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Where we're going, we don't need bones to rattle.
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Stop /u/. AT ALL COSTS.

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no bully tho

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Time to remove the heart.

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New thread requires new coldfibers
Also no bully!

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After some more planning, you decide to depart in the afternoon, in order to get a headstart on Ragyou. If you can reach the transmitter first, the rest will be easier.

The base is swarming with people. Everybody's transporting supplies, performing technical checks on the ship, and generally running around.

There's still a while until you depart, and you don't have anything to do, yourself. Satsuki has opted to stay in the command room for the time being, to lay out the whole plan to Inumuta in detail, so that he can fine-tune its points. Satsuki is the strategist, but Inumuta is the tactician.

[ ] See what the others are up to
[ ] Go to the lab

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>[x] Go to the lab

What are you up to dad?

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>[x] See what the others are up to


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>[ ] See what the others are up to
Hype the team up.

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>[X] See what the others are up to
Can I hang with you guys? My sister is busy with nerdstuff.

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>See what the others are up to

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>[x] Go to the lab

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>[ ] See what the others are up to

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that look on Nonon's face

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This might very well be our last chance to score in the Takabowl given how we're going into battle and shit. People (and PoF’s) die in battles. Think of all that delicious lunch money going to waste.

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She has her eyes on the prize.

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for capitalism!

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Always on the prize.

Maybe nudge her/him in the right direction?

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Perhaps you could pass the time by checking what everyone else is doing. Training area seems like a good place to start.

Sure enough, you find three of your friends there: Nonon, Sanageyama, and Ayako. Nonon and Ayako are training, while Sanageyama is either spectating, or snoozing. It's really hard to tell with those "eyes" of his.

You call out to their attention. "Hey. How are you three holding up?"

Ayako bows to you, while Sanageyama doesn't react. Is he really asleep?

"You're not creepy psychic twins anymore?", Nonon asks.


"Well, lately, you and Satsuki have been walking around together all the time. It always seems like you both know what the other is going to say next, too."

You chuckle. "Does it really seem that way? Satsuki's talking to Inumuta right now, so I guess that act is on hold for the moment."

[ ] Stick around
[ ] Offer to train with them
[ ] Go look for the others

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>[ ] Offer to train with them

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>[x] Go look for the others

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>[ ] Stick around
And give the monkey a poke.

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>[x] Stick around
*pops popcorn*

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>[X] Go look for the others

Stealing lunch money from Takarada might be a bad idea given how he’s funding us. We should rather rob somebody weak and unimportant, like Maiko. South Park taught me that Jews carries their lunch money in a bag around their necks so robbing her should be easy-peasy.

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>[ ] Stick around

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You can't rob the dead.

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How does somebody being dead affect the quality of their lunch money?

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you'd have to fight their skeleton to get it

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10 minutes.

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But living people got skeletons inside them right? So if you rob somebody with living privilege you have to fight them AND their skeleton?

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no, their life force is keeping their skeleton in check
that's the reason your muscles and skin grow in the shape of an enlarged skeleton

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You'd have to be crazy to fight somebody and their skeleton, right?

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I feel enthusiasm is in the decline. Perhaps I need to do something about that.

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Here he go!

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I just realised.

Now that the What-If sisters are in the canon timeline, this changed the canon timeline.

So there's not two, but THREE timelines : What If, Canon and Crossover. Dear god.

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Don't forget about the other quests!

Anaru quest timeline, No star quest timeline, etc. etc.


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I have the image of the sisters being in a Doctor Who spin off or some shit...
Fuck, one of them is "playing" the Doctor and the other is the Doctors companion.

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Makes sense.
I suppose we could have made Nonon resurrect her with necromancy so that we could take her lunch shekels safe from skeletal threats. Too bad no remains were ever found.

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Why would remains be found?
The entire story is a fabrication.

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"Mako, get somewhere safe.", she says through gritted teeth. Mako is gone in a second.

What does she intend to do? What happened? "Wh-"

"DON'T TOY WITH ME, BITCH!" The other you jumps in your direction with a wild look in her eyes.

She launches a vicious flurry of attacks at you. It takes some actual effort to block them. She's serious this time.

"Whoa, wait. What got you so-"

"Don't bullshit me! You know what's going on! You wouldn't be carrying that Scissor Blade otherwise!"

She's furious, you can easily tell that much. You won't talk your way out of this easily. Still, what does she mean?

[ ] Ask her about the Scissor Blade
[ ] Try to calm her down
[ ] Subdue her, then talk to her

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>[x] Subdue her, then talk to her
Are we really this irritable?

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>[ ] Ask her about the Scissor Blade

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>[x] Subdue her, then talk to her

dis gon end badly

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That would require some kind of masterrusemanship.
Sounds like Makocaust denial to me.
>[X] Try to calm her down

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>[ ] Subdue her, then talk to her
I grapple myself?

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>[x] Subdue her, then talk to her

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>I grapple myself?
If we rape her then does that counts as masturbation?

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Something something bones.

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>"You tell me."

Boners are gonna happen, lets see if we can manage them.

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>Double Ragyo, all the way across the sky


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What a beautiful and terrifying rainbow they would make.

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"I don't know what you're so mad about, but you need to simmer down!"

You halt her barrage of attacks with a well-timed parry, and move into the offensive. Initially, she blocks your strikes. However, she lacks proper training. Her self-taught technique can only get her so far.

As you increase the speed and intensity of your strikes, she starts having severe problems with keeping up. Eventually, you find an opening, and kick her in the stomach, sending her tumbling across the ground.

You approach her, and extend a hand to help her up.

"Come on, let's talk this over. I really have no idea why-"


Pain. It hurts like all hell. She sliced your hand off!

She raises to her feet with a victorious smile. "What's the matter, not so untouchable anymore, are you?!"

Without thinking, you punch her in the face with the other hand, knocking her back even further away.

"Ryuuko, are you alright?", Senketsu asks, panicked.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. What do you do? Blood is streaming profusely from the wound. It doesn't look like it's going to regenerate.

[ ] Pick it up, try to reattach it
[ ] Wait for it to heal

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>[ ] Pick it up, try to reattach it

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>[x] Pick it up, try to reattach it
so, uh, cocky isn't our style

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>[x] Pick it up, try to reattach it


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>[X] Wait for it to heal
No time for healing, only time for RIP AND TEAR! RIP AND TEAR HER GUTS!

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>[ ] Pick it up, try to reattach it
Not just try, do it!

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>[x] Pick it up, try to reattach it
Also, better check on Alt Ryuuko, just to make sure she didn't kill her.

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Surely, it will heal if you reattach it, right? You pick the hand up, and bring it close to the bleeding stump. Red threads shoot out from both body parts, and stitch the wound close.

"Huh, it actually worked.", you say, while testing the fingers on your reattached hand. It's creepy, but neat.

Wait, you're forgetting something. The other you. Did she see this? You punched her pretty hard, too. You look up from your hand, and ahead of you. She's lying on the ground. You should check on her, more carefully this time.

As you approach her, you hear Satsuki's panicked voice in your head. "What happened, Ryuuko?! I felt that!"

Bad timing. Or maybe good?

[ ] Tell her what's going on
[ ] It's all fine

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>[ ] It's all fine
she'll probably sneak attack us if we take to long explaining the dealio

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>[x] It's all fine
Let's not get seen in-league with Satsuki

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>[X] It's all fine, now lets check her pockets for lunch money.

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>[ ] Tell her what's going on

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>[ ] Tell her what's going on
"We kinda fucked up also, sorry, Mako!"

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>[x] Tell her what's going on

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Yeah, sure, all's good.

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>"It's fine, we're all fine here. How are you?"

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>Its all good
Continue to beat your doppleganger like a rented mule until she talks or gets stronger.

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"Everything's fine. No need to worry."

"I'm pretty sure you had your hand cut off just now. That's not fine, Ryuuko."

"Well, uh, yeah. It regenerated, though, so it's fine."

"Ryuuko, are you trying to hide something from me?"

You notice the other you is starting to move.

"No time to talk now, sorry. If something bad happens, I'll tell you, promise. Trust me on this, nee-san."

"...Very well."

The other Ryuuko gets up, and looks at you.

"What the hell?! I'm pretty sure I sliced your hand off clean just now!"

"Uhh, nope. It was a... sleight-of-hand trick, you see. Anyway, can we just-"

No, you can't. She's running towards you again, as mad as before.

"I'll just have to gut you to make sure, then!"

No, enough of this. You knock the scissor out of her hand, and immobilize her with an iron grip, similar to what Satsuki did to her local counterpart.
She fruitlessly attempts to struggle. "How the fuck are you so strong?! Let me go!"

You look her straight in the eyes. "Listen. I'm not even from this world. Whatever you think I did, I couldn't have done. Also, the way you are now, you can't hope to win. Will you listen, or will I have to beat you into submission?"

This only serves to get her riled up even further. The red streaks on her Senketsu turn more and more crimson, like blood. Wait, this is blood. Steaming hot blood. What the hell?!

"I... won't... listen... to my father's killer!" What?

The blood starts freely streaming from the Kamui, and thick steam envelops both of you.

"This is bad, Ryuuko, get away from her!", Senketsu says.

That sounds like a good idea. You quickly let go of her, and jump back. You notice that the Scissor blade, lying on the ground, is drawn to the other you, for reasons unknown.

"What the hell is going on?"

The steam fades, revealing a terrifying sight.

"Satsuki... something bad happened."

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King Crimson's revenge

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>"Satsuki... something bad happened."
Seems Maiko and Nui teamed up for their ultimate revenge.

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Whelp, time to slap a bitch.

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Find out how srcewed she is and then try and salvage the situation by cutting her Senketsu off her.

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I got up early for my standards today, so I'll have to cut this thread short for now. I'll try to make up for it in both stories by starting early tomorrow.

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till then

>> No.32904825

Good night.

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>At work
>Menial job, can safely daydream/think about quests and shit
>Huh, wait a sec, alternate Ryuko is gonna be dumb and think we killed her dad, isn't she?
>Get back home, catch up

Awesome as always, OP/King Crimson.

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a-bit-before-midnight bump before I go back to work

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Gentle bump.

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Now with hard bumps.

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Maybe it's the lack of thick eyebrows, but that looks more like Mikasa than Satsuki.

trust me, I have a bachelor's degree in satsuki :^)

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Sexy doshbump.
No worries, see you tomorrow/today.

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It's the hair that made me think its Satsuki, but, nothing wrong with a little -4str for her.

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You explain the situation as briefly as possible.

"And now she turned into some kind of monster!", you finish.

"I know what this is. You must be very careful, Ryuuko. She's no longer thinking logically. She's... no longer thinking at all. She's gone berserk."

The other you, or rather what she currently is, notices you. In a flash, she's in front of you. She raises her blade, now merged with her arm somehow, and rapidly swings at you.

You block the strike. Well, try to block it. The force behind the attack is overwhelming, and it sends you flying back. You won't be able to fight her untransformed.

"You don't say.", you tell Satsuki. "What do I do now?"

"In this state, she can't tell friend from foe. You have to keep her busy, I'll notify the others."

You look at the disfigured other you. She seems to be looking at you too, all the while spraying blood everywhere. This can't be good for her.

[ ] Synchronize
[ ] Try to get through to her
[ ] Secret technique

Again, will be posting irregularly.

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>[ ] Secret technique


>> No.32917782

>[ ] Secret technique
passed down from the kiryuin clan for generations?

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>[x] Secret technique

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"Well, time to bow out, Senketsu.", you say, and start running towards the school's entrance.

"What?! You can't just leave her like this there, Ryuuko!"

On your way to the courtyard, you throw the confused Mako over your shoulder.

"Mind telling me what got her so furious?", you ask.

"That scissor you have was used by her father's killer! But, I believe you didn't do it!", Mako answers.

"Well, that's nice to hear."

"I mean, yakuza don't kill people with scissors! That's not classy at all!"

"...Oh." It's Mako, all right.

You take a look behind you. As you intended, the other Ryuuko is following you. The only large open area on the island is the school's courtyard. It's your best bet for keeping everyone out of harm's way.

You arrive at the middle of the courtyard, and set Mako down.

"You need to get clear, Mako.", you say.

"But, Ryuuko-chan needs help, doesn't she?"

"She does, yes. But, right now, she will hurt anybody who gets near. I'll try to think of something. So please, keep your distance."

She nods, and runs off towards the main building. You turn to face the monstrosity the other you has become. She's sliding towards you on her own blood. Is it really okay for her to be using so much of it?

[ ] Synchronize, wear her down
[ ] Keep dodging and running around

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>[x] Synchronize, wear her down

>> No.32918782

>[ ] Synchronize, wear her down

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>> No.32919099

You take your sunglasses off, and examine your shirt's cufflinks. The one on the right hand is silver, while the left one is red. Seems like a simple choice. You press the red one with your fingers, snapping it close, and causing a needle to pierce your skin.

"Life Fiber Synchronize: Kamui Senketsu!"

The transformed look isn't any different than before. Guess that's beyond Iori's capacity. Somehow, your ponytail didn't undo itself. Well, at least hair won't get in your face.

You run to meet the berserking other you. For a moment, she seems somewhat surprised by your transformation. It's the same situation as earlier, now. She's unable to keep up with your attacks' speed and strength, and is pushed into the defensive.

That's what you thought, at least. "Defense" is an alien concept to a rampaging monster. Slowly but surely, her monstrous roars increase in volume and intensity, and with them, her strength and speed.

"Ryuuko, something tells me we don't have much time. We have to make her snap out of this, quick.", Senketsu says.

"Easier said than done!", you respond while dodging and blocking the other Ryuuko's attacks. She's stronger than you now, and it's only going to get worse. "I have no clue how to stop her!"

Suddenly, your opponent receives a powerful kick to the face, and crashes into one of the academy's walls.

Satsuki is standing next to you, with Junketsu activated. "She needs to regain control. Otherwise, she will die of blood loss shortly, and then... it will get even worse."

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That's enough of this for now. Will be starting early.

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Or not. Later tonight.

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Tonight, you.

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Tonight, anything but /u/

>Possi sistech
I said no Captcha, no!

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Obey the Life Fiber Sewing Machine, you bitch.

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I want to ask some questions, ones that I used to ask early on in the quest, and should've continued asking them.

Questions about the quest, my writing, and so on.
What do you like? What do you not like? How could I improve?

>> No.32922084


I think you've been doing a great job! I think the only think you could improve would maybe just be the pacing? Things have just seemed a little slow lately. Maybe just try not to have long periods of time where we don't have a choice to make.

>> No.32922113

I don't like Crimson being a part of these quests. Should be its own quest, saved for after this one. It just seems like it takes the air and brevity out of the What-If quest, and is avoiding problems in the main quest. All it serves to do is distract, and give a watered-down version of both quests.

That being said, few quests have captured my attention for 80 straight threads, especially one followed by the other, followed by the other... and so on. It's an impressive quest, and I daresay has eclipsed its inspiration in some ways. Mostly by giving frequent choices (although there could be more chances for them, and could have a heftier weight to them).

The amount of OC generated by this quest, and the other KLK quests, is astonishing. It's a shame a lot of people don't read it due to the "Kill la Kill" tag.

Overall, 8/10. It was a 9/10 until King Crimson showed up, sorry to say.

>> No.32922195

King Crimson is Self-Appointed OP, you nerd

>> No.32922239

I know. If it were someone else, it would be fine; but the time taken to create the side-story could instead be put into the main story. OP himself seems to think there are problems, and this side story isn't helping solve them. It is only further detracting and removing the participants from the main story.

It seems it was done to "let off steam", but it has only but more of a burden on the QM. This is why I'm saying it should be killed until the main story is wrapped up. I like the idea, but its only a bothersome distraction at this stage.

>> No.32922258

I really don't see how its a problem at all

>> No.32922287

It takes time to write, think of idea, plot things out, etc. That time could be put toward the main quest, instead of the offshoot quest. It's that simple.

>> No.32922292

To be honest, I adore this quest. I couldn't get into Anaru quest, so this is my primary KlK fix since I binged it in two days a few weeks back.

The quest is great, the lack of frustration from dice rolls is great, the pacing is great, and the update speed is frankly ridiculous considering the fact that you run practically every day. Seriously man, it's awesome. Great job so far, I hope you've had as good a time as we've had.

As for the Crossover/King Crimson, I enjoy it, but if it's a hassle for you, you don't have to do it. You're not taking time from the main quest for it, since you run it at other times (before and after the main part) so I don't see a problem with it.

>> No.32922298

>What do you like?
-You're really good at giving us clear, but not blatant, choices. So we have to think about what they might entail, but it's not "vote this one to not die" This backfired exactly once, and you didn't handle it well, but it hasn't happened since, so good job
-You are great at writing battle/action scenes without relying on dice rolls. It feels like we're playing high-stakes chess-by-mail. It keeps me anticipating the next post.
-You've given, I believe, every living named character except Junketsu a POV post, which is a nice touch for every fanbase.

>What do you not like?
-Not a general nag about the pacing, but when we get two posts in two hours, and neither of them have choices, I'm not engaged. Even a simple "which will you do first" choice keeps it interesting.
-For about the last month it's been pretty vague in terms of how far along in the story we are. Your post yesterday (or maybe Thursday?) that we're close to the end really caught me off-guard. I feel like there's something we're missing story-wise, but I can't figure out exactly what it is.

>How could I improve?
-You should give yourself a break every once in a while. Especially recently, it seems like you're writing posts just to stall for time. I don't think that's 100% the case, but if you need to take a day or two off to come up with ideas, do it. Especially if the final battle's coming up. You can't leave a more sour taste in our mouths than Imaishi did, but it's always a great feeling to end on a high note.
-Early on, you were maybe just a little too tied down to the "canon" storyline. You've ditched this, but I'm assuming we're going to be "re-joining" somewhat for the final battle. This might not be a problem, maybe you've genuinely improved since you started, and it's just a coincidence we've gone into quest-specific events as you've gotten better.

>> No.32922318

The thing is OP doesn't write beforehand, hence why there's a wait before the first story post of a thread. He doesn't run the crossover at times of the normal quest (noon), it's an extra thing he does. He's not taking time from the main story, but putting in extra effort for an extra thing for us.

>> No.32922334

Both of your quests are fairly great
Truly the Citizen Kane of Quests.
The Crimson King of Music.
The Evangelion of Anime.

>> No.32922357

>What do you not like?
Not having the first post pre-written when you start the quest thread.

It's never too late to fix bad habits.

>> No.32922393

*The Kill la Kill of Anime

>> No.32922400

Even if it isn't directed at the main story, it is still a brain drain. Just have one focus, wrap it up with all efforts towards it, and continue with the next journey. There are people that complain about the pacing already, and I doubt they enjoy seeing King Crimson being posted when they want updates to the main quest.

>> No.32922446

anon the joke is that Citizen Kane, Crimson King, and Evangelion are all very influential in their respective media. Kill la Kill didn't really do much.

>> No.32922461

Except for /tg/s quests, apparently

>> No.32922475

But Kill la Kill wasn't a quest, so you can't really say IT'S THE KILL LA KILL OF QUESTS or the kill la kill of anime, because the anime had nothing to do with the quest.

>> No.32922549

>What do you like?
Pretty much everything, really. As I've said in an earlier thread, you've done a commendable job not only rectifying the things never touched on in canon but also with your writing. You've come a long way from "Soichiro says" that's for sure. This has been said time and again but you manage to keep the character's individual personalities even in text. Also, you manage to keep us at the edge of our seats with the cliffhangers. Probably the reason why I'm so sleep deprived these past few weeks is because I'm dying to find out what happens next.

>What do you not like?
As anon has said, the recent slow pace, really. The King Crimson aside is bretty gud. Makes for a change of pace more than anything else.

>How could I improve?
In terms of writing? Nothing, really. You're writing is solid as it is. Just the slooooow paaaaace.

Tattooed Satsuki does funny things to me. In a good way.

>> No.32922573

I can't think of much constructive criticism right now, but hey, it keeps me coming back for more, so you must be doing something right.

>> No.32922576 [DELETED] 

>You're writing

That's what happens when you're half asleep at 3AM.

>> No.32922604


>> No.32922614


>> No.32922618

>You're writing

That's what happens when it's 3AM and you're still half asleep.

>> No.32922634

>Tattooed Satsuki
You must be sleepy.

>> No.32922683


>> No.32922713

Oh, OH!
That is pretty.

>> No.32922836

Questions about the quest, my writing, and so on.
What do you like? What do you not like? How could I improve?

Saxton, your quest is a phenomenal and your commitment to daily posting is also impressive. At the end of the day we the people in your quests are consumers. We are entertained by you. This is important for two reasons; Firstly you are the at the helm as much as I dislike railroading to a certain extent it is entirely acceptable in this format. We may bitch but we'll always comeback for more. Secondly don't kill yourself over the quest if you need a break take a break if you don't want to run on Sundays don't run on Sundays. Take as much time as you need so long as it isn't forever.

I think running crimson in this thread is fine as long as we have an established routine. i.e. Crimson stops after X # of posts or Crimson runs on odd days ect. Giving us a consistent framework will help us stay focused and on task. It will also let us GET HYPE more easily.

>> No.32922857

>that futuristic Junketsu
Goddamn that is cool.

>> No.32923172


I think I'll echo the sentiments of most everyone posting so far.

This is a really entertaining quests, one of the few that I have actually remembered to seriously follow in a long time, and despite some bumps, it's very entertaining. I feel like KlK quests have kind of blown up lately, and not in any hipster way about it, but I feel like there's too many now to try and keep track of all of them, especially when I spend a lot of time involved with this one.

Personally, I would note like everybody else, pacing has been a little slow lately, you yourself have said you want to improve this, but it doesn't seem to be taking off very well. If you need to take some time off to kind of figure out where things are going, feel free, you don't HAVE to do this every day. I enjoy the Crimson/Crossover stuff, but I'm not as invested in it as the main quest, and I do think bringing it in sometimes detracts from the momentum of the main story, which is bad at this point. It's still your writing, so I don't know what to do about that. I can understand changing things up a little to keep everything fresh, but maybe not like, integrate them all the time. You can alternate days maybe, or something.

Also, unlike some, I wouldn't insist on starting every thread/session with a new post, even if that's the usual standard, but when you do do those opening posts, I think it would be good to try and form them around a choice if possible (or the result of the previous night's choice, if we left off on a vote), as a way to better pull everybody in. I've noticed activity getting low at points lately. If you have to do some exposition for something, do it, but write both posts out and then post them back to back, so it's not "here's what's going on", wait 30 minutes (or longer), then choose something. I'd rather wait 1 hour for a two-part post that ends in a vote than half that time for just exposition, as much as I like your writing.

>> No.32923210

Didn't expect this much feedback. I really should ask that more often.
Now I'm going to read all this.

>> No.32923269

And not write a quest for a while? Aww sweet! Now off to bed I go.

>> No.32923353


>> No.32924215

OP is reading/writing.
Post lemons.

>> No.32924250


>> No.32924302


>> No.32924318


>> No.32924327


>> No.32924342


>> No.32924355


>> No.32924373


>> No.32924393

I'll end with something for everyone

>> No.32924549


>> No.32924906

You don't have anything to do right now, and it's probably best to relax before things get serious. Might as well stick around here for now. You lean against one of the walls.

"So, how have those Two-Star uniforms been treating you? You won't be using them for much longer, I hear.", you ask.

Nonon shrugs. "We didn't really get to test them in anything other than training, so it's hard to say. I preferred my Three-Star uniform, but this thing feels solid enough to put up a decent fight."

"I'm certainly having a hard time keeping up with you, Miss Jakuzure.", Ayako chimes in.

Maybe you should talk to Iori to arrange something for Ayako, too?

"Why are you two staring at me?", you ask. "I want to see you train."

"Well, um...", Ayako starts.

"...I suppose we're a bit embarrassed. I mean, you could beat both of us with no weapons at all, so it just feels like you're watching to laugh at us.", Nonon finishes for her.

You tilt your head. "Huh? Why would I do that? I'm just curious. I mean, Sanageyama is here, and you don't have a problem with him watching."

Nonon smirks. "Is he really watching, though?"

You glance at Sanageyama. His head is slightly slumped to the side, and his mouth is open. He really is snoozing!

[ ] Wake him up
[ ] Surprise him
[ ] Leave him be, insist to watch
[ ] Offer to train with them

>> No.32924924

Also, I'll be putting the King Crimson business on hold now. I'll definitely continue it, but not anytime soon.

>> No.32924925

>[ ] Leave him be, insist to watch

>> No.32924959

>[x] Surprise him

>> No.32924972

To be blunt, I haven't read a single post of it. That was mostly because I thought it was just some other random schmuck, but hey

>> No.32924998

>[ ] Surprise him

We rascal now.

>> No.32925013

Same here

>> No.32925026

>[x] Surprise him

>> No.32925031

>[x] Surprise him


>> No.32925042

>[x] Surprise him

>> No.32925048


>> No.32925112

>[ ] Surprise him
Wet willie!

>> No.32925144

Ryuko isn't Ryuko. It's almost certainly because she's the pc, but I do wish she'd act more like her namesake.

>> No.32925205

>ryuko isn't ryuko...i wish she'd act more like her namesake
you do realize that there's 8 years of divergent timeline between this ryuko and the canon one, right?

>> No.32925212

if you want the "real" Ryuuko, watch the fucking show

>> No.32925242


You do realize we've been in the driver's seat since elementary school, right? That's bound to result in at least a slightly different person.

And she's not that different, or we wouldn't have our own personal meme about Ryuko being an idiot.

>> No.32925726

Heightened senses, huh? That won't do him any good here.

Jiyuuzan's scabbard is entirely metal. At the moment, fairly cold metal. And in this outfit, Sanageyama's back is mostly bare. You're not good at math, but this equation is simple.

You raise the sheathed sword, and slowly bring it to the back of Sanageyama's neck.

"Ryuuko, what are you-", Nonon starts, but you bring a finger to your lips.

"Just watch."

The scabbard makes contact with his skin.

"AAAAHH!" Sanageyama immediately rises to his feet. Dazed by the momentary sensory overload, he has difficulties standing straight. He quickly regains his bearings, and starts frantically "looking" around.

"Who?! Where?!"

You and Nonon snicker, while Ayako stifles a giggle.

"Dozing off right before things get serious?", you ask him.

"Lady Ryuuko! I was, uh, meditating."

Nonon smirks. "Yeah, we could all tell you were really into it, Monkey."

"Shut up. I was lost in thought, so it's only natural that I fell asleep." He looks at you, with an eager expression. " Anyway, now that I'm awake, and you're here, Lady Ryuuko, how about we have one more training before we go into battle?"

[ ] Yes
[ ] No

>> No.32925758

>[x] Yes

One last job interview.

>> No.32925772

>[x] Yes
And so begins the greatest jobbing of our time.

>> No.32925808

>[ ] Yes
"Come to the roof for your interview Samageyama."

>> No.32925824

>[x] Yes

>> No.32925845

>[x] Yes

>> No.32925891


>> No.32926014


>> No.32926154

What if Uzu actually ends up doing hella good against Ryuuko in this final training session?

I haven't forgotten what Junketsu Ryuuko said; hope he proves himself.

>> No.32926279


>> No.32926350

Do you happen to have a larger version of that?

>> No.32926364


Unfortunately I do not. This was as big as they had.

>> No.32926389

That's a damn shame.

>> No.32926401

"Sure, why not.", you say. "Hope you don't mind if I hold back, though."

"No, I get it.", he answers. "I'll have to hold back, too. This uniform would give out fairly quickly otherwise."

"What's the point of this training if you're both going to hold back?", Nonon asks. "You won't get to train any more before the battle."

You look at Nonon. "Just because we'll be holding back..."

"...doesn't mean we won't give it our all.", Sanageyama finishes.

"...I don't get it."

Nonon and Ayako move to the side of the hall, and you take their places. Sanageyama is already handicapped by lacking his Three-Star uniform. How will you handicap yourself?

[ ] Scissor instead of sword
[ ] Sheathed sword
[ ] No sword

>> No.32926437

>[ ] No sword

>> No.32926452

>[x] No sword

We lose our damn weapons so much, it can't hurt to practice some brawling.

>> No.32926454

>[ ] No sword

>> No.32926458

>[x] No sword

What will you do if you lose your sword Monkey?

>> No.32926521

>[x] No sword

>> No.32926527


>> No.32926764


>> No.32926868

"Could you hold onto this for me, Ayako?" You raise Jiyuuzan to her.

She walks up to you, takes the sword from your hand, and bows. "Certainly, milady."

"You're going to use the Scissor Blade?", Sanageyama asks.

"Nope." You raise your fists, and assume a brawling stance. "I'm fine like this."

"Well, this should be interesting.", he answers, brandishing his shinai. "Don't expect me to do the same, though!"

You're not too big on hand-to-hand, but it is the basis of all combat. You know your way around. This could be an opportunity to test some interesting ideas.

[ ] Your own way
[ ] Try what you saw Mako do
[ ] Why not both?

>> No.32926870


No mate. Just no.

>> No.32926902

>[ ] Try what you saw Mako do

>> No.32926904

>[x] Your own way

>> No.32926937

>[ ] Your own way

Sometimes you gotta sword sometimes you gotta give 'em the old punch up.

>> No.32926944

>[x] Why not both?

>but it is the basis of all combat.

>> No.32926992

>[x] Your own way
Here we go.

>> No.32927075

>[x] Why not both?

>> No.32927086


>> No.32927275

You briefly consider copying some of what you saw Mako do. Wild flurries of punches are not your thing, though.

A swordsman can occasionally employ hand-to-hand to throw their opponent off-guard. Right now, you don't have a sword. That makes your body the primary weapon.

"Well?", you ask, motioning to Sanageyama to come at you.

"You're not going to transform first?", he asks.

Wouldn't that defeat the point of this handicap?

[ ] Do it
[ ] Decline

>> No.32927299

>[ ] Decline

>> No.32927302

>[x] Do it

>> No.32927306

>[x] Decline
"I synchronize with MY FIST!"

>> No.32927326

>[ ] Decline


>> No.32927357

>[ ] Decline

>> No.32927376


>> No.32927435


Google Image Search failed me once, but not twice!

>> No.32927464


>> No.32927511


>> No.32928116

"You can't transform at the moment. Why would I do it?"

A cocky smirk appears on his face. "Because you'll need it. Have it your way, though!"

He moves in for an attack, at an impressive speed, considering the uniform he's wearing.

Oh, yeah. You didn't think about this part. How should you go about avoiding getting hit?

Perhaps dodging will do for now. You swiftly move aside, dodging the strike. Yeah, this works.

Now, it's your turn. Let's start with something basic. You clench your fist, and throw a quick punch at Sanageyama. He blocks it with relative ease.

"Not bad.", you say.

"But the punch was!", he replies. You really hope this cocky attitude won't bite him in the ass again.

He steps back a bit, and raises his sword. It's that time again.


Blocking his strikes with your hands hurts somewhat. Actually, it hurts a lot. He's probably cracked some of your finger bones several times.

As usual, to finish the combo, he prepares a powerful overhead attack. You don't really feel like getting your wrists broken, even for a moment.


[ ] Block it
[ ] Evade it
[ ] Catch it

>> No.32928191

>[x] Catch it
Your shinai? I think you mean MY shinai.

>> No.32928192

>[x] Catch it

>> No.32928201

>[ ] Catch it

>> No.32928209

>Headbutt it hard enough to break it

She has a thick head, she'll be fine.

>> No.32928249

>[ ] Catch it

>> No.32928319


>> No.32929176

That might work. You raise both your hands, and stop the attack by intercepting the bamboo blade. Still hurts a bit, but nothing's broken.

"Well, that worked.", you say.

"You're immobilized, though.", Sanageyama remarks. "You shouldn't let that happen!"

He pulls the shinai free from your hold, and kicks you in the stomach. A Two-Star kick is still pretty strong, strong enough to push you back, causing you to lose balance and fall on your ass.

"Ow." You rise to your feet. Both your stomach and posterior are sore.

"Come on, all you did so far was throw a single punch and defend yourself! I agreed to holding back, but this is too much!", Sanageyama says. "I want a challenge!"

In a flash, you're in front of him, surprising him with your speed.

"Be careful what you wish for.", you say with a smirk.

You throw one punch, which Sanageyama immediately blocks.


You raise your other fist, and direct it at his face. Unable to deflect two attacks at once, he tries to pull back. A bit too late.


The hit connects, and this time it's him who's on the floor.

"You just threw two punches, Ryuuko.", Senketsu remarks. "There was no need for a cheesy attack name."

You blush. "...Shut up."

Sanageyama's up in a moment, his face somewhat bruised. "That's more like it!"

As you're about to clash again, you hear an announcement.

"All non-combatants, leave ship! The Naked Sun will be departing soon!"

You groan. "Aw, man. They probably want us at the bridge."

"One more clash.", Sanageyama says. "One more clash will settle this."

You smile. "You're on."

You charge at each other yet again. This time, Sanageyama is preparing for... a thrust? That's rare of him.

Obviously, you can't block a thrust. Catching the blade would be difficult, too. That leaves you with only one option... or does it?

[ ] Dodge it
[ ] Take it

>> No.32929210

>[x] Take it

sometimes the obvious choice isn't always the best one

>> No.32929236

>[x] Take it

>> No.32929247

>[x] Take it

We're going to need to perfect our fighting style of absorbing all punishment that comes at us.

>> No.32929291

>Take it.
Was there any other choice?

>> No.32929299

>[ ] Take it

I feel like this isn't the smartest move but Ryuko isn't the dodgey type.

>> No.32929302

>[ ] Take it
I always did enjoy how the final attack of KlK involved getting penetrated through and absorbing her foe into pretty much her entire uterus. A nice counterpart to all the phallic symbolism of TTGL

>> No.32929323


>> No.32929363

>I always did enjoy how the final attack of KlK involved getting penetrated through and absorbing her foe into pretty much her entire uterus. A nice counterpart to all the phallic symbolism of TTGL

>> No.32929383


Shit, somebody broke OP.

>> No.32929413

>all the phallic symbolism
The teenage girls who started bleeding to completely overshadow every (dickless) male on the show?
Very phallic indeed.

>> No.32929420

Don't give me that look, her crotch was a goddamn glowing floating fanged maw, they knew what they were invoking

>> No.32929437

>of TTGL
Learn to read nigga

>> No.32929461

I saw that as less 'flaming uterus' and more 'senketsu's face with her'

>> No.32929475

Nope, nothing symbolically phallic here.

>> No.32929550

It looks more like a shocker to me.

>> No.32929582

Google "seam ripper".
I suppose some people spend a lot more time thinking about dicks and vaginas than I do. It never even occurred to me any of those could be interpreted in this manner

>> No.32929589

Absolutely nothing suggestive about the "Naked" Sun "thrusting" itself into the PLF's "protection". Nope, none at all.

>> No.32929627

Less so than the ship it was referencing at least, that was straight-up the scene from the siege of Teppelin.
Seriously though, just because the finale of the show has prominent yonic imagery doesn't mean there's NO dicks in the rest of the show

>> No.32929652

You can break down pretty much anything into aspects of masculine and feminine, its hardly worth obsessing over.

>> No.32929653

It was a bit of both.

When did I say there weren't any dicks?

>> No.32929654

Anyway, it's past 4 AM here, so that'll be it for now.

>> No.32929674

goodnight op

>> No.32929754


Well, if you want to get right down to it, you can find symbolism for almost anything in anything if you look hard enough.

But yes, most common associations are sexual because humans are all about sex, to some extent.

>> No.32929800

Fighting the good fight, as always. G'night.

>> No.32933167

>Ryuuko will never bake you a cake for your birthday

>> No.32934314

That was some great reading.

>Ryuuko will never clean your face because you're a messy eater.

>> No.32935356

>You're not too big on hand-to-hand, but it is the basis of all combat.

>> No.32936364

>"A Nui is fine too, right?"

>> No.32937869

>> No.32938641

Starting soon.

>> No.32938674


>> No.32938718

>"Sanageyama! Only a fool trusts his life to a weapon!"

>> No.32938756

Do you remember Monkey? The feel of battle? The clashing of bone and fiber?

>> No.32939251

>The clashing of bone and fiber?
>"I wish my Satsuki would let me clash my bone on her fiber..."

>> No.32939308

>Can love really bloom on the battlefield?

>> No.32939364

Considering it's the only logical way out, he likely expects you to dodge. There's an illogical way out, though. You stand up straight, and brace yourself for the hit. Sanageyama closes in.


Your vision darkens for a split second. He jabbed you square in the solar plexus. You stagger backwards, gasping for air, but...

You take a deep breath, and regain your bearings. Not this time, not anymore.

Sanageyama is visibly surprised. "You should be down by now!"

[ ] Counterattack
[ ] He won the last clash

>> No.32939385

>[x] Counterattack


>> No.32939403

[ ] Counterattack

>> No.32939405

>[X] Counterattack

>> No.32939408

>[ ] Counterattack
Who does he think we are quitters?

>> No.32939411

>[ ] Counterattack
Ryuuko Matoi shows her resolve!

>> No.32939418


>> No.32939506

Even if Ryuuko wins, here's hoping monkey doesn't job TOO hard.

>> No.32939538

>solar plexus
What is that...
Oh right where you wanna knock the wind out of somebody.

>> No.32939578


Previously our one critical weak point.


>> No.32939590

Actually, we do have one.


>> No.32939602


But I thought Ryuko fixed all her broken bones...

>> No.32939605

>"Now, I wouldn't say that."

>> No.32939615

One battle at a time anon, one battle at a time...

>> No.32939625

ragu pls

>> No.32939680

>"Only if you ask nicely, sweetheart."

>> No.32939703


Jesus christ, Foron, you're ON FIRE today.

>> No.32939733

>not orgasmic

>> No.32939757


>> No.32939825

Dear diary,

the ass WAS fat.

>> No.32939875

>"Just in a days work, a mother has to take care of her children, right?"

If anyone wants to shoop it on, be my guess.

>> No.32939904

>Junketsu hairclips

>> No.32939942

[autism intensifies]

>> No.32940147

You grab the bamboo blade with both hands.

You smirk. "I think you have me confused with yourself!"

You pull on the sword, wresting the hilt from Sanageyama's hands, and proceed to jab him in the same spot with the hilt. Not too strong, but not too light. Enough to knock the wind out of him for a good while.

Sanageyama drops to his knees, struggling to catch a breath.

"This is the most ridiculous sparring I've ever seen.", Nonon concludes. "And I've watched him spar with Mako before."

You offer a hand to Sanageyama to help him up.

"I suppose I shouldn't have tried to outperform you at your own favourite trick." Sanageyama says.

You chuckle. "Hey, it's Satsuki who taught me that. I suppose I just end up using it more often."

You head to the bridge. By the time you get there, the ship has already set sail. Everyone else is here. The tension is almost palpable. Perhaps you could do something to turn that into determination?

[ ] Give a speech with Satsuki
[ ] Ask Satsuki to give a speech
[ ] Crack a joke
[ ] Nothing

>> No.32940212

>[ ] Give a speech with Satsuki

>> No.32940218

>[ ] Ask Satsuki to give a speech
RESOLVE incoming!

>> No.32940220

>[x] Crack a joke
So life fibers... What's up with them, huh?
Can't live with 'em, can't live witout 'em.
Hey, is this thing on?

>> No.32940235

>[x] Give a speech with Satsuki
Mako chimes in with something silly.

>> No.32940254

>[x] Ask Satsuki to give a speech

"Madam president?"

>> No.32940296

>[x] Give a speech with Satsuki

>> No.32940344

>[X] Ask Satsuki to give a speech
It's more her kinda thing

>> No.32940345


>> No.32940408

Uzu's a rather respectable fighter in this CYOA, I like it.

As far as end game goes, once Uzu's eyes are "opened" and he gains enlightenment, I'd greatly appreciate if you made something extremely significant of it unlike Trigger did, where all Uzu did with his newfound power was job to a damn condom.

I'd like for Uzu to pull some secret master swordsman techniques that allow him to hang with the likes of Ryuuko and Satsuki without losing or jobbing.

He won't beat them, but he'll be far too skilled for them to beat either.

>> No.32940543


>> No.32940602


>> No.32940635


>> No.32940725



>> No.32940778


>> No.32940859

It's... It's too much.

>> No.32940898

what's too much?

>> No.32940967

"You in this world would never beat them, Sanageyama. But I tell you this: neither of them in this world would have beaten you."

>> No.32941020

>the princess bride

>> No.32941168

This. This so much.
Uzu is the strongest deva. I agree Gama is good and all but Uzu is the fighter, the warrior of the group.
He should be on par with Ryuko and Satsuki, but he's just a normal human so he can only boost his power with an uniform.
I hope he'll finally shine in this story.

>> No.32941177

I'm sure you're joking around, but that's exactly what I'd like to see. Uzu making up the difference in raw life fiber power between himself, Ryuuko, and Satsuki with pure sword skill once he reached enlightenment.

He'll be a force of his own, a human who's reached the pinnacle of swordsmanship.

Usually that's what being enlightened means, ascending to a higher level.

>> No.32941250

In this moment, I am blind.
Not because of some phony fibers' power.
But because I sewed my fucking eyes shut.

>> No.32941309


>> No.32941340

You glance at Satsuki. She's sitting on the elevated sunbed at the back of the bridge. Old habits die hard.

You send her a thought. "I think the atmosphere here is a bit too tense."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, instead of having them worry about the fight, why not get them pumped for it?"

"Do you have an idea how to do it?"

[ ] Yes
[ ] Do you?

>> No.32941348

No Uzu is not the strongest fighter, Gama surpassed him. Nonon is probable better as well, what with the fact she can fly. And Dog isn't really combat focused.

But I'd basically put Uzu as the weakest because he was the worst at his job.

>> No.32941366

>[ ] Yes

>> No.32941373

>[ ] Do you?

>> No.32941378

>[x] Do you?

>> No.32941384

>[x] Yes
>pic related

>> No.32941407

>[x] Yes

>> No.32941433

>[ ] Yes

>> No.32941461

>[ ] Yes

Typing up something

>> No.32941462

>[ ] Yes

>> No.32941472


>> No.32941594


"I know How worried you've all been about the coming fight and what it means for the future of the human race. I also know many of you have doubts weather we should fight at all. Doubts about how we could ever manage to stand against there power.

But let's set the record straight. There's no argument over the choice between peace and war, but there's only one guaranteed way you can have peace—and you can have it in the next second—surrender.

Admittedly, there's a risk in any course we follow other than this, but every lesson of history tells us is that the greater risk lies in appeasement, and this is the specter our well-meaning friends refuse to face—that their stance gives no choice between peace and war, only between fight or surrender. If we continue to accommodate, continue to back and retreat, eventually we have to face the final demand—the ultimatum. And what then?—when Ragyo has told the fibers she knows what our answer will be? She's has told them that we're retreating under the pressure , and someday when the time comes to deliver the final ultimatum, our surrender will be voluntary, because by that time we will have been weakened from within spiritually, morally, and militarily. She believes this because from our side he's heard voices pleading for "peace at any price" or as one commentator put it, he'd rather "live in a COVER than die on his feet." And therein lies the road to war, because those voices don't speak for the rest of us."


>> No.32941610


"You and I know and do not believe that life is so dear and peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery. If nothing in life is worth dying for, when did this begin?—just in the face of this enemy? Or should Moses have told the children of Israel to live in slavery under the pharaohs? Should Christ have refused the cross? The martyrs of history were not fools. Where, then, is the road to peace? Well it's a simple answer after all.

You and I have the courage to say to our enemies, with our weapons in our hands "There is a price we will not pay." "There is a point beyond which they must not advance." Winston Churchill said, "The destiny of man is not measured by material computations. When great forces are on the move in the world, we learn we're spirits—not animals." And he said, "There's something going on in time and space, and beyond time and space, which, whether we like it or not, spells duty."

You and I have a rendezvous with destiny.

We'll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we'll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness."

>> No.32941636

"Commanders Kiryuin, you're up."

>> No.32941649

literally gayer than half the cast of this quest

>> No.32941755

And it's petty gay already.

>> No.32941789


>> No.32941808


>> No.32941926

>brown hair

>> No.32941930

Well, you do. Sort of.

You walk towards the middle of the bridge, and clear your throat, bringing everyone's attention to you.

"Uhh... well. The way things look, we're headed for a final showdown with Ragyou and her crooks."

"...And?", Nonon asks. Everyone's eyes are asking this question right now, you can tell.

This is a bit more than you bargained for. Speeches like this were always Satsuki's thing.

[ ] A showdown we're going to win
[ ] A tough showdown
[ ] Let Satsuki continue

>> No.32941959

>[x] A showdown we're going to win

>> No.32941968

[ ] A showdown we're going to win

Ryuko cannot into speeches I think but now's not the time to puss out.

>> No.32941971

>[ ] A tough showdown
...one that will make it all the sweeter when we win

>> No.32941976

>[ ] A showdown we're going to win

>> No.32941981

>[ ] A showdown we're going to win
We will bring. Ragyo. DOWN.

>> No.32942040

>[x] Let Satsuki continue

>> No.32942116

>[ ] A tough showdown
Shit is gonna be hard, yo!

>> No.32942137

10 minutes.

>> No.32942598

Life fibers.

>> No.32942707

No, you're in control. You just have to show it.

"A showdown we're going to win!", you exclaim, clenching your fist. "It might not come easy, but in the end, we'll be the ones on top."

It somewhat looks like you're getting through to them, if even a bit. Suddenly, Satsuki stands up.

"Ragyou is a powerful enemy, the most powerful enemy we've ever faced. Everything leading up to this battle was merely a series of tests. We've passed all of them. We are ready for the real thing.", she says.

"Ragyou plans to control a process nobody could possibly control.", you continue. "But, whether she can succeed at that or not doesn't matter to us. Humanity is in danger, and only we can do something about it."

Humanity. You're giving a speech about humanity, but you're not really human yourself, are you? Senketsu and Junketsu aren't, either.

[ ] Ignore it, continue
[ ] But this isn't just about humanity
[ ] We might not be human ourselves, but we are Kiryuuins

>> No.32942732

>[ ] We might not be human ourselves, but we are Kiryuuins

>> No.32942741

>[X] But this isn't just about humanity

See you all in a few hours. Don't fuck up without me.

>> No.32942752

>[ ] But this isn't just about humanity
Fiber and human should live in harmony. S'what Kinue would want.

>> No.32942753

>[ ] But this isn't just about humanity

>> No.32942755

>[x] But this isn't just about humanity

>> No.32942767

>>32942741 here
Just to be clear, I meant 'Don't press shiny buttons without me getting a chance to press it, too.'

I have faith in you. For the most part.

Also make sure to hug Senketsu.

>> No.32942778

>[x] But this isn't just about humanity

Ryuko and Satsuki may not be human anymore, but they were born humans.

Senketsu and Junketsu may not be human, but they are who they are because of humans.

So it's only natural that we should let humans be humans, or some other incomprehensible garbage to that effect.

>> No.32942788


>> No.32943510

"But this isn't just about humanity! What Ragyou intends to do is in nobody's interest. Me, Satsuki, Senketsu, and Junketsu - we're not human. All of our friends and allies are human, though! What's good for humanity is good for us."

Satsuki takes the lead again. "We have two objectives: preventing the Original Life Fiber from reaching the transmitter in Honnouji Academy, and destroying the said transmitter. That said, Ragyou will not simply let that happen."

"But, we're not going to let her have her way, either.", you add. "I hate to repeat myself, but this is a clash we will win!"

"We don't know what the future after this battle holds, but one thing is certain.", Satsuki says. "Right now, we must do everything we can to protect that future."

"And, well..."

[ ] Everybody else is counting on us, too, even if they don't realize it
[ ] Ragyou's ass isn't gonna kick itself

>> No.32943540

>[ ] Ragyou's ass isn't gonna kick itself

>> No.32943551

>[x] Everybody else is counting on us, too, even if they don't realize it
>[x] Ragyou's ass isn't gonna kick itself

"Ragyo isn't going to beat herself up" is our equivalent of "BREAK!"

>> No.32943574

[ ] Everybody else is counting on us, too, even if they don't realize it
[ ] Ragyou's ass isn't gonna kick itself

>> No.32943577

>[ ] Ragyou's ass isn't gonna kick itself

>> No.32943597

>[x] Ragyou's ass isn't gonna kick itself

>> No.32943600

>[ ] Everybody else is counting on us, too, even if they don't realize it

save the wise cracks for the end.

>> No.32943619

>[ ] Ragyou's ass isn't gonna kick itself

>> No.32943635

>[ ] Ragyou's ass isn't gonna kick itself

>> No.32943642


>> No.32944222

I'm about to post, but I think I'll make a new thread first.

>> No.32944303

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New one >>32944268

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