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Why aren't there chaos orks? Nurgle is green.

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Has actually happened. Orkz fell to Nurgle because they saw a heretical mural and realized he was da biggest and da greenest.
Khrone Orkz are more common though

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>Slaaneshi flash gitz
>the biggest and most fabulous guns in the galaxy

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there is. just not many because they begin to act unorky and the other orks kill them

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>Ork spores + Nurgle spores


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You only get chaos orks when there's both a strong enough chaos presence and not enough orks to generate a strong enough waaagh. When you have both, then you can certainly get chaos orks.

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Do orkz get sick?

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Only when there's a shortage of Dakka, then they suffer from clinical depression

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You do realise that your pic is official art of chaos orkz, right?

They just aren't common because orkz are chaos-resistant enough that not many fall, and non-chaos orks tend to kill the ones that do.

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No, they only get injured and even then they don't have tissue rejection or post wound infections. Their fungoid immune system is typically to strong for most diseases (2nd edition ork codex)that aren't inherently supernatural.

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Stormboyz turn to Khorne, but "grow out of it".

>Daily reminder that Chaos worship is considered an awkward teenage phase for Orkz

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>dat one boy wit da tentikle who keeps tryin to start orkgies wit you

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Fuck. Now I'm picturing Orks with commercials for Clinical Depression.

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>Posts a Chaos Ork
>Asks why aren't there Chaos Orks


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Then Nurgle wouldn't be very interested.

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OI! Iz yu sad? Youz need dis fing.

Dis fing iz Dakka by Gutmek. Dis da best dakka for makin' youz unsad.

Git some Gutmek Dakka nowz you git and get to doin' what wez do best.

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Slaaneshi Orkz

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hahahaha, any more info on this brother, sounds hilarious

> son I was cleaning your room and i found these Khornate chain axes

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Stormboyz fall to Khorne.
Docs fall to Nurgle
Flash Gits fall to Slaanesh
Meks fall to Tzeench


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Orks aren't regularly evolved creatures. They are biological weapons with just enough intelligence to not require support and can have mechanical ability born into them.

They can't fall to chaos outside of extreme circumstances because part of said engineering is to respond violently to any non-orkoid entity other than their creators.

Just because something is big and green doesn't mean the orks will love it. Their "logic" isn't based on how "orky" it is, they basically run through a set of parameters

Is it another ork (can tell via natural psychic ability)

If yes is it acting outside of normal ork logic

If yes it's either a weirdboy or not orky

If no try and find position in hierarchy

If not an ork can I eat, enslave, or kill it

If yes then attempt

If no then try to gain something from it or move on

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Talk to your Painboy about Dakka today, ya git.

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Most Orks worship Gork and Mork, and probably don't realize (or care) that the Chaos Gods even exist.

It's like, sure, give them enough time and they'll be corrupted if they spend time in the Warp or a Daemon World. But they'll rarely turn willingly to the Chaos Gods because they don't recognize them as gods. They're just warp tingees the pointy gitz yell about alot.

Also, not a lot to corrupt. They don't despair, think much about the future, or desire anything more than a good battle - and not in a way that Khorne or Slaanesh can take advantage of.

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>"...you'z mucking 'round."

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Orks are already Khornate, but they're xenos, it doesn't manifest in a way identifiable to humans like with human khorne cultists.

But, they love killing, fightings, and spreading blood, and they stick spikes over all their shit. Plus they have a lot of skulls.
Only thing they dont have is the rage since its all fun for them.

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You missed out the part where the ork considers killing the other ork, they often fight.

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>But da'! It's no' a faze, it's who I am!

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Dere be some ofva fings that happens to youz on Dakka.

Dere's da fun. Loud noises. Hummies dance real good too.

Nowz dat I finks about it, all of it iz good!

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>can I kill it?
>lets fight anyway

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Way back in the lore it was explained that they used to fall occasionally, but once they saw what what was happening to their chosen people Gork 'n Mork walked into the eye of chaos and started slapping around the Chaos Gods until they agreed to stop trying to corrupt their boyz.

Now, Boyz only fall if they want to, and they usually don't want to. Gork (or mork) is considered bigger and greener than Nurgle, anything they do for Khorne gets channeled to Gork 'n Mork instead, ditto with Slaanesh for tryin to put more bits 'n dakka on stuff.

Only Warbosses think enough for Tzeenchian politics, and they're usually big and green enough that they're pretty thoroughly embedded in Gork 'n Mork's love instead. Besides, the point of a plan's to get to da choppy bits, not to do more plan's.

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>skippin' outta' a fight

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>Way back in the lore it was explained that they used to fall occasionally, but once they saw what what was happening to their chosen people Gork 'n Mork walked into the eye of chaos and started slapping around the Chaos Gods until they agreed to stop trying to corrupt their boyz.

Now this is bullshit. Stop lying, dude. That never happened.

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Its probably an Ork legend about Mork and Gork.

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There might be, but how would you tell? The orks already fight all the time, love pain and the joy of fighting, spread spores everywhere they go, and have a massive (if subtle) psychic effect.
Orks already ARE the perfect embodiment of chaos.

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It is not.

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Not him, but I'm pretty sure that Gork&Mork are referred to as the most powerful warp entities and pretty able to slap the Fantastic 4 if needed.

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Actually, the 6th and 7th ed rulebooks refer to the Chaos Gods as the undisputed masters of the Warp and the most dangerous and powerful entities within it.

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>Not him, but I'm pretty sure that Gork&Mork are referred to as the most powerful warp entities

That's totally and utterly wrong.

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Actually no, Chao Gods are manifestations of sentient emotions. Orks don't feel what constitute Khorne. The act of foighting and krumping to them is "good times eh mate?" and "remember that time when I ripped out your arm and then you stick your pistol into my face and blew out my jaw? That was something eh?"

You don't fuel Khorne that much from being happy. All the blood spilled has no symbolic meaning, and thus is just a mass of water, protein, and some trace minerals...

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Well, okay.

I liked the superpowered green dudes but whatever. Chaos needs all the help it can get to feel remotely threatening anyway.

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Khorne does have Orkish features though. So at least a little of their emotion feeds him.

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>Actually no, Chao Gods are manifestations of sentient emotions. Orks don't feel what constitute Khorne.

Orks do feel rage.

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Orks are described as raging brutes and bloodthirsty monsters. Saying that they don't feed Khorne is kinda dumb because they totally do and they fuel him so much that he has taken as Orkish aspect to his being.

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Yes, as we all know, Gork & Mork are two titanic, vast orks that float in endless space, annihilating everything non-orky they come across, growing even larger in process while they punch stars.

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This is now my headcanon.

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Now you know what the Tyranids are fleeing from.

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Now that I don't agree with. Mork and Gork would be too large for them to effectively squish small Tyranids on their bodies. Unless the have entire ecosystems of Orkoids living on their bodies as a defense mechanism.

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>Unless the have entire ecosystems of Orkoids living on their bodies as a defense mechanism.
What makes you think they don't?

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Yep. The Hive Mind, a titanic, vast tyranid that floats in endless space, eating everything (even nids) it comes across, growing even larger while it eats stars.

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Actually, canon has it they are two titanic vast orks but they are generally wrestling each other constantly to find out 'ho is tuffer.

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Yeah, but not planet sized.
They're a head and shoulders taller than the tallest mountains, but they're not planet sized.

Visible as geographic landmarks from space, but not planet sized.

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Now I want to think of a Nurgle Ork getting shot half a dozen times and not looking fazed
Cue Orks. seeing their comrade withstand that with pure Orky Green, naturally would believe THEY are invulnerable
>Orks with Plague Marine Toughness and Khorne Brutality

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>mfw this bit was literal
>Gork just stuck his gigantic head down from space and blew a bunch of gitz over.

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>Orks win 40k
>Can still be effected by, and effect the warp
>Chaos gods can constantly just barely feel the Ork presense
>Eternally blue balled by Orcs.

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>620.M39 The Dust War

>On the edges of the Ork Empire of Octarius the Death Guard and the Overfiend’s hordes fight over the Urgorn Dust Cloud. A vast asteroid field of psychokinetic rock, the cloud coalesces around the space hulks and scrap-fortresses of the Orks, creating tiny worlds with micro-atmospheres. The Terminus Est wreaks havoc by infecting the environments with its Warp-fly miasma, the ship choking their tiny atmospheres with the bodies of billions of insects. Orks die in their millions, their green corpses bursting into rotting puddles of virulent disease. Yet the war rages on for months as more and more of the aliens spill out of the Octarius Empire looking for a good fight.

Double yes.

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There are a group of humans that joined the orks by painting themselves green and acting orky.

They were more respected than gretchin since they were bigger, smarter and better shots.

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[Citation Required]

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I'm not sure if Diggaz are canon anymore or not. I think they were phased out after 2e.

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Gorka Morka

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>>Implying they aren't Fractally Orkish.

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Diggaz were barely tolerated, only because they could scavenge in the Necron Tombs and the Orks couldn't.

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Barely tolerated is still more respected than gretchin

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I believe they were somewhere between Grots and the lowest Boyz in terms of respectability. They were orky by the barest of margins.

Doesn't matter now, since canon has changed. As it does.

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They didn't willingly fall to nurgle, they thought it was a chapel for mork.

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Gork&Mork are the Hive mind

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>Doesn't matter now, since canon has changed.

Not really. Diggaz were one isolated case on a planet.

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Eventually that's going to happen anyway since the Orks and Tyranids are fighting claw and toof in the most massive brawl the galaxy has ever known.

After the Tyranids absorb enough of the Orkoid dna they will turn into a hybrid of both species. Thus ending the galaxy once and for all.

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But their existance proves that humans can enter in ork society. It's just that, unlike the diggaz, no normal human would want to try it.

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Diggas were hardly phased out or retconned. They were just limited to one world, and outside of Gorkamorka, Angelis was only mentioned in Oldcron fluff. It's still easy to imagine similar situations arising on other planets though, since there are plenty of primitive humans in the galaxy; they just likely wouldn't be called Diggas since that was a very specific name referring to the circumstances of the Gorkamorka tribesmen (i.e. coz dey woz diggin' innit).

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>Orks aren't regularly evolved creatures. They are biological weapons with just enough intelligence to not require support and can have mechanical ability born into them.

so many official sources with kunnin' and emotional Orks say you lie.

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They are still cannon, they just aren't a common thing. I think their thing was that they were underground for so long they went mad. They resurfaced due to Necrons waking up. They fought the orks for a little while until realising they liked them a lot, then went about trying to emulate them. The orks thought this was a right propa laff and accepted them as an integral part of their society, as only really the Diggas could help them get off the planet.

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>Dey’s stooped cos dey wanna be Orks, but dey’re Diggas so ’ow could dey ever be Orks?

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zoggin autokorrekt

More stuff on Diggas.

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>Diggas use corrupted Imperial names, but note that the Orks won't let Diggas have purely Orky names.


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Nawp. The orkz mutated during the Enslaver plague, unlike the Eldar who just died.

Nurgle's Rot affects everything.

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That.... actually makes sense.

>> No.32979770

You forgot about Mork and Gork having sweaty Turkish Wrestling sex to make all of the orkz.

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Woa... this is the first time I felt... fear looking at a ship before. I mean, a bigger ship probably means you are gonna die, but looking at this thing... you know lose hope just looking at it.

Not even Abaddon's planet killer evoke this strong emotion...

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No...it doesn't.
Just because they eat Ork DNA doesn't mean they have to use it as Ork DNA.

>> No.32979845

Why wouldn't they? Orks are almost perfect biological weapons. Their only flaw is corrected with the organization of the Hive Mind.

>> No.32979862

Squigs were orginally Tyranids that orks encountered and decided they liked so they brought them home, and now squigs are an integral part of the ork ecosystem, life and kulture.

>> No.32979944


No, it's the biovore and pyrovore that are based on Ork DNA.

Plus, there's a line about how the Eldar fucked up HARD because they redirected a Hive Fleet into a WAAAGH. While it worked short term, it was confirmed that either the Tyranids win and have god-tier strong Ork DNA to work with or the Orks win and have a XBAWKSHUEG WAAAGH to shit stomp people with due to Orks moving into the fight.

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>Plus, there's a line about how the Eldar fucked up HARD because they redirected a Hive Fleet into a WAAAGH. While it worked short term, it was confirmed that either the Tyranids win and have god-tier strong Ork DNA to work with or the Orks win and have a XBAWKSHUEG WAAAGH to shit stomp people with due to Orks moving into the fight.

That was Inquisitor Kryptman, with Hive Fleet Leviathan and the Ork empire of Octarius. The Eldar involvement with the war is a different thing.

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Squigs are also based on Orkoid DNA. That's why in the early Ripper models you sometimes saw a Squig.

>> No.32980028

I don't have the page but it states that squigs were orginally Tyranid creations based off of ork DNA, early orks encountered them and felt a certain closeness to them and proceeded to bring them back to their home, thanks to their closeness with the ork DNA they nearly effortlessly integrated into the ork ecosystem.

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Khorne loves orks to the point where he infected his own fortress with them.

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Tyranid Squigs haven't been mentioned for a long time, and the Orkoid reproduction lore from Gorkamorka onwards makes them impossible anyway. Orks can do many things, but engineering a new sub-species into their genetic code is not one of them.

>> No.32980106

>Orks can do many things, but engineering a new sub-species into their genetic code is not one of them.
The Orks didn't do that though. The Tyranid Hive Mind did. It was just that Squigs were so close to the previous forms of Orkoid live that the Orks found them Orky enough and brought them home. Since then they've spread throughout Ork Space.

>> No.32980111

Honestly, I can't believe this. There's too many different types of squig. Squigsharks, buzzer squigs, gob squigs, paint squigs, bagpipe squigs, needle squigs, even ork hair is a fucking squig. Did the nids make all of those different types of squig?

>> No.32980142

Natural evolution took over after the baseline squig infested Ork space.

At least that's what I think had to of happened.

>> No.32980148

>Honestly, I can't believe this.

This. Squigs are to essential to the Orkosystem to have only come about a few hundred years ago via Tyranids.

>> No.32980175

Right, I can see that happening with the squigsharks, because even the orks don't like that they infest their waters; but how about the hair squigs? The needle squigs? They're too niche to have evolved.

>> No.32980198

>They're too niche to have evolved.
Do you think that is out of the question for Tyranid organisms?

Sounds like Tyranids making the best of their environment to me.

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Because Orks are shrooms and Shrooms feed on death and decay.

I think Orks would use Nurgles shit for breedign grounds like household warp pests

Slaaneshi orks are /d/ tier freaks who are into the Pig ork thing and have those harnesses you see in JAVs that mke the wearer have a pig nose.

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Way too niche. Consider what a standard squig looks like.

>> No.32980272

Orkoid spores - the spores shed by ANY Squig, Snotling, Gretchin or Ork - are capable of growing into any of those creatures. If squigs were originally Tyranid creations that the Orks adopted, that would mean they were somehow added into the Orkoid reproduction cycle later on.

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>evolving to get eaten
'Nids, everyone.

>> No.32980293

>slaaneshi orks

The only orks with dicks in the Galaxy!

Attacking Sororita-held Cardinal worlds near you...

>> No.32980333

>The only orks with dicks in the Galaxy!

Orks have dicks, just no balls.

>> No.32980361

Yeah I was about to say this. They pee standing up (if you can say orks stand upright). It's more of an extra bit of piping than a dick, kinda like crazy frogs.

>> No.32980376

I wouldn't be surprised if if the Tyrano-squigs did that. Feral Tyranids do that a lot, adapt to survive and thrive.

Although, with all of the recons that happen, at one point Squigs were products of Tyranid experimentation with Orkoid dna but might not be any more.

>> No.32980378

You know, I always thought Slaanesh would be a better fit for orks than Khorne. Sure, orks fight a lot, but they do it for the pleasure of combat; the thrill of using a good choppa, the sensations associated with lots of dakka, etc.

>> No.32980392


Why would they have dicks but no balls? Those two are fundamentally inseparable from a functional point of view; dick is used to transfer jism from testacles safely into a fertile vessel, without nuggets dick is as useful as a cock-flavored lollipop...

Just saying.

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>> No.32980407

So they can pee better.

>> No.32980450


So dey kan shoot piss bettah you git!

>> No.32980456

Why aren't there any Orks like the Sniper from TF2 then?

>Enemy showered with Ork piss dispensing Daka.

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File: 102 KB, 873x627, m1280235_99060103123_grotoiler_873x627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's ancient fluff that holds about as much water now as Tyranids wearing belts for decorative purposes. A certain wiki may present it as canon, but that doesn't mean it is.

>> No.32980513

Piss isn't loud, which is why Orks like Dakka. Piss is just piss.

>> No.32980536

>implying orks piss isn't explosive

>> No.32980537

For weaponized bodily fluids I'm certain gorkamorka had shit pits that you could fall into/get your vehicle stuck in.

>> No.32980539


Because the sniper is sub -optimal, and serves no story purpose, the two driving characteristics of anor,.

>> No.32980636

I don't recall it in Gorkamorka, but there were Cities of Death rules for the drops in a 5th edition White Dwarf (issue 350).

<- PDF of the article from the old GW site.

>> No.32980770

It makes more sense that Rippers come from Squigs and not that Squigs come from Rippers.

Orks simply do not work without squigs filling all the not-fightan parts of life.

>> No.32980776

Urm, look at breeds of dog in our society?

>> No.32980804

The fact that Orkz corrupt Khorne himself though, and not the other way around though... That tells quite a bit.

>> No.32980822

what were the Wreckers?

>> No.32980867


>> No.32980873

They're still all dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, hairy dogs, bald dogs. Dogs. Mammals with 4 legs, a tail and a head.

Just about any animal you can think of has a squig counterpart, and then some. They're completely incomparable.

>> No.32980884

It's not ''corruption''.

You are what you eat. Orks are the most warlike race in the galaxy and have been warring for a long time. So a good portion of Khorne's being is energy from Orks.

Anyways, the continuation of text says that should any Ork focus on the rage and hate aspects of his personality, Khorne will claim him.

>> No.32980893

This seems an appropriate place to mention this, with all the orkiness in this thread:
How would I run a 40k RPG in which the players are Orks and Diggas?

>> No.32980907

And they had daemon allies from below the ground?

>> No.32980916


>> No.32980987

I thought necrons didn't ally with other races and just destroyed everything.

>> No.32981007

This was back in the old fluff when stormboyz weren't orks with jetbacks but young orks who rebelled against the older orks bossing them around by acting in an un-orky manner, namely by fighting in an ordered and highly drilled manner rather than rushing at the enmy with a choppa. They were called stormboyz after stormtroopers, and the models wore uniforms reminescent of Waffen SS.

This was also back when Khorne (and other Chaos Gods) were described as being more complicated than "BLOODSKULLSKULLBLOODSKULLLS!!!!". Namely he had a pretty strict code of honour (he still didn't care where blood came from, but if you were just killing weak enemies and claiming to be a mighty warrior, he'd get pissed off, he expected his champions to find the toughest foes they could and fight them 1 on 1). The martial but more strict and honorable Khorne appealled to stormboyz over the more chaotic Gork and Mork (though Chaos-worshipping stormboyz were still a minority: they were just more common than Chaos-worshipping among other orks).

Eventually most stormboyz grew up and stopped being so damn serious all them time, coming to realise than pretending to be mature is just kind of dumb and you should just have fun doing things you like (which for orks usually involves hitting things with a choppa). It is a lesson many people should also learn, minus the "hitting things with a choppa" part.

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>This was also back when Khorne (and other Chaos Gods) were described as being more complicated than "BLOODSKULLSKULLBLOODSKULLLS!!!!"
> The martial but more honorable Khorne

I am tired of this lie.

>> No.32981075

Nope. Not now, not then.

>> No.32981093

This is your plot. The gretchin uprising fails. Da boyz get outta Mektown on the aircraft then give the players a choice to become freebootas or land on an orky planet. The gretchin manage to follow in their own scrap built rokkitz, led by da red gobbo.

After that you have behaviour to think about. It's easier to make it so that the diggas and orks you have in your krew are friends to avoid the diggas getting their 'eads krumped in at the first sign of failure. Stat wise, Diggas will be undoubtedly weaker, but better at shooting, I'd give them a standard human statline with some extra toughness. Orks are just orks, should be easy to stat them. Give them a lot of leeway when it comes to building stuff, weapons and all the cool other things orks have.

Threats can include anything in the freeboota option, and you could always drag in an IG invasion on an ork planet or a shedload of squigs get out of their cages and cause a riot. All sorts of silly things.

This sounds like a really fun idea, I'm going to need to find a group that would want to play this.

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Fromt the start. It was mindless and absolute violence. From the start it was just ''Blood for the Blood God''.

The ''honorable'' and ''complicated'' Chaos Gods is a lie that I have no idea where it started from.

>> No.32981126

What system would you use, though? I mean, Rogue Trader gives you Freebootas as a class, but Diggas aren't exactly Rogue Trader crewmembers. Could just level up some guys from other games, I guess.

>> No.32981175

They don't spesifically ally with anyone but they've made temporary "truces". Like the time when spess mehreens were fighting necrons and then nids show up and mehreens and crons were all like we gotta kill the nids first. After the nids were destroyed both of their armies were so decimated they just decided to back off. At least, that's how I remember it.

>> No.32981178

Yeah rogue trader wouldn't work I don't think. Honestly dark heresy with some homebrew rules would work well I think, even on a ship.

>> No.32981195

Golden Throne, how horrifying.

>> No.32981216

I think it was from the time when WHFB and 40K weren't explicitly stated to be different universes. As I recall, WHFB Khorne is more "complicated".

>> No.32981226

Ranked-up Dork Hershey's characters, alongside Orks who use Rogue Trader stats. A Dark Heresy character is equal to a level 5 Rogue Trader character, apparently.

>> No.32981234

>The ''honorable'' and ''complicated'' Chaos Gods is a lie that I have no idea where it started from.

Epic Renegades Rulebook 2e.
A strange anomaly.

>WHFB Khorne is more "complicated".

Hell no.

>> No.32981298

That sounds good to me. Would you be able to use the rogue trader stats if the players chose to land on a planet though? I've never played RT.

>> No.32981330

The way I see it there's nothing stopping an Ork being corrupted in flesh, mutating and being driven insane but in mind and spirit they have Gork and Mork and their own Orkyness and they don't need to worship other things.

As for the Khorne thing, it's never been said that he's honourable, the thing that people often miss out is that he's about martial pride and skill. Many people think that's what Slaanesh is about just because of Lucius. Khorne worshippers are mad yes, and some of them turn to him out of sheer bloodlust, but many of them start off as warriors who want to become the best. There's a reason Khorne Berserkers are WS5, they're mad and bloodthirsty but they're also extremely skilled, they don't just flail wildly and hope to hit.

>> No.32981332

Warhammer Fantasy, the less shit universe

>> No.32981338

Yeah, Rogue Trader isn't all in space. It's just a 40k RPG.
Also, some homebrewing: Where it says you speak Low Gothic, you don't. You speak Ork. Where it says you speak High Gothic, you don't. You speak Low Gothic.
Still, how would you fit social interaction into an Ork-themed campaign?

>> No.32981354
File: 65 KB, 509x235, graven-images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oldcrons were occasionally depicted as using other races for their own purposes (mainly via the C'tan, but not only), and their endgame was about subjugating and farming the races of the galaxy rather than exterminating them. Gorkamorka/2E crons predate Oldcrons, but they were basically portrayed the same way: silent murderbots who are normally 100% hostile to everything in sight, except wait a minute, in this case they aren't so what are they up to? The answer is MYSTERY.

And that's putting aside current fluff where Necrons openly ally and negotiate with other races in addition to simply enslaving them.

>> No.32981378
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>> No.32981419

Can't you go start a blood feud thread or something.

>> No.32981467

Social interaction is going to be bare-bones no doubt, but little changes would be fun. Instead of persuasion attempts, you clobber heads, then base the pass or fail on how much damage was dealt. Teef as a currency means robbing people by punching them in the face too. Then if you do meet other orks they might not be a fan of you running around with 'oomies. Joining clans, getting dakka and becoming mercs for IG could all happen too depending on social interaction.

I'd focus more on other things if I was you though.

>> No.32981509
File: 34 KB, 370x554, Valkia (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>‘My reward,’ he says in a voice that is barely more than a whisper in a storm, ‘is to bring word of the arrival of Kormak, Champion of Valkia the Bloody. I am his herald. What greater honour than to bring word of the arrival of the blood god’s servants?’

>My blood turns cold as ice and I clutch at the dying warrior’s arm, exchanging a look with the elder. He sits rigid, his gaze faraway, almost as if he has not heard Edred’s words. But he has heard them. It is written in the terror in his eyes, the abject fear on his face.

>‘But we are peaceful. We have… done nothing to incur the wrath of the gods!’ My pleas sound childish and pitiful and Edred shrugs, a movement that brings more blood streaming from his chest.

>‘It matters not from whence the blood flows,’ he says. ‘Only that it does.’


A chosen champion of Khorne who was handpicked by Khorne's waifu was given a daemon army and tasked with one thing. Guess what it was?

He was tasked with slaughtering village of innocents after village of innocents because the genocide of weaklings and cowards (read peaceful villagers) pleased the Blood God and his waifu.

>> No.32981535

And Orks prevented from doing fighting and other physical stuff become obese rather fast.

>> No.32981539

I am quite conformable over here.

>> No.32981618
File: 547 KB, 1110x1512, 047.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apart from the Khorne stuff, the 4th edition codex brought all that about Stormboyz back. It was the 3rd edition book that made them just rokkit pack Orks - granted, the unit description was only 1 sentence long back then, but the whole rebelliously disciplined aspect wasn't alluded to anywhere else.

>> No.32981619

Yes, and?

>> No.32981620

> lore written from Imperium perspective

>> No.32981691

Warhammer Fantasy is just as shitty as 40K at least in relation with Chaos.

>> No.32981708

It's just lore and have no perspective to it.

>> No.32981743

This was retconned away a long time ago, together with Orks becoming female for a short time and bearing children.

>> No.32982081

A lot of the fluff is actually mentioned as being propaganda of one sort or another, as a way for GW to wave their hands about it. how much of it actually is propaganda is the subject of many arguments.

>> No.32982194


It's really just a 40k writer being an idiot (impossiburu!) and Carnac anon using that to shitpost like he always does.

Island-destroying, Ultramarine company-drowning Pulsa Rokkit unrelated.

>> No.32982322

>It's really just a 40k writer being an idiot (impossiburu!)

That's sorta of an unfair presumption on your part. Seeing as the GW writer that wrote this was part on the development team he would have known which direction the Necrons were heading (The one before Ward took over). It's no surprise that all mentions of Necrons after this rulebook described them as desiring the utter annihilation of all life.

>> No.32982491

>Space Marines

>> No.32982601

>"The Orks are the pinnacle of creation. For them, the great struggle is won. They have evolved a society which knows no stress or angst. Who are we to judge them? We Eldar who have failed, or the Humans, on the road to ruin in their turn. And why? Because we sought answers to questions that an Ork wouldn't even bother to ask. We see a culture that is strong and despise it as crude."
>no stress or angst

Doesn't sound like strong Nurgle material. On the other hand, "never enough Dakka" is pretty slaaneshi, and the boyz love them some kunnin', so Tzeentch would be right up their alley.

I'm also curious, as others have remarked, how Orks can be Khornates when they supposedly don't hate their enemies. The glory of combat appeal to them, that's about it.

>> No.32982621
File: 691 KB, 1143x1623, 48.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's no surprise that all mentions of Necrons after this rulebook described them as desiring the utter annihilation of all life.

You mean Dawn of War? And here's something from a 5th edition book, after Ward took over the Necrons, which was also written by a developer - a senior developer - who "would have known which direction the Necrons were heading". i.e. uninterested in conquest and all about harvesting people for their C'tan masters.

>> No.32982791

>You mean Dawn of War?

And that Warhammer monthly comic.

> here's something from a 5th edition book, after Ward took over the Necrons, which was also written by a developer - a senior developer - who "would have known which direction the Necrons were heading

Are you sure that's from 5th ed? Cause the 5th ed rulebook description of the Necrons departed from the oldcrons and heralded the Newcron.

>> No.32982990


It reminds me of the far end of my desk

>> No.32983004
File: 551 KB, 952x966, banecbros.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And that Warhammer monthly comic.

From 2003.

>Are you sure that's from 5th ed? Cause the 5th ed rulebook description of the Necrons departed from the oldcrons and heralded the Newcron.

Released March 2010, literally just before the Blood Angels codex introduced the Silent King and his infamous alliance with Dante.

>> No.32983037


>> No.32983048

>Why aren't there chaos orks
>Picture is of a chaos ork

>> No.32983094

Serves them right for not being warriors. You don't get far in life by being passive.

>> No.32983159

Very well, then I concede .

>> No.32983194


They cut off the dicks of their enemies, cure them and use them as currency

>> No.32983297
File: 13 KB, 488x328, 1376631310867.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Orc Stain will never get a second volume

>> No.32983323

If your body temperature works differently, you may have no need of testes.

>> No.32983431
File: 83 KB, 920x950, 99070103002_OrkPainboy01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.32983774

>Da Grinch who stole your anal virginity

>> No.32984777

Most guardsmen who fight chaos daemons don't willing fall to chaos. It still happens.
Point is, regardless of how it happened, Nurgle waaaaaaghs are canon, if rare.

>> No.32984981

>This was also back when Khorne (and other Chaos Gods) were described as being more complicated than "BLOODSKULLSKULLBLOODSKULLLS!!!!". Namely he had a pretty strict code of honour (he still didn't care where blood came from, but

It still is like that, but newfags that read a paragraph seem to think they have a full understanding of something and like to tell everyone how little they understand. Then, their friends who haven't even read that paragraph at now spouting the same shit, but on an even baser level.

>> No.32985007

You realize you posted something half a decade NEWER than the guy you replied to, right? His was from 1988/1989.

>> No.32985266

>the guy you replied to

He was replying to himself. Well, not so much replying as linking to his own post to back it up. He often does that.

>> No.32986746

>Yeah, but not planet sized.

>> No.32987582

The orks already won. They've got all the warfare they could ever want, a nigh-endless supply of gits to krump, and a shitton of stuff to loot.

>> No.32989575

Their are a few but since Gork and Mork started beating the living tar out of any chaos gods that fucked with the orks they stopped.

>> No.32990097

>What is corn

>> No.32990226


This is a misconception.

Technically, Orks can never win. They don't have a win condition, they merely perpetuate a state indefinitely. You could say is a win, but technically isn't because that would mean that they would go unchallenged, and to go unchallenged is the exact opposite of what Orks want.

Think of it this way: if it were a game (because it is), everyone has a win condition. Everyone except for Orks, they exist to perpetuate the state of play instead of ending it, as everyone else tries to.

Orks technically have what they want, which is not victory, but challenge. And should they achieve the annihilation of the other factions, the complete removal of their opponents from play, they would simply turn on each other to perpetuate play. As you're well aware, they often do this anyway.

>> No.32990356
File: 735 KB, 1200x1600, 151.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Khorne's realm in the warp is fucking full of infinite numbers of orks fighting eternal war against infinite numbers of daemons.

thats pretty chaos-y.

>> No.32990857

This is from Fantasy, but back in the mists of time, Gork and Mork found a weird green thing in a well, and ate it. That thing was Nurgle, and that's why orks don't suffer from Nurgle's Rot. Because Gork and Mork are the most powerful fuck-you gods of the warp, even outpacing the Big 4.

Orks can get corrupted, but it's highly unlikely when in the presence of any significant number of other Orks because they end up under the meaty fist-protection of Gork and Mork. .

>> No.32991178

don't see what appeal slannesh could offer orks.
likewise, tzeentch.
nurgle orks are a thing in canon but thats more a they contracted the lurgi than it is an actual worship thing.
khorne orks are a thing. especially amongst the cracked in the head storm boyz and younger 4edgy8mork teenage angst orks.

ultimately, gork and mork are powerful deities in their own right that protect the boyz from outright corruption, and voluntary large scale worship of non-khorne chaos would likely earn a direct smiting.

>> No.32992254

no to the meks with tzeentch

>> No.32992308
File: 682 KB, 1181x1653, 061.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know whether there's a similar thing in Fantasy, but you may be thinking of one of the Ork myths from Waaargh the Orks!. Personally "'Ere we go" is my favourite of the two.

>> No.32992765

>Their dangerously unhinged warlord, the self-styled Daemon-Killa

>> No.32992820

Or possibly Gork

>> No.32993787

tfw I was actually planning to include something like that in a game. Shit when did that happen?

>> No.32993960
File: 155 KB, 438x599, 438px-Digga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Back in this little gem.

>> No.32994069
File: 77 KB, 600x600, img42e286afde2d8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32994256


To be fair, that dataslate doesn't say anything about the Space Marines drowning, just that they were sent "into the polluted depths". They could still be down there, trying to find a way out. Or they just walked to land and rejoined their forces.

>> No.32994328


>Orks lead a galactic wide WAAAAGH aimed at finding new enemies to fight in other galaxies after they exhaust this one
>A motley collection of space hulks bolted together, planets with engines strapped to them and looted craftworlds all sail out into the void
>Behind them the enslaved races they leave behind slowly recover. Some manage to overthrow their now less numerous Ork oppressors
>Slowly the galaxy's various races recover, empires rise over the forgotten remnants of the old. Warp entities begin to reappear
>Two of the greatest empires, those of the Eldar and Necrontyr, launch a vast war
>Later, after the defeat of the Necrontyr and the Fall of the Eldar, a massively powerful psyker leads an army of genetically modified superhumans on a galactic crusade from a backwater world named Terra
>Orks are the galaxy's reset button

>> No.32994433

It was probably a poor choice of word on my part. "Ultramarine company-sinking" perhaps. But since I'm back, here's another datasheet, a rare example of an Ork skimmer.

>> No.32994460


>> No.32994902 [DELETED] 

Where is the difference?

>> No.32995091

Also, isn't Khorne also about hate?

I've never thought of Orks as the kind to hate. Sure they'll beat you to death but not because they hate or dislike you, its just cause thats what they do.

>> No.32995096

This thread makes me want to model some Orkbliterators for my CSM force, because the actual Obliterators suck so much and the idea of warp-mutated orks with every kind of dakka coming out of their flesh is amazing.

>> No.32995404

Orks can be hateful. Extremely so.

They hate anything weak and Unorky for example.

>> No.32995421

baby orks erupt out of sores and pustules then proceed to consume the host

>> No.32995660
File: 1.03 MB, 2574x962, supa flash git.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I sort of did that already. I run this guy as a Counts As Obliterator in an allied Ork detachment. My reasoning is that he just carries around every weapon he could use.

>> No.32995885

Not hate, but contempt.
Hate implies they perceive the opponent as equals and threats.

>> No.32996122

Why aren't there Chaos Eldar? I mean, I can understand why there aren't Slaaneshi Eldar. But why aren't there Nurgle Eldar, or Khorne Eldar, or Tzeench Eldar? I mean, why don't the Eldar mutate?

>> No.32996403

aren't they all promised to shewhothirsts, anyway?

>> No.32996921


>> No.32997189
File: 113 KB, 471x490, 1378221544156.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32998461

Silly question, but can orks be 'good'? Like protecting women and children because they are like "Flashy bits"? I've heard that orks had slavers and I thought if orks would keep many humans as pets.

>> No.32998493

>don't see what appeal slannesh could offer orks
Flashier gitz. Badder Moons.

>likewise, tzeentch.
That's the only one I can't really think of a reason for. You could make an argument with brutal cunning, but it'd be a weak justification.

>> No.32998530

"good" and "evil" don't really apply to orks, but it really all comes down to the clan the ork is from. Some orks torture people cause they're weaker than they are and it's fun; others wouldn't bother because they're a bunch of weedy gits and they have better things to do, and still others would get along with them through a shared interest in dakka, going fast, and flash. Keep in mind, though, that the ork word for "best friend" is the same word for "favored enemy".

>> No.32998608

They operate off of Blue and Orange mentality. As said previously, all the different clans have different mindsets. Would they protect women and children? Probably not. Maybe if they were specifically paid to do it, but I doubt they'd be bothered if a toddler accidentally got caught in a stikk-bomb explosion, and still expect their due payment.

>> No.32998646

>don't see what appeal slannesh could offer orks.

Make them able to hear their dakka more clearly.

>> No.32998648


>> No.32998923


>The thing lurched to it's feet and began to growl and squeal, it's many eyes searching for it's victims. A small whimper was heard, and spawn wrenched it's misshapen head around and grinned.

>A groan is heard and a large green hand emerges from the rubble and pushes it out of the way, an ugly head followed by a pair of massive shoulders eased their way out of the wreckage.

>Zoggin' hell, thought Thugrim, as he rubbed his head. The ork, after drawing the short straw, was sent to scout out the ruins for anything loot worthy before the next wave. Unfortunately the spikey humies decided to pop in for an early visit, resulting the town exploding around Thugrim in a blast of bolts, lasfire, and artillery shells.

>Thugrim shook his head again, and the rubble in the room stopped shaking like a squigs tail on snack day, and took a look around. He had to admit the humies got quite a bit o'dakka, judging from the lack of anything in a state of not "Zogged ta bits."

>A scream caught his attention and he craned his neck in idle curiosity . A mass of flesh, way too many arms and teeth was currently stalking a path to a pair of cowering figures, one of them waving a piece of metal desperately at the creature. Thugrim sniffed as he saw the smaller figure scream again, and clutch to the bigger one, burrowing it's face in as if hoping that closing it's eyes would make it all go away. Typical grot behavior, thought Thugrim as he began to look around for his gun. Another shrill cry caught his attention again, this sound was full of desperation, of rage and most of all, wasn't going to put up with want more of this shit.

>The larger ( now identified) human began to swing and gouge at the snapping creature, scoring a couple of nicks and cuts whilst dodging the reaching claws. The human roared and leapt, cursing and shreiking as it repeatedly stabbed it's makeshift weapon into a cluster of eye. Humie got guts, thugrim thought grinning.

>> No.32999219

>This small victory was cut short, as the spawn decided that enough was enough and flung the human across the room. A grunt of pain and thud was heard, follwed by the crash of metal and rubble. Thugrim frowned, it was just getting good. The thing huffed and turned itself towards the smaller human, now curled up in a ball and whispering. The spawn's hellish grin grew impossibly large and multiple youngest slithered their way across it's maw.

>Thugrims frown grew deeper as he watched. And a thought crossed his mind that most pris wouldn't consider.

>This wasn't fair.

>The humie could barely swing a weapon properly let alone wound the thing (not for a lack of trying though obviously. )And he bet the small one wouldn't be able to fire the piece of scraps that grots carried around with them.

>Weedy though they were, Humies could fight he knew that. He never fought one that didn't strike back tooth and nail, giving it all they got no matter how scrawny they were. Thugrim admired that, that was right tough in his book. But these humies weren't living up to this expectation, they weren't showing this thing what for. Another thought crossed Thugrims mind, maybe they CAN'T fight, maybe no one taught them how. It was a rad ridiculous really, even the lowliest snotling could rough and tumble with it's mates and grots could sink a knife into the gut of neighbor anytime. Maybe these one just weren't taught. This concept disturbed Thugrim, if humies couldn't fight was this galaxy coming to?

>They need some to teach them, to learn how to survive, to do their damnable jobs.

>But first they need to be alive for that.

>As these thoughts flashed through Thugrims mind, his wandering hands finally found what he was looking for.

>Sophia groaned and tried to stand, her head throbbing and her chest burning, her eyes strained to open and her legs wobbled. She saw that... that abomination... reaching for her son. She had to... she had to... do something.

>> No.32999494

>There are many things feared in the galaxy at large, tyranids, corruption, death. But none invoke more terror than the distinctive "click click " of a gun. Though the Spawn has long forgotten the concept of fear, the sound did stir something primal in it's addled brain. Withdrawing it's hand from it's would be prey, it faced the source of the noise.

>Kicking the last few bits of offending rubble from around him Thugrim grinned in triumph, his gold teeth glinting in the dim lighting. For nothing brought him more joy than lugging his kustom made, tri barreled, skorcha shoota combo, with additional chain fed ammo crates, and dangly bits. Well.... almost as much joy as when he pulled the trigger.


>The room was engulfed in light and sound, the repeated tudda tudda from the monstrosity known as "a gun" were punctuated by the occasional blast of fire from the bottom barrel and ripping of flesh of the spawn.

>Thugrim laughed and laughed holding down the trigger till there wad nothing but jiggling bits left on the floor. He blew the smoke from his multiple barrels and sauntered over the remains of the monster. He peered down and saw the small human still was there in one piece, covering it's ears and sniveling. He reached down hauled the boy up by his neck and glanced at it for a moment before his ears perked up catching something other than the after fire fight ringing.

>"D-don't... touch him... you... beast..." the soft voice growled, weak, but full of anger. Thugrim saw the human from earlier crawling ever so slowly gripping it's "weapon" In one of it's hands. Thugrim walked over and kicked the makeshift blade out the humans hands and lifted her up as well. He stared into the humans eyes and spoke.

>"What you did out dere was shameful, Absolutely zoggin' shameful. I'z seen Eatin' squigs dat fight better den youz did." He rumbled, his foul breath waning ovef the humans face.

>> No.32999691

>So 'errs what we'z gonna do..." continued Thugrim, oblivious to the terror the woman was experiencing.

>"I could leavez ya here ta rot, and let dem other humies have a go at 'cha, and dat doesn't sound like fun at all does it now?"

>Sophia only shook her head numbly, having accepted her fate, preparing for the emperors embrace.

>"Or... youz can come wif me if youz wanna not get krumped." He finished looking between the two for an answer.

>Shopia eyes widened, and her mouth began to gape. Mercy from a green skin? It was unheard of...She began to nod in pain as the green skins hand gripped harder in impatience for an answer. It grinned and threw ger and her son onto it's broad back, and she gripped onto the colossal pack strung across said back, her son clinging to her.

>Thugrim smiled as he began to make his trek back to camp with his new cargo in tow. He thought of all the things he could teach these humies, they would start with some simple choppa excersises followed by shoota training wun o wun....

>As the ork silently rambled to himself Sophia lost herself to unconscious, thanking the Emperor for this brief moment of peace. A calm before the storm.

>> No.33000031

Now the ork has a pet digga girl?

>> No.33002454

Not a digga, this woman was a normal Imperial civilian

>> No.33003756

and her son

>> No.33005700

But soon they'll be uprgraded to Diggas, right?

Maybe not talking in the silly ork accent, but learning how to shoot like an ork, loot like an ork and maybe fight like an ork?

Anyway, it was pretty enjoyable.

>> No.33005900
File: 192 KB, 800x514, orky_no_more.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33006202

Oh they'll learn to fight for sure.... Everything else will picked up along the way.

>> No.33007994

the kid might end up a digga, the mom probably just a slave that thugrim teaches to fight

>> No.33008288

Old fluff. As you can see it's pretty heavily implied that g&m are in the warp and more powerful than the chaos gods (they're scarier than the foursome). But then, someone decided 40k must be all edgy all the time, and fun was forbidden. Thus orks continually get less fun in each edition.

>> No.33009926

I don't think she'll be treated badly though, he is a flash git (as seen from the gun) and they're grots are treated a lot better than most. So add on the "pet" aspect plus the exotic(ness? Of her being human plus personal pride in caring and teaching her equals to something a step above a slave, maybe more like a serf or squire of sorts.

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