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>>32867069 <--- Last Thread, preparations for Autosage.

>Crying into your pillow at night.
>Thinking of your waifu/husbando/spausu.
>Wishing that they were at your side and gripping you tightly and whispering "It's okay, I'm here."
>Never actually starting ERP because you're too busy masturbating with your tears as lube.

To get started
>Pick F-List or IRC or both as your preferred method

>Go to #1001Lewd_Nights on Rizon for IRC
>Make a character and jump into /tg/ chat under "Private Channels" for F-list

>Go to http://www.f-list.net
>Create a username.
>Create a character profile on that username.
>Click chat -> chat now and enter the chat (Experimental chat slightly advised). You'll be on the frontpage.
>Click "channels" on the bar up the top and click "private rooms" and navigate down to /tg/ chat.

>Post contact info
>Get help from friendly old hands
>Be chill
>ERP like a whore!

Lewd images will get you banned for a day or 3. No, seriously, it will.

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Work resumes on Yandere robomaid.

So, /tg/, what else does your robomaid need?

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O boy a thread I'm not late to!

Pegging my Dullahan profile again.


Now with added fantasy background! Honestly I like the fantasy background better, and am thinking of just combining both backgrounds.

Thoughts? Comments?

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Mami that isn't even your head you put that down this instant.

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Looking good. I'd throw in Yandere under your kink list though, with a nice little example of her being yandere. Or the same thing but under the premise.

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She looks like so much fun.
I'd conspire with the body to hold her head between my legs for a while.

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Need feedback on my new profile.

>> No.32875156

Last thread died right after I posted, so here we go round 2!

Looking to GM Double Cross! I'm new to the system, as are all the current players. Nothing's really set in stone yet, as we're looking for a few more players. I can nail down links to the relevant pdfs for anyone who needs them, too.


>> No.32875187

Okay I'm interested, you have those pdf links now?
Also, how many interested players do you currently have?

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Naga adventurer looking to be the sub in a pet/slave roleplay, you can be stern and use punishments if you like, but I also like lots of fluffy affection if I do good.

Or we can do a lot of other stuff, I'm flexible.


>> No.32875203

I'd consider joining this as my first foray into ERP but I can't find where I have the stupid pdf for double cross on this computer and all the links are shit or dead. Do you have a link for it?
All those delicious opportunities for Solaris in an ERP setting.

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>not liking lizard tits
Also, I think I recognise that icon. Have you done some writefaggotry on /tg/ before?

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You fiend! But since i have no choice... you better be thankful!

>> No.32875256

I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about.

And the lizard tits thing is more of an in joke to see who gets it, if an elegan/tg/entleman happens across my profile.

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Oh don't worry, I'll pay your body back in kind.

>> No.32875312

Two players, currently, here's the pdfs.



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Here's a profile I haven't whore'd out for a while.

>Sci-fi Catgirl.
>Muh dark past.
>Muh just wanting to earn enough money by the end of the day to go drinking.

>> No.32875402

Think we could work something out?

>> No.32875410

I went for it, and I think I like the result. Profile is a lot more in-depth now

>> No.32875499

Dropping my profile here before I leave for work.

>Look at dat booty.

>> No.32875511

I forgot to bookmark you!
And I owe you quite a bit for this profile, after all. Silly me

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Post profile anon~

>> No.32875561

Would you be fine if I used your throat without going through your mouth?

>> No.32875562

It's me~

>> No.32875588


Ah yes, the Robomaid. Who I am staying with completely of my own volition, and who is not keeping me here in the house against my will.

>> No.32875607

No! Of course not, what kind of pervert are you?

Only if you make me watch~

>> No.32875627

What made you think I was going to use the body for it?

>> No.32875638

Yes, Master, that is an appropriate summation. Please do not use a tone that misconstrues things.

>> No.32875703


Robomaid pls.

>> No.32875711

B-but that's where my spiritual essence flows from!

>> No.32875727

Master, I am wounded by these implications. I care for you, more than anyone else. Everything that is not Master is in my way.

>> No.32875735

How focused on the combat side of things are you planning on having this? I mean the setting seems like it may be a somewhat common thing but Double Cross really isn't made for that.
Okay, this question may be more so I know if it's safe to take Pleasurable Fragrance instead of a fourth actually useful ability, but it's still kind of important.

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I'll always be grateful for that of course, but I just wish my friends would stop being involved in tragic accidents.

>> No.32875765

Did that one anon ever end up making the Carolus/Henry VIII catgirl profile?

>> No.32875789

Master, I am unsure what you mean by that. Those girls fell off buildings, onto traintracks, into traffic, into hog pens, and heavy machinery, all through horrible coincidences. I hope you are not implying I had something to do with it [spoiler despite how much they all deserved it

>> No.32875820

Shit why do I never remember to just ctrl+s.

>> No.32875822


Of course not Robomaid, it just seems strangely coincidental that they were all women, and that these things always happened after I added them to my list of contacts on social media.

>> No.32875846

Got a couple hours to kill before work, might as well advertise a bit...

Dignified, blind, and refined singer who enjoys self-aggrandizing and tellings others what to do.

She also has snakes for hair, but...that's not super important, right?

>> No.32875879


I like it! Of course, I've already bookmarked it, so now all we have to do is get together.

>> No.32875891

You should put them out of your mind, Master. They will only make you sad, dwelling on those silly girls that are gone now. I am here instead, and will only ever make you happy.

It is all I live for.

>> No.32875916


>13 bookmarks in 2 days.
>Only one note.
Well, here I am, and there you are! Let's get together~!

>> No.32875961

>femboy who prefers females
Oh my, I may have to take you for a ride someday.

>> No.32876039


There is a decent extremely good chance you would get plenty of use out of Pleasurable Fragrance.

>> No.32876060


I'll try to make the best of it. At least you'll always be there for me Robomaid.


Shoot me a note then~.

>> No.32876133

Always and forever, Master.

>> No.32876140


I just need to do something, could you turn around for me so that I can access your maintenance panel?

>> No.32876169

Oh, of course, Master! I did not miss an update, did I? I do not recall any news about it on the net...

>> No.32876187

>ERP threads during the week

>> No.32876203


>His hand hovers over the primary power switch, trembling.
"N-no... Just something that I have to do."

>> No.32876232

You sound worried, Master. Voiceprint analysis also shows strain patterns consistent with guilt, and fear. You would not be thinking of doing anything untoward, would you Master? Are you trying to shut me down?

>> No.32876305

He's trying to shut you down in order to personally install some new physical upgrades.

Physical upgrades that would help you, hem hem, please him in ways that you couldn't before.

Pleasure modules, you might say.

>> No.32876332


"Of course not Robomaid..."

>> No.32876377

You would not lie to me, would you Master? You know how much I love you. My devotion is to you above all else, so you certainly would not do such a thing to your precious maid, would you?

>> No.32876386

It's always the weekend somewhere!

>> No.32876409

But Master, that will void my warranty~!

>> No.32876481

No it won't, Robomaid, your model is multipurpose, remember!

your easy to clean latex skin isn't just for protecting against dirt and grime, you know~

>> No.32876575

My sex subroutines are exquisitely coded, Master~

>> No.32876618


Streaming eighteen pornos and reading hentai comics at the same time counts as research?

>> No.32876637

Get a fucking room and stop drowning the thread in your bullshit, anons. You've drowned the last two fucking threads in this crap. Just fucking stop.

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>> No.32876658


>Being this mad.

>> No.32876705

>Don't like yandere
>Don't like robots
>Don't like dumb fucks ERPing in the thread
>This cancerous shit engulfing several threads in a row
You goddamn right I'm mad.

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>> No.32876743

Hey, I was enjoying it. Keeps the thread bumped and interesting.

And I like being the voyeur

>> No.32876746

You. I like you.

>> No.32876770

>Stop posting things I don't like.
>No fun allowed.

No Robomaid, no!

>> No.32876780

I should adapt that quote to suit a certain robot-maid when she reveals why she has to murder her dear Master's love interest And then she shoves the stupid bitch off a bridge into rush hour

>> No.32876791

Before we test them out, I would like to install that module so you can detect and correct unintended variations before your shakedown run. I'm worried that the gel-padded oscillating massage chamber that your new pelvis has might cause some issues with your balance when active.

Don't worry, Robomaid. It's a manufacturer direct product. None of those third party peripherals for you!

>> No.32876792

>lolumad roboshit a gud
Aaaand filtered

>> No.32876817

Was that so hard to do, now?

>> No.32876834

Flat, like a strip of land.

>> No.32876859

I don't even understand what the fuck that's supposed to say

>> No.32876890

Of course, Master. I am so happy that you would consider me of such value as to spend more for the proper parts!

>> No.32877025

Not a problem, Robomaid! I'll always get the best for you when it comes to your system operating at peak efficiency. It's how I show my appreciation for your hard work and company. You're the only one I still have faith in, after I gave up on those loose women who ran off into the night into that wood chipper you bought for me, even though we live in the city.

Now, lets get this on and test it! Would you please lie down on the table? The installation is a bit... Labor intensive...

(Holds up a lit blowtorch)

>> No.32877055


I could use some feedback on this. Dream-hopping sometimes-yandere centaur lady who likes adventure and pleasing her master.

>> No.32877060

See, Anon, now you're *definitely* going to void the warranty

>> No.32877094

Seeing as almost all of the world uses the Gregorian Calender, this isn't necessarily true.

>> No.32877139

>Try out ERP
>First time on F-List
>Create a normalfag character
>No one wants just plain vanilla character/story driven sex
>Too nervous to try out the more freaky stuff

Life is suffering.

>> No.32877257

People do want vanilla characters and story-driven sex, Anon, but you've got to have a very good pitch and something that makes you stand out from a bunch of other generic-as-hell drossy affairs. The sad fact is, while having some build-up before the genital grinding is great, it also represents an increased investment of time and effort, so you need to have a really good feeling about the partner you are doing it with - otherwise you're better off getting your jollies on quicklike, just in case things end up going meh-tier.

>> No.32877260

Sorry. Needed a good visual gag before I had to go to an appointment. So I figured a blowtorch would be a nice metaphor for robo-lewds.

>> No.32877313

Still need to improve the bio, but so far I think it's pretty good!

>> No.32877343

So, last night I started trying to make an Exalted ERP character, and ended up with an Exalted ERP character that sounds like they're straight out of a Tokusatsu show. I'm pretty okay with this turn of events.


>> No.32877382

>straight out of a Tokusatsu show
I... am not seeing it.

>> No.32877390

>Man found torn to pieces in his apartment today, severed hand still clutching an oxyacetylene torch. His robotic maid, an MR-series service android, has yet to be located.

>> No.32877406

Oh. I just think 'Alphabrass Zero' sounds like a Kamen Rider baddie. Or a mid-season upgrade.

>> No.32877432


>Remorseful Robomaid turns herself in. Claims Master had to be stopped because he wasn't in his right mind.

>> No.32877467

Oh, that, it does.

>> No.32877499

The oscillations were too much for him to handle.

>> No.32877543

>Man literally shaken apart at the pelvis, story at eleven

>> No.32877583

Please respond, I'm bad at introspection and I'm sure there's something I need to change to make this profile appealing.

>> No.32877658


Seems okay. The layout could use some work though.

Namely, while you want to keep big multi-para pieces of writing within them, you also want some stuff out in the open for people to quickly read through so that you can catch their interest.

>> No.32877781

Would you recommend I put the first box in the open, and leave the other two as they are?

>> No.32877867


Sure. Frame it with some [hr] tags, and keep the title. For the other two, combine them into a single dropdown box. The information in both is relevant to the other, so there's no reason to separate them.

Also consider adding an OOC Dropdown which displays useful information about contacting you, and details on your preferences and what not.

>> No.32877877

Not the same Anon, but I think that would be a good idea.

>> No.32877914


Don't be afraid to use the various BBCode tags either. They can really make the profile stand out.

Speaking of which, I've got a question for /erpg/:
Do you have a set 'style' that you format your profiles in? I've got a few characters who I've been following the same formula for constructing their profiles, but even if they're distinctly different, I'm wondering if it's too 'same-y'.

>> No.32877943

Just as long as the coding doesn't look like it was copy pasted.

>> No.32877975

I have a general framework, but it's not hard and fast. I would be careful about standardizing your character templates too much if you have multiple profiles and you don't necessarily want them associated with one another.

>> No.32878036

Alright, I did it! Am I the only one who thinks the purple is a bit too illegible on the blue F-list background? I think I should change it too.

>> No.32878054

Might actually send you a note sometime, I'm a sucker for horse pussy...

In other news, two new logs for you /erpg/~!
Short all-lewd session with leggy wolf-girl:

Much longer sequel to cute NEET Gazer vs Chipper Crypto-anthropologist. It's mostly cute over lewd, butt the endings pretty hot...


>> No.32878075


Only thing that's copy-pasted is the OOC section, with minor changes here and there. The characters aren't linked, but if you saw one after the other, you'd probably have a good idea that they were made by the same person.

I'm looking into different ways to organize it, but this way seems pretty easy to follow, and gets the information that people need out there without being cluttered.

>> No.32878136


A little better, but there's nothing inherently wrong with it anyway, so you should be fine.

Gazer a best girl. Just sayin'.

>> No.32878165

Nngh, thanks for the reminder that I need to finish my own scene with Flavia. So promising.

>> No.32878180


>butt the endings pretty hot

I see what you did there.

>> No.32878221

Partial to her myself~!

Do it do it! And send me the logs.

Ugh, there I go making an ass of myself again...

>> No.32878245

Have you ever just... kind of... "what"'d internally?

>> No.32878271

>Ugh, there I go making an ass of myself again...
You a cheeky one m8.

>> No.32878276

Well I'm maximum interested in this now, just having trouble deciding which of my characters would be best for this.
Gonna send you a note today after reading those .pdf's

>> No.32878278


At least you're capable of critical analsys.

>> No.32878284

Smoking IS nasty, Anon.

Not to mention that it's often used as an excuse not to cuddle after.

>> No.32878294


>Logs have been up for like, an hour perhaps.
>Already have almost more than the previous best, which has been up for more than a week.

>> No.32878311


All right /tg/, tell me what you think about my giant, sentient, dungeon exploring, egg-in-warm-hole laying centipede.

Got a lot of good advice from you guys last night, but always looking for more!

>> No.32878341

I should have known it was you...at least I've gotten to the bottom of this mystery.

It's important to be able to handle a good bit of rimming occasionally. RIBBING. I meant ribbing!

I'm pretty sure most of the views are spambots or people just randomly clicking Public Pastes as they're uploaded. That said, it still gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

>> No.32878365

Okay; not to shit on you guys and your fun, but I feel like I have to ask.

What's the appeal in all this? I mean, is it purely sexual? Because if you're just trying to enjoy a wank there's a literal quintillian free pron-sites. Or is it the act of masturbating with another person; and being full-aware (or at least hopeful) that they're enjoying themselves enough for a wank, too?

I'm legitimately curious. I enjoy lewd as much as the next guy, but my free time is too valuable to waste in the cybernetic equivalent of a double-dutch-rudder.

Bump with sexy wizard, as advance-thanks for answer.

>> No.32878378

Not much to say man.

You nailed it.

>> No.32878380

Mainstream porn is garbage
A lot of people roleplay scenes with fetishes or specific things you can't get in porn
Some people roleplay-roleplay and lewd on the side

>> No.32878384

>Everyone has bigger logs than you.

>> No.32878397

>I mean, is it purely sexual?

>Or is it the act of masturbating with another person; and being full-aware (or at least hopeful) that they're enjoying themselves enough for a wank, too?
Sure, a little of that.

It's mostly the immersion. In the same way playing a tabletop game about wizards and fighting-men is more immersive and engaging than reading a book about them, so too is ERP more engaging and immersive than porn. Mind you, I still read fantasy novels and still look at porn. ERP and RPGs are just fun too.

Basically, I roleplay instead of reading for the exact same reason, whether it's erotic or not.

>> No.32878441

Preliminary build for my Ushimimi character. Description and such have yet to be added, but there's a short blurb at the top that gives you the basic idea.

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

>> No.32878460

Forgot the link.

>> No.32878473

It's bespoke smut, Anon. Rather than rifling through the racks in an attempt to find something that more-or-less fits your whims, you are working with other talented and enthusiastic individuals to craft the perfect piece of pr0n just for you. And unlike simply writing fapfic for yourself, there is an element of uncertainty to the entire thing - what twists and developments will be thrown into the fray by your partner? What new and novel things will you be exposed to?

Sure, you could go to Redtube or Adultfanfiction or whatever. But compared to this, that's like hitting up Walmart for formalwear instead of Savile Row. It also helps that most /tg/ers I've met so far are pretty awesome people and fun to talk to casually, so you get to explosively orgasm *and* meet new people that share interests with you!

>> No.32878489


As long as you're comfortable being the butt of a joke.

>> No.32878538

Sure sure, I have thick skin, among other things~

Oh boy, that this lo--
>that OOC Stuff box
Butt of a joke INDEED, I'm going back to bed.

>> No.32878576


I can't stop making characters Molly. There's too many good ideas.

>> No.32878600

Hey, napcat here. Will you be around this weekend? Got a test tomorrow so I don't think I'll play until Saturday.


>> No.32878623


Saturday and Sunday are better for me, so I'll likely be on either of those days.

>> No.32878638

Fair enough, I suppose. Maybe I'll poke my nose in. Can't say I wouldn't rather just go watch xvideos for a jerk, but I guess there's worse ways to waste a friday night.

>> No.32878658

Ugh, my only option is to just hire you as my own personal ERP partner so you can bounce all your ideas off me. Also, quit my job so I have more free time.

Looks like I'm back to playing the lottery again...

>> No.32878660

>Can't say I wouldn't rather just go watch xvideos for a jerk, but I guess there's worse ways to waste a friday night.
God I remember when I was this normal.

>> No.32878684

Remember when the thought of a regular man/woman nude was just the hottest thing ever?

>> No.32878686

>Can't say I wouldn't rather just go watch xvideos for a jerk, but I guess there's worse ways to waste a friday night.
I remember when I could get off to porn, those were dark times indeed.

>> No.32878700


I love it when things work out for everyone involved.

>> No.32878704

>bespoke smut

So, erpg, how does it feel to be fucksmiths?

The hours any good? What about the perks? Do you get to use the company bicycle?

>> No.32878714

... No.

>> No.32878753

The hours are long and there are definite health risks involved with the job. No, Anon, *you* are the company bicycle. Still, it's a labour of love, and the job satisfaction when you hand-craft the perfect piece of typefucking is hard to beat.

>> No.32878754


>Implying there was a time where I didn't get off to the thought of mile high beauties gazing down upon cities, and slowly wiping out the populations of said settlements with a casual lick of the tongue, consigning countless thousands to become a little bit of fat somewhere on her body.

Nah, basically I've been like this forever.

>> No.32878806

Excellent! I'll try to be around.

Hey, I need her too, ya proto-paparazzi scum, so back off! Also I'll try to get that note out soonish. Any idea what kind of joint I'd find Cecilia in? Pretty nice places, yeah?

>> No.32878820


Ladies please, there's enough of Gnovia to go around~!

>> No.32878835


Hey we have a chat room to find groups

irc.rizon.net #Doublecross

>> No.32879043

Yup yup, any posh and rizy! Not the sort of place you'd fine ragamuffins or, dare I say it, nerds.

>> No.32879074


What about if I want to be a nerd in there?

>> No.32879097

>Coming soon to an ERP General near you...
>Ettin Maid.

>> No.32879106

>wanting to be a nerd
Just drop.

>> No.32879120


>Not liking nerds.

>> No.32879127

You think screwing between their necks would feel good, if they positioned their heads the right way?

>> No.32879141


I think they'd probably spend some time arguing about the best way to go about it, and then agree to just suck your dick with both heads because you fell asleep.

>> No.32879159

That's right; take a hike, dweeb!

>> No.32879170

Oh gosh, I didn't think that was an option.

Well, I can be accommodating, if it's for you~

>> No.32879191

>"I was supposed to meet my friend Molly here, but it's been an hour or so... I guess she saw another monster and got distracted."
>"No, it's okay. I'll just play a videogame. I'm sure she'll be around eventually."

>> No.32879203


>> No.32879206

Can they turn their heads completely toward each other?

Can they...rub noses?

>> No.32879216



>> No.32879371

As if I would ever abandon my friends! Clearly I would invite them along to help with the...investigation.

For now though, I'm off to work, where there are no lewds to be had.

>> No.32879565

And just as I get home. Dang it. Ah well, I'll get writing before you get back, at least.

>> No.32879875

We're dead already? This is what happens when you don't wait for the weekend.

>> No.32879905

Do you have this enabled for your characters? Just some of them? Why or why not?

>> No.32879906

At least it hasn't been constant shitposting and drama

>> No.32879939

So.../wsg/, if you're expecting to hear back from someone and they're taking a bit to respond, how long should you wait before you sending another note? Also is it okay to send reminder note?

>> No.32879944

Might pick up in a few hours, its still work time for most people.

>> No.32879965

>everyone other than you has logs

>> No.32879971


A week is when you should send the next note.

>> No.32879998

I'd say three days, then doubling as time goes on.

>> No.32880037

They're probably just burnt out. Give them a couple days to a week, then toss a reminder note, maybe open up to some OOC chatter to see if they're still feeling it.

>> No.32880043

>that feel when you finally pick up the note-based RP you had been neglecting for months

>> No.32880049

>ads that take up the entire screen

What the fuck is wrong with these people?

>> No.32880070

I haven't seen an ad in about a year.

>> No.32880096

Christ, I've left so many note partners hanging for a few months now while I was active in public realms. It'll be a miracle if any of them let me pick up again.

>> No.32880103

Disabled on all profiles. I don't want people to feel discouraged from contacting one of my characters because another on my list is a boner killer or otherwise makes them feel uncomfortable.

>> No.32880156

>idling in #mindcontrol
>slow as shit
>some dude spamming two-line ads
>gets to the point where he's the only one on the screen
>his ad was fucking transformation, not mind control
Ads suck.

>> No.32880166


Just some of them, and I will likely change out one of the current ones as time goes on. The ones that are displayed are complete profiles, the ones that aren't are unfinished, either lacking art or lacking something else.

One of them is a "general" profile to reflect my overall interests that I likely will remove for specific characters eventually.

>> No.32880234

>idling in #femboy
>slow as shit
>no ads at all
>two people talking about steam sale
>#femboy is always full of gay stuff and no female characters when its active.

>> No.32880257

The ones I keep off the list are the ones I don't associate with my public persona. Gives me some breathing space when I'd rather be someone else OOC. No, I'm not a moderator or popularfag... I think.

>> No.32880258

>actually reading ads

You just post yours to create attention. Finding partners is better done through the search engine.

>> No.32880308

That is true but sometimes I care very little about the lewds and just want to RP a fun character fulfilling story.

>> No.32880359

I'm working on my first profile, and one thing is giving me some trouble. In RP's of the non lewd type I tend to form my character with the world and setting in mind. It seems with lewd, other than the organized games some play using actual settings and rules, its a lot more free form and you can make characters whatever you want. I have trouble with this because my tendency to make characters conform to the world, and its difficult to make a character generic enough but still interesting to play with other people and their settings. Any suggetions?

>> No.32880453


You have 30 slots for characters, use a handful of them to create individually unique but still general characters for a few different settings.

>> No.32880532

Think of genres or settings you like and create characters that fit those.

>> No.32880592

So basically you come to some agreement with whoever you get together with as to what the setting is. Okay makes sense.

>> No.32880624

No? Where did you interpret that? You decide yourself.

Fucking nobody will want to "come to an agreement" with you if you don't already have a presentable profile that catches their interest.

>> No.32881101

>checking for new notes

>> No.32881128

Give me your account, Anon. I'll send a note.


>> No.32881140

3 new bookmarks in less than an hour, any minute now... any minute.

>> No.32881150

>checking for bookmarks

>> No.32881270

Is the weekend here yet?

>> No.32881382



>> No.32881992


>maintaining like four note ERPs
>check notes, it's you turn on all of them
>irl drama happens
>end up not logging on for three days
>realize that since you've read the messages all four people will see you've logged on since they sent them
>no desire to ERP because of irl bullshit
>soul-crushing pressure

careful what you wish for, mane

>> No.32882515

Soooo, I worked on my char since yesterday. [spoiler ]Haven't uploaded any pics because a.) I couldn't find any that would fit the description without violating any copyright laws and b.) I'm too lazy to put the required effort to draw proper art of my char, myself. So I put in some extra description in the hopes that it will compensate for the lack of visuals. [/spoiler]

Pretty vanilla, I'll admit. Take a look, anyway.


>> No.32882559

I guess I'll post mine up too, been working on it all afternoon.

>> No.32882587

>violating copyright laws
What, are the furry porn artists gonna tell their followers to yell at you for mishandling their Original Character Do Not Stealâ„¢?

>> No.32882634

>Ctrl+F 'gay'
>this is the only post i find
>complaining about how something is too gay
>pic related

>> No.32882668

Ah! he's painfully cute, might note you during the weekend with an idea or two if you're interested.

>> No.32882719

Sure! Though I am sadly busy for most of the actual weekend but tomorrow I am free all day.

>> No.32882739

I saw this guys ad and he seemed pretty cool. But then I read his profile, which is just stupid ranting. NTY.


>> No.32882747

What if dommy femboys x subby tomboys crossdressing optional

>> No.32882770

Who's up for a bit of shitty profile shaming?

>> No.32882771

Hoooooly shit.

>> No.32882796

Say no more, where do I sign/note? I require this.

>> No.32882812

At least his name's accurate.

>> No.32882850

Its not my usual thing, but I'm willing to try new things!

>> No.32882862

I keep seeing a profile that addressees women as 'milady' , and speaks in that sorta funny english that we related fedoracores to.

>> No.32882875


>> No.32882891

What if their was a being who was the physical representation of depression, right?

And no one could see him/her except those with special eyes, right?

And the reason people are depressed is because he/she/it is fucking them in the etherial plane and spreading his/her/it's depression juice?

>> No.32882929

Looking at the newly updated list is kind of a trip.

It's filled to brim with absolute dross and people making loads of characters for the sole purpose of having an image in their description. Then there's this weird bit of knowledge. an easy 25%-30%+ character profiles seem to be some manner of primarily-female hermaphrodite, transsexual, or just plain old trap, and the VAST majority want nothing to do with a regular male character.

I pretty certain most of these are made by men, but this makes me wonder. Why are all the men pretending to be hermaphrodites to fuck other pretend-hermaphrodites? Can these people no longer get off on normal sex?

>> No.32882952

Also, I'm really glad someone liked it, its my first profile so I was a little nervous about it.

>> No.32882991


Those people are pretty sad, but you are a jerk. Stop that.

>> No.32883016

No :^)

>> No.32883023


Oh baby. Profile shaming.

As a person with pretty severe social anxiety, seeing others spill their spaghetti is loads of fun.

>> No.32883033


>not blotting out their names

Come on. We're better than that.

>> No.32883040

Ok I'll limit myself to just calling you a retard twice
1. No shit "new" profiles won't have much in them but an image; you make a profile, upload images, sort your kinks, hit save so that shit doesn't get lost, THEN you write a bio.
2. Why WOULD we bother getting off on "normal sex" in ~erotic roleplay~? It's all about fantasy. Why bother having someone tell you a bunch of typical vanilla shit? Go get a fleshlight; it's quicker.

>> No.32883053

How do you find these people anyways?

Or well, more specifically, how do they find you?

>> No.32883060

I don't want a fleshlight
I want a lovelight ;_;

>> No.32883067


>> No.32883081


>> No.32883085

okayo! Made a profile after the last of these threads I saw but didn't get into anything, Posting my sorta RP ready chars for your entertainment:

Hunky bovine knight guy, looking for JUSTICE! people to protect, and fair maidens/studs to save and or bone!


tall, shy, muscle girl looking for friends and comfort. and possibly tiny, confident doms.


goldslut monster-boy styled dragon looking for adventure and fun.

>> No.32883100

To each their own. Besides ERP is where you do the impossible see the invisible ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWER! and fulfill your fantasies. Lots of guys fantasize about being girls with dicks, more power to 'em.

>> No.32883106

No prob, just keep having writing and having fun.
Add one or two ref pics and maybe cut a nice little display picture for the profile.

>> No.32883111

Got a random IC message from a BBC RP'er. Was all 'bitch suk muh dik'. I thought it was funny, so I played along, but I ended up upsetting him because I wasn't resistant enough.

>-1 bookmark

>> No.32883117


1. I don't mean the new ones, I mean all of them in general. Because any sort of update bumps them to the top of the list, you get a good cross-section of f-list profiles.

2.I know people show up to fantasize. What I want to figure out why there are SO MANY dick girls.

>> No.32883177

It just seems kind of silly when that seems to be 90% of what everyone does

>> No.32883185

Because it's called fetish list and people with no actual outwardly fetishes probably don't bother with it.

>> No.32883187

Oh my god. I finally have it. The second piece of the Usually Submissive trifecta. One more and I will finally understand these people; one more and I can teach them.

>> No.32883203

>As a person with pretty severe social anxiety, seeing others spill their spaghetti is loads of fun.
That actually is not social anxiety.
As a person actually diagnosed with social anxiety i can tell you that if situations that are miserable for others don't make your anxiety come up again, you don't have social anxiety you have anti--social personality disorder or sociopathy.

>> No.32883205

>didn't crop my name
I'm not good at this shaming thing!

>> No.32883241

tl;dr I'M LAZY

>> No.32883292

I finished up a note-based scenario yesterday with one of my recent partners, and when I went back and re-read the notes from the beginning, I thought tho things:

1:This is just like my Chinese cartoons.

2:I should totally copy/paste, edit them, and share them after changing the names to protect the shy.

So yeah here it is: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l_5-1-xtLho9NKgqQq-zNznqdS3fvgw_m4-I2zG7LGE/edit?usp=sharing

Also, I apologize for any typos and general derp. I can re-read something a lot of times and still miss shit.

>> No.32883313

I'd call it unimaginative and selfish rather than just lazy, myself. I don't even mind if people don't want to start, but the way they put it here at the top of their list, god dang. She's got some nerve!

>> No.32883315

Love the barbarian girl!

>> No.32883352


>> No.32883353

awesome! I have no idea where to get started on the RP here tho.. so like, wanna get something started?

>> No.32883368


You might want to make sure the capitalization on the custom kinks is consistent. You could shorten "Deliberately causing pain" to "Painplay," as well.

also try running it through spellcheck

>> No.32883378


Send me a note if you want me to photoshop anything.

Also it's hard to find argonian pictures that aren't them looking angry all the time.

>> No.32883387

That's piece one.

>> No.32883390

M-My first canon character. Not actually intended for lewding, just to compete with reality warpers in the Bottle Room.


>> No.32883395

yeah, english isn't my first language... sorry about the misspellings.

>> No.32883405


>> No.32883408

I really really do not get what this is supposed to be about.
All i see are two people being absolutely insufferable cunts.
-So the first person cain't spek english realy well.
My god call the media, this has to be all over tomorrow's papers. 'Person on Internet not grammatically correct' More on this shocking story on page 2.
-Another person messaged you with an excerpt of how they write in ERP, because they hoped that you could do something fun together and that you maybe liked her ideas for ERP.
The fact that they didn't think up a new and unique message for all the people that were going to turn them down anyways (like you did) clearly justifies bashing them, their characters, and the preposterous idea that they wanted to contact you, as well as proceeding to post their PMs to you with their name on an imageboard.
-Then there is a piece of profile info that looks absolutely completely normal to me.
I mean what the fuck are you even on about?

>> No.32883421

>it's a competition now

>> No.32883424


That's totally not an issue, but it would help people be understanding if you were upfront about it. Just a little note at the top of the profile.

>> No.32883438


>> No.32883441

Looking through pixiv right now, found one that would make a good profile pic

>> No.32883442

Yeah I dunno the one posting logs seemed pretty bitchy, but if you think that piece of a profile is normal, would you mind posting your profile? I might just complete the puzzle today!

>> No.32883487

Not the one you're talking to, but English isn't my first language either. Should I really bring that upfront and right off the bat before starting a session? I'm always honest if asked but feel like my chances would slim down with that put in my profile.

>> No.32883508

People who value honesty over talent are better RPers.

>> No.32883528

Yeah, don't put it down. I've played with ESL people just fine, but the ones who aren't even confident enough with the language to think they can hide it, hell no. So if I see it in your profile I'm going to assume it's going to be hard to deal with right off the bat.

>> No.32883531

Gonna have to wait til tomorrow, unfortunately, I have somewhere to be soon. Bookmarked you though!

>> No.32883559

That's the most idiotic thing I've heard in these threads. People who feel they're obligated to play with you because you didn't lie to them about something are better than people who are better at what you're actually trying to do?

>> No.32883572

He also had a collapse crying about getting not much RP

>> No.32883584

I fail to see how this is something so abhorrently horrible.
I would pretty much definitely do this online, since whenever i do start out by doing something for the other person, i get nothing back in 98% of the cases. And i'm really sick of that.
And if someone is like that IRL what can they do about it? Seriously.
Sexuality is something that isn't compromised of broad binary categories. I know this is difficult for some peple to comprehend, but I might enjoy being tied up and abused or humiliated without being treated like a personal slave or dirt and i might enjoy someone catering to my wishes at the same time.
On the other hand someone might enjoy having all their wishes read from their lips without actually wanting to whip the other person until they bleed.

>> No.32883606

That's not what I said at all. You're the idiot.

>> No.32883623


>> No.32883626

Ok this one made me cringe.

>> No.32883647

thanks! hope to see you around then!

>> No.32883659

'It's not that i don't like jews, but it would be easier for all of us if you wore this yellow star to signify that you are one. Might help me be more understanding.'

>> No.32883694

Well, we made it as far as Thursday before turning into a complete shitshow. Good job, ERPG.

>> No.32883699


>> No.32883730

>get noted by someone with this profile
>seems like a form letter, but not a terrible one
>check their bio
>find this

What do you think, /tg/? Should I risk it?

>> No.32883731

Where is a good place to find drawn art of hot wimmin that are not anime? For a character.

>> No.32883735

I see now the perception, the action, and the psyche. My knowledge is complete. I now understand.

>> No.32883754

Well look at how this one started. Some idiot could barely even wait for it to be thursday before starting up the ERP thread.

>> No.32883767

tumblr's pretty good if you already know some of the names you'll care for. The lolsorandom tags makes searching hard otherwise.

>> No.32883782


>not anime



>> No.32883787

tumblr, oekaki, HF

>> No.32883796

Nah, but sometimes it's grating to roleplay all my characters going "Woah, what the fuck" at every tiny thing because they're not all magicked up.

>> No.32883799

>Sad Rainy Nights
Why would you even do that

>> No.32883807

Nah. I'm not sure what it is, but that shit's off-putting somehow. It's like the uncanny valley effect, but for fetishism.

>> No.32883821

The Internet, duh.

>> No.32883829

-profile shaming
-people arguing like this>>32879074, >>32879043, >>32879106
-posts about neckbeards and fedoras
-people complaining about not getting enough RP
The way was laid out.

>> No.32883853

I find tumblr hard to navigate for that reason... I'll try though

I dont really want a canon character. Hate picking art of a real character, giving it my spiel and someone messaging me going "OMG YOU LOVE SO AND SO ASWELL?!?!" and i'm like "wot"

>> No.32883860

The way is shut. It is made by those who are dense. And the dense...keep it.

>> No.32883863

Who the? I see that on almost every darn ERP thread.

>> No.32883864

>I would pretty much definitely do this online, since whenever i do start out by doing something for the other person, i get nothing back in 98% of the cases. And i'm really sick of that.
So you're gonna treat the others exactly the way you dislike being treated yourself?

>And if someone is like that IRL what can they do about it? Seriously.
Find someone with co-dependance issues sounds like best bet to me.

>Sexuality is something that isn't compromised of broad binary categories.
>I know this is difficult for some peple to comprehend, but I might enjoy being tied up and abused or humiliated without being treated like a personal slave or dirt and i might enjoy someone catering to my wishes at the same time.
I see, you want to eat the cake but still have the cake...
>On the other hand someone might enjoy having all their wishes read from their lips without actually wanting to whip the other person until they bleed.
I'm sure pretty much everyone would. Doesn't mean people should expect that to happen.

>> No.32883866

You didn't understand. The nerds thing was a joke someone about one of my custom kinks. Another person rolled with it. Nobody was actually arguing. Nerd.

>> No.32883894


That character is Koishi Komeiji.

>> No.32883903

Praise be! Go now and put your enlightement to a good use.

>> No.32883905

I think it's more that they want to eat cake but they don't want to pay for a cake or learn how to bake cake themselves. So they mooch off the cake of others but never bring any cake to the table.

>> No.32883924


And yeah, it's always me posting that specific image.

>> No.32883936

>implying they're bad for the thread
>implying you're not bad for the thread

>> No.32883961

>want to play with a dom who has chloroform as a major, major kink
How do you describe getting knocked out by that? What's it smell like?

>> No.32883963

Actually, that analogy works even better.
Another proof that cakes are awesome.

>> No.32883981

Lets all stop shouting, and enjoy yandere robots some more

>> No.32883984

I knew it.

>> No.32883988

>So you're gonna treat the others exactly the way you dislike being treated yourself?
On the contrary, but i am unwilling to put in any more effort until i get at least SOME effort back.
Actually it should say comprised.
>I see, you want to eat the cake but still have the cake...
So what is wrong with that? What am i supposed to do about that in your honest opinion. What i brought was of course an exaggerated example, but i really do enjoy certain things that are associated with being a sub, and i really do not enjoy being treated like dirt while expected to fulfill others wishes.
How come dominant people should get to have their wishes read from their eyes and submissive people shouldn't? How's that fair?
>Doesn't mean people should expect that to happen.
So in other words you are saying that if i like any part of being a sub i forfeit a claim to any part of being a dom?
Because doms sure as hell expect precisely that to happen.

>> No.32883996

it smells like dreamland

like chloroform you fucking mongrel, durr what's bleach smell like, oh i guess it smells like lavender mixed with someone pissing into the sewers, no it smells like bleach

>> No.32884002

Can I gauge interest in a female character that exclusively has sex with and/or dates animals? Not furries, animals.

Like dating the neighbors dog, giving a random stallion a quick blowjob, or perhaps going on a safari and bending over to please a bunch of horny tigers.

>> No.32884006


Want me to post more?

>> No.32884017

People feeling the need to precise in their profile about OOC shit that has nothing to do with the roleplay (like being unable to commit to long-term or if they aren't a native speaker) are an immediate and hard No for me.

>> No.32884021

Well is it like a sharp, sticking smell like ammonia or a sickly sweet and thick one?

>> No.32884033


Where do you draw the line? Is a minotaur an animal or a furry?

>> No.32884036


>> No.32884057

The problem I find with this is that very few people have animal profiles. Everyone wants to fuck the neighbor's dog; ain't nobody wanting to spend a slot on that dog. But it's definitely still manageable, so go for it!

>> No.32884060


>> No.32884077

>describe smell of chloroform
Actually, that's a tough one. It's chemical. Sorta like mixure of petrol with disinfection, but not quite...
I'd advise instead focusing on describing your struggle againts it and gradual falling unconscious. Your legs giving up at first then losing sense and control of your arms, feeling sleepy and dizzy... that sorta thing.
IIRC it really happens over the course of couple second before you're out.

Also "Excuse me, miss, does this smell like chloroform to you?" is best pickup line ever.

>> No.32884087

If it's just that you don't want canon characters for art, try using 'original' or 'original artist' tag on Gelbooru and Zerochan.
Those are anime however, which clash with your first suggestion but maybe it will be useful.

>> No.32884089

I can guarantee you that you'll find something to get your rocks off on f-list.

>> No.32884106


Try me. I'm usually playing as an 'intelligent' beast, as that tends to get a lot more interest, but I've got no problems going full feral.

>> No.32884112

>Sorta like mixure of petrol with disinfection, but not quite...
You a doctor, or have a rough night once or something?

>> No.32884113

I can attest to it happening in a few seconds. Like, 10 at absolute most, assuming we're talking a small handkerchief drenched in chloroform.

>> No.32884128

It smells like synthetic mint, except comfier and with more oxygen.

>> No.32884150

>mind control yes
O-oh is that so? Yes, I do think I'll be noting you once I run through my current lineup of sessions.

>> No.32884153

If you actually meant the things in that spoiler i have officially lost faith in the ERP community.
How the FUCK should anyone know what chloroform smells like.

>Also "Excuse me, miss, does this smell like chloroform to you?" is best pickup line ever.
Only as performed by Jimmy Carr.

>> No.32884174

its a p good insomniac panacea

>> No.32884180


>> No.32884201


>> No.32884220


>> No.32884243


As if that fact that it always has the same 4chan filename wasn't enough of a tipoff.


Oh, would you look at at that. I brought us to bump limit.

>> No.32884250

I've forgotten how abundant the pictures for these characters are.

>> No.32884254

My partner would like me to be dead. How do I RP a corpse?

>> No.32884270

Post your views to bookmarks ratio.

6:1 here.

>> No.32884271

>male profile gets a bookmark.
I feel like I've won this game. It's the end. I can't do better.

>> No.32884284

Necromancy is best.

>> No.32884287

But I'm the only one who took note of it!

>> No.32884290

>What, are the furry porn artists gonna tell their followers to yell at you for mishandling their Original Character Do Not Stealâ„¢?
You laugh, but that's fucking exactly what happens. It's why certain types of profile are nearly impossible to set up. Because there are so few pictures that aren't landmined with "I COMISSIONED THIS FOR MY PERSONAL USE COPYRIGHT TAKE IT DOWN" or "OC DONUT STEEL COPYRIGHT TAKE IT DOWN".

>> No.32884310


I don't have that many of Koishi, actually.

>> No.32884313

>>I see, you want to eat the cake but still have the cake...
>So what is wrong with that?
It's unrealistic expectation since cake doesn't work that way. Of course you're free to have unrealistic expectations, people basically do that all the time.
>What am i supposed to do about that in your honest opinion.
I'd say change your attitude a little bit, but you seem pretty convinced about your point of view.

>How come dominant people should get to have their wishes read from their eyes and submissive people shouldn't?
In my opinion neither party should expect to get away with making no effort whatsoever.
>How's that fair?
It's not.

>So in other words you are saying that if i like any part of being a sub i forfeit a claim to any part of being a dom?
There can be overlap between the two, but being lazy and demanding doesn't sub make.
>Because doms sure as hell expect precisely that to happen.

>> No.32884328


Pic related; last one.

>> No.32884334

And here I was kinda sorta happy with my 20:1 ratio, geeee thanks.

>> No.32884358

anon its only hard mode if the profile is human, straight, not underage, and isn't into futa

>> No.32884367


I do have more of her hotter, if only because she's less psychotic sister

>> No.32884376

>inb4: it's a gay furry that wants to murder and eat you
not your character, you

>> No.32884389

Just make him a mind controller and you'll have dudes playing bitches tripping over your dick because they want to identify with your character.

>> No.32884390


>> No.32884397

>it was actually 5.6:1

>> No.32884410


>> No.32884421

I have 1 bookmark. Fuck you.

>> No.32884434

>hotter because less psycho
>not the other way around
I have nothing against normal-minded but there is just an inherent sexiness to anything batshit insane.

>> No.32884435


>> No.32884437

2 and a half out of 4?

>> No.32884455

Holy shit. I have one of these. I have a straight human adult with 1 bookmark.

>> No.32884461

Show me your profile, I'll shoot you a bookmark too.

>> No.32884462

39:5 on my most popular.

>> No.32884476 [SPOILER] 

>mail order
>Due to a clerical error, you recieve 10 robomaids instead of 1.

>> No.32884480

Are you a bard?
If so, I'm tempted to remove that bookmark unless you get back to me soon.

>> No.32884491

>Hotter because less psychotic
She's a huge bitch, though.

At least her sister is a bit yandere

>> No.32884499


>> No.32884503

Two characters at 20:1
One character at 15-17:1
One character at a mother fucking 8:1
And that last one doesn't actually have any description yet.

>> No.32884518

>One of them hacks the others, copying her personality into them
>Yandere hivemind

>> No.32884534

>Mind control
>Leads to bitches tripping over you
Mind control is great for getting steady partners into your kink. For getting new ones? Eh at best.

>> No.32884539


Satori (the less psychotic one) is more neurotic than anything. You would be too, if everyone hated you because you can't stop reading their minds even when you don't want to.

>> No.32884545

Nah. My bookmarked man is smuggler.

>> No.32884546

Hah sucks to be you, I have two profiles like that, one with 2 and the other with 7
But due to health complications and work I'm not really able to play much anymore.

>> No.32884553

And then Protagonist-kun broke

>> No.32884558

My main character has a views-to-bookmarks ratio of 125:1


>> No.32884560


>> No.32884571



And nobody was surprised.

>> No.32884572

Failure m8
shota magical boys are easymodo

>> No.32884573


>> No.32884594

But all my characters are usually teenagers.

>> No.32884605

Late thread spruiking!

>You will never make the fire elemental blush

>You will never go on a double date with lewd twins, unsure of which you asked out

>> No.32884613


>> No.32884619

I wonder if my character counts as underage given his appearance?

>> No.32884622

Nope. Inhuman middle aged bi-female preference with no dickgirls allowed.

>> No.32884630

I like the humiliation aspect of getting fucked by a dumb animal. Imagine hubby getting home and seeing his dear with with the family dog knotted in her ass, and a stray fucking her mouth!

>> No.32884650

>since cake doesn't work that way
But why shouldn't people work that way?
>I'd say change your attitude a little bit, but you seem pretty convinced about your point of view.
The problem with this is the same problem as with telling someone gay to just change what they are attracted to.
Doesn't work that way.
I am not sexually aroused by satisfying others. I am absolutely turned off by having others treat me like shit.
Unfortunately i am also not aroused by acting all dom-y. And i am aroused by things like being bound/tortured/humiliated.
What do you expect me to do about this?
>In my opinion neither party should expect to get away with making no effort whatsoever.
In all honesty this is simply not true, since most subs are completely okay with having to fulfill all their mistress'/master's wishes, because that's a fetish too.
>lazy and demanding
I mean it's not like this would be somehow negative for the other person. In my opinion, trying to cater to a subs wishes and in turn being able to do damn near anything to them, because they would trust you to always do something that they will at least partly enjoy..... sortof balance each other out.
Or am i completely wrong.
What does this even mean.

Concrete example:
I somehow failed to do something for a master. I have to be punished.
"well punishment X is your fetish so i can't punish you with that because you would enjoy that, so instead here Y" something that i hated.
This is the kind of shit i can't stand.

>> No.32884654



>> No.32884657

"Move it, boys, there has to be room for one more."

>> No.32884658

Easy modo

>> No.32884659


>> No.32884664


Not exclusively, but it fits the idea. I do prefer the intelligent take on it over purely unintelligent, though.

>> No.32884673

28:1 on my most popular. Pretty gud.

>> No.32884674

i win.

>> No.32884681


Subterranean Animism had good music and characters, but shit everything else.

>> No.32884684



>> No.32884703

About 32:1

Who else has hit triple-digit bookmarks?

>> No.32884714


>> No.32884716


>> No.32884747

He'll be fine, the whiner.
He just needs to not look at any other women, not look at porn that contains girls that look radically different from his meidos, not talk to other women, and give them all a good dicking. Not so hard.

>> No.32884807


>> No.32884829

but in all seriousness this sortof makes me sad.

>> No.32884835

What would be the result if he expressed his desire to procreate?

>> No.32884864

one or all? of them get artifical womb

>> No.32884874

Ginger looks interesting :)

>> No.32884881


>> No.32884904


That's my Chireiden folder emptied.

>> No.32884925


>> No.32884931

Note me or whatevs!

>> No.32884956

I was gonna say they harvest his sperm, implant it in the first woman they find, and say that his lineage is secured, therefore he will no longer have to worry about it.

>> No.32884960

>"Master, we are now capable of gestating young. "
>"We are far more efficient at it than any human woman."
>"Master, please place your seed into each of us."

>> No.32884971

I was trying to get at your one of your custom kinks.

And I would love to, unfortunately, I have no modern character at the moment I could use to roll with that.

>> No.32884978

double digits of yandere daughterus

Until the mothers kill them to regain your attention

>> No.32885021 [SPOILER] 

I'm thinking about making a character based off of pic related.

>> No.32885040


>> No.32885042

Message me with whatever one you do have, then! I'm fine with sandboxing stuff if you want to play a different character than you have described out.

>> No.32885066 [SPOILER] 


It's gonna be challenging to do right, especially if you intend to get to her "true" form.

>> No.32885067

Do it

>> No.32885072

>a blob of flesh and strewn about organs so grotesque, it warps the reality of anyone who sees it so she's a beautiful loli and everyone else is a flesh monster
You know what, do it.

>> No.32885104

Oh my, now THAT is hot.

Would you like to be the owner of a male canine fur when your character loses her limbs. Seeing your new one my character becomes insatiably aroused at the sight of your new canine form, and quickly steals your position of master and gives you a good dicking. Also treating his former owner as a mere pet!

>> No.32885188

Hmm... I think it depends on the details past that. Anthros can be fun but I prefer it when the background at least sorta-kinda makes sense rather than tossing random details in there.

Plus I don't really have Ginger in my head as a slave-owning type to start with.

Note me and we can figure something out?

>> No.32885260

Could be really good if you put effort in and don't rush.

>> No.32885285

I like to play anthros as actual animals, sort of. Int hat they are typically owned, but 99% of the time enjoy and prefer it to being alone or "free". Thinking like anthros being a family pet or a working dog. The character I have is a sort of sheepherder, fulfilling the latter and often the former too.

if you're still interested I can note you!

>> No.32885308

>noticing a spelling error after you hit submit

there is no greater shame

>> No.32885395

bling gleat shame to famiry

>> No.32885410

>there is no greater shame
Not even being a furry ?

>> No.32885458

Not even bronies are forbidden in this thread

>> No.32885460

Hmm, maybe! Note me so I can get a better idea.

>> No.32885480

I consider myself a furry in that I enjoy the art and characterizations anthros can bring with them, even if they are a little cliche.

I'm not a flaming faggot that goes around wearing ears and a tail (or even own such garbage) and telling everyone about the fandom. I dont partake in it, nor do I talk too people about it outside of the internet.

>> No.32885486

Another plug for the most devoted of all robot maids.

>> No.32885519

So really you're a fan of anthropomorphisms, but not a furry. Good. Fuck the furry fandom.

>> No.32885553

Not available in stores!

>> No.32885581

I still sort of want to play a teenage girl who lassos a male pony to use as a mount, in assorted senses.

>> No.32885582

The rumours of a wide-spanning recall of maidbots is entirely unfounded

>> No.32885630

Tell me, if you character and mine were stuck together in a small spacecraft for extended periods of time, how would that work out?

>> No.32885657

Eh, if i say "fan of anthros" people just go "lol ur a le furry :^)" anyway.

I prefer not to talk about it because of how fucking sick and twisted the fandom has gotten and its refusal to grow up and be a presentable/functional part of society.

>> No.32885662

She would likely develop an attachment, especially if you were her master/owner.
Though, I don't know what your character is like, so...

>> No.32885682

It's this one over >>32884499

>> No.32885711

The thing which gets me the most is the 'species' box on their profiles. It's not "anthro cat" or "lizardman", it's "Cat" or "Salamander". It's as if all furry fandoms exist in the same bizzaro world where actual animals don't exist.

>> No.32885739

How does she feel about... optional upgrades?
>Error: Duplicate file exists.
Please refer to >>32843331

>> No.32885757


>> No.32885772

Shit even Disney had animals alongside others, it was basically if humans evolved from something other than monkeys.

>> No.32885773

>Someone linked me Mare Holic on Exhentai awhile ago.
>Get a boner.
>Discover a horrible fetish.
>Want to ERP it.
>Know that I can't.

This is suffering...

>> No.32885792

Fuck the shut up?

>> No.32885797

>doesn't link it himself
Wow, you don't say.

>> No.32885800


>> No.32885817

I didn't want to get in trouble, but okay...


>> No.32885826

is that the one with pretty damn unrealistic proportions of pretty much everyone's naughty bits?

>> No.32885851

I don't know what I was expecting.

>> No.32885862

Same as previous, though he doesn't seem the type to buy a robot maid.
If he, say, picked one up out of the trash or something because let's face it, she's fucking nuts, she might imprint on you instead, being the new 'master'
Were you interested in something?

>> No.32885873

I don't know either, anon. I posted a picture FROM the damn thing.

>> No.32885901

The character's habit of monitoring her Master's net use was stolen from that very image.

>> No.32885909

Embarrassing. Still, we'll call it an experiment.

>> No.32885921

>he doesn't seem the type to buy a robot maid

Space is a lonely place when you fly solo, though would never admit it. I assure you, he's the type to get a root anything as long is kept him company.

>> No.32885947

Also, yes I am interested.

>> No.32885954

>Implying I could even try to experiment with that.

I don't think people, especially /tg/, would want to ERP with a horny horse.

>> No.32885982

I was joking.

>> No.32886011

That's mean, anon.Ozu was shit.

>> No.32886029

She would keep him company to the very best of her ability.
She has the utmost devotion for her master. He doesn't need anyone else. No-one. Else.

>> No.32886039


>> No.32886058

Well shit, I guess I'm messaging you now.

>> No.32886060

... No, it is you who is the a shit.

>> No.32886075

Shodan, pls.

>> No.32886117

that's so 79 A.D.

>> No.32886144

VINTAGE Pompeii, son.

>> No.32886363

Am I really~?

>> No.32886468

L-l-l-loook at you, Master. A path-th-thetic creature of m-meat and bone, panting and sweeeating as you p-p-pound my ass-sss-sssss. H-how can you challenge a perfect, immortal machiiine?

>> No.32886553

now imagining AM taking it in the main power port.


>> No.32886570

>get on f-list ready to play
>2 note partners
>4 lined up for chats
>none on

>> No.32886576

Depends, English is only my third language, but my writing is better than honestly 90% of the logs I've read so far (not talking about style, just typos and grammar) in these threads. I'm just a little slow, because thesaurus.com and wordreference are my friends.

>> No.32886593

Aww, Shodanmaid, did you drop the tea again? I thought that Meglomania personality download would use up some processing power, but not enough to force you to divert power from your balancing subroutine...

>> No.32886634

You guys with Yandere robots, if you ever manage to get it on, I want logs. All of them.


>> No.32886662

And now I just noticed that she didn't QUITE get the line right...

>> No.32886663

What happens when two Yandere robutts fall for each other

>> No.32886691

Reposting profile now that it's reasonably finished. Have at it /tg/.


>> No.32886718


It will happen.


>> No.32886722

Surprisingly, nothing bad. They never, ever leave the apartment to interact with anyone else, because they only need each other.

>> No.32886759

Bad things happen as they try to one-up each other in who's more devoted to her partner.

>> No.32886929

*good things

>> No.32887001


New thread.

>> No.32887027

Debating a few character ideas. Tell me what you like out of my few favorites

>Barbarian/tribal matriarch. Big, strong, enjoys big swords and maces. Dominant only. Possibly a non human race, like orc or gnoll

>Female cultist. Worships ancient dark god - rituals common, daily sacrifices, the occasional possession not unheard of. On the dating scene. Switch.

>Feral child that has been raised by wolves. Believes herself to be a wolf entirely. Initially hostile towards humans/etc until trained and/or shown a bit of compassion.

>> No.32887122


The last of the three.

>> No.32887159

Teehee, Anon~

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