keep going
C: Tell her she should stop
D: Ask her if she wants to get any of her friends in on this action

>> No.33215718

>D: Ask her if she wants to get any of her friends in on this action

Dick before reason.

>> No.33215733

B, we get her while she's least expecting

>> No.33215747

>A: Slam her head into a fucking tree.
Remove Succubi.

>> No.33215761

>B: Keep going

>> No.33215776

>A: Slam her head into a fucking tree

No losing levels tonight.

>> No.33215795

>B: Keep going

>> No.33215804

>A: Slam her head into a fucking tree

>> No.33215810

>A: Slam her head into a fucking tree

>> No.33215890

>Tries to 'hunt' a glittery vampire dude
>Flat out attempts murder on a succubus chick feeling him up

Gayest thread on /tg/? Gayest thread on /tg/.

>> No.33215917

>C: Tell her she should stop
I'm not fond of having my strength drained but I'm not sure about the repercussions of killing when we're here on behalf of the Antichrist. Best use caution until we find out.

>> No.33215929

That vampire aint glittery. He's full of machismo, SeƱor

>> No.33215939

>B: Keep going

>> No.33215972

Our Pa' told us all about the evil Succubi and what to do, nice try anon.

>> No.33215983

Thade: Wrong move, sweetheart.
Purplehair: Huh....?
You grab her face and slam her into a tree with absolutely ferocious strength.
You notice a clan of Yetibros forming far behind you.
Purplehair: What..... how? Who.... are you?
You lick the blood of your thumb and then spit it out.
You start to walk around her.
Thade Thundercock: My name....... is Thade. Thade Thundercock. The Slayer of Succubus, The Tempter of the Temptress. I travel across these lands, helping others, loving others and slaying YOU!
You point your finger at her and she gasps.
Thade: I am only a young lad.... but I know your kind. Your kind is an absolute injustice. You exist solely to deceive, you give women a bad name, you use sexuality to manipulate others. I do this to rid your kind out of existence, I do this for the hopeless guy with no confidence wondering why girls don't want to be with him. YOUR kind is the reason. As long as you your kind exists in this world, I will be here to rid you haggardly bitches!
You hear Shine say
You hear massive roaring and cheering from the Yetibros.
Thade: Stand up.
She gets up and lunges at you, you parry her attack and she slides across the field. She jumps to attack you, a foolish move.
What do you do?
A: Bullet in the mouth
B: Dire Straits in the eyes
C: Boner decapitation
D: Slash her throat

>> No.33216002

>C: Boner decapitation

>> No.33216014


>> No.33216027

Keep our distance and shoot at her. She doesn't have any ranged attacks while we have range and melee.

>> No.33216051

>C: Boner decapitation
Lead in with Way of the Boner, before taking her by surprise with Boner Riding the Wave. Finish her with a brutal Boner Slides Among the Rushes.

>> No.33216076

Flawless Victory.

>> No.33216079


>> No.33216103

C: Boner decapitation

>> No.33216117

I think I should point out that "The Boner" is literally the name we gave his sword (I'm using the literal definition of that word).

>> No.33216133

I am aware of this.

>> No.33216139

>C: Boner decapitation

Silent kill

>> No.33216182

So we're the guy who brings justice for wizards?

>> No.33216213

You slash off her head with the most relative ease.
You let out a deep breath and you hear an absolutely enormous roar of victory from Shine and the Yetibros.
Before you know it, they swarm you, throwing you up in the air singing "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow"
You also stand on top of their hands while they chant and you hold up the Purplehair's severed head up to the moon.
It's a beautiful moment that almost moves you to tears.
You're introduced to some of Shine's brothers in his clan, the Hugetoes, Love, Bliss and Peace.
Love: Brother Thade, have you enrolled in the Hunting Day class?
You scratch your head and smile and say
Thade: Actually yeah as a matter of fact I have.
Their cheering and boisterous roaring makes you jump but you love their unmatched enthusiasm.
You walk with your new brothers back to the party, placing Purplehairs head on a treebranch.
What do you decide to do now?
A: Sing victory songs with the Yetis
B: Approach Eduardo
C: Go up to Pinkhair and Blackhair who are searching for their sister
D: Talk to the cute mermaid girl

>> No.33216234

>B: Approach Eduardo
Have him stake us

>> No.33216244

D: Talk to the cute mermaid girl
Nothing like a good ole fashioned succubi execution to get you hard as diamonds

>> No.33216251

>C: Go up to Pinkhair and Blackhair who are searching for their sister
We may have already gotten in trouble with the Antichrist for committing murder on school grounds. Might as well go big or go home.

>> No.33216253



>> No.33216256

>D: Talk to the cute mermaid girl

If mermaids doesn't suck lifeforce, then she can suck something else.

>> No.33216273


>> No.33216275

>A: Sing victory songs with the Yetis
Leave the other two, they were all 3 seen arguing which makes the 2 left alive the prime suspects for purple's murder.

>> No.33216278

>inb4 siren

>> No.33216286

D: Talk to the cute mermaid girl

now there's a girl we can settle down with, none of those demon skanks

>> No.33216291

>C: Go up to Pinkhair and Blackhair who are searching for their sister
Lure one alone into the woods. Shoot there eyes out.

>> No.33216299

>wants to settle with a literal cold fish

>> No.33216318


>> No.33216426

You fistbump your bros and do a courteous nod to Eduardo while you walk across the fields of bonfires and loud music.
You go up to a mermaid whose beauty just blows your mind (and makes your nana hard).
Thade: Must be fun just staring at a bonfire alone.
The mermaid laughs and smiles at you and says
Mermaid: Well you know what they say, to be most comfortable with ones self is....
You stare at her as she is trying to finish what she's saying but she says
Mermaid: Oh nevermind forget it. Just generic philosophical blabble. I'm just entranced by fire is all.
After staring at the fire longingly for a bit she turns to you and says
Mermaid: What's your name?
You're surprised she asked you first and you say
Thade: Oh uhhh my name is Thade. Thade Thundercock. What's yours?
Mermaid: Ariel.
You spill out your drink and start to laugh.
Ariel: Yeah, yeah laugh it up.
You're starting to choke on your drink.
Thade: I'm.... I'm sorry. Your name is literally Ariel.
Ariel: My parents always thought it was funny to be unnecessarily cruel. So where you from Thade?
What do you say?
A: From your moms fishtwat and run away laughing
B: I'm from the Otherworld
C: Under the sea
D: A terrible forsaken place you should never visit
E: You decide

>> No.33216459

>E: A little town

>> No.33216466

E. Say you don't wanna talk about it. Probably better to say that then a definite place so we don't get tripped up later

>> No.33216475

>C: Under the sea
We should do a dance number

>> No.33216492

>D: A terrible forsaken place you should never visit

>> No.33216509

>D: A terrible forsaken place you should never visit

>> No.33216513

>E: don't want to talk about it

>> No.33216524

+1 crawling in my skin

>> No.33216525

D: A terrible forsaken place you should never visit

>> No.33216553

E: The land of Teegee

>> No.33216579

Is that real or is it photo-shopped? I hope it's real because its awesome.

>> No.33216585

Thade: A terrible, forsaken place, you should never visit....
Ariel: Ooh how terrifying! But I can't imagine it's any worse than being oppressed by the oceanic patriarchy.
You can't decide if you wanna leave this chick alone and let her be neurotic and sexy or if you should check your privilege.
What do you say?
A: Say you gotta go cause its about that time and all and give her a kiss on the cheek
B: Ask if she wants to go skinnydipping
C: Bust out a musical number
D: Start to flirt with her

>> No.33216607

>C: Bust out a musical number

>> No.33216628

C: Bust out a musical number

>> No.33216638

>D: Start to flirt with her

Jesus, these options are all so assholish.

>> No.33216643


>> No.33216648

>D: Start to flirt with her

>> No.33216673

>Everything is so assholish
>Just murdered another student

Ya think?

>> No.33216675

C so much C

>> No.33216713

D. Please no C.

>> No.33216719

>C: Bust out a musical number

The asshole train has no breaks.

>> No.33216752


>> No.33216764

>B: Ask if she wants to go skinnydipping

>> No.33216808

Thade: Hey you know whats green?
Ariel: Clovers?
Thade: No... I'll tell you what green.
Thade: The seaweed is always greener in someone elses lake....
Ariel: Oh come on
Thade: You dream about going up there but that is a big mistake
Ariel: I hate you so much right now.
The music starts to play
Thade: Such wonderful things surround you, what more is you lookin for?
You bring your face right up to hers
Ariel: Is this actually happening...
You bust into full musical number
Darling its better, down where its wetter take it from meeeeeee
Up on the shore they work all day
Out in the sun they slave away
While we devotin'
Full time to floatin'
Undah the seaaaaaaaaaa
Fireworks reign in the sky.... and Ariel embraces you with a big hug.
Ariel: I'm impressed by you, Thade.
Thade: I'm impressed you're a redhaired mermaid named Ariel.
Ariel looks at you with lusting his eyes
Ariel: So what do you wanna do now?
What do you wanna do?
A: Skinnydipping
B: Go in the woods, its sexy time.
C: Romantically carry her off to your dorm for some lovemaking
D: Say "PSYCHE!" and drop her on the ground

>> No.33216833

D. A hunter needs someone to come home to. Why not Red?

>> No.33216844


>> No.33216851

>C: Romantically carry her off to your dorm for some lovemaking

Succubutt will get horny and then we'll murder her too.

>> No.33216891

Go Skinnydipping and have sex in the water.

>> No.33216893

>C: Romantically carry her off to your dorm for some lovemaking

That was...goddamnit.

>> No.33216913


Cause if she eats flesh you wanna have Shine nearby OR because the cubi you pissed off will try to kill you and you can get brownie points saving/impressing Ariel.

>> No.33216937

>Chicks dig assholes: the quest

>> No.33217000

Just like real life

>> No.33217002

Thade: How about we go back to mine?
Ariel: Sounds good to me
She leans and whispers into your ear
Ariel: Everything is wetter under the sea after all....
You get her to your place unseen as quickly as possible and luckily no one is in the dorm. She starts to kiss you a bunch but then strangely pulls away...
Ariel: I.... have to tell you something?
Thade: What is it?
Ariel: If we are to make love I must reveal my true form. Fish face and top, woman bottom.
You will essentially be having sex with a fish.
Do you go through with it?
A: Accept
B: Refuse
C: Reject her gently
D: Mock her by flopping around on the bed like a fish on dry land

>> No.33217029

>A: Accept

A hole's a hole.

>> No.33217052


>> No.33217063

A: Accept
Dat ass, doe

>> No.33217073

E: "You have a mouth."

>> No.33217075

so she can't talk in that form... Perfect

>> No.33217076

A: Accept
Only reason not to go through with it is if her face is like a deep sea fish. If it's a swordfish or something sleek, that's pretty good.

>> No.33217101


>> No.33217106

/tg/ has the weirdest fetishes, I swear

>> No.33217113

>Not being a dolphin mermaid.
Why do this?

>> No.33217137

Thade: Well I think the fact you have to change forms during sex is rather.... fishy....
She punches your arm
Ariel: Thaaaaade! Oh my god.
Thade: I'm just kidding let's do this.
She reveals her true form and it's really not that bad. Kind of like a Zora from the Zelda series.
How will you start it off?
A: Fishilingus
B: Fishlatio
C: Poundtown
D: 69

>> No.33217166

Man this is getting weird, I can't wait to see everyone else fight over this option

>> No.33217173

Aww. I was expecting it to be the MGE mermaid where if you look closely, you can see that the mermaid has hips and therefore has a hard to see vagina.

>> No.33217174

>Those names

My sides have left the sea

>> No.33217195

>C: Poundtown

>> No.33217198

A: Fishilingus

>> No.33217218

E: Boner Decapitation

>> No.33217232

But that's option A

>> No.33217242

Oh you...

>> No.33217248

>Kind of like a Zora from the Zelda series.

Oh, not so bad then. Also, dat 4th wall being raped.


>> No.33217251

Mock her. Mock her until she's in tears. Then leave.

>> No.33217252

>A: Fishilingus
May as well get...
the water works started

>> No.33217288


>> No.33217292

I hate you so much.


>> No.33217360

Thade's Inner Monologue: They say when you give a chick the ol lickaroo, it tastes like fish. Now here I am... eating out a fishgirl humanoid....

You look up at her
Thade: You ready for me?
She nods her head like a fish swimming in the sea. You are holding back tears of laughter.
You eat her out for a total for 4 seconds and she begins to moan like a dolphin, you burst out laughing into her vajeen and the laughing makes her moan even more and she's all grabbing your hair.
Ariel: I'm gonna.... I'M GONNA INK!
What do you do?
A: Get inkblasted
B: Dodge her squirting
C: Try to pull out your dick do make contact with the ink
D: Give in and just lie down on the floor, uncontrollable laughter

>> No.33217394

>B: Dodge her squirting
That shit will not wash off, trust me on this.

>> No.33217451

>C: Try to pull out your dick do make contact with the ink

Inky aphrodisiac HOOOO.

Worst case scenario, our succubi-slaying mantool is stained black. Wouldn't that be hilarious every time we whipped it out on them?

>> No.33217467

D: Give in and just lie down on the floor, uncontrollable laughter

>> No.33217472


>> No.33217473

danmaku mode engaged
(graze, graze)

>> No.33217481

>Ariel: I'm gonna.... I'M GONNA INK!
>she begins to moan like a dolphin
>D: Give in and just lie down on the floor, uncontrollable laughter

>> No.33217482

>B: Dodge her squirting

>> No.33217487

>A: Get inkblasted

>> No.33217509

>D: Give in and just lie down on the floor, uncontrollable laughter
Give in to the option D

>> No.33217561

>B: Dodge her squirting

>> No.33217565

>B: Dodge her squirting

Alright, C isn't going anywhere, so I'll switch to B because D just seems cruel.

>> No.33217578

She inkcums and you dodge it Matrix style and just start to die of laughter.
In your fit of extreme laughter you observe her, grinning down at you, blushing...
Ariel: Can I please you, now that you've pleased you?
You ate her out for maybe 5 seconds and she came, this girl is a keeper.
You lie back down on your bed and pull your pants down and she puts your nana in her gills.
It feels unbelievable.
What do you do?
A: Push her head down
B: Just relax and skeetskeet in her gills
C: Ask her if she is ready for poundtown
D: Investigate the suspicious footsteps coming up to your door

>> No.33217593


>> No.33217603

>C: Ask her if she is ready for poundtown

Succubutt has seen worse, i'm sure.

>> No.33217610


+E. Try to make a quip about "saltwater".

>> No.33217636



Instinctively move toward the toward the source of pleasure.

>> No.33217651

C: Ask her if she is ready for poundtown

>> No.33217656

A: Push her head down

>> No.33217658

She wants the D.

>> No.33217659

what the fuck is even going on anymore?
holy shit this, a million times this.

>> No.33217675

Fishsex, impending succubus fight

>> No.33217692

>A: Push her head down

>> No.33217694

I think this started as another boring fetishquest and then went full shenanigans. Mighta been the OP's intention all along, though.

>> No.33217708

>C: Ask her if she is ready for poundtown

>> No.33217739

well i kind of want to see how far into the magical realm we can take this. anyone else with me?

>> No.33217763

You push her down
Thade: Yes............ water you doing with my dick....
She giggles and does a fish wink at you.
She keeps going until you want poundtown.
You have to take a deep breath to realize what you are about to do, missionary with a fishgirl. You begin to put it inside her until you hear what sounds like something dropping in front of you.
You turn around and see Therese with her hand over her mouth.
What do you do?
A: Ask her if she wants in
B: Panic and jump out the window
C: Just start fucking Ariel
D: Rationally explain what is going on to Therese

>> No.33217785

Nah. We had plenty of chances to slay succubutt but we kept avoiding it. The OP pretty much had to force one by randomly killing purple.

After we invited the triplets we would have avoided them for something else. Don't lie /tg/.

>> No.33217794

Fish can't wink, I'm calling bullshit right now

>> No.33217795

E: "... Sup?"

>> No.33217801

>C: Just start fucking Ariel
What? It's just fishsex.

>> No.33217803

A and C

>She giggles and does a fish wink at you
fish have eyelids?

>> No.33217805

A, C, and D, simultaneously.

>> No.33217823

E: Remove succubi.
Throw the fish at her while she is shocked. Shoot her eyes out. Fuck fish on her corpse.

>> No.33217830


C and D, followed by A.

That is, start fucking, but explain what's going on. And then ask if she wants in.

Prepare the Boner for action if she tries anything funny.

>> No.33217848

>B: Just relax and skeetskeet in her gills

This is surreal.

>> No.33217861

Shove it in her fishbutt

>> No.33217869

only in character option right here

>> No.33217880

Hi. Met at a party. She a M and her name is Ariel.

THen C. She is succi. She know this happens.

>> No.33217942

>C: Just start fucking Ariel


>> No.33217953

A, B, and C followed by B.

>> No.33217980

I gotta second this.

>> No.33218013

Please stop. If that was in character Therese would never have made it off the bus. This is not 40k.

And as much as I hate to say it Therese is looking like the OP's special snowflake. Never had sex, looking for husband, bad at charm skills, etc. The only thing a cubi should have shown there is shock that it is not her and he went for something else despite sharing a room with a easy lay.

>> No.33218014

Therese: Thade......?
Thade: Therese?
Therese: Thade?
Thade: Therese....?
Therese: THADE?
Therese: THADE!!!!!!
You take a deep breath
Thade: THERESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ariel is holding a pillow in her face because she is laughing so hard.
Therese: Want to explain to me HWAT is going on?
Thade: Its seems pretty obvious HWAT is going on, Therese.
Therese: Where'd you meet her?
Thade: At a party.
Therese takes a deep breathe.
Therese: Just.... I dunno. Don't make a mess or something.
Thade: Water you talking about?
You obnoxiously chortle and start fucking Ariel under the covers like a wild animal.
She's holding your arms and encouraging you during and she also is fond of squeezing your ass. She says she's almost there.
You are too. Where do you skeet?
A: On her fishface
B: Inside of her like a boss
C: On the wall
D: In her gills

>> No.33218030

>B: Inside of her like a boss
Fishbabies ho

>> No.33218033

>D: In her gills

>> No.33218040

B, incoming babby drama

>> No.33218049

>A: On her fishface

>> No.33218053

E: On Therese.

>> No.33218059

E: On Therese

>> No.33218061

>B: Inside of her like a boss

I don't even understand those other options.

Time for her to lay 10,000 fish eggs.

>> No.33218073

In her gills and make her sneeze it out on Therese

>> No.33218083

>B: Inside of her like a boss

>> No.33218084

Muh nigga.

>> No.33218094


to these



>> No.33218095

There is only B.

>> No.33218107

>B: Inside of her like a boss

>> No.33218128

>Episode 2 is renamed Fishbaby quest

>> No.33218133

I... fourth this i guess?

>> No.33218146

>E: On Therese

>> No.33218154

good, time for Thade to learn about the responsibilities of being a parent

>> No.33218165

Thade: Lemme bust my nana inside you
Ariel: If you say so... I already have birth control with me so you don't have to worry
You have a sudden realization. This chick brought BIRTH CONTROL with her to college. You find it suspicious and rather slutty. Regardless, you skeet inside her, it feels glorious.
She changes back to her beautiful mermaid form and wants to cuddle.
What do you do?
A: Accept
B: Decline
C: Ask if Therese wants to cuddle as well
D: Make endless fish puns

>> No.33218213

C all the way

>> No.33218225

>A: Accept
Mourne for the fishbabies that could've been

>> No.33218244

>C: Ask if Therese wants to cuddle as well
>D: Make endless fish puns

>> No.33218248

E: Cab fare and out the door.
"But I love on campus!?"
"Just take the money."

>> No.33218251


>A: Accept
>C: Ask if Therese wants to cuddle as well
>D: Make endless fish puns

>> No.33218254


>> No.33218265


>> No.33218280

succumb to overwhelming D

>> No.33218309

>A: Accept

I'm kinda pissed that Declines isn't option D

>> No.33218328

>A: Accept
Vanilla as fuck

>> No.33218377

You call out Therese's name
Thade: Hey!
Therese is in the bathroom doing girl stuff or whatever
Thade: Wanna cuddle?
Therese: Sure....
You must keep your guard up and get your head out of your ass. You could potentially get mindcontrol over Therese.
She hops in the bed with you and Ariel.
The cuddling is nice but Therese is sort of playing with your chest with her fingers, you're getting a boner and you reeeeeeeeeeally shouldn't murder your roommate (yet).
What do you do?
A: Kick Ariel out, try to slay Therese with the dick
B: Go back to the party
C: Fish puns
D: Fall asleep
E: You decide

>> No.33218414

Dive out the window.

>> No.33218418

>E: You decide
Round 2 of fishsex, this time with added therese

>> No.33218429


>> No.33218444

Fishpuns. Also murder. Kill them both. No witnesses.

>> No.33218460


>> No.33218466

>D: Fall asleep

>> No.33218492



have Ariel eat the succubut out while we take her fishy ass poundtown

>> No.33218508

This, we can use our boner later, our dick needs to be used now

>> No.33218515

Aye, as Fallout taught me, after sex is the proper time for murder.

>> No.33218543

Seconding this.

>> No.33218568

Also eat the corpses.

>> No.33218605


>> No.33218608

Blood for the blood god.
Do it, man. For God. They're horrid abominations and totally satanic.

>> No.33218645

Ariel reads the atmosphere and gets up out of bed...
Ariel: I really should go I'll see you later Thade!
She shuts the door before you even get to say anything.
Therese is running her fingers through your hair....
She's blushing and grinning and biting her lip, trying to seduce you...
Now is your chance.
What do you do?
A: Bullet in the mouth
B: Smother her to death with a pillow
C: Fuck her
D: Let her keep going

>> No.33218656

>C: Fuck her

>> No.33218666

D: Let her keep going
She's a noob

>> No.33218677

>A: Bullet in the mouth
We need a succubi pelt. We need to wear her skin as a cape.

>> No.33218693

B and C accually, fuck the pillow we can pretend that we're just rough

>> No.33218699

C. Fuck her

>> No.33218705


Let it play out. Seems to be more than just typical succy stuff going on.

>> No.33218709


>> No.33218713

If we kill everybody, we'll expose ourself. We need to below profile. Murderhobos pls go

>> No.33218719

>start of the quest: We have to be very circumspect lest they find out our profession

>> No.33218743

>D: Let her keep going

>> No.33218761

>D: Let her keep going

>> No.33218770

Shoot her. Remember our cause. Our motivation. Our destiny.
Y'know, to kill shit.

>> No.33218773

>This is not 40k.

I will just say it again. Besides. Living in a room with a succubus is perfect cover. She should be your LAST victim if anything.

>> No.33218787

We already kinda killed someone.

>> No.33218793


Let her keep going.

Hey, OP! What are our options, here, exactly? You mentioned possible mind-control?

All I've got so far are Boner, Dire, and Straights. All are methods of killing. That's all well and good, but surely a succubi hunter such as ourselves has other tools at our disposal.

>> No.33218812


this x1000


D, keep one hand on Boner

>> No.33218818

accually this guy has a point, no one would expect the guy living with a succubutt to murder them for a living, changing>>33218693
to fucking her without killing her

>> No.33218832

You let her keep going.....
She pulls off your boxers with her teeth and reveals fangs.
Thade: Whoa what the what
You put a gun to her head.
She devilishly laughs.....
Therese: So it is you......
You're in shock.
Thade: Tell me how you know, who you are or I will blow your fucking head off.
Therese: Relax, sweetheart. I'm not who you think I am.
Thade: Well explain who you are then, idiot.
Therese: This is simply a disguise to draw you out. I'm an agent hired by The Antichrist. I work for the Crusade of Vampires.
You let out a deep sigh.
Therese: I'm here to work with you, sweetheart. I can't stand these bitches either. My husband Darian became a slave to them and I have also been hunting them down.
Thade: Hold on a second, I'M the resident succubus hunter. Not you.
Therese smiles and says
Therese: That's perfectly fine. I'll draw them out, you hunt them down. We're a team.
You bump fists.
What do you say to her now?
A: Wanna go back to the party?
B: Wanna have sex?
C: Let's go to sleep.
D: This is a mystery I can really sink my fangs into.

>> No.33218836

>You mentioned possible mind-control?

>> No.33218851

Shove it in her butt.

>> No.33218868

>D: This is a mystery I can really sink my fangs into.
Cannot...stop...voting....for puns

>> No.33218869


>D: This is a mystery I can really sink my fangs into.

>B: Wanna have sex?

In that order.

>> No.33218876

>B: Wanna have sex?
This quest is going place.

>> No.33218899

This, rape the fuck out of her. Show her who's boss.

>> No.33218920


>> No.33218923

this is not Home Invasion Quest

>> No.33218931

>B: Wanna have sex?

>> No.33218965

The fucking puns man, seconded.

>> No.33218996

Thade: Do you... wanna have sex?
She facepalms and laughs.
Therese: Not tonight sweetheart, I guess I'm not really feeling it.
You shrug and decide to go for a walk.
What do you do?
A: Go to sleep and start your classes.
B: Hunt
C: You see something that resembles a sombrero, investigate
D: Do a musical number
E: You decide

>> No.33219020

C: You see something that resembles a sombrero, investigate

>> No.33219034

C, and then D if its in mariachi

>> No.33219049

>D: Do a musical number
Last time got us fishsex.

>> No.33219055

B: Hunt for Eduardo

>> No.33219072


C, sombrero-shaped objects are naturally suspicious

>> No.33219075


>> No.33219097

C, also ask Eduardo if he can lend us a sombrero

>> No.33219114

Is this a strange way to proposition for sex?

>> No.33219144

No but we should have one just in case

>> No.33219159

In the darkness, you see something that resembles a sombrero. It's probably Eduardo.
Your footsteps are confident but you feel a bit cautious and lo and behold it is Eduardo.
Eduaro: Hola!
Thade: Hola, Eduardo?
Eduardo: Como estas? What are you doing out on a night like this?
Thade: I've just had a really interesting night is all, decided to get some fresh air.
Eduardo tilts his head and walks up to you and smells you
Eduardo: I smell Therese on you.... must feel good to be shacked up with the purest of purebloods....
Thade: She's of noble blood?
Eduardo: Si. Her family is the head of the Crusade of Vampires. I can tell just by the look of you that she told you her true nature. Muy complicado.
The air grew thicker and the wind became more vocal
Eduardo: May I.... show you something?
What do you do say?
A: Sure thing Eduardo ol friend ol buddy ol pal
B: No thanks, I'd like to go to sleep and not be a complete cliche and get wrapped up in vampire drama.
C: Si senor, but first, why have you taken an interest to me?
D: Que?

>> No.33219194


>> No.33219200

C i swear to god if its something to shove in our ass or get us killed were cutting this guys head off

>> No.33219201

Be sure to ask for a sombrero after

>> No.33219221

>Eduardo: I smell Therese on you.... must feel good to be shacked up with the purest of purebloods....

Oh god we are NTRing Eduardo. [X] Genuflect

>> No.33219222

>C: Si senor, but first, why have you taken an interest to me?

[dickings intensifies]

>> No.33219250

>C: Si senor, but first, why have you taken an interest to me?

sounds reasonable enough

>> No.33219387

Thade: Si senor, but first, why have you taken an interest to me?
Eduardo laughs
Eduardo: Ah.... it is nothing ominous or eyebrow raising. I just want to help you, Thade Thundercock.
He steps closer to you.
Eduardo: I want to be an ally to you, like the Yetis are to you. They have fallen in love with you, made you a sworn brother, just for showing them kindness. Now I want to show you the kindness of the night.... Pase por aqui...
He puts his arm around you.
Eduardo: Don't be so nervous... I'm not going to kill you....
Thade: You just kind of give off that vibe Eduardo...
Eduardo: Si.... si.... I know
He walks with you, torch in hand.
Thade: Hey while we're at it, do you have any spare sombreros?
Eduardo: Si. I'll get you one when we reach the compound.
The Compound is deep in the forest, an extraordinarily comfy looking Vampire Forest Hut, laced with greener and gray linen.
Eduardo hands you a sombrero.
Eduardo: Pruebatelo.
You put it on your head, and they hand you their own stylized mirror.
Thade: I look like a fucking G!
A few of the women in the compound gasp at your profanity.
Eduardo: Come make yourself at home for a little while.
What do you decide to do?
A: Flirt with the noblewomen.
B: Go into the catacombs
C: Relax in the hammock and drink some "fruit juice"
D: Hang with Eduardo and sing songs

>> No.33219409


>> No.33219415

B were gonna go fuck around with some dead bodies

>> No.33219424

>C: Relax in the hammock and drink some "fruit juice"
This means we're sucking someone's cock, doesn't it?

>> No.33219433

Sing a song about the sombrero as you investigate.

>> No.33219450

>A: Flirt with the noblewomen.

"Ladies." -Tip sombrero.-

Loosen Dire and Straits in their holsters to simultaneously look impressive and ensure that they are ready if needed.

>> No.33219455


>> No.33219456


>> No.33219465

So are we Archer?

>> No.33219470


>> No.33219471

Oh shit if we don't have a Mexican Standoff at some point I'll be disappoint

>> No.33219524

But the only mexican is eduardo, and he is to bro to shoot. Although i guess shooting bandito succubi is alright. Accually we could have an entire other quest about that

>> No.33219580

>one of the teachers is Clint Eastwood-esque
>turns out to be an incubus
>mexican standoff near the school clocktower at high noon

>> No.33219584

I like to think of Thade as a Dante/Archer crossover.
You wanna get spooky.
You enter through the spider webs, and go inside the catacombs.
The rank smell and gloomy landscape impress you. You enter in and step on a crunching sounds.
Thade's Inner Monologues: Steppin on bones. Hope no one steps on my boner or I'll stab them with my Boner. *chortle*

You open a door and see a huge, vast area of, light, illuminating grey with black walls with the obvious hint of red. You keep walking and hear, weird noises from up above you. A gigantic spider falls from the ceiling.
But she is in the form of a beautiful woman with 8 black eyes....
Mother Spider: You...... you smell......different....
Her unsettling face is right up to yours.
What do you say?
A: Sing the Spider-Man theme
B: Great Mother, I have entered your lair out of curiosity, do you have any wisdom to offer me?
C: Flirt with Mother Spider
D: Ask the Mother Spider for a duel

>> No.33219594

>Now I want to show you the kindness of the night.... Pase por aqui...
>He puts his arm around you.

That's one way to put it

>> No.33219607

Mexican Standoff

>> No.33219617

>C: Flirt with Mother Spider
A spider is fine, too

>> No.33219623

only real choice

>> No.33219626


>> No.33219675

>B then D.
The advice would be useful. After that, ask for a duel and bet yourself. Whoever wins gets to be the dominant one in the after fight sex.

>> No.33219678

So is this Eduardo?

>> No.33219710

C, in a mexican accent, we're getting laid with a spider milf this time
needs more sombrero

>> No.33219714

>B: Great Mother, I have entered your lair out of curiosity, do you have any wisdom to offer me?

>> No.33219747

>C: Flirt with Mother Spider

It's not like there were any other options, right?

"I love your eyes. Let's fuck."

>> No.33219753

You raise your eyebrows and draw closer to her
Thade: Why? You like what you smell?
She hisses at you
Mother Spider: You..... you're a nasty boy..... I...
She does a contemplative hiss.
Mother Spider: Most people are in fear, or flatter me. But you, you come on to me.... like I am some schoolgirl....
Mother Spider jumps back onto a wall
Mother Spider: I have a proposition for you..... I want you to become my lifemate.... have my children.... you have no other obligations, but if you decline, I will put a curse on you...
What do you do?
A: Let's do this
B: Decline and get cursed like a bozo
C: Kill her
D: You decide

>> No.33219771


>> No.33219782


No other obligations? Fantastic.

A all the way

>> No.33219791

>A: Let's do this

Does anyone else feel like we kicked reason to the curb a dozen or so updates ago?

>> No.33219793

E: ...what exactly does this entail? Because I'm not into M-Preg.

>> No.33219801

>.... have my children
>have, not sire

Nope nope nope nope.


>> No.33219808

wait... what kind of spider is she? some eat their mates heads...
A if head digesting isnt part of it

>> No.33219833

"Well gee, I'm not big on commitment. What kind of curse is it?"

>> No.33219852


>> No.33219857

>A: Let's do this

>> No.33219876


>> No.33219902

Perfect! this is an eduardo i can learn the kindness of the night from!

>> No.33219926

You nod your head and start to get hype.
Mother Spider: Your enthusiasm....
She carries you to her massive lair in a dome-esque web.
You take off your clothes and she starts to bring her head to your nana....
Spiderlatio.... You're a little unsure
Mother Spider: Do not be afraid, Thade Thundercock....
Thade: Wait come on how do you know my name?
Mother Spider: You are my lifemate, I have seen inside your soul my love.........
Thade: Uh......
You shrug
Thade: Alright get to it.
The spiderlatio is intense but life-changing levels of good. You enter her and she lets out an intense gasp.
You keep thrusting, she brings her face, your face and her face with 8 black eyes touching in passion....
Mother Spider: My love....
You skeet inside her.
You pull out your nana and its covered in this odd black liquid.
What do you do?
A: Freak out
B: Play around in the web
C: Leave discreetly
D: Cuddle with your spidermate

>> No.33219942

He's actually a lot younger than that. He's a student at the school. That's like Oldass Eduardo

>> No.33219944

B and can we sing spiderman now?

>> No.33219946

Can't phase Thade Thundercock with mere strange liquid!

>> No.33219948

>D: Cuddle with your spidermate

>> No.33219954

Shout the spider-man theme at the top of our lungs and dive out the window.

>> No.33219963

You're really determined to do this window dive thing

>> No.33219968

That's his father, Fidel Martinez
Eduardo looks more like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite in my brain

>> No.33219983

not sure you understand how catacombs work my friend

>> No.33219993

>his father lost the exact same eye

>> No.33220001

>D: Cuddle with your spidermate
We're a daddy now.

>> No.33220005

i personally feel like hees more of a Zorro from the legend of Zorro or whatever the fuck that story was

>> No.33220023

Ritual sacrifice to the blood god, for wisdom like Odin.

>> No.33220042

"My son, you have lost your eye in battle as is tradition. Truly you are worthy to carry on the family sombero!"

>> No.33220068

Thade: Would you like to cuddle?
Mother Spider: Cuddle....?
You smile at her adorable aloofness to love and affection.
You jump down the web to where she is and hug her. She lets out a loving sigh....
She holds you in a loving embrace with all 8 legs
Mother Spider: It feels so good.... to hold you like this my love...
You smile, getting kind of tired
Thade: Mmmhmmm...
What do you do?
A: Fall asleep in Mother Spiders arms, start your first day of school
B: Leave, kiss her goodbye, tell her you'll be back and meet up with Eduardo
C: Do a nice, lullaby-esque version of Spiderman
D: Put your hand on her stomach, to feel the kicking of your spiderlings
E: You decide

>> No.33220086

>A: Fall asleep in Mother Spiders arms, start your first day of school

>> No.33220087


>> No.33220096

D: then B. Eduardo doesn't know where we are. Once we tell him what happened we will go do A.

>> No.33220101

>B: Leave, kiss her goodbye, tell her you'll be back and meet up with Eduardo

>> No.33220102

C and then B is probably the best choice, he brought us here for more then to just get laid

>> No.33220127


>C: Do a nice, lullaby-esque version of

>D: Put your hand on her stomach, to feel the kicking of your spiderlings

>E: Tell her you're looking forward to preggo sex

>B: Leave, kiss her goodbye, tell her you'll be back and meet up with Eduardo

In that order! Ask when she thinks she'll lay the eggs. A father needs to be there for that sort of thing.

>> No.33220160

the eggs are in our dick anon but yeah we need to see what eduardo wanted

>> No.33220191

>not even a comma
I laughed way too hard at this post

>> No.33220316

>the eggs are in our dick anon

>> No.33220319

You put your hand on her stomach, to feel the kicking of your spiderlings. You jump at the ferocity of one...
Mother Spider: Eager to live.... just like you, my star.....
You feel a genuine connection with Mother Spider.
You kiss her.
Thade: I must go. I will return though.
She smiles for the first time and says
Mother Spider: Farewell my love, our paths will cross again....
You jump through a web and are back into the area where you met her.
You go back to the entrance, open the door, take a couple of steps and everyone stops and stares at you. Some gasp, a few women faint.
A ridiculously good-looking male vampire mutters
Male Vampire: It's like he's a chick magnet....
Eduardo walks up to you, eyes in horror and says
Eduardo: Deus mio.....did you?
Thade: I did.
Eduardo laughs.
Eduardo: You are such an impressive person, Thade Thundercock. Now come with me, I must show you something.
He puts his arm around you. You are led past a corridor filled with candlelight and portraits of what seem to be noble vampires. Eduardo opens a door and all you see is an extremely dark room lit by one single candle.
Eduardo locks the door.
You turn your head around.
Thade: What's going on? EDUARDO?
Eduardo: Ahora...ahora.... do not be afraid......
You see a huge presence walking towards you.
You cannot believe your eyes...
It is the lord himself, Dracula.
You take a knee.
His white hand with sharp fingernails extends towards your face
Lord Dracula: Arise, my child.
You rise up.
Lord Dracula: I vant to give you my blessing....
What do you say?
A: Of course, Lord Dracula
B: Mock him saying "I vaaaaaant to suck your blooood"
C: What blessing

>> No.33220349

>B: Mock him saying "I vaaaaaant to suck your blooood"

>> No.33220357

Can't help it
Been replaying Max Payne

>> No.33220378

D and then immediately C while imitating eduardo's accent

>> No.33220381

>B: Mock him saying "I vaaaaaant to suck your blooood"

If it's really the man also known as Eduardo, he'll understand our brotherly humor.

>> No.33220382


>> No.33220384

Ask what the blessing is. Don't try to to say words in Spanish. You probably won't know what you're saying. DO NOT MOCK HIM. That's a good way to get yourself killed.

>> No.33220392

>A: Of course, Lord Dracula, I would love to take your daughter's hand in marriage.

>> No.33220393

B, followed by D. It's the only acceptable option.

>> No.33220404


>> No.33220411

C: What blessing

>> No.33220412

B. We're riding this trainwreck straight into the ground.

>> No.33220413

>I love you New Dad.

>> No.33220418

>We just fucked shelob

Son, Dracula ain't shit.

>> No.33220422

>That's a good way to get yourself killed.

We've already made best friends with a yeti, slain a succubus, fucked a mermaid, and fucked a dark spider queen. If we die now, we can die having lived a fulfilled and complete life.

>> No.33220442


>> No.33220444

Are we really going to abandon our incoming spider babbies? They need a dada

>> No.33220485

When do we get to sex a slimegirl?

>> No.33220495

You get cocky.
Thade: I vaaaaaant to suck your blooooood
You can hear Eduardo gasp.
Lord Dracula laughs
Lord Dracula: A daring child, I would normally strike you but of course I do not want to be trampled to death by a gigantic spider....
Thade: POR QUE? Hwat blessing?
Lord Dracula: The gift of immortality....
You become delirious and linecrossy with the Lord
Thade: Nigga if you turn me into a vampire I will fuck you up
Lord Dracula: Oh no.... no... I will simply give you the gift. You have our full support....but I warn you now.... try to control your urges and not say anything.... foolish....
Do you accept The Gift?
What do you do?
A: Accept
B: Decline
C: Musical number
D: Pun

>> No.33220511

C then A

>> No.33220516

I'm confused. What is the gift if not being turned into a vampire?

>> No.33220519

All my this.

>> No.33220520


>> No.33220536

>A: Accept

>> No.33220543

>Do you accept HERESY?
>What do you do?

C and then A

>> No.33220559

C followed by A. Work D in somewhere.

>> No.33220560

Just A. Musical Numbers are silly.

>> No.33220564

Whoops, meant B.

>> No.33220567

Why the shit does Dracula hate succubutts, wait that is what he's supporting right?

>> No.33220571

Nigga this thread is the epitome of silly

>> No.33220587

I like this one better than edgy mc edge quest from last night.

>> No.33220591

They both suck on people, and suck their life out. Gotta bump off the competition, y'know?

>> No.33220596

So wait, is mommy spider just a spider with a human head, or is she more like pic related?

>> No.33220597


>Musical numbers are silly.


>> No.33220620

Thade: I accept Lord Dracula but first....
I now shall sing my theme song.
A nice bass and handclap beat start playing.....
You snap your fingers and go up to Lord Draculas and say
Thade: Hey how you doin lil mama? lemme whisper in your ear
Tell you sumthing that you might like to hear
You got a sexy ass body and your ass look soft
Mind if I touch it? and see if its soft
Naw I'm jus playin' unless you say I can
And im known to be a real nasty man
And they say a closed mouth dont get fed
So I don't mind asking for head
You heard what I said, we need to make our way to the bed
And you can start usin' yo head
You like to fuck, have yo legs open all in da butt
Do it up slappin ass cuz the sex gets rough
Switch the positions and ready to get down to business
So you can see what you've been missin'
You might had some but you never had none like this
Just wait til you see my dick

Ay bitch! wait til you see my dick
Wait til you see my dick
Ay bitch! wait til you see my dick
Imma beat dat pussy up
Ay bitch! wait til you see my dick
Wait you see my dick
Ay bitch! wait til you see my dick
Imma beat dat pussy up

Like B-AM, B-AM, B-AM, B-AM, B-AM, B-AM, B-AM, B-AM, B-AM, B-AM, B-AM, B-AM, B-AM, B-AM, B-AM, B-AM

Beat da pussy up, Beat da pussy up, Beat da pussy up, Beat da pussy up, Beat da pussy up, Beat da pussy up, Beat da pussy
Up, Beat da pussy up
You pelvic thrust while you sing your theme song and recieve The Blessing. You feel and see eternity for about 5 seconds.
What do you do to test out the gift?
A: Shoot yourself in the face
B: Harakiri
C: Insult Eduaro's mother
D: Insult Lord Dracula's mother
E: You decide

>> No.33220637

>A: Shoot yourself in the face

I don't even know what's going on anymore

>> No.33220638

make a pun about being in Dire Straits

>> No.33220641

B: Harakiri
Can't mess with the bed and butter

>> No.33220642

Pic but cut off torso her human body ends at boobs

>> No.33220644

Don't test it. I doubt the gift would make you unable to feel pain.

>> No.33220662

>giving up that delicious midsection

What have we done. And now we can't even commit sudoku.

>> No.33220668

>say thanks and walk away
why the fuck are you trying to kill us?

>> No.33220679


>> No.33220688

We're immortal now.

>> No.33220694

>A: Shoot yourself in the face

>> No.33220709


>> No.33220726

Harikiri, being shot in the face is effective but it may leave a huge scar.

>> No.33220740

You pull out Dire and say better test it out
You put your gun in your mouth and pull the trigger
Eduardo: THADE!
You feel a bit dizzy but get up after a bit.
Eduardo: Deus mio....
Lord Dracula: Now go my child, I have important work to do.
You shake Lord Draculas hand.
What do you do now?
A: Stay and hang with Eduardo and the Vampires
B: Back to the dorm, go to sleep, start a new day at school
C: Go see what Mother Spider is up to
D: You decide

>> No.33220743

immortal can mean like 10 different things

>> No.33220744

okay serious question, is Dracula a chick and if not can we fuck his daughter whose totally our roommate

>> No.33220755

B: Back to the dorm, go to sleep, start a new day at school

>> No.33220756

C, gotta check on our baby mama

>> No.33220766

Show off to Yetibro our new immortality. Afterwards, challenge people to Russian Roulette.

>> No.33220767

Now that I know what she looks like, no. Do not want.

>> No.33220769

C for qt spider

>> No.33220779


I think we've had enough fun for one night. Let's peace out back to the dorm and get some shut-eye.

Maybe C first. Hell, we could always crash at Mother Spider's place.


Dude, just headcannon it.

>> No.33220782

We have a responsibility now, anon
We're a daddy

>> No.33220795

>C: Go see what Mother Spider is up to

>> No.33220806

Fishlady was definately lying about the birth control, we double daddy now

>> No.33220814

In the space of a few hours, we now have thousands of children

>> No.33220820

>day one of school
>get high with buddy
>fuck 2 girls
>fucking murder someone
>get someone pregnant
>attain immortality
>make buddies with immortal beings, attain eternal life
what the fuck is day 2 gonna be like

>> No.33220832

You bid Eduardo farewell and go into the catacombs to have a nightcap with your baby mama.
You shift your hands through the webs and open the door and enter the massive landscape, you hear a noise from up above and smile. She timidly pokes her through a hole and gasps with glee.
Mother Spider: My love!
Thade: I have returned, I want to sleep with you next to me.
Mother Spider blushes and says
Mother Spider: Of course my star....
You fall asleep in her bosom...

You dream that you are in a white room with 5 doors ahead of you.
Which door you open?
A: White Door
B: Black Door
C: Rainbow Door
D: Question Mark Door
E: Door with a Sombrero drawn on it

>> No.33220834

Fish do release a bunch of eggs. We have fertilized more fish and spider eggs than we can count on two hands.

>> No.33220847

Mystery awaits!

>> No.33220855


>> No.33220859

>C: Rainbow Door
Maybe eduardo will finally make a move

>> No.33220861

do you guys want this to be long-term? Just say the word and I will work on this profusely. Also I must ask, do you guys still want Home Invasion Stranger quest?

>> No.33220870

I always fucking hate quest threads but this one is fun as shit

>> No.33220876

The Question Mark Door, obviously.
This is rather fun and I enjoy it more than Edgy Edge Edge Quest

>> No.33220878

hell yeah

>> No.33220880

I'm interested in the Question Mark Door.

>> No.33220884


>> No.33220888

>D: Question Mark Door
>E: Door with a Sombrero drawn on it


>> No.33220913

Always go for the fucking question mark bro, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT'S INSIDE!

>> No.33220915

A: White Door

I would be ok with 'E: Door with a Sombrero drawn on it' though.

>> No.33220917

We have attained sombrerodom, now we must attain questionmarkdom D IT IS MOTHERFUCKER

>> No.33220933

Please make it long term.

>> No.33220952

run around throwing all the doors open, to hell with consequences!

>> No.33220968

I don't know if the Gm planned this but /d/ is sorta appropriate for this quest..

>> No.33220970

You open the door with the question mark. You are floating in air...
You fall right into a river in an isolated forest. You swim back to land and see a huge field of marijuana plants and to your left and right are two separate waterfalls.
You see something strange on a red-colored leaf and see fairies frolicking and dancing on the leaves....
You notice something crawling on your leg, it's a spider. It begins to suck on your blood, at first you're unnerved but you understand now....
You now have a connection eternally to spiders, they are drawn to you and use a tiny amount of your life force to survive, you have a fatherly presence to you. You look behind you and see a severed head, rotting on a tree.
What do you do?
A: Try to talk with the dancing fairies
B: You've seen enough, wake up
C: Go behind the waterfall
D: Musical number

>> No.33220983

I hope you know that every time you present musical number as an option people will pick it

>> No.33220988

C: Go behind the waterfall

>> No.33220994

Talk to the fairies then go behind the waterfall.

>> No.33221004

D followed by 420

>> No.33221008

>C: Go behind the waterfall

>> No.33221012

in that order

>> No.33221073

Fuck spookmaster home invasion quest and now this?
You are my favorite QM in the history of QM's now

>> No.33221083 [SPOILER] 

You pick up the weed leaf and say
Thade: Hey...
You hear a loud squeaky voice....
Queen of Fairies: FUCK OFF!
You yelp and drop the leaf. You take a deep breath and whistle your theme song as you head toward the waterfall....
You step in the unusually warm water... and go behind it and inside you see a treasure chest...
You open up a treasure chest and see a mask...
You're shocked by what you see
Thade: WHAT? No. No way. Dude. Oh come on man for real?
You pick it up and put it in your hands...
You hear a scream and you wake up...
You wake up with Mother Spider sleeping. What do you do?
A: Get up and leave, head to the dorm to change clothes
B: Wake up Mother Spider to tell her about your dream
C: You decide

>> No.33221110

B: Wake up Mother Spider to tell her about your dream
She must know. Also, ask her about the black shit on our dick

>> No.33221116

A, time to frolic like a motherfucker

>> No.33221136

>B: Wake up Mother Spider to tell her about your dream

Developing relationships and all that, also >>33221110 what was that?

>> No.33221149


>> No.33221155

It was her spider hymen

>> No.33221173

B: Wake up Mother Spider to tell her about your dream

>> No.33221175

B-but wasn't she a mother already?

>> No.33221201

Maybe she had two hymens

>> No.33221226

It was the eggs. we have fertilized spider eggs in and around our dick now

>> No.33221230

You wake up spooked as all hell. Mother Spider is already making a vampire/horse combo meal.
Mother Spider: Good morning, my star
Thade: Good morning, baby
Mother Spider: Did you have a good slumber?
Thade: My dream was crazy shit.
Mother Spider: What was it about?
Thade: You explain your dream and seeing Majora's Mask. You had to explain to her what it was and you also had to explain to her what videogames were.
Mother Spider: Do you think it holds any significance?
Thade: Well I had a past life reading once and the fortune teller said that she saw a horse mask in my past life but I doubt it means anything.... anyway... gotta go start my first day!
You kiss her goodbye and jet to school.
You have about an hour until class starts.
What do you do?
A: Change into new clothes
B: Run to Field Frolicking Class
C: Wake and bake with Shine, then go to class
D: You decide

>> No.33221246

A: Change into new clothes
Gotta look fresh

>> No.33221247

>C: Wake and bake with Shine, then go to class
Duuuuude. I had this gnarly dream last night...

>> No.33221250

C and Musical

>> No.33221254


>> No.33221259

A then C, then frolic to frolicking class

>> No.33221271


>> No.33221286

That's what I thought of.

>> No.33221297

You strut like a model-ass bitch to your dorm rooms. Right outside your dorm you see trio of succubi looking at you and whispering?
What do you say?
A: The fuck you bitches blabbering about?
B: Make a throatcutting gesture and smile
C: Ignore them
D: Walk up to them and flirt with them
E: You decide

>> No.33221308

Open fire. The best defense is a paranoid offence.

>> No.33221310

Thade Thundercock is an expert on gleaning information

>> No.33221313

A: The fuck you bitches blabbering about?

>> No.33221315

E: wink and grin, keep walking

>> No.33221316

>D: Walk up to them and flirt with them

>> No.33221347


>> No.33221354

gotta remain incognito

>> No.33221366

We killed one and paraded her head on a spike, anon. Incognito we are not.

>> No.33221379

We never stole the head, that could've been anyone who killed PurpleHair

>> No.33221380

>A: The fuck you bitches blabbering about?
>D: Walk up to them and flirt with them

>> No.33221386

Pretend to ignore them. In reality, you're keeping them in your peripheral vision.

>> No.33221393

only the yetis know... and they loved it

>> No.33221426

You walk right up at them and say
Thade: The FUCK you bitches blabbering about?
All of them make an offended face gesture and start yelling at you, a purple/blackhaired combo says that we were attracted to you and you make a smug oh really face to them. You hear a peaceful sounding voice with a Jamaican accent. It's a Kappa.
The Kappa: Aye leave the boy alone yah? Fam look like he went through a night of trial and tribulation tree times over mon, come with me riddim
You walk with the Kappa
Thade: Thanks for helping me out, man. What's your name?
Kappa: I'm Riverchild, mon. Resident Kappa of the Grimtale school brudda.
Thade: Yo I'm gonna visit my guy Shine for a little *smoking gesture* You in?
He laughs
Riverchild: Naw mon I gotta get to de class right on a hurry you feel?
Thade: I got ya.
You guys fist bump and you feel much more peaceful.
You enter Shine's dorm and hear a collective roar
You're all being swarmed and hugged by a bunch of sweaty Yeti's and you all start to sing victory songs. A loud female voice tells you guys to shut up.
You all collectively go "Ooooooh"
You're nice and toasty before you go to the Rainbow Dream Field.
How would you like to travel to the Rainbow Dream Field? You should prepare yourself to feel frolicky before you frolick
A: Hoverscooter
B: On the back of a Yeti
C: Dance-walk
D: Cartwheel

>> No.33221439

We did a lot this thread so far.
>Bro it up with Yetis
>Room it up with undercover ally
>1 kill under our belt
>Fuck the fish
>Fuck the spider

>> No.33221457

what is a Kappa

>> No.33221474

River spirit

>> No.33221476

D, gotta be stylin on these fools

>> No.33221478

B: On the back of a Yeti
What is a Google? It's a Nippon river spirit that would drown people. It's basically a demon.

>> No.33221481

You forgot
>spiderman powers


>> No.33221483

>C: Dance-walk

>> No.33221485

What's wrong with walking?

>> No.33221497

When do you plan on ending? Getting tired.

>> No.33221506

Sorry, I was afraid to google because of

>> No.33221517

We could end right now if that would make everyone satisfied. A lot has been done on this episode and I will admit I am getting a bit burnt

>> No.33221532

Yeah sure, when are we gonna pick it up again?

>> No.33221545

Just make sure to continue it whatever you do. This is way to good to be a one shot.

>> No.33221548

Sure, it's okay, thread's almost at the last page too.

>> No.33221555

Most ideal: Tomorrow along with Home Invasion Quest. Ep2 of Home Invasion Quest will start tomorrow night but I have to do a lot of writing and preparation for Ep2 of SHQ
Most likely: Monday night so I can be well rested and ready to quest it up

>> No.33221563

And we can start next thread with a nice frolic as well. Logical endpoint.

>> No.33221575

Got a link to the archive of that quest?

>> No.33221588

And with that marks the episode 1 of Succubus Hunter Quest: The Legend of Thade Thundercock.
If you'd like, please get involved with episode 2 of Home Invasion Quest tomorrow night!

Thanks everyone and have a good slumber

>> No.33221607


>> No.33221624

Thanks. I was the guy who suggested Thade Tempestfowl btw. See you next thread.

>> No.33221626

You a bro nigga i yo biggest fan man where you live?

>> No.33221637

I live inside your heart and mind

>> No.33221680

Suptg Archive here:

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