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This time for sure.
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Is it that time already?

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there's always time for coldfibers
no bully tho

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Indeed, no bully edition.
My dad works for OP, he told me that OP really want us to keep this no bully.

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I've decided. I'm gonna bully the shit outta everyone. The time for no bully is over.

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But... but that's heresy!

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don't be such a nui

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Well, it's not evening yet, so there's no point bothering your father. You need to wait a bit. How do you pass the time, though? You could gather the Three-Stars to train, but perhaps you should use this day to recover.

[ ] Train with the Three-Stars
[ ] Talk to...
[ ] Return to your apartment

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>[x] Talk to the Three-Stars
they are worthy of our attention

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>[x ] Train with the Three-Stars

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>[ ] Talk to whatever random people we run into.
Or maybe Takarada or something, he needs more screentime.

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Guys, I have an awesome idea next time we do the crossover with canon spin-off to have fun and freak all the Devas out.

>communicate with Satsuki beforehand
>Be chillin' with Devas
>Ryuko: Hey guys, wanna see something cool?
>Suddenly, Satsuki appears right in front of us, with her hand in our chest
>Tears it out with a wet splortch, still beating

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nee-san wouldn't bear to do that to us.

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>[x]Return to your apartment

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I'm gonna switch to Takarada because I forgot he existed

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[ ] Return to your apartment

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>[x] Return to your apartment

We can chill until the evening

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10 minutes.

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Aww, we had one chance to help Takarada get his date or steal Maiko’s lunch money, and you guys decided to return to our room to play Nintendo or whatever.
Oh well, I suppose we can play Return of Double Dragon with sis.

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I highly doubt Ryuko would help Takarada get his date.

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lunch money can be a powerful motivator

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I think you just implied Ryuko would be willing to pimp out her sister for cold hard cash.

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I think you just implied Ryuuko wouldn't have Takarada's lunch money at any time or reason she felt like it, say, not dating her nissan

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Ryuko gotta' eat.

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She could take his lunchemony for no reason at all. This is Ryuko, she could take him up a tall building and shake him up and down by his legs while Mako stands on the ground with a giant bowl, and just rake in the dosh.

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taking it without reason would be bullying
and nudisto beach is a bully-free zone

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I'll bully you in a minute.

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it's been 3 and I am unbullied
bully-free zone wins

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op was bullied
post shirts

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haven't seen that one before

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"You got an idea what to do now?", you ask Satsuki.

"Not really, no. Perhaps we should just go back to our apartment for now."

"That's what I was thinking. Hopefully Ayako is done cleaning by now."

She is. You have admire her speed and thoroughness. She knows her stuff.

You lounge on the couch. "You know what I've been thinking?"

"That you shouldn't leave me any room to sit?

You chuckle, and curl your legs, allowing Satsuki to sit down. "Sorry. It's about that plan Ragyou revealed to us, when we were... you know."

"What about it?", Satsuki asks.

"I mean, if Ragyou is the current family head, and her mother was the previous one... wouldn't that make you next in line?"

"I suppose so, yes."

"Well... doesn't that mean you would be the next host for the Heirloom?"

"Assuming Ragyou passes it on to me, yes."

"...If what she says it's true... I don't want this to happen to you, nee-san."

"It's a family tradition. If it is necessary for me to bear it, I will. I don't intend to initiate an extinction level event to save my skin like Ragyou does."

"Satsuki..." You sit up, and look at her with pleading eyes. "Don't say it like you've resigned yourself to it."

She pulls you into a hug. "Of course I haven't. If it's possible to avoid it in a manner that doesn't get people killed, I will gladly take the chance. Come to think of it, the Heirloom exists to control the Original Life Fiber. From what I gather, our plan involves destroying it. Why would we need the Heirloom once it's rendered purposeless?"

Her words reassure you somewhat. "...Yeah. We'll just have to do that."

"What concerns me more than the Heirloom is Ragyou herself.", Satsuki says. "As powerful as we are, she is stronger than both of us put together. She is most likely preparing something to ensure her victory, as well. I get the feeling we haven't seen the last of Kouketsu."

"Well, if we can't beat her outright, we'll just have to make her goal impossible to accomplish."

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>You lounge on the couch. "You know what I've been thinking?"
>"That you shouldn't leave me any room to sit?
>You chuckle, and curl your legs, allowing Satsuki to sit down

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Best crossover.

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[imoutos intensify]

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Best sister.

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why are there so many pictures of this concept?
is it a foot thing or something?

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Crossover? With what?

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Satsuki's heels/feet are pretty prominent in the show, and it comes from a couple things, I think. Some of it is like dominatrix style steppin', but also (assuming it's not entirely fiction) there is some kind of massage thing where people stand/walk on your back. So it's usable for both comfy sisters time and ambiguously lesbian sisters time.

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Crossover with Devilman look it up

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You decide to steer clear of serious topics, and relax for a bit. You had a good night's sleep, but you could still use some more rest to recover fully.

Evening slowly approaches. You hear knocking. Satsuki gets up, and answers the door. You follow her shortly after.

It's Iori. What is he doing here?

"Is something the matter, Iori?", Satsuki asks.

"As a matter of fact, yes. I need to tell you something. I couldn't risk saying it at the laboratory."

"Huh? Well, come in, I guess.", you let him in. "What is it?"

"It's about your father. With how secretive he's been about his work recently, I can't help but worry. He is our ally, but..."

"He almost got Nonon and Mako killed without asking them for their opinion, we know.", you finish for him.

"Is there something specific that got you so worried, Iori? You said you don't know what he's working on.", Satsuki says.

"It's something I've realized recently. I've been working on what I like to call Life Fiber Overdrive, a form of boosting Ultima Uniform efficiency. A while ago, Doctor Kiryuuin got interested in it, and offered help with polishing the idea. It only occurred to me today that he stormed off deep into the lab with the notes concerning the idea, which he didn't need to do to review them."

"So, what you're saying is, he's designing some kind of outfit? Why would he be so secretive about that?", you ask.

"...That's exactly what I'm so worried about. Why is he concealing it?"

"Have you tried asking him about it?" Satsuki looks intrigued, and worried.

"With the way he's been hiding it, I concluded he wouldn't tell me anything, anyway. Maybe he will tell you, though."

"Well, we're definitely gonna try asking. Thanks for the info.", you say.

Iori leaves, and shortly afterwards, you and Satsuki follow suit. The list of things you need to talk to your father about is ever growing.

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It's a foot thing.

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>Life Fiber Overdrive
dad pls

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This trip to the apartment was lacking in ambiguous lesbian sister time. AT least there was imoutou couch scene

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I kinda figured, just wanted to make sure

ragu bls

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What are you up to, you secretive son of a bitch

>> No.32881262

And no, it's not the kind of Overdrive where the user catches on fire.

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Smells like roast chicken.

>> No.32881282

what about big explosions?
any of those?

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You best not be rusing us OP

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What is he up to, time slap dad's shit.

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"Father. Do you have the time to talk yet?", Satsuki asks.

"Satsuki, Ryuuko. Yes, naturally. Sorry for the delay, but some things took longer than expected."

Some things. He won't tell you upfront, of course. You'll have to drag it out of him, or at least try to.

[ ] Ragyou's story and the Heirloom
[ ] His secret project

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>[ ] Ragyou's story and the Heirloom
Let's start off with this.

>> No.32881672

>[ ] Ragyou's story and the Heirloom

>> No.32881686

>[x] Ragyou's story and the Heirloom

>> No.32881687

>[x] Ragyou's story and the Heirloom

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>[ ] Ragyou's story and the Heirloom

>> No.32881694

>[ ] Ragyou's story and the Heirloom

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How exactly does the heirloom get passed from one generation to the next?

if it's copious amounts of bad touch I might need to punch something

>> No.32882186 [SPOILER] 

I'm sure it doesn't have to
Ragyou will implement it anyways

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"Well, as you can imagine, we've talked to Ragyou a fair bit lately.", you start.

"She's told us of your shared past.", Satsuki adds. "The thing is, her version differs from yours, father."

"I hope you're taking everything she's told you with a grain of salt, girls. She's not one to care for others and their feelings, but she is a master of manipulation."

"We didn't take it at face value, of course. However, her story exposed some contradictions in yours, I'm afraid.", Satsuki says.

"What do you mean?", he asks with an unreadable expression. He's in the defensive.

[ ] When you first met her
[ ] Your motivations to rebel
[ ] Your knowledge about her plan

>> No.32882391

>[x] Your motivations to rebel

>> No.32882429

>[x] When you first met her

We'll begin at the beginning.

>> No.32882437

>[ ] When you first met her

>> No.32882472

>[ ] When you first met her

>> No.32882475

>[x] Your knowledge about her plan

>> No.32882553

10 minutes.

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OP will take a while so post lewds

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"I think you're being somewhat dishonest about when you first met Ragyou.", you say.

"Was it really an arranged marriage, and nothing else? She claims otherwise, and I doubt she would make that up, considering how little she cares about others." Satsuki looks at Souichirou questioningly.

You got him, you can tell as much from his expression.

"Why did you lie about this, dad?", you ask. "It doesn't seem important enough to conceal. Or are you ashamed that you once loved her?"

"...I suppose I was trying to forget about it, myself. I don't want feelings from the past to get in my way. I'm sorry. I can assure you, however, that the rest of my story is-"

"Not quite accurate, either.", Satsuki cuts him off. "We're not done yet, father."

[ ] Your motivations to rebel
[ ] Your knowledge about her plan

>> No.32882768

>[ ] Your motivations to rebel

>> No.32882780

>[ ] Your motivations to rebel

>> No.32882781

>[x] Your motivations to rebel

>> No.32882804

>[]Your motivations to rebel

Stop pretending you're not Gendo.

>> No.32882815

>[ ] Your motivations to rebel

>> No.32882816

>[x] Your motivations to rebel

>> No.32882823


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"All those years ago, you told Satsuki that you rebelled against Ragyou because of my "death". You never mentioned, what was your real reason?", you ask.

"I believe this ties directly into our next point.", Satsuki adds. "You know more about Ragyou's motivations and her plan than you were letting us in on, don't you?"

He sighs heavily. It looks like he's finally cracked. "...I'm glad to see you grew up to be this sharp, girls. Indeed, what I told you was not the true story. It was a simplified, somewhat warped version, prepared for a five year old you, Satsuki. I felt it was necessary to present a story that would unambiguously paint Ragyou as the bad one in a five year old's mind. From that point onwards, I had to stick to that version."

"In other words, you deceived me.", Satsuki concludes. "I can see why you would do that when I was five years old, but why would you continue to stick to this version of the story up until now?"

"...As I've said, Ragyou is a master of manipulation. I feared that she might sway you if you'd known the full picture."

You feel anger building up within you. Sway you? Is he only pretending to understand how you feel?

[ ] Rant, maybe he needs it to understand
[ ] Remain calm

>> No.32883216

>[x] Remain calm

Let him spill first, then we can call him an asshole.

>> No.32883231

>[X] Remain calm
But only if he spills the beans

>> No.32883242

>[ ] Remain calm

>> No.32883279

>[x] Rant, maybe he needs to understand

>> No.32883280

>[ ] Remain calm
RESOLVE, people

>> No.32883297

>[ ] Rant, maybe he needs it to understand

Act like Ryuko for once in your life. Tell this ling ponce off.

>> No.32883318

>[x] Rant, maybe he needs it to understand

>> No.32883354

>[ ] Remain calm

>> No.32883367


>> No.32883662

No, not now. You need to hear what he has to say.

Satsuki notices you clenching your fists, and puts a hand on your shoulder, calming you down somewhat.

"We know the full story now, and we still intend to stop her. Your fears were unreasonable, father.", she says. "We would like you to tell us how much you know about Ragyou's true plan, and what the motivations behind your rebellion really were."

"...I do owe you an explanation. Very well. I assume you know about the Heirloom, as well as Ragyou's thoughts on it?"

"We do, yes.", Satsuki answers. You'll let her do the talking. It's easier to stay calm that way.

"She's never told me how she obtained it, but I assume it's been in the Kiryuuins' possession for a while now, judging by the name. Has she told you anything more?"

You and Satsuki exchange glances.

[ ] Yes
[ ] No

>> No.32883709

>[X] No
Either A: He tries to BS us AGAIN, or B: We get a recap and confirmation.

>> No.32883711

>[ ] No
like how it gets passed down

inb4 bad touch

>> No.32883720

>[x] Yes
Unlike you, we aren't dicks when it comes to sharing DATA

>> No.32883736

>[x] Yes

>> No.32883747

>[x] Yes

Show dad he should give us all the information by giving him all the information.

Also still don't really gain anything by shutting him out.

>> No.32883769

>[ ] Yes

>> No.32883793

Rolled 98

[X] Yes

>> No.32883797


We OPSEC now. let's see what he know THEN crossreference and call him out on anything

>> No.32883816


>> No.32883852

>[ ] No
Story time.

>> No.32883895


He just told us what he knows, or says he knows, though.

>"She's never told me how she obtained it, but I assume it's been in the Kiryuuins' possession for a while now, judging by the name. Has she told you anything more?"

Now, he could be fishing to make sure our version matches up with what he knows, or he could not know. Either way, there's no reason not to tell him. If he already knew all that shit, they we can check his reaction. Sadly, we don't have a lot to gain by playing shit close to our chest with Dad, because anything he doesn't already know can only help him work out shit, but not telling him information and saying we told him everything is only have him work from flawed assumptions. He has no real reason not to trust us when we say stuff, even if we can't completely trust him.

>> No.32884329

"...Has she not told you how it is passed down?", Satsuki asks.

"No, she has not. I only know that it grants immense power, and a degree of control over the Original Life Fiber."

Satsuki relays to him the story Ragyou has told you about the Heirloom's transferral, and the side-effects it bears.

"...I see. Well, it makes sense that she would want to rectify that. She has told me that the Heirloom bears some imperfections, which she would like to get rid of. I offered my help, and... that is how we eventually arrived at the idea of fusing your bodies with Life Fibers.", he says. "We wanted to see if we can create a perfected copy of the Heirloom, and study it to fix the original."

"When did you decide to turn against her, then?"

"When she's told me about her alternative plans, including the one she's currently carrying out. I'm sure she hasn't told you this, perhaps because she refuses to acknowledge it herself, but her plan has no chance of succeeding."

"What do you mean?", you chime in.

"Cocoon Planet is how the Life Fibers spread and reproduce. It's how they've reached Earth in the first place. The Original Life Fiber's drive towards accomplishing its pre-programmed goal is strong. Too strong to control, I'm afraid. If Ragyou allows the process to mature as much as she intends to, she won't be able to stop it. All of humanity will be consumed, and the planet will explode."

"How typical of her.", Satsuki says. "She would never admit she's not in control."

"Not that it changes much. We were going to stop her either way." You give Souichirou a sideways glance. "You didn't need to be so secretive about this, dad."

He sighs. "I should've put more trust in my own daughters, I realize that now. Is there anything else you wanted to talk about?"

[ ] What you're working on
[ ] Nothing

>> No.32884392

>[x] What you're working on
inb4 he immediately doesn't trust us again

>> No.32884393

>[ ] What you're working on
the moment we've all been waiting for...

>> No.32884402

>[ ] What you're working on

>> No.32884404

[x] Would you let me take your daughters hand in marriage?

>> No.32884422

>[x] What you're working on

Iori says you're doing secret science again

>> No.32884431


>> No.32884432


>> No.32884436

>[X] What you're working on
Obvious choice is obvious

>> No.32884447

>[ ] What you're working on

>> No.32884459


>> No.32885204


>> No.32885258

"One more thing. What is it that you've been working on in secret lately?", you ask.

"In secret?", he asks. Here we go again.

"Well, apparently you've been sitting here all the time, working on something without telling anybody what it is."

"It's not really a secret. I've just been really busy. It's not just one thing, either."

"Can you tell us about those things, then, father?", Satsuki asks.

"Well, first of all, the Kamui translator. I've managed to provide Nonon and Mako with working prototypes yesterday, but they still needed some improvements, as they broke after a while. That's done now." He holds up an earpiece, and puts it on. "How about a test?"

"Well, uh...", Junketsu starts.

"...thank you for creating us?", Senketsu adds.

Your father looks at the Kamui, somewhat confused. "...That is a weird thing to hear, is all I can say in the matter. You, Junketsu, should be thanking Shirou, however. He's the one who made you into what you are today."

"I guess it really does work.", you say. "Are you gonna give those out to everyone?"

"The Three-Stars, at the very least. It will make cooperation easier."

"What are the other things?", Satsuki asks.

"Has Shirou told you two about the Life Fiber Overdrive idea of his? Really ingenious. I've been working on perfecting it lately, correcting any design errors, and so on."

"Was it really necessary to do it in seclusion like this?"

"...I suppose it's something I picked up from my time as Matoi Isshin. I had to be secretive about my research back then. I realize it could've made me look like I'm up to something, but I simply find that I can work more efficiently like this."

Satsuki nods. "I see."

Whether he's telling the truth or not, it doesn't seem like you'll get anything more out of him. Still, you've made some solid progress, you feel.

>> No.32885375


We should ask him to show us what he's got. If for no other reason than that we can tell everyone else we've seen the research and everything seems on the level.

I don't know about the rest of you, but at this point I'm fairly convinced Soichiro is just shady, not sinister. I'm pretty sure he's spent so much time doing this deep cover cold war shit with Ragyo he doesn't really remember how to operate on the level anymore. Hell, Satsuki and Ryuko have only been operating on the level since like, the Sports and Culture festival.

>> No.32885455

There will be an intermission.

>> No.32885471

Which I will use to do something else.

>> No.32885494


>> No.32885503


>> No.32885537


>> No.32885646


>> No.32885673

So glad you decided to make this more than a one-shot. I actually like this just as much as the main quest.

>> No.32885708


>> No.32885803

...The fact that that pic misspelled 'rabid' irks me far more than it should.

>> No.32885805

You should probably take some time to actually talk the situation over with Satsuki. You sit down next to her on one of the couches. It feels odd to see her not sitting on the throne, but you suppose it's not really hers.

"So, what do you make of all this, Satsuki?", you ask her.

"I was worried about the consequences of our absence in our timeline, but if what Inumuta says is true, we can treat this as an adventure of sorts."

"An... adventure?" You tilt your head. "It's not like you to say things like this."

She smiles. "Perhaps not. The truth is, however, I've been waiting for an opportunity to unwind a bit. Is it not the same for you?"

"I guess, yeah. Things have been... pretty tense lately."

The Devas are listening to your conversation intently.

"Forgive my interruption, but does that mean you've already reached... the main plan at this point in your timeline?", Inumuta asks.

[ ] We're actually a bit further into our timeline
[ ] Yes

>> No.32885849

>[x] Yes

>> No.32885861

>[ ] We're actually a bit further into our timeline

>> No.32885870

[ ] Yes

>> No.32885874

>[x] Yes

>> No.32885879

>[x] Yes, we have stopped worrying and learned to love the rainbow

>> No.32885886

Rolled 30

>[X] We're actually a bit further into our timeline

>> No.32885905


>> No.32886371

You exchange looks with Satsuki. You probably shouldn't tell them that you're technically from the future, even if it's a different one.

You nod. "Yeah. It's pretty rough, but we manage."

"I see.", Inumuta says.

"Come to think of it, the other Satsuki told me we should talk to you about leaving the tower and such."

"Oh? I see. I assume that's because I'm in charge of the school's security system, and by extension, the cameras. I can erase your presence from the footage, with a bit of effort."

"It's a bit more problematic with eyewitnesses, however.", Satsuki says. "Somebody will eventually notice we're in two places at once."

"...That is indeed a problem. Please, follow me to the Sewing Club." Inumuta gets up.

"The Sewing Club? Why?", you ask.

"I thought that the easiest way to make you look different is with a different outfit."

"No way we're ditching Senketsu and Junketsu!"

"I never said anything about that."

Puzzled by this response, you follow him to the lab. It seems there's an Iori in this timeline, as well.

He examines his visitors. "Lady Satsuki, Inumuta, and... Matoi Ryuuko?"

"You won't believe me, but in short, they're from a different timeline. The Lady Satsuki and Matoi Ryuuko we know are still around.", Inumuta explains.

"I don't believe you."

"I figured as much. Can we get to the point?"


"Whether you believe me or not, we need a way to make those two look different from their local counterparts. What came to my mind was changing the appearance of their Kamui. Do you think you can do that?"

"Changing our appearance?", Senketsu sounds curious, but also anxious.

"I am perfect as I am!", Junketsu exclaims. Perfect and humble.

Iori thinks for a while. "...Likely. How should they look like, though?"

"Well, that's up to their wearers to decide.", Inumuta says.

"Will it be safe for the Kamui themselves?", Satsuki asks. "They are no ordinary clothes."

>> No.32886391

"I am aware of the differences, yes. Rest assured, your Kamui will be functional."

How should they look like? That's a tough one.

[ ] Custom

The only idea of my own is suits

>> No.32886420

>[x] Swimsuits

>> No.32886429

[x] Invisible.

>> No.32886447

Okay guys, we need Sam and Jim Ketchup. Hotdog and Burger suits.

Seriously though, just the old uniforms. Satsuki pre-junketsu, and us with Dragon regalia.

>> No.32886453


>[x] Leather jackets, sunglasses and blue jeans

>> No.32886456

why not just go undergarment mode and wear something over them?

>> No.32886481

[x] Silky lingerie that can be worn under other clothing.

>> No.32886493


>[x] Hoodies and sweatpants

>> No.32886499

>[x] Bob Dole bodysuits.

>> No.32886528

>[ ] Custom

cyborg exosuits

>> No.32886535

>[x] Undergarment modo

>> No.32886536

I found the soundtrack to this thread. Let us listen.

>> No.32886562

Voting pic related

>> No.32886565

Let me clarify. The purpose of this facelift is to make them look different from the other two.
And no, it can't be underwear.

>> No.32886586


>[x] Casual dresses with sunhats

>> No.32886603

>And no, it can't be underwear.

>> No.32886613

How about a nice dress then, no skirts

>> No.32886616


>> No.32886620

[x] Frilly pink dresses!

>> No.32886643


80s minidress with shoulderpads, felt calf-boots, and huge plastic earings.

>> No.32886653

>[x] Something elegant and stylish
>[x] With shorts instead of skirts
>[x] That way nobody will be able to recognize them

>> No.32886675

>[ ] Custom

How about suits that change the user's look? Kinda like Snake's Octocamo only more fashionable.

>> No.32886738

Or maybe we make them look like the outfits they wore in that Bonnie and Clyde comic. Yeah it was /u/ as fuck but their outfits were /fa/ as fuck.

>> No.32886774


What did you expect it had "lesbian" in the title. But yes I second this motion

>> No.32886783

Let's keep this simple.

[ ] Suits
[ ] I'm a fag

>> No.32886791

[ ] I'm a fag

>> No.32886792

>[x] I'm a fag

>> No.32886799

>[x] I'm a fag

>> No.32886802

>[x] I'm a fag

>> No.32886809

>[x] I'm a fag

>> No.32886810

>[ ] Suits

>> No.32886816

Fags don't get to have opinions.
We're going with suits, then.

>> No.32886817

Rolled 49


>> No.32886820

>[X] I'm a fag

What you shoulda done was used mspaint or some shit to put 4 options together

>> No.32886835

>[x] I'm a fag

>> No.32886845

>yet again

>> No.32886850


>> No.32886861


>> No.32886873

sent ;)

>> No.32886875

>Fags don't get to have opinions.

>> No.32886886


>> No.32886912

>implying we would have come to any sort of consensus

he made me laugh, too. And I was one of the people who voted for not-suits.

>> No.32887222


>> No.32887269


>> No.32887294

But Satsuki isn't a fag.

>> No.32887311


>> No.32887336

>yfw you're posting in the Court of The Crimson King

>> No.32887338

Yeah I saw that.

But still.

>> No.32887500

You detail your idea to Iori, and hand the reluctant Kamui to him. While it's not the same Iori as the one in your timeline, you feel that you can trust him. The process only takes an hour, surprisingly.

"Well, I still have a hard time believing what Inumuta said, but I hope this will do.", Iori says.

Two suits. Like, business suits. One black, one white. The eyes were turned into kerchiefs, placed in breast pockets. The black suit has one, while the white has two.

"Senketsu? Junketsu?", you ask.

"We're still alive, somehow.", Senketsu says.

"That was... something else.", Junketsu adds.

The two of you put the Kamui on.

You examine your new look. It's pretty odd. "...I'm not sure I'm used to something like this."

"We do look different, though, don't we?", Satsuki says, while looking in the mirror. "I'd say that's the intended purpose achieved."

"I guess... How do we activate them, though?", you ask.

"The shirt's cufflinks.", Iori answers.

Sure enough, they look pretty close to the skin, and they can be snapped close a bit further.

You thank Iori, who is still having trouble believing you're from a different timeline, and head back to the tower. The Devas, except Sanageyama, examine your new look with interest. Nonon's expression is somewhat... dreamy?

Suddenly, the door behind the throne opens, and the other Satsuki steps out. She takes a moment to look at your suits, as well.


She takes a seat on her throne. "I suppose I should tell you this: it would probably be best if you avoided contact with this timeline's Matoi Ryuuko."

"Why's that?", you ask.

"She is impulsive, very much so. You've seen my reaction to seeing a second me. Matoi Ryuuko can only react more strongly."

You shrug. "I don't see the problem. She's essentially me, though our stories in the past eight years have been different. I'm sure we can find a common language."

>> No.32887543


>"I'm sure we can find a common language."

Yes Ryuko, your common language is FISTS. Or lunchemoney

>> No.32887579


>> No.32887584

>Crimson king
>King Crimson.
What the fuck is about to happen

>> No.32887590

Our common language is the MS 2010 C++ Runtime Library you pleb.

>> No.32887730

"...If you say so. Classes are coming to an end today, so if you want to find her, now would be a good time."

Eight years, huh? You wonder how would your life go had you not met Satsuki back then. Apparently the other you wants to find out who killed her dad. Does that mean he "died" again, like in your timeline? Wait, wouldn't all this mean she doesn't realize Matoi Isshin is Kiryuuin Souichirou?

It's a bit difficult to wrap your head around all this. People aren't usually put in situations like this.

[ ] Go look for her
[ ] Check out the guest room, consult Satsuki

>> No.32887764

>[x] Go look for her
We need more Ryuuko brains in our lives

>> No.32887771

>[ ] Check out the guest room, consult Satsuki
just because

>> No.32887778

>[Ooh, shiny button!] Go look for her

>> No.32887800

>[X] Check out the guest room, consult Satsuki

Don't want to get reckless

>> No.32887818

Rolled 11

>[X] Check out the guest room, consult Satsuki

>> No.32887841


>> No.32888153

"I guess I should think about this first. In the meantime, where's that guest room you mentioned? I want to check it out.", you say.

"We have one too, Ryuuko.", Satsuki says. "Have you never seen it?"

"...It was never used, so I guess I didn't care enough."

"I can show you where it is, transfer student." Nonon gets up.

"Hey, I'm no transfer student."

She smirks. "You're not from this world, are you? Then you're a transfer student."

She leads you to the room in question. She is surprised to see Satsuki following you.

"Wait, you're both going to stay in here?", she asks.

Satsuki nods. "Yes. Is there a problem with that?"

"I don't think anybody's told you, but... there's only one bed."

"Oh. It's the same as our guest room, then.", Satsuki says.

"Do you... not see a problem here?", Nonon asks, her face turning progressively more red.

You and Satsuki shake your heads.

"...You said you were just joking!"

You scratch your head. "Why does everyone here assume sharing a bed means... you know?"

"Because that's generally the logical conclusion.", Satsuki answers.

"...I guess." You shrug. "Oh well."

Nonon stops blushing, and looks at you in confusion. "I just... don't get it. How can you be so nonchalant about this?"

"Hard to explain, really.", you say. Saying you're sisters probably wouldn't help here, either.

"When a bond is strong enough, things like this become irrelevant." It seems Satsuki has an idea how to explain it.

"...I wish my bond with Satsuki-chan was this strong.", Nonon mutters as she leaves. She didn't expect you to hear this, most likely.

>> No.32888206

Damn it, Snake.

>> No.32888214

>"...I wish my bond with Satsuki-chan was this strong."
Oh my. Canon Satsuki confirmed for neglectful bully

>> No.32888354

That's it for now.

>> No.32888382

for the night, or back to regularly scheduled skeletons?

>> No.32888390

Oh well, was awesome as always.

>> No.32888610


>> No.32890878

Night-time pillowfight bump.

>> No.32892330

>> No.32893001

Only acceptable choice

>> No.32894537

>"...I wish my bond with Satsuki-chan was this strong."
Bless that Nonon.

>> No.32895341

>> No.32895892

Don't bully the Nui.

>> No.32896052

Sooner than you'd expect, but later than you'd hope.

>> No.32896096

I do what I want

Looks like I'm just in time

>> No.32896112

Aww yeah, son.

>> No.32896156

Oh boy here we go

>> No.32896221


>> No.32896562

You open the door, and step inside. It's a nice place. A bit better than the Nudist Beach-provided apartment, but not quite as good as your real Honnouji quarters. You take a look around the rooms. There indeed is only one bed, but it's king-sized. A lot of fuss over nothing.

"Well, I guess it's a nice place to stay in for the time being.", you say. "I'll miss Soroi and Ayako's help, though."

"We've managed in the past. We can do it again. You should avoid becoming overly reliant on others with those things, Ryuuko."

You grin. "Says you." You're pretty sure you had a nightmare involving her cooking at some point.

Satsuki blushes slightly. "...I'm trying my best."

"Anyway, what do you think we should do? Should we try talking to the other me? I'm kinda curious.", you ask.

"It's difficult to tell how different she is from you. You shouldn't assume she's the same. If you wish to see her, however, I think it would be best you did it alone."

You raise your eyebrows. "Why's that?"

"Well, I am Kiryuuin Satsuki. This timeline's Kiryuu- no, Matoi Ryuuko opposes this timeline's Kiryuuin Satsuki. I don't think she would react positively to seeing me... as much as the thought pains me."

"Yeah, that makes sense. And don't worry about it, nee-san. She's not your sister, I am. And I'm always glad to see you."

She smiles. "Thank you. Though, genetically speaking, you both are my sisters. That would make the other Satsuki your sister, as well."

"Come to think of it... she doesn't have the Life Fiber hybrid marks on her hair and eyes. Does that mean this kind of accident never happened here?"

"...I would assume so.", Satsuki says. "Though, if that's the case, I worry for their chances against Ragyou."

"Maybe we'll get to help them out, if we stay long enough. ...Maybe that's what the other Satsuki is counting on."

What should you do? You can't take Satsuki with you, but you are eager to find out what the other you is like.

[ ] Go see her
[ ] Maybe later

>> No.32896576

>[X] Go see her
Bet a fight gonna break out.

>> No.32896633

Where did everyone go?

>> No.32896685


>> No.32896776

>[x] Go see her

>> No.32896777

>[ ] Go see her
Life happened for me.

>> No.32896963

You get up. "Ah, what the hell. We'd probably run into her sooner or later. Better to do it intentionally."

"Good luck, Ryuuko. And be careful."

What should you be so careful about? You leave the guest room, and inform Inumuta of your intention in leaving.

"I'm not going to tell you what to do, but you should probably be careful around the other you."

"All of you talk about her like she's some active volcano or something. Is she really that bad?"

Inumuta adjusts his glasses. "Well, maybe an excerpt from my profile on her will help clear things up: juvenile delinquent, extremely short-tempered... somewhat dim-witted."

"Hey, I'm not dumb!"

He gives you an odd look. "...That's about the Matoi Ryuuko from this timeline. Though, perhaps... your profile won't be much different."

"...I'll just pretend I didn't hear that.", you answer. "Anyway, I'm going."

You step inside the elevator, and ride it to the ground floor. How would you go about meeting her?

[ ] Look around the classrooms
[ ] Wait for her at the entrance

>> No.32897000

[X] Wait for her at the entrance
Aww yiss. Wake up, and there's King Crimson here.

>> No.32897066

>[x] Wait for her at the entrance
So we hid the Kamui... I'm assuming we did something about the hair, too?

>> No.32897093

>[ ] Wait for her at the entrance
Let her enter the court yard and say hi.

>> No.32897098


>> No.32897130

>messing with the hair

So what's Mako's reaction going to be, then?

>> No.32897168

Ain't nothing wrong with a temporary alternate 'do.
And Mako will understand completely.

>> No.32897194

>Mako will understand a situation better than most other people have
Why am I not surprised

>> No.32897337 [SPOILER] 

Well, our Mako instantly picked up on the body swapped, even though we spaghetti convinced her otherwise. Presumably this Mako has similar intuition in telling apart the "real" Ryuuko.
She might even have a sense for the mastermind that brought us over here in the first place.

>> No.32897685

crimson deder than votep

>> No.32897698

You decide to head to the entrance, and wait for the other you there. Hopefully, with a ponytail and sunglasses, nobody will recognize you until you reveal yourself.

"So, what do you think about all this, Senketsu?", you ask him while you wait.

"It's pretty crazy. How do you suppose we ended up here, anyway?"

"No clue. I don't remember anything. Do you?"

"No, nothing. Come to think of it, if there's two of you, Satsuki, and Junketsu, wouldn't that mean there's two of me, as well?"

"Well, we'll find out, won't we?"

You wait a while more. Finally, she appears. Wearing a different Senketsu, and accompanied by a different Mako. The sight isn't entirely new to you. You did see Satsuki pose as you, after all.

The two pass you by, not paying you any mind.

[ ] Greet them
[ ] Follow them

>> No.32897741

[ ] Greet them

>> No.32897768

[X] Greet them

>> No.32897774

>[ ] Greet them

>> No.32897793


>> No.32897821

>Hello Matoi, I am you.
>Before anything else : DON'T use fabric softener.

>> No.32897862


>> No.32898012

Well, no point acting creepy.

"Hey.", you call out to the two. They turn to you.

"Huh? Who are you?", the other you asks.

You smirk. "Somebody you might know."

Mako examines you thoroughly. "Watch out, Ryuuko-chan! She's wearing a suit, and carrying a sword! She must be with the yakuza!"

You chuckle. "Do I really look like that?"

The other you has an impatient look on her face. "No, really, who are you? You look sort of familiar, but I can't put my finger on it."

You take off your sunglasses and undo the ponytail, revealing the red streak of hair. "Well, how about now?"

"Whoa! The yakuza cloned you, Ryuuko-chan!", Mako exclaims.

"Mako, stay back.", the other you says. Her expression is serious.

She draws her weapon, a Scissor Blade. It's the half Satsuki uses, except red. "Who are you?"

"Matoi Ryuuko.", you answer.

"Well, that can't be true, because I'm Matoi Ryuuko, and always have been. Who are you?!"

"No, seriously, I'm Matoi Ryuuko too."

"Like hell you are! Life Fiber Synchronize: Kamui Senketsu!"

This form of Senketsu looks slightly different. No faceguard, thus less cool.

She charges at you with the blade raised. Slow, really slow. In a flash, you draw Jiyuuzan, blocking her strike. She can synchronize with Senketsu, and her attacks are still this weak? Maybe you're just becoming full of yourself, but you don't recall being this week.

"What?!" She looks shocked, and so does her Senketsu.

[ ] Rough her up a bit
[ ] Try to calm her down

>> No.32898022

>This week

>> No.32898039

>Rough her up

>> No.32898068

>[X] Try to calm her down
No bully ourselves

>> No.32898102

>Try to calm her down

>> No.32898110

>[ ] Rough her up a bit
Bop her a little.

>> No.32898120

>[ ]Try to calm her down

>> No.32898134

>[ ] Rough her up a bit
Let's bully

>> No.32898143

>[x]Try to calm her down

>> No.32898154

The keyword here is "try".

>> No.32898163

>[x]Try to calm her down

>Beating up little kids

>> No.32898166

Well, at least there's no skeletons

>> No.32898168

>[x] Enough her up a bit
You can't bully yourself

>> No.32898169

Rolled 87

[X] Rough her up a bit
She won't be satisfied otherwise

>> No.32898174

Anyway, I'll be back in a bit.

>> No.32898197

>I know who killed your dad.

There. And we point her to Uzu.

>> No.32898235

Now is not the time for fear.
That comes later.

>> No.32898241

Have we started the fire?

>> No.32898251

>"Hey, calm down."
>"Go fuck yourself."
>"Sorry, not on the first date."

>> No.32898281

>pic related


>> No.32898292

We've already built the pyre.

>> No.32898351 [SPOILER] 

The fire falls

>> No.32898398


We should enumerate the advantages of the faceguard by flicking her in the nose.

>"Go fuck yourself."

>"Well, usually I'd make you buy dinner first, but I suppose since it's me, it's only masturbation, right?"

And many, many more funny rejoinders to that particular insult

>> No.32898446


>> No.32898459

Not cool, anon.

>> No.32898484


Let me put that fire out.

>> No.32898524

>not bullying ourselves

Man, could you imagine the sort of mental breakdown Ryuuko would go through after that?

Knowing that she just kicked her own ass and that there are witnesses?

>> No.32898537

You can't make me cry.
In my head, It's not canon.
So It's alright.

>> No.32898539


Actually, getting the stuffing kicked out of you by yourself would have to be kind of a win-win, right?

>> No.32898545

I guess, if Future Ryuuko pulls a Zero and says "You're not as strong as me, but some day very soon you will be."

>> No.32898547



>> No.32898596

That's the OVA plot.

>> No.32898710

As strong? Yes. As skilled? Unlikely.

>> No.32898727

Back. Will continue for a while longer.

>> No.32898753 [SPOILER] 

he's in a better place now

>> No.32898770

What place is better than on Ryuko?

>> No.32898799


>> No.32898859 [SPOILER] 

he doesn't have to get washed or wrinkled or cut up or verbally berated or forced to drink someone else's blood
do you think Ryuuko is just gonna waltz around fiber heaven naked or something?

>> No.32898877

A new day, a new coldfiber.

>> No.32898978

"Calm down. I don't want to fight you.", you say. Maybe that will work.

"Oh yeah? Well, I want to fight you! Who the hell are you, imposter?!"

Well, that fell flat. She withdraws from your clash, and tries for another attack, which you also block. She continues to try over and over. Her efforts are valiant, but pointless.

"Will you stop trying to attack me if I tell you?", you ask.

"That depends on the answer!"

You sigh. "I'm a different you, from a different timeline. This is the only version you'll hear from me, because it's the truth."

She jumps back. "Sounds like a load of crap to me! Are you one of Kiryuuin's club presidents or something? From the Imposter Club?"

"She's clearly from the Yakuza Club!", Mako pipes up. Currently, she's making more sense than the other you is.

"I've already told you who I am.", you plainly state. "I want to talk. Can we do that, or do I have to kick your ass first?"

"You make it sound like you can do that! Maybe you can block a little, but with Senketsu's help, I'm unbeatable!"

Has she forgotten about her fight with Sanageyama already?

[ ] Remind her
[ ] Prove her wrong
[ ] Leave

>> No.32899007

Prove her wrong

>> No.32899017

>[ ] Remind her
>"You're about to get an asskicking from yours truly."

>> No.32899019

>[ ] Prove her wrong
No bully tho

>> No.32899021

>[x] Prove her wrong

>> No.32899033

[X] Remind her
[X] Prove her wrong
Nothing's as crushing as a multitasking beatdown.

>> No.32899039

>Remind her

"You couldn't defeat a blind man. I still have my two eyes. I know I'm shit at math, but at least try to use the 2% your braim allows you to use for thinking."

>> No.32899047

Rolled 13

>[X] Prove her wrong

>> No.32899048

>[x] remind her

what is this, a coldfinger for Gama?

>> No.32899069


>> No.32899071

>[ ] Remind her
Sit down Ryuko.

>> No.32899198

Still too big
Only a little bully

>> No.32899474

The other you starts running towards you again. You shake your head, and sheathe your sword.

"You know, this whole situation allows me for some real self-reflection."

You drive Jiyuuzan's scabbard into her abdomen, knocking the wind out of her, and causing her to fall to her knees.

"Ryuuko!", the other Senketsu calls out in panic.

"Oh, so I can hear this Senketsu, too.", you remark.

"So can I.", your Kamui says. "This really is crazy."

"T-there's two of me, too?!" The other Senketsu is understandably shocked.

Meanwhile, the other you is still struggling to catch a breath. "What the... hell?"

You offer a hand to help her up. "Sorry. I really don't want to fight you. Can we just... try to get along?"

"Jabbing me in the gut with a sheathed sword? Talk about patronizing. You remind me of Kiryuuin." Was that supposed to be an insult?

She accepts your hand nonetheless, and gets up. "If you're not a fake, how come there's two of me?", she asks.

"As I've said, I'm from a different timeline. I don't know the specifics myself.", you say while tying up your ponytail again.

"A timeline where I'm some kind of mobster, or something?", she chuckles, and you follow suit.

"No, this look is something I came up with to draw less attention. Before the facelift, Senketsu looked the same as the one you're wearing."

"...This is Senketsu, too?", she examines the Kamui with interest.

"I am, yes.", he confirms. "And I'm as weirded out by the fact there's two of me as you are."

"I don't really get it, but you two are like sisters, then!", Mako concludes.

You scratch your head. "In a way... I guess?"

Mako draws both of you in for a hug. It's a bit weird to be hugging... well, yourself.

>> No.32899500 [SPOILER] 

"This really is crazy.", the other you says. "Come to think of it, what's this sword you're using?"

"This?" You raise your sword. "That's Jiyuuzan. It's my elementary school graduation gift. Most practical gift I ever got." You grin.

"Huh. Well, I use this instead. It's weird, but... it's also important to me." She waves the scissor around.

"Oh, I have one of these, too." You take out your Scissor Blade from one of the suit's pockets, and enlarge it.

The other you suddenly becomes deathly silent. Did you do something wrong?

>> No.32899511

inb4 the qt hugging the qt rips a hole in the universe

>> No.32899520

Right, then.
Time to get to the point :^)

>> No.32899525


>> No.32899547

The Court of the Crimson King is a cruel place indeed.

>> No.32899551


>> No.32899552

it's on like donkey kong now

>> No.32899555

>I gotta find how to kill myself now I guess

>> No.32899560

Looks like you spoke just a bit too soon.

>> No.32899564


She's going to find that hard to accomplish.

>> No.32899591

well butter my knees and call me Timothy
I did not think even Ryuuko would be able to fuck it up that quickly

>> No.32899611


>> No.32899628

Ruh roh.

>> No.32899781

hey I just met you,
and this is crazy
here's my scissor blade
no hard feelings, maybe?

>> No.32899825


>> No.32899861

Nonon is writing the cover as we speak.

>> No.32900213

Still writing, in case you're having doubts.
We're entering the final stretch, however long that may be.

>> No.32900236

Final stetch of the day or final stretch of the quest?

>> No.32900241

[RESOLVE intensifies]

>> No.32900251

>We're entering the final stretch

>> No.32900252

The week passes quickly, and only one day until Ragyou makes her move remains. You wake up rather early. Satsuki is already awake, but still lying next to you.

"...I'm scared, nee-san.", you say, tightening the embrace.

"Scared of what?", she asks in a soft tone.

"What if we fail? What if Ragyou gets her way?"

Satsuki looks you straight in the eyes. "She won't. We won't allow her to. You, me, and all of our friends and allies."

"...You're right. I'm a coward for thinking that, aren't I?"

"No. It's better to get it off your chest than let the fear build up within you. We're up against a powerful enemy. This is not cowardice, Ryuuko. It's prudence. Still, we must not let the situation overwhelm us. We're powerful ourselves, and we have many others helping us."

You nod. "Yeah. We'll pull through."

You get up, and start preparing for the day. Over the past week, you haven't been doing much other than intensively training with the Devas and Mako. After multiple reassurances that her knives won't hurt you even if they hit you, Ayako starts participating in the practice, as well.

This is the last day, however. Should you train one more time, or let everyone prepare for the fight mentally, not just physically? Before you do anything else, perhaps you should find out what the situation is like, and detail your counter-plan to Ragyou's plot to everyone.

[ ] Go to the command room
[ ] Train
[ ] Go to the lab

>> No.32900281

>[X] Go to the command room, Takarada might be there

>> No.32900287

>[x] Go to the command room

>> No.32900308

>[ ] Go to the command room

We still have time for drunken fun times?

>> No.32900310

>[x] Go to the command room
We've been training half our life for this.

>> No.32900320

>[ ] Go to the command room

>> No.32900328


>> No.32900350

>[x] Go to the command room

>> No.32900358

"In less than an hour, you will be joining the largest ground battle in the history of anime."

>> No.32900471


>> No.32900474

Ryuukofags! Satsukifags! Devafags! Nudists! Persons of fiber! Shirtfuckers! /u/!
THIS ENDS next week, probably :^)

>> No.32900524



>> No.32900529


>> No.32900530

>final stretch
>tfw some requests won't be made anymore now that the ride is over

feelsbadman ;_;

>> No.32900640

>The ride
>Ever ending

Get a load of this meatbag

>> No.32900655

Who know's? Maybe OP will have a new adventure for us to go on and for you to doodle.

>> No.32900840

You need to plan. The two of you head to the command room.

"Inumuta, summon everyone here.", Satsuki says.

Inumuta nods, and uses the PA system to call the Three-Stars, and the Nudist Beach commanders to the room. Everyone assembles fairly quickly.

"I assume you've called us to discuss the strategy.", your father says.

Satsuki nods. "That's right. Ragyou was confident enough to tell us a thing or two about how she intends to carry her plan out. Inumuta."

"Right away, Lady Satsuki." He displays a satellite image of Honnouji Academy on the large screen.

"In the middle of the courtyard, a transmitter is placed underground. We expect it to emerge soon. Ragyou wants to use it in combination with the Original Life Fiber to broadcast an activation signal to all REVOCS-made clothing. That will initiate the Cocoon Planet process."

"She wants to bring the Original Life Fiber to Honnouji?", Mikisugi asks. "From what I gather, it's a massive object, not easily transported."

"Apparently it can move on its own just fine, and Ragyou can control that movement.", you answer. "It will take a while, though. Honnouji Academy is pretty far away from the Kiryuuin manor."

"Then our objectives are simple.", Souichirou concludes. "Stopping Ragyou's advance with the Original Life Fiber towards Honnouji, and destroying the transmitter."

"I doubt she's just going to let us do either without a fight.", Satsuki says.

"Instead of stopping her in her tracks, wouldn't it be easier to destroy that big orange blob? She can't do what she wants to do if it's not around anymore.", you suggest.

Your father nods. "That's part of the plan to begin with. We must absolutely prevent Ragyou from starting the process. While reversible in its early stages, it carries a lot of risk."

"I'm guessing we're going to use the Naked Sun again?", Kinagase asks.

"That's right.", Mikisugi answers. "She has been thoroughly upgraded, and is ready for a fight."

>> No.32901443

Nonsense, all of it. Even though you're closer to reaching your goal than you initially planned, the corporate enterprise you had to undertake to get here has been nothing but a massive waste of time and energy.

As every coin, this one has two sides, however. You do need humans and their energy to accomplish your goal. As vast as your power is, you can't make seven billion people wear what you want them to by force, not within a viable timeframe anyway.

You run your hand across your back, feeling the scars. That's right, your time is limited. You don't know how much of it you have left exactly, but you can't afford to waste much more. You leave the bathhouse, and dress up.

You produce your phone, and call Hououmaru.

"It's me. Have you been monitoring Nui's work, Hououmaru?"

"Naturally, Lady Ragyou. She will complete it on time."

"That's one good thing from her, at least. I want you to call a meeting in the auditorium. Do your thing. Once you're done, we'll set everything into motion. I'm already at the mansion."

"Understood. Congratulations on your success, Lady Ragyou."

You smirk. "Thank you, Hououmaru. But, let's hold off on the celebrations until after we're done, hmm?"

>> No.32901533

Ragyo sure loves her baths.

>> No.32901539

To verify: will there be anyone around for the votes, or am I currently writing for myself?

>> No.32901540

inb4 nui backstabs ryuko and satsuki because she loves her maman waaay too much

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Here, captin'.

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>> No.32901593


I'm here

>> No.32901613

just because I'm out from chat doesn't mean I'm out from the thread :^)

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I think I'll need a new thread, either way. Page 9. Give me a moment.

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This one's archived http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html
And this one's new >>32901711

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