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I have a question about SoB and Imperial Guard relations (in terms of rank differences).

Could a normal SoB assume control of an Imperial guard squad, or would she take orders from the unit's sergeant?

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What do you mean by normal SoB? A rank and file Battle Sister?

It's highly dependant on the politics going on outside the battle, the IG regiment and SoB order etc

They're from completely different organisations and neither are in the command tree of the other. So it becomes requests for help, and one may defer to the other if they have more experience.

Basically it's situation dependant and there is no over-arching answer, now like every other vague question on /tg/ we require more information about the scenario and characters involved.

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Ok then. Here's the scenario.

>Normal rank and file IG squad finds a rank and file SoB
>SoB's unit is ded.

My question is, for the rest of the mission. Does the SoB either:
>join the squad and has the command role of an average IG trooper.
>Join the squad and have a command role equal/greater than the unit's sergent.
>or does she remain autonomous to the IG squad, acting like a supporting unit.

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The last one, most likely

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What's the mission? Do both squads have the same objective? If not which squads objective is the more important one?

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Most battle sisters are trained how to fight and revere the the emperor and not much else. A sister superior might be able to organize a squad of guardsmen temporarily in the heat of battle, but the combat doctrines are so different that most canonnesses would not be able to make effective use of guardmen organized into anything platoon sized or larger. Similarly, most SoBs are too willful to take direct orders from guard sergeants, except perhaps in the heat of battle, and being around non-sisters really messes up their mojo.

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The third one.
She's not a rank-and-file guardsman nor a civilian, but she's also most likely smart enough that trying to take command on no other basis than her working for the church will only end in disgruntled Guardsmen and her getting fragged.

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It's doubtful that she would take command but might if the squad's sarge was unable to lead and she had the most battlefield experience. A lone soldier isn't likely to be very effective on her own, so until she has a conflicting mission the sister probably joins up with the squad until she can make her way back to the rest of the sorotias forces.

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For the purpose of this scenario. we're going to say that they were both doing patrols out of FOBs

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What do you think happens to lone guardsmen who are found by Space Marine squads after their entire unit was massacred?

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*smart enough to realize that

Also, what would the SoB gain from taking command? Surely The Emperor's Will will be served just as well, or even better, by the Guardsmen if she doesn't interrupt their work.

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Thanks guys, you've been a real help.

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so what would spess do?

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So she most likely either accompanies the guardsmen back to friendly lines in order to get the bodies of her squad (and their weapons and armour) removed from the battlefield. Or she requests the guardsmen radio in a message for her superiors to do the same.

Assuming neither party is particularly dickish they work alongside one another, and work on using request/respect to each get their tasks accomplished quickly and efficiently.

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May I ask what you needed the information for? Are you writing a story?

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Only war scenario. Guardsmen unit is half NPC. PCs are the heavy weapons guy, sniper, demo guy a vehicle operator/normal IG. And finally a R&F guardsman.

I would write a story, but alas I am not good at it.

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She doesn't take command and she doesn't take orders.

But the IG squad would probably end up doing what she wants believing she is in charge kind of like if they found a lost Space Marine.

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That looks like it would be hashed out between the SoB and the Sargent.

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Probably. The Sergeant probably wouldn't call off the whole mission just to do what the SoB want, but he would probably also help her if it doesn't jeopardize the mission (and if he's not a complete asshole).

Also, it depends a lot on what the SoB wants to do. If she wants help to get back through enemy lines a couple of kilometers away and has important intel, then I think the IG's will listen to her. If she wants them as meatshields to kill a deamon, then cooperation is much less likely.

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>lost Space Marine

Emperor have mercy on those poor bastards' souls...

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Obviously ignore the guardsmen because they are weak, useless, and corruptible.

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SM are commonly addressed as "Lord", but how do you address a SoB? "Ma'am"? Lady doesn't feel right.

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>Lady doesn't feel right
How? It's just the equivalent of Lord.

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Try to boss the puny Guardsmen around and ruin their mission just so he can maintain "muh honour!". But that's because Space Marines are huge dicks with much bigger egos than anyone else.

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"Sister" is a perfectly valid address, if a bit generic. Her exact Sororitas rank, if the speaker can identify it, is better. In a pinch, "Lady" is a correct address as well.

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Your Holiness? They are like Nuns.

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That is actually reserved to Cardinals and high-ranking priests. Despite the respect they command, the Sisters of the Adepta Sororitas do not reach such an exalted rank within the Ecclesiarchy, for it would clash with their primary mission of service by tempting them with earthly power.

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"Sister" would work, just you would if you met a real world nun you don't know. When they know her name "Sister [whatever]" would be fine. Feudal-planet guardsman might call her Lady because they assume she's nobility from the swanky armour, weapons and full set of teeth. "Lady" is probably the generic term for woman who outranks you anyway, but their might be cultural specific ones depending on the regiment

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Yeah, but it sounds kinda frail to me. Of course, it probably wouldn't if I lived in a society where the title can refer to combat nuns in power armour, for course.

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Nobody who isn't a Space Marine himself would ever call one Brother, though. So would the SoB think you're disrespectful if you call her Sister without being her peer?

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Lore-wise a single Space Marine is worth hundred or so guardsmen, so w/e.

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That depends, actually. There are Space Marines who actually prefer to be referred to as "Brother-(insert rank if ranked) (name)" rather than "Lord (name)".

This being said, there are also "cultural" differences between the two organisations. Sisters see themselves as the humblest and most faithful servants of the Emperor, and are often pretty humble. Space Marines see themselves as the Defenders of Humanity, and often demand the respect that duty deserves from anyone around them.

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Lady seems a little over the top, unless the guardsmen are particularly feral. I'd say Sister or Ma'am, and Ma'am would probably be used as a form of respect rather than an actual difference in ranking.

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I doubt it. Space Marines are distant relatives of the Emperor through their primarchs, so in a snese they are both literal angels of death and nobles of the Imperium. A Sister is a mortal woman who has a calling to follow the God-Emperor, and while she's worthy of immense respect, unless she's a heroic or explicitly sanctified figure she isn't anywhere near Marine (unless, again, the guardsman are especially devout). Same deal with clerics and some techpriests being called brother, basically, although you might call a cogboy "Adept" instead.

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Yeah, Lady just makes it seem sarcastic. "I'll follow your orders, lady." "At once, lady." Yeah...

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m'lady would be more sarcastic, but I'd imagine the usual term would be sister.

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Just want to point out that a standard Battle Sister was also trained to potentially serve as a Hospitaller, Dialogus or Famolus as a novice so they usually are way more skilled than a typical IG grunt.

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So basically a Dom Sob who whips pussy ass spess mareenes into shape via vaginal motivation.

Then she makes them belive she's a daemonette to test them on loyalty and purging and shit and reveals and then spess mareens love her more for being so kind and pure.

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>space marine with IG from his homeworld
They would never be against his decisions. Try something like a space wolf with a group of cadians.

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Space Wolves command quite a bit of respect from common soldiers, usually after some spess-level feat of arms in their defense. It's sort of a theme in their fluff.

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>meanwhile at the shoulderpad competition

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Don't dis the pauldrons.

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Eh ? Some respect maybe. But there is also the huge fear level , the desire of the wolves to act on their own and their disregard for regular humans.

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Any Space Marine would just respected into commanding.
Plus, who are you going to follow? The guy who's been fighting monstrosities of all kind since before your great-grandfather was born or that one sergeant who burst into treats when he saw a tyranid up close?

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That weird thing the non-SM in panel three is
wearing is kinda hideous, though.

But I have a weakness for those pauldrons carved with words all over.

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>Some respect maybe
No, like, monumental levels of respect. They're considered heroes of the common man. Most space marines are.

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I like how one of the soldiers literally has a flashlight attached to his pauldron.

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sorry all i can see in that last panel is "Shit nigga we dont roll that way."

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He's an inquisitor. They get a pass on looking stupid. The art in the comic is pretty janky though

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isn't it mamzel, as far as 40k lingo goes, instead of lady

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I will refer to Prosper burns here(yes HH series , kill me).
The guard there hated the interference of the wolves. They called for space marine help but once they realized the space wolves were the closest ally almost cut the message.
Wolves had a pretty bad reputation there. Full disregard for human commanders, their pride and previously lost battles the guard wanted to make amends for. Butchering enemies to unidentifiable pulps of flesh.
At least in the HH series they are refered to as the executioners of the emperor and are hinted to be responsible for taking out the 2 mystery legions.
Guard fear them more than the rest. But then again in some books that is the opposite.

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>prospero burns
>HH/30k wolves
>in any way similar to 40k wolves

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True, when you're an inquisitor or Rogue Trader you can basically wear whatever the fuck you want and get away with it, since nobody dares
tell you it's tacky.

Which explains a LOT of the costume designs in this setting.

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>last panel
...isn't that the constantly furious teacher from Daria?

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>BT gets separated from unit
>Guardsman squad
>Sergeant defers command
>Come upon chaos space marine squad in ritual with cultists
>They have the high ground, a covered position, and the element of surprise
>"Affix bayonets"

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Comes down to politics, priorities in the given scenario and who's most insistant when saying "Not anymore you're not!"

So basically this but with IG, SM, IN, Inquisition, Ecclesiarchy and Admech.


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How do the wolves change over that period ?

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More drinking

>> No.33128921

They are taken in as the squad's mascot and serve as comic relief

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You also have to keep in mind that Abnett has admitted to not liking the Space Wolves. According to his blog, he thinks they and their whole schtick are silly.

In the 40k fluff, all the way back to 2nd edition, the Space Wolves are one of the most loved chapters. At least by regular people.
Yes, high ranking people dislike or even hate them, but only because the Wolves aren't afraid to call them out for being fucking assholes.

Logan Grimnar's rule that gives nearby SWs +1 attack used to give +1 attack to ALL friendly models, even allies not in his chapter.

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See for yourself! (1/7)

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Most likely the SM just ignore him since he probably can't even keep their pace

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>Sleeveless uniform but with bigger pauldrons.

Is he from the American Gladiators planet or something?

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Holy fucking shit those pauldrons.

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So the answer is: BAIT!

No idea.

Yeah, old art is old and wonky!

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It's like twice as much pauldron as normal. It's hilarious.

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>let's ignore decades of fighting experience because he's not from our homeworld

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I'm really glad someone saved this. I remember ripping and storytiming it a long time ago.

Probably my favorite of the Inferno! run

>> No.33129101

That's a huge change then. I guess I have to dig up some codexes. Books confuse me even more.

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>their disregard for regular humans.
Aren't Space Wolves pretty high tier when it comes to caring about humans? What with the whole Armageddon thing with the motherfuckin Grey Knights.

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I do like a lot of Abnett's stuff, but he should remember that chaos space marines dying rom poison needles and a single squad of SM killing thousands of DE is silly too

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Yeah, I was happy to find it here, I remembered reading it at my local GW store years ago. Art is a bit off, but it shows clearly how ruthless Space Marines can be in order to purge xenos.

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I take my knowledge out of a few HH books and it applies to 30k mostly. As you can see earlier in the thread the anons explained things better in terms of 40k.

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I liked the one about a squad of termies going in a space hulk, with the sergeant having a death wish...can it be found anywhere?

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Reminds me I have a squad of terminators to put together. And some genestealers to paint..

Fuck this heat

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and fin

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Thanks dude

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No problem, m80

Here's something for the guard fans.

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this only really appeals to a niche crowd, I imagine. But whatever.

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And done. I really liked Inferno!

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It's like Osprey and GW had a baby. And that's awesome.

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I at least am in that niche then.

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Looks la GI from RA2.

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GW were pretty big fans of that stuff. Part of why I love them so much.

Right on, brother. I only wish I had higher resolution scans for a few of the books.

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I'm still convinced that the whole reason why we have Preatorians, Mordians and pretty much all the other pseudo-historic Imperial Guardsmen are because of the Perry twins. Being into history is one thing, literally losing an arm in an reenactment and still turn your house into a museum is something else.

And I love them for that.

>> No.33129749

Definitely, considering they sculpted most of them. However I wouldn't go so far as to say they were the entire reason, since nerds making wargames in the seventies and eighties would pretty much universally be into history.

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Okay, so maybe they weren't the only reason. But I'm sure that they were the ones who came up with Praetorians.

>> No.33129975

In 30k the Wolves were basically replacement World Eaters and used for their unnecessary brutality, being called to censure army regiments and other legions alike. In 40k they use similar tactics but have chilled the fuck out, and have a rivalry with the big =][=, the least popular organization in the Imperium.

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That and AoE2 are the two games I have been playing consistently for the longest time. Ever since they came out til earlier this year, will probably reinstall RA2 again soon.

>> No.33130116

I love how the space tank hits 25 kmph when an abrams can go at 67 kmph without breaking a sweat.

>> No.33130134

I think "SCRREEEEE" is going to be what I yell as I orgasm from now on

>> No.33130136


WW2 tanks, bro... That's what they are. Goofy WW2 heavy tanks/SPG's

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It's a space tank, it ain't gotta explain shit. My favorite bits of fluff are when the things survive nuclear blasts and similar hilariously over the top nonsense (land raiders on the sea floor is a good one).

Anyways, I'm going to dump another comic.

>> No.33130185

No joke: I've actually screamed FOR THE EMPEROR when orgasming. Luckily my girlfriend at the time was also a member of my DH group, so I didn't get hit or anything.

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>> No.33130234


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>You will never die while a Vindicare is pressing his junk against the back for your head

Feels bad, man.

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File: 637 KB, 1024x1578, [Black Library] - Warhammer Monthly - 10 (wapazoid) 25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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and done.

>> No.33130347

>Mission almost FUBAR'ed.
>"Nah, piece of cake!"

Imperial Assassins: doing the impossible, all day, e'rry day!

>> No.33130376

balloon fighting heavy interceptors is perfectly normal what are you talking about

>> No.33130409

>987.M41 A Hundred, Hundred Teef

>Waaagh! Ozdakka rampages through the Helshrike Systems, millions of Orks led by the legendary Bad Moon Boss of Bosses Ozdakka. Such is the utter destruction wrought by the Waaagh!, entire worlds being smashed to scrap and dragged off into the stars by the unstoppable Orks, that the Adeptus Terra dispatches a Vindicare Assassin to take out Ozdakka and his most powerful Nobz. Brutally effective, the nameless assassin stalks the battlefields of Helshrike, sniping Orks from the shadows and taking a terrible toll on Ozdakka’s bosses. In a fit of rage, the Warboss offers a hundred, hundred teef – more than most Orks can comprehend – for the head of the unseen killer. As word spreads of the bounty, even more Orks flock to Ozdakka’s banner and his Waaagh! swells until it is even larger than ever. However, the Warboss does not live to enjoy the destruction he has wrought upon the Helshrike Sector, the assassin’s final shot taking Ozdakka’s head from his shoulders before the Imperial agent is overwhelmed by a mob of Bad Moons intent on claiming the immense prize.


>> No.33130411

>For the Emperor
>While empowering Slaneesh

Confirmed for infiltrated cult of pleasure.

>> No.33130507

She asked me to lick her asshole during sex a couple of times, so yeah, most likely a Slaanesh cultist.

>> No.33130702

Or Nurgle.

>> No.33130733

Nurgle cultists wouldn't wipe first.

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Another anon here with another tale

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File: 2.48 MB, 1028x4622, 2:2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33130946

Also, Imperial Assasin's Creed would totally be a cool game or mod.
Just saying.

>> No.33131007

>creating more humans for the Emperor's service

>somehow considered heresy


>> No.33131031

This was a blowjob, so no new humans were created. I'm a filthy heretical scum, sorry.

>> No.33131507


>burst into treats

I can't get this image out of my head now.

>> No.33131686

"I'm so scared! I could...I could...*BOOM*"
>confetti and tootsi rolls.

>> No.33131740

Why would you waste an Eversor like that if you already had an agent on location?

Assassin's Creed style gameplay only really works for Callidus and maybe Venenum.

>> No.33132461

and vindicare maybe

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