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Can we get an ork conversion thread? I would love to see some converted or scratch built battle wagons and other orky goodness!

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All scratch built stuff is terrible. Official GW models only, so it keeps the right size/profile for LoS.

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Okay, ya got me.

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All the guns n' such are swappable, so only a wreckin' ball 'ere.

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I cannot contain my lust.

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Look son, if you want to post bait, do it well. Otherwise you just look like a moron.

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>ITT: sloped armour and low profile are for gits!

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Bigga is betta!

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My works in progress. I am ashamed of how long it takes me to get stuff done (converting every single boy isn't helping). On the other hand, next week I'm back home for two months of holidays, so hopefully I can chop stuff up day and night.
It may not be much now, but once it's done, it'll be fucking awesome, /tg/. I promise.

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Are you gits excited for the new mad max?

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>official model from second edition
0/10 not allowed in my games. Modern models only.

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Meh. It's past it's prime, unlikely to be any good. Besides, Mel Gibson has gone cuckoo in the interim.

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No buggies allowed, then, I guess.

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Le summer trole ::::DD

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It's being made by George Miller still so it should live up to the originals. The guy has spend the last 10 years trying to get it made.

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Lookit dis git

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Buggies have current models. That truck is outdated by years.

>you disagree with me so you must be le troll!
Cool story kid.

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I hope this is enough to sustain your desire

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I was going to make a quad gun, where one barrel was the standard, another was a lascannon sized barrel, the next was a big shoota and the last barrel was just three smaller shootas tied together.
Seemed to make sense

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Nah, you revealed yourself by the staggering amount of faggotry in your post. Try harder next time kid :)

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>wanting modern/official models makes you a troll
Okay. Have fun with your spraypainted tonka trucks.

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So that's a self propelled artillery/assault gun? Seems very contradictory.
I just don't get the battlefield roles of these Ork tanks...

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You did read "conversion thread" at the top, yes?

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Oh look, it's summer.

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gonna share all I have. Currently trying to convert some trukks and land raiders into battlewagons for the Blitz formation

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Well, I'm just going to have fun criticizing these tanks for their realism.
They're way too big and heavy. Couldn't cross bridges, would get bogged down in soft terrain, and make for far too large and easy targets for air attacks and other tanks.

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Oh yay, it's this sperglord again.

What the fuck is a tonka truck anyways? Is that some autist code language?

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I haven't said anything. You must be thinking of another anon?

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It's a toy dump truck they're pretty popular toys for little kids in murica.

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Yeah, but lookit all dat dakka

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Is that you Maxwell Atoms?

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>doesn't know what a tonka truck is
I'm sorry you had to be the unwanted child that ruined your parent's marriage, because they obviously didn't love you.

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I really love this thing.

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Anon pls.

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>sperglord, autist
>i only know one insult
>using the buzzword of the month
>am I cool yet guys

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I think this is my favorite

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I was talking about the image, and announcing my intentions.

Well, Imperial armour has *some* realism to it. Things based on a Chimera Chasis for sure, Leman Russes even to an extent.

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i have a few things I've saved.

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Actually Tonka was known as sold through the Americas, UK, and I think at least one or two Western European countries.

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Ah! My bad. Still, couldn't you do this by yourself?

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>everyone who i disagree with is yelling in all caps and with bad spelling
Troll harder.

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How about we ignore the retard troll already and post some conversions instead huh?

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In case one of you guys is looking for something specific

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Nice an Ork BA-64

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one of my favorites

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What, loudly talk about faulty tank design into a mirror? I suppose I could, but what's the point? And where would I get feedback from?

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there is some really sex orks in here tonight

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Fuck, what's with all the summerfags?

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The asymmetry and ridiculous attention to detail easily make it top 10. Obvious asymmetry is specifically something I need to start using when I'm makin' fings Orky.

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Shit, now that's what they should have done instead of just copypasting the old SAG.

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/k/ is a better board for such things, but the thing is that this was a thread for Orks! On /k/ you could actually get REAL examples of bad stuff. Oh well.

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But it's because it's Orks that it's fun. I don't want to talk about actual faulty tank design, I already know that and it's boring.

Much more fun to have a laugh about the crazy shit orks build.

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This is really plain bur it reminds me of what I've seen of 2e Orks.

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I think this is top 10 personally and am frankly surprised it has been uploaded yet

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Anyone else think the Tauros would be a good base for looting?

It looks battlewagony by default.

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it belongs here...in spirit

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thats all i had saved, enjoy

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100%. Saw a hack job here a few weeks back. Cut the crew compartment open and it looks like a Stryker. Now make Orky. Probably the best vehicle release Orks have gotten in a while.

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Why is ork stuff the best stuff around?

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You wouldn't be the only one.

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>cut out my text
Figured this was orky in spirit.

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It's kind of sad when a IG vehicle turns out to be a more fun and Orky kit than a actual Ork walker. Looking at you, Nauts...
Not to mention that I can almost get two Tauri for the price of one Naut.

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because we play the game for fun, not waac

ork player
best players

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Too clean. Looks Imperial, not Orky.

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>me gobba when tonka

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That lifta droppa looks rad, I'm about to start making one for my stompa

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I prefer to think that's a nob riding into battle on a looted pile of garbage.

Just sledding into the enemy battle line.

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Who says the Tau flyer is useless?

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Holy shit that thing is awesome. That colour test screen in the gunner cockpit lol.

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Might as well post some of my WIPs then.
First a Liftadroppa

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These catchpas are driving me crazy.

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another shot

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Supakannon Bigtrakk

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ffs forgot pic

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Probably a BW or another Bigtrakk eventually

Sweet sexy conversions like that makes me wish Battlefortresses were actually good.

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I get the impression this thing's huge.

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And a SAG turret for a junka

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Any other anons about?

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I'm a CSM player lurking because awesome

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I really need to build one of these things.

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I thought from the thumbnail there was a Guardsman or Commissar trying to hang onto one of the wings on that. I was sadly disappointed.

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Same thing before coat

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Have you ever seen a 40k floating boat? Now you can witness it in action at sea! Join Da Navee today, get bonus teef fer yer grots at home! Da Boss needs YOU, ya git!

Also, there's more pictures of it on DakkaDakka. S'good.

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>love is a cheap peice of plastic made in china

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TFW you know you will never make anything as awesome and ingenious as that

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gotta be large, check that kan out on the side. Maybe 1ft tall, and 2 ft long

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here's a better video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KzfC_-lFhY

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>Double slugga boy
Oh Gork, how I wish this was an option.

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Ere's a bomma!

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There's the thread.

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This thing is big.

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Actually I know the guy who made this, he's very good.
He made a flyer but I can't find any pictures of it, the fucking thing is huge though

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Bludy Zog it'z a freebootah Freight

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I don't know how they have it today, but tonka trucks were metal when I was a kid.

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>Current Model
>Models from Gorka Morka are current
Therefore, the Trukk model the other anon is fine. Good.

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>Go to FLGS yesterday
>New guy
>He's from Italy, migrated a bit ago
>Ork army, plays Orks for conversion possiblity
He had tons of lovingly converted boyz, a Big Mek with a Scratch Built servoharness, because he believed the Big Mek would copy the design, a Land Raider battle wagon that had the front door open be a giant jaw that opened and closed, and everything was fabulous. Ork players are the best players.

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Holy shit that's awesome.

>> No.33155934

The fellow decided to get back into the hobby (besides his conversions) because of the Flash Gits models.
Now he can make some propa freebootas

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>Therefore, the Trukk model the other anon is fine. Good.
That line makes literally no sense. I can't even figure out what the fuck you are trying to say.

Also you know damn well gorkamorka trucks are old as shit and outdated. Don't be intentionally dense.

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>that sten like shoota
Why haven't I thought of this? It's genius!

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Perfectly legal, though. You should take a picture of how red your face is and how much Dew Breath condensate you have on your monitor

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>I disagree with you so you're fat and mad and drink a lot of soda XDDD
Really man?

Look, i'm sure GW has some idea that old, ugly models are still legal. That's fine.

But it's outdated. You can't just sit there and say it's modern, then when you get called out, move the goalposts and say it's about being legal.

And don't try so hard, with the "red face and dew breath" bullshit, come on.

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I actually like the model more. If they made a sized up version I'd buy 5.
C'mon anon.

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Steam gargant right? Always wanted to make one.

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>in the grim dark future, legos step on you.

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ammo hopper for my Shokk!

>> No.33157926

Christ how many shots do you plan on making?
>dat Ork ® GW numberplate
Everything about that is hilarious. Great job man.

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I live over in Fort Bragg, CA, and the dude who runs the local gaming store is building an AT-AT out of stompa parts, plus other odds and ends. its about 1.5 feet tall or so. i'll post some pics when he's done

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thanks; gotta have fun with these things! (like the epic shokk hood ornament, the big red button labelled Fire on the zap turret)

i started in 2nd and you had to buy bases of snotlings to fire; each base used in the shot would increase its power but increase chances of misfire!

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hey thats kool

>> No.33158161

god damn, is that rifling cut in that cannon barrel?

>> No.33158218

Aww man, so is that grot firing the zzap gun by headbutting the button? Glorious.

Also I had no idea that that was how it worked, sounds ded orky and pretty fun, but also weaker than the SAG is today.

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I desperately want to see someone converting a tau hammerhead into a Looted Wagon with a Big gun. Have tonka truck wheels set on the side.. not cause it doesn't hover but because orks think it needs wheels.

>> No.33158619

Shit I'm gonna do this. I'll stick a killkannon underneath it then have a little cockpit with a big gun where the turret normally goes, then use the big blasta thing that's normally there for a zzap gun for something else.

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please for the love of the emprah send me this when you finish. I want to seeee

>> No.33158914

>Dat klaw
finking wiv sciantz

>> No.33158971

I post stuff in the WIP threads quite often, so you should see it there, but I'll throw you an e-mail when it's done too. Probably wont be for a while though.

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Started at least 4 years ago and never really finished

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>> No.33159059

OMFG someone posted my lifta droppa :D

gonna dump my ork mega dread built on a galleon colossal warjack now

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>> No.33159100

gun (replacing the massive harpoon/trident gun)

>> No.33159126

and the "klaw" which is default with with a lego chain, there are 2 other lego chains on the model, all other parts you see are from the stompa kit, the shootas in the chest are from the dakkajet.

>> No.33159145

I feel like the funnel things on the back of the engine could be a bit more beat up and ragged at the top, but other than that it's pretty fantastic looking!

>> No.33159153

here is my wazdakka too

>> No.33159181

the engine is 100% default, including the funnels and details and pipes and the boiler.
including the small engine and pipes on the left shoulder

and thankyou.

>> No.33159196

different anon: 2nd Ed SAG was amazing different tables for each troop types. One result against terminators was a snotling appeared in his helmet and took a crap in his ear

>> No.33159352

other side of the lifta droppa, for your pleasure

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>> No.33159915

you know, ive never seen any of the team behind the models you see photographed.

>> No.33161094

I had 20 ponds of LEGO.

It was directly responsible for my conversion enthusiasm.

>> No.33161204

A warboss convertion I plan on doing once the new Warmachine mini it is based on is out. I'm not sure about the head asof yet, though.
The powerklawz will be made from plasticard, possibly with some shootas stuck on top. Don't want to overburden the mini.
Rulewise it'll probably be done with the Ghazghull supplement, relic cybork body and relic klaw.

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>> No.33161408

>> No.33161420

Bonus Pulsa Rokkits.

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>> No.33161471

>> No.33161482

>> No.33161498

>> No.33161509

Why can't Grabbin' Klaws be used as melee weapons? It's a mystery to the Orkish race.

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>> No.33161759

It's probably just a regular Gargant. Not all Ork titans have legs, but this was much easier to see back in 2e with the Mega Gargant. Ork walkers tended (and kinda still tend) to get stubbier and stubbier as they get bigger, and eventually some (Mega)Gargants were simply so enormous that the Orks didn't really bother with giving them legs! Steam Gargants, though, are made by Feral Orks, who don't really know how to make proper legs yet. It's harder to find bigger Ork models or conversions with tread-legs, with the one exception being the Ruzzbot.

Does anyone have any plans to make a GorkaMorkanaut with treads?

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>> No.33161787

>> No.33161804

I might consider buying a box at some point if they turn out to be a somewhat viable choice. If that happens, I'm using the box combined with plasticard and various bitz to make at least three of them. No reason not to put one on tracks.

>> No.33161985

>Look, i'm sure GW has some idea that old, ugly models are still legal. That's fine.
>But it's outdated. You can't just sit there and say it's modern, then when you get called out, move the goalposts and say it's about being legal.

please read the posts you reply to

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>> No.33162043

>> No.33162058

I actually can't tell if there are conversions or not, but either way I find 'em kinda cute

>> No.33162068

>> No.33162222

If a Gargant trips in the middle of a desert, does it make a sound?

>> No.33162236

>> No.33162244

>> No.33162300

I'll post a few WIPs. Apologies to /tg/ oldfags, I keep posting the same pics with no progress.

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>> No.33162336

>> No.33162355

>> No.33162371

Do not waaagh for yourself, waaagh for me who waaaghs for you.

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>> No.33162401

>> No.33162416

>> No.33162437


If slow going is what it takes it looks like these'll be worth it. They're lookin' good at a basic level, in the good n' Orky way.

>> No.33162453

>> No.33162493

>please read the posts you reply to
More like, please don't feed the troll.

>> No.33162505

those tracks are form ramshackle games. curtis' shop is pretty much a goldmine for ork players.

>> No.33162599

Yip so are these

>> No.33162607


>> No.33162820


i have torn feelings about this pic.

nice orky gun conversion..

Epic space marine landraiders destroyed ;_;

>> No.33162920

Image limit's been reached!

Was it a good thread? Should there be another, for more general conversions?

>> No.33162992

oi we needz anova une wif moar pkikturs to da spiky bitz

>> No.33163047

I like it but the chain is too small

>> No.33164269

man , you painted those orks good. kudos. they look great.

>> No.33164417

orks can do "clean" stuff shit too. the paint job will decide.
also, have you noticed how the official ork aesthetic is kinda shifting from the artesanal, scratch build look to a more industrial, serialized one? not bad per se, in concept (the new releases are kinda shit). i like the crude but well thought and functional looks. fuck the waahgh magifield. also there's better concepts and designs in this thread that in all of games workshop design board. fuck gw too.

>> No.33165799

kinda looks like an orky parody of the Lord of Skulls

>> No.33166585

>Mel Gibson has gone cuckoo


>> No.33167270 [DELETED] 

Nobody said "modern," the word Anon used was "current." The Warbuggy model may be two decades old, but it is available to purchase from the GW webstore right now. It's the current model.

The Gorkamorka trukk, meanwhile, has been superseded by the 2008 model and is not current.

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