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Pet play addition!

>Loving your master because he's so kind
>The feel of your sub cuddling against you
>Getting petted on the head
>Never actually RPing because you were left at the kennel like a bitch
Reminder that there's no rule against weekday ERP threads

To get started
>Pick F-List or IRC or both as your preferred method

>Go to #1001Lewd_Nights on Rizon for IRC
>Make a character and jump into /tg/ chat under "Private Channels" for F-list

>Go to http://www.f-list.net
>Create a username.
>Create a character profile on that username.
>Click chat -> chat now and enter the chat (Experimental chat slightly advised). You'll be on the frontpage.
>Click "channels" on the bar up the top and click "private rooms" and navigate down to /tg/ chat.

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You're still a faggot for posting one during the week.

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I want to make a catgirl account and actually act like a cat.

I also want to get fucked hard. But I feel uninterested in most sex scenes.

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you want another thread after that last one? really?

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Mein herr kind of has the whole lord connotation going for it to, depending on your level of investment, kind of interesting, I like goshujinsama but its kind of a mouthfull compared to master. it can rarely be used to address female owners too, which is nice. though I hear ojousama more. I personally prefer goshuujin sama, but that may just be because ojousama seems so, diminutive, clearly I watch to many animes with loli or younger ojous that have maids.

and as for daddy and the like, well, that stuff kind of repulses me a bit. and master is a bit corny i guess. But oh god when you feel corned scared and powerless it does not feel like a joke.

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forgot to respond, I tend to feel similarly, I dont seek out sex or anything realy, I simply prefer the domination. as for behaving like a real cat, it would be pretty funny just watching someone do that. I'd love to see them watch cat tv.

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Do you not?

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I would kind of love a scene of submission and dominance without sex. I think my main problem might be that most of my scenes are short term one shots, and jump right to the sex more often than not, even though most of my characters are pretty detailed. I'm just really bad at A) playing when I don't have some guidance, like an actual game, and B) I'm bad at coming back to a scene and playing regularly, so I prefer one shots.

And yeah, the idea is that the character would behave like a real cat, and therefor need cat training.

I want a scene with some D/s without sex. Or even with sex, but I want to be something like... I don't know, I'm willingly submitting to someone so that I can fulfill my desire to submit both IC and OOC.

Now I'm getting all horny :<

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I play a foxgirl and act mostly like a fox. It works out. I recommend it.

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This is a bit like what you're describing: sexless pet training, teaching a woman to identify as a cow.

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And you're cute at it, too, Malaren.

>> No.32668874

the sex is interesting as a spice but I agree whole heartedly, pure dominance, subtle to the overt is what burns in my engine. being held down, bound and simply ordered around is enough to actually sate me, but the pleasure of it doesn't peek like sex, its so addictive and. and really just _better_ than sex. sex can get you both at once, which is good mind, but I guess lazy human nature makes me relucant to reach for more when I'm up to my ears in sensation.

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Most of my scenes begin with me on my knees doing cock worship, which is one of my favourite things. Unfortunately that's about all of the scene I enjoy. Once it gets into deepthroating or actual fucking, that loses my interest. I just like being submissive.

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> This is probably the hottest thing I've ever read

I'd d-d-dom y-you, senpai~

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Does anyone have any tips on meting a master? After poking my nose around I've found everyone I was interested in already had plenty of pets and didn't want any more. Then most that approached me seemed like they didn't even know how to role play despite claiming to have years of experience. I would put forth a semi paragraph to a full paragraph and get an incomplete sentience to a barely complete sentence like "ties your hands" back.

Maybe its just because I'm new to the whole flist thing and ERP but I just cant get anything long term going at all. Single one offs are fun but I'm much more interested in long term where my character develops.

>> No.32668972

while we aren't exactly master and slave, I know master woudn't want me running around, he's certainly not truly in charge of me, but he did mention the idea of someone else moving in on me interesting in domming me would make him very inclined to take choice out of my hands all together. granted, I dont know how much of that isn't just playing around, but he's my friend so i wouldn't want to upset him anyway, so I'd probably have anyone go through him first, you could always ask him, though I admit he might be less amenable to the idea if you aren't female.

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>Does anyone have any tips on meting a master?
Measuring out a master?

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its all down to luck and circumstances, mostly I try to look for someone whos willing to discuss the finer points, trying to hook up with someone who seems to be searching for a good time tends to get me no where at least. its a bit like ERP with table top games, if you focus on the sexual side, of people looking for their kicks and their kinks, then it will be driven by sexual passion, which explosively wanes and waxes. I met "Master" (we aren't really that but we have a long term thing going between us of one intimate nature or another) through these threads actually, a simple exchanged email. we've been chatting through hangouts ever since.

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Yeah things to look for and flags that are signifys of people to be avoided. I've just started on flist and know nothing of its interpersonal workings yet.

So basically just hang out and wait? I figured it would boil down to something like that. Oh well it wouldn't hurt to sit in the chat and just talk to people.

>> No.32669113

I was making fun of the fact that you said meting instead of meeting.
To "mete" is to dish out or measure.

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its up to you, I find the anonymous environment much easier to approach in here, but i am no expert. may heaven grant you fortune.

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is that you? if so what are you doing up? you're tired

>> No.32669162

What did I just read?

>> No.32669176

Nope, just that from that post I think you're probably crazy or he's probably crazy and if you guys are fine with the situation keep it between the two of you.

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Lemme take a stab at translation:
>While we aren't exactly master and slave, I know my master wouldn't want me running around. He's certainly not truly in charge of me, but he did mention the idea of someone else moving in on me, interested in domming me, would make him very inclined to take choice out of my hands altogether. Granted, I don't know how much of that is just playing around, but he's my friend, so I wouldn't want to upset him anyway. So I'd probably have anyone go through him first, so you could always ask him, though I admit he might be less amenable to the idea if you aren't female.

In other words, she's in an "unofficial" D/s relationship with a friend, and that friend would get upset if she was being dommed by someone else. He might be okay with it if it's another woman dominating her, though.

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I feel like sharing. I had an impromptu scene with a deaf transsexual.


Characters are:

>> No.32669228

think as you like. we aren't crazy, just lacking heavily in self-confidence.

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I always laugh at dudes who think like this because clearly, another woman is not a challenge to his penile authority.
I laugh because I lesborared a guy who thought that.

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So the weekend extends to Monday now?

What happened to "just this one time!"?

>> No.32669263

I think it's more because they expect that something different can't replace them, it can just be something different. But as the Bible says, you can't serve two masters.

Ain't no rule.

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I've always been a staunch defender of weekend threads but I think it might just be time to let the complaints about weekday ones go. It still is strictly better for these threads to only happen on the weekends for all parties, even those wholly uninterested in the threads, but the people who understand why that is (because they were there when it was first being discussed) are gone. Unless you want to explain WHY weekends-only is better for everyone every time you see one made, it's probably better to let them happen.

>> No.32669291 [DELETED] 

Ain't no rule to have only one thread at a time. Why not make 50?

Do you really want this to be a circlejerk board?

Why not make a channel on IRC or something?

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See, I had a bisexual girlfriend, and I encouraged her to seek out ladies because goddamn that's hot.
She was really cute when she asked me, while blushing profusely, if I wouldn't mind if maybe the two of us got a girlfriend or something.

> She cut off all contact a month after we broke up
> Now I'm slightly sad

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>>32669285 >>32669291
This is the group of fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls that most often actually roleplays.

It isn't circlejerking (though it does occur) to want to have a constant thread where people can find roleplaying partners.

>> No.32669333 [DELETED] 

Weekend threads are good because it prevents circlejerkery.

You saw how the thread exploded because one tranny couldn't keep it between his legs.

>> No.32669350 [DELETED] 

>Trolling this badly
3/10, made me reply.

>> No.32669380 [DELETED] 

Aside from your obvious trolling, you're basically right, but you have to also explain why the time gap means that will happen less next time a thread is made. People argue, get mad... then the threads end, they stop arguing, they go and fap for a few days, live life, come back next weekend caring much less about the argument because there's nothing to remind them of it. That's the problem with little f-chat feuds, they get to fester with constant reminders of the other party's existence, and it's what people like OP don't seem to understand.

>> No.32669381 [DELETED] 

>This is the group of fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls that most often actually roleplays
Have you not noticed the quest threads?

Can you really account for the daily lives of every user on this board? How much do they pay at the NSA anyway?

Why not just do it on that site you all have profiles on? Is it not built to help you find partners?

Nobody here seems to want to find a partner, you just want a place where you can admit your sexual fantasies. Nobody in this thread seems interested in finding a partner.

>> No.32669383


Lesbian cunt-bandit here: My experience is less "a (wo)man cannot serve two masters" and "if you're the kind of guy who worries about someone else being the prime dick, you probably have reason to worry." They're too busy thinking with their cock to make their subby chicas happy. Every time, instead of spanking the girl to orgasm, he winds up using her for his own pleasure. Girls are hard work! Then I show them that the ass really is redder on the other side.

See, I don't mind if my girl sleeps around, man or woman, because being with me has kinda ruined her for other people. She does let them top her occasionally, but I'm the one who has the privilege of taking her apart and putting her back together again (did I mention girls are hard work?), and so we often spend time giggling about how enraged these partners are that she's mine, even though they knew that going in.

>> No.32669391

>not actually a girl
You sound like you're trying pretty hard. It's anonymous, you don't have to keep pretending

>> No.32669429 [DELETED] 

Trolling aside, I am right, and you are too.

Honestly I wanted to get the chance to use the term tranny.

>> No.32669430

Aw, anon. Feeling sadlife again? I'm just having fun. "Lesbian cunt-bandit" sounds like such a wonderful phrase, I had to use it.

>> No.32669439 [DELETED] 

Stop insulting yourself, tranny.

>> No.32669441

I think its just more because of a fantasy of his. one involving a dominating duet.
thats pretty ironic, I dont want to go into too much detail but master is kind of the opposite, and my own tastes are.. well.. I like pleasing, being touched or anything intimately kind of causes me a lot of anxiety so... I just don't seek out that kind of thing.

>> No.32669466


>Pet play addition

Can't even spell edition? Really?

>> No.32669471

I'm somewhat wary of letting one roleplay spill onto another. Even if it does sound hot. But it's hotter when the dom is the one sleeping around and the sub keeps themselves available for their master only.

>> No.32669472 [DELETED] 

I'm not a tranny, faggot. My gender is irrelevant.

>> No.32669476

Teach me your ways, lesbian cunt-bandit.
I want to be a good top.

> tfw penis gets in the way

>> No.32669485 [DELETED] 

This. Even the weekend smut fags are better than you.

>> No.32669528 [DELETED] 

>Implying I give a shit about people in /tg/chat
I'll lewd them, but I don't wanna hang around them.

I'm too good of a dom sometimes. Which sucks, because I prefer to be a sub.
>tfw Switch world problems.

>Nobody in this thread seems interested in finding a partner.
Are you fucking incompetent? Profiles get posted all the time. I've found more partners here than cruising F-list.

Hide thread. Quit bitching.

>> No.32669555

This better end in Ethan serving his friends a steak while they wonder where Catherine is...

>> No.32669582 [DELETED] 

Fuck off, Rory.

>> No.32669592 [DELETED] 

No bully pls

>> No.32669600

>Thread Happened on a Weekday so there will be no end to bitching Edition

Why would you do this? I feel like if I posted my profile I'd just get heckled and harassed now.

>> No.32669601

It's all about unfulfilled needs, and recognizing them, in this case.

>thefe eeksght
Ah! Captcha recognizes I use a d6 HD and deal backstab damage.

There's nothing you really can generalize it into, sadly. Just don't worry about your dick. In fact, don't even think about it. I don't mean like, "don't use it ever" because some girls like going down on boys, and such, but if you are focusing on topping at the moment, it really is mostly just one more tool you can use to overwhelm the poor gal.

Be active! Be proactive! Don't sit on your ass!

>> No.32669602 [DELETED] 

It only takes one person to be a cunt. But again there is actual discussion about ERP rather than just profile whoring.

>> No.32669613 [DELETED] 

>actual discussion

>> No.32669617 [DELETED] 

>It only takes one person to be a cunt
Yeah, really, it's not like it's a whole conscious decision, or up to a voting. Even some of the general regulars think it's fucking stupid, but post regardless because Why Not, thread's already made.

>> No.32669628 [DELETED] 

Eat shit.

>> No.32669631 [DELETED] 

Can't help you if you aren't able to read more than one sentence.

>> No.32669633 [DELETED] 


>> No.32669643

>People are having a discussion about domination and submission
>People bitch about weekday threads.

You are the problem with weekday threads. Not the threads themselves.

Post it anyway. The only people bitching are the people complaining about the thread existing.
We had threads all last week.

>> No.32669658

Eh, it's a dime a dozen profile anyway. I'd rather post it without the air of hostility like's going on in this thread and last thread.

>> No.32669662

What, you want some like permanent relationship between profiles? A LOT of people that I see be into that are rather shitty, so you've got a lotta shit to sift through.
Second, you want to just find a master and jump into permanence instantly? Sorry, but that's dumb idea. Just play around, find people you like. Propose long-term to people that you find good.

>> No.32669665

And they sucked all last week

>> No.32669693

They all always suck.

This is the way to do it. A series of short term scenes make a great jumping off point for something long term, when you know each other better.

That said, I could really use some advice myself on play out longer scenes. I mostly do one offs, but they're starting to be unfulfilling.

>> No.32669715

are you trying to say you know more about what I want than I do?

>> No.32669724

What I'm not quite clear about her is whether she's talking about ERP or RL. It's probably ERP but that degree of clingy is still pretty weird.

>> No.32669734

I'd imagine she means IRL. Also, a lot of times ERP relationships can blossom into long distance D/s relationships.

>> No.32669737

Weekdays are even worse.

>> No.32669742

This, this, this, this, this. If you just leap into something permanent with the first person who gives you the time of day, you're gonna regret it in a couple months when you realize they have a huge thing for diapers which they didn't tell you about. I really wish I wasn't speaking from experience here.

captcha: fstleme common, apparently I should be glad they weren't into that too

>> No.32669745

Just try actually TALKING to the people you'd like to do longer games with. Wandering up to people like "Hey girl time for DICKS" and THEN THEY FUCKED will burn you out. Figure out why you're hanging out with them. Why do they want to stay with them. This sort of approach works better if it's an actual campaign.

>> No.32669746

you do not have to be there in person to be a friend to someone, the reason it seems clingy to you maybe is because you're used to the atmosphere of f-list, the two of us are in fact friends. I don't think theres anything wrong with caring about someone elses feelings, and its not like I'm itching to do something that he's not letting me do. I just respect him and his feelings.

>> No.32669762

>the reason it seems clingy to you maybe is because you're used to the atmosphere of f-list
Yeah, I am.

> I just respect him and his feelings.
Alright, cool

>> No.32669782

Yeah, campaigns seem to be the way to go. I've been talking with a few people I want to do longer stuff with. Not really playing, just talking. When we finally did play, after I've talked to them maybe three or four days now, I ended up getting these scenes out of it:
But I worry about my ability to do things beyond "THEN THEY FUCKED".

I mean, in the scene with Sabrina I couldn't figure out how our characters met so I just said "fuck it, we wake up together".

>> No.32669791

You could ask from players of submissive characters. I got contacted that way, but I am more interested of having a pet than being one, though I erp both.

>> No.32669826

>Yeah things to look for and flags that are signifys of people to be avoided. I've just started on flist and know nothing of its interpersonal workings yet.
A portion of the populace meets anybody who has "Master/Pet of X" on their profile with seething hate. How big that portion is - depends on where you go.

And of course beware of bad apples that cause the abovementioned group's rage - they'll want to jump all in, they'll throw bitchfits and hate if you back out on them after starting, they'll harass you on alts... All kinds of shit.

>> No.32669836

When running a lewd game, is it a good idea to make an f-list room for ooc interactions? On one hand I think it would be fun for downtime group rp when I'm not there, but on the other hand I dunno how to get people to use it, or worse, afraid it would contribute to the glut of unused rooms mods always fret about.

>> No.32669870

Address these issues with your partners. You might want to hold off on getting to lewds immediately. Save them as a garnish instead of the meat.

Try some dating scenes or scenes about people slowly coming to terms. Or yeah, just campaigns. Even if it's a one on one RPG, the actual game element will help drive it forward. It's what I do.

>> No.32669904

>tfw want to be a good pet to gentle mistress, but don't know where to look.

>> No.32669907 [DELETED] 

>>tfw Switch world problems.
All the relentlessly shit doms around have turned off from subbing completely.

Fuck giving them a reason to even consider godmodding some shitty domination in public channels. Completely fuck that shit.

>> No.32669916 [DELETED] 

I've had some fun doms, but they were the kind of people I'm interested in scening with but not talking to.

Most of my friends are suuuubs.

>> No.32669927


I don't suppose anyone who's into vore is around...?
Or general lewdness.

>> No.32669939

Write more customs. People into vore and other shit like that have the best customs. Tell me what you want me to do with you.

Also, I really need to work on my rapemonster profile. So many ideas I'm too lazy to impliment.

>> No.32669952


Blarrr, it's a bit disconcerting. I don't want to go too vore-heavy in customs, because that tends to put off people that aren't into vore, which is the majority.

>> No.32669961

Well, your profile is pretty heavily BAD END centric.

You should *also* write customs for what vanilla things you want to have. But those aren't the ones I'm going to be fapping to while I plan ways to murderfuck you.

>> No.32669969



You going to tease or message?

>> No.32669973

Bit of both~
It's 9:30 and I'm thinking of what to write.

>> No.32669988

>Reminder that there's no rule against weekday ERP threads
There's also no rule against pissing on the carpet of the house you're a guest in. Still a really rude thing to do.

>> No.32669996


Technically that's destruction of property or vandalism. Plus that rug really tied the room together, y'know?

>> No.32670002

Best addition to any roleplay! It's the leash and collar that does it - that alone makes any sub scenario ten times hotter...

>> No.32670016 [DELETED] 

My sides were not designed to withstand such pressure.

>> No.32670027

Yeah, but when you walk into the house, your host never says "Now don't piss on the carpet." It's just an understood cultural norm that you don't do that. And here on /tg/ in order to keep the quality of the board from dipping, we have the unspoken agreement to keep ERP threads to the weekends. "Well you never said there was a rule against it" is not a valid defense and just makes you look like a jerk.

>> No.32670051

Except that it's not an unspoken agreement. It's several people constantly speaking it, none of whom have any sort of authority. The only reason quality dips is because people come in and say "YOU CAN'T HAVE FUN".

Hide the thread and move on. It's just one thread, it's not even like Quests, where there are twelve of them on the board at a time.

>> No.32670065

If you're going to get that technical, asshole, then you're assuming that ERP threads are equivalent to something that is universally seen as unacceptable (ie, pissing on the carpet) when in actuality lots of people are just fine with it. It's not even a good analogy because you're speaking in particular of weekday threads, and it's not like it's an "understood cultural norm" that "oh, you can only piss on my carpet on weekends, but weekdays is gross."

You're full of shit, and your argument is based on baseless assumptions.

>> No.32670066

>there are twelve of them on the board at a time.
Current count is 20 + the quest general.

>> No.32670070

You fucking unchivalrious faggots! Come here, and let's have an adventure worthy of that name!


>> No.32670101

>there is another foxgirl here
fuck it im getting in on this

>> No.32670107

I would run a permanent OOC room and only create the IC room when the game is actually on, then delete it when done.

Also, you're overestimating the amount of fretting. A room for an established group is perfectly fine. You may want to not slap it with a /tg/ stamp if you're worried that much, but there is really no trouble either way.

>> No.32670120

D-do you take squires and butt fuck them?


>> No.32670131


Actually that person's logic was "just because there isn't a rule against it, doesn't mean it's acceptable." You're drawing elements from the analogy beyond those used to make the point. The point is, this is a matter of etiquette and not of rules.


I haven't seen one person come in and complain about the threads all of this weekend or last week. I have seen the threads erupt into drama, which came to a disgusting climax last night. Quality drops, ya goof, and the space between weekends gives us something to look forward to.

>> No.32670160

There was a little drama in the thread last night, and it ended long before the thread did.

The thread last night ended on the note of "what should you call a sub?"

>> No.32670175


>a little

I'd hate to see what your definition of a shitstorm is.

>> No.32670181

Shove all vore as subkinks under one header, then.

Also at the very least you need to make your preference on hard vore show. Yes/Maybe/No?

>> No.32670188


What was the drama last night all about?

>> No.32670203

Do like the /wodg/ and leave the drama in the last thread, then. Works for them, and they have daily threads.

Mods. See above.

>> No.32670204

Best to not talk about it.

>> No.32670213

Could somebody post a link to the GDoc spreadsheet for people looking for groups? I wanted to make a posting but I can't get on F-Chat to get the link.

>> No.32670216

I'm opposed to these weekday threads on principle just because of how much shit people fling at each other due to their existance, compared to weekend threads.

>> No.32670233

TG Chat Mods being simultaneously tyranical despots that ban on sight and useless shits that never ban anybody.

>> No.32670237

Catgirl with embarrassing fetishes coming through.

>> No.32670238

That's a dumb reason to hate things.
It's a self fulfilling prophecy by the trolls.

>> No.32670245

This one? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oS8MtnbUr9v1ILWayCcor_Q0GwHPEWLskxHRBnYH74w/edit#gid=0

>> No.32670246


>/tg/chat is shit

Big surprise there. We already had this discussion not too long ago, and the resounding belief was indeed "/tg/chat and a whole bunch of the people in it are shit."

>> No.32670260

>Giant sea-kaiju
>Pics are 2lewd for /tg/
>Looking for stuff that makes /tg/ squeamish.

>> No.32670262

The drama never ends.

Well it may pause a bit if the tgchat undergoes a catastrophic collapse like IRC did a while ago, but it will pick up. It WILL.

>> No.32670264

It's an understandable sort of hatred, compared to "b-but weekends!", though.

>> No.32670265

Is anyone allowed to throw their profile up in there?

>> No.32670280

Yes, thanks!

>> No.32670285


There's a few foxgirls. They're pretty fun.

>> No.32670287

Rape monster. Sort of unfinished, you get the idea. Looking for people to be devoured/fucked/impregnated/whatever.

>> No.32670294

Oh, I should mention I'm about to pass out. Send me a note. If you're curious about the shit you'd be getting into, well, check out Arika's profile.

>> No.32670310


Catastrophic collapse?


>> No.32670323

Of course.

>> No.32670332

You forgot to link the profile.

Mods were total asses, everybody migrated to a different channel.

>> No.32670342

>tfw ERP partner contacts two of your other characters without knowing who they belong to.
>tfw trying to resist the urge to tell them, because you don't want to contaminate your other characters with OOC stuff.

>> No.32670347

Got a pretty good review of the profile, but I'm in the process of fixing the little things to make it better.
>tl;dr: Big Breeder Bugs

>> No.32670353

catgirls and petplay are the best things.
Really need to buckle down and try to find some fap fiction that caters to that one of these days.

>> No.32670360


I'm surprised how few people want to do petplay with my foxgirl. And catgirl. It's sad.

>> No.32670366

Posting my catgirl because that's what all the cool kids are doing.


>> No.32670390

Told you I was tired.

Although "Arika" is searchable.

Slutty snuffbait who's kink list gives you an idea of what to expect

The unfinished rapemonster himself.

Now off to bed.

Oh, and ask me questions at ask.fm/masochistarika

Or ask.fm/whitebruja for https://www.f-list.net/c/sabrina%20granger/

>> No.32670392

I'd jam it in both; but I've never done ERP before and I have work in a little while. I sort of just come in these threads to check out peoples characters and see pastebins of their adventures.

Mind posting your characters?

>> No.32670401

>tfw always worried that you're not doing a good job.
>Testimony from ERP partners is unreliable at best.

>> No.32670409



Hey, it's me. If you're not into furry, I have a human catgirl too, most of my alts are listed.

>> No.32670415

>Mensbane Hive


Men's Bane

I literally just got that. 'Cause they're rape bugs who want to get knocked up.

>> No.32670424


>> No.32670435

Holy shit, that is attractive as fuck. I want to plow Mr Tumnus.

>> No.32670453

Thanks I'll check it out. I don't mind furry provided a few perimeters, but fox and cat girls almost always get a pass.

Might have to lurk a little more and make my own profile one day. Until then, work calls.

Have fun guys and don't forget to post your lewd adventures!

>> No.32670480

Maybe if I post pictures of girls in China dresses, someone will get interested in running ERP Legends of the Wulin...

>> No.32670521

Well now I'm interested in playing at least

>> No.32670546

That person is the only male who I might be ok with fucking, if he was wearing that makeup.

>> No.32670553

Isn't the system... like, really simple? You shouldn't have much trouble running one if you have that much enthusiasm.

>> No.32670558


But anon, that's so lewd~

>> No.32670583

I wish I had time to put together and run a game myself... I'll help out anyone who is willing to take on the gm role, though.

I just wanna play my -genderbending Doctor who specializes in Daoist Sex Arts and travels around offering her "services" to powerful Wulin... I guess I should probably make an flist profile for her.

>> No.32670595

...Is that a dude? I mean, I'd fuck him/her either way too, because holy shit that's cute. I just legit can't tell.

>> No.32670599

I hope I can bring everyone joy too!

>> No.32670615


The best boys are the ones you can hardly tell are girls.

>> No.32670623



>> No.32670624

>Daoist Sex Arts
Wait, how does that work?

>> No.32670630

When in doubt, do the two-trick test.

Check the hands, check the apple.

>> No.32670653


Sorry boss, already running two different ERP games. But I wish you luck.

>> No.32670672

What about monstergirls?

>> No.32670687

New shota character in need of some love~

>> No.32670699

It's more that I don't have the time to plan and organize a game right now or in the near future... Real life and all. Helping to organize and playing in a game is about the limit of time commitment I can handle right now...

>> No.32670701


Monstergirls are applicable in my FC campaign, yes. I've got a lot of applicants but I've a feeling most of them will flake. Do you have a profile?

>> No.32670712

I'd plow her tumnus.

>> No.32670736

I-I was joking!
What's... an FC campaign?

>> No.32670761

>I've got a lot of applicants but I've a feeling most of them will flake.
And why is that?!

Did you show them the fluffy tails? The succubi?
>The Dark Matter.

>> No.32670793

>NEET Monstergirl
>"Oh no! Everyone's seen how lewd I am in Molly's logs!"

>> No.32670801

Sex in Legend of the Wulin affects your Chi. Men have Yang Chi and women have Yin Chi; women have an unlimited supply of Yin, but men have a limited supply of Yang.

This means that when people who have a lot of powerful chi (i.e, Wulin) have sex, it can lead to a whole lot of things getting fucked up. A man who does it too much can weaken himself, or if he has sex with a woman much stronger than himself, he can "drown" in her chi; a woman can be overwhelmed by a man's chi if he's too much stronger than her. Any of these things can cause your Chi to go out of whack.

Daoist Sexual arts and alchemy are techniques to not only get around these issues, but to actually use sex as a means of IMPROVING the balance of you and your partner's Chi. There's a whole list of them in the book, including methods that allow you to change your effective or actual gender in order to better serve your partner. Basically all of my fetishes.

>> No.32670802


Forgot pic.

>> No.32670820


FantasyCraft. There's a general here: >>32616041 I got tired of no one running it so I thought I would.


The last time I tried to run a FC game 2 players showed up over 3 sessions. Besides, some of the applicants seemed only vaguely interested.

>> No.32670826

>Man, martial arts are awesome.

>> No.32670835

>he can "drown" in her chi;
What if he's a very femmy yin-yin petboy who only wants to serve and play with his mistress?

>> No.32670837

Forgot pic. But yea, this is why LotW is pretty much the best ERP game and why I want to pay it , all this stuff is in the core book!

>> No.32670860

>Besides, some of the applicants seemed only vaguely interested.
And why is that?!

Did you not show them the fluffy tails?
The setting filled with fluffy tails?
Where all the plants are in fact fluffy tails?
>And fried tofu is the primary cuisine.

>> No.32670870

>that story
Oh jeezus, I remember reading that a while back
Many tissue boxes were emptied

>> No.32670883

There's a Daoist Sexual Art for you! You can learn to cultivate BOTH Yin and Yang chi if you wish, or merely learn to cultivate your own energy to not be diminished by your mistress, and even to improve her chi in the process.

>> No.32670890

>Daoist Sex Arts
>Cute Chinese Dresses
>Limited Yang

You're clearly a succubus.

>> No.32670909

>>Daoist Sex Arts
>>Cute Chinese Dresses
>>Limited Yang
By this point she could be glabrezu in ill-fitting disguise and it wouldn't have stopped me....

>> No.32670922

Suddenly tons of yin-boy traps pleasing and serving all over the land.

New shrines constructed regularly to offer women loving cunnilingus, clean cooked cuisine, and massage service.

>> No.32670958

Why would an Italian car stop you? It's the succubus part that's concerning.

>> No.32670995

>Have like 20 or so rooms filled with my fetishes
>Saved them all to the bar so they're constant through all my characters
>Never run into a problem
>Make shota character
>Get kicked from several of them

>> No.32671042


>> No.32671060

Hey, that's not fair. I aim to leave all my partners with MORE energy when we're done, not less~.

>> No.32671082

Now ask yourself, "wouldn't a succubus say that too?"

We're on to you.

>> No.32671127

Well, if nothing else, you all have convinced me to make this character an flist profile when I get home, so thanks~.

Now let's just hope I can find a game for her... I'd play one on one too, if someone was interested, though having another player or two might be more fun.

>> No.32671152


Not everyone really is serious about committing to a regular game. I dunno how much fluffy tail there will be.

>> No.32671237

I'm already interested in running ERP LotW.

Get in the /tg/ Legends of the Wulin room, geez.

>> No.32671261

What happened during the last thread?

I'd posted a question and then the entire site seemed to lock up and die.

>> No.32671271

Cloudflare went down.

Then it came back up, shit hit the fan, and then this thread was made.

>> No.32671292

We... we have one of those?

Shit, I'm at work now but I'll get on this evening as soon as I get home!

>> No.32671303

(Is this F-List or IRC, btw.)

>> No.32671328

We've had one of those for about two months or something. It's not very busy because I'm bad at logistics.

>> No.32671331

Oh, I see. How did shit hit the fan?

Did anyone answer the question that I'd asked about Candi Cumrag?

>> No.32671363


I had to start poaching people from the Exalted room to get it started up.

>> No.32671367

Someone did (It wasn't positive), it involved one of the mods, let's not bring it up again.

>> No.32671405

Oh, man, are you implying that my question destroyed the thread?

Jesus wept, guys, I'm sorry. I didn't mean for that to happen.

>> No.32671421

Nah, your question didn't destroy the thread, it just got a negative response.

>> No.32671443

Oh, gotcha. Phew.

>> No.32671497

So, if you're pretty sure that you've garnered a negative reputation with your profiles, which are kind of generic and boring, is it a better idea to just trash them and start over with new characters or to invest time in revamping them?

Because I've reached the point where I'm never getting noted back, and I hope that it's my profiles and not my personality that's causing it.

>> No.32671503

I look forward to see where our note play takes us.

>> No.32671506

I'd go for new profiles.

>> No.32671545

And should I link all of my profiles together?

Because, if it is my personality, I don't really want one bad encounter to sink the entire ship.

>> No.32671563

You answered your own question, matey!

>> No.32671564

Hub profiles are for losers.

>> No.32671582

>there are people who make profiles unironically

The fuck?

>> No.32671607

You know, I for once I would like to find a raped little girl (or boy) and give them cuddles... and orc cock.

>> No.32671614

Did you post your profile? I am pretty interested in the game, but I don't have time to log on to f-chat at the moment. Would love to send you a note, though.

>> No.32671635

Not sure if I've got time to run a proper long-form game at the moment, but it should be pretty easy to figure out who I am if you ever do get in there.

>> No.32671743

If we could get a few people together, we could always try to put together something sandbox-y and trade off GMing? I could contribute to something like that (at least, once I have a little more experience with the mechanics).

I'll be getting on when I get home this evening and putting a profile together~

>> No.32671773

I don't know how well LotW's narrative mechanics do sandbox, but I'd be willing to try it.

>> No.32671899

Well, I mean more in the sense of "trade off running short story arcs" than a traditional sandbox game. The narrative mechanics make it easy to define what each character wants/needs in their stories, so we could probably pretty easily trade off running that way.

>> No.32671929

>tfw never sure how to compliment partners OOC on their play
I mean what am I gonna do, write porn for them? Just telling them they're doing a good job feels awkward, even when I mean it.

>> No.32671958

"That was pretty good! We should do that again sometime."

... I swear, you people put autists to shame.

>> No.32671971

No, I mean, I say that, I set up more things, they say they like it I say the same, but it all feels cheapened somehow by our immediately preceding hours-long jerkoff session.

>> No.32671995

IMO actually playing again is pretty much the best thanks you can give someone, if you both enjoyed it.

>> No.32671997


Ask for criticism, feedback, and tell them the things that you really liked.

You don't have to get all mushy on them, and you can use it as an opportunity for self improvement when it comes to writing smut. I find that most partners aren't objective in their criticisms, since it's within their interest to make you happy, and have you come back, but a really good partner will let you know where you can do better.

>> No.32672018

I always hate it when people do that self-depricating thing. "Oh yeah by the way, sorry for being shit". I mean, come on, you're just fishing for compliments.

Then they get pissy when you say your forgive them. WHY DID YOU APOLOGIZE IF YOU DIDN'T WANT FORGIVENESS, YOU SCROTE?

>> No.32672120

I guess you're right. It would be nice to be able to express some gratitude OOC without it being haunted by that possibility that it's just to encourage further sessions, but I suppose we still have ways to give them something in return. This sounds like dating, maybe I should just get that figured out.

>> No.32672281

It's especially bad when they advertise themselves as Doms, then proceed to be overly polite and self-deprecating when you actually talk to them. Instantly kills my attraction - you're not dominant if you're apologizing every five seconds, or acting like you're terrified of doing something wrong. That's the opposite of dominant.

If you want to know if I'm having fun, or if you want to know how you're doing, just ask me! Say "Hey, how am I doing? Any tips to do better?" and I'd love to talk about it - that kind of back and forth makes for the best play, and helps both of us improve as roleplayers. But the moment I feel like you're trying to fish for complements to boost your low self-esteem (and trust me, I can tell if that's what you're doing) I'm going to lose ANY desire to play with you.

It's like, for fucks sake, I let you put a leash and collar on me and gangbang me until I can't walk anymore, how is that not enough of an ego-boost by itself.

>> No.32672336


The people who do that are pretty bad, but I don't think it's ever as bad as when people fish for sympathy for legitimate problems in their lives.

>"Oh I have mental problems and my family hates me and blah blah blah so don't be surprised if I get angry sometimes."
>Status: "Feeling like fucking shit, omg"
>On a day where they seemingly aren't bitching:
>You: Hey, how's it going?
>Them: Couldn't be worse. Sorry.

>> No.32672367


I know. I'm here to ERP, not to be a fucking hugbox for everyone with a problem.

>> No.32672384

>pleasuring a whore is somehow meant to be an ego boost

Thats not really how it works

>> No.32672409

On one hand, Anon, I understand what you're saying. On the other hand, you seem to be lacking a certain appreciation for the IC/OOC divide.

>> No.32672410

>Ever even looking at a profile of somebody claiming mental problems or feeling to publicly advertise their shitty brainfaults

It's like you want people to complain to you

>> No.32672432

>tfw switch
>tfw it shows
>tfw have to lead/dom all the lazy fucks anyways
I'm gonna be polite as I want as long as I'm doing this shit for you. Self-deprecation and fishing is dumb, though, but you got a problem with POLITE?

>> No.32672562


The obvious ones are easy to avoid. It's the ones who seem perfectly normal until they have one of their episodes that cause all the problems.

>Sign into chat, person you bookmarked and ERP'd with the other day hops on.
>"Sorry, can't ERP today, my whole life could fall apart right now."
>"Uh... Okay. Sorry?"

>> No.32672696

I mean, I was mostly joking, but okay. The point is, if I agree to play with you and then say "Hey, thanks, that was pretty fun" when we're done, that's something you should feel good about - and I don't feel the need to do any more.

No, no, not politeness in general. I mean that kind of "I'm trying way too hard to be accommodating and refuse to actually make suggestions or take a guiding role in the RP because I'm obviously afraid of screwing up or putting you off" overly polite behavior, you know?

I mostly sub but I'd rather play with a Switch (or anyone, for that matter) who can be dominant and aggressive when they want in rp and is chill and normal in regular conversation.

>> No.32672722

>I mostly sub but I'd rather play with a Switch (or anyone, for that matter) who can be dominant and aggressive when they want in rp and is chill and normal in regular conversation.

This is a sensible stance. I tend to prefer it when people can leave the IC stuff at the door.

>> No.32672762

This. Met a partner that seemed pretty normal at first, but I soon found out they constantly made statuses complaining about their life.

Super clingy, too.

>> No.32672897


Should I just not get on f-list when I feel like shit? I usually just do it to lurk...

>> No.32672985

A certain amount of emotional triage-work seems to come with the territory, but it does get tiresome when you have to deal with it day in, day out. Plus I also feel at least a little bad about enabling somebody's self-destructive escapist tendencies.

>> No.32672995

Probably not, if you have a popular profile. Just make one to lurk, I'd say.

Otherwise, you'd probably just drag everyone else in your problems, unintentionally.

>> No.32673018

No, I wouldn't say that. Just don't go on about how shitty you feel or why to the people you play with (unless you're good enough friends that you're both comfortable sharing that kind of thing, I guess - but don't assume that that's the case. Your partners are not your therapist.)

If anyone asks, you can say "sorry, I'm not feeling up to playing today, RL stuff" and leave it at that. That's all there is to it.

>> No.32673024

>I'm trying way too hard to be accommodating and refuse to actually make suggestions or take a guiding role in the RP because I'm obviously afraid of screwing up or putting you off
Oh so you mean 5 out of my last 6 subs? I don't really think it's a sub/dom thing, I think people are just shitty and lack confidence about their abilities, which isn't a good quality in a submissive partner either.

>> No.32673026


Just don't make a big deal out of your problems there. If you're having a bad day, just tell people that things aren't going that great, but you'd rather not bother them with the details when they ask.

>> No.32673043

Fair enough - I'm just speaking from my perspective, I don't see it often from the other side.

>> No.32673078


Not that anon, but as a comfortable switch, I'm always, always, always sure to ask my partners if there was anything I could have done better for them. I know I'm competent, but mere competence isn't enough on my end, and I want to be the best partner that I can.

I actually feel a little bad if they give me a short "Everything was fine!" because I can never tell if that's the truth or not.

>> No.32673136

To be fair to you, as a "switch" who would honestly rather be leaning sub but always ends up leading/domming just because I'm fine doing it and nobody else with a brain seems to want to, I don't even know how you find doms worth contacting in the first place.

That's not really what I or the person I quoted was talking about. What you're talking about happens after-the-fact whereas suggestions and planning for the RP itself come before.

>> No.32673159

And that's totally cool! The important thing is to make sure that your partner knows that you're saying "I'm always trying to improve my skill, and want to know how to do better for you if we play again" and not "I think my writing sucks and want you to make me feel better/tell me how to not suck."

>> No.32673168

The answer to the "how" question is, unfortunately, "by luck, and rarely."

>> No.32673176

>which isn't a good quality in a submissive partner either

Mmm, quality power subs, aggressively want to please mistress, find out everything that makes her happy, confident in their pleasuring abilities.

>> No.32673261

>Cutie here.
>Look at that booty.

>> No.32673288


Were you thinking of car bumpers at the time?

>> No.32673292

I feel you.
>finally find someone who speaks English and will play dom
>oh shit jesus yes this is great
>a couple sessions in they get obviously bored and flake to play sub for someone else
Shit's ridiculous. I mean I don't MIND domming, people tell me I'm good at it sometimes too, I just wish competent people who actually really like doing it weren't so rare so I didn't have to every time.

Hmm, maybe I should try giving one of those a shot. If the problem is people just don't like leading, not actually an aversion to domming, then I guess I could pull them over me and maybe crack them out of their shells, so to speak.

>> No.32673325


I was thinking of getting bumped, if you catch my drift.

>> No.32673346

>wake up
>can't wait to roleplay even though I'm probably just getting chain bookmarked with no contact like usual
>MGSV trailer
>depressed and no drive

fuck ;_;

>> No.32673352

>Talk to two profiles, both of them enthusiastic about proposed scenes
>Neither has been online since

>> No.32673379

I have several characters I play with actively and a chat lurking profile so you'd likely never catch me on if you're sitting there staring at chat, waiting to send me a PM as soon as I get on. That's by design because that is annoying as fuck. Send them a note and ask when they'll be available.

>> No.32673385

>crack them out of their shells

"Hello mistress, how may I please you today?"
"I have trained long and hard and may be very good at orally pleasuring your clitoris miss."
"Would you wish for a foot rub mistress?"
"I saw you enjoyed hibiscus tea, so I brought you some if it pleases you mistress."
>Works in real life too. :D

>> No.32673457

Anyone looking for sizeplay stuff?


>> No.32673471

Does that mean...

Giantess cuddles?!

>> No.32673493

>Evelyn Jund
>Devour mechanic.

We're on to you, too.

>> No.32673497


Only if you don't mind growth/shrinking.

>> No.32673513


Oh, you seem to have caught me anon~

>> No.32673535

>no scat/watersports
>yes vore
But anon, when you eat them, you're eating *all* of them anyways!

>> No.32673552


No kink shame pls

>> No.32673560

>Fucking succubi.

Fucking. Succubi.

>You orgasm while your little body slides down my throat, shooting your soul directly into my belly.
Mhm. Just as we figured.

>> No.32673588


But anon, I'm just a witch, and a regular human like you.

I swear.

>> No.32673661

Now ask yourself, "wouldn't a succubus say that too?"

>You seem to be getting too small to fight back. I'm sorry, but your balls look -so- full, maybe my tongue can help?
We're not gonna fall for that. Noted. And. Cataloged.

>> No.32673691


We need love too, you know?


>> No.32673717

>Did a soft vore scene yesterday for the first time.
>It wasn't terrible.
>See this.

Ehhhhh...I will...think about it!

>> No.32673738


One of them was contacted by note, the other said they'd like to talk again next time they were online.

>> No.32673747


We don't need to do vore if you don't like it anon.

>> No.32673757

>My womb fills with digestive juices.
>And my inner walls are just toooo slippery for you to climb out.
>You'll just have to enjoy becoming part of my body.
>Maybe you'll wind up in my tits, and can make tons of shrinking milk for everyone else.

Back! Back I say!

>> No.32673775


You can't fool me anon, I know you'd like that very much.

>> No.32673778

I'm not suuure if I don't like it is the problem!

>> No.32673816

Fair enough. Shoot me a note sometime if you feel like it, and we can talk about it.

>> No.32673829

Step 1: Look up modeseven.
Step 2: Mmm.
Step 3: Now you know.

>> No.32673848

A-Anons... I have a stupid question.

How many posts do you 'go at it' before you cum?

>> No.32673865

Oh, I'm very familiar with that artist. I just prefer the strange body types over the all out vore. Though there have been a...few...illustrations...

Consider it considered! It's important to be the bigger person and give things a chance.

>> No.32673869


Dude that's like asking how many times you should thrust.

It depends on the partner and mood. If you think you're coming too early, just ask, or go for round 2.

>> No.32673885


I wait until we're finished, then use the logs.

>> No.32673889

>Look into my big hazel eyes.
>Do I look like I'd hurt you?
>You can just rest with me, it's fine.
>You're a little sleepy, aren't you?


>> No.32673918

>Doesn't my tongue look comfortable?
>It's fine, I won't do anything weird.
>You just taste so good though...


>> No.32674001

>And then I was going to...
>Wait, this is an esophagus.
>Fucking... where is it... Scroll of Almsivi Intervention.
>And it's to Ald'ruhn. Great.

Fucking succubi.
>Next time is mirror shades time.

>> No.32674024


You know once I've gotten a taste of you, there's no escape... Right?

>> No.32674047


Don't be so tsundere anon.

>> No.32674129

>I'm busy taking the silt strider out of this shithole.
>You'd be mad too.

There's sand and witchy succubus saliva dripping from my ears.
>It smells like lilacs.
It smells like I'm going to choke to death ON lilacs.
My tsun-tsun is fully activated.

>> No.32674177


Don't be mad at me anon, it's just part of my nature.

>> No.32674218

Exalted is a pretty strong contender for best ERP setting. (system being shitty is a big drawback, though)

>> No.32674229

>Implying Ald'ruhn isn't a boss city to port to.

>> No.32674230

Isn't there a /tg/ Wulin channel hanging there? Go propagandise games there.

>> No.32674234

>Slit strider victim's log:
>Today a succubus told me that there was no escape.
>Sadly, she was not correct. I'm still riding in the back of this horrible mewling creature while overhearing "n'wah n'wah" from the driver as if I wasn't right here.
>At least the floral scent is gone. Not that I didn't dream of being squeezed to death by flower petals. Again.

Fucking... this needs a new classification.

>> No.32674280


I don't even know what's going on here.

>> No.32674290

>I did not have a sand cloak.
>I am an "n'wah".

No, you know, you can just swallow that pipe and that frown.
>I'm going to have a nice long vacation in Sadrith Mora, thank you.

>> No.32674291

It's an Elder Scrolls game fast travel joke.

>> No.32674305


What does that have to do with the succubus witch?

>> No.32674340

Revamps. Some people still may like talking to you even if your profiles are bland.
Do not add to the cache of "friend suddenly deleted their profile" stories.

>> No.32674341

>I don't even know what's going on here.

Good! Plenty of time to ask the archmage for a succubus banishing ANYTHING.

>You remember how soft my tongue felt.
>Like the arms of a caring lover, it beckons you.
>Sitting on my breasts, staring up at my warm wet mouth.
>Don't you want to come home?

The dreams, still haunt me.

>> No.32674343

I have no idea.

>> No.32674366


I promise that it won't hurt a bit. You wouldn't want to make me cry, now would you?

>> No.32674415

Foreign joke explainer: Vvardenfell Edition

In many cultures, some methods of transportation may be considered worse than death.
>At least they don't play elevator music.

(Although actually, I did personally enjoy the Morrowind travel system for being more immersive than just map warping.)

>> No.32674470

>Recalling my anti-succubus training,
>In which I was forced to play Bible Black over and over and over again,
>It was strongly implied that I do, in fact, want to make them cry.
>Delicious tears of frustration.

Ahh, at least memories of pain and suffering can help ease my temptation.

>You could be so small and helpless.
>And just squeeze right inside my nipple to get alllll the milk.
>Wouldn't that taste so good?
>Just sinking right into my deep soft breasts.

>> No.32674497


Would it really be so bad?

>> No.32674579


You know witchy temptress, he says to himself, after that silt strider ride you may have a point.

But I'm still going to defeat you.
>Fucking silt striders.
>Almost worse than being crushed to death between witch-thighs.
>Inches away from her dripping pussy.
>And warm puffy embrace.

I said. DEFEAT. YOU.

>> No.32674600

>Weekday ERP thread


/tg/ IS DEAD

It's not actually thayt big of a deal but you're still a faggot for doing it

>> No.32674625


You can defeat me all you want... In the bedroom. Maybe a little post-coitus shrinking, but just a little.

>> No.32674628

>All my favourite partners keep on 'retiring'
I think this is a sign...
I guess I can use this as an excuse to go back to /vg/ and start playing MWO again, They have timber wolves now so it shouldn't be that bad.

>> No.32674637

It has been going on for two weeks now, let it drop. Maybe it'll be banned at some point, but hey, whatever. Let's try to have actual interesting discussion, not engage into drama, and try to raise up the level rather than whine about it, okay?

>> No.32674655

(You know I may drop by f-list, this is fun!)
>But what happens if you actually do beat her?
Eheheh. That's my little secret.
>It's not going to happen.
Or... is it? Bwahahahaha!

>> No.32674685


>> No.32674765


So what I'm hearing is:
>Please let me ride you, it'll feel really good.
>I promise.
>Oh, are you feeling a little exhausted?
>Mmm, no, I'm the same size.
>It's okay to be trapped under my breasts, that's perfectly normal after such good sex.
>No you won't smother. Really.

That seems somewhat treacherous.

>> No.32674801

its alright
honestly ERPing tales up a whole lot of my time, and with my new job I have been neglecting my other online friends for quite a while now.

>> No.32674829


Should just become a master 'magical realmsman'.
So good, that your players have no idea they've entered until it's too late.
And after that they still don't know, because they're too aroused and enthralled.

This way, every RPG becomes an ERPG, whether your players realize it or not.
>Also comes with free Detect Fetish power, courtesy of Slaanesh.

>> No.32674857

Timberwolf best wolf. If you call it a 'Mad Cat' you can get the fuck out.

>> No.32674862

Who are you?

>> No.32674878

on F-list or MWO?
either way I'm not telling.

>> No.32674896


Come on, it's just a little bit of a size change... It's not like I'd hurt you or anything. I just think you little guys are so cute!

>> No.32675028

>I won't hurt you.
>You'll just orgasm plenty of times into my pussy.
>They'll be really hard and satisfying.
>You won't need all that energy, I'll just take good care of you myself.

Well that sounds fine I guess.

>Yeah, you'll be so tiny and cute.
>You you can live off my body juices too at that size!
>Even the special ones much further inside me.

Wait a moment, that sounds...

>> No.32675099


...Like fun?

It sure does anon.

>> No.32675120


>mfw I did that and I'm still playing with them over a year later with no complaints.


New profiles, you've got 40 slots for a reason. Make sure they aren't visible to each other.

>> No.32675143

>if something shitty is starting to become a tradition, then it's suddenly okay!

>> No.32675166

Or you could report the thread, let the mod do their jobs and hide it in the meantime? I mean, it's only one filtered thread. I have already 25+ in the catalog.

>> No.32675257


Like it might be a little dangerous! Lots of things can happen when you're that tiny...

>You can hide inside my tummy.
>I can keep it safe in there for you. I am a strong witch after all.
>Just float and relax into it allll day.
>Your pain receptors will turn to pleasure in there too, so all the aches will just soothe away.

Yeah, but what if, I want to, go somewhere or something? Or you have to eat? Surely you must have lunch some time.

>> No.32675300


Nonsense, I'm a witch, and that means magic. Which means I don't gotta explain shit.

Now get inside my tummy cutie!

>> No.32675350

Get a room.

>> No.32675367


I'm trying, but he won't note me on F-List.

It's rather frustrating because he keeps tempting me with all this delicious lewd.

>> No.32675389

>Stealthily tweaks your nipple.
I don't knowwww...
>Inspects your belly button.
Say, what do you want protection from cantrips for?
>Tickles below your belly button with his nose.
And... Affect Normal Fires?

>> No.32675447


Oh... No reason! None at all. I promise.

>> No.32675471

Oh, heh, sorry!

I mayyyy not be able to do much dedicated RP today.
Since, while I am lewding all over /tg/, I have other dark sorceries concurrently being multitasked.

But perhaps and probably tomorrow!

>> No.32675500


No problem, just shoot me a note and we'll work something out at some point.

>> No.32675562 [DELETED] 

>Wait, why are you apologizing for frustrating the witch?
That is a good point.
>It certainly is.
>Frustrated witches get so much wetter.
>And hotter.
>And it just drips all over your thigh.
O-okay. I get it.
Um. Thanks.

>And the note.
Oh yeah! Sure!
>Work "something" out.
It did seem a little suggestive, but I'm sure she's fine.
>You soul.

>> No.32675607

>Wait, why are you apologizing for frustrating the witch?
That is a good point.
>It certainly is.
>Frustrated witches get so much wetter.
>And hotter.
>And it just drips all over your thigh.
O-okay. I get it.
Um. Thanks.

>And the note.
Oh yeah! Sure! See you then!

>Work "something" out.
It did seem a little suggestive, but I'm sure she's fine.
>Your soul.

>> No.32675747


Souls are delicious anon, and besides, what would you ever need it for anyway?

>> No.32675802

You have a point there...by all means, take mine.
Not that Anon, but I couldn't resist

>> No.32675904

>tfw you don't into ERP because 2lewd
>tfw you like petplay and soft SM
>tfw you just want some cute, nonsexual cuddlies on the warm lap of a kind, caring master

>> No.32676030

>people without profile avatars
>people with "straight" characters who message your gay male character
what do

>> No.32676048

>tfw no profile avatar because I'm never satisfied
D-do you hate me, anon?

>> No.32676056

Just take one of your character's pics and crop their face
If you messaged me I wouldn't respond

>> No.32676069

On the latter point, take their fat cocks and tease them about how you're way better at this than any girl ever would be, and that they'll never be satisfied by a woman ever again.

>> No.32676088

>tfw you don't ERP because half of what makes it fun is an emotional connection
>tfw in long, non-erp game
>get IC girlfriend
>game explodes due to IC & OOC drama mostly centered between you and said girlfriend

I'll never erp again ;-;

>> No.32676109


Note me.

>> No.32676151

>game explodes due to IC & OOC drama
Jesus Christ, you must be bad at this.

>> No.32676192

By the way, are we having another thread? Even though people will get buttblasted? being blasted in the butt is a good thing in my books if you know what I mean

>> No.32676229

>it's been going on for two weeks
Did you literally join two weeks ago?

>> No.32676231

If some one makes one, it won't be me, and I will continue to abstain from posting my profile outside of weekends.

I'll still read them in case of anyone looking for players for games.

>> No.32676255

Somebody probably will make it but whatevs.

>> No.32676279

People get buttblasted with us on the weekend threads too. Fuck em.

>> No.32676352

>my profile outside of weekends
Guys, how much does this really matter?

I mean, I've usually taken blue boards to mean 'no sexy images', not 'completely PG-13 text'. (Which probably isn't what this website is enjoyed for anyway.)

>> No.32676353

>weekday ERP thread
You're a douchebag.

>> No.32676358

The weekday threads. Read.

>> No.32676365

>Meet a guy on the /tg/ chatroom on F-list
>He's super chill, has excellent grammar
>Equally, if not more, interested in story than typefucking
>Pretty much the perfect partner to play with
>We spend the better part of the whole day just playing
>Really build up a cool arc that I thought he was going to love
>Suddenly he burns ever IC bridge I had set up (as a first-contact human on an alien space station)


>> No.32676384

I did. I'm saying no matter what day we post on, some whiny faggots will always be there to tell us to get off "their" board

>> No.32676387

you two are kind of assholes. but then, If you're looking for scenes i guess thats all you would care about, doms aren't some bastion of strength that doesn't need love attention and care. Dom's even need after care. you're an idiot if you think dom's cant infact be nervous, timid, or unsure of how to do what they want. especially if theyve had negative past experiances

>> No.32676438

I had a similar thing happen to me, one of my first partners back then. The RP had corruption themes, and we did a really good first session, but things just went horribly wrong in the second. Seems like he viewed depravity as an lever or on/off switch opposed to a process.

>> No.32676441

If I was a mod for /tg/ Chat I would make it an ultimatum that any profiles caught advertising in a weekday thread would be temp-banned from chat. That should dry it up a little.

>> No.32676470

>knowing what I want from an ERP hookup is a bad thing
>I should feel ashamed for not playing armchair therapist to a total stranger

There's a difference between someone needing aftercare and someone needing IRL friends, therapy, domestic legal help or all of the above

Guess why you're never gonna be a mod

>> No.32676479

Well, it was more directed at regulars bitching about weekday threads.

>> No.32676500

>Dom's even need after care.
Like IC, or OOC?

>> No.32676507

Character post, cutest horror movie edition.

Teenage not-quite-prostitute vampire sisters still learning (and abusing) their powers.

Werewolf boy from the country now moved to the big city and dealing with culture shock.

>> No.32676538


>shemales no

I really need to make a male.

>> No.32676568

How many profiles is "too many"?

>> No.32676590

How many can you handle?

>> No.32676595


If they are all good and you can pay attention to them all there's no "too much".

>> No.32676607

I'm pretty sure there's Harry Potter smut with a similar premise to that

>> No.32676625

some dumb internet tough guy doesn't know how to read i guess. The reason in fact, that you are an asshole is again related to the fact that you are no true scottsmanning your ideal of being a dom just because some people don't meet your standards. grow the fuck up. having baggage and self confidence problems does not exclude you from being a dom. lots of doms get anxiety.

ooc, if the session was hard on them. but this is more of a in person thing. its not so important online. but the point is, is that doms are humans, not some persons crazy ideal

>> No.32676626

It's not even that. It was just that he completely miscalculated the repercussions of trying to sass a monstrous alpha-male spacealien that is the leader and protector of a very small tribe of very large spacealiens.

He was trying to cut off a battle tank while driving a Mini Cooper, and there's only one lane.

>> No.32676642

Yes, you do.

Or send me a note anyway if you'd be fine with sandboxing an existing character as male instead

>> No.32676655

>its not so important online.
Dunno, last time I had to go and beg for hugs to my family. Hmm.

>> No.32676696

Oh, gosh, I'm torn on which one to pick. Where's my Magic 8 Ball when I need it...

>> No.32676800

>you are erping with someone
>you take a little longer to write out your message than usual
>system: X is offline

>> No.32676848

The answer is clearly 'both'.

>> No.32676854

Y-you aren't talking about me are you anon?

>> No.32676875

Also complaining about someone not being exactly like the character they're playing... what?

The people you quoted sound like total fucking tools.

>> No.32676884

...what was I even thinking!

>> No.32676891


I think I'd have a hard time doing that.

Guess I'm making a male...

>> No.32676893

This only happens to me for notes, and usually because they don't expect to receive a reply in over 10 minutes, but less than 20.

>> No.32676949

Talk to him OOC about where the story/characters/plot should go.

>> No.32676996

anyone have any good starting guides?

>> No.32677027

Step 1- Message someone.
Step 2- Work out when you wanna play.
Step 3- Get jiggy with it.

>> No.32677046

I am. Thanks for the .gif

>> No.32677069

That sounds deceptively simple for type fucking... I'll have to look into making a profile too.

>> No.32677088

You're welcome.


>> No.32677119

>Guess I'm making a male...

Watcha thinking of?

>> No.32677146

>I'll have to look into making a profile too.
Honestly the more complicated part. Like, people have complimented me for my profiles, then I made a new one, and the feedback was so poor that I took a real long look, and yeah, it was shit. Deleted the character in shame.

>> No.32677159


Not sure. Something modern or close to it. Probably something on the nerdier end. Come to think of it I was thinking about making a Thrallherd before, a modern setting Psion with Thrallherd levels could be cool.

>> No.32677182


I'd suggest going through all the profiles posted here and looking them over, see what you think works and what doesn't.

>> No.32677225

>Still don't know what to name my character.

God, I just want to die.

>> No.32677248



>> No.32677252

Jack Black.

>> No.32677294

>Make plans with someone last week
>They finally appear after going missing
>I message them a hello
>"This user no longer wishes to receive messages from you."
I don't get people anymore.

>> No.32677303


>> No.32677329

Go to behindthename.com, search for words in the meaning that vaguely correspond with thematic elements of your character.

>> No.32677347

I'm not sure "likes to take it up the butt" is a common name meaning...

>> No.32677367

Romantic or slave names work. You could also link their submissiveness to concepts like relaxing or 'going with the flow'.

>> No.32677403

Do be forthcoming with your profile once it's done.

>> No.32677443

It's not about submitting, it's about having a dick up my butt.
I was actually just joking. I have more than enough characters as it is.
Although I am lacking in bouncy straight females with plump rears...

>> No.32677512

See? There's a gap in your repertoire there, and you need to cover it.

>> No.32677616

Will do.
I'll scan the thread for samples too so I can make sure I'm on form as opposed to the rough and tumble days when I did this sort of thing on AoL.

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