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Recently got a new hard drive but unfortunately lost all my /tg/ folders. Just looking for any Eldar pics you guys have, to prepare for a certain weekend drawthread.

Dumping what I have so far.

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Also this pic is pretty amazing, it's Taldeer! (allegedly)

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>a certain weekend drawthread
We both know what you mean by that, and you're in luck.

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Spasiba tovarich! Starting to run low now.

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I have no idea what you just said, but I got lots more where that came from.

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Neither do I, I learned all my Russian from Metal Gear

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Little known fact: this picture is canon (well, maybe not the penis part). It's explicitly mentioned in the Valedor novel that Lelith enjoys killing lovers that have annoyed her while she's fucking them.

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Anything you want in particular, or can I get Silly with this?

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Well damn, that's all I got so far. Thanks again, some of those Lewd pics are causing some flashbacks

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We got a few newer ones too. Hold on a bit longer.

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Anything Eldar, just looking to stock up my folder again

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Oh holy shit, I remember he made this when the thread was in full exodite smut mode. What was that, like 3 months ago?

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If memory serves, yea.

And this was made just last week.

Anyway, I'm nearly out myself and I'd like to save a few for later. See you at...well, you know.

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I have a ton of Taldeer and Macha...

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Dump those pics, if you're so great

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Well alright, I got an hour before bed.

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You make that yourself? It looks pretty good to me.

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Me? No, that was... well hell. I've forgotten the name. He was part of the Old Guard, 6 or 7 years ago now.

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Looks like something out of Vampire Hunter D.

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I have the rest of that one.

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Speaking of Eldar, do they have a set image? Even GW seems confused as to what they are.

Early on they were basically humans with big hair and long ears, later on they were more angular and lithe, which actually looked fairly alien, and now I'm seeing it's now a mix of human faces and lithe bodies.

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As do I. Broken up into several folders, and all together somewhere, but thank you.
Man, do you remember when that was drawn? Those were fun threads.

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>"So I'm gonna draw a tube coming out of this Dark Eldar lady's navel."
>"Huh. What's it connected to?"
>"...Her bra?"

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How come vidya Eldar have big ole titties when they normally don't?

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... Same reason why some women have bigger titties than others?

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That's where the females store their psychic power.

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To be fair, that's what the model used to look like.

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HAH! I love it!

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Oh boy, what model was that?

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No, unfortunately. I found it a while ago, but I forget where.

Because GW cannot make a good female model to save their lives.

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Dude. All Eldar being flat hasn't been canon for over half a decade. Where have you been?

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Oh well, I'm old as the hills. I have a few more somewhere in here...

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wytches I think.

That tube delivers combat drugs. The only reason they even wear a bra is because it has drug tanks built into it apparently.

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LCB art?

sure why not.

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Why am I sucker for raven haired pale white/grey girls?

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I meant the boob charts. I have plenty LCB stuff left. I've not even dipped into the Lofn Subfolder... I don't really like her all that much.

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>not octillary

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Damn, I have work in the morning. Can't post too much longer I'm afraid. Maybe half an hour or so.
These are from YEARS ago man. I have no idea who that pokemon even is.

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Octillary was in third gen, just like Gardevoir. There is no excuse.

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You can always post both.

I've scrounged up just a little bit more too. Damn, Macha's not even trying to be subtle anymore.

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She was... never really that subtle.

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I don't understand this one.

Can you explain it to me?

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She got him too drunk.

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But somehow, she managed to become even less so. At this point there's a good chance she could dethrone Slaanesh for the title of "Horniest Being in the Galaxy".

Also, I'm in a good mood so have some uncensored Lewdanon art.


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>Everyone else had more sex than me.swf

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>failed Macha /ss/
All of my yes.

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You happen to have the animated Taldeer Lewdanon BJ pic?

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It is canon that they are inhumanly tall and thin. This is not conducive to tig ol bitties. I like my Eldar less human than most.

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It is a comic depicting the frustration of one very pent up farseer. I understand now.

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There you go.

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Frak, I forgot that one. But I do have this.

Yeah, well that's your opinion. Only thing explicitly saying they have no fat at all is Xenology, which also said Tau have feet and that Eldar shit crystals. As far as anyone knows here, Eldar with tits are still free game.

Someone appears to be in denial.

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Macha has a hilariously huge chest in the original Dawn of War Videogame.



bonus for a scene with Sindri's sexy voice.

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Well kids, it's been fun but I have to go now. Have to be a responsible adult and all that mess.

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You will post more material of that manner, immediately.

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Sadly, there isn't much more to post, but I'll try to look for whatever SFW stuff I have left.

This, however, appears to be a new one.

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It's from March.

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Well damn, the old Magpie is still alive.

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Really? I did not know that.

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some random shit

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more random shit

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Very Random indeed Anon.

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ok random it is

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Is that a request, a statement, a cry for help?

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Fucking hell, you guys really came through, thanks again.

I do have a final request pic, it was Lelith dressed up as a commissar drawn by Muju

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This one?

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all 3.

>>slaanesh is kind of eldar

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That's the one, I love you

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Not really, no.

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sister vs

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jolly good show chaps

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Would you sniff the inside of a Banshee's suit post-battle

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It was always "elves in space" to one degree or another, and that's not likely to change soon.

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If I said "maybe", would she be likely to kill me?

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Now for some art that isn't just pathetic smut.

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Hopefully, playing as an Eldar in Eternal Crusade will be fun.

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The less human the Eldar look, the better.

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I love how angry Asurmen and that Marine look in that picture.

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Thanks m8.
I lacked a picture of the whole coverart.

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> Eldar Clans
> Clans
Damn Sam-Hainers with their family shit everywhere.

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what is this RT ??

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Epic, I presume.

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There is a picture in the Tau codex of Tau fighting Eldar.

Anyone has it?

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On the first page of the Tau codex.

No only version of it yet.

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>Welcome to the Frown Bowl!

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>yfw that's actually supposed to be Lelith Hesperax

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Truly, the people behind this fanwank smut crap, are beyond pathetic, and downright disgusting.

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Why the fuck two shooty armie are ramming each other with tanks in the face?

>> No.32895029

We know that the real thing is fugly as hell with her disgusting upturned pig nose, but a little cheesecake doesn't harm anyone.

>> No.32895035

>this guy has never rammed things with his Wave Serpents
In previous editions, you could do cause serious shit with that 18" movement. Nowadays everyone just spams serpent shields. Kids these days, I swear, no sense for excitement.

>> No.32895040

Full context:

>> No.32895045


I know the fucking context, and I find that fanwank crap pathetic beyond belief.

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Chink. He went by Chink.

>> No.32895066

Your opinion has been heard, noted and disregarded, Mr. Stoplikingwhatidontlike. You can leave now...

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Is it even Lelith?
Title in the book says simply "Cult of Strife" and topknot looks wrong.

>> No.32895079

I'll just post art that is actually good, instead of made for wanking, like I have been doing for a while now.

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Well, image limit was reached.
Shame that so much of it was wasted on smut, instead of actual Eldar artwork.

>> No.32895143

Those look like Centauri battleships.

>> No.32895144

>Some smut posted in Imperial thread and Tau threads
>nobody cares

>Smut posted in an Eldar thread
>What have you done!?

Yriel's picture is above the description of his group.

I assumed that pig nosed girl was also the leader of her group miss Lelith. In warzone books these pictures are reserved for characters, it can't be a random wych.

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There was plenty of both, Captain Asperger.

>> No.32895167

When did the Tau and Eldar fight?

>> No.32895185


I care, because most of the eldar smut in this thread is fucking shit, and takes space from superior artwork.

>> No.32895186

Considering it looks nothing like Lelith, we can either assume it's a lesser Succubus, or write it off as an artist goof like the Tau with no hooves from Xenology.

>> No.32895387

Based on their backstory, Eldar smut is at least reasonable in the setting. Remember, they literally orgied hard enough to create Slaanesh and the Eye of Terror.

>> No.32895401

At that unlucky sept which was also later rekt by crons.

>> No.32895414

Funny thing is that they were also BB at that time.

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>>32895482 New thread

>> No.32895620


For some reason I always think it sounds along the lines of GLLGGLHLLGLGLGLHLGLGLLHLGGL

But then again, I am a virgin, so how should I know.

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Superior to what, a toddler's scribbles? Most of it looks like trash.

>> No.32896393

Poor Idraniel.

>> No.32897158

Whatever happened to Muju?

>> No.32897192

Still kicking around, make drawthreads a few times per year.

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Here you guys go:

From a couple months back, would look nice on the 1d4chan Love Bloomed in Her Mouth page.

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Thanks mate. That is yummy as hell.

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