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BS10 WS10 S10 T10 W10 Ld10 I10

Psyker Mastery Level 10
- Cannot perils.
- Cannot be denied.

If wounds reach 1, all friendly faction [Imperial] or legion [Loyalist] gain Adamantium Will, Counter-Attack, Crusader, Fearless, Feel no Pain, Fleet, Furious Charge, Hammer of Wrath, Hatred: Everything, Preferred Enemy: Everything, Rage, Rampage, Strikedown, Stubborn, and Zealot.

If wounds reach 0, you lose the game.

If removed as a casualty against faction [Xenos] opponent, opponent gains control of [wallet] and [self-esteem].

If removed as a casualty against faction [Chaos] opponent, you are removed from life as a casualty.

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sounds fair.

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>Not 11 on all stats


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>Dice rolls always fail on 1
>Unless it's the Emperor.

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>If removed as a casualty against faction [Xenos] opponent, opponent gains control of [wallet] and [self-esteem].
That's too bad, because you know who doesn't give a shit about T10? DEldar.

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>implying slow DE can withstand I10 and ML1
>implying DE aren't totally into robbing and humiliation

Dude, don't Archons basically base their entire wealth around stealing things? And DE love humiliating others.

I typed Slaanesh by accident instead of DE before I corrected myself.

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Dat invisibility tho

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No Armor save, invulnerable save, or immunity to instant death. 1 strength D shot and he's dead.

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Str D can't do 10 wounds in one hit.

>implying titans shouldn't be able to kill the Emperor

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Rolling a 6 on Str D doesn't allow a save anyway.

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Sorry. 1 swing of Drachnyen and he's dead. Or anything that does instant death.

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There's no wargear listed. What if his armor grants EW.

ID makes anything a 2HKO in 7E anyway.

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Only on a 6.

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I think it's perfectly fitting that Horus's sword be able to kill him. Since, you know, it did.

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The FW primarchs have been pretty tame. If they make the Emperor toned down as well like they do for space marines and primarchs that will be lame.

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Drachynen isnt horus's sword though. I think you mean the talon

Of horus

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What were they called when Horus wore them?

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The Warmasters Talon

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Ol' Lupercal ain't exactly a poet, is he?

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God Emperor of Mankind

BS10 WS10 S10 T10 W10 Ld10 I10

2+ Rerolling, 2++ Rerolling

Acute Senses, Adamantium Will, And They Shall Know No Fear, Assault Vehicle, Armorbane, Blast & Large Blast, Blind, Brotherhood of Psykers, Bulky, Very Bulky, Extremely Bulky, Concussive, Counter-Attack, Crusader, Daemon, Eternal Warrior, Fear, Fearless, Feel No Pain (2+), Fleet, Fleshbane, Force weapon, Furious Charge, Gets Hot, Graviton, Hammer of Wrath, Hatred, Haywire, Hit & Run, Independant Character, Infiltrate, Ignores cover, Instant Death, Interceptor, It will not die, Jink, Lance, Master-Crafted, Melta, Mighty Bulwark, Missile-Lock, Monster Hunter, Move Through Cover, Night Vision, One Shot Only, Outflank, Pinning, Poisoned, Power of the Machine Spirit, Precision Shots, Precision Strikes, Preferred Enemy, Psychic Pilot, Psyker, Rage, Rampage, Relentless, Rending, Repel the Enemy, Sentry Defense System, Shred, Shrouded, Scout, Skilled Rider, Skyfire, Slow and Purposeful, Smash, Sniper, Soul Blaze, Split Fire, Specialist Weapon, Stealth, Strafing Run, Strikedown, Stubborn, Supersonic, Swarms, Tank Hunters, Template, Torrent, Twin-Linked, Two-Handed, Unwieldy, Vector Dancer, Vector Strike, Vortex, Zealot

40,000 Points.

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I heartily approve

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how many shards would it take to kill him?

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>Gets hot

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Oh, you have no idea how hot he can get.

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>SistersofSilence intensifies

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How did you notice Get's Hot and not Assault Vehicle?

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>Implying there's anything out of the ordinary with the Big E being loaded up with bolter bitches who can assault from his position after he moves.

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roll a dice after deployment. on a roll of 4+ the player with emperor wins and on roll of 3 and below the opponent loses.

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>Very Bulky

Big package coming through

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>Large Blast
>Strafing Run


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I imagine Emps to have some anti-psyker power.
All psykers or units with Brotherhood of Psykers/Sorcerers within 24 inches must each make a psychic test of warp charge 2, using only the warp charge that model or unit would generate. If the model fails or gets Perils of the warp, that unit is removed as a casualty with no saves of any kind allowed. The Emperor gets 10 dispel dice, allocated as he wishes between all psykers in range. The emperor denies on a 4+.

You know, fuck those guys who think they can use the warp around him.

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>dozens of little E's following the synapse of the Big E
>We call these 'primarchs'

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I knew it!

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Well, a swarm of shaman minds.

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>Not EW
>Not Fearless
>No save

I love how the master of humanity can be killed by anything bearing a force weapon

Also, before making shit rules keep in mind that he has been defeated by Horus, so you must take his profil in consideration, which is not that great.

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>One Shot Only,

Emperor confirmed for One-Pump Chump

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>I love how the master of humanity can be killed by anything bearing a force weapon

You know any force weapons that can hit WS10 T10?

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We don't have Chaos Horus's stats yet. Also everyone knows the Emperor was holding back. That's why he was about to just one shot Horus after being "beaten" by him and being near death.

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Empra wasn't beaten by Horus, empra was pussyfooting Horus because he was convinced that Horus wouldn't actually kill him, and redeem when faced with the choice.

That's why the empra shat fuck all over Horus in a single blow after Horus mercilessly killed a defenseless Guardsman.

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Is that every USR?

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I was there when Horus killed the Empra.

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No you weren't.

Death Company pls go

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You're no terminator, son.

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for you

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500 pts.
2+ armor save

Talon of the imperium: master crafted, rending, armorbane, fleshbanee.
S10 Ap1

Sword of the imperium
Instant death, fleshbane, armorbane, rending, blind.
Invulnerable saves are rolled at a -3 penalty. If this goes below 6. The invulnerable save is negated.
God-emperor gains an additional attack for every unit killed (up to 10).
This sword counts as a flamer with the following profile.
S6 Ap5 assault 3 fleshbane.

Divine Aura
Grants a 2+ invulnerable save. When a 1 is rolled, reduce this to a 3+. Grants "It Will Not Die!" On a 4+. Feel no pain on a 4+. Any invulnerable saves made by the emperor cannot be negated.

Armor of the imperium
Grants a 2+ armor save. This Psychicly charged armor grants a 2+ on deny the witch. You may deny enemy psychic powers on a 5+.

Special rules

Emperor of Mankind: The emperor of mankind counts has having the following rules:
Fleet, Fearless, Fear, IWND, Eternal warrior, feel no pain, and they shall know no fear. Preferred enemy (everything), aura of discipline.

Machine, heal thyself: the emperor counts as having the "blessing of the Omnissiah" rule. He passes repair checks on a 2+. This restores the hull points of a vehicle to 100% and removes any negative effects.

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Supreme war maker: the emperor of mankind may join any imperial aligned army and has the following rules. The emperor can be and must be the warlord and may select (not roll) 3 warlord traits, including any trait from a codex featuring an imperial aligned army. The emperor takes up all HQ slots on the FOC of the primary detachment.
- ultimate commander(Astra militarum): the emperor has the "senior officer" special rule and may issue 4 orders per turn.
- icon of faith manifest(sisters of battle): Adepta Sororita units may use acts of faith twice per unit per game. Invulnerable saves conferred by acts of faith are passed on a 4++. Enemy psykers must roll an additional 4+ to pass a psychic check. All Adepta Sororita units deny the with on a 4+.
- Space Marine progenitor: the emperor off mankind gains the chapter tactics of the chapter detachment he has joined. He may select the chapter tactics of two other chapters and apply it to the space marine detachment.
- Mentor to Malcador(Inquisition): all inquisitorial psykers do not ever suffer perils of the warp. All inquisitorial units count as troops, including HQ units.

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Preternatural senses: the god emperor can tell the future. All reserve rolls get a +3. Enemy reserve rolls -1. Any blast template that gets a direct hit on the emperor scatters with all scattering rules applying. Deep strikes and teleports do not scatter ever.

Godly physiology: on a 2+ negate the effects of poison, dangerous terrain, falling, instant death, and D strength weapons are counted as S10 AP1 against the god emperor.

Psyker: master level 10.
Ignore perils of the warp
Not subject to denied the witch. Enemy units may not deny against his powers.
The emperor may select 10 psychic powers from any table except Daemonology (Maelific). The emperor recieves all primaris powers except from daemonology (Maelific).
The emperor grants a +1 to deny the witch to all units within 15 inches.

Emperors companions: the emperor may be acompanied by up to 4 Adepta Custodes. Each model must declare and automatically passes any glorious interventions. Any 'look out sir!' rolls are automatically passed. The emperor and his custodes may join a unit as independant characters ignoring maximum squad size limits.
(50 points per model)
2+ armor save
3+ invuln
Power spear. S8 ap2; master crafted. Integrated bolter; S6 ap4; master crafted)

If the emperor is defeated, you lose the game.


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Also. Cannot be deployed to the field and no rules apply if imperial aligned army is aligned with:
Codex: chaos: space marines/black legion/crimson slaughter
Codex: Daemons of Chaos.
Codex: Tyranids
Codex: Necrons
Codex: Orks

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