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Post your ideas and I will draw them!

I'm going for action poses today, so if you got a good one, post it and I will do a color sketch of it!


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Can I have a rogue with a crossbow of moderate size and light leather armour and a hood aiming down at something from a vantage point, trying to stay hidden while taking the shot?

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I got some character art I need if you could be so charitable. Essentially, I need you to draw me an 18 year old man with a pair of bladed knuckles on, sitting in the passenger seat of a taxi cab being drove by a hare with a tuxedo and a cabby hat. Have there be a pack of cigarettes sitting in the cabs cupholder. For reference the 18 year old has long black hair, growing a beard, would probably be wearing a green t-shirt and jeans and would be pretty fit and would have brown eyes. The action shot could be the hare tossing the man a gun to shoot out the window or something similar, though the man would not hold the fun properly. Probly sideways to be honest.

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Can you draw a synth summoner with a quadruped pouncing?
Thanks if you do!

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Here's a character: A hillbilly elf wizard by the name of Jed. Wiry brown hair, starting to show some grey as he's getting older. May or may not be wall-eyed. Usually wears a loincloth with various pouches, spell components, and a collection of holy symbols "donated" by the dead. Familiar is a foot-high raptor with insect wings grafted onto it.

As for the action pose, how about throwing a glob of butter?

An idea of Jed's shenanigans: snot bubbles of acid, summoned horses over enemies in pits, globs of butter as a component of the Grease spell, and lots of non-damaging spells with big areas that catch allies.

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A bald, bearded, old human cleric turning undead inside a dungeon.
Like, a dickload of skeletons, the rest of the party hiding behind the cleric, and this guy with his EPIC cross raised burning their bones to the ground. Pls

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Draw this thing.

It's an Illithid beholder thing that has a singular tentacle that can be used to grapple, lasso and whip opponents, via psionic manipulation and is draped over it's shoulder, with two eye stalks from its head, and has mouth hands that suck and fire psionic energy and can be used as an alternate means to feed for the creature.

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A male Dark Eldar Kabalite swinging around on a grapnel inside a ruined area. The Kabalite has a pristine shoulder cape and a perfectly-reflective helmet. He is fighting a Wraithknight with a Blast Pistol in one hand, the grapnel in the other. The Wraithknight is attempting to, and failing to, attack the Kabalite.

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This is a creepy bio-TV mushroom thing.

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I need some art for the main soldier my group will be fighting against in a Fallout game I'll be running in a few weeks if you could help me out. The faction that these soldier's belong to are essentially gun manufacturers using pre-war weapon schematics to make high quality weapons and armor to equip there soldiers and sell to the highest bidder. I'd like it if the soldiers looked almost faceless but also had light armor so they don't overheat in the obnoxiously hot/humid location (apocalyptic Louisiana) and could move around easily.

Sorry for the shitty description I'm typing from a phone. Thank ye kindly

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Female Gnoll with an elf slave.

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Minotaur with a Minigun!

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Can you draw a shirtless Goliath with the body of Broly from DBZ? The arms and deltoids need to be pretty huge in comparison to the rest of his body. Thanks.

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This creepy thing is the amalgamation of an adventuring party as a singular killer undead.

The Shadow is the parties rogue, whom acts as support and distraction and switches between a physical and non physical state with the body.

I emits a poisonous gaseous field within it's shadows
There is a strange Mask which switches from side to side on this creature held by a hook thing nailed and stitched into the face.

The body wields gauntlets, but can wield other types of weaponry based on who the body originally belonged to.

The floating Diamond is a phylactery but it acts like a bank which stores the various bodies of the undead deceased party which make it up, and outputs them when the body is destroyed, and cannot be seen without true seeing.

So if you kill a masked warrior body, then it will switch out to the ranger whilst the other one is healed via negative energy within the phylactery bank.

The shadow will disappear when it's body is called out.

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A lightly armored Inquisition agent throwing himself backward trying to get out of the way of something. One hand, probably flung outward, holds a plasma pistol while the other is going towards his coat to attempt to secure something stored there. The man is older, with a shaved bald head and a trimmed white beard, and part of his coat should be missing with the area around it bloody from where he unsuccessfully dodged whatever was trying to take a bite out of him. Thanks!

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Here you go!

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A young blonde man, obviously from a filthy rich family wearing a half-buttoned, untucked dress shirt and slacks, backpedaling up a flight of stairs while aiming through a sniper rifle's scope at some aggressor. I need this character art for a World of Darkness session soon.

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Too many details.

Whats a synth summoner?

Glob of butter!? What the hell

Will be next!

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Allow me to give you something less detailed! Sorry, I don't /r/ art very often. 18 yr old male with a beard, bladed knuckles, jeans and a t-shirt roaring, both arms out to his side.

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with longer black hair and his head tilted back, etc.

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Can I get an image of my cyberpunk character?
If you're doing action and colour I'll give a reference or something.
He's a pretty beefy guy, pale skin, blonde hair with a russian custom cyberarm and an optishield (eye-covering cyberscreen), as well as a pretty nasty revolver.

As for pose, running from shooting and blasting back at offscreen assailants with his revolver. Heavy looking armoured coat on as well would be nice.

Please and thankyou verymuch.

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Could you do a picture of a bard using his bardic music in battle? However you wanna portray it, electric guitar, harp with amps, whatever you like.

I just always wanted to see a bard singing/rocking out while everyone is fighting.

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Could you perhaps draw a kobold with a basket full of berries running from a hungry owlbear?

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Sorry for disappearing, came down with a massive headache and had to stop. Hopefully i'll be able to do this again sometime this week and do a few I like from here as well.

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Can someone draw a Goblin Girl Harpy? Preferably with a panty fantasy

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Could someone do my Pathfinder Mystic Theurge? She's a Tiefling with reddish skin, a tail, and some horns wearing a less revealing pic related.

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R-ing a giant purple crab wielding a halberd, with catapult tied to its back.

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57 KB

A "female"Slanesh daemon with a lot of faces that sort of float around her head unattached and spin in a circle a standing directly behind a commissar with two mechanical legs a bolt pistol and burn scarring on the right side of his face she would have her claws digging into him, not necessarily threateningly but more of Im protecting this this is Mine kind of deal. He is completely unaware of this and would probobly be looking at a map or something. One of the faces may be looking at the map as well.

If you would be so kind oh benevolent draw friend

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Requesting a dragonborn paladin please.

brownish scales, wears either steel plate armor in combat, or a simple whitish shirt and leather pants out of combat.

I'd like to see him either in full armor with his weapons, or hitting on somebody in a bar. His religion is kinda free love/sleep with any consenting thing that moves, so he's a bit of a perv, but a very honorable well meaning one.

Anybody interested? I could give more details if someone is.

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For this one she could be pulling him out of the way from some kind of tzentch doomblast or something

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Male or female Felinid from 40k.

Could use some males.

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Could I please get a female psyker who looks a lot like the inquisitor from dowii retribution outfit and all hat included but more hispanic and no inquisition symbols on her slicing a daemonete with a blessed bolt pistol sword combo? Look of hate and discust on her face optional

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Forgot source pic

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I'd like to request a couple wizards meeting up with a giant green dragon. I'd like it if the wizards all had these tall thrones that puts them near equal height to the dragon.

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A Commisar quickly slipping on his coat and staring down an unexpected swarm of Tyranids.

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Hope you feel better, Superkroot.

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Aww hope you get better

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Sorry to hear that man, hope you get well soon.

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Feel like the floating heads would be hard to fit in though

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yea It probably would you could omit them though or just do expressions floating around maybe. and thanks for the reply

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Bumping these

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Request form the other thread id like to see

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I'm looking for a magical girl character loosely based off of Terry Bogard, from SNK.

Has the red-and-white color scheme, the sleeveless jacket (Or sleeved, whichever's easier) and hat. The jeans would be replaced with either a skirt or dress, in the floofy magical girl style, and there'd be various jewelry - Only the center broach would be required but anything's neato.

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Requesting a Spelljammer flying into the sun

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I think the drawfag said they were done

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A character I need for a Game of Thrones game i'll be running soon
>Stannis Baratheon
>Golden Company armor
>Rough looking, like he's been through hell and back
>His helmet has two broken antlers
>A symbol with a Dragon coiling on a tower with a star in its mouth

Thanks ahead of time

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Bumping these and hoping op feels better.

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Hey drawfags? What programme do you guys use to draw?

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a gammorean missing 2 fingers on his left hand wearing a high tech helmet (or not), armored vest, loincloth, maybe boots and high tech bracers, weilding a traditional war axe of their race, possibly with a large beer in the other hand, destroying droids, with a hangar bay in the background (or not) with more droids/mandalorians/ships/cargo containers and a space battle outside behind that (or not)

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