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Can we get a "Best of /tg/" thread going?

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Best necromancer, coming through.

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> That online community.

> Big dumb friendly guy shows up.
> Immediately ostracized and beaten.
> Strikes up a friendship with another outcast.
> They mostly keep to themselves.
> Everyone goes out of their way to beat on them for basically no reason.

They're like the villains to every story ever.

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does anyone have that several post epic about the guys who became gods and killed gods etc.

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Anyone got that one of the necromancer who ended up killing his entire party because the greedy thief or whatever tried to assassinate him for taking more of the loot than she thought was fair?

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Holy shit. I want her in my party.

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Okay yeah that is pretty much the best necromancer.

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Can't find that one but have this instead

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The pixie enchantress one?
I love that screencap.

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As you wish

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I feel privileged to have been a part of that thread.

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Gather round, fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls, to learn the tale of Boxcar Joe, the Magic Hobo.

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never heard this one, thank you. insta-saved

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Every time I read that it starts raining.

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You're welcome; I save so that /tg/ will not forget.

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Too long to post it whole, but "Tale of an Industrious Rogue" is right there with the best I've seen come out of /tg/, in my humble opinion.

1d4chan link:

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Holy fuck I can stop laughing.

If I ever father children I will tell them of the Birthday Skeleton.

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You're welcome.

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What I love about taht one is taht everyone wanted to be an anime hero, except them.
But in the end they were closer to that goal than any of the edgy weaboo fags.
You know, the whole: everyone against a few, underestimated hero/power, enemies become allies...

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It is time to learn of Old Man Henderson, the character that WON the Call of Cthulhu.

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The second half of the tale of Old Man Henderson.

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Not all of of the tales of /tg/ are of heroes...

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this looks like it was printed out then scanned back in what the fuck

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Seem's a pretty solid method of fucking with future anons, if you ask me.

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Bless you and yours, Archivist for saving history.

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may as well post this.

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The first of the four parts of the Story of Artur. I have not seen this tale recounted since it was first told. I will change that.
Thank you, young man.

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Those Guys? Those Guys.

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Holy shit... this is mine. I thought everyone forgot about this.

This is still my favorite character, and my old DM had him show up in other adventures I wasn't a part of.

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A classic example of /tg/ being based

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I put in effort to making sure /tg/ doesn't forget. Though I have never met another, I like to think I'm not the only one of my kind.

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The android in megatokyo kind of does this. Just without the dildos.

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And now for something a little less serious.

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That took me a few minutes longer than it should have, but JESUS I'm grinning ear to ear here.

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Thou art no alone, Archivist

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Someone post TwoDees shadowrun campaign. I'm mobile right now but it needs to be here. The tale of the greek godhood ascension characters is equally awesome.

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It's like. HUGE.
There are 20 parts on sup/tg/, try the tag "2D"

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Whatho good Archivist! Do you happen to know if there was a screen cap for a thread where a player told of his Paladin (who was on his way out of game anyways) being played by a friend and threatening a cultist with dragging him all the way down through hell when the Paladin falls?

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Couldn't get a screencap but here is the link

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Anyone got the one about the delivery robots?

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Arturs whole story fills me with so many different feelings. Having a broken asshole in your party is like having a goos bbeg. Adds romance. Gms who play favor are the worst there can be.

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Classic coming through.

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Does anyone have Sir Dick Cummington, the pervert Halfling Rogue? There was an autistic elf or something too

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> tfw never have perfect robot waifu that modified herself based on your fetishes

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This shit always cracks me up

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The Birthday Skeleton is older than that post, anon.

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here it is>>32847189

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Anyone have the Horus Heresy abridged posts?

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that's not it, the one I'm thinking of was much longer. there was something about a crazy NPC prisoner and an alcohol dragon

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God damn I linked the wrong one. Here you go

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GOD FUCKING DAMN IT. I am an idiot. >>32847218

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I'm starting to think you're fucking with me and I imagined that story

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Fuck, I remember that thread.

It makes me so sad that A Guy Called Squid and Edgardo didn't get a chance to be bros forever.

I want to know what forum that was on.

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Thank you, finally! I'll save it this time to save you the trouble

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Bare Bones, we hardly knew ye. The beginnings of a great post-apocalyptic setting and full of useful things like how to survive the end of the world by distilling urine.



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screencapped just from last week

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Sweet! Thanks a lot. Been looking for this one.

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This was awesome.

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How has no one posted Ozzmar yet?


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Here ya go.

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I go away for a little while so other can spin their stories, and I come back to find that there's a third part to Ozzmarr's story? Wonderful.

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Always happy to help.

I too archive interesting stories mainly cause they give me something to read if ever I can't get online.

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I've been working on a short story, proper prose version of this ever since the thread. Its super touching how many people I see post it.

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>"I turn into a moped. Beep beep!"
every fucking time.

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A recent one I'm a fan of.

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I got yah covered.

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I dunno if this counts as a best of, but it definitely epitomizes /tg/

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It's not /tg/, but your pic reminded me of this.

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I am so angry at myself for not turning off Autocard Anywhere before Capping that thread. It's just Marred by that Standing Stones link.

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Incoming feels.

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Whoever said Vampire the Masquerade was a game about VILLAINS was a liar.

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Anyone got the "/tg/talks about puberty" cap? I never bothered to save it and it turns out it's not on the foolzarchive anymore.

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Did see the old "Cluwn Butts" cap. Thought I'd share.

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Please tell me the rules were saved

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How do you not know Time Wizards! yet?

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Hey! I think I commented in that!

My- oh shit time- my yesterday has been made.

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Thread's here: https://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/27132917/
But the images all 404

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Anyone got the necromancer's cheese set?

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Excellent, thanks.

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I want to play this.

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This is an example of That GM and That Guy. Paladin forces himself on captive (even if she was somehow complicit this would be a reprehensible act for a Paladin as she is being taken to be tried by the authorities) and doesn't fall, other Paladin kills him for it and does? Now the anon here should have fallen for this, it was afterall murder, but it wasn't an act that left him irredeemable (the gods and men understand a man has his limits and killing a "Paladin" that just tried to justify rape is forgivable I feel). But rape-paladin suffering no consequences from DM and then being rezzed by his god to continue being a "fucking awesome Paladin" is beyond stupid. I think this should have bailed as soon as That Guy asked for descriptions of sex scenes and the DM complied, that sort of shit is a red flag.

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>Somewhere there is a guy Squatting Slav style on the mountain attempting to CHIM

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/pol/Hammr 40k

This shithead better take some pictures

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>Edgardo with the punch of overflowing spirit
>didn't want to be an anime hero

Maybe not a super edge master, but silly friendly brawler FIGHTING SPIRIT isn't that uncommon.

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This is fucking genius.

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This is beautiful.

By the way, anyone knows that game or anything about it?

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>"Krod roles to intimidate the space time continu-"
>"No he doesn't!"
I chuckled.

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Hoi anyone got a screencap of a storytime about a 1st grader named Ted making out with all of the female monstergirls in somebodies campaign? I wiped my hard drive and lost it

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Please, tell me someone have screenshot of the "Old Chosen One" thread.

It was so perfect

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that pasta is older

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Every time I read this I do so in their voices

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Not only they were saved; there's are four different versions of them!

There's Basic, which is the version /tg/ retroengineered from the original OP's comments.

Then there's Revised 1e, or Corgi Edition (the one with the flying corgi on the cover linked by >>32853414
), which takes Basic and makes them more cohesive.

Later came Hat Edition or Ke ("Kroft Edition"), which was posted by the original OP.

And finally Advanced, which was created from the combination of both 1e and Ke.

I'm not sure if that's good or scary, but we have four different versions of Time Wizards! to choose from.

There's no "choosing wisely", though. All lead into semi-permanent brain damage and potential kidney failure (these things work better with alcohol).

Here's the whole thing better documented:


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Lol, ''Steal back a Blood Raven thunderhawk''

It ain't stealing when you're taking from a thief.

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Than what?

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Of course this doesn't work because Cancer Mage ignores ALL effects of disease.

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I always wondered what had happened in the one post I keep seeing. The one about the men proclaiming her death was just. Now I know.

And you know what? I'm pleased with the result.

>> No.32869934

Reading up on it, it says "Suffers no ill effects, except for purely cosmetic ones such as boils, pockmarks, watery eyes, blackened skin, hair loss, foul smell, and so on. The cancer mage becomes a carrier of every disease he encounters, though he remains immune to most of their effects."

Really just depends on the interpretation, but it can be easily reasoned that it's just the negative traits

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Apparently older than Gurren Lagann, in which case this pasta is at least 7 years old.

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We're talking about the one in OP's post, right? Where you can see the date and picture of Kamina?

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>tfw 2013 was 20 years ago

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>tfw today was thirty years ago

>> No.32870499

>tfw yesterday was today and now today was thirty nine minutes into the future

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I'm afraid your chronometer is off, my dear timetraveller. The present year is, in fact, 2014! I'd suggest recalibrating it promptly before you destroy the timeline.

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G... grandpa? You're alive?

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I'm guessing that, even though the screencap is from 2013, the story itself is older than Gurren Lagann and its heroes who punch with the infinite will of progress and evolution.
Meaning the story is over seven years old since TTGL was in 2007.

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>TFW when today is tomorrow, and tommorow today, and yesterday is fading in and out

To resist it is useless.

>> No.32870730

Well my guess is that the guy is full of shit. Nobody would keep an entire thread-long story saved and be patient enough to dump it all in segments. It's a billion times easier to just screencap it and go on

>> No.32870767

Well, you see, my boy, a timetraveller is a free spirit. I can't be bound to a single place, let alone to a single time period! Your grandmother was a wonderful woman, but let's just say that she was no Cleopatra. Or a Queen Elizabeth. Or a Helen.

Oh man, do those Ancient Greek women know how to use their hands.

>> No.32870799


True. Maybe the story itself takes place in '06 or something.
"A while back" and "a long time" are the only cues I picked up on for when Edgardo adventured. Though the opening lines do mention Gurren Lagann as some of the inspiration.
I dunno.

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>tfw today is the day after tomorrow and everything you've ever known was just a near-death hallucination as the nanites consumed your flesh

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>Older than Gurren Lagann
>It was a mix of something that didn't exist

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He should get the allies commissioned. Patton, eisenhower, Montgomery, and FDR.

>> No.32871948

Can we change FDR for DuGalle?

>> No.32872610

That was one of the first screencaps from /tg/ that I saw. I still think it's funny.

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Does anyone have that fantasy story where the footsoldier goes away from his wife to fight in a war, meets a wizard, the wizard debates that wizardry is better than love, the soldier disagrees, the wizard kicks a lot of ass, and then the solider goes home to find his wife moves on and the wizard takes him in and trains him in magic. At the end of the story, the soldier has become the greatest wizard around and his old flame comes back to greet him and he entertains the idea of reversing time to have a life with her, and then realizing it will cut into his wizarding time? (Only for the other wizard to pop in and tell him he told him so).


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Uploaded here. >>32868337

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I fucking love you.

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And the fluffy white lines that the airplane leaves behind are drifting right in front of the waning of the moon.

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that might be one of the best things i ever read

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