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Where do you guys buy MtG cards online? I'm looking for mass single cards for some EDH deck building and possibly standard decks, and I don't remember the last site I went to.
Any recommendations?

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I do TCGplayer. Try them.

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http://magiccards.info/ is a card search with card price/quality comparisons, general information and links to retailers who sell the cards in question. Just type in the name of the card(s) you're looking for.

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Wouldn't it be easiest to order them all from the same retailer, though?
I'll check them out, thanks.

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It would be easier, but comparing prices and shopping around never hurt.

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Are you trying to suggest something with that picture?
I'm on a sort of budget cause I *shouldn't* be spending money and should be paying back debt buuuuut we'll see what I can find for what price.
I suppose i'll shop around as well.

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I'm suggesting I'm broke and shop around for things. Didn't mean anything by it. No offense intended. Have a puppy.

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None taken, probably took that too seriously.
Best puppy.
Have a kitty.

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I'm not into furries or muscular women.

Kemba is an exception I swear.

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I believe you completely.

Except for the part where I don't. Come one now. This is /tg/.

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I-I know them feels.

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>not being into ripped furry chicks

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so where do I buy the chinese reprints of power 9 and the like?

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Usually local news adds.

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Some flea markets have morally dubious venders who sell them and things similar to them. Just make sure you get a quality reprint, not a half assed one. Pic related

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The only descent chinese producer was shutdown. The rest of what I've found only looks marginally better than what you could print at home

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This, bookmark this shit already. Canadian sellers start to show up as well, mails shouldn't be too expensive for Americans.

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