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This is how I all-bard party ( lawfully )

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>green shit
How the fuck you dare dirtying Homus Priest with that pile of rotten excrement? I hope you get magical aids dude

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>no Homura

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Homura is either the manager or the crazy fangirl. Or both

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This is how I CHOSEN ONE

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No anon, I am convinced this is how you half-fey shota druid.

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Sooo... this is how I Shadowrun? Maybe?

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She's the audience.

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all inside is so frustrating.

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This is how I werewolf

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This actually makes me kinda irritated.

>Judas Priest

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you don't know what it's like

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All-bard party?

Homu did nothing wrong

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Ya done goofed

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That game needs to be translated.

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Wait a sec I know that artstyle....

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>censoring shota chest

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But loli is not shota.

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notice how girls have blooms on their forehead and boys have leaves

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tfw your german and actually finished it a few times.

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All lolis.

There were no shota in Unteralterbach. I played it. I came buckets.

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>No cute shotas to abuse

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Homura is the roadie.

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Why is this a thing? And why do I want more of it?

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This is how I Bard

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This is how we GURPS Infinite Worlds.

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If you did you'd find yourself doing the same thing too

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all bard party done right

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What the fuck is Cirno doing in that picture?

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All right, All-Bard Parties,

The BBEG and his greatest lieutenant (pic related) have challenged you to an all-out music contest.

How do you deal with them?

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Two things
1)Why is Sauron both Lead Singer and the Drummer?
2)Heavy Metal is how I deal with them

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>Why is Sauron both Lead Singer and the Drummer?

You'll have to ask the artist. It would indeed make more sense for Melkor to be Lead Singer, considering he took part in Iluvatar's world creating song.

But I just wanted to propose the challenge, especially since song battles are a valid option in the Silmarillion

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This is how I all bard party.

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This is how I Bard vs. Bard

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Being the strongest, as per usual.

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>Ctrl + f
>No Tribute
Step up teeg

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What an unruly bard party.

This is how to lawfully do so.

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This is how I nat 1 a Seduction check.

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That's how I Nat 20 on a Fishing check

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This is how I all Bard party.

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This is how I wish I sundered.

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>Judas Priest

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Mein negger

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Well if they're heavy metal, than ohviously the answer is comedy punk. I would sing them the song of my people: the Vandals' greatest hits.

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