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>Roll 20 on Jump check

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God damn those Wakfu blu-rays can't arrive fast enough.

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>Roll 20 on attack

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>Morrowind Speedrun.gif

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I know this is a joke thread, but I always thought the rule was that you can't Critically Succeed on anything that you wouldn't be able to pass with a 20 + modifier.

And jump checks are just raw numerical calculations. Something like, you jump 10ft vertical on a 20 and 5ft more for every 10 beyond that? I remember having to look up basically all the rules on jumping and falling objects when I made my orc do a piledriver off a branch of the World Tree.

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Oh look, it's one of these fags. They shoe up every thread.

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You can ALWAYS critically succeed or critically fail if you homerule it so

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man, i really got to catch up on this series

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>Roll 1 against BBEG ambush

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>You try to exit the room, but you are instantly killed.

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>Nat 1 in Knowledge(Nature)

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>Roll 20 on Sleight of Hand check

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I think that's just a bra of holding, man

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>Nat 20 in Knowledge(Arcane)

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>Nat 1 on Diplomacy

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>nat 1 REF save

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She's not wearing a bra though

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I'm not too well versed with concealed weapons, really. the prevailing tactic in my party is "kick in the door and shoot everyone until they're blended with the wallpaper".

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>Nat 1 on will save against illusion

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ok you got me for a moment.

>Natural 20 on EVIL IS LAW

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>Nat 1 on Dodge check

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She sure dodged that noose...

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>Nat 1 on Diplomacy as Barbarian

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>Nat 1 Sanity check

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Damn you. I will set this as my Skype status immediately.

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>you failed to detect the trap

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Nat 1 ranged attack.

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She got ate, anon.

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>Nat 0 Sanity Check

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I like you a lot

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I want to know.

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>Nat 1 Intimidation check

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Nat 1's on flurry of misses

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Nat 20 profession basketball player

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Nat 1 for diplomacy

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Nat 20 Disguise check

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>Take 10 on Persuade
works every time

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Nat 20 etc. etc.

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>Nat 20 on ranged attack

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the joke was that he was apparently trying to be intimidating but wound up fucking himself up. I should get better gifs for these threads.

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Nat 20 disguise check

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Jokes on you, we don't have spiders nearly that big in my country

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Critical Failure on Athletics

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the .gif is also spiders

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Nat 20 Hide

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Nat 20 Disguise

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He slammed his pool que against the ground and it snapped while he was trying to support his weight on it, he then fell and slammed his jaw into the side of the pool table which knocked him right the fuck out

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Nat 1 Handle Animal

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>Nat 20 in perform

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he slammed his jaw on the table. if you're unlucky or get hit hard enough on a specific point it will knock you right the fuck out, which is why he flops like that, he's out cold

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Bitch please.

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homu is the hero we deserve.

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Where's Johnny's bit?

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He already lost you nit

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If we are talking D&D than crits are only possible on attack rolls. Can't crit a skill check or a characteristic check whether it be a critical failure or success.

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johnny died son

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>Nat 1 forgery

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>Nat 20 on Heresy

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>Obama is actually a hedgehog

No wonder he won't show his birth certificate.

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Yeah, the 'natural 20 is auto success' only applies to attack rolls and saving throws. No critical success, just normal success. Same with 'natural 1 is auto failure'.

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For real though, Johnny was an idiot. He has absolutely no idea how good the Devil is at fiddle, and he'd bet his own soul against a gold fiddle? ALSO, he says that gambling with the devil is a sin, which means the devil gets his soul anyway! For fucks sake Johnny.

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>Nat 20 Disguise

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I don't get it. Whats disguised there?

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I don't get it, I see no disguises here. Just our beloved emperor and a heretic.

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Maybe he was atheist not believing in the concept of souls and had Devil for a silly fool.
If you look at it this way, it's "lose nothing or with a bulk of gold", deal you'd be stupid not to take.

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>Rocks Fall Everyone Dies: The Show

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Clearly. And how how dare that heretic call our beloved an Emperor a coward.

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How much did Johnny shit himself when a band of demons suddenly appeared?

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>Nat 1 drawing check

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>Nat 20 dodge

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What game is this?

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He's a chicken! A literal chicken! A gigantic rooster in the Emperor's armor! He's been a cock the whole time!

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Dwarf Fortress.
Guard got his so hard it literally blew him out of his armor, clothes, socks, everything.

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Oh look, another person rolled nat 20 for Heresy.

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Nat 20 resist gravity

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>Nat 20 sneak attack

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Too spooky for me.

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Nat 20 Intimidate.

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>can't see any panties

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Are you sure that wasn't just four 2s in a row on grapple checks?

>romantic ruchileg
Captcha is on to something...

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>Nat 1 charm check

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>Nat 1 Seduce

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>just below the DC on Sense Motive

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Nat 20 reflex save

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>> No.33150537

>"Nat 1 Seduce"
>not the sniper's "Sorry, girls, but I'm gay"

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>Nat 20 on Speech check

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>Takes cup
>2nd Cup happears

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>Nat 1 foreign geography check

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There were two cups there in the first place, the first cup just covers it due to perspective.
And, another Nat 1 Seduce.

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He's not taking the cup, he already had it in his hands.

The gif just starts with with the cup on the table covered.

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I think that's less of a natural one and more of a "Oh fuck, the GM didn't say we'd need to put points in skills like this"

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Are the girls window repairmen?

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Well I'm sold. Do I roll for anal circumference now?

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Drug dealers. It's a long story.
They escape said sniper by burning all the kush they have on hand and using its smoke as cover, getting wasted as fuck in the process.

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Link. Now.

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>Roll 1 on Heal check

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The Voynich Hotel according to image search.

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It's called The Voynich Hotel, written by Dowman Sayman. Search for thetsuuyaku blog, it has all the translations.
He writes all sorts of crazy stuff, yknow. I'd recommend Oddman 11 too, it's in the same vein as The Voynich Hotel.

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This is a pretty accurate description of >>33149563

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>An example of a natural 20 on grapple...or perhaps a 20 on perform

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>Nat 20 intimidate

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Woah, hold up, you gotta clarify this one. Is that a natural 20 on a "normal" kick, or a natural 20 on a kick performed by someone with super strength?

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Yes. Natural 20 kicks are always to the balls.

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That dude in white near the judges' table got a nat 1 in Fucks Given.

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>Natural 20 on gathering harem...despite being the same sex. Damn it, the BBEG was supposed to be an example of what NOT to do, not a challenge to out do his harem!

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>was supposed to be an example of what NOT to do, not a challenge to out do his harem!

The players must always have the biggest harem. It provides a pretty decent morale boost through the game.

>> No.33151051

Does morale boost give a bonus to rolls?

>> No.33151064

>The players must always have the biggest harem.
The only way that can happen is if the MC itself is a haremette.

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I can't tell if this is terrible or brilliant writing.

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Thanks, dude.

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Why not both?

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Yes anon, have relevant stats on hand and research how to properly stroke plumage.

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What is this?

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If you know how to convince your GM

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It makes more sense in context.

Context being that the chick's seriously messed up and/or teasing you.

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I still don't understand why the bus exploded. Was there a bomb on his stick?

>> No.33151389

No. Buses just do that sometimes.

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Reverse image search my friend. Apparently it's called Another.

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As someone with 3 /u/ tabs open, anything more than this would cause me to start screaming externally instead of my current internal screaming

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Shoulda stuck with a reliable German brand.

>> No.33151721

I all seriousness though, I am curious as to what the story with the bus was.

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I'm back!

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How did the window get fixed?

>> No.33151848

That's kind of a trick question since there's only really one city here in Iceland.

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>> No.33151893

They totally moved to another window during the implied timeskip.

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>nat 20 drifting

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Monk with Bowling Profession

>> No.33152079

>inb4 level asian

>> No.33152096

and thats it.

>> No.33152100

What animu is this?

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Nah son, storm of vengeance

>> No.33152187

I can't understand why he just put all his weight on the cue suddenly. Isn't it natural to gradually shift into a propped stance?

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>> No.33152220

>> No.33152235

It's a really common house rule though.

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Is this from that roosterteeth anime?

>> No.33152267

Seems like the same style

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Let us examine this picture closer. This is animated. Someone made this picture. Someone put thought in to this and decided to make a picture. Not just any picture. Out of all the shit he could have done, he chose THIS. Like I mean did no-one just sit back and think for a second like "What the fuck am I doing with my life"? I mean I might be autismic on a whole new level here but this doesn't change the fucking facts here. Someone, somewhere on the planet, was SO FUCKING STONED that he wanted to make a picture with a sentient sponge with pants, eyes, legs, hands, a tiny tie and the works is running with a more-or-actually-less sentient sea star with eyes and a pair of shorts underwater when someone uses a rope to lasso the seastar back to a location very far away, which results in an explosion and a mushroom cloud shortly afterwards.

Like I mean

>> No.33152294

It is. You can tell by the style and the completely impractical weapons. If .gifs had sound too, you could tell by the horrible dialog as well.

>> No.33152308

At first it looked like that shitty Iron Man cartoon.

>> No.33152334

More like it's a common misinterpretation.

>> No.33152344

>Nat 20 in requisitions

>> No.33152345


>> No.33152351

>shitty Iron Man cartoon
Narrow it down a bit son. I presume you mean the reasonably recent one where they're all high school kids?

>> No.33152352

>nat 20 Wis check

>> No.33152354

>Horrible dialogue
>Horrible voice acting
>Horrible animation
Did anyone suffer through more than two episodes?

>> No.33152373

Either that or the anime, I guess

>> No.33152384

God fucking dammit /tg/, concentrate.

>> No.33152387

>not recognizing copypasta

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>> No.33152424

Red vs Blue worked originally cause it was about something RoosterTeeth understood. Two teams trying to capture a flag.
This new thing is terrible. The dialog sounds like something someone on /v/ would make up if asked what girls talked about.
I made it to like episode 5 or by my count, the 14th glomp, before I couldn't take anymore.

>> No.33152433


This is the one I was thinking of.

>> No.33152475

So, which is worse, this or Avengers Assemble?

>> No.33152511

Wouldn't know, I only even heard of that Iron Man one because of channel surfing while hung over one Sunday.

>> No.33152537

>girl with the shield
This is how I Warlord.

>> No.33152554

Oh I don't know. I liked their original series and the stuff about AIs and what not. Not too shabby all in all. I thought caboose was quite funny as well.
Lately they've been kind of shit though, yeah.

>> No.33152568

> not substituting all your perform checks by grapple checks
> not substituting all your rolls by grapple check

WRASSLE is the only answer.

>> No.33152589

>Iron Man anime
Please don't remind me, I was forced to watch the whole thing.

>> No.33152648

Natural 20 on...spot?

Yeah, this is gonna require a reaction image on my part.

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>> No.33152684


There we go.

>> No.33152694

Nat 1 art check

>> No.33152720

he's carrying a breeching charge on a pole.

Whoever the explosives tech for the exercise was, was either incompetent and used WAY too much explosives on accident, or really hated poledude and used way to much explosives on purpose.

>> No.33152730

Every time someone says they were "forced to watch" something, my mind immediately pictures that one scene in Clockwork Orange, you know the one.
I'm not the only person who that happens to, right?

>> No.33152769

Immensely until he saw how shit the devil was.

>> No.33152806

The devil started playing before the band of demons appeared.

>> No.33152892

You are not alone

>> No.33152893

>Roll 1 on Facing A Few Facts...

>> No.33152908

You're fucking evil

>> No.33152997


>> No.33153130


Shoot, and I wasted >>33152684

on >>33152648 .

>> No.33153190

>Nat 20 in tech heresy

>> No.33153253

>> No.33153269

>Nat 1 on Sense Motive for everyone towards him

>> No.33153288

what is this from?

>> No.33153291

This was during the Silver Age, right?

>> No.33153309


Don't forget this link. It has everything that's been scanned/translated of Dowman's. It's maintained by the guy who's scanning NIckelodeon and Voynich for us, as well as his other stuff sometimes.


>> No.33153336

Looks like Wakfu.

>> No.33153381

It is Wakfu.
Season 2.

>> No.33153388

Only barely.

>He pulled the bow across the strings and it made a evil hiss
>Then a band of demons joined in and it sounded something like this.

>> No.33153406

Wait... What?

>> No.33153408

The real truth is that I actually wrote that a few moments ago.

>> No.33153420

It was a different age.

>> No.33153448

>tf2 item economy

>> No.33153498

Well, in this case I meant "you're gonna do this or you can start looking for a new job" kind of "forced to", but I can see where you're coming from.

>> No.33153520

There are also people who go "20s explode" on skillchecks with some who have 1s implode.

This is what got me hearing a story of a wyrmling who roasted a rabbit and got about 200 on the Profession(Cook) check.

>> No.33153559

>Don't forget this link. It has everything that's been scanned/translated of Dowman's
Literally the best news this week.

>> No.33153568

I've seen better.

>> No.33153603

You mean, natural 20 on Craft(Movie)[edit].
>godliness MayPict

>> No.33153614

>if you don't watch this, you ARE FIRED!
The best job ever does not survive a shitty boss, apparently.

At least you weren't forced to watch a harem.

>> No.33153673


Have fun. It contains seemingly 1000+ pages of untranslated Dowman.

>> No.33153711

Didn'y you just say the stuff was translated?

>> No.33153726


I meant scanned and/or translated. It has everything that has been translated by him, just look at the folder.

>> No.33153749

Nah. Clearly the art's done in a Better-Than-Life style.

>> No.33153788

We'll were getting Google Glass these days that might augment what we're seeing. It's just a matter of time before we get some device that could trick our taste buds to make plain water taste like our drink of choice.

>> No.33153833

Look up Miracle Berries. They alter the taste receptors on the tongue.

>> No.33153867


>> No.33153977

>causes sour foods ... to taste sweet
Why is the first use I can think of so lewd?

>> No.33154046

Why do the French make such great cartoons and comics?

>> No.33154049

And when Google designs a substance that is spread via air that forms as a lid over the eye and they can spy on everyone everywhere and broadcast everything people want to see.

Foilhat ain't gonna save me from this one, dear god.

>> No.33154056

>Nat 20 Intimidate

>> No.33154083

It's not odd. I had the same thought.

>> No.33154110

But sperm is bitter, not sour...

>> No.33154143

It varies depends on diet.
If you eat a lots of fruits, especially pineapple, it will be sweet.
If I remember, dairy products will cause it to become bitter.
You'd have to ask /d/ for sure

>> No.33154162

>Nat 20 Strength Check when Raging

>> No.33154259

Why did you post a brick wall?

>> No.33154312


Damnit, I thought the .gif went longer.

>> No.33154322

>tfw you adore dairy products
Fucking biology...

>> No.33154363

It's not like anyone will ever care about the flavor of your man-juice.

>> No.33154374

I do

>> No.33154417


>> No.33154502

>Nat 20 on Survival

>> No.33154569

>Nat 20 on dungeoneering

>> No.33154575

You. That's good. That's real good.

>> No.33154642

What is this wizardry.

>> No.33154648

>Nat 20 on Ride

>> No.33154650

Tomorrow color theme and image hover kinda ruined it.

>> No.33154729

>Nat 1 Perform: Actor

>> No.33155157

Fucking ninja dancers...

Seriously, I hear 12 Division has a Corgi for a Commissar...
I for one welcome our Poultry Overlord.




You do know "Duke Boy" give you INSANE racial modifiers for Drifting, right?

...But where is the Orange Paintjob, Dixie Flag, and "01" racing number?

Well the context is, in order to lure the squirrel Sandy Cheeks back for a Texas style party to alleviate her home sickness, Spongebob and Patrick insult her home state instead.
Que hilarious cartoon hyjinks beatdown.

Yeah, and even then the Devil band is entirely pulled by the bassist.

>> No.33155210

Cause the French LOVE art. They always have loved Art. So when they do anything artistic they really love to go whole hog on it.

>> No.33155331

oh man, that is gold.
"Did you just catch that?"
"Yes, yes I did."

>> No.33155394

Not to mention his eyes at the end are so full of being impressed.

>> No.33155521

>imperium of mannco.jpg

>> No.33155652

Thank you for calling attention to that, I almost woke up the whole house,

>> No.33155811

Don't get it.

>> No.33155845


>> No.33155930

all those hand gestures, is he black?

>> No.33155935

Clearly he is about to BE SENT TO THE OTHER WORLD

>> No.33156135

I think everyone was impressed at that point.

>> No.33156440

Nah, just fresh.
>Nat 20 on Bust a Move

>> No.33156554

>Nat 20 on Sunder

>> No.33156718

>Aiding in a Swim check

>> No.33156810

>Nat 1 on blending into a crowd

>> No.33156853

Nat 20 intimidate

>> No.33156932

>Nat 20 disguise

>> No.33156941

Nat 20 escape artist

>> No.33156968

Just failing

>> No.33157027

>Nat 20 in Barter

>> No.33157061

Nat 20 in Knowledge (City Planning)

>> No.33157089

What's this supposed to be imitating?

>> No.33157091

... Yeah, still too expensive. Only good things that game had going for it were Claudia Black and Corrnne Kempa.

>> No.33157099

I just rolled a nat 1 on caring. Your filename got a mild chuckle out of me though.

>> No.33157109

Nat 20 Craft Wonder Items

>> No.33157127

At least it's not that "sequel" that felt more like the intro section of a longer game.

>> No.33157148

I think it's just a random natural pattern that developed over time.
Can't remember where they are. But apparently the locals will tell tourists about these 'old coins' that can be found just laying around. So tourists will see these spiders and try to pick up what they think is a worn coin.

>> No.33157173

And people wonder why we colonized the shit out of them.

>> No.33157217

>Nat 20 attack, friendly fire cleave

>> No.33157242

Nat 1 on San Check

>> No.33157330

>Nat 1 on Sense Motive

>> No.33157342

mine was,"and the snozberries taste like snozberries!"

>> No.33157353

The bus is a construct - the reason you cant get criticals on constructs are there is just in case a situation like >>33148900 happens. Constructs violently *deconstruct* when they happen to be subject to critical hits.

>> No.33157360

>Nat 20 hide in plain sight

>> No.33157414


God power keeps my pimp hand strong, so trust me all you won't last very long~

..Unless you're Olivia.

>> No.33157423

>nat 1 bureaucracy

>> No.33157464



>> No.33157469

Given the cleaning lady they wound up with, isn't that more of a nat 20?

>> No.33157495

Take 10, I guess?

>> No.33157509

Nat 20 on Seduce

>> No.33157535

>Nat 20 Craft Magical Armor

>> No.33157546

More like rocks off, amirite?

>> No.33157596

I did, the soundtrack and the fights were fun enough to make up for what they lacked in the voice acting and production values department. I watched it all together after the season was over.

I'm acutally looking forward to the second season.

>> No.33157628

>Nat 20 on Natural Attack (Cuteness)

>> No.33157650

More like
>Nat 20 Charm

>> No.33157670

That music video was weird as shit.

>> No.33157690


I made my save.

>> No.33157705

It's a French music video. What else would you expect?

>> No.33157737


I see Kyubey all the time but there doesn't seem to be a wiki article for it. Her? Whatever. Can someone give me the cliff notes of why it is the face of mind control on /tg/?

>> No.33157755

That theme is balling

>> No.33157798

So many grapple checks.

>> No.33157804

Kyubey entire race basically groomed Mankind to idolize Magical Girls so they could use them as Emo generators.

>> No.33157834

Just watch Madoka (full name Puella Magi Madoka Magica), even as a person that's not into anime, I gotta say it's worth the time. It has twists you (probably) won't see coming.

>> No.33157850

that picture pisses me off so much because they're using a green screen on the parts of the box

>> No.33157865

It's a sort of Lovecraftian space thing that convinces tween girls to become rococo liches in order to serve its ends.

The show is Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and probably the most recent anime that could be called a classic with any veracity.

>> No.33157877

It's his shirt dangling out.

>> No.33157887

yeah, i know, but if you look at the bottom left as he "disguises" the effect is so obvious

>> No.33157896


>> No.33157907

If you have any intent of watching the anime Madoka, pretty big spoilers
It's the physical representation of a collective concessions of beings concerned about the universe ending because heat death, entropy. So to counter act it. They start to experiment on using alternative forms of energy and found humans give off an amazing amount of energy they can gather and use when they fall into despair. So they came up with the idea of creating Witches and Magical Girls. The Magical Girls are kinda protectors of the flock of humans to ensure they can continue to harvest the energy from despair, cause otherwise the witches will pretty much kill everyone if left alone. What they tell the girls they recruit is "You're protecting mankind from the witches." and leave out that previous part about collecting energy. Each magical girl's 'soul' is removed and placed into a crystal so that they can fight more effectively, without having to worry so much about the empty shell of a body getting damaged, just protect their crystal. Again, something the Kyubey's leave out when they recruit. And those crystals slowly get corrupted as they use their power or get injured and the crystal automatically repairs the bodies. They can reduce the corruption by using grief seeds. Again, one thing the Kyubeys don't tell the magical girls is what happens if the crystal become fully corrupted. Once that happens, it means they are overcome with despair, their crystals explode in a massive amount of energy that is collected, and the girl becomes a witch.

>> No.33157919

>nat 20 Craft: Meme

>> No.33157922

>It has twists you (probably) won't see coming.
Oh god this.
Fucking Rebellion. I didn't know what I was getting into by watching that.

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>> No.33158110

>kyubey's face when

>> No.33159831


Fantasycraft has defined effects for most criticals. Generally on skills with numeric effects, it just gives you 1.5x effect, but some have more specific effects, like a Sneak check critical means you're hidden from whoever you succeeded against for the rest of the scene, until you reveal yourself or are pointed out by somebody else.

>> No.33160296

Fuck this video in particular

>> No.33160595

Rebellion seemed pretty obvoius at first. I easily called most of what happened there. Aside from Homura's heelface turn at the end.

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