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Hey /tg/ I'm sick. Could you post things to distract me from how crappy I feel?

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get well soon dude.

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Aww... Here, have a "results of mixing potions" random chart to think about as you take your medicines.

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I fell in a lake today.
Feel free to laugh at my misfortune.

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Here, have some /a/ being ruined.

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This /v/ always makes me chuckle.

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What is he watching to make him so uncomfortable?

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He's waiting for the guy with the camera to take a picture already.

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Prepare yourselves! For the story of Johnny: King of the Wolves!


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The Saga continues!


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The epic conclusion!


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One of my favorites.

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These aren't funny unless your class is Edgemaster.

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Anon - Level 86 Human Edgemaster

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Random fun fact: If you've ever been given some form of intravenous drug, odds are good these guys helped you. Horseshoe crabs have no immune system as mammals register it; their blood just sort of glomps onto whatever enters a wound and that's how they form a scab. Any bacteria or viruses that get into their bloodstream just get swallowed up and either broken down or transformed into scab.

This makes it brilliant for testing if a solution preparation of some drug or another is clean of any foreign bodies. Just squirt a little horseshoe crab blood in a sample of the solution and bam. If it forms globs, it's tainted. You failed. If not, try again.

Horseshoe crabs are amazing little mofos.

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This one always makes me laugh, OP.

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I only have this to offer.

Get well soon anon.

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Get better anon

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Does anyone have that one with the band of idiots who try to burn down the building beside the one they were murdering someone in as a distraction?

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I think my group did that once or twice....

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No, but I have a tale of a similar band of idiots.

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>not linking the actual video

You people are the worst.

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I get these from 4chan, not from actual videos.

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How viable would a heli-board be IRL?

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Depends. Do you like falling?

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Or getting various body parts put through a blender while falling?

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Well, you'd probably have snowboard type straps.

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this one is worth a chuckle, for me at the very least

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Footstraps? Possibly with support things for your calves?

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Only slightly.

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Ride of the Valkyries as playing in my head the whole .webm.

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Now we only have to modernize it and come up with a suitable acronym.

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That....if I was the pilot in that second plane, I think I'd have just shat myself.

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IW are sneaky motherfuckers.

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I wish BF3 were still really popular. BF:BC2 moreso.

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2142 was the best

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best quest

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here some /v/ doing business as usual

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>last three posts exactly thirty seconds apart each

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second best quest

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Isn't the time limit a minute, though?

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Lemme check

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Apparently, yes

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Rolled 6, 4 = 10


Your thread suffers damage! How do you retaliate?

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I think it is now, but it used to be 30 seconds.

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Can I make a saving throw?

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Yes. DC 16, Reflex based.

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That's what I thought, thanks for checkin'

Yeah, but acording to the picture it was eleven days ago so the minute-long part would have been in effect unless it's very recent

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Totally unbelievable.

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Nah. 100 is totally unbelievable.

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Propulse Everywhere Now In Style.

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I wasn't home last weekend. Did he score? He said he'll post.

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Why would you use the shitty half-version, anon?

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Out of curiosity, does anyone out there actually find this one funny? I may retire it

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I genuinely believe people like this anon live better lives than most of us.

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holy shit

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Just try to be that person when the time comes.

There are more chances than you might think.

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I could dump adorables if that would help.

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Oh man, that thread was amazing.

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What if I was a Neutral Good Edgemaster?
I mean, stuff's gonna die. Might as well make it count for something.

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>not BC1
What is wrong with this world.

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That snake is such a tsundere.

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Are you telling me you don't want to be Lord of Crows?

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I'm not sure whether to be pissed or in awe.

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You'd be too if your mouth was stitched together

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Last week I sent a dick pic to my girlfriend in Massachusetts. I didn't put a lot of thought into this, and ended up sending it to her while she was eating lunch with her mom and her mom's friends.

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You rascal.

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And now they all want your D right?

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>All of them are jewish
> glorious 7 inches cut
>I got the daughter into nazi roleplay
>she's adopted

unanimously yes

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Does anyone have those screencaps of an adventurer(steve irwin, i believe) inadvertenly complimenting a host of fantasy races?

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