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How does one make a threatening alien creature?

Hard mode: For a hard sci fi setting

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1.) Take Sigourney Weaver

2.) Take her pants off

There you are. Threatening alien creature.

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Give it a gun.

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Parasites. Can't go wrong with horrible parasites.

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Make it parasistic.
This might sound cliché but there's nothing scarier for a PC than having a timebomb inside his body.

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>hard sci fi setting
>parasitic alien

Sure they're hardly going to be compatible with human biology if they're an alien creature

for all we know, every alien humanity will ever meet will melt at room temperature or their heads would explode when near oxygen

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>make an alien.
>make it threatening.

I mean, it isn't hard. What makes a person threatening? Some kind of physical advantage like being huge or a weapon, and a desire to cause you harm.

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Worst fears of mankind and all that jazz; in a broad statement that would be " things we can't see" and " things we thought we didn't see"

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Stick to the classics: make it overtly sexual in a way the players don't like. An alien with claws and fangs is old hat, but nobody wants to go near an alien with a boner.

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Or a giant alien boner.

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Just skip the alien and straight to the boner.

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you should give us the planet it was found on

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Saturn's moon, Titan.

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Who has the storytime cap of the horror on Mars game.

you know the one.

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>Sure they're hardly going to be compatible with human biology if they're an alien creature
That's where the "fi" comes in.

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Threateningly sexy, you mean.

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Just imagine a giant dick coming for your face.

Then it somehow opens at the middle and there are rows of teeth.

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Space cordyceps.

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So Xenomorph?

>Pucker up

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Well then make it so it's barely compatible. Heavy sickness, gory symptoms, horrifying 'birth'.
That's even scarier.

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Make them from a high gravity planet. This requires them to have evolved to have fucking strong muscles and dense bones, making them a brick. In comparison to humans, unless we take the few million years involved to evolve to become stronger, we wouldn't be able to take them.

>planet on lockdown by human government for their protection
>high gravity, no giant jupiter type planet to keep asteroids away
>life there has evolved to have thick skin, strong muscles and dense bones due to impact of high gravity
>someone goes down there and brings a few back

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what should be its role?
sneaky bastard?
parasitic rape beast?
unstoppable juggernaut?

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>Hard sci-fi
>makes Saiyans

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What, is that what they are?
I'm only 33 episodes through Dragonball, I haven't seen Z.

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>Hard mode

Oh I'm hard alright.

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That's the xenomorph

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Who said something about doing it for the hard mode.

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>Break down basic human fears into their components (IE Pale and sickly skin, fangs, bright red eyes, blood curdling screams, spindly legs, etc)
>Re-arrange them so that they make sense as a monster in your setting

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Give them language but make it unnatural and confusing.

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Some simple rules for good aliens:
>Constantly hunt the players, never try to get in direct combat
>Don't describe them fully, leave a lot open to the imagination
>Hit and run tactics
>Maybe give them some kind of somatic calling card like clicking or hissing
>Extremely elusive and extremely fast
>Make them do something crazy to the bodies of the people they kill like suck their brains out or eat their hearts, ext.
>Make reproduction for their species require humanoid hosts
>Slight telekinetic powers, can put voices in the players head of people they've killed, read thought of people they've killed, ext.

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>Anon provides

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When kangaroos were first shipped back to England, some scientists believed it was a joke, and that the heads of deer had been sewn onto the body parts from various other animals.

Convergent evolution occurs because some forms naturally suit specific environments. The kangaroo's head looks remarkably similar to that of a dear. The barracuda has the same body shape as a dolphin.

Figure out where it lives, and what its ecological niche is. Find some animals that occupy similar roles. Combine these animals, picking and choosing any set of traits you please, and voila--realistic alien.

It is, for instance, perfectly reasonable to believe that thinking, speaking, technology-using aliens from a world with a climate similar to ours would look pretty similar to human beings. Not quite "guy with foam-rubber prosthetics" similar, but that they'd be bipedal, bilaterally symmetric, have digits that could manipulate tools, and operate on more-or-less the same principles that we do, right down to vocal and hearing ranges, and visible frequencies of light.

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>Goku's an alien
>so is his ultimate nemesis sailor moon

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Are 6ou telling me it's not how a dick should look like?

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So you're saying the way to make an alien threatening is to make him a giga niga because convergent evolution?

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One that is simply too reasonable and clever.

That's the simple answer to Fermi's paradox. Why do no E.Ts answer our call? Well, because they see us.

They saw us enslaving an entire continent because this continent has valuable resource. They saw us murdering or assisting the murder of hundred of millions of people. They see the entire propaganda system, where everything is done hide facts and truths.

They see the world foremost superpower bombing and killing people for resources, and having a mostly intact PR. They saw 9/11. Not that 9/11, but the 9/11 of 1973.

They see people dying, they see the dead. They see the enslaved. They see hate. They see misdirection, lies, stupidity, naivety.

I have no fear of the parasitical alien, nor the mindless brute, or the instinctual killer. I fear the reasonable alien, who will decide one day that humanity is not worth the hassle.

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Lives in Space.

Eats Metal.

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How many teeth are the average number of teeth a dick should have?

lol I thought the average was 4

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Make it win.

Go daft punk.
It's harder (either type), better, faster, stronger.
It can out-think you, outrun you, take ludicrous punishment and punch through a wall.
Maybe >>32958590 too. And just because it's tough doesn't preclude actual tactics.

It's not scary, but it's sure as hell threatening.

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>>32959048 here

Doesn't actually have aliens if I remember correctly, but its definitely worth the read.

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>Sure they're hardly going to be compatible with human biology if they're an alien creature

Well there's your trick. Make a parasitic creature that is harmless to pretty much all the creatures on it's home world, but when it gets in to a human horrible shit happens

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>what should be its role?
>parasitic rape beast?
Disturbingly sexual vaguely feminine predator with a huge rape vibe, doesn't kill victims but impressions them and uses them to reproduce

Basically something that can horrify or be fapped to

Very similar to what you described, just add innate understanding of marital art and ki manipulation in a universe where that can let people destroy planets, the ability to always comeback dramatically stronger if not killed, and can turn into giant rage monkeys when they see the full moon

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This is ridiculously self-important. You see ants enslave other insects, slaughter and eat their own. Queens manipulate entire colonies for their own purposes. And yet, when we look at ant colonies, what we see is one of the most successful, innovative and fascinating species on the planet.

Is it "reasonable" to assume that ants are evil and should be disdained? You're obsessed with your own point of view. An outsider would see some animals exploiting members of their own species to increase work output. It's fascinating when that happens, and only horrific if you're looking at it from the perspective of one of the exploited animals.

We don't apply our own morality to other animals, as a species. It's a ridiculous thing to do and there's nothing "reasonable" about assuming anything else would. That's just anthropomorphisization. And it's a false analogy, and actually completely unreasonable.

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Look at some things here on Earth.


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Well, look at other intelligent species on earth with their own niches: some corvids, some parrots, dolphins and whales, elephants, squids and octopuses. You could use them also for the base of convergent evolution.

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It is a bit different regarding ants, as in most cases the workers are sisters, sending the whole bunch to a super-organism level. However we have an analogy here; not with genes, but with memes, like culture. The clash of views, culture and other memes in the super-organism of human culture.

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Ant have no nuclear bomb.

There is a point where you become important in the grand part of thing. Humanity is not quite right here, but is coming here fast. Genocidal, enslaving, self-deceiving maniacs with planet busters are not the same thing that the ants you find in your garden.

We can be rightly assumed to be equal to ants in the morality side of things, but we have a knowledge of the universe ants don't have, and that make us an hassle. A dangerous, immoral, stupid hassle.

Most probably, aliens watch us with caution. Not really fear, no, but a reasonable, moral, clever alien can easily find the race irredeemable or too dangerous as a whole. Would it be wrong? Of course no.

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I would imagine making it nothing like life on earth; A silicon based living computer.

Think about it, what is consistently thought of as our doom?

>Our own creations, our own weapons

So make an alien that was created by another species as a weapon to use, only it wiped them out once it realized it didn't have to follow orders.

To make it more dangerous and make more sense this Silicon based creature would be built to withstand high temperatures roughly equal to liquid rock in the earth's mantle along with high pressure.

Perhaps it would be relatively slow, and not notice us at first, but it's plating would be like an Abrams tank, and would find the mineral content of our bones and blood enough to consider harvesting...

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The alien creature that is irresistible to your females and threatens to breed your species into extinction is scary as hell.

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This isn't exactly relevant but I'd still screw Sigourney Weaver until neither one of us could move anymore. And I always have to type her whole name too for some reason.

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So basically Muv-Luv with a minor theme change.

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Take the Arachnids. Change every single one into a variety of Chryssalids.

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>to believe that thinking, speaking, technology-using aliens from a world with a climate similar to ours would look pretty similar to human beings.
Only if they had ancestors that looked similar to ours, and they filled the very same niche we did that promoted bipedalism

Predatory fish and squid fill the same niches and live in the same environment, but one won't pass for another

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>snake like body
>with a cobra-like collar structure all over the body (2 layers actually: the second one cover and protect the eggsacs and limbs like flower petals)
>skin covered in chameleonic skin cells, also capable of bioluminescence
>the head resemble that of a mantis but not chitinous and with lips
>lips cover various tubular and spiny organs inside (mosquito like) (suck bodily fluids)
>4 main pairs of limbs: 2 in the crotch area, 2 directly below the long neck
>limbs are slim and human like, but longer and with 3 fingers, two of which opposable, the longer finger is used to hook on things or in the same way of gorillas to protect the talons
>crotch limbs are obviously longer and retracted like frogs'
>the inner torso, behind the layers of of skin, there are bulbous boobs-like gelatinous eggsacs, contain larvae
>on the home planet it lived in labyrinthine desert environment, with little resources, so the creatures had developed complex nervous dedicated to remember locations and paths
>this alien in particular hunts, use its sense to locate a prey and the chameleonic abilities to assault it, talons are used to pierce specific vital parts
>this alien feeds on bodily liquid, it leaves the parts it can't eat for the development of the larvae
>among the various tubular organs there's a "synaptic hacking spine", while the prey it's still alive, this alien strangles it with the powerful limbs (and secreting paralysing odorous particles that interact with the respiratory and cardiac system,slowing the first while accelerating the second) this usually bring to a slow death for suffocation or rapid for cardiac arrest, depending on the species, but before that the synaptic spine is used to assault the nervous system and extrapolate memories
>memories are then used to find nests,food, resources, and to perfect kill mechanisms, sometimes this alien will use the chameleonic abilities to hypnotize targets

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To any advanced alien species, we are actually really harmless.

Our most powerful weapon is just a better version of something we made half a century ago, and something that is almost worthless in space combat against a more advanced foe. Nukes are not even half as dangerous in space as they are on Earth, due to the lack of shockwave.

We have not even visited other planets in our own solar system, much less sent something outside of it. We are safely contained on our own world, and in fact we seem incredibly disinterested in offworld colonization for the moment.

We treat each other horribly, yes. But the result of that is that we are so busy fighting each other that we cant pay attention to expanding our frontiers as a species right now.

There might be some alien anthropologists paying attention to us to write a paper on us, but we pose exactly zero threat to anything that is advanced enough to know we exist. And that isn't going to change anytime soon.

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Are we talking intelligent or not?

If intelligent, like >>32959055 says, make them not too dissimilar from humans, but have a completely different psyche/society/motivations - make them "alien" in that regard.

If not intelligent, look what creatures are terrifying for man on Earth.

Most land based animals, not so much - if you have a rifle/gun you can shoot them.

When in water, sharks. You are out of your element and in theirs. They can move fast, you can't. They can attack you, you can't attack them back as effectively.

For astronauts on Titan, a terrifying alien creature would be something which was at home in that atmosphere. Which could move fast, which could see or sense them. And which would attack them because they are intruding. I can't really see such a creature wanting to eat them, though.

However, I wonder if there's a plausible hard sci-fi creature which could survive on Titan.

Maybe you'd be better off going with something infectious, like a virus or prions - dead things which happen to replicate in your body.

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>these same hunting techniques work very well on humans
>the sinuous body can crawl easily trough all human sized structures
>the ability to extrapolate memories and knowledge makes it sneaky and higly intelligent
>the odorous particles on humans cause decrease in respiratory activity: kind of paralysis, while accelerating the cardiac activity to hallucinations and spontaneous boners
>feeding in these moments the alien usually extrapolates fetishes
>use the skin collars and chameleonic cells to project particular images like a screen (effect augmented by the hallucinations near suffocation)
>alien uses fetishes to lure preys and feed, then injects larvae into body

>will continue later with sketches

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I was thinking something more along the lines of traps victims in an I have no mouth and I must scream situation that they may grow to enjoy after a bit of mind break/rape, also auto-correct turned imprisoned into impressions but this is good (very good) too.
Have you been thinking about it long or was this spur of the moment, either way, bravo, sexy and horrifying.

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Oh F***!!! You did not just say Chryssalid!!!

You doomed us all!

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2.) Take her panties off
also, applies to any female.

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>also, applies to any female.
And many males

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Depends. We've never dealt with terrestial life, so its quite possible there's a parasitic organism that could still infect humans. You have to consider, given how evolutionary works you're basically multiplying infinity by infinity; the PCs just happened to be unlucky enough to be attacked by it.

Another possibility is


Normally, it follows a very different life cycle in its home environment, but humans make a much easier alternative.

Like, humans could serve as good hosts for the children because they are warm, large enough to hold the child, have plenty of fluids and are able to protect their selves.

Or, the beetle creature finds that it can easily metabolise the brain fluids of a human into what equates as an opiate.

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> dog-size walking wasp monster with a bite and a stinger
> the bite contains a paralyzing toxin that stuns prey. Often, this leads to said prey being eaten for food.
> After mating, female wasp monsters carry large numbers of small fertilized proto-egg larva.
>While carrying such larva, the monster will paralyze prey and, while they are unable to move, stab it with the stinger anywhere between a few and a dozen times, avoiding extremities.
> with each such sting, it leaves a number of the proto-eggs
> once inside the new host, the proto-eggs become active and begin to migrate, trying to find their way to the hosts digestive tract. Many do not make the journey and die.
> those that make it to the digestive system settle down and become parasites, slowly burrowing into the digestive system and then becoming true eggs.
> the proto-eggs that die inside of the host break down and release a cocktail of chemicals. The successful eggs also release such chemicals, but at a much slower rate over time
> over a period of months, the eggs in the host grow. Meanwhile, the chemicals released inside of the host make its hormones go haywire, with the intent of simulating the hormones of pregnancy in the host. Even of the host is male.
> By the time that the eggs are ready to hatch and dislodge to pass out of the body as stool, the host is chemically inclined to protect the young as if it were their own child
> in female humans, this effect is much stronger than in males. In males the mental influence is significantly lessened but they suffer a significant feminizing effect due to the hormones at play, including a softening of the features and often some breast growth.
> human subjects of either sex often experience some lactation around the time of the eggs full maturation
> wasp monster babies stay near their host mother for protection for some days before being strong enough to venture on their own, leaving the host behind

There you go. Terrifying in multiple ways

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"The ungodly union of a bed bug with a lungfish, with better silicone burrowing skills"

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Pic related.

>Players on a large ship or space station
>Hit by what they think is a meteor impact
>It's actually The Blob or some Scifi equivalent, dissolving materials and eating the ship/station for resources so it can expand and eventually scatter like a blobby Von Neumann probe
>It's content to eat the ship away at its leisure, but can attack to defend itself and move around the ship if it thinks it's in danger
>Players have to find out how to save their ride before it's too late and they're blob food

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make them more intelligent and advanced than humans

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well the whole snake aspect was present from previous alien I drew

but the rest is spur of the moment

I imagined the victims to be fully conscious of what is happening (the odour drug only causes small alienation, like being a bit drunk, but the rest is the alien playing with your desires until you do what it wants)

I was thinking of adding the possibility for the alien to capture one or two victims inside the second layer of skin as a sort of grotesque pregnancy where the victims are fed and at the same time injected with the larvae sucking from the boobs-sacs

brb drawing

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1. Read Blindsight,
2. Copy the Scramblers and the Rorschach shamelessly (basically a hard-SF techno-cthulhu-living-space-hive of incredible power and unfathomable difference, and its ultra-intelligent but non sentient inhabitants)
3. Make your player crap their pants fighting (if you can call that fighting) something so alien, powerful and mindfucking they can't tell the difference between nightamre-fuelled hallucination and a reality that is actually much, much worse.

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I can't believe i was the first one to cite Blindsight.
/tg/, I am disappoint.

Also, Blindsight epub is free on the author's website, so you really have no excuse not reading the best hard-SF novel of the decade.


And here is the background info from the very messy author's site as well.


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I've been playing with the idea, for at least a year, of an alien whose vision and coloration was beyond the light spectrum visible to humans. This would make the alien appear to always be a pitch black silhouette to any human observing it. You wouldn't see any arms or jaws or spines projecting towards you, though another human at a different angle might. Also it provides perfect camouflage in dark areas.

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You realise any remotely successful technological race is likely to have similar traits? Hell even on Earth plenty of intelligent species can be dicks. Chimps are horribly violent, dolphins rape other species of whale and use some invertebrates as sex toys, elephants sometimes kill stuff for fun. You just sound like you want the self important dickheads aliens from Star Trek who are usually massive hypocrites while condemning humans for being violent.

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> I wonder if there's a plausible hard sci-fi creature which could survive on Titan.

Of course there are, they would just use a radically different biochemistry. I am sure its theoretically possible for hydrocarbon based life to arise if the conditions are right. Just have to remember that Titan is very cold so they might well be sluggish by our standards.

>> No.32961409

This version seems to be missing screenshots, or they're in the wrong order. The NPC that went missing seems to come and go inconsistently and at one point a player is drinking pepsi while he was out of the game, but there was never any mention of him leaving the table.

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So much this. All i read until then was "shark in space", "snake in space", "parasitic wasp in space with added personnal egg fetish on top" with typical addition of disgusting bits, gooey stuff, and asshole-probing proboscis.

Blindsight has one of the most trully terrifying alien entity i've ever witnessed.

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Any alien creature in a hard sci fi setting is going to be threatening.

>> No.32961635

Ummm 9/11 1973.. Whats so bad about George Foreman KOing Jose Roman for a heavyweight title?

>> No.32961636



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Cannibalistic apex predator, evolved after years and years of fighting other strains of itself, becoming exceedingly fast and strong.
Then you add in other parts, such as laying eggs in it's victims, or having parasitic insects living in a symbiotic relationship to the beast in it's claws/stinger/bite, infesting and helping kill the victim.
Or other absurd things like acidic blood, corpses laying eggs in itself to spawn more of it's kind, surviving absurd temperatures, size = length of time alive (Think like dragons), and plenty of alternate things.

Then there are the alternate strains, which can be absurdly numerous as their method of surviving didn't work with fighting things head on, and they resorted to cunning group tactics, ambushes and large numbers.
And then you can include poison with them, flying, underground burrowing, etc etc.

>> No.32961878

A highly advanced race (though only a handful have ever been observed) that exist on a higher plane of reality, seemingly able to exist in past, present and future at once.

Impervious to all forms of known weaponry, they appear at pivotal moments and have powers that can render entire star systems into oblivion.

Unbeknownst to the lower lifeforms, these entities are setting into motion events to prevent some sort of future cataclysmic event from occurring but anytime they perform it they ironically wipe themselves from known existence. Members of the race who survive the change in timeline then must adjust their plans as the timeline shifts dramatically from their actions.

The race is nearly extinct so must use their powers sparingly but find themselves confronted with the horrible notion that their actions will ultimately prove meaningless and the event will occur regardless. They have taken to manipulating lesser species as gods or prophets in order to conserve their strength.

>> No.32961962

Eclipse Phase has a really horrifying alien intelligence of a galactic scale that plants into worlds very small alterations and clues that only a super advanced AI can detect. Once it does, the machine is infected with a virus, goes insane and beheads millions of people, destroying their creator and then leaving to meet this alien intelligence.

The goal does not seem intentional in extermination, only that they need new AIs and the brainpower of a small mass of the native race.

>> No.32962010

Shit, i read the Eclipse' fluff a couple weeks ago, i missed the part were they talk about the reasons of the TITANs going berzerk. Is that in a specific book?

>> No.32962013

Love it. More disturbing/horrifying version of "Terror at 20,000 Feet"

>> No.32962080


Its in the first, a short blurp on the originators of the titans going crazy. Although this isnt known by most if perhaps all of the transhuman survivors.

Its implied they are the reason for multiple races going extinct or nearly extinct (such as the factors). As they created fully functional AI. Humanity supposedly only survived because they created the prometheus AI and kept them hidden and unconnected with the outside system, giving one advantage during the war.

>> No.32962112


But yeah, thats essentially all we know about it and its up to the gm to determine the reason and power level of the aliens.

But obviously they would be on a level that even the TITANs could barely comprehend and with no way transhuman could even get their attention never mind harm them.

>> No.32962170

I never got how vampires, if so superior to humans and able to induce PTSD, were wiped out in the first place. Or how humans would be stupid enough not to build slave-collars into them.

As for Rorschach, well...I've seen scarier done by better. The whole "Self-awareness is seen in no other creature" spiel isn't too original either.

The Thing is a far more intimidating creature then a Cthullu-expy. Hell, there's a reason people laugh at Lovecraft's work and yet, don't laugh at the Thing or Xenomorphs.

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Pic fucking related.

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So basically it decided it was not a gun?

>> No.32962412

There is not much you can do when an achile heel, directly linked to what makes you so smart and the apex predator of the era, becomes relevant when those pesky humans invent architecture.

The vampire did have slave collars in the form of the anti-euclidian drug, how they overcome it will be I think explained in Echopraxia, Watt's' next book.

As for scarier done by better, you are welcome to provide examples. The thing and Xenomorphs are fucking overplayed today. And i'd put many Lovecraft stories way above the fleshy blob of The Thing.

>> No.32962558

>for all we know, every alien humanity will ever meet will melt at room temperature or their heads would explode when near oxygen

We have a pretty good idea of what's required for life. They probably won't be compatible with human biology, but melting at room temperature or heads exploding when near oxygen is highly unlikely. Especially for every species we ever meet.

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something like this?

>> No.32962890

The right angles idea was pretty meh in my opinion. They occur in nature.

Lovecraft was best when he gave horror the personal element. The Rat's In The Walls, The Outsider, The Lurking Fear, The Shadow over Innsmouth...Far better then The Dunwhich Horror, The Whisperer In Shadows and The Call of Cthullu. Both because they're all more grounded in reality more and the horror is more personal. It's easier to appreciate degraded, disgusting humanoid creatures then it is a nebulous it. They allow better pacing, more drama and serve as better contrast due to being a dark mirror of the humans that they prey on.

Lovecraft is far more overplayed today. Amnesia, Alan Wake, World of Darkness, Warhammer, Eberron, Dungeons and Dragons...His idea of creatures so Other that we can't properly appreciate them makes them, well, inappreciable.

Now, about the Thing. The reason I'd say its stronger for horror is simple; it combines the Otherness required for a truly alien creature with the Humanity needed to truly enjoy it. There's a perfect balance between the human facsimile and understanding of other humans with the true alien mind driving it and the alien biology. The Things have minds that function on a human level and on a completely opposite, horrifying alien level.

The reason the xenomorph is scarier? Simple; it's iconic. It's memorable. Everyone who watches Alien has a shiver up their spine when that tail first descends from the chains. It hits you on so many levels with its appearance, its movements, its life-cycle, its mind...It's Other, but in a way that we can at least appreciate. We can't understand why or what or how it does things but we can observe it.

Nyarlothep was the best Outer God he ever did because it can interact with its victims; it has the personal element.

Different plants have different requirements. If life developed using liquid oxygen instead of water, it requires a much, much lower body temperature.

>> No.32962920 [SPOILER] 
File: 841 KB, 2000x2185, 1403563217436.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>brb drawing
I think I have exaggerated with the sexual theme
giger help me

>> No.32963074

Looks kind of voluminous to be snake like.

>> No.32963088

Giger's dead Anon, Peace be upon him

>> No.32963147

Not sexual enough; all you have is a couple of tits on it and I see that from daemonettes.

>> No.32963212

Let's agree to disagree on this, the absolute Otherness with no humanity is what makes me tick.

I do agree on the iconic nature of the Xenomorph.

>> No.32963295

I exaggerated
the initial concept was more like a snake with added legs
somehow I couldn't help but making bigger hips and longer legs...

>> No.32963480

Oh, it's an interesting concept and I mean, the sole reason I like the Thing is because it is so other. It's just, I think you need to combine both the Other and the Personal to get a real good kind of horror. The differences between each accentuates and exacerbates their ability to instil fear.

If you want to go sexual, you have to go overt. Everything about the xenomorph is sexual which is why it's so disgustingly, terribly, repulsively attractive.

>> No.32963680


I like it, the sexual theme is fine, though making the tail thicker would help a lot, the hips and legs look a bit to proportionally big right now, maybe making the chest and head bigger to and keeping the hood the same if you feel like there's too much hips and legs.

Also I like grotesque pregnancy idea, if you do anything with this that should be something you include

>> No.32963681


You know, it's funny how Hollywood will sometimes pick someone utterly disgusting and just keep declaring them to be the sexiest thing ever. I don't have anything against weaver as a person or actress but damn she's been slapped around with the ugly stick.

>> No.32964019
File: 132 KB, 500x632, sigourney1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being this wrong

>> No.32964242

>being my nigga

>> No.32964312


>> No.32964662

>Or the reverse. Asari breeding with humans = more asari not more humans. What happens if this continues long enough if males prefer to breed with asari than human females?

>> No.32965050 [SPOILER] 
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They fail, then roll up suspiciously similar characters with slightly different names and continue on like nothing happened

>> No.32966115

He's talking about when a US backed coup overthrew the first democraticly elected non-tyranial marxist and replaced him with a tyranical capitalist.

>> No.32966914

/pol/ called, it wants you two back

>> No.32966988

No, we don't. You get to keep them. We deported their asses.

>> No.32967052

We don't want them either, can't we just expedite them to /sp/ next door?

>> No.32967154
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>saying "my nigga"
>OMG BACK TO /pol/

>> No.32967157

While I won't say she's unattractive, I've never gotten the whole Sigourney Weaver is extremely attractive thing, I'd put her as slightly above average

>> No.32967251

Hard sci fi? Challenge accepted. Transmission follows.

SETI was a mistake. The most rational and realistic among our scientists told us from the start that sending a message to any species that could cross the stars would most likely result in an invasion. Well, they were right. The aliens invaded. But the real kicker? They were coming long before we started looking for them.

They didn't seem so different when we met them, and they're not so different now. Sure, they're a little smaller, no hair, nictating membranes, not particularly mammalian or even evolved identifiably from quadrupeds. Ugly as bugfuck, but that's not the problem. The problem is that they've got reasoning, analytical minds, the capacity to use tools and learn as we do, and a 1.2 billion year head-start.

Their technology isn't so different from ours, and some of our stuff can even outperform theirs in the short term... until it breaks. Their stuff doesn't break, or when it does, they can recycle every bit of it with near 100% efficiency. It's all designed to perform optimally against long-term problems we haven't even discovered yet. They've settled and industrialized whole worlds without destroying the environment. They've crossed the depths of interstellar space... and FTL travel is not a thing that actually exists, mind... and without devolving an Eloi-esque space race that can only live inside the controlled environment of their colony ships.


>> No.32967274

Oh, we'll fight them for a while. Even with their technology, we've got the whole planet, so you could say we're pretty well entrenched. We've killed a lot of them, and we'll kill a lot more before we're through. One billion, two billion... perhaps even ten billion. But that won't be enough. Thirty billion colonists are coming to our solar system from six different stars.

And if, against all probability, we actually start winning? Asteroids. It's only relatively recently that we've learned to fear the planet-killing impacts that wiped out the dinosaurs, but they can make it happen intentionally. We might stop one. Or two. Or a hundred. But we'll run out of counters long before they run out of rocks... and our one planet, the only one we'll ever have, is nothing to the race that will spread throughout the galaxy.

Transmission ends.

>> No.32967560

I think it comes mostly from her personality, she seems like good fun and she's got the whole "strong woman" thing but not in an ultrafeminist or bulldyke kind of way

>> No.32968726
File: 146 KB, 800x1182, BugMonster2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, making them ugly fuckers helps. But it really depends on the level of actual threat. PCs with power armor and plasma guns require a different level of threat than unarmed technicians.

Alternate plans: let the aliens mess with the PC's heads directly. If hard science fiction, make use of basilisk hacks, cyberware and AR illusions, and magnetic brainscrews. If soft, just outright allow telepathy and such.

Alternate Alternate Plan: Have a human body with an alien mind. Think, for example, Eclipse Phase style body downloads - what if an alien signal hijacked the stream? What if one of your comrades woke up as someone other than themselves? Who could it be? Who could you trust?

...could it be you?

>> No.32968816


Obvious example of aliens messing with heads:

"As the writhing, teeming mass of Mind Worms swarmed over the outer perimeter, we saw the defenders recoil in horror. 'Stay calm! Use your flame guns!' shouted the commander, but to no avail. It is well known that the Mind Worm Boil uses psychic terror to paralyze its prey, and then carefully implants ravenous larvae in the brains of its still-conscious victims. Even with the best weapons, only the most disciplined troops can resist this horrific attack."

"Having now established a secure perimeter, we have made ourselves relatively safe from enemy incursions. But against the seemingly random attacks by Planet's native life only our array of warning sensors can help us, for the Mind Worms infiltrate through every crevice and chew through anything softer than plasmasteel."

- Lady Deirdre Skye

>> No.32968917

>Have a human body with an alien mind. Think, for example, Eclipse Phase style body downloads - what if an alien signal hijacked the stream? What if one of your comrades woke up as someone other than themselves? Who could it be? Who could you trust?
Reminds me of an episode of the (newer) Outer Limits, about a pair of humans who were nabbed by the aliens humanity was fighting.

>> No.32970808

Don't let the scifi stop you, think of the monster as a concept first, then adapt it to being in space.
I like the space shark idea, it eating metal and living in space. Maybe he sees his surroundings through a radar too, detecting the electricity in the ship or what have you, so you have to turn everything off once you see them.

>> No.32970864

Have it leave its victims looking like the Tollund Man or something.

>> No.32970895

an asteroid that small doesn't have the gravity for roads...

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