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>I will never be an Eldar hero avenging my people

why live?

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W8 4 Eternal Crus8

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Looks too human.

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What did you want?

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>40k: Aspect Warrior will never be made
>Even the Tau got a game

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>not a faggy elf
>a bad thing

You w0t?

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> not a fair glorious superior being


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Ok, this is probably a very stupid question on my part, but how would these two handle a two handed spear weapon with a pistol dangling from their arm? Do they have some sort of holster or something? I just imagine them swinging the spear only for their gun to clock the enemy in the face after the enemy ducks the initial spear attack.

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Yriel normally don't have a pistol.

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>I will never pilot one of these for the Greater Good...

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>‘The Orks are the pinnacle of creation. For them, the great struggle is won. They have evolved a society which knows no stress or angst. Who are we to judge them? We Eldar who have failed, or the humans, on the road to ruin in their turn? And why? Because we sought answers to questions that an Ork wouldn’t even bother to ask! We see a culture that is strong and despise it as crude.’

- Uthan the Perverse, Eldar Philosopher


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>I will never get to be a living weapon of destruction
>I like being able to jack off

I'm cool with this...

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>wanting to deal with the side effects of the Tau's primitive neural links

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>high powered scope on a bolter

Wouldn't the recoil cause the scope to smack your helmet every time you fired?

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Might as well take as many of the sunlander insects with you as you can.
It is too late to save our people but never too late for revenge.

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>Quoting the Eldar equivalent of an "ANIMALS ARE SO MUCH MORE NOBLE AND PERFECT" otherkin.

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The armor absorbs such trivial force with ease. Also they have a grip to crack skulls anyway.

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This guy is right.

More to the point: How the fuck does he get the scope up to his face in the first place

Look at him

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>I will never stalk through a vast jungle with my brothers, anticipating the succulent tang of human blood.

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Live for the Machine God and Omnissiah, of course!

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>40k: Aspect Warrior will never be made
>Tfw the snes game never happened

It hurts so bad. At least Eternal Crusade has 5 Aspects in it. Please, please don't be shit.

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So how come this wasn't released?

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Eldar are unlucky even IRL.

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Someone forgot about Panzer General: Eldar Edition.

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Are you fucking here again?
Listen elf-fag, No one agrees with your whiny shit. Go back to tumblr and whine on your personal blog.
Fucking summerfags.

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Wait, what termy is doing here?
Isn't it about Eldar vs Nids?

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It's about plenty of things it seems.

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Sorry your fagginess. I like the failures of the flesh, not being able to jack of or eat good food or enjoy a good nights rest, feel the adrenaline from working out... falling in love wouldn't fly with me and honestly would seem as a even bigger weakness to me.

praise slaanesh.

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Don't marines have targeting interfaces in their helmets? Most marine snipers I've seen in art have some sort of bionics in their eyes, so I imagine the scope feeds directly into those?

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I dont draw eldar too often, but im attempting to git gud at 40k art and not just spessmuhreens.
Be brutal plox what do I fix?
Now that I look at it the head looks too massive
>inb4 go to /ic/

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Looks decent but I gotta ask is the Eldar wearing a mask or not? I see a nose, I see a mouth, and then I see the cone head typical of Eldar helmets.

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>those gangly mannequin arms
>ear growing out of cheekbone
>holding sword in reverse

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no helmet. used the dow2 farseer for reference and it looked like she had some sort of topknot, I am not familiar at all with eldar armor so i took a lot of liberty with it. also im trying to break my chiaroscuro shading habits, and this habit dies hard

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"The wanderer's have returned. We seek the adventure that only war can bring."

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"We are the destroyer's agents on this plane."

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"The Craftworld is our home, and we are her guardians."

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> We are the destroyer's agents on this plane.
Maugan Ra's?

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"Only the Eldar may unwind the tangled skein of fate."

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Camera in the scope, feed is connected to his helmet

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I've gotta be honest, Craftworld Eldar seem to be the closest thing to good guys in the setting. Yeah, they only care about their own, but the fact they care about their own puts them above most of their competition,except possibly the necrons. But unlike the necrons, they don't want to stick the entire galaxy under their boot.

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"My soul knows it's purpose in these solemn times."

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>in reverse

The pointy end makes it harder to block and it penetrates armor like a pickaxe.

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"Who truly deserves to live?"

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"There are no barriers for the Warp Spider!"

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"Spin their deaths, weave their doom!"

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>t they care about their own

They only care about their own, yes. While the Tau have empathy and caring about other races. The Tau are the closet to the ''good guy'' than anyone else simply for that fact.

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"Now our paths cross our enemies!"

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"Welcome, my prey."

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The Tau care about others in the sense that Soviet Russia cares about satellite states.

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Eldar have empathy though.
Striking Scorpion in the Path of the Warrior thinks about how killing a human can be considered a murder before his first battle against imperials.
The thing is eldar are in such conditions when they can't afford empathy cause it would cost them survival.

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"Let us join minds and courage!"

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They're called Aspect Warriors because they each represent an Aspect of Khaine, the god of war. Reapers represent Khaine as the Destroyer

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"I see all in the harsh light of destiny."

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"Our cries herald great pain for our enemies."

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But that aspect is the corruption Khaine was poisoned with when he fought Kaelis Ra.

They represent the part of Aza'gorod's within Khaine.

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"I am the song of fury, here to serve!"

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Necron lore is shit.

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"I follow the purity of flame."

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Were PLords added into DoW with any mod?
Were any special characters from tt at all?

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Behold the father of the Reaper Aspect and despair!

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"Just as falcon brought Anaris to Eldanesh, we bring warriors to the front."

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wtf is with that bent bright lance? 0/10 must do better

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Go away, Andy, and stay gone.

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"Suffer a thousand blows!"

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Alright, I will take his place.

>Khaine is the son of Slaanesh and Khorne!

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"The host is assembled, and we fully commit ourselves to the battle."

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Still an Aspect of Khaine. It's just that Khaine got his Aspect by beating Necrons and Ctan according to the legend.

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"We are ready to deliver death to the enemy."

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"To battle! Khaine, guide our blades!"

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>All these DOW quotes

Shit, I really need to revisit some DOW. The voice acting was godlike.


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"They shall see their futures laid bare, and terrible!"

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It's a pity banshees are so useless.

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That is the GOAT codex cover.

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"War with me, as Khaine did with Vaul!"

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"Reduce all inside, to cinder and ash!"

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Not in Dawn of War they aren't. Fucking rapists.

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"Our song, is the vehicle of their destruction!"

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I never understood this quote.
Because it implies a harlequin is Vaul and his enemy is Khaine.
Fighting like Vaul against Khaine means being beaten despite best possible weapon, mutilated and chained.

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>implying I'm not both.
The magic of AUs

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"We are here to exact harsh vengeance!"

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>except possibly the necrons

I am puzzled why you would think Necrons approach being good guys.

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>I will never be an Eldar


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"Come and relive the battles of yore!"

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It is merely a reference to Vaul's and Khaine's conflict not meant to be taken literally, but rather simply as a parallel to draw with the desperate and hated battle between the two.

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''As Khaine'' as in like Khaine in a way similar to Khaine and hopefully with the same outcome.

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"They have chosen such a dreary tomb."

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>being beaten despite best possible weapon, mutilated and chained.

This is a subject of confusion for me. Who wielded the Anaris? Eldanesh or Vaul?

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I don't think they're good guys. I was pointing out that they're another faction that cares for their own.

I also forgot Tau in that, but Tau are better off forgotten, especially now that they can't actually function in the setting due to a lack of FTL.

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"We are the harbingers of death!"

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>dat tongue
>dat file name

Top kek

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Put down your autism.

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"You are our children, dead though we are, we shall not abandon you."

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>I was pointing out that they're another faction that cares for their own.

>Caring about their own.

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"We exists to avenge our sisters."

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Beat it, nerds, this is a REAL Eldar thread, now.

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> this implication some banshees died already by default

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So how did Eldanesh take Anaris from Khaine AFTER Khaine took it from Vaul?

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"The warp welcomes me!"

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Vaul lost Anaris, then Faolchu stolen it right before Khaine's nose and took to Eldanesh, then Khaine murdered Eldanesh and finally took Anaris for himself.

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These 3edgy5me faggots were half implied by a single fluff paragraph in the depths of one codex when I started playing. They only got minis that aren't ugly as fuck in the last couple of years. 0/10, must try harder.

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"They feel the fingers of death!"

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> soulhusks
> real eldar
Dark kin pls

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"I will sing the firestorms now!"

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I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of this still-beating Exarch heart.

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"Reap the Inferno!"

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Sorry, can't take you seriously with fruity voice.

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Only because there aren't any striking scorpions to be better than them.

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That image implies DEldar would win against IG... Maybe in a fucking ambush, but what exactly are DEldar going to bring against a tank division supported with artillery and armoured fist platoons?
Shoot some shurikens at them?

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Clearly that's a lady Dragon speaking.

>> No.33110524

They are here, they are just to stealthy for you to notice.

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"We have mastered the art of destruction. We are doom incarnate."

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Yeah, because heatlances, haiwire and darklight don't exist.

>> No.33110573


Do you even know anything about the DE?
They got amazing anti armor weaponry, and they don't even use shuriken weaponry.

>> No.33110588

Some fucking dark lances and blasters.

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>I will never be an Eldar hero avenging my people
Thank fuck for that.
Also, how has this not been posted yet?

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>Forgetting the Dawn of War series was pretty much giving the Eldar their own games

>> No.33110636


They may have good INFANTRY carried anti armour weaponry, but what are tanks for gentlemen? Murdering infantry. DEldar are the least capable faction of waging a large scale war (of course, this is by their own design). They lack heavy armour, they have no artillery, hardly any crew served weapons, they don't even have decently armoured transports for crying out loud. They don't even have fucking Vox relays for battlefield communication.

Organized IG will always beat DEldar, why do you think there are hardly any novels about them?

it's because all novels are about the IG or SM

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Imagine this is "that" picture of Striking Scorpions which i can't find just now.


Scorps are best fuck all ya

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Maybe gameplay-wise, but the plot was totall suffering.

>> No.33110651

Vicious close quarter combat where ranged support means little? (unless you mean to mow down your own troops to ensure Dark Eldar casualties?) Anti-tank weapons that slice though armor with relative ease?

But certainly not shurikens.

>> No.33110672

> They may have good INFANTRY carried anti armour weaponry
And ravagers don't exist too.

>> No.33110683

>spearhead of the division is halted by darklances
>artillery launches a creeping barrage on the DEldar

What are the DEldar going to do, launch counter battery fire? With what? Charge? Against a tank division? With the kind of firepower a Leman Russ packs?
All they could do is outmaneuver the real fighting formations and hope to strike comms, hospitals, depots and supply lines.

>> No.33110715

> what is air attack on artillery for 500

>> No.33110748


Or, they could basically drop a webway gate straight atop of their enemies, and air drop a metric fuckton of anti armor fire that will reduce the IG tanks into smouldering wrecks before they even know what hit them.

Or just use their superior aircraft to bomb the fuck out of everything.

>> No.33110753

You need to get in CC range first, and against prepared IG, nah, no way. Their transports may be fast, they are also open topped and lightly armoured. It would work out like any Banzai charge in the pacific theater.
Not to mention IG will inevitably outnumber them, and a sufficient amount of fucking lasgun fire is enough to bring down most DEldar.

>> No.33110769

Cruddace, is it you?

>> No.33110776

>what is the 5th battery in a standard IG artillery brigade?
>It's Hydras!

That's ignoring the IGs own aircover of course.

>> No.33110816

>the Greater Good

>> No.33110823

> Hydras
> this is Hydra's targeting system
> catching up with a flyer going at 3M and faster


>> No.33110824

The Eldar, in general, are predisposed to suffering. They suffer in pretty much any story they're featured in, and that's not unique to Dawn of War. That said, I'd play the shit out of a Farseer or Exarch game.

>> No.33110837

If you think the Deldar are going to fight fair, you're sorely mistaken. There's a reason you never see one on foot outside of CC. Same reason every vehicle is fast and flying. Not to mention the tactical advantages of the webway. DE don't fight to hold territory. They always have an objective, and you're going to have precious little time to stop them before they're in and out.

>> No.33110845


There have been a grand total of 3 eldar campaigns across the DoW games and their expansions, and these campaigns were only present in expansions that also included campaigns for every other faction that was available within the games themselves (save Winter Assault, which didn't have a space marine campaign)

>> No.33110865

It's like you expect the Dark Eldar to fight on your term, not theirs'.

They don't wage war for conquest or territorial gain, it's about raiding for slaves/raw materials and inflicting misery, pain an death.

They don't try to match armor with like, they bait lest swift foes and engage them when they have the advantages of raw force and speed.

If they find themselves facing stiffer opposition they will simply retreat out of harms way, to await a vulnerable moment to strike again or seek fresh game elswhere.

>> No.33110892

It doesn't change the fact that the Eldar were, mechanically, absolutely broken throughout the series. It seems like how shafted they got in the story section was inversely proportional to how much love was showered on them gameplay-wise.

>> No.33110897

Okay, so the DEldar's only viable option is air superiority.
Remind me again, who has the largest fleets in the galaxy? And who loses like a crying bitch at every battlefleet gothic tournament?

Well, this is a hypothetical scenario pitting 2 forces against each other in a global WWII style conflict. At least, that's what I was picturing. Yes, DEldar do well at what they're made for: raiding. But they don't have a hope in hell against organized forces, *particularly* the IG, who out of all factions have the best all around capacity for warfare. Just shitty individual units.

>> No.33110900

Again, you're assuming they are going to fly directly at your fortified line. You're also assuming your men are going to hold against haemonculus shit and the worst of poison/gas warfare.

>> No.33110908

In what way were eldar broken?

>> No.33110915

The picture I actually wanted

>> No.33110953

Could Eldar ever be friends with humans? Are they tsundere for each other even now?

>> No.33110957

>Implying mon-keigh vehicles can even hit Dark Eldar vehicles.

>Implying a Dark Eldar would willingly remove themselves from their raiding vessels unless it involved leaping into melee.

>> No.33111001

>the worst of poison/gas warfare.

This is why Krieg always wears their gas masks. Dumbass Cadians.

>> No.33111004

>Never be an eldar
I'm fine with this

>Never be a psyker
>Never stare into the warp
>Never experience my mind broken and molded by knowledge humanity was never meant to know
>Never be able to mind meld with people and force them to experience the same horrors and mental breaking I subjected myself to
This is what makes me sad

>> No.33111006

The imperials who cry like bitches in every game they're ever in?

>> No.33111058


I want one of those so bad.

>> No.33111067

They have many technological edges to mitigate that. And why fling yourself head on into your foes most heavily guarded and alert positions when their most vulnerable will do?

Also Dark Eldar will often strike under the cover of darkness, when more diurnal species are at their most vulnerable.

Guardsmen, regardless of rotational duty shifts, have to sleep sometime. They can't be ready, with weapons in hand and tanks at functional status, all times.

Who said anything about fighting fair?

>> No.33111072

That's stupid. It's going to impede your visibility and make it harder to breathe in regular atmospheres.

>> No.33111077

Anyone got lore examples of De on Necron violence?

>> No.33111105


Do not despair, it is for your protection.

>> No.33111179

>Edgy faggots trying to co-opt a proper Eldar thread because not enough people give a shit about their sub-faction to make their own thread


>> No.33111186

Well sure the WWII russian army beats the navy seals in large scale warfare. But that would be missing the point. A precision force wouldn't engage that way. They'd strike supply lines, command forces, and weak points, draw their opponent out, then ambush and fade away

>> No.33111220

>Never be a psyker
>Never be able to look into the warp and best it
>Never be able to crush the enemies of the Imperium as living artillery
>Never be able to psychically inspire courage in the Imperial Guard
>Never be able to beat back the enemies of Humanity with sheer will
>Never suffer through the warp nightmares and prove that Humanity can rise above even the eldritch horrors from beyond the veil

Life is sorrow

>> No.33111226

I've never heard of it, but it would be unusual, since Necrons don't exactly feel pain.

But I can see some situations where the Dark Eldar would fight the Necrons.

>A kabal/shrine/cult that still holds an ancient grudge with the Necrons hunts them for sport.

>A dynasty is threatening a human world that a kabal uses as one of their primary raiding locations.

>A kabal is out on a raid, when suddenly Necrons appear.

>> No.33111236

Actually, the DE are the overwhelming majority of the Eldar race and represent b a continuation of Pre-Fall Eldar civilization.

This makes CWE are the offshoot subfaction

>> No.33111262

They were more numerous than Space Marines on average, and just as tough. There was a "fix" to accuracy while moving that caused the Eldar to never need to be out of Fleet of Foot again. A single Webway Gate being hidden somewhere, with the relatively low amount of stealth-detecting units in the game, was more than enough to rebuild your entire operation. The builder had teleport, melee damage, and high move speed, allowing it to tie up ranged units without even having to produce Banshees. Their super unit had more HP than the Bloodthirster, more damage, and didn't lose health outside of battle, added to the pop cap, made everyone around it immune to morale, and had a regeneration code that said it could regenerate while being shot, which the Bloodthirster could not do. The Fire Prism is one of the heaviest non-Relic vehicles in the game, and it's on a faction whose schtick is light vehicles, and it can teleport, to boot.

>> No.33111287


CWE existed pre-fall, they just left the empire when Deldar started digging their own grave. Same with exodites. The fact Dark Eldar never get included in any games or even updated in the codex is testament to their ghettoe status.

>> No.33111299

Avenge our brothers!

>DE are the overwhelming majority of the Eldar race...

I hear that a lot, but I've yet to find a source. Is it somewhere in the codex that I haven't seen? Or is it left ambiguous, but implied?

>> No.33111330

>Event horizon
This is what warp jumps were like before geller fields

>> No.33111335

Well since the greatest craftworlds apparently only have a few million inhabitants....

>> No.33111336


I think it's implied just by the fact Deldar can mass produce themselves with Vatborn. Also Commoragh is huge.

>> No.33111364

>Well since the greatest craftworlds apparently only have a few million inhabitants....

Get outta here Thorpe. SHOO SHOO.

>> No.33111408

>A few million inhabitants
>multiple craftworlds
How are the eldar dying out? are they sterile? do they all have erectile dysfunction? are they all gay? Have they not figured out cloning vats?

>> No.33111473

>Are they all sterile
I think they follow the elf trope of having stupidly long gestation processes as well as long ass courting sessions before hand.
>do they all have erectile dysfunction?
In a sense. They're taught to not feel things to extremley. Imagine having romance except isntead of accidentily getting the girl pregnant you both turn into daemons of Slaanesh
> are they all gay
I'm sure some are.
Have they not figured out cloning vats?
Something something abomination against creation something or other, I don't know

>> No.33111477


The big craftworlds have billions Gav. Planet sized ships with populations smaller than most major modern human cities?

>> No.33111661

>The big craftworlds have billions Gav.
Are you shitting me?
I'll be surprised if say Alaitoc even had above 10 million.
And that's before the attack on it.

>> No.33111696

Craftworld Eldar are often too busy pursuing attainment on their chosen path to give up the necessary time to raising a child. Also their fertilization process and gestation period is longer than a humans.

Cloning is not an option as it's apparently a soulless process.

While the Dark Eldar have a way to artificially carry a viable fetus to term faster outside of the womb, the vat spawned are a Dark Eldar "innovation" and even they look down on them.

>> No.33111739


Only in Thorpe canon do craftworlds range from hundred thousands to low millions in population. Recent fluff has it somewhat reflect the fact it is a fucking planet.

>> No.33111784

Gav can't into eldar anyway.

>> No.33111791

This is such a great picture.
So much of 40k's art is single-minded in its expression, existing only to say "This unit is awesome!"
This piece has so much more. The farthest ranger has that crouching professionalism of the relocating sniper--even under the heavy attack of the space marines, but the closer one is just fucking terrified.
In contrast, the Dire Avenger stands defiant, and there are the twin possibilities that he is going to die there to save his brothers, or that he is such a inhumanly skilled warrior that he can survive.
The reaching Guardian is so touching, and this is I think the best part of the piece, because out of everything present, the humanity of war is the thing most foreign to most 40k works.
At first I thought it was just the Guardian caught by surprise, but now I think it is much more deliberate and sincere--he is reaching towards the Dire Avenger in encouragement and thanks. honoring the Avengers bravery in face of the incoming marines while the Guardian and the Rangers escape.

The inhuman menace of the space marines is played well, too. The golden skull on the Dreadnought exemplifies this, but it's present in determination of the onrushing tactical marines, hunched in a sprint to chase down and kill the Eldar, too.

Fukken saved.
Anyone have a source, I'd like to see more of this artist's work.

>> No.33111807

>it is a fucking planet.
Of which most parts of it are empty.

Also, what the fuck was up with Karandras the phoenix lord getting BTFO by a random dreadnaught in 'path of the warrior'?
He's supposed to be the master of close combat and he dies instantly without ever showing off wither his cc abilities or his sneakiness.

>> No.33111834

I'll go through my vast folder just for you.
I believe I have one saved, can't promise anything though.
Glad you enjoyed it anon.

>> No.33111860

and I got it on the first try.
What is the odds of that?
In any case, this is all I have.

>> No.33111888

How blown the fuck out? I mean, It is a dreadnought. A warrior deemed to valuable to let die, but unless it was freaking Bjorn the Fell Handed-tier then yeah, not much sense.

>> No.33111895

this. you can almost hear that dread's assault cannon whirring up

>> No.33111911

Is it just me or are his legs WAY to short?

>> No.33111919

He did it to save the former incubus. As soon as he was revived he went back after the dreadnought, and probably raped it with his claw.

>> No.33112049

>He did it to save the former incubus
Ah, there we have it.
But didn't he in effect kill Korlandril this way?

He is supposed to be able to slay armies by himself. Or at least Maugan Ra(who is also present mind you) is supposed to and they are equals.

>> No.33112063

Meanwhile a solitaire totally humiliates a Keeper of Secrets in a single combat in the same series.
Maybe if Karandras put on clown clothes, Gav will notice him.

>> No.33112086

>But didn't he in effect kill Korlandril this way?
You mean gave the eternal life as a part of the living legend.
Spell it right, unless you are Thirianna.

>> No.33112096

>Meanwhile a solitaire totally humiliates a Keeper of Secrets in a single combat in the same series.
Yup, that pissed me off as well.
Now what is the weird battle in the second book?
I read outcast first, then warrior and now I will buy the farseer one. Is it any good?

>> No.33112120


>Of which most parts of it are empty.

Nigger what are you talking about. Iyanden is not every craftworld.

>Also, what the fuck was up with Karandras the phoenix lord getting BTFO by a random dreadnaught in 'path of the warrior'?

Read the book and find out. He jumps in to shield one of his warriors from a dread stomp and saves the dark eldar and allows korlandril to join him. He doesn't just fight it.

>> No.33112122

Oh yeah anon!
Now that you mention in, the piece is way more dynamic--to the point of being overwhelming--in just depicting the frantic moment-to-moment sensations of combat.
This alone makes it better than much of 40k's battle work, and to then inject the figures with such character, hooly fuck.

Thanks, man!
This piece is such a contrast to what the above-quoted anon touched on, but it still has the artists's expressive style.
It's intoxicating in the stories being weaved together, with the Terminator standing ever-vigilant over the middle-ground corpse and whatever squad-level busywork is going on the in background.
Almost like a statue, the perfect, misshapen, stoic Terminator embodies that idea of Space Marines as god-warriors, separate and beyond humanity.

>> No.33112127

>You mean gave the eternal life as a part of the living legend.
And depriving his shrine, which he created, of their exarch within only a few "cycles".

>> No.33112129

I still didn't read it, lol.
I can't force myself to read the whole novel dedicated to that bitch Thiriana-na-na.

>> No.33112136

A squad of Space marines supposed to be able to conquer a world on their own, and a Dreadnought is just a bigger, older more heavily armed space marine that never get's tired. If you get brained you don't really have an excuse, even if you are the epitome of an aspect of Khaine.

>> No.33112167

>A squad of Space marines supposed to be able to conquer a world on their own

Someone said this in a thread yesterday and no one could provide a single instance of this being the case. Codex says it takes at least an entire company.

>> No.33112187

It's the two guys whom are assholes.
She's just not that into them.
Everyone is so incompetent it's almost funny.

>> No.33112193


Wut? He didn't destroy the suit.

>> No.33112221

>Read the book and find out.
I finished it a couple of days ago. Why exchange Korlandril for Becareth? Is it not better for an exarch to live than an ordinary Striking scorpion? Especially if he has been a dark eldar?

>> No.33112223

Guys who can fight daemon princes and greaters shouldn't have alot of problems with some dread.

>> No.33112249

>I will never be an Eldar hero avenging my people
I would prefer to be a catgirl

>> No.33112251

No but now someone else must become the exarch and who knows how long that will take.

>> No.33112253

>Especially if he has been a dark eldar
ESPECIALLY if he has been a dark eldar
Karandrass has giant daddy issues with Arhra.

>> No.33112256

FYI, All the Craftworld Eldar are grateful for her because she saved them all according to Starbane in the Carnac series.

She is a hero.

>> No.33112270

It could be referring to worlds without that much fighting (small scale insurrections and such) and it's just that SM are always sent to the worst of the worst (chaos invasions, tyranids, necrons) that whole companies need to battle to stand a chance. Of course that's the fluff explanation the real reason is that GW doesn't believe in consistent writing.

>> No.33112271

As I pointed out, he only died to the dread so that he could save the incubus, who was trying to redeem himself. He knew that Korlandril would revive him. It was a compassionate move.

>> No.33112273

> Carnac series
Time to add this to the hidelist, for fuck's sake.

>> No.33112293


What the fuck are you talking about? What's the problem here? It's just a case of someone putting on the suit and becoming the new exarch.

>> No.33112317


Yeah, of all the stupid moments in the Path books, Karandras being a fucking bro isn't one of em.

>> No.33112326

As I understand it, he merged with the whole exarch, not only Korlandil's soul.

>> No.33112343

>Someone must first become infected like Korlandril was.
>the shrine he took over had been abandoned for a unspecified number of years
>no one came to take over and enter the suit

I thought the exarch suit just emptied and the body disappeared into Karandra's suit.

>> No.33112348

There won't be another exarch for that shrine, because all of the souls in the suit went into Karandras. The shrine that Korlandril became exarch of would probably disband, unless one of the members becomes an exarch and founds their own shrine.

>> No.33112358


But it specifically says the suit was left empty. All that needs to happen is for some new Scorpion to put the suit on and become the new exarch.

>> No.33112377

>All that needs to happen
And who knows for how long, it might take years, even decades or centuries.
For what? So a damned brethren of ours could live?

>> No.33112390

>Never be able to crush the enemies of the Imperium as living artillery
>Never be able to psychically inspire courage in the Imperial Guard
>Never be able to beat back the enemies of Humanity with sheer will
>Never suffer through the warp nightmares and prove that Humanity can rise above even the eldritch horrors from beyond the veil

Human, you just went full mon-keigh

>> No.33112399

I think the suit survived, a new exarch will join the suit but that it will take a long time.

>> No.33112405

>And who knows for how long, it might take years, even decades or centuries.

Who fucking cares? He saved lives and you're worried about time lost?

>> No.33112419

She was into Korlandril though, but in an idealized way she expressed in some of her poems. It was sad really.

Except that the Path of the outcasts' final revelation was If it hadn't been for Thiriannas' nudging Aradryan to return to Alaitoc, none of the events that brought the imperial fleet to them would have happened.

>> No.33112466

But the suit is hollow, because there are no souls in it. I suppose the ancient suit would still work though.

>> No.33112514

And if he hadn't shot the planetary governor's son nothing would've happened. Fucking Aradryan.

And yes she said in 'warrior' that if he had asked her earlier they might've become a thing but I don't know if she lied or not.
Do we get any insight into this in her book?

>tfw the first battle in 'warrior' is 160 pages in.
>tfw endless arguing over semantics and anxiety over petty squabbles and puppy love

>> No.33112554 [SPOILER] 

What do you have against hope, anon?

>> No.33112656

War with me, as in by my side (friend) against our foes.

Aka we khaine they Vaul we smash them

>> No.33112670

The only confirmed DE vs Necron fluff I know of comes from the ''Mistress Baedas Gift'' novella.

It's off that there isn't many examples of them fighting considering that both races are competing for the Webway.

>> No.33112671


So it'll start over once a new guy wears it and dies in it. Suit wasn't destroyed.


>tfw the first battle in 'warrior' is 160 pages in.

And he kills ONE fucking ork and then gets so distracted a warboss sneaks up on him. A fucking WARBOSS snuck up on a Scoprion. Korlandril is the worst Scorpion ever. I thought it was hilarious when he joined the Exarch suit and saw an endless sea of skulls from the enemies the suit had killed. I immediately thought out of the 7 souls that made the suit Korlandril's dumb ass had only added one Ork skull to the tens of thousands of kills the other 6 wracked up.

>> No.33112696


They little reason to fight. Deldar stick mainly to Commoragh and only come out to raid and crons don't feel pain. And crons have a miniscule spur of an infinite maze.

>> No.33112726

i5 vs i6
WS 4 vs WS 6
1A vs 2A

You're going to lose that fight.

>> No.33112732

This makes more sense.

>> No.33112749

>And crons have a miniscule spur of an infinite maze.

Which is growing as they pour inside the Webway. Remember that the Necrons used the Dolmen Gates to bring war to ALL webway and made it to the Old Ones last strongholds.

>> No.33112794

>I immediately thought out of the 7 souls that made the suit Korlandril's dumb ass had only added one Ork skull to the tens of thousands of kills the other 6 wracked up.
not to bring up the whole debate whether or not the soul gets emptied at the end but they can't have been too honoured to have gotten Korlandril as their next body.

>> No.33112811


The Dolmen gates is that one spur of the webway. All they have is the Dolmen gates. Also, it's trying to kill them.

>> No.33112815

The story could have been better with some timeskips.
As it is characters look just special snowflakes with super fast developement without actuall developement.

>> No.33112934


You'd think in a novel entirely about the path of the warrior and being an aspect there would be some development given to the process of becoming an exarch. You'd think there'd be some internal drama between his original self and his warrior self as the latter gradually overpowers the former.

Nope. You killed one Ork. You're an exarch all of a sudden. Now you can't stop throwing ninja poses at people in the street and talking about murder in the pub. Better fuck off to your shrine already.

More time was given to his life as a fucking sculptor.

>> No.33112965

A question.

Is there a body inside an Exarch armor or is it empty with only souls in it?

>> No.33112999

A body.
It's the Phoenix lord which is "empty"

>> No.33113018

>More time was given to his life as a fucking sculptor.
That was so frightfully drab.

>> No.33113022

Phoenix Lords also have bodies in some sources.
40k canon as it is.

>> No.33113052

>Eldar do not, indeed cannot, use Warp travel in the same way as the Imperium. Being more psychically attuned than humans, the Warp is altogether anathema to them. Instead, the Eldar travel through the webway, a labyrinth that exists between the Warp and the material dimension, partially in both and yet – in a way – in neither. This ancient lore was learned from a long extinct race called the Old Ones and galactic wars have been fought between the Eldar and the Necrons over control of these strategic pathways.

>Few humans have ever managed to penetrate it and they report dead ends, secret paths, loop traps and sealed-off passageways to prevent the infiltration of the Warp. The fabled Black Library, the sinister lairs of the Dark Eldar, and an increasing number of Necron fleets are rumoured to be hidden within its many winding corridors as well.

-7th Rulebook

It didn't stop the Necrons from bringing war inside and dominating parts of the Webway back then or now.

>> No.33113100

>Phoenix Lords also have bodies in some sources.
I really disliked how Karandras was portrayed in the book so i'll buy that hook, line and sinker

>> No.33113204


You don't seem to understand the point. Necrons have one spur of the webway and they can't even stay in that spur long. And you're wondering why they are hardly ever encountered by Dark Eldar?

>> No.33113236

>It was unheard of for a target to outlast the mark upon them. This deathmark’s own records showed only one objective of note, an eldar exarch who managed to avoid termination for a full five minutes before the kill-s hot claimed him. It anticipated no such challenge from this mind-damaged human.

-Hammer and Anvil

I asked about the Exarch because what's said above would be silly if an Exarch didn't have a body. coincidentally this can be used to confirm if the PLs have bodies or not if the Deathmark synaptic disintegrators worked on them.

Well? Do the synaptic disintegrators work on PLs in TT?

>> No.33113238


Karandras and the mechanics of joining up with him was the only cool moment of the book.

>> No.33113293

Jain Zar had a body in void stalker

It went splat

>> No.33113313


>TT = lore

Yeah no. Ahriman only just learny divination in 7th edition according to TT.

>> No.33113399


But anon, don't you want to learn more about sculpting and art parties from a book called "Path of the Warrior"?

>> No.33113404

>the only cool moment of the book.
>not the avatar awakening scene

>> No.33113421


>> No.33113426


That was fucking dull. It was just a shitty version of the codex fluff.

>> No.33113427

Personally I thought the everything in Alaitoc being named like the forbidden city was pretty funny. It's like eldar are competing with tau for most asian inspired army.

>> No.33113477

Tau are asian popular culture, Eldar are asian traditional culture.

>> No.33113504

Eva is traditional asian culture?

>> No.33113530

Do Tyranid bioweapons work on Necrons on the tabletop? Do poisoned bolter rounds work on them?
Necrons confirmed for organics.

>> No.33113567

I didn't think about them actually.

>> No.33113572

Acid works on metal and if the poison is mixed to be potent against metallic objects then yes.

>> No.33113652

>Necrons confirmed for having souls

>> No.33113693

Has anyone else read the Valedor novel? That would take my vote as best eldar novel hands down. Ass kicking, broad scope, its not one sided, and the ending is surprisingly noble dark.

>> No.33113767

Not souls, you pleb. It's Consciousness.

Necrontyr consciousness was encoded on Necron engrams. This consciousness can be ripped from or removed via Hemlock D-scythes or soul-traps.

>> No.33113813


Yup, Valedor was a pleasant surprise. It was weird to read something where Eldar had some personality and like-ability after having read the Path books. Silver-eye was pretty based and even Firesight was pretty cool once he was dead. Althenian was bro tier and Sunspear was a pretty cool guy too. Iyanna, Lelith, Veilwalker and Harlie King were also fun.

>> No.33113833


>Eldar ghost planes can wipe Necron programming with ghost screams

Makes perfect sense.

>> No.33113855


Well, beyond good ol hedonistic orgies and sex with slaves. Commoragh likely has the largest population of "hybrids".

I mean it's totally in a Deldars alley to get pregnant, abort the fetus, and vat grow it while they go off back into hedonism.

>> No.33113872

Yeah, but Kelly calls it a soul, so Necrons have souls now.

>> No.33113873

>That affair with harlequins, Lelith, and her Tyranid project at the end of the book.

The murder clowns are up to no good, I tell you.

>> No.33113903

It scrambles their engrams.

Digital soul.

>> No.33113924

Stop scrolling /tg/, Illic, you have necrons to job to.

>> No.33114019

>The Hemlock’s weapons flared, and though there was no sign of a discharge, Elarique heard a discordant wail and the necrons fell, like puppets with cut strings. They did not repair, and their bodies did not phase out. Had they been mortal, their spirits would have been hurled into the warp, doomed to spend eternity as the playthings of daemons. What such infernal devices would do to the souldark, Elarique could not guess.

>The Hemlock swooped low and sent what passed for souls in those creatures of the damned to oblivion. Exultation fought with disgust in Maireth Voidwalker at the effects of the infernal weaponry

I don't like it but it is what it is.

Necrons are called ''Souldark'' So he might be partially true.

>> No.33114055

Seriously. I was completely shocked to see a Eldar make mistakes while still being likeable. The Avatar kicked ass, but wasn't too ridiculous. The Deldar were done hilarious super villain style, the harlequins were harlequins, and I actually enjoyed the Iyanden characters finally. They turned out to be very sympathetic. The stuff on Ynnead was pretty legit too.

>> No.33114067

In only caring about their own they even manage to sometimes show more care towards others.

The empire would do well to learn some lessons in self-preservation from the Eldar.

>> No.33114147

What's funny is that Valedor pretty much ignores the carnac books. The harlequins support Ynnead, including that one chick. Rhana Dandra is coming with chaos, but represents a rebirth for the Eldar and a chance at victory

>> No.33114150


>What such infernal devices would do to the souldark, Elarique could not guess.

Not even the Autarch knows why the fuck they are even trying this. God, the Carnac books pulled so much out their ass.

>Necrons are called ''Souldark'' So he might be partially true.

No, it's pretty clear on the whole crons not having souls front. 'Dark' in this context suggests a void or lack of something, not just an evil soul.

>> No.33114204

In fact, if I interpreted the harlequin dance correctly, Ynnead will punch Slannesh so hard during the end battle that all the Eldar souls and their gods will be released.

>> No.33114210

I would find it amusing if this was true but hush-hush because while it sounds great on paper it only involved taking on some feral world in the single digit millions

>> No.33114223

>Not even the Autarch knows why the fuck they are even trying this

Of course, not. They were released by order of Starbane to save the Autarch very life.

>> No.33114261


And yet she still didn't even know the mechanics of why hemlocks would even work on crons despite being a fucking Autarch. I know the reason though. It's because the Carnac writers were lazy and needed to include the new models in their story for advertisement, but couldn't be arsed to think of why they'd be in anyway relevant against soulless enemies.

>> No.33114285


That's pretty much what Veilwalker shows Yriel in at the end.

>> No.33114512

I disagree

>> No.33114539

To be fair, it's a rarely used weapon and no one but guys with access to Anti-Necron lore (seers) would have known of their effect on Necrons. Also the codex says it works on Necrons so the authors didn't pull it out their butts.

>> No.33115405

Didn't this one die on Medusa V?

>> No.33115501

Yep, this is before his sex change operation and Medusa V.

>> No.33116311

That's odd.

I think I remember Ygethmor or whoever being alive again too.

>> No.33118009

Sex change?

>> No.33121781

Probably a joke that he became a Howling Banshee, or something.

>> No.33121901

> Probably a joke

Not even for a second.

> Elarique Swiftblade is a female Eldar from Craftworld Alaitoc who eventually took the title of Autarch. She is known to have held a great deal of enmity towards the Chaos Sorceror Ygethmor. During the Thirteenth Black Crusade, a Warp Storm was heading towards the planet Medusa V that contained a portal into the Webway.

> ‘Even as they move, they destroy,’ muttered Elarique Swiftblade, shaking his head sadly. He stood at the centre of the eldar line, far distant from the advancing enemy. Where the necron line stretched across the plains as far as eye could see, the eldar were a tight knot of warriors, a single drop against the ocean of enemy, arrayed between tall hills on the approach to the world shrine. Elarique was surrounded by his bodyguard, Dire Avengers sworn to preserve his life.

>> No.33122026

To expand on >>33121901 with some actual sources, yeah, Elarique Swiftblade was a gril.


>The Autarch of Alaitoc, Elarique Swiftblade, commanded her forces with a stark efficiency that left no room for compassion or finesse. Such considerations died along with her brothers when Ygethmor first crossed Swiftblade’s path. Thankfully for her Craftworld, Swiftblade also managed to put aside her burning desire to slay the Chaos Sorceror with her own hand until her primary objective was completed. With her duty done, Elarique painted the blood-rune of revenge upon her face and grimly set out to slay her nemesis. Armed with only her ancestral power sword, she cut her way through hundreds of Ygethmor’s lackeys in the catacombs beneath the Great Cathedral of Euryales. Elarique eventually found her quarry, and though she was almost instantly riddled with shots afterward, managed to cleave Ygethmor’s head from his shoulders. It is a great loss to the Eldar that her spirit stone should lay in the clutches of Ygethmor’s lieutenants, and her soul be taken by the Warp, but the price of vengeance is oft high.

>> No.33122090


>> No.33122210

yeah i see it too

>> No.33122324

>Be Tyranid player
>Want to try Necrons since they seem cool
>Do a 500 point match using models as proxies
>Friend plays Eldar
>My army proceeds to get wrecked by fleshbane


>> No.33122336

If so then witchblades would wreck living metal as well.

>> No.33122467


Eldar are much like dorfs, they get these obsessions (with paths and revenge and whatever) and dedicate their lives to them to the point of skipping procreation, which makes them even more of a dying race.

>> No.33122698

Its mostly the Far Seers being retarded.
Eldar is not doomed, but Far Seers want to use their troops as cannon fooder so they can speed up building their Star God.
Its basically what all Stupidity is attributed to.

Yeah DoW Eldar was pretty good.
But so was Tau.

DoW2 didn't even bother to change the Eldar campaign, so you slaughter Eldar anyhow.

>> No.33122721

>comparing Dwarfs to Eldar

Them's grudgin' words, manling.

>> No.33123252

Well said.

>> No.33123404

It's true, though. There is no race so stubborn, so dedicated to their own ways and traditions in 40k as Eldar. I mean goddamn, Exarchs are Eldar who got to such a point with their hatred and murder boner, that they cannot think about anything else but killing their enemies. Eldar hold their grudges like nobody else.

>> No.33123444

>There is no race so stubborn, so dedicated to their own ways and traditions

That's false and a lie.

Necrons are more zealous and uncompromising when it comes to their protocols and traditions with an entire wing of their culture dedicated to preserving the ancient laws and conduct of the Necrontyr.

>> No.33123481

That's because they are metal eldar.

>> No.33123495

Nope, they are Dwarfs in space. Evil Dwarfs in Spess

>> No.33123512

Except Necrons are a bunch of machines with pre-coded protocols interpreted as "traditions". They're about as stubborn as a toaster not toasting when unplugged from electricity.

>> No.33123523

>>Regardless of the wielder’s rank, a warscythe’s blade and power core always blazes with the heraldic colour of his dynasty. Power signature colours are often shared by different dynasties. This is a throwback to the days before biotransference, and shows the state of alliance between the various dynasties of that time. Inevitably, the War in Heaven and the tumultuous aeons that followed have done much to shatter the alliances of old. The power signatures are now, therefore, more misleading than useful. A phaeron could, of course, order the power signature of his forces changed at any time. However, the present configurations have been established for so long that, for most nobles, the notion of altering them is just as unthinkable as ordering that the dynastic glyphs be defaced. To Necrons, tradition is everything. Indeed, it can be argued that tradition is all that is left to them.


Honour, tradition, justice are the ways of a righteous and strong conservative culture that will last to the end of time-The Necron culture!

>> No.33123549

Nope, Necron Overlords are androids with personality and memories of their former fleshy selves. They are people of metal and not simply machines.

Nothing forces them to adhere to these laws except their own wills. Which is why some need to be reminded of their heritage by the Triarch Praetorian whenever they stray.

>> No.33123733

After killing all night lords though.

>> No.33123752

It's all programmed though, and they all went for a big 'change' to change to metal bodies (or the leaders did).

+ travel via tunnels rather than open warp travel
+ runic weapons
+ use runes to cast rather than direct casting like other wizards

>> No.33123762

>Nope, they are Dwarfs in space. Evil Dwarfs in Spess
AKA Evil Metal Eldar.

>> No.33123851

>It's all programmed though,

It is not.

They are no more programmed into obeying the laws than you are or me. Obeying the ancient codes and honoring them falls on the whim of the Necron leader.

>In practical terms, the employment of weapons such as a Tesseract Vault or Transcendent C’tan can vary enormously from one Phaeron to the next. Some Necron regents see them as a resource to be employed reluctantly, and only when a dire foe threatens their territory. Such individuals may see the employment of these mighty tools as somehow unfair, for what recourse can the young and ignorant peoples of the galaxy have to defend themselves against such preeminent marvels?

>The rulers of more aggressive Tomb Worlds take great delight in unleashing such weapons, seeing them as ideal tools with which to demonstrate Necron superiority over their backwards foes. To other lords this practice is considered gauche, dishonourable or simply wasteful. After all, one does not take up a sacred ceremonial sword simply to swat an annoying fly, a fact that the ever honourable Triarch Praetorians are quick to point out...


This is why you can find honorable and pious Necrons and dishonorable and selfish Necrons in the galaxy.

>> No.33125349

when forge world is done with the HH they need to do a eldar army. eldar look so dated and simplistic in plastic and you have to paint on way to much detail to make them match the artwork. I don't think GW plastic is at the quality to do eldar justice.

please FW you are our only hope of truly feathery detailed eldar sub faction of unique devising of your own.

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