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What are your favorite premade scenarios/campaigns, /tg/?

Mine's Future/Perfect from CoC.

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Tomb of Horrors. There's still plenty of people that never heard of it.

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I really want to run the H series. Level 100 characters!

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The Enemy Within is a bit dated but I'm still fond of it.

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The Mongoose Traveller universe. I like how ridiculously huge it is and how it paints a really dark scenario wherein, grown to an unmanageable enough size, human systems of government invariably tend to regress to the most efficient and powerful form as opposed to the most free one, so what few democratic societies exist do so only within a much larger system which is feudal to the bone.

That, and, y'know. Vegans, man.

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City State of the Invincible Overlord. For a premade adventure environment it can't be beat.

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