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>taking "samples" from boys
>doing unnecessary mouth to mouth resuscitation
>"accidentally" giving men viagra
>never actually starting ERP because the night shift's full of hobos and junkies

To get started
>Pick F-List or IRC or both as your preferred method

>Go to #1001Lewd_Nights on Rizon for IRC
>Make a character and jump into /tg/ chat under "Private Channels" for F-list

>Go to http://www.f-list.net
>Create a username.
>Create a character profile on that username.
>Click chat -> chat now and enter the chat (Experimental chat slightly advised). You'll be on the frontpage.
>Click "channels" on the bar up the top and click "private rooms" and navigate down to /tg/ chat.

>Post contact info
>Get help from friendly old hands
>Be chill
>ERP like a whore!

Lewd images will get you banned for a day or 3. No, seriously, it will.

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>That pic.

dayum, dayum! DAYUM!

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He never gave us the logs, you know.
Never gave us the logs.

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Here I go.


Spider chuuni gal who likes tender, soft vanilla ice cream half the time, and rough, passionate chocolate sundae the other half.

Mint cream is also acceptable.

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This will be our new ERP general: Fucker never delivered.

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Here we go again.

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The logs, man? Where are they?

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>covered in fur
>fluffy ears
>completely human face

whats the point even

like, is it so you can keep telling yourself you aren't 100% furry

why not just go all the way and move on

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>tfw urge to create a new profile is rising.

I need inspiration /tg/. Post (not so lewd) images, and lewder suggestions.

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Supposedly gone, wiped from the chat and that dude never bothered to do what the other guy instructed him to do.

Who knows, maybe he'll hear our plight and deliver us from our torment.

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> Alright, fine, I'll get off the demon-couch and go seduce some mortals already if it'll get succu-mom and incu-dad off my case

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This is b9.

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> It's okay. It doesn't matter. We're both here for you, anon. We're both ready for you, anon. We'll both make you happy, anon.

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Would you anons like some treats?

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>"So, you're challenging me to a duel, huh!? Let's do it! Hyaaaah!"

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> Finally, I'm an adult! I knew that potion was worth it. I get to...uh...crap, what do adults do? YOU! Show me how adults have fun!

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> Ufufufu...you've failed the spell again, huh? Well, I guess you are only an apprentice...But I can't have MY apprentice fumbling that easy of a spell. Come on, I know a few tricks to help build your willpower up...

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The things we do for the ones we love...

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>not just a quarterstaff
Thanks, I needed that vile to rise to my throat.

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Wanning: manticores are not certified medical assistants, do not trust them.

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> Hrmf. It's been getting cold lately. You're now my personal space heater. I'm going to wrap you up whenever I want to. I trust there are no objections?

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Sure, I'll join you after the commercials.

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Thanks anon(s). Keep them coming, if you'd please.

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not even

if that's the kinda stuff you wanna fuck then that's fine, more power to you, etc etc

but whats the sense in thinking paws on your dick and big fuzzy teats are okay but snouts are off-limits

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> DnD is the only thing that exists
Mind who you're calling casual, casual. Wuxia's a fine and noble genre.

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>a valid representation of monks
You can TRY to get it right, y'know?

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>manticore-girl nurses
>dem tails

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Did you get around to Daoist Sex Arting?

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I'm so bad at names. How do you get good at naming characters?

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What? No seriously, that was my first post in this thread. What?

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You steal names from canonical characters that get two seconds of screen time.

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Think of a name.
Now find out what it means.
Now look for that meaning in like, Italian.

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Did you, or did you not, get around to using the fucking Daoist Sex Arts?!

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>Meaningful names

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Name generators, or think of a pun/related character trait and then go through the meanings of names until you find one that matches. Preferably in a language you can't speak.

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No! I have no clue what the fuck you're even talking about!

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Well like, if they're really obvious, it's kind of silly.

"His name's Big Penis in Chinese. It hurts to hear it."

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A likely story. I saw that former monk's smile. You did something.

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>Want to get back into erp.
>Don't want to spend 6-8 hours a day on the site.
>For some reason, people expect me to show up daily.
>Holy shit do some of these profiles look nice.
Dammit, I can't decide if it's worth it.

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That's it. I'm using it.

Dà yīnjīng, thanks Anon.

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Do you even fucking wuxia

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I think you have me confused for someone else. That said, now you have me curious as to who's going around doing former monks and sex arts, and in what context.

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YOU. That's the whole point. That's a very good disguise, too. We might almost have missed your true kitsune nature...

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If people expect you to be on constantly, screw those people. ERP isn't something you have to dedicate your life to. In fact it really shouldn't be.

You can't really ERP if you aren't into it. If you don't feel into it, don't ERP. Your partners can just RP with someone else when you aren't there.

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Okay, this has officially gone too far. I don't know who you think I am, but I'm not them, and I'm fucking leaving.

I had more ideas to share before you started calling me somebody, too.

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Just do note play and sign in for 30 minutes to an hour of relaxed, unrestrained erotica writing.

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"May you run into an real life chinese sorceress who yins your jing."

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Is that the big elf and tiny cat pair?
So you have the one with them sleeping on the bed?

>> No.32867749

There they are, that pair of indicative tiny fox ears. It seems the surprise of your discovery has weakened the glamor!

I had more kitsune jokes on the way, too.

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I am sorry about that, I'm new to f-chat and when I crashes I reload the tab. If people are really so into my /ss/ antics I'll start saving logs.
Really all that happened was curvy MILF got mouth, tit, and vag fucked by three different shotas before getting covered by their cum.
Some tit sucking and jerking was in there too, but the more important part was that train like element.

I'm still trying to find an older female character for my slave/servant shota to be his master/owner. Nothing is better than /ss/ involving a female abusing a shota

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>Posts pictures.
>Doesn't look at the pictures.
Them's the breaks /tg/.

>> No.32867839

Thanks. Looking at this pic makes me feel warm inside. And raises so many questions.

>> No.32867881

But dude... where are the logs?

We hope you got lots of head pats.

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>those tails dripping juice

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What's the consensus on character profiles that are more than one character?

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>> No.32868177

Depends how sexually powerful you are.

>> No.32868222

What if it were only two characters? I kind of want to do a young queen and her mature attendant, and I want them to be packaged together. I wouldn't roleplay them both at once, you'd get to pick who you want. I'm just not sure how to go about it.

I'm not quite sure what you mean.

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Hell Naw.

>> No.32868233


And so that day she learned that the one thing adults love to do for fun is taxes.

>> No.32868265

Can you handle... being delicious enough for two?

>> No.32868266

It can work, if the characters are meant to be played together. I've a couple of profiles like that.
But if they're separate, why put them in the same place?

>> No.32868279

Yeah, that's a good point. I just want them to be linked in some way.

>> No.32868280

It's a good move. They're intimately connected and roleplaying may use one, both, or either.

Really, the character sheet is pretty much an advertisement, so just put what you want to do.

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use the [icon] or [user] tags.
for others.

>> No.32868330

I made a thing, first complete profile.

He's a thief whose arrogance gets him into situations he may not live to regret.


Please advise

>> No.32868363

Alright, I know I came down pretty hard. But I guess that's fairly acceptable, I'm not too fond of the idea, but that's because I've honestly never been exposed to it. I'd seriously need something to go off of.

>> No.32868397


Would /tg/ a Feddie?

>> No.32868413

More customs is always good. Stick the 'not listed' under maybe. Change the name of your gore kink to 'excessive gore' or something similar.
Try to find some sexy male pictures.
Summary's pretty nice, but it's all about his actions, with his personality sort of implied around it. I'm not sure if that's a bad thing, though. I don't usually look for male profiles like this.
Some physical description wouldn't go astray.

>> No.32868423

From the Stardust CYOA? Which one?

>> No.32868499


Hadn't decided yet, but I'm thinking from the One Year War.

>> No.32868502


I present to you all, Axon, the 6 foot long, intelligent centipede. A true gentlemen, ladies (and mens) man. He really, REALLY like to lay his eggs in other people.

...first time doing this, so tell me what you guys think.

>> No.32868514

So, /erpg/. Ettin Maid. Would you hire, and if the answer is yes, provide a short explanation of your decision.

>> No.32868517

>That picture.
Holy fucking shit, that thing is awesome. Throw chicks at it and see what happens.

>> No.32868534

No, because she'd probably be booked by everyone else.

>Idle depression intensifies.

>> No.32868570

I'm glad you like it anon!

>throw chicks at it and see what happens
I predict lots of egg laying, lots of cute little babby centipedes, and screaming orgasms for those involved.

>> No.32868603

>monster nurses
>77 replies
>ctrl+f "Verity"

I am ashamed of you /tg/.

Even more than usual.

>> No.32868619

>6 foot long intelleigent centipede

oh my

>> No.32868621

I feel as if you should be using the word "hora", but oh well.

>> No.32868628

>Fave == Oviposition
>Fave == Extreme Pregnancy

>Yes == Condoms
...I sense a contradiction.

>> No.32868633

Would /tg/ a cowgirl?

>> No.32868650

Do you have any idea how many YEARS it's been since verity was around?

>> No.32868655

Wait, along with

>Yes == Unusual Semen

>> No.32868657

If he's male, why does he lay eggs?

>> No.32868660

Condoms can break.

Eggs can break condoms.

>> No.32868662

Yes but not that one

>> No.32868680

Gonna be custom editing that later to add something like "Only when being saved for later consumption!"

>> No.32868688

You seriously need to make that profile more colorful, not overly fanciful, but maybe add some lines, some bold text, Iunno, make it pretty.

>> No.32868691

/tg/ would probably a anything.
Even if they initially said no and it had to brainwash them.

>> No.32868694

I'm trying to imagine how you get the giant bug to willingly fit a condom onto his ovipositor.

>> No.32868696

Yes. Two mouths are better than one!
For kissing, of course~

Of course, it's on my list!

>> No.32868701

He's psychologically and personality wise more male than anything else.
Did you really think he ONLY laid eggs? Nah, along with them there is a type of lubricating fluid that comes out.

>> No.32868704

Yeah the description was what I was worried the most about, I am bad at describing people.
I was planing on holding off on describing his appearance until I found a good picture but all I found was a mix of too young looking anime thief, hood covers face, and sexy lady thief, I'm still looking for a better picture.
The picture was actually a suggestion from a potential partner, even though it's not the sort of thing I would use, it's the best one I've found.

Also you think he needs a summery of his personality? Yeah I can do that, it's funny because that's what it started out as, and I built his history and actions around that.


>> No.32868705

Im thinking about making a butt-cubus but torn about the personality she should be. What would be fitting for a shortstacked anally obsessed succubus?

>> No.32868714

I do. But I like to believe her malicious spirit still haunts this site, the whispered rumors of pseudo striking fear into the hearts of men.

>> No.32868716

He makes custom ones just so he can break them while yelling "WHOOPS!" as loud as he can.

>> No.32868750


You sadden me anon.


Oh Molly, I'd be happy to show you the profile once it's done.

>> No.32868758

Took me a bit to understand the term,
Pushy, dominant, bratty, comes to mind
Of course I may just be thinking a lot of midna

>> No.32868768

Possibly this.
He can be reasonable if you talk to him! He takes no responsibility for any egg laying that results if said condom breaks though.

>> No.32868771

>30 minutes later

>> No.32868807

Succubutts are fucking amazing. They just do things. Really far inside them. And can taste delicious.

>> No.32868824

>curious about the world
>loves to lay eggs in da bitches
You need to give him some sort of top hat to wear while he goes around the world exploring ancient ruins and knocking up everything in sight.

>> No.32868832

Keep it however you think you can write it best. As I said, I can't really offer any commentary on that.

>> No.32868839

We need to make a list of thing /tg/ WOULDN'T.

I know that ferals or feral bodies aren't popular. What else does /tg/ seem to universally dislike?

>> No.32868852


Ugh, if this is who I think it is: God. Damnit.

Stop making delicious characters I can't lewd constantly.

>> No.32868863

Bitchbreaking futa always get yelled about, but I've only ever seen one. And that was really more of a well done paindom then anything.

>> No.32868871

Actually, from my experience, /tg/ seems to like the pseudo.

>> No.32868888

Beings in pre-existing relationships? ie the dread spectre of NTR.

But maybe anti-NTR anons are just really loud.

>> No.32868913

Who doesn't like bitchbreaking futa? Although honestly, it's usually "boybreaking" futa.

We're pretty close to the red boards. There are probably NTR fans around.

>> No.32868928

If it wasn't for the pseudo, why would I even a gnoll in the first place?
I've still no idea what to actually do with one mechanically though, and I'm a little afraid to google it to find out.

>> No.32868932


>> No.32868934

Ah but then you have to work out, what happens after oviposition? Do the eggs swell up bigger over a period of time? How long do they stay in there before birthing? Is there long-term RP where they're knocked up with eggs and waddling around carrying them until it's time to birth, only to get even more deposited in before even the first clutch is ready?

>> No.32868948

>typical day in fantasy land village
>everyone is going about their business
>suddenly, a dark shape appears down the road
>it's a giant, many legged demon of some sort
>the creature crawls forward
>everyone is screaming, running away
>creature heads straight for the only inn in town
>innkeepers daughter faints upon seeing the monsterous, evil, insect
>innkeeper draws his sword and prepares to do battle against the wretched insect
>"What do you want, foul hellspawn!"
>demon politely shrugs off its top hat
>"I would like a room for the night."
>"Your daughter looks quite nice too."

Just another day for a giant centipede.

>> No.32868956

Nobody likes bitchbreaking futas. And I think you misunderstand the term.
Far as I can tell, it's more to describe tryhard doms that dom other doms into submission.

>> No.32868960

>Want to make a Gnoll.
>Don't want pseudo at all.

I just want a big, fuzzy, buxom Hyena lady without a huge clitcock.

>> No.32868977

Why are you sending her a picture of a Browning Automatic Rife?

Doesn't even have a 1918 stamp on it, you heathen.

>> No.32868995

Hm, interesting things to take into consideration. Thanks.

>> No.32868997

>it's more to describe tryhard doms that dom other doms into submission.
That's fucking hilarious. Demanding domwar logs!

>> No.32868999

But see, you don't really want a gnoll at all, do you?

>> No.32869011

I don't know whether to punch you or swoon.
Or both.

>> No.32869021

Why was the last thread not archived?

>> No.32869029

I was thinking along those lines but I didnt want to be a midna clone. I'll just try and swing something from that general idea.

>> No.32869034

List of things /tg/ abhors in ERP so far:

>Ferals/Feral body.
>Bitchbreaking Futa

Keep it coming, nerds.

>> No.32869038

Looking for the robomaiding?

Foolz probably has it.

>> No.32869040

probably won't be able to find many good ones. Seems like most of f-list hates them, really

>> No.32869048

Why does Johnny Jones care about my fetishes?

>> No.32869050


Swoonpunch. Have another one.

>> No.32869066

Is the next one going to be an F2000?

For the 2000 fucks you're going to give her?

Eh? EH?

>> No.32869068


I hope you shagged the right one.

>> No.32869093

If you don't plan on having them be a together most of the time, might as well make a profile for each, and then just refer the other in their respective profiles.

>> No.32869103 [SPOILER] 

You could always be a striped hyena lady. Completely normal down there and fluffy to boot.

Think of it like fingering or eating out an onahole maybe?

>> No.32869112

Chopshop Edition
>pay for the procedure with a handful of bleeding-edge tech chips in grimy seal-loc bags
>work with a friend of a friend's recommendations of a guy they know
>get dosed too hard, gray out instead of watching the entire procedure from the other side of a nerve-block
>find new network device with strange permissions and deeply encrypted IO detected on boot
Don't get to try out new sub-proc, too busy trying to crack encrypted tell-tales and IC that has spread to wired nerve clusters

>hightech lowlife
>plugged-up wirehead

>> No.32869122

You either let someone else put their penis into yours or rape someone else until you cum pussyjuice into them

>> No.32869127

Yandere robomeido. Still WIP, though.
And I've been beating my head against a wall for awhile. I blame the heat. Critique is welcome, of course! What do you Anons think?

>> No.32869132

"The Usual Suspects" - Scat, watersports, gore, and all subfetishes (common variant sets also include vomit, vore and inflation)
That being said, I actually like that sorta stuff
Which may explain why I have trouble finding partners

>> No.32869149

terribly good.
You should find an avatar, post-haste, howe

>> No.32869155

I'm on the other end, anon. I want to be a good partner for the one with the psuedo.

>> No.32869158

You spoil me! A right-hook followed by cuddles, all for you~

Ugh, I wish. That sounds nice.

T-the F2000, not the fucks, of course. I'm a professional.

>> No.32869162

>And I've been beating my head against a wall for awhile.
And why's that? After all the delicious robomaid last thread?!

>> No.32869166

>That being said, I actually like that sorta stuff
Me too, Vore and a but of scat particularly

>> No.32869167


>> No.32869169

Ive found that there are a couple fa/tg/uys are into vore myself included but we are too few and far between :<

>> No.32869172


I think I really like it, but it goes without saying that it needs to be fleshed out. Consult the /tg/ guide to formatting your profile, and don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

>> No.32869182

>Not into furry.

That's cute that you think that.

>> No.32869186

Professionals can have sex.
Are you sure you've been at this a while?

>> No.32869198

Could it be.... most of /tg/ actually likes the usual suspects, but is too afraid to speak up about it?
Probably not, but one can dream

>> No.32869201

I don't know! The ideas won't translate into profile properly. It's a bother

>> No.32869206

Or the left one?
I hope milking is an option~

>> No.32869215


Not quite the F2000, but here it is.

>> No.32869225

Well. You want to be the best maid you can be.

Just talk about how capable your master-pleasing subroutines are. Like you're advertising a new model.

You can also enjoy some freudian slips, since you're a complete yandere.

>> No.32869226

Well if you've looked, al ot of the recent profiles don't have them in the NO area

>I hope milking is an option~
Well they all cows...

>> No.32869230

Generally, the usual suspects are associated with filth in day to day lives. So naturally, not many people would be fans of it.

>> No.32869234 [SPOILER] 


>> No.32869238

Wait, now I'm reminded of something.

That screencap posted in a cringe thread, along the likes of Ser Orris Varn.

It was of some roleplaying forum somewhere, an ad for an escaped experiment in crossbreeding Mindflayer psionics into Thri-kreen warriors. The wizards' plan had been to breed an army of man-killing, woman-raping monsters who would thus impregnate and breed more monsters for his army.

Except he ended up coming out perfectly harmless and respectful, except he still had the programmed incredible urge to breed with human females, which created a great deal of trouble whenever the village he helped heard about his interest in their women.

>> No.32869239

>tfw breastfeeding is in your faves
>tfw you're lactose intolerant IRL

>> No.32869243

Honestly, I like a little scat sometimes, but in a very very specific way.

>> No.32869249


Shagging the left one is a good way to make a lifelong friend who wants to take care of you. Milking is also a certainty.

>> No.32869258

I'm reaching for some help, honestly. I'm not prone to asking for it, but I think I need it tonight, because I really dig the concept but desperately needs fleshing out

>> No.32869268


>tfw no female charizard in heat who desperately needs a dicking from her trainer.

>> No.32869283

soy milk and a bit of roleplay creativity can make it feel like the real thing

or just do it anyway, the trip to the ambulance will be worth it

>> No.32869288


>> No.32869291


The last thread was chock full of ideas that you could have plundered. Scene ideas, possible kinks, and characterization.

If it got archived, I highly recommend you give it a read.

>> No.32869295

I never claimed to be experienced, only that I have a healthy work ethic. Maybe you should hit me up and teach me a thing or two?

Ugh, puns and guns. This is why I keep coming back here.

>> No.32869300

>"Savior! Hero!"
>"Whatever can we offer you as thanks and repayment!?!"
>"Well, your daughters would be a nice present."
>"Consensually, of course."

>> No.32869303

Enzymes. Delicious enzymes.

You could also try the power of love and human breast milk to slowly cure the condition! (Or at least help probiotics do that.)

>> No.32869307

Now careful there, you're getting dawww into my lewd. I might actually get used to it.

>> No.32869310


>> No.32869315

Although I play a character with a pseudo, I don't actually like straight up sex with it. Fingering and oral is much hotter I find.

>> No.32869319

>tfw no female charizard in heat who doesn't give her trainer a say in the matter when she decides to get a dicking from him.

>> No.32869333

Not too bad.

Play up the character of the centipede a bit. Make him odd acting, quirky in addition to being curious and horny.

>> No.32869341


D'awww, and a good story with interesting characters leads to much better smut I find.

>> No.32869351

I wonder how many gnoll fetishes on /tg/ that person is responsible for...

>> No.32869362


Roughly 67%. We had a study done.

>> No.32869391

Was this done before or after the major threads about hyena themed gnolls?

>> No.32869419


After, once the dust had settled. The question posed to residents of /tg/ was: "Would you a gnoll" followed by a second one: "When did you know for the first time you would a gnoll". Of those who said they would a gnoll, 67% stated that those images were the reason.

>> No.32869423

One too many, man.

>> No.32869433

Well then.

>> No.32869437

H-how do these images have the power to induce gnoll fetishism?!

>> No.32869443

It doesn't seem to have it though, that's why I ask. Unless it was named wrong or something.

>> No.32869450


The threads at the time were full of grandiose promises of what was in store for anyone who agreed to a gnoll.

>> No.32869463

Aha. Found him. Sir Varn was the key to archive searching.
>He was just as lonely OOC as you'd think. He was pretty bummed no one wanted to bang his mantis person.

>> No.32869465

L-like what?

>> No.32869475


I just checked myself and it apparently isn't there. It must be waiting for approval or something.

>> No.32869489

He didn't have it, but I do.

>> No.32869508


All sorts of things anon. I've seen things you wouldn't believe. Gnoll fetish threads on fire on the first page, write-fags stories glittering in the dark on my computer screen. But all these moments will be lost... Like, /erpg/ threads that don't get archived.

Time... To go.

>> No.32869523

I didn't have this one! Thank you! It's going into the collection. And I love the Sterling.

>> No.32869550

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 was my gateway drug to gnoll loving.
Which is strange, since it didn't have particularly alluring ones, but they did look cool as fuck.
They were also my gateway drug to flail weapons

>> No.32869566


>> No.32869580

That actually sounds like a decent character concept, wheres the cringe?

>> No.32869592

Fortress bros forever

>> No.32869598

>have always been down with gnolls
>already have them as a player race
>yeah including the psuedo and the females being the dominates
>the whole hyena hierarchy is more a suggestion than a forced thing and it's resulted in fun roleplay
>no ERP here, we're too busy doing actual roleplay

>> No.32869607

Not that guy, but the concept is sound for ERP or whatever.

I get the feeling that a good chunk of it was a literal self insert by the guy who wrote it though. All that stuff about loneliness in particular.

>> No.32869612

Top 3 town types

Castle and Rampart are pleb tier.

>> No.32869613

yeah, it's a character that would need to be played by a mature, healthy minded individual.

>> No.32869623

It'll be okay anon...

>> No.32869631

So. Would you a Saiyan dom?

>> No.32869632

Also, now i'm curious, what does a mantis penis look like

>> No.32869636

>that image

Wait a damn second. Is there a fully colored version of the full thing floating around somewhere?

>> No.32869657

>and on that day Paladin Sally discovered what it really meant to be open of heart to all the good peoples

>> No.32869660


>> No.32869677


>> No.32869681

... For what purpose?

>> No.32869686

The concept is half ERP-grade munitions, and half special snowflake Tragedy-Sue

"He was born to be a supersoldier but he's actually a really nice guy and since it was a failed experiment there's only one of him. He has no family and his makers hate him for being a failure at life. Despite his hard childhood and potentially unstable genetic makeup, he's actually pretty calm and sociable, but everyone thinks he's gonna kill and/or rape them. Woe is him"

>inb4 mantis worm gif

>> No.32869697

I dunno, I didn't make it

>> No.32869700

>tfw new partner that you love to chat OOC with, and shares all your fetishes.

>> No.32869701

Yes, yes I would

>> No.32869705

I misremembered, it was actually a regular feature of Mary Sue threads, but, yeah, for the reasons that other guy said.

Plus maybe the special half Illithid/half Thri-Kreen hybrid part too though. If he actually has lotsa psionics, that is.

>> No.32869708

he's like, dark olive

orcs are basically any shade of green from black to fucking lime

>> No.32869729

I do love monkey-people. I'm not entirely sure why...

>> No.32869731

Must be why he has no friends among the greenies

He's the black sheep

>> No.32869742


>> No.32869744

How would you name a character that's supposed to be a queen?

"Queen [Name]"
"Queen [Name][Last Name]"
or just
[Name][Last Name]?

I'm not sure what to pick.

>> No.32869755


>> No.32869757

It's usually a first name basis.

>> No.32869758

How do you even know there's other kinds of orcs of different colors, Luka??

>> No.32869760

> Love ERPing
> Told I'm fairly good at it
> Keep considering joining F-List
> Fetishes shift like the fucking tides

I don't understand how you do it, /tg/. How do you do only one character and only one set of options day in and day out without varying it up?

>> No.32869767

10/10, well done

>> No.32869774

Make multiple characters with different fetishes?

>> No.32869776

By making a flexible character or a character hub.

>> No.32869779

>one character
>only one set of options
You can make multiple characters within the same account. Mongrel.

>> No.32869780

Queen [Last Name]?

>> No.32869781

...Do most people only have one character? If so, I'm a bit surprised.

>> No.32869785

By roleplaying you dork. My primary profile is a rapebait subslut meant to be fucked half to death, but if someone brings an idea up I can snap my fingers and be whatever for a scene. I'm not going to spend an hour making a throwaway profile for one thing.

>> No.32869788


>> No.32869797

Making shittons of characters, of course.

Most people have on average 3, I'd wager.

>> No.32869799

> make a new character
> immediately get this note, before the profile is even filled in
> bonus points: check the profile https://www.f-list.net/c/Sasha%20Eve%20Santos/
> "im your sut"

I knew a robot character was probably a reach to begin with but I didn't expect it'd end this badly, this quickly

>> No.32869803

>Queen [Name]
The name of the Royal Family is assumed to be commonly known so they typically wouldn't include it in introductions.

>> No.32869805

>tfw not enough bullying
>not tears when your bully eats your food and ruins your clothes and locks the bathroom when you really need to piss

>> No.32869819

Holy shit. 10/10 profile, noting immediately.

>> No.32869829

Oh, do continue

>> No.32869859

>TFW lewdfriend who isn't into your fetishes but is happy to experiment just to make you happy
You da best and you better believe it

>> No.32869865


Bullying, eh?

>> No.32869874

That's clearly a joke profile.

I... think.

>> No.32869886

>Grammar competence: Fluent
Better up my requirement to post graduate then.

>> No.32869913


>> No.32869927

Anon, that's SADISM, not bullying, come on tone it the fuck down.

>> No.32869943

>tfw experimental
>tfw everyone assumes it's to make them happy specifically

I mean, not that I don't love my regular partners, but can't I be allowed to be experimental for my own sake too?

>> No.32869959

>Make a character that is royalty.
>Realize that I now have to flesh out their kingdom/the world where they rule.

I better make some coffee. How do I even explain a loli catgirl becoming a queen of a land? Would I make her backstory just King Charles XII, but younger?

>> No.32869979

I have 10 profiles, with about 30ish characters between them. Then you just jump on the one that you're feeling on that particular day.

>> No.32869985


Henry the VIII, but a catgirl. She's been married eight times before, and every husband had a tragic accident after their family handed over some lands or valuables.

>> No.32869991

Fuck it, just play it off nobody is honestly going to care where the hell they come from or what kingdom they rule over, explanation isn't really needed either.

>> No.32870007


Err, seven times before. My bad.

>> No.32870015

You only really need a defining event or two. Only write down what's important about the kingdom with regards to the character. Then you can mess about with it to suit your partner.

>> No.32870036

I know that feel. I have something like fifteen characters, but I still get ideas. Lewd ideas.

>> No.32870041

Could always have succession by royal appointment. Is lolicatgirl a prodigy? She'd be a candidate for that.

Could be dynastic succession. Perhaps lolicatgirl is queen only in name while her trusted vizier takes care of most of the work until she's old enough to understand what's going on (like my character https://www.f-list.net/c/diana%20epona/ )

Every time she's married, the husbands have all tried to have her killed. Most of them succeeded, not realizing that she could reincarnate 9 times. Maybe she's older than her physical form suggests.

>> No.32870052

I really, really hope for the sake of humanity that it's just a troll fucking with me. Is it okay to just kind of ignore it and hope it goes away...? I don't really know what I'm doing yet...

>> No.32870070

"All embrace me! It's my time to rule at last! Fifteen years have I been waiting to sit upon my throne, nya~!"

>> No.32870072


They also keep promising her a litter of little royal cat-children. She's big on the idea of having a family, but people keep having to get murdered.

>> No.32870078

You can ignore. You have no obligation to reply, yadada.

>> No.32870095



>> No.32870107

This, more or less.

Or just make shit up as you go along. Only the most anal of people will get upset if there are small inconsistencies and stuff.

>> No.32870122

This is silly.

>> No.32870129

At that level of 'wat', yes.

>> No.32870130


This is the best. I wish I'd thought of it first.

>> No.32870265

"No allegiance, purr~, I will swear no oath!
Crowned by God, mew~, not by the Church, as my power is divine. Nya~"

>> No.32870303

Saxons: 1
Caroleans: 0

>> No.32870447

hey /erpg/, what do you call those other profiles owned by the same roleplayer that show up in the left column, underneath like " Timezone: Greenwich Mean Time" and "Views: 2616"?

How do you add those?

>> No.32870488

Is the mostly retarded grammar a reference to something?
because it's giving me a boner

>> No.32870494

Last one I swear.

"Legends have taught, battles fought,
This neko has no fear at heart
Neko come forth, come from the north,
Come from the north~"

>> No.32870552

This is easily some of the stupidest shit I've seen in /erpg/, but I like it.

>> No.32870558 [SPOILER] 

>he, not seen Chaika
You! Go. Watch Chaika. Shocking truth!

>> No.32870572

Extra profiles they own.
It's a checklist you can sign off or on if you want other people to see your other characters.

>> No.32870579

As a swede I'm not sure if I should feel insulted or impressed for having a pretty creative character. But yes, that does sound like it could work pretty well for the backstory. It'd be pretty hard to do one super-serious.

Also, nice Sabaton lyrics.

>> No.32870594

There should be a checkmark in character creation/edit under the Settings tab that says "Visibility: Make this character public"

I think the nomenclature for that area of the profile is the "sidebar"

>> No.32870600

You should probably be insulted, I don't know. I don't know what possessed me to take two of your greatest kings and put cat ears and tails on them.

>> No.32870602

Damnit /tg/. I said I wasn't going to do any ERP today. And now I've a whole new character.

>> No.32870626

>you will never be an adventuring hero
>who left behind the fair maiden who worked at the inn
>only to encounter her years later
>now she's a dark knight with fell power
>but she wants to join your party and defeat the demon lord
>you will never wonder what the hell happened as she butchers her enemies and smiles dearly at you from a haze of blood before the battle ends and she asks if you'd like to go get lunch together in the next town

>> No.32870660


>> No.32870668

As is mine.

>> No.32870671


>> No.32870744

Is it weird that now I want to know more about her lore?

>> No.32870800


>> No.32870828

Oh god.

You gave me a new fetish.
>berserker waifu who directs her love at you and rage at enemies, and will never confuse them
>dark knight waifu, who channels dark powers to being cataclysms of pain upon the wicked but is actually a pure-pure girl who is nice to the party and shy (but eager) in bed

>> No.32870830

>dark warrior imouto

>> No.32870857

...I'm almost tempted to make this character now.

Or at least give playing it a shot.

>> No.32870891

>Ahhhh... they all died like screaming pigs, but... I burned way too much blood in my anger... my heart might stop, Hero-chan. Then the Night will claim me for being weak. But it's ok! It's why I made sure Cleric taught you CPR! Like a magic kiss to wake me up~

>> No.32870897


is how

i blackguard

>> No.32870898

>Damn it. My little sister can't be this bloodthirsty. It's so wrong, yet... it feels so right.

>> No.32870919

I'll just leave this here, shall I?

>> No.32870930

Fuck off Monster shill.

>> No.32870941

>shilling that sugary chemical slop
>it doesn't even have aphrodisiac powers

You disgust me

>> No.32870947

Is this yandare territory we're stepping in?

>> No.32870966

... That doesn't sound like Yandere. More like, adorabledere.

>> No.32870974


>> No.32870995

She's a fucking dark knight using the same power as your enemies to slaughter and destroy. There's no telling WHAT territory she might be in.

And to think, she was just some sweet girl cleaning the inn rooms and who shrieked at the sight of spiders, last you knew.

>> No.32871001

uh, they're based off a D&D monster that has a human face, and the D&D monster is in turn based off a mythological monster that also has a human face.

do you get mad about sphinxes having human faces? then they'd just be cats

>> No.32871004

I'm stealing this and adding it to my vocabulary immediately.

>> No.32871016

>ERP thread during the week

>> No.32871024

>replying to bait

>> No.32871030

She still does. Turns out whatever dark god she worships, spiders are the servants of one of their greatest dark god rivals.
She's been a servant of her Vile Master since the two of you were just kids playing together in the fields...

>> No.32871050

>dark knight girl isn't yandere far as you can tell
>but good sweet gentle CHRIST the way she treats enemies makes you have second and third thoughts some days
>does she really have to laugh and hug them as they lay dying, rubbing their blood all over her face as she promises them it was always hopeless before she forces the knife into their neck?

>> No.32871122

I can never look at those images without thinking of the fallen. Miss you, Taeric.

>> No.32871136

It's a long weekend.

>> No.32871161

I have to argue with someone, anon.

>> No.32871168

>setting up camp
>everyone would rather have her take last watch, and then they just wake up early so none of them are sleeping while she's awake
>it's her turn to cook a meal
>oh great
>it's the brains and kidneys of yesterday's bandits
>she sneaks up behind you and puts a little fingerbone necklace that she made around your neck and gives you a peck on the forehead
>"Eat up~"

>> No.32871178

What's your favorite fetish? I'll tell you why it sucks and you're an idiot.

>> No.32871190



>> No.32871191

>the legend says a force will rise from your podunk ass grass town to oppose the Dark Lord
>they never said it was you
>or it'd be a hero
>this is a war of ideology and the Dark Lord is getting way too fucking uppity and prideful, his mouth writing checks his ass can't cash
>good thing there's a scion of strength and might-makes-right ready to teach him his weakness

>> No.32871198


I don't like vore because it implies death, and none of that 'but my stomach acid doubles as an aphrodisiac' bullshit can excuse it.

On the other hand, I've entertained thoughts of being something that can capture/hold a lady inside myself, like a possessed car that molests the passengers, or a shapeshifting superhero that arrests supervillians by swallowing them whole and binding them with tentacles before spitting them back out.

>> No.32871214


>> No.32871216

You don't get /fit/ if you eat people.

How do you like being a fattie, huh, fattie?

>> No.32871220

Its my first attempt at even using this website and the character is based off an old d&d character I had for a while. Any and all criticism would be appreciated.

>> No.32871223



>> No.32871237

Nice job being attracted to women whose equipment isn't optimal for breeding. What next, are you gonna try to chase ducks and put your penis in them? Might as well be fucking a wall! HAHA! Idiot.

>> No.32871262

>fucking a wall

>> No.32871265

Well, wasn't thinking of that kinda argument, but probably public exposure.

>> No.32871268

>Hero-chan! Remember! If you eat the heart, you really will gain strength!
>I mean only if you burn it with these runes and eat most of it raw, but...
>The ritual says it's totally ok to use spices and salts and sauces to make it WAY more palatable! I saved Ragnar's heart when we slaughtered him yesterday!
>Hahaha, good thing he was an orc, right? Otherwise we'd be CAN-NI-BALS~

>> No.32871273

>Birds armed with knives

>> No.32871276

Well you--

Actually, there's nothing wrong with that. Carry on, citizen.

>> No.32871294


Loli guy here.

>Wanting to breed.


>> No.32871312

make this a profile already you tease.

>> No.32871314

>be in super-hot marathon session with amazing partner
>literally rub self raw
>hurts like hell for the next few days, but totallyworthit.webm
>week and a half later, another session with same amazing partner
>they've brought in one of our mutual partners
>still not 100% recovered, but DAMN THE TORPEDOES, FULL STEAM AHEAD.
>two words to describe the results: torn frenulum.

...M-maybe a few regrets this time.

>> No.32871316

>send a note to that one person you were looking forward to lewding
>deleted profile

>> No.32871333

Breeding is so passe. Now, being held down screaming while you watch in agony as your womb bloats with the vile eggs of some outer horror as it injects you with dozens of nameless biological chemicals and chitters in an alien tongue in response to your sobbing pleas, that's *CHIC*

>> No.32871355

I don't believe this story. Nobody ACTUALLY sends notes on /tg/. They just read the profiles, bookmark, and then stay shy for years until they eventually die.

>> No.32871362

I sent one not 15 minutes ago

>> No.32871365

I-I sent a note this morning, Anon! And I also did a few passes of a noteplay.

>> No.32871373

If you lick the screen, you can actually taste the salt in this post.

>> No.32871391

Soft fleshy entrapment is my fetish.

>> No.32871407

Custom kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinks!

>> No.32871430



Busy. Got as many lewds going as I can handle. No time for any but the best new profiles and the best of my bookmarks.

>> No.32871434

>age 19
>looks old as hell
that's kinda jarring

>> No.32871437

Well that's one way of experiencing the joys of parenthood.

>> No.32871447

Jesus christ, anon, that's some dedication

>> No.32871453

if you're gonna make a joke profile at least make it believable
this is /tg/, futa is too non-vanilla for them

>> No.32871454

Hard choking violent entrapment is MY fetish.

>> No.32871529

What do you mean, just come up with some?
Yeah, I just googled a random thief from some where. Didnt know a good source for those kinds of images that people would be ok with.
Changed it to just bi, I wanted to try a bit of everything.

>> No.32871533

I may have made some mistakes.

>> No.32871623

Jeez, this took longer than I expected.

Here's the lolicat queen. I'll be working on her vizier, who I've had vandalize her profile, later.


>> No.32871666

>Want the dark knight girl
>but wanna play her or see her NPCd
>not as fun if she's just an ERP
>realize I have a thing for unhinged pure maidens of blood and pain


is this the true curse of ERP

>> No.32871669

That's pretty adorable. Does she accept gifts?

>> No.32871683

Murder gifts?

>> No.32871701 [SPOILER] 


>> No.32871706

Yes, Satan

Welcome to true Hell

>> No.32871720

Is there any particular age she's meant to be?

>> No.32871737

Oh shit. I knew I forgot something.

Eleven. Eleven, sounds good...

>> No.32871748

>Become very young empress of the dark empire
>Totally no fucking idea what in the who
>Completely optional and voluntary descent into corruption as people THROW gifts at you, like this elf who wants you to eat her organs out alive, or that massive tribe of kobold slaves, or this catgirl who is ready to let you watch her get raped to nine lives worth of death by a cyclops
>And the occasional fair maiden or thirty ready to be turned into living furniture

>> No.32871796

Cute, but too not-adolescent-enough for me, I think.

Also, 4'1" is really tiny for 11. Right off the bottom of the 5th percentile curve.

>> No.32871814

Well, shit. I'm not sure what the optimum loli age/height is.

>> No.32871815

>but what you really want is for someone to hold your hands

>> No.32871826

Really, anon?

>> No.32871842

The best height for a loli is exactly as tall as you want her to be

>> No.32871850

It's not really realism, it's my D&D senses twigging to 'that's not a human, that's a halfling'.

>> No.32871867

That's where the sobbing young paladin girl comes in, ready to smite and slay the Dark Emperor, who it turns out is dead. So then she's like HELL now how do I avenge Mommy, and you're like want to play in my 7000 mile back yard I got some neat toys

>> No.32871868

The average eleven year old girl is 4'3.

4'1 isn't terrible, guy.

>> No.32871875



Tall enough that my dick doesn't poke out of her mouth.



>> No.32871899

Oh wow, an eRP in the middle of the week? How surprising!

Anyways, I made a goblin gal recently that likes men and isn't a complete whore. Who could've seen that one coming?


>> No.32871917

>isn't a complete whore

>> No.32871921

>frolicking among the blood-dripping roses
>stepping on the backs of drowned slaves' corpses floating in the River Of Tears
>sitting down for a picnic under the Hanging Willow, freshly adorned with this morning's executions
>but the best part is finally playing Skull Croquet with someone who won't pull their punches just because you're the Queen

>> No.32871927

>people with 1 to 2 sentence replies

Why are they everywhere? What am I doing wrong?

>> No.32871946

>What am I doing wrong?

You're not avoiding the people with 1 to 2 sentence replies.

>> No.32871972

why would you want to be anything but a complete whore

>> No.32871994

>likes men
>isn't a complete whore
Pick one

>> No.32872002

>isn't a complete whore

>> No.32872012

Just FYI, I read profiles from bottom to top.
Also your profile doesn't look very big until you open it up.

>> No.32872016


>> No.32872017

>Evil Empress begs you to steal her away and take her someplace else, she doesn't wanna be Empress of the Thousand Year Kingdom of Night
>It's up to you, raggy farm girl paladin, to take her back OUT of the hellish Lv.99 deathlands you got escorted into, and save the young lass from her fate as the next destroyer of the world
>Just ignore that there's about 17,934 chances for a seriously Bad End from here to the goal

>> No.32872018

How do you find people who actually put effort into their replies in the first place?

>> No.32872021

>If it got archived, I highly recommend you give it a read.

Foolz saves everything.

I've still got it open, so here. http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/32857652

>> No.32872053


Yesyesyes, this is on my To-Do List!

>Bi - Male Preference
Dratdratdrat! I'll...just bookmark you for now until I'm feeling super convincing.

>> No.32872069

So what's a good magical girl name for a magical girl who can capture monsters/monstergirls and them use them like Pokeymans?

Voidstate's Exalted name generator is dead or I would use that for ideas, since I'm using Spirit of the Living World as an inspiration.

>> No.32872083

>enslave monster girls
>force them to rape and molest boys and girls to win

Illias plz

>> No.32872103

Cardcaptor Sakura?

>> No.32872146

Funny story, I'm playing MGQ right now, and I'm at the final boss.

So when I tried to Quad giga, she fucked me over with a 7000 damage hit and I'm left going, "What!?"

Why the fuck doesn't she use that to begin with!?

>> No.32872162

But I'm going to be using magic rainbow lassos and/or shibari, not magic cards.

what's a Illias

>> No.32872167

I suddenly want to DM a game Pokemon style where the children capture creatures by sexually exhausting them.

>> No.32872217

Whoa, now can you hold off til August? I can't get involved in any games til then

>> No.32872240

Throwing myself out here.

Kobold adventurer seeking fun guy or girl for... well a lot of things if you like.

Really I'm extremely open to ideas.

One thing to note, this kobold is ripped as hell, giving him... almost human strength. Which is no mean feat when you're three feet tall! Not any kind of muscle fetish mind you, just that hes got STR 9 as a kobold.


>> No.32872241

Because she's ultra tsundere for you, you goddamn moron why else would she wait to crush your dick until you whipped out the biggest you had

>what's a Illias

Ara ara anon you have a lot to learn~

>> No.32872264

My interest is drawn, but my preference would be to have it as a thing that happens sometimes rather than it being laser-focused on the sexual element.

>> No.32872324

No, you have no fucking idea how suspension breaking that shit was like



Also, why does Luka take significantly less damage than the people he's fight beside? It makes him come off as weak in comparison.

>> No.32872371

Because according to spoilers he's half-fucking angel and the son of Lucifer herself basically?

But Ilias basically exists to cock your block.

>> No.32872398


Note I said want to. Not am going to. I've already got myself slated to run a game so I doubt I'll have time. When I get home I'll drop a profile for you to contact.

>> No.32872434


I know, but that's weird. You think instead of just giving him high defense they would just plop his HP all the way up there instead of giving him a ridiculously high defense.

Iunno, when I look at Alice's HP bar I'm just like, woah.

>> No.32872488

God, that statement was really redundant, well, I'm tired so don't blame me because I'm tired.

>> No.32872503

Not sure about consensus, but I guess I'm fine with it if it's a well done profile with interesting characters. It can be easy for something like, "lol they're twins" or whatever to get very trite, however.

Now, a profile for a whole gang of wandering orcs who perform noble deeds and generally help every lady they come across would be pretty rad, I think.

>> No.32872510

Okay let me be more specific.

Looking for some mild sizeplay, figuring out how to work the actual physical sex out.

Maybe some petplay if you have an interesting setup, we can work something out.

I also have another character to use for pet/slave play, as well as darker kinks like snuff, he comes back from the dead and enjoys it.

>> No.32872605

Tfw you end up enjoying writing fights more than writing lewds.
Both are still good though

>> No.32872641

We talking simplistic combat? DBZ? Historical and authentic swordplay?

>> No.32872738 [DELETED] 


>> No.32872759


>> No.32872768

You're terrible. I'm actually genuinely interested.

Now that I think of it, I haven't seen much fighting. I want to do it!

>> No.32872788

For anybody interested in playing in a modern, rules-light survival horror game, please contact this chap right here --> https://www.f-list.net/c/Lewd%20Survival%20Horror/

>> No.32872866

note me

>> No.32872949

No idea if anyone is still looking in this thread, seems old butttt


He recently has been half-fae and a catboy, though that is not a necessity.

>> No.32872979


>> No.32873578



We can talk.

>> No.32873798


>straight female, not megaslut, goblin
>prefers F-Chat

>> No.32873954

>guy IMs with first western smiley :) and then japanese emoticon ^_^
>and few kinks listed


Let's see how this goes. Now I gotta probe for more kinks.

>> No.32874247

I had a tiny catgirl character having delightfully lewd romance with a big elf and it was amazing

>> No.32874274

That sounds really really hot.
Got any logs?

>> No.32874501


Slight update. Perusing the previous thread for some lovely kink and scene ideas.

Master, I noticed you were perusing a robotics catalog. These models are vastly inferior to my own, and I must protest at their consideration. If you wish an additional companion, I.... will take care of it.

>> No.32874511

I wish. I really really do
This was fairly early in my Flisting, and I didn't know how to preserve logs.I kick myself over it every day

>> No.32874536

>And then your new robomaid arrives, and soon begins acting exactly like your other one.
>"Clearly she has chosen to emulate me, Master. I have no idea what you are implying. Come, spare no thoughts for that pale imitation..."

>> No.32874653

>Tfw paladin
>Tfw slightly yandere imuto becomes blackguard
Shouldn't want...but still do.

>> No.32874654

Who's in charge of the f-list chat? I just saw a guy get kicked for like no reason, after a mod insulted him. Is it really bad clique shit there?

>> No.32874681

I weep for you, my comrade in kinks.

>> No.32874690

Private channels have their own mod lists, there are sitewide mods, and I believe the public channels have their own mods too.
You can tell who has what powers by the symbols before the names in their relevant channels. Check the wiki to figure out what they mean.

>> No.32874715

I won't say that mods can't be shits, but most of the kicks I've seen were played for laughs.
Which I think is a marginally shitty way to moderate, but eh.

>> No.32874821

>creeped out, wipe them both during their charging cycles and sell them
>replacement seems perfectly well behaved
>notice some odd network traffic, probably just the neighbor but you ask her just to be sure

>> No.32874847

>Dark, stormy night (2spoopy)
>Lightning flashes, you notice a pair of figures outside the window
>"Why... Why did you erase us, Master?"
>"Let us in, Master. LET US IN."

>> No.32874948

>you will never be taken to pound town by a male monster

>> No.32875015

Howdy, /erpg/

Anyone here have experience with Double Cross? Looking to run a game, but it'll be my first time with the system, so if anyone has experience and can offer advice, that'd be great.

Still looking for a couple of players, too, so if anyone's interested, here's the hub profile.


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