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>Sorry about the horrendous time between quests, long story short, dad got out of the hospital and started needing/demanding I get up earlier, 10 AM is late for him and my two jobs decided it’d be good if I didn’t get a day off for three weeks. Will try not to let it happen again.

Welcome to Harem Protag Quest. You are John Galt, the sentient protagonist of a harem show. Aside from having to gather and keep your harem, you will have to deal with various other obstacles at the Cassandra College of Witches.
>Mechanics: http://pastebin.com/MuXRzApY
>MC: http://pastebin.com/TdBKC27p
>Other Characters: http://pastebin.com/SCdW9jJi
>Magic system: http://pastebin.com/jKt3dEkR
>Previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Harem%20Protag%20Quest
>Twitter: @HaremProtaGuide

>Current Stats:
>Protag Points: 285
>Mana 40/40
>Harem Status 5/8

You are John Galt and it feels like Chris has been kissing you for over two weeks. Fuck, for all you know she has seeing as however what you do is seen by others, it could possibly be spread out over a horrendously long period of time and why the hell are you thinking about that right now you have an attractive blonde trying to suck your tonsils out at the moment.

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Said Blonde having just been rescued by you from…well you aren’t particularly sure yet but it was dark and not very happy to see you, something about “Hating you more than you could possibly know.” You start to feel light headed as Chris’s apparent ability to not need to breathe keeps her lips locked tightly on your even as she straddles you, compressing your body slightly.

It isn’t until a few more seconds that you finally hear an “AHEM” come from somewhere above and beside you that Chris unlocks your lips and gives you a chance to suck in a few desperately needed breaths. Turning your head you see everyone.

And not just everyone in your harem, everyone in the entire goddamn house, up to and including your house/house’s avatar, are in a big group staring at you and a rapidly blushing Chris. Their reactions vary, from mild indifference on the part of your Grim Reaper and Berserker, to the varying looks of happiness displayed by both your house and resident pervert angel, to Kaname and Nanoha’s looks of “Oh hell not again.”

There’s a momentary awkward silence as you and Chris stare at the baker’s dozen of females and they stare back at you.

>It’s not my fault I swear!
>What, you’ve never seen a guy get kissed before?

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>>What, you’ve never seen a guy get kissed before?

Fucks given: 0

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>What, you’ve never seen a guy get kissed before?

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>What, you’ve never seen a guy get kissed before?

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>Did that feel like 2 weeks fro anyone else?

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>She's knows

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Holy shit, Guide's alive!

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>What, you’ve never seen a guy get kissed before?

You can take our freedom, you can take our lives, but you can never take our snark!

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Fuck yeah I have been waiting for this. Only reason I check twitter anymore. This has made my night.

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Alright, calling it here.

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It felt much longer, mein freund

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So, just to recap, what are our currently in action plans?

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Calling the thread?

Well, it was fun while it lasted. See you guys next year.

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I just got that.
Nice one, Guide.

I wonder if this quest is gonna go super meta, and we're going to realize that we're part of a quest, as well.

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Our plans which are currently in action?
As far as I can remember:
>Find out which of the girls are aware
>Enchant shit for the witchball team

Basically done with both of them.

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Good question.
Let's see...

Enchant shit for Witchball team - started that just before dinner.
Find out who's sentient - Just did that. Turns out it's everyone at dinner, minus the Angels and the Reaper.

Help Kanae deal with her grandmother in one way or another. - A few days away

And then we spend the rest of out time enchanting random shit for crazy pans like making an Iron Man suit, Excalibur, and other things along those lines.

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“What, you’ve never seen a guy get kissed before?” you say, displaying your absolute lack of care at being seen in a situation like this. Seeing as how it happens on a rather regular basis, you’ve more or less decided to just roll with it. Most of the time you should probably care at least a little…but that’s not you and your girls seem to be ok with it. At least in general.

Your comment gets you a variety of responses, just like the girls in the room. Most notably, Imca turns bright red from embarrassment, with Irisviel doing the same except that you think she’s enjoying it entirely too much. Elizasleyn seems to be grinning at you two, while the other heavenly guests appear to be “judging” you, not that you can tell what they’re thinking.
“What just happened?” asks Kaname, who is clearly trying very hard not to explode in a combination of worry and anger, “One second you were here and then…” she stops. You were with only your harem when this started, so apparently she’s trying to keep things quiet, or at least up to you.

>Make a joke.
>Just tell everyone, even if you don’t know if they’re sentient.
>Try and get the others to leave.

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Oh, that's right, we have that sword from Ms. Black. we should start practicing enchantments to put on that.

>> No.32720038

>Make a joke.
I don't even know anymore.
But, it wouldn't be a normal day if something weird DIDN'T happen around here.

>> No.32720040

>>Just tell everyone, even if you don’t know if they’re sentient.

Why not?

>> No.32720042

>Make a joke.
>Summon Jenkins to distract them

>> No.32720055

Because the universe might remove them for knowing too much, or maybe remove us for trying to tell them

>> No.32720098

>Make a joke.
"It's magic. That means I don't have to explain anything, right?"

>> No.32720099

I missed you Guide.

Make a Joke, then tell everyone, even if they don't know if they're sentient. It's not like there isn't enough beatdown to go around if shit goes south.

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It's possible to be entirely vague. Something as dumb as "mission accomplished" would get the message across without revealing anything worrying.

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Alright, looks like we're joking.


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Hooray, Guide lives!
It's my first time making one of these threads so glad to see ya didn't kick the bucket!

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Good to have you with us, mate.

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“I guess Chris just couldn’t wait for a goodnight kiss,” you say glibly, before grunting slightly as Chris recovers enough to jab you in the stomach. Not too hard, but enough that you feel it.

“Stupid,” she says again with a slight huff, before standing and then offering you a hand to stand up.

You take her hand with a grin and then let out a groan as you remember that you have a myriad of small cuts over your body, which at that moment decide to make themselves remembered. You stagger just a little as you stand, leaning against Chris momentarily and causing her to blush once more before Akeno moves over to your other side, taking your other arm.

“Hey, no fair,” she says, trying to distract everyone from the possibility that anything serious was going on, “we agreed to wait until later.”

She gives Chris a wink which could only be described as “lewd”, causing the German girl to sputter and stay that interesting shade of red that she manages to turn almost any time you do something physical with her.

There’s a few more chuckles and some more looks from the gathered group before they start to disperse, with Kaname and Nanoha being the last to leave.

The only ones now remaining are your harem, with the null field reasserting itself as the last of the others finally leave. Akeno lets go of your arm, only to grab it again as you sag a little from the loss of adrenaline. Maneuvering you back to your seat, you look up to see Kaname looking down at you, still worried.

“Alright, so what really happened?” she says, hand rubbing her forehead.

>I have no idea.
>Jumped through a rift, got attacked by a scary black thing, saved Chris…yeah.
>Point to Chris.

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>Jumped through a rift, got attacked by a scary black thing, saved Chris…yeah.

>> No.32720455

>Jumped through a rift, got attacked by a scary black thing, saved Chris…yeah.

Play it off like it ain't no thing.

>> No.32720464

>Jumped through a rift, got attacked by a scary black thing, saved Chris…yeah.

>> No.32720465

>Jumped through a rift, got attacked by a scary black thing, saved Chris…yeah.
"Did you notice anything else Chris?"

>> No.32720481

>>Jumped through a rift, got attacked by a scary black thing, saved Chris…yeah.

>> No.32720507

>Jumped through a rift, got attacked by a scary black thing, saved Chris…yeah
>It seemed to be using Chris as bait. Cited the "old damsel in distress trick"

>> No.32720589

>Jumped through a rift, got attacked by a scary black thing, saved Chris…yeah.

"Apparently he hated me something fierce. Not that that's very surprising or anything."

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Alright, writing.

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BTW, welcome back! You doing alright?

>> No.32720712

Doing ok, still a slow writer, but hoping to get this back up and running.

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Just don't kill yourself, none of us are worth it

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“Well, I jumped through a rift to nowhere, it seemed to not be anywhere in the University or anywhere I could recognize actually, then I got attacked by a scary black thing that may or may not actually be related to the plot and seemed to hate me, rescued Chris with some help and then dove back through the portal to here.”

Everyone looks at you, then looks at Chris, and then finally back to you.

“You don’t know if it was related to the plot?” asks Akeno.

“No,” you say, shaking your head, “Actually giving it a few seconds thought, it probably wasn’t seeing as how it happened inside this field,” you gesture to the null area that you’re in.

“That makes sense,” says Kaname, hand now on her chin and looking thoughtful, “But that means that there’s something else going on here than what we thought.”

“What did we think was going on?” asks Karasuba, leaning back in her chair and easing her sword in and out of its sheath.

“Well, we’d assumed this was just a harem universe,” says Kaname, “But…” she stops and shakes her head, before looking back at you. “You don’t have any other ideas about what’s going on?”

>No, I mean it rambled at me but it wasn’t very clear.
>It said something about hating me…I don’t know why though.
>It’s very obviously a vast mysterious being that is jealous of…no, I have no idea.

>> No.32720863

>It’s very obviously a vast mysterious being that is jealous of…no, I have no idea.

>> No.32720890

>It said something about hating me…I don’t know why though.

"It seems very aware of the meta. Saying things like: '“She’s not real you know that right? Neither are you', and '“It’s all one big lie.'

>> No.32720900

>>It said something about hating me…I don’t know why though.

>> No.32720930

>It’s very obviously a vast mysterious being that is jealous of…no, I have no idea.
>It said something about hating me…I don’t know why though.
First option is funny... but the second has to be said.

>> No.32720959

>It said something about hating me…I don’t know why though.

>50 captchas later, which included a picture of a wall and a beach, but no letters or numbers.

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Alright, writing.

>> No.32721074

I've been getting that a lot lately as well.

>> No.32721285

when you said Kaname and Nanoha left you meant Kaede and Nanoha right?

>> No.32721317

Err, yeah. Oops.

>> No.32721355

You pause, giving the scene another run through in your mind. “I’m not really sure,” you reply, “It did say something about hating me and it seemed to be very aware of this,” you gesture to the gathered group, “saying some things about how we’re not real and nobody really cares…” you pause, the thought flitting through your head unbidden. Do they really care? Could you even tell if they didn’t?

It’s here that you feel a hand on your shoulder, causing you to look up into Akeno’s face.

“Don’t think like that,” she says, leaning down and giving you a kiss on the cheek, “I know that look. It only makes you worry.”

Something plinks of the side of your head, causing you to turn towards your PT teacher.

“I think it’s safe to say we all care about you idiot,” she says with a grin, “If you need a reminder we can have another heavy spar later.”

You snort, shaking your head. “I think I’m good,” you say with a sigh, relaxing into your chair. Whatever It is, you should probably remember that your girls have your back.

Kaname sighs, shaking her head. “I wish we could have some time to catch up on all of this, maybe some normal days?” As she leans back in her chair Tatsuko pats her on the shoulder.

“Not alone,” she says in her normal, relaxed tone, before setting down a plate of food in front of you.

Looking down at the food, your stomach grumbles, causing you to reach for a fork and start eating, it seems like forever since your last meal. Slowly everyone else sits down as well, eating quietly as thoughts percolate.

But not for you, you feel a soft pressure of a plot point. But this one isn’t insistent. It’s just…an option? You could poke it, see what happens. Or you could ignore it and try and enjoy a nice night with your girls.

>Poke the bubble. -25 Protag points.
>Nope, finishing dinner and then…well a night off.
>Make conversation…(?)

>> No.32721412

>Poke the bubble. -25 Protag points.
Sure why not.

>> No.32721423

>Nope, finishing dinner and then…well a night off.

>> No.32721425

Ugh. I can't decide. It might not be a bad thing, but a nice peaceful night ....

Damn it.
>Poke the bubble. -25 Protag points.

At least Captcha started working again.

>> No.32721427

I'm kind of tempted to poke the protag bubble, but I'm not a hundred percent sure what's being offered here.

That aside, it seems like some of the girls just want to decompress.

>Nope, finishing dinner and then…well a night off.

>> No.32721437

>Nope, finishing dinner and then…well a night off.

>> No.32721439

>>Nope, finishing dinner and then…well a night off.
the girls want a nice night off and unless that's what the plot will hand us ( which is supper doubtful ) I don't want it now ma by spend one point to tell it to try to come back later.

>> No.32721446

>Make conversation…(?)
Tell them about what we've done with the brooms so far. Too much plot for tonight IMO.

>> No.32721458

>Poke the bubble. -25 Protag points.

>> No.32721459

>Poke the bubble. -25 Protag points.

>> No.32721471

>Nope, finishing dinner and then…well a night off.

>> No.32721472

>Poke the bubble. -25 Protag points.
choo choo

>> No.32721474

>Nope, finishing dinner and then…well a night off.
As much as I like buttons, we had enough adventure for one night...

>> No.32721475

or spend like 5 to get a sneak peek at if it will be good/ bad and relaxing or exciting

>> No.32721485

>Poke the bubble. -25 Protag points.

>> No.32721493

>Nope, finishing dinner and then…well a night off.

>> No.32721496

Speaking of crazy plans...

>> No.32721504

>Nope, finishing dinner and then…well a night off.

>> No.32721508

>Poke the bubble. -25 Protag points.
I'm guessing from the description that it's likely some sort of Slice of Life pp than anything dangerous

>> No.32721511

>>Poke the bubble. -25 Protag points.

>> No.32721523

>>Poke the bubble. -25 Protag points.
aw whatever,
Nice to see you back guide.

>> No.32721538

I'm not going to lie, my dick is a little hard right now.

>> No.32721552

>Nope, finishing dinner and then…well a night off.
Haha, no

>> No.32721578

Alright. Currently a tie.

Five minutes, here.

1. Night off.
2. Poke the plot.

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>> No.32721638

"My face is my shield"
"Gotta go fast"

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>> No.32721665


>> No.32721691

I was thinking of adding I CAST FIST as the third corner but I ran out of room.

>> No.32721701


>> No.32721711

Alright, looks like you're poking the plot.

>> No.32721717


>> No.32721733


>> No.32721738


>> No.32721747


>> No.32721777

I just realized, why doesn't it have strength adjusters? Shouldn't speed and agility increase together? Otherwise we'd crash A LOT.

>> No.32721781


>> No.32721891


son lksafter

>> No.32721920

Add a firepower section.

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>> No.32722206

You can’t help it. You’re a naturally curious person so you poke the plot point. Nothing major happens at the time you do, so you shrug and go back to eating. It doesn’t take too long for everyone to finish, nobody in your harem seems to be a tiny eater and you all appear to be hungry.

It’s not until you’re all gathering the dishes together that you hear a knock on the door. Everyone looks around at each other, until they all focus on you.

Sighing you set down your plate and head towards the door. Another knock sounds before you make it, causing you to say “Coming,” in a loud voice, before you reach the door and open it.

Standing in front of the door is a collection of rather generic looking girls, the only one who appears to stand out has glasses on.

“John Galt?” she asks you.

“Yes…?” you say slowly.

“This is an official Cease and Desist notice,” she says, handing you an official looking piece of paper, “From the Public Morals committee. You have been seen outside with multiple women in an intimate fashion on several occasions, have been sighted kissing multiple girls and have been living with a grossly inappropriate number of females. You have one week to end all of your relationships and find a new place to live or the committee will take action against you, do you understand?”

You stare at the girl for just a second, formulating your response.

>Just shut the door in the groups face.
>Uhm, what?
>Oh hell no.

Ran out of appropriate pictures...

>> No.32722241

>Comply with her demands.
Let's see a harem show without a harem.

>> No.32722243

>Have fun stopping me
>Just shut the door in the groups face.

>> No.32722249

Eh. Master Spark yo. Can't decide which I like more so have both.

>laugh hysterically
>Oh hell no.
>"Girls! Come here! You've gotta hear this!"

>> No.32722257

public morals committee pls go

>> No.32722260

And the other.

>> No.32722263

Hit on her

>> No.32722270

I am in this housing under the orders of the Headmistress. If you have issues, take it up with her.

>> No.32722273

Fuck, now I'm imagining the Sodoclones from GUP

>> No.32722284

>Girls! Hahaha, come here, ya-heh-gotta here this!

>> No.32722286


>> No.32722287

>Uhm, what?
The goddamn dean assigned the housing. Take it up with her.
For real, have you seen who I'm with?
Nevermind my complete lack of any intention to listen to you, but how would you propose I survive stopping?

>> No.32722288

>>Have fun stopping me
>>Just shut the door in the groups face.
Huh,damn my confrontative nature.

>> No.32722293

You just had to poke it didn't you. You could just leave well enough alone.

>Uhm, what?

Nanoha asked us to upgrade her staff. Could we make it so that it's also a gun?

>> No.32722294

>Develop a fetish for exhibitionism

>> No.32722296

Wait...public morals committee? Is that really a thing?

Besides, we we're put in this house by the Headmistress herself. I believe her say is over this so called committee.

>> No.32722313


>> No.32722318

Drop trou and tell em to suck it

>> No.32722324

>Say nothing
>Take off shirt

>> No.32722330


Hmm. As much as I'd love to simply shut the door in their face, that seems to give them the advantage to pick a fight later.

So. I say we pick a fight NOW.

>Oh hell no.

"I think not, since the Headmistress herself specifically put us here, and she clearly outranks some committee that you put together. That aside, since you'd like to poke the dragon, what say we see what the girls say. Girls? Come hear this! The Public Morals Committee wants to pick a fight with us!"

>> No.32722331

>>Just shut the door in the groups face.

This means war.

This does mean war, right? I actually kind of forgot how wars between gangs work at this university.

>> No.32722342

Some combination of this.

>> No.32722368

Fake not speaking English

>> No.32722369

this with these >>32722342

>> No.32722380

I think that we just decide that war, and then war.

>> No.32722395

"No, not just no. Hell no. There is simply not a way for me to tell you no hard enough, so I'm going to assign you a task. Wander the desert for 20 years, and see all that you can see. Come back, and tell me if you saw a single fuck for me to give."

Have House Waifu slam door in face.

>> No.32722403

Alright seems to be some combination of laughing in their faces and pointing out that the Headmistress put you here.

>> No.32722415

It's about damn time we had someone to punch.

>> No.32722432

Winner has the choice of Expelling the top 10% or something of the gang, simply disbanding the group, or bringing the defeated group into the winning group.

So basically: Merge, Purge Leaders, or Disperse

>> No.32722435

>Wander the desert for 20 years, and see all that you can see. Come back, and tell me if you saw a single fuck for me to give
I'm going to remember this one.

>> No.32722436

Chances are high that this group is actually worth fearing.

That said, if this means war, then fuck them

>> No.32722455

Turn rate VS how fast can you go

>> No.32722457

>It's about damn time we had someone to punch.

Actually, I'd be happier if we simply watch while the girls punch the entire Public Morals Committee until the stupid is beaten out of them.

Repeatedly, if necessary.

>> No.32722459

John Galt doesn't punch women, he seduces them. And then dick punches their uvulas.

>> No.32722471

>Just shut the door in the groups face.

>> No.32722488

So it'll be our army against every normal and ugly girl left in the school. Yikes, that could be difficult.

>> No.32722496

>Chances are high that this group is actually worth fearing.
>That said, if this means war, then fuck them

This is why we don't shut the door in their face and ignore them.

They expect that.

No, we have the girls punch them in the face now, and make an example of them.

>> No.32722501

Point out that we were ordered here by the principle. Her request is ridiculous.

>> No.32722503

>mfw we merge with the Public Morals committee and drag them into our lewdness

>> No.32722517

I recognize that.
But if you're going 100 miles per hour, you're gonna run into something unless you can turn quickly

>> No.32722552

Are we raping them, or are we telling them to fuck off?

>> No.32722567


This should pretty much be our next goal since they decided to mess with our girls.

Might be amusing if we actually "convert" glasses-girl to our side, despite her best efforts.

>> No.32722602


>> No.32722609

Somehow I knew that'd be the answer.

>> No.32722618

We need to know what we're going to say when we run into the Public Morals committee leaders. First impressions are everything.

I was thinking something along the lines of;
>Hey, nice rack.

>> No.32722620

"As the new head of the Public Morals committee, I decree that all female students are now required to wear TINY MINISKIRTS!"

>> No.32722660

Nah, I'd go with 'If you wanted a date so badly, you could have tried asking'

>> No.32722677

"ey beby, wan sum fuk?"

>> No.32722693

You're ok with psycho lesbians going around beating people up and raping them, but heterosexual kissing is just TOO FAR. Right.

>> No.32722699

Why say anything? Just sneak up behind them and skirt flip them.

>> No.32722717

>heterosexual kissing
Entirely too lewd.

>> No.32722722

Just sigh and ask if they'd like us to challenge their petition officially or if they'd like to settle the matter informally. If the latter, suggest that they stop by tomorrow for lunch with us and the women in question, our treat.

>> No.32722726

Is it these girls?

>> No.32722727

To be fair, this was an all girls school before. So lesbians being around probably isn't anywhere as new and strange as heterosexual males.

>> No.32722731

>heterosexual kissing

>> No.32722741

>And then dick punches their uvulas.
Did you mean to refer to the dangly thing in the back of the throat?

>> No.32722742

A random thought, could we just sic our lewd angel on them and call it a night?

>> No.32722747

Better, put Kaede in charge, same result, but no blame on us.

>> No.32722748

>inb4 the entire committee is lesbian

>> No.32722749

we could also point this out or save it for when they drag us in front of some official body.

>> No.32722778

>Kaede in charge

>> No.32722787

>put kaede in charge
>rape dungeons within the week

>> No.32722790

No faggot, it's that thing in the vagina, right next to the Clitoris, about 5 1/2" deep, it feels kinda spongey. Have you never seen a woman naked? Jesus.

>> No.32722795

>We have a sentient house that expands as needed

>> No.32722806

and she's lewd

>> No.32722809

I'm sure they aren't.

But when you have lesbian rapists unchecked, it makes mere consensual heterosexual fraternization look chickenshit in comparison.

Actually, we should say that. "This is discrimination! Check your privilege!"

>> No.32722828

I'm sure the principal would stop her before she got that far.

>> No.32722831

The enchantment is supposed to adjust itself based on your needs. So for instance if you want to sprint across a field it will put all power into speed. If you suddenly need to make a hairpin turn it will pull power out of speed and put it into agility. If someone throws a rock at you the enchantment will put everything into defence for JUST the moment of impact to protect you.

Basically the way someone described it working is like those power sliders between weapons/shields/engine that you find in games like TIE Fighter or Freespace 2. A normal enchant has one "reactor" feeding one "system" with power. So it can do one specific thing at 100% power. Our design is a reactor with enough magical energy for 150% power, so you can use it to power three different "systems" at 50%, or one system at 100% and two at 25%.

Our "endgame" enchantment has a power rating of 300%. So it can power three things at 100% instead of 50%, or boost one thing to a ridiculous 250%.

Also I just realized that since this example was for the witchball team and it doesn't include an Offence component. An enchantment meant for a typical fighter (ie us) would have ANOTHER 100% worth of power to throw around.

>> No.32722832

Dude, uvula is the dangly thing in the throat.

>> No.32722833

Alleged rapist.

Nobody has actually seen anything beyond standard fighting and nobody has brought forth complaints.

>> No.32722836

The fact that the internet has reduced me to a state that I cannot tell whether you're being serious or not right now saddens and irritates me for a number of reasons.

>> No.32722840

>We have a slaaneshi demonic fortress

>> No.32722859

>yfw she starts 'experimenting' with rooms

>> No.32722863

>Actually, we should say that. "This is discrimination! Check your privilege!"

It would be amusing for us to challenge and remove the leadership of the Public Morals committee because of their "clear discrimination against males" when they clearly allowed lesbian rapists to do as they saw fit.

>> No.32722877 [DELETED] 

the uvula is in the throat the uterus is in the vagina

>> No.32722879

Oh I know exactly what goes on in those rooms

>> No.32722884

We should reply with
"And what would be the appropriate amount of girls this is an all girls school, or nearly so I turn around and there are 6 girls." Turn around for emphasis and show them your harem. Point at them "See". Slam door.

>> No.32722904

too lewd

>> No.32722908

>When you go scrub the hallways she starts getting all hot and bothered, telling you to clean harder and faster

>> No.32722917


>> No.32722928

Guys we can start spring cleaning early right?

>> No.32722932


>> No.32722943


>> No.32722944

That doesn't even phase me anymore. Only the real hardcore stuff gets me now.

>> No.32722951

Yaoi pls go

>> No.32722972

>bara hand holding
Jesus Christ
My fucking sides

>> No.32723000

Admittedly that's the most adorable thing I've seen on 4chan.

>> No.32723018

Here's another.

>> No.32723071

Snake was kinky when he was younger, it seems.

>> No.32723115

You stare at the small group of girls for at least thirty seconds before you bust out laughing. You laugh for over a minute, drawing the attention of Tatsuko and Kaname, who stand beside you, staring, as you lean against the door cackling. Finally your laughter subsides, your sides sore from the added stress of laughing on top of being cut up.

“What’s so funny?” asks Kaname, looking between you and the stone-faced group of girls still standing at the door.

“They…they…they handed me this,” you say, finally catching your breath and handing over the cease and desist order.

“What?” asks Kaname, looking at the document while Tatsuko glances over her shoulder.

“As to your statement,” you say to the glasses girl, “Not only no, but hell no. You have no right to tell me what to do or who to have a relationship with.”

The girl starts to open her mouth, but is interrupted by an angry growl from behind you. Glancing back, you see a red faced and fuming Kaname violently holding onto the paper, hands trembling. Tatsuko seems to be…relatively unconcerned actually, apparently finishing reading and taking two steps before draping herself over your back, arms dangling over your shoulders, giving you a kiss on the cheek and generally pressing herself up against you as much as possible. It feels rather nice, but you can tell she’s mostly doing it to simply tick off the group in front of you.

One of the girls in the back of the group gasps, while the glasses girl starts to quiver. You hear “Lewd” from somewhere as well.

>> No.32723143

“As for my living situation,” you say, trying to give off an air of completely enjoying the attention you’re getting, which is not hard to do, “I was put here by the Headmistress, if you have an issue with it take it up with her.”

“We…we are,” says the girl, apparently enraged by simple physical contact between you and Tatsuko, “We are approaching people who will be dealing with the situation with her. As for you,” she pushes her glasses up onto her nose, “Your blatant disregard for our request will be dealt with properly at the end of the stated time period. Good day.”

With that the group turns around in unison and marches off, muttering going on between the group. Letting out a sigh, you shut the door.

>Just stand here and let Tatsuko lean on you for a bit.
>Go talk with Kaname.
>Fuck, it’s bed time.

>> No.32723181

>>Just stand here and let Tatsuko lean on you for a bit.

>> No.32723183

>>Go talk with Kaname.

Enchantment? Enchantment!

>> No.32723185

>Fuck, it’s bed time.
"Who's coming with me I for one could use and good rest and would be most gracious for the company""

>> No.32723192

>Just stand here and let Tatsuko lean on you for a bit.
Tatsuko a best

>> No.32723194

>>Go talk with Kaname.

We did release our snark on her earlier, we should make up for it a little.

>Fuck, it’s bed time.

lewd angel approves.

>> No.32723197


"Chris, could you please begin drafting up plans for our subjugation of the Public Morals comittee?"

>> No.32723200

>Just stand here and let Tatsuko lean on you for a bit.

>> No.32723204

Guess we have to seduce the leader, then?

>> No.32723208

>>Fuck, it’s bed time.
Guide, are you offering LEWD?

>> No.32723213

>Go talk with Kaname.
Hey, so I'm thinking about practicing with some new enchantments. I'd kinda like to beef up this sword a bit.

>> No.32723214

>Just stand here and let Tatsuko lean on you for a bit.
Enjoy the softness.

>> No.32723216

>>Go talk with Kaname.

>> No.32723219

...we should probably ask Ms. Black just how seriously we should be taking these jokers. But that can wait a few seconds while we bask in Tatsuko's proximity.

>> No.32723225

>Just stand here and let Tatsuko lean on you for a bit.

>> No.32723227

this and then>Fuck, it’s bed time. Who's joining me tonight. Cue shit eating grin.

>> No.32723228

>>Fuck, it’s bed time.
He's hurt & tired. He really probably shouldn't be supporting her like that for long regardless of how nice it may be.

Should probably makes plans to talk about the ultimatum over breakfast though.

>> No.32723234

"Hey House, Can you turn yourself into a fortress that even an army couldn't take while still maintaining this classy look?"

>> No.32723236

>Just stand here and let Tatsuko lean on you for a bit.

>Go talk with Kaname.
We were going to talk to here about magic flying stuff. And the magic girls wand.

I would really like some air support before getting into the next fight.

>> No.32723238

And I know exactly how: >>32722677

>> No.32723243

>We are approaching people who will be dealing with the situation with her.

This sounds like it could possibly be a cause for concern. Wealthy alumni and other influential forces could put some pressure on the Headmistress, I imagine. Dealing with the Public Morals Committee before they can raise a fuss might be the best course of action.

>> No.32723256

>Go talk with Kaname.
She seemed pretty steamed. We should go calm her down if nothing else. Like a good boyfriend.

>> No.32723257

>Just stand here and let Tatsuko lean on you for a bit.

>> No.32723263

The headmistress is sentient and sort of working with us.

That's not to say she wouldn't enjoy messing with us, but this is going to devolve into a gang war, not a command from on high.

>> No.32723286


>Just stand here and let Tatsuko lean on you for a bit.
I want to indulge my waifu. Good food and snuggling.

>> No.32723294

>Just stand here and let Tatsuko lean on you for a bit.
I want my comfy fix!

>> No.32723316

Thank you. Everyone else can apparently only see her as a sounding board for enchantments.

>> No.32723317

Speaking of gang fights, should we try to romance the delinquent queen for added bonuses for the next fight.

It's totally not because I have a thing for yankee girls, ok?!

>> No.32723320

I'm liking some snuggling with Tatsuko, but I want to make sure Kaname is okay.

...I was thinking about asking Ms. Black about the Moral police, but I think she might honestly say 'nothing to worry about' and she'd mean it...Because a lot of things are to her.

>> No.32723340

I know what I'm voting for when we see the Public Morals committee again.

>> No.32723344

>Let Tatsuko lean on us while we walk over to talk to Kanami, then invite them both to bed

>> No.32723352

But anon, it's the girls who are supposed to be tsundere, not you.

>> No.32723362

Huh, I read it as a plan to force the headmistress out of office. In any case, we should probably get a copy of Irisveil's charter or whatever university rules govern her occupancy, since we don't want to get kicked out and lose best house. We should also see if we can find some trick to get ownership of her if the university (for whatever insane reason) desires to divest her. Just in case.

>> No.32723379

Am I the only one hoping that this is the part of the show where the makers show just how beastly the MC is compared to the normies?

>> No.32723395

Alright. I'm going to combine the Tatsuko and Kaname options since they're both right there and you guys like to throw around mixes.

>> No.32723398

Nah, we're not there yet.

After our next level up, when we assign points to physical and swordsmanship? Then we'll be beastly.

>> No.32723404


>> No.32723418

I-Idiot! You just don't understand the feelings of an anon, do you?!


>> No.32723423

>higher combat bonus than tatsuko

my body is ready

>> No.32723480

I think that we won't be able to keep Karasuba off our hard, chiseled body

>> No.32723492

>Just stand here and let Tatsuko lean on you for a bit.
>Go talk with Kaname.
I view Tatsuko as a big lion you see with nature guys. They act all cuddly, rubbing up against them, but you just know that thing could rip his goddamn head off at any minute. That said, let's try and upset the lion as little as possible.

>> No.32723494

While I agree with your interest in a badass women, I just wasn't really impress by delinquent queen. I can see her as an underling or at least someone we work with, but further than that? No interest. Let's find a legit biker gang leader that actually has some charisma in addition to attitude and fighting skills, but who still cares about her followers.

>> No.32723545

>badass women
Considering the only non-badass in our group is Kaname (who is instead incredibly good at mission control), I think it's safe to say everyone shares that interest.

>> No.32723569

When are things going to get lewd?

>> No.32723589

When papa-N starts running quests again

>> No.32723593

Well, given that this is a Harem anime, and not a hentai, it's gotten about as lewd as it'll get.

>> No.32723597

';____; Never...

>> No.32723607

I need my fish waifu...

>> No.32723610

>badass women

But anon, they're all badasses!

Seriously, I don't blame you for the leader of the gang. She's kinda forgettable. But I'm still hoping for a long haired hottie who knows how to ride a bike and how good she looks in a long coat and a sareshi.

>> No.32723621


>> No.32723625

So, late 2017?

>> No.32723628

Meh. I was holding off on pushing for fade to blacks because we didn't know if most of our harem was sentient, and whether they would be ok with that. Now that we've cleared up those points, I'm fine with pushing forward.

>> No.32723636

More like this.

>> No.32723648

Guide is secretly Papa-N. He's waiting to spring the ultimate HUEHUEHUE

>> No.32723663

One day he will return.

>> No.32723666

And then, suddenly, vore.

>> No.32723683

I can dream can't I? That'd be the best huehuehue ever.
Good. I owe him a beer, and there's Iguana hunting to be had.

>> No.32723921

As the door shuts, you sigh, leaning back against Tatsuko. She shifts herself from draping over you, to supporting you easily, her large chest gently pressing against your back as her arms wrap around your waist. You bask in her warmth and softness for a little bit, but you maintain enough awareness to recognize the fact that Kaname, whom you put a lot of pressure on anyway, is still apparently staring at the paper angrily.

“Kaname?” you ask slowly, carefully, “Are you alright?”

She doesn’t reply for a second, getting you worried, but eventually you hear, “No…” and a deep sigh. You’re about to turn around and see what you can do, but you are beaten to the punch as Kaname takes several quick steps towards you, ending with her turning around you and Tatsuko and nearly slamming her head into your chest, her arms wrapping around you with a nearly painfully tight grip.

You put your arms back around her nearly automatically, letting her vent by leaning up against you. She trembles for a bit, but slowly you can feel her start to calm. Tatsuko supports both of you through this, seemingly immovable and content to be there with the two of you.

Eventually Kaname feels calm enough that her grip relaxes and you reach up and brush her hair gently.

“Better?” you ask her.

“A little,” she says, still leaning into your chest.

“What was in there that got you so riled up?” you ask as she leans into your caress slightly.

>> No.32723943

“The whole pretentiousness of it,” she said, voice straining again just a bit, “And the fact that I can’t do it again.”

“Do what?” you ask, looking down at her.

“Lose someone I care about so much…” she says, looking up at you briefly then back down to your chest, “We’ve all done it once…except maybe Ms. Black. But it hurts, realizing that someone you care about so much isn’t real, doesn’t actually care about you. Then I got you…got this.” She rubs her head into your chest a bit more. “It’s as real as I can be sure of and some annoying non-existent bitches want to try and end it.” She sighs again, before looking up at you. “I’m not going to let that happen, I don’t want this to end.” She leans up and kisses you on the lips.

Breaking one kiss, you’re immediately drawn into another, as Tatsuko softly but insistently demands her share of attention. You feel a soft heat building inside you as both girls remain leaning up against you, their bodies’ curves pushing and moving against your frame. You start to have a quite inevitable reaction, which apparently Kaname notices, because she looks up at you with a knowing smile, then looks at Tatsuko, whom grins at you in that teasing way she manages. You notice that while Kaname shifts slightly against you, it is not away, just…different.

It’s late, you could head to bed and…well, see what happens. Or maybe you should take a break try and sleep on the couch tonight, seeing as how you are injured at the moment.

>Go to bed….
>Make an excuse, sleep on the couch.

>> No.32723983

>>Go to bed….
Oh my.

>> No.32723991

>Go to bed….
I'm not ready to risk the wrath of our harem

>> No.32724001

>>Go to bed…
is there any other choice?

>> No.32724004

>>>Go to bed….
Think of it as training, since sex with karasuba will literally kill us right now.

>> No.32724008

>>Go to bed….

'Tis just a flesh wound. The important part isn't wounded, right?

>> No.32724014

>>Make an excuse, sleep on the couch.

Even though the bed is far more inviting, I want to meet Slendy and she seems to suffer severe performance anxiety when there are too many people around.

>> No.32724022

>>Go to bed…
Invite everyone

>> No.32724038

We need MASSIVE GAINS before we can pull that off, anon.

>> No.32724042

Your point is too powerful. Damn you change >>32724022
to this we need slendy it has been too long and I need to see her again.

>> No.32724057

>>Go to bed….
Couch is inferior.

>> No.32724059

remind me who you are talking about?

>> No.32724060

>Go to bed….
Oh boy oh boy

>> No.32724063

>>Go to bed….

>> No.32724065

It was suppose to be in our shit eating jest. Although I admit the post gave no indication to that.

>> No.32724068

>Go to bed

We can't leave Chris hanging after last episode.

>> No.32724104

Alright. Calling it here.

Not that I expected much different but I had to ask.

>> No.32724120

Its happening

>> No.32724129

I don't know the couch is the best way to meet Slendy but our girls need the loven and we know they relay will want it.
I say go to bed but we need to make it clear that tomorrow night we have business on the couch so all the girls better get there share of us tonight or wit till 2 days at least.

>> No.32724152

I do find it amusing that immediately after being told to cease and desist our lewdness, we start banging our entire harem.

>> No.32724164

What better way to defy them?

>> No.32724208

Is there any way we can use protagonist points to make sure slendy appears?

>> No.32724213

Sex is the best arguement

>> No.32724220

Do we get a roll for performance?

>> No.32724242

God I hope so.

If we crit fail does someone get pregnant?

>> No.32724243

Sure. I'll give you a roll for how well you cuddle when I need it.

>> No.32724245

>mfw roll 1

>> No.32724256

Somehow I see this going very, very wrong on us....

>> No.32724271

pls no

>> No.32724277

Aw man, we're gonna get cockblocked, aren't we?

>> No.32724284

Rolled 25

Well then, Just in case we do...

>> No.32724310

Our house is also our chaperon?

>> No.32724322

>implying Irie wouldn't just join in

>> No.32724343

No. No, we're not. If Editor-kun comes after us, we will stab him in the fucking face and set him on fire.

>> No.32724360

I'm implying she would tie everyone up and then have her own fun with the group.

>> No.32724369

Rolled 19

My body is ready.

>> No.32724386

As long as we're included, I'm ok with this.

>> No.32724391

Rolled 83


>> No.32724403

Rolled 74


>> No.32724412


>> No.32724425

I just realized that Ms Blacks rejuvenation spell could be incredibly useful.

>> No.32724451

...This just now accrued to you?

>> No.32724468


>> No.32724484


>> No.32724507

There’s…a moment. You can’t exactly describe it, but you just now. Leaning down for another kiss from Kaname, she presses her body against you a little more, her not inconsiderable curves providing ample…stimulation, for you. But Tatsuko is also behind you, providing even more, her hand reaching down to take one of yours, while her hair tickles your neck and she breathes lightly into your ear.

Another kiss from Tatsuko starts to get a little hotter, while Kanames hands begin to play lightly on your sides, and waist band, where your shirt seems like it isn’t going to last very long. But the hands stop their toying long enough to take your other hand, leading you away from the door, with Tatsuko also hanging on as you go. The three of you make a curious train through the house as Kaname takes you all the way upstairs to her room, shutting and locking the door behind you.

>> No.32724526

Then you get another, hotter kiss and things start to blur. You remember lots and lots of kissing. You eventually decided that Kaname used some form of citrus lip balm, which contrasted rather nicely with Tatsuko’s lack thereof. Clothes start to slowly slip off, you remember your shirt being the first to go, hands eagerly seeking out your bare chest and abdomen, fingers tracing muscles and still healing wounds equally.

You remember undoing buttons and unclipping things as well, your hands inexperienced but eager to learn. You remember warm, soft flesh quivering beneath your hands, nearly heaving breaths causing motions and trembling from all sides. There are new sensations as well, hot, gripping depths, warm tangy liquids, multiple new and interesting sounds from everyone.

In the end, you’re pretty sure you lost, in a good way. But you went down fighting, outnumbered two to one and wounded to boot, up against one who’s probably smarter and more knowledgeable than you are and one who has incredible amounts of stamina. Your body finally demands sleep from you, exhausted yet satisfied. You here murmurs as you start to drift off, with hot, sweaty bare skin pressing up against you from all sides as the darkness of sleep swoops down and claims you.

>> No.32724560

And with that I'm calling the thread, partly due to the fact I'm getting tired, partly because I need to work on things happening for next thread. Speaking of which, I may run tomorrow, if not I'll let you guys know by Twitter when I figure it out.

Sorry for the delay again, hope you all enjoyed this session.

Oh, almost forgot.

+15 affection for Kaname and Tatsuko.

>> No.32724586

Thanks for running, guide.

I will point out that we didn't get anything for chris after the rescue...

>> No.32724612

yes thank you and also >>32724586 has a point

>> No.32724639


There's a reason I need to do more pre writing...

+10 affection for Chris as well.

>> No.32724644

Thanks for coming back from the dead and all.

Forgot about that.

>> No.32724696

So we banged them?

>> No.32724714

Looks like you're going to have to edit the other characters pastebin and remove the last sentence from Tatsuko's writeup.

>> No.32724720

So Akeno and Chris tomorrow night. Then one on one with Ms Black.

>> No.32724727

No. Stop thinking dumb things anon.

>> No.32724748

Guide said we need more physical before we can climb mt.karasuba. So probably just almost dying in another workout session, for now

>> No.32724753

Those numbers confuse me we saved her life and princes carried her out of hell then kissed for 2 weeks the other 2 we just did it with this seems strangely prioritized to me even given that great timing on Kaname and Tatsuko's apartment predisposition to this form of affection.

>> No.32724818

So can we all agree to put everything into physical right?

>> No.32724826


Up to you...

Well, I'll just add some in there.

Well...I can see your point, but you'll get that chance with her as well.

>> No.32724831

>apartment predisposition to this form of affection
Kaname has no predisposition to affection. She was an ice queen when we met her and for a long time after that.

Also, they live in a house not an apartment.

>> No.32724875

In defense of dumb anon, they could've just gone to third base or something...

>> No.32724878

>you'll get that chance with her as well.
Thats not the problem Guide, we dragged her ass out of hell and got less affection than having a threesome

>> No.32724892

Thanks for running!

Threadly reminder that the updated eBook can be found at http://pastebin.com/kbGzcbDb

>> No.32724912

We can only increase it by 1, but yeah.

The other point depends on whether we can get master enchantment or not. If no, then increase swordsmanship since that boosts our combat bonus from +20 to +60. We could actually fight karasuba full strength and have a chance of hitting her.

>> No.32724934

Can't believe I missed the thread! Also, you're alive! Thank god.

>> No.32724942

>having a chance
>against karasuba
hahaha no

>> No.32724951

HITTING her, not winning. We'd at least be on the same RNG.

>> No.32724991

>Thank god.

Ah, that's what this thread is missing. That one guy posting his gif at the end.

>> No.32724996

A few threads ago Guide joked that if we make it to Master at physical then do a manly pose we will be able to roll to see if girls faint. We're 2 points away from master.

Just imagine using that technique on the Public Morals committee.

>> No.32725010

I approve

>> No.32725012

Oh god, I want it so much

>> No.32725055

Not him, but better?

>> No.32725079

Thanks, now the thread feels like it's properly finished.

>> No.32725119

I don't think we got the home run, but we definitely made a play for it.

>> No.32725202

you misread me due to my using apartment instead of apparent. the timing is all referring to Kaname and what the morals comity just now and Tatsuko loves cuddling and all things cuddle related.

this is my point It just seems wrong to me especially given that Chris seems the type to eat that up.

>> No.32725577

Good god, I knew there was some void.

>> No.32725612

Not gonna lie, I just got a boner.

>> No.32725918

So i was thinking our plan for level ups everyone seems to agree
Enchanting as high as we can whenever we can
Physical to master so we can do posing and "climb mt.karasuba" as >>32724748 put it.

then I say we get
Mysticism than Casting to week because Mysticism is what we can use to contact Slensy and casting is direct healing and buffs plus we should round ourselves out so we can use the other skills to have better enchanting related to those focuses.
Sword-fighting to expert because it is our main combat mode.
Summoning then Mysticism than Casting to normal. I use this order becaus summoning helps with raw materials, visiting Slendy, and dealing with Jenkins if we ever summon him again. Mysticism helps with slendy and casting is last because we have several girls focused on it and hopefully most of our buffs and some healing can be prepped in advance.
after that it is way to far ahead to plan.

>> No.32727071

Considering it took several months and 20 some threads to get a level up, I think planning anything past the next one is too far.

That said, stat priority is enchantment>physical>swordsmanship>everything else

>> No.32727710

I would rate Summoning as #4. Reason being all of our enchanting skills are based around imbueing physical objects and summoning would bring them to us whenever we need them.

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