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Soon it will be time to choose your destiny, kids.

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Also, old thread.


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>wanting already used Digimon as your partner

So many unused and underutilized Rookies.

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Well, of the list provided, I choose Gatomon, on account of the fact that she's a Champion/Adult.

But if I can pick from any digimon, I pick Keramon.

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Betamon into Seadramon line masterrace here.

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I choose Gomamon.

That's right, isn't it? The seal thing with the mohawk?

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Qt and lewd cat digimon

I forgot her name

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My nigga.

I'm making a system for this involving the Crests as "What digimon type you get, plus a special or modified ability for the tamer". So a Courage digidestined gets dragon/dinosaur/reptilian mons, and the tamer would be able to hold off/fight back against digimon up to the Champion level.

I'm also thinking of adding a relationship system. Something like "Hatred / Distrust / Neutral / Trust / Friendship". Maybe some party rivalry mechanics.

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Also that one is champion instead of Rookie

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>no guilmon or veemon


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I choose the robot bug, looks like a pretty cool guy. I know absolutely zero about digimon, what I should expect?
>inb4 levels up to a gay kid toy instead of a hot girl

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Tentomon has lightning attacks, and digivolves into ever bigger and badder lightning-shooting bugs.

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It remains a bug for the whole line. Bug that will rip your spine out of the body by your head.

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Define "gay kid toy".

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Excruciating pain upon your enemies, shaped like a bug.

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>Gay toys

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I saw that nightmarish thing around but I thought it was one of the bad guys or something. I'm 100% satisfacted of my choice

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You'll love the evolution, then.

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The only choices that could possibly seen as bad are the last two that turn into angels

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mfw I realize, a decade after I stopped watching the show, that the kabut in Kabuterimon is because the inside of its exoskeleton and the ridges on the back of its head resemble Kabuto armor and helmet, respectively.

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... Are you kidding?

Kabutomushi. Kabuto. Kabuto beetle.

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Or because, you know, Kabuto is a kind of beetle, which the samurai armor resembles.

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Diablomon can go hack a nuclear launch site or some pusillanimous shit, Armagedemon time.

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That had occurred to me the moment I'd hit Post. brb sudoku

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Cute, but the Gigerian form is much more terrifying.
>turn into angels
one have bat wings, the oher is a cat. angels.
I don't get it

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I dunno, Angemon, MagnaAngemon, and Seraphymon are pretty badass. The main downside is that you can hardly ever get Patamon to digivolve.

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Honestly, the Seadramon line is good only because there's no branchoff point where they get a humanoid knight form.

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Angemon and MagnaAngemon are good, but I find Seraphimon pretty lackluster, and even less "epic" than MagnaAngemon. That is why I prefer Goldramon honestly.

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It has to do with the storyline, the kids who are their partners have light and hope as their symbol.

Evolutions in Digimon often don't make much sense, but the anime is pretty good

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Dumping some alternate crests 1/4

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>last two, bad
I don't think you understand the implications if lewd-cat-digimon

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So, assuming you're playing a Digimon ttrpg and you're allowed to be as edgy as possible, what line do you use?

I'd go Black Agumon into DarkTyrannomon into MetalTyrannomon into Machinedramon.

Fuck you Tai, you don't even lift.

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>could be seen
Not everyone likes waifubait

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I think Chaosdramon outedges Machinedramon

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is that a thing?

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God Tier:

Shit Tier:

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>God tier
Amerifat detected

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>Shit tier

You failed out of paladin school, didn't you?

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If something resembling my nationality was a crest it would be work and efficency

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Weren't there like 5 different anime of it? Were they all good?

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>not Nihon

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If you listen really closely, you can hear the sound of furries and lolicons masturbating

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>No Renamon

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Holy shit. the style reminded me of Armitage 3 and Sol Blanca. so I checked the staff
>Chiaki J Konaka
this is destiny. I'm on it right now

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I haven't watched any seasons past Tamers. I don't regret my decision in the slightest.

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The third one went all evangelion, which was pretty awesome, the ones after that were absolute garbage.

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After Adventure 02, anything would seem like gold handed to you on a platter.

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That one was from game I think

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Its redundant because empathy is in there

Adventure and Tamers (first and third season) are regarded as the best, almost every season is a new universe.

Adventure is the first and is basically a straight joyride with no big climaxes, its played very straight and isn't very deep, but has a huge cast and shit going on all the time and also is the basis for the entire franchise.
An adult might or might not like it, its a bit childish while mentioning darker stuff and lightly dealing with stuff.

Tamers is the third and a rollercoaster, it basically starts out innocent as fuck, slowly building up a very small cast and taking half its season for character development and then taking out really hard hitting stuff, mind tentacle rape, death and murder, its quite a bit 'deeper' more stomachable for adults after the first 3 or so Episodes.

Also was written by Chiaki Konaka, a well known Horror-writer who wrote Serial Experiment Lain, Texhnolyze and a live adaption of Shadow over Innsmouth.

Both of these are completely independent seasons, you can start off at any really.

The other seasons are left to fend for themselves, but for gods sake don't watch the English dub, its horrible, they fuck with the writing, music and add in horrible puns, go for subs.

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I've only played Digimon World 1, 2 and part of 3.

I did play Digimon World DS, though, but that one had a pretty lackluster final boss... and game in general.

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What the fuck did I just watch?

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Frontier has an interesting idea, but if you felt like previous seasons made anybody who wasn't the leader and the second in command obsolete holy fuck will Frontier bug you.

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But Emperor, I already made my choice.

Real talk: I was once inspired to write a Digimon NWoD hack, but since getting kicked from my NWoD group I lost interest.

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>he doesn't like the Digimon Adventure dub
It's basically an abridged series in its own right with jokes up the ass.

And much like abridged series, they forgot the humor.

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Frontier and Savers were pretty much Digimon Kamen Rider. Frontier did the sentai transformation sequences, Savers was made out of RIDER KICK. It was a weird period. Fusion brings in some political stuff with Digimon armies and is pretty much moving towards the combining robot kind of thing.

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>Digimon Kamen Rider
Most of them didn't even have masks though.

Also, the fuck, pixiv?

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Damn, what's the name of the Mace guy? And also is the rose woman Lilymon, or is that her pre-evolution?

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Vikemon and Rosemon are in that picture

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Vikemon, mega level coming off of Zudomon.

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Mace guy is Vikemon, digivolution of Zudomon. woman is Rosemon, which evolves from Lilymon

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Humour and Adaptability are good. The rest pretty much fall under the other's tableaus and make more for minor crests/specialisations than something independent. Humility is part of the fish-guys setup, Forgiveness is basically Friendship, Bravery is literally Courage and Faith the same for Hope, Honour is the flower girl's one (Sincerity basically means no foul play) and if there's any philosophical meaning to
the cat person's Light powers then it's basic amenities of life, which covers Light.

Awesome symbols in any case, would use as power-ups to distinguish other heroes of the same crest from eachother, eg. two heroes of Courage, one has the sub-crest of Bravery while another has the sub-crest of, making one up on the spot, Will.

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Patamon always Angemon is cool as fuck

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Depending on your preference it generally goes like one of these
>Adventure(S1)>Tamers(S3)> First Half of Adventure 02>Data Squad(S5)>Savers(S4)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Second half of Adventure 02
>Tamers(S3)>Adventure(S1)> First Half of Adventure 02>Data Squad(S5)>Savers(S4)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Second half of Adventure 02

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Continuing on, Empathy is Friendship and maybe Love, Ambition is a mixture of Courage and Hope that might deserve its own, a rare borderline case if there ever was one, Trust is Friendship and Reliability, Patience is a sub-virtue of Love, Dedication is literally Reliability as is Dilligence (in fact I can find no reason for why you would make such similar elements back-to-back from each other, besides that you had already designed the symbols and needed words for them), Creativity deserves its own but might overlap with your own Adaptability emblem, Freedom isn't necessarily a virtue but does deserve its own something if not a crest, the same for Curiosity except that Curiosity is definitely a sub-facet of Knowledge and Honesty is literally Sincerity.

Symbols continue to be top-Tier.

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>Bravery and Will
Yeah, I'd say that's pretty solid. Bravery is the more assertive form of Courage, while Will is the more passive form

>"I'm doing this shit because I'm the only one with the balls. Follow me and try not to die."

>"I've put up with a lot of shit, and I ain't done putting up with it yet. The best option is to hold steadfast until we can turn it around."

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Sorry I'm retarded Frontier is Season 4 and Savers/ Data Squad is season 5

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Man, you really put a lot of effort into this, didn't you? I feel bad being critical and that, but then it's the symbols that are the real effort here and they're glorious, so I have no problems discussing the philosophy.

Wisdom is an important sub-type of Knowledge, but I could listen to an argument for it having it's own crest. Solidarity is a perfect fusion between Friendship and Reliability, and could belong in a theoretical 28-strong set of such crests. Service is Reliability and Light, Restraint is a sub of Reliability, and Peace is possibly all the core crests combined. Resilience is a sub of Sincerity in my eyes, maybe a hybrid with Reliability and/or Love. Meekness . . . does not belong at all, it's a neutral value to an outright weakness at best, sorry. Maybe Modesty would have been a better title. Mercy is a fusion of Friendship and light, Loyalty is just Friendship and Logic is Knowledge.

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how fucking boring.

>> No.33169156

Finally, Consideration is Knowledge mixed with Sincerity. Gratitude is a sub of Love, Justice is a sub of Sincerity, and Discernment is a sub of Knowledge, and could alternatively be called Incision. Compassion is Love and Friendship, Balance is Friendship and Sincerity, Potential is either Love and Hope's child or the basis of all crests, kinda like the opposite of Peace. Finally, Confidence is just Courage.

So yeah. Cool damn symbols, totally worthy of the cartoon. Just a lot of philosophical redundancy, which is fine for subs and fusions. Maybe they can be sorted into those categories?

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I can see his little data heartcore. :3

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I want a campaign where all the players end up raising up Royal Knights

>> No.33169332

Cheers, although I already knew who they evolved from given the thematics and the children stood next to them.

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The dub for Digimon Adventure is pretty cheesy, but I found it pretty enjoyable when I rewatched it last year.

If nothing else, the theme song is awesome.

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Yep, that's what I was going for. Based anon. I'm coming up with similar splits for the other crests partly inspired by the image, see what I've got:

- Bravery
- Will

- Balance
- Forgiveness

- Passion
- Patience

- Forethought
- Hindsight

- Honour
- Defence

- Humility
- Duty

- Faith
- Nobility

- Charity
- Clarity

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The English dub is a fucking holocaust

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As far as roleplaying in the game goes, I think a note should be made that the digidestined should initially appear to be somewhat undeserving of their crests

Tai (courage) doesn't have the balls to confess to Sora
Matt (friendship) knows Tai likes Sora and makes a move on her anyway
Izzy (knowledge) initially regards the digimon as aliens
Sora (love) has self esteem issues and hates her mother
Joe (reliability) is initially kind of a coward and almost never around when the team needs him
Mimi (sincerity) is kind of out of touch with the real world, and not terribly grounded
TK (hope) starts the series as the perpetual "We're all gonna die" character
Kari (light) isn't redpilled until most of the way through the series

That sounds like a hilariously useless trait, at least when compared to forethought. Maybe consider Intuition/Calculation

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Can I be the Dignity digi-destined and use this as my crest?

>> No.33169573

Frontier has the best sub theme song of pretty much any show.

>> No.33169601

You're right, that is a big part of the destined living up to the potential of their titles. It's basically like the Class and Aspect system used for Homestuck, except coined years earlier, much simpler and not bogged down in awful and pointless dichotomy.

And funnily enough, I was going through a shortlist of third powers for each set which I will post now, and a part of that was realising how redundant Hindsight was. I mean that is literally the basis of all Knowledge, remember what happened before, it's the underpinning core of all Knowledge related skills rather than a seperate talent. Here's the three points:

- Bravery
- Will
- Ambition

- Balance
- Forgiveness
- Synergy

- Passion
- Patience
- Gratitude

- Prediction
- Observation
- Tactics

- Honour
- Defence
- Providence

- Humility
- Duty
- Depth

- Faith
- Nobility
- Nurturance

- Charity
- Clarity
- Purity

I'm going to find a way to arrange these into a cube of sorts, with one crest in each corner and two sub-crests for each edge.

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You should replace either Synergy or Tactics with Leadership.

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Empathy and Charity are two very different things.

Empathy is understanding somebody elses feelings.
Charity is giving of yourself so that another may benefit.

>> No.33169710

What the heck is "depth?"

>> No.33169730

How deep someone's sphincter is.

>> No.33169741

Selflessness would be far better

Charity is basically giving somebody scraps

>> No.33169761

I don't agree that he should. Synergy is cohesion, not leadership, and tactics are merely something leaders may use, not leadership itself. Leadership is a combination of a lot of traits.

>> No.33169787

>Gotsumon and Pumpkinmon
Did they finally let them out of that dungeon?

>> No.33169841

Charity isn't just giving stuff you don't need. Charity can range from pennies to entire fortunes. It's not a set amount, it's just giving of yourself whether a lot or a little.

>> No.33169863

Is it possible for people to have sex with the more attractive digimon?

>> No.33169876

Billionaires give away millions because they don't need them

>> No.33169878

You gotta have the write card and a scanner.

>Digicard, vagina mod activate!

>> No.33169891

Yes and?

>> No.33169924


Only Digimon can have sex with each other. Otherwise it's bestiality.

>> No.33169925

Thats charity.

Nobody gives away all they own for people they don't or barely know

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>> No.33169979

Another guy basically explained my view on this matter.

A lack of a better term for "Going the extra mile" or "Really fulling it all out". Comprehensivity was too long and sounds like Comprehension, which is Knowledge.

>> No.33169981

What's your point? Charity and selflessness are still two different things.

>> No.33170010

Charity is giving away stuff you don't need for free

Selflessness is actually doing something meaningful without personal gain

>> No.33170058

>all this talk about the meaning of a word and the duality of man, the jungian thing
Seriously fuck your semantics.

How do we make Digimon jogress a good thing in a TTRPG?

>> No.33170118

No, Jogress is a shit idea that will never work well.

Biomerge is a completely different thing though

>> No.33170164

So we've decided that the digidestined crests are the class, and the elemental type and way the digimon evolves (attacks, armor, DNA, other types) would be like the feats/other class features?

>> No.33170205

I really don't like class systems at all.

>> No.33170226

You don't really need classes in this setting.

>> No.33170235

How about 'availability pools' that you could pull from, with some being things being accessible all crests, some to only a couple, and some unique to one crest?

>> No.33170251

Get me whatever will end up as ZeedMilleniumon.

>> No.33170264

Yes, and?

>> No.33170270

Here's what I'd do.

Checkboxes for evolution tiers.

>I evolved into...
>A Machine
>A Humanoid
>A Bigger Digimon
And these carry bonuses.
>better defense/endurance
>better agility/initiative
>better offense/intimidation

>> No.33170282

Sorta like the different attack types a digimon could learn from Digimon World 1?

>> No.33170320

Thats fucking terrible

>> No.33170396

While I don't think it's absolutely terrible, I think we could do without them.

I mean, both a machine digimon and a nature digimon could be defensive.

>Heavy metal armor
>Thick tree bark hide

>> No.33170930

>All these not best digivolutions

>> No.33171098

Following on from this, I've paired each of the sub-crests with another main crest, and with it come up with basically a combo theme for what I've basically worked out as the most organic and un-redundant sets of crests.

- Bravery - Friendship
- Will - Love
- Ambition - Light

- Balance - Sincerity
- Forgiveness - Hope
- Synergy - Courage

- Passion - Courage
- Patience - Knowledge
- Gratitude - Sincerity

- Prediction - Reliability
- Observation - Light
- Tactics - Love

- Honour - Reliability
- Defence - Friendship
- Providence - Love

- Humility - Sincerity
- Duty - Hope
- Depth - Knowledge

- Faith - Friendship
- Nobility - Reliability
- Nurturance - Light

- Charity - Hope
- Clarity - Knowledge
- Purity - Courage

And the fusions:

Courage + Friendship = Warrior's Synergy

Friendship + Sincerity = Perfect Guard

Love + Courage = Passionate Will

Knowledge + Reliability = Profound Foresight

Sincerity + Reliability = Honour & Humility

Reliability + Hope = Noble Duty

Hope + Friendship = Forgiveness of the Faithful

Light + Hope = Nurturing Charity

Courage + Light = For Tomorrow!

Love + Knowledge = Patient Strategy

Knowledge + light = True Vision

Sincerity + Love = Cosmos Heart

Finally, from an rpg perspective, each of the above defines a series of powers relevant to each of the crests provided that they develop their relationships with the aspects of their neighbouring crests.

Warrior's Synergy - Fast strings of combination attacks and actions. Digidestined of Courage and Friendship only.

Perfect Guard - Grant self and allies unbreakable defences. Friendship and Sincerity only.

Passionate Will - Unleash exceptionally strong and encompassing attacks and actions. Courage and Love only.


>> No.33171156

Shit I love Wendigomon.

>> No.33171184


>> No.33171190

Profound Foresight - See visions and make accuracte guesses of events to come. Knowledge and Reliability only.

Honour & Humility - Sacrifice self attributes to massively power-up allies. Sincerity and Reliability only.

Noble Duty - Grant colossal endurance and uninterruptable stamina to self. Reliability and Hope only.

Forgiveness of the Faithful - Grant upgrades to allies weakest attributes relative to their hard work. Hope and Friendship only.

Nurturing Charity - Grant allies upgrades to their greatest attributes relative to your own hard work. Love and Sincerity only.

For Tomorrow! - Unleash unavoidable, unstoppable attacks and actions. Love and Light only.

Patient Strategy - Gain mass information and maintain up-to-date awareness of events. Love and Knowledge only.

True Vision - Sherlock scans and detailed assessments. Knowledge and Light only.

Cosmos Heart - Share attributes and boosts with others. Hope and Light only.

>> No.33171198

Needs more chocolate. 5/6

>> No.33171209

For Tomorrow! is Courage and Light, mea culpa.

>> No.33171441

I take plant bitch.

Plant bitch is awesome. And is a plant.

>> No.33171493

I never got why Bird bitch is a... plant thing and evolves into a bird.

>> No.33171509

Because digital monsters.

I can't even remember the names of most of them.

>> No.33171723

Plant is Palmon (named after palm trees) and the bird is Biyomon (name based on the Japanese onomatopoeia for bird sounds), if you want I can help you with any others, just ask away

>> No.33171787

That's what biomerge is for. The tamers and the partners can all have sex in a foursome.

>> No.33172822

I literally have no idea how to respond to this.

>> No.33173206

Positively, negatively, or neutrally.

>> No.33175827

>as edgy as possible
>Not Skullgreymon

>> No.33176764


>> No.33177257

You give it to your players when they, for some reason or other, can't digivolve the normal way.

>> No.33177306

Milleniumon was a composite, which means you need a few different digimon together to make him. Finally, a use for jogress.

>> No.33177329

What about going from, say, Lucemon chaosmode to Lucemon larva (just as an example. I hope nobody plans to use fucking Lucemon), where you got smaller without becoming any of those things, but get special abilities to make up for it?

>> No.33177407

The pink one is a bird thing that turns into a bigger bird thing. The green one with a pink flower is a plant bitch who becomes a hotter plant bitch.

>> No.33177421

This might help.

>> No.33177451

So which Digimon look like attractive human women? LadyDevimon and Angewomon, of course, but who else?

>> No.33177482

Like a bagillion. This might help

>> No.33177852

Minervamon, Rosemon(kinda iffy), Ophanimon assumedly underneath the armor. Also the spirit evolutions for the female character in Frontier.

>> No.33178058

>All these choices for partner digimon
>This is /tg/
>nobody suggests chessmon
What the fuck, guys.

>> No.33178856

>Ctrl+F Gabumon

Fuck you all, Gabumon is the shit

>> No.33178898

We've already exhausted the possible gabumon discussions when we developed the Gabumon theory of digimon clothing.

>> No.33178911

Not the same guy, but... explain.

>> No.33178959

Well since Gabumon once gave his fur to Matt it gave evidence to support the theory that digimon can remove articles of clothing instead of the green lined void the 'innocent' minded ones thought would be there. The idea that digimon couldn't remove their clothes was most likely spearheaded by someone who didn't want them to be sexualized(despite the fact they have skimpy outfits) or just wanted to cockblock fiction writers.

>> No.33179262

...huh. well, there is argument for both, in their defense.

For gabumon, its obvious that it's not like part of his skin inherently, same with Sakuyamon's digivolution starting without her armor.

Then, there's digimon where they get hit in "armor" and there's lines of code underneath. I can't really recall examples of that, but I think it happened a lot. Digitamamon comes to mind, as I'm pretty sure breaking his shell is not really possible, cause it's part of him, and his digivolution, Devitamamon is mostly just the egg breaking more and what's inside coming outside. That would be scary as fuck if all you needed to do to have him mega evolve is break his egg a little.

>> No.33180059

>someone who didn't want them to be sexualized(despite the fact they have skimpy outfits) or just wanted to cockblock fiction writers.
Or somebody who gets off on green lines.

>> No.33180655


>> No.33181326 [SPOILER] 

He isn't even all that edgy. I've seen him in museums, even.

>> No.33181419

He's so historically edgy, he gets put in museums.

>> No.33181476

It's just a dinosaur skeleton with reverse-ribs on his back and a rocket though.

>> No.33181487

He is literally angsty teen (result of wrong upbringing) of Greymon line.

>> No.33181506

Yeah but... you just don't know him like I do! People change! Digimon change all the time, usually into bigger Digimon or Digimon with (more) rockets!

>> No.33181528

I imagine getting a SkullGreymon the "right" way would be incredibly chill.

Like your digimon digivolving into Myotismon and suddenly liking classical music and not enjoying garlic all that much, but without becoming pure evil. Personality shifts are for gaylords.

>> No.33181605

I am my own partner. In the name of divine justice, I offer up my soul to save all worlds from doom.

>> No.33181621

Are you Justimon?

>> No.33181637

Wasn't there an episode late in Adventure (or maybe it was in 02) where they had a whole group of them roaming around terrorizing basically whatever they ran into?

>> No.33181653

No. I am Digitalman, self proclaimed archnemesis of Analogman. In Justice We Trust!

>> No.33181661

You sure sound like a wielder of Crest of Euphory

>> No.33181681

Confirmed for literally not knowing what euphoria means or what it refers to.

>> No.33181698

Nonsense, lad. I have no ill will towards any religion or belief system, and if I had a Crest, it would be of Justice.

>> No.33181719

Are you actually the final boss?

>> No.33181907

Your morning dose of edge


It DigiXros' with Nene.

>> No.33181940

>Attack Techniques
>Kill me

>> No.33181956

I like how the sexual dimorphism is wacky when it comes to Digimon.

Also, that the female version of most Digimon are absurdly stronger than their male counterparts.

>> No.33182951

>digivolving into myotismon
Holy shit, I checked his wiki page
Is the one from adventure 1 basically the final enemy of 3 fucking seasons?

>> No.33183031

Is that when they have two forms one male one female only?

>> No.33183172

Its when a species has large physical difference between sexes. Like male humans being generally larger than female humans. The most extreme has female anglerfish looking like the scary lantern-headed horrors that they are while the males are the size of a dime and eventually fuse and burrow their way into the female's skin to be sperm-on-demand gonads for them.

The most recognizable dimorphic Digimon are going to be Angemon and Angewomon. Angemon, a Champion level Digimon, is considered to be weaker than Angewomon, who is an Ultimate level.

>> No.33183212

Or, y'know, Queen and KingChessmon pictured here >>33181956

>both megas
>king can barely do shit, looks like a pawnchessmon with a moustache, crown and cape
>queen is saikyo in the Chessmon tier, looks like a tall human babe in cosplay

>> No.33183441

For comparison with Angewomon it would be better to use MagnaAngemon.

>> No.33183477

Well, not really. It's not like there's a MagnaAngewomon.

The Mega doesn't count, otherwise we'd have to count Seraphimon too.

>> No.33183506

Yeah, but should we go by levels alone, then MagnaAngemon, who is ranked the same as Angewomon (archangel digimon or some shit) is the stronger one of the two.

>> No.33183566

Yeah, but that's like not counting Devimon and LadyDevimon as the same type with a different gender.

Semantics aside, is there anyone who would actually choose a female Digimon for non-creepy OOC reasons?

>> No.33183615

I'd choose Biyomon because I like birds.

>> No.33183618

Nope, if I leave my gender bending fetish out(biomerge with female digimon) then I'd just take something like Keramon.

>> No.33183700

I think Garudamon was voiced by a dude in my Adventure dub.

>> No.33183905

News update: I've got six special types of Digivolution which should satisfy the requirements for most Digimon season replays.

Warp Digivolution we all know and love and works as a time-saver.

Armor Digivolving adds extra resistance to the resulting Champion-level-equivalent and goes around measures that would prevent Digivolving.

Fusion (Digimon) is essentially Jogress/DNA Digivolving turns two into one, allowing them one mental and two physical actions in a turn and allows the resulting combination to ignore multiple attack penalties on attack rolls they make while still keeping penalties inflicted no defenses of enemies for attacks from multiple sources.

Fusion (Human) covers both Biomerging and Spirit Evolution and works on a feedback loop with a general bonus to actions and allows the resulting fusion to use the better of the human and Digimon's skill ranks, while allowing Digimon to use the Dodge and Fight skills if they would happen to be better than their Attack and Defense derived attributes.

DigiXros is imperfect fusing, but it allows for Digi-Voltroning with each component Digimon adding to the power of a central Digimon.

Finally, there's Dark Digivolution. Similar to the last edition, where you undo some of your progress on torments to throw your Digimon to Ultimate level. Downside is, it's evil, mindless, and rampaging and everyone is a target.

>> No.33183945

I mean for digimon concept of gender is most likely foreign. I mean in case of pokemon, their fucking is at least implied.
DigiXros is like Imperialdramon Paladin Mode?

>> No.33183976

We still only have one Digimon for our tamer, right? I'm not sure Jogress should be included at all.

>> No.33183977

Imperialdramon Paladin Mode is a Mode Change, so the Digimon would remain at the same level, just switching its stats around.

>> No.33184019

However to evolve into Paladin, it needs, uh, parts from Omnimon. So it is sort of a fusion, but not completely, as after it you still have Gabumon and Agumon left.
I think it should, either as some form of co-op (?), or with NPC digimons.

>> No.33184048

Depending, a group can have one player playing the human while others are the digimon. But, most often it'd be some co-op between players or with an NPC, yes.

>> No.33184111

Jogress is the fusing of two similar minds, with possibly very different bodies, to become one, I feel there isn't anything wrong with two PCs being the ingredients. It is a manifestation of the bond between them, that they can co-ordinate as a single being, or as a manifestation of much further they need to go... or something

>> No.33184147

Don't forget that Jogress is simply one Digimon forcing the evolution of another, as officially explained in the JP CCG. It's why you get stuff like Shakkoumon from Ankylomon + Angemon, as all the Jogress Digimon are actually potential Perfect-forms for Digimon 1 of the pairing.

Fusion is a different thing that combines the two into a new Digimon of the same Level (Wargreymon + Metalgarurumon = Omegamon), which is in reality closer to DigiXros

>> No.33184181

So which one of these is DNA evolution appropriate name for?

>> No.33184283

The English dub used DNA Digivolve as the term for Jogress (Join + Progress) Evolve.

Though to me, the term DNA Digivolve brings to mind mixing/crossing DNA and seems like it'd be more fit to use as a term for fusing.

But that's just me.

If the TT is going to use the English names, just use the English names and explain the process:
* DNA Digivolve/Jogress is the combinatino of two Digimon, the energy/combination forcing the first Digimon in the group to their Perfect/Ultimate stage (in almost all cases of Jogress, this is a lot more explicit than Paildramon or Dinobeemon's visual as they don't look like combined Digimon).

* Fusion is the combination of two Digimon into an entirely new entity, with strengths dervied from both. DigiXros is an advanced form of Fusion that allows recombination in any amounts.

>> No.33185243

>I mean for digimon concept of gender is most likely foreign.

Hilariously on both counts; Savers, at least in the sub, has a male identified Biyomon with a different evolutionary line.

>> No.33185324

I love this scarecrow thing. It's a bird that controls a puppet.

>> No.33185355

Yeah, which is really strange. I guess... Gender of brain? Also male identified Biyomon sounds like something I'd read on tumblr, on completely unrelated note.
Well, anyway, it is kinda whatever because only digimon that have a vagina are possibly Sakuyamon and Kazemon.

>> No.33185480

>Well, anyway, it is kinda whatever because only digimon that have a vagina are possibly Sakuyamon and Kazemon.

What I ended up taking away from the whole thing is that Digimon only seem to have gender when they interact with humans enough.
.. Plus it was kind of a Biyomon who developed crazy machismo issues, in a universe where the differences between Digimon and Humans was kind of questionable to begin with.

>> No.33185513

who the fuck cares about this nerd shit

>> No.33186545

Well... If you weren't leaving it out who would you fuze into?

I'd be tempted to Mervamon, Lilamon, or Mermaimon. But Fairymon wins cause I'd enjoy flying.

>> No.33186550

I'd take a female one purely because I'd rather not get a rampaging death machine of murder ala skull-greymon or gabumons first mega evolution. A female might do that anyway, but I haven't seen it happen.

>> No.33186621

Is that pic actually from a card? There's some sure lewd stuff on them, but that one makes me and my Seadramon unsettled.

>> No.33186702

Just use both.

"DNA Digivolution, also know as Jogress, is a blah blah blah..."

>> No.33186747

That is what I'd normally figure, but in some media (mainly games), they use DNA to reference both. Probably for simplicity reasons.

>> No.33186749

Yes. The cards are for some reason extra lewd now.

>> No.33186774

>gabumon's first mega
Shit, I meant Guilmon/Megidramon

>> No.33186815

Speaking of which, should Digital Hazard be somewhat implemented or just noted individually?

>> No.33186997

>Digital Hazard implemented or noted individually
What do you mean? It's just like, a warning symbol. It's on 3 digimon/their evolutions, and one kids hat.

>> No.33187033

Does the kid EVILvolve into a bad kid?

>> No.33187098

Nah, actually. He helps save the world and is a shy kid with a bad heart, apperently.

>> No.33187177

Kazemon or Minervamon would be my top choices.

>> No.33187230

It's japan, everything will make your seadramon warp digivolve.

>> No.33187258

A shame that with that much vulptous women in the franchise, people still prefer to fap to vaguely humanoidal yellow fox.

>> No.33187264

Yeah; to be mechanically accurate, Fusion needs to be differentiated from DNA/Jogress, particularly that it's more often seen that Jogress/DNA works as intended, rather than just fusing two together.

Fusion and DigiXros are probably interchangable terms almost, though DigiXros is weird, what with no fucks given about levels in Xros Wars/Hunters until near the end.

Also, are we worrying about/handling elements at all? Most Digimon have obvious elemental affinity in some forms? If so, from an old Digimon online game I was involved in, I have a list of elements I can post.

>> No.33187322

DS games had something along those lines, very simplified pokemon-like system with dragon, aquatic, plant/insect, holy, dark, beast, mechanical and bird digimon. Of course above all, there is very slight paper/rock/scissors relationship of data/vaccine/virus

>> No.33187388

Does anyone have a link to the pdf?

And, so I am contributing I would totally go with the Kuramon line. That movie was awesome, and having Diaboromon be my partner would be awesome.

>> No.33187390

Yeah. We had a FF-style element wheel, with the elements, and then a slight virus/vaccine/data alteration to how much damage was done.

>> No.33187402

Here's the list, just for reference:
General: This element is listed at the top, by itself, as it is generally representative of anything that is NOT specifically an element. Punches and kicks with bare hands and feet, tail slaps, bodyblows. General is the most common element, and cannot be used as a Weakness or Resistance.

Acid: Corrosive chemicals. Also includes Digimon excrement.

Air: Wind or air pressure. Blade: Any slashing weapon, such as axes or swords. Most claws fall under this element, usually paired with another element, such as Metal or Ice.

Blunt: Any blunt force, causing damage by impact. Usually paired with Earth or Metal.

Cosmic: Having to do with space or time.

Dark: Powers of evil.

Earth: Ground, rock, or bone.

Electric: Electricity.

Energy: Generic energy beams or light. Note that just because an attack is in the form of a beam does not automatically mean it should have this type.

Explosive: Bombs and anything else that explodes.

Fire: Flames or high temperatures.

Holy: Holy forces.

Ice: Ice, snow, or low temperatures.

Metal: Metal or armor (this also includes shells, mandibles, and helmets such as Greymon’s horns and Kuwagamon’s mandibles, but not regular claws, teeth, or horns unless they are armored or metallic).

Sonic: Sound waves and vibrations.

Water: Water and other non-corrosive liquids.

Wood: Wood or plants, including branches, leaves, flowers, and pollen.

>> No.33188511

I guess those women fall into the "unfurry valley" where they're not monstrous enough to be anyone's fetish, so they have to compete with a bazillion hot anime babes for talented fanartists' time.

>> No.33188656

Best digimon. Also, he has two megas. Not one.

>> No.33188687


>> No.33188720


>> No.33188732

What exactly are those? is it just taking a picture and re-sizing it into a template or something?
Also it just occurs to me how fucking absurd renamon was as a rookie, compared to something like... terriermon or early guilmon.

>> No.33188833

Yep. Just go to wikimon.net and get some pictures.

>> No.33189358

Kazmamon is my favorite Digimon

>> No.33189489

How would I go about running this in Fate?

>> No.33189536

I'm a retard I forgot my pic

>> No.33189584

That just looks like some furry faggot with goggles.

>> No.33189700

Goggles are a very important part of Digimon lore

It is also mostly a joke

>> No.33189779


Man. I hate anime and even I enjoyed Summer Wars. Git you some knowledge, son.

>> No.33190077

His evolution KingKazumamon is better

>> No.33190097

>that line
See, if someone took my Betamon > Seadramon > BetterSeaDramon line, this is the one I would go with.

The other line I had in mind was

>> No.33190304

Speaking of edgy what are Virus mon like? Malicious pranksters, pragmatic and ruthless fighters? But Blackwargreymon and Gallantmon are Virus too and are nothing like that, are they the exception?

>> No.33190461

His entire line up to that point are monsters, and he also has another mega form that is a monster.
He's an example of lawful evil. He's still a asshole, but he holds himself to a higher "class" of virus. He's basically a blackguard that isn't just lolevilnow.
Granted, I'm basing this off the anime, and not the movies with the royal knights, so there might be inconsistencies.

>> No.33190465

Welcome to the Digimon World where data is made up and the typings don't matter!

>> No.33190571

They have just as much range as any other, there are good Viruses and evil Vaccines, just as not all *insert ethnicity here* are thieves/murderers/whatever.
However they do tend more towards looser morals, some are like Impmon or Etamon and just want to have fun, while others, like Devimon or Myotismon have bigger plans; there are even cases of bad guys that think they are the good guys.
Treat Viruses like you would Orcs, easy go to for baddies but capable of being much more

>> No.33190693

And you don't watch an abridged series before the original.

>that toq 6

>> No.33191000

>you don't watch an abridged series before the original
I always thought that was a bit silly. I mean, they spend allegedly a lot of effort and manhours making a series shorter and more humorous... and all of the humor can only be grasped by those who already watched the series, also known as the people who wouldn't be watching a video version of tl;dr if they just wanted a tl;dr.

>> No.33192002

Palmon because she's a goddamn plant.

Plants be awesome, yo.

>> No.33192229

This is only acceptable if she digivolves into Vegiemon.

Or maybe Woodmon.

>> No.33192666

Why don't you like Sassy Cactusboxermon?

>> No.33192728

Best Cactusboxermon is MexicanCactusboxermon.

>> No.33192823

Specifically choose a female digimon because it's female? No, it can't be done. Male is the default and they have to make it really obvious when someone isn't.
But if a player insisted, I'd recommend the Lunamon line. Dianamon has boobplate but is more stylish than sexy.

>> No.33194019

This thread got weird.

Is there an actual game?

>> No.33194037

Don't suppose anyone could link a newfag to the rules for this stuff?

>> No.33194110

Here's the current version. It looks pretty neat. I might bring it up to my group.

>> No.33194307

What other elements exist in the Digiworld?
Like is there twilight or something perhaps?

>> No.33194420

the element system is kind of whack in Digimon. I'd use it for classifications, but I don't know about strengths/weaknesses.

As for "gray" powers: I don't think so. It's always holy, dark, or each taking one half.

>> No.33194611

Just did a quick read and I have a question: are only published canon Digimon allowed for partners? Maybe we build our own using the rules laid out in the pdf?

Lastly, has anyone started building a FAQ for this, or should I start?

>> No.33195391

is there a list of the elements somewhere perhaps?

>> No.33195731

Well you have the "elemental warriors" from Frontier, the generation with the spirit evolution stuff.

They were simply: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, Dark, Ice, Thunder, Wood, and Steel

Then you also have the different Families, Types, and Attributes.

Here's some lists:



>> No.33196314

A DigiDestined? Not just a regular tamer?

Darn, thanks for the extra pressure. Gonna go with a Virus team.

>Veemon to get ALL THE DRAMONS>Metalseadramon
>Possibly Betamon to get Metalseadramon if no Veemon
>This dude.>>33167990

Can I choose my Digivice color? Can I bring survival supplies? Will I be trapped in Digiworld or cvan I go back whenever I want?

Also, which Digiworld is it?

>> No.33196594

These are cool. Should there be evil crests, too, or is that too corny? I'll throw some ideas.


For a "good guy with horrible methods/ Villainous Paladin" antagonist:

>> No.33196671

I don't think there should be evil crests, but having an evil parts of villains who are digidestined who some evil force got to and recruited first would make for a good high-level enemy encounter.

>> No.33196719

There is a point in Savers where it's brought up that Digimon are attracted and feed off of the seven deadly sins, so it's not impossible really.

Not sure if you need a crest at that point. It's kind of natural for them.

>> No.33196760

Should there be legitimately corrupt/malevolent Digimon Tamers/Destined? I'm tired of kids who are manipulated or brainwashed into serving the big bad. I heard there are kids like that in the newest season, but it's supposed to suck.

>> No.33196844

>Should there be evil crests, too, or is that too corny?
>I don't think there should be evil crests

Pic related, those are them. They represent the Seven Demon Lords. In order, top to down, left to right: Lucemon Falldown Mode, Daemon, Belphemon, Barbamon, Beelzemon, Leviamon and Lillithmon.

Why the question? Shouldn't that be left to the GM? It's ultimately him or her the one that fills in those details, there isn't one true setting in Digimon. I'd just give a description over all the iterations but not make it too long.

>> No.33196888

>In order, top to down, left to right
And forgot to fill in what those represent. They are sins.

Lucemon Falldown Mode: Pride
Daemon: Wrath
Belphemon: Sloth
Barbamon: Greed
Beelzemon: Gluttony
Leviamon: Envy
Lillithmon: Lust

>> No.33196922

>Be playing VR MMO after school, raging cuz I be loosing in PvP
>Starting muttering and cursing. Spiteful as all fucks.
>Virus attribute Digimon senses my 2edgy4u emotions.
>Uses VR device to sync with me, causing my vr headset to smoke and fume.
>Go to mirror, ignorant of the Baby level Digimon now living in my brain.
>Fuck everything when I see this weird cut over one of my eyes.
>Make sure it's clean before binge eating myself into a Mt. Dew and Dorito induced coma.
>tfw Baby level virus digimon introduces itself to you in your dreams.
>tfw you wake up having spirit digivolved in your sleep.
>tfw when you can now get your revenge.

>> No.33197525

Oh, there's always the chance for corrupt tamers just like there's darkness in everyone's hearts. Give a kid a giant monster and suddenly his ego swells. Lemme tell ya, kids with a sense of entitlement are scary.

>> No.33197586

Kids are shits. They lack empathy, so they're basically tiny, screaming sociopaths.

>> No.33197668

Mushroomon into Woodmon into Cherrymon into motherfucking Puppetmon.

>> No.33200616

I think it would be neat if all the children's crests started out as Potential and then evolved during their struggles based on their attitudes.

>> No.33200806

Technically, he has a mega and a, "Super-mega."

>> No.33200826

I think official english name is Super-Ultimate. Also since it is a level that was made up quite late, it is really hard to confirm what actually belongs to it, other than 3 mons from manga that were explicitely named to be ones.

>> No.33200945

Oops, sorry. And both wikimon and the digimon wikia mention Armageddemon being super-ultimate, so I really think it is. In any case, it's definitely more powerful than Diaboromon.

>> No.33200984

>implying we don't know what your true intentions are

>> No.33201018

That figures.

>> No.33201653

Good picks. Not that there are exactly a lot of choices, but I would say that I'd definitely digibend to save the digital world with you.

>> No.33204042

>Minvevamon picture
>No jiggle-physics giant rack

I am surprise! Happy, but surprise!

My ideal partner chain right now...? Hmm. Hard to say.

Hagurumon - Guardromon - Andromon - Hiandromon perhaps

>> No.33204103

>Betamon into Seadramon
You weasel-dicked son of a bitch, Michael did it way before you did.

All the way back in Adventure fucking 02! Fuckin American DigiDestined shit.

>> No.33204138

tbh, Seadramon from Adventures already partially did it before.

>> No.33204173

Yeah, but that wasn't a partner Digimon.

This motherfucker pulled his Seadramon out in the middle of New York to fight a fukken TREE!

>> No.33204197

>tfw all the plant digimon suck
A-at least insects are plentiful... I guess...

>> No.33204221

>Hatin on Cherrymon

>> No.33204223

Well, Lotusmon and Rosemon do appear to be the kind of digimon that enjoy sucking.

>> No.33204228


>> No.33204420

Evil tamers make perfect sense to me, Ken was unquestionably a bad guy and Rika originally only cared about getting stronger, when she first sees Guilmon her first reaction is "will we get stronger if we kill it". Admittedly they both became gooder people but they started off more dark than light.

>> No.33204548

Yeah, I agree. It depends on setting (if someone summons children to digital world or shit) then it doesn't work as good, but in other cases you could usually say that people with bad hearts could sneak in into the play. An then, either acquire an inherently bad digimon or just fuck good/neutral one up.

>> No.33204551

I played a 02-based game once that had counterpart Dark Chosen to the Chosen, with their own partners, D-3s and Digimentals based on negative emotions (this was before the demon lords, so we used Darkness, Desire, Fear, Hatred, Deception, Sorrow, Nepotism, and Perfection).

Was fun.

>> No.33204561

>calling desire a negative emotion

>> No.33204634

Well, Desire for power. We should have used Avarice, but this was some years ago when we were really young.

>> No.33204640

Three of the "Deadly Sins" are desire, excessive desire sure, but desire. Each crest is the concept strongly, most people have the crests in small doses but the bearers carry them most strongly. Too much desire is bad. But maybe new name is needed.

>> No.33204821

Well, there is both "I desire money" and "I desire world peace", but I'd agree that the world has generally negative concatonations in our culture.

>> No.33204856

Darcmon, LadyDevimon, Lilamon, Lilymon, Crescemon, Beastmon, Chohakkaimon, Arukenimon(ish), Angewomon, Harpymon, Witchmon, AncientMermaimon, Mermaimon, Ceresmon, AncientKazemon, Lotusmon, Kuzuhamon, Dianamon, Sakuyamon, Rosemon, QueenChessmon, Ofanimon, Minervamon, Calmaramon, Venusmon, Mervamon, Lilithmon, Shutumon, Ranamon, Fairymon, JetSilphymon, etcetera.

Anyone got the blank "Baby-InTraining-Rookie-Champion-Ultimate-Mega" template?

>> No.33204889

Evidently not a reader of Sandman, then!

How is everyone coming up with these possible Digimon Partner evolution trees? I muddle about on the wiki, and I find all of these are some evolution chains, but they seem kind of arbitrary. Are folks just assembling stuff at for the sake of coolness, or is there more to it than that?

I stopped watching the series after the quarter of Frontier; I'm completely lost with some of the lore after that. What is The Metal Empire? I've heard reference to it a couple of times, but got nothing.

Is there anything in the Digimon collective lore worth watching/playing after Tamers?

>> No.33204904

>too much desire is bad
What? Desire is the world's blood! If you lack desire, you are a husk! Everyone desires something, no matter how humbling or ambitious it may be! Desire is the key to evolution! If we didn't have the desire to visit the moon, we wouldn't have put people there! Humanity desires power, knowledge! As a whole, we reign supreme over this puny planet, due to desire!

... I forgot the point I was making, but "too much desire" isn't bad in and of itself. It's like "power"; you can say people use power to destroy! But you can also say people use power to protect! It's a neutral subject, and it's up to the person to use it for whatever they want!

>> No.33204921

Ken was a bad guy cause he thought the entire thing was a simulation or game

Ruki was similar, they're not maliciously evil, but think they're doing a normal thing

>> No.33204968

Lore isn't really super coherent, so don't expect too much. Metal Empire is a family of digimon, nothing too major. As for evolutions, they are all over the place, with some being more prominent than others.

>> No.33204991

A lot of it is 'what looks like it evolves up that chain' but Digimion, being... y'know, data... doesn't have to make sense in evolution. Particularly since it's exampled that outside influence can, and will, cause a Digimon to evolve in a specific way.

>> No.33205292

This is funny, but there's a character in this other show also made by Toei, in which a rich kid so intent on saving the world he starts throwing money around, ends up kicking off a massive civil war in a small African country because of the sudden influx of cash, getting people killed by the thousands.

So yes, desire for world peace can be a bad thing. But it's not healthy to approach any situation expecting black and white definitions all the time.
Courage and Friendship cause how much collateral damage just by existing?

It's also to note that the crests in Digimon Adventure are not important before their is a child for them. They are the manifestation of that child's brightest aspect when the project started. They're not some external divine unique power, but the emotion that resonates with digimon for that character.

So there's no reason you can't have a character who's prime connection with digimon is Hatred, Fear, or Sorrow. It's just those kinds of characters get lead away from that path when they improve.

>> No.33205403

technically it was Eiji's dad who kicked off the civil war

>> No.33207845

Don't worry. Her evolution has you covered. Or less covered.

>> No.33208380

Fuck you I want a Gaomon!

>> No.33208424

Whoever made that image should add a mystery box option. I love mystery boxes.

>> No.33208584

>not Palmon into Devidramon into NeoDevimon into NeoMyotismon


>> No.33208888

>open mystery box
>get that asshole pagumon from digimon world ds

>> No.33208912

>You find another mystery box
>You open it to find a pair of brass knuckles
>Your destiny is to punch all the bad digimon into submission

>> No.33208961

>evolves into blackagumon, then devidramon
>still has that brooklyn 20s gangster al pacino voice

>> No.33209226

Bakumon > Boarmon > Vikarlamon for maximum pig.

>> No.33210963

I keep wondering how the work on the TTRPG remake goes...

>> No.33211043

Mostly done. Just need to detail digivices and character advancement.

>> No.33211366

I eagerly await the release, O great Emperor.

>> No.33211609

Someone should make a version with like 20 options and the one between Guilmon and Terriermon is already torn off.

>> No.33211905


DemiDevimon->Devimon->NeoDevimon-(biomerging to)>Lilithmon

All played by generic spooky girl.

Upon talking to her it turns out she's not spooky she's just a nerd with no fashion sense or friends, she's constantly baffled by how creepy her partner is. The partner is also baffled and is not trying to be spooky they swear it just keeps happening.

>> No.33211966

>The partner is also baffled and is not trying to be spooky
Well you can't exactly help what fucking species you are; can you?

>> No.33212011

Well, given how fucked digivolution is in general, maybe

>> No.33212011,1 [INTERNAL] 

I know it has been 4 months since this thread has been commented in and may be completely dead, but is there any information about Version 9? Have these talks been moved to a new thread or has 9 been published already?

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