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Robutt is a liar edition

>Trying to get laid
>Robutt tells you not to
>Never actually ERPing because Robutt is the final word in everything.

To get started
>Pick F-List or IRC or both as your preferred method

>Go to #1001Lewd_Nights on Rizon for IRC
>Make a character and jump into /tg/ chat under "Private Channels" for F-list

>Go to http://www.f-list.net
>Create a username.
>Create a character profile on that username.
>Click chat -> chat now and enter the chat (Experimental chat slightly advised). You'll be on the frontpage.
>Click "channels" on the bar up the top and click "private rooms" and navigate down to /tg/ chat.

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What a shitty OP image.

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Rose please

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A quick reminder that Gria are cute, don't forget to stroke their scaly tails!

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Could this thread actually be about discussing erotic roleplaying rather than a constant spam of f-list profiles?

I'm currently running an Ero Legends of the Wulin RP, set in a modern Wuxia setting (Will summarize if requested), and just through the intro sessions I've determined that my players are likely to enjoy a lot of transformation and hypno/mindbreak stuff. I'm trying to think of cool ways to blend high action Wuxia combat with kinky sexytimes. Any thoughts?

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My profile

My ad
>Normally I really like it when someone shrinks this jocks big piece but I want to take it farther. I want someone to make my dick retreat back into me to form a faux cunt/slit and fuck it. Bonus points for knotting it as well. Also wiling to do other RPs.

Will anyone treat me like the degenerate subpar human I am and show me I'm not really a man?

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Post PDF files of quests then.

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Posting my newest character one last time, because the thread wasn't working well, then.


Let's make beautiful music together.

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>Tiefling Bard
>I have a Tiefling Bard
> We should Tiefling Bard together

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Adventure? You know it!

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I'll admit I don't actually know what Legends of the Wulin is, but that sounds very interesting. Please explain.

I've been trying to work out a way to incoprorate sexual things in to nWoD combat, myself. It's not going that well.

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Confirmed faglord, do not sex with him, you cannot unless you're a man.

You should totally try though, he's a great faglord and I recommend him 10/10

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LotW is a Wuxia system, letting players take the roles of Xia, the powerful heroes who battle with legendary Kung-fu, mystical secret arts and mythical weapons.

It's the best system for high power combat I've ever seen, and also has an awesome damage system where, while inflicting injuries is the norm, you can defeat your opponent by aggressively making them fall in love with you. As part of the core rules.

It also has Daoist Sexuality as a core loresheet, which lets you use sex to cultivate Chi and learn special sexual techniques.

Shall I go over the setting for my game?

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>blending sex and chinese martial artists in a modern setting
RIVAL CLANS who have FIGHTING STYLES based on ANIMALS. Make one with poisonous fighting styles to justify mental fuckery like hypnosis or mindbreaking (because neurotoxins or something, wuxia magic).

Damn this stuff writes itself.

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>It also has Daoist Sexuality as a core loresheet, which lets you use sex to cultivate Chi and learn special sexual techniques.
And if you have too much of the wrong sex (read: Anything but straight man/woman stuff) you die.

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>you can defeat your opponent by aggressively making them fall in love with you. As part of the core rules.
>It also has Daoist Sexuality as a core loresheet, which lets you use sex to cultivate Chi and learn special sexual techniques.
See picture.

>Shall I go over the setting for my game?
Hell yeah.

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This seems strangely relevant.

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>tfw partner leaves mid-RP without saying goodbye to your face, only puts it in their status, and I don't know if I was bad or not.

I'm worried I fucked up somehow, but it sounded urgent...

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>I'm trying to think of cool ways to blend high action Wuxia combat with kinky sexytimes. Any thoughts?

That's gonna involve a whole lot of Secret Arts and Chi Conditions, mostly medicine, curses, influences, and passions. Might wanna give them extra points to spend on that and Daoist Sexuality.

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What exactly did they put in their status? 'Sorry gotta run' or the like? That kind've thing would probably be from a sudden RL interruption.

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It was 'Oh christ, gotta go!', so I guess it was something super important.

I dunno, I just get worried because I feel like I fucked up somehow. I don't think I did anything wrong though, I guess i'm just looking too much into it.

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They jizzed on their hand, you're good

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> Xia, the powerful heroes who battle with legendary Kung-fu
Does this bother anyone else?

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>Have super subby partner
>They indulge literally any fetish I'm into with only minimal boundaries
>Want to give back somehow so ask if there's any kinks they want to do
>They say there's nothing specific that really gets them going and blanks or gets defensive if I try to push
This sucks, /erpg/. I feel like an ungrateful partner from two directions at once and I have no clue what to do besides 'try to be as sensitive to their needs as possible'. Have any of you been in a similar situation?

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Forgot my profile!

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Here is what you do.

Rape them. IRL.

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It's okay. The worst that could happen is they could grow to resent you due to their own selfless ways.

Maybe try a sequence where you are brought low and they are in calling the shots. See how that plays out?

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Nearly-completely revamped profile, hope you'll take a look!

Also telling me what's bad with it is greatly appreciated. I'm not completely happy with it yet, but I just can't put my finger on what's missing.


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That seems like it would make the sub extremely upset and panicky and possibly call off rping with them altogether.

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>be super-subby partner
>enjoy indulging my partner
>actually get off to knowing that my partner's enjoying whatever it is they want
>have been subbing so long that I don't know what to do when asked to take the lead

It's a hard life, being a perma-sub. After a while it's easier to just go with whatever your partner wants; your sense of 'well, what do *I* want' atrophies to nothing. Also I might be that partner of yours. If I am I'm really sorry.

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>They indulge literally any fetish I'm into with only minimal boundaries
>They say there's nothing specific that really gets them going
But anon, that's how subs work...

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I kind of want to make a thrallherd, but I don't know how to do MC.

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>your sense of 'well, what do *I* want' atrophies to nothing.
I know that feeling so fucking hard
Sometimes I end up going on half-hour soul searching sessions to figure out what the fuck I really want.
Turned out for me, it was hordes of sex zombies with my character as the only immune one. forever sub. rip

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If it is you, you should get on skype so we can talk and/or lewd

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Indulging you is their kink, though. Look for what they seem to respond to most. Try new things.

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Jiang High, affectionately known as 'Hell' by the students there, is a strange place. A ruined city, kept that way by a group of powerful Xia as a training ground for youthful members of the Wulin who are not accepted by the hierarchical, more organized and controlled modern world.

Hell is a chaotic, dangerous place, where the only teacher is the enemy, and the Xia who raises their fist from the top of the mountain is king. It's also home to a few eccentric elder Xia who run various establishments within Hell, a few safe places within the dangerous eternal battlefield of warring clans of students.

It's a decently fun setting in an of itself, but there's a few particularly fun groups and locations which add kink potential.

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>Enjoy indulging my partner
>Get off to knowing my partner is enjoying what we're doing
>After a few questions, take charge and steer the RP
>I'm domm as fuck but with the desire to please.

I don't even know what's going on.

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I was. Not quite as explicit, bit they were clearly going through my kinks and twisting their character to fit all of the links at once. Also never asking for any kinks themselves.

It was weird but kind of fun.

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MC fetishist here, there are a lot of different ways to do it, from the subtle to the gross. The simplest and least interesting is what I call 'poof', AKA "Poof, you are now my slave". Instant mind shift, no effort, just contrast.
The next simplest is what I call prompts, which are mind-control suggestions, sometimes telepathic, sometimes worked into dialogue, for the sub to follow. For example,
>"I mean, <you trust me>, don't you?"
The sub hears a question but also the command to trust the dom. Progressive prompting creates a lot of change.
Then you get into the complex stuff like body control or creating a role.

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That might be a good idea for enemy factions among other groups of students, so I'll have to ponder that. Thanks.


I'm waiving that rule for the purpose of an ERP because it makes things sort of difficult, although I'm leaving in sexual cultivation etc.


So far we have a Doctor, a Scholar, a couple of Courtiers and Warriors. No Priests, yet, but we have a few among the core NPC's so we should get a lot of fun stuff going on.

So far, only in the intro sessions, the PC's have been mass body morphed into hypersexualised variations of themselves and had an orgy, which was pretty damn fun. I'm really looking forward to where the game is going.

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As a MC fetishist, do you get off to being mind controlled, or doing the mind controlling

Willing to show someone the ropes first hand?

>> No.32660523

>I don't know how to do MC
I can maybe help a little! I almost always end up domming hypnosis things on f-list. Seriously, save for one time I have always been the dom despite considering myself an even switch, and that time we only went halfway through a story before the other person realized they wanted to go be a sub again. That said, remember two things: being a dom for hypnosis and MC is a job nobody really wants to do, but that means there are really, really low standards for the job. A lot of the burden of making MC hot from a hypnofetish perspective comes down on the sub anyways. Your job as a dom, as far as I can tell, is to leave their (the sub's) character as intact as possible while also getting them into as depraved things as you both want to see. Let them resist. Suggest, don't order, especially at first. If they're into MC, they'll play along anyways, and it gives them more of a chance to type some stuff and describe succumbing, which is a good portion of the hot part.

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> Body control
> Complex
It's essentially a different variant of 'poof'. You control their actions, they control their reactions. It's my fetish, it's just hard as fuck to make work in ERP

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Fat cocked foreveralone quartergiant monster hunter looking for bros for adventuring and fucking. Backstory is fantasy based but as long as you don't mind that there are ways to make him work in other settings.

>> No.32660564

I prefer to dom, and maybe in the near future, sure. Profiel?

>> No.32660612

I don't have a profile set up that would work for the idea, so send me a note on this one or hit me up in chat.

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What I wouldn't do to smash or be smashed by that woman.

>> No.32660879

Hey, I'm not huge into body control but it overlaps enough with hypnosis that I end up doing it or something like it sometimes. Can you tell me how you think it should be done?

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What's a single, middle aged mother of four to do when her youngest two are off at school and her eldest have moved out? It's been ever so long since she's been with a man, too...


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Tragedy + time = comedy

But it's always too soon.

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High-school oni seeks heavy things to lift, sports to play and someone to cuddle

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you should include the fact that your character is a furry in your ad anon.
you almost got my hopes up there.

>> No.32661018

It does overlap quite a bit. The problem is that Body Control is essentially you writing their character. It's GREAT in manips and especially in stories, but nearly impossible in ERP without the sub basically not saying anything ever, at which point you're writing a story with only one reader. I still haven't found a way around it.

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>a breast

What the fuck is wrong with you, you entitled baby? Don't you know this is a blue board?

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What's a single mother of four to do when half of her young has moved out, and the rest spends most of their time at school or with friends? Hours of just cleaning, cooking and watching soap operas has made her a dull woman, and she's been on a 16 year long dry spell...


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Part of the Thrallherd thing is that it's not really an active ability. It doesn't matter much though, I've got too much stuff already to bother making a character I don't know how to play well.

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Anybody wanna play with me? This scenario is I cheat on my long time bf for the first time. Anal virginity is also cool.

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>tfw great partners.

Let's give our favorite partners their due /erpg/. Who are they?

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>mind control

>> No.32661171

Hm. What I've been doing if you're reading this you know who you are hi I'll send a note after lunch~ is generally something like give the sub suggestions that make them want things and then have them lose control of different parts of their body without explicitly saying what they have to do. Obviously "lose control" can be taken to different levels, I prefer it on the lower end of the spectrum but if could be full-on "your hips will move on their own!" Does that sort of thing do it for you, or is the whole direct commanding thing necessary?

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>wanting virgin anal butts
>not wanting all anus's you play with to be a gaping destroyed mess

>> No.32661187

it's like she will be giving her anal virginity away for someone other than her bf

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I told you not to post those

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Make me.
Or do me~

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I think i found a neckbeard



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My favorite would be

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You do have that image saved so maybe~

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<the profile was deleted> ;_;

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Don't mind me, just a cute femboy reposting his profile in this thread.


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Hold on i'm making an advertisement

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Shoutouts to Molly the monster researcher; I gotta play with her again sometime.

>> No.32661374

want to touch the hiney~

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>hoping for multiple mentions
>remember I don't play with a lot of people in /tg/ Chat


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Hey /tg/, I need your cum. To live.


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Not like it can't be used as a kink~

>> No.32661469


Everybody's favorite photoshopper. Send me requests or lewd. I'm fine with both.

>> No.32661480

B-but Anon, that won't possibly fit inside...

>> No.32661500

You can't make shit like this up

>> No.32661510

Touch it anon~

>> No.32661524


I'd do you hard, but you prefer F-Chat to notes. I can't into F-Chat.

>> No.32661563

I can in to notes if you would like.

>> No.32661665


Well, you just might be getting one from me this evening! I'll have to do some thinking as to which character of mine would be the most appropriate, but I'm flexible enough to make changes if need be.

>> No.32661737

>Say it ... Correctly.

Toten ... Kopf.

>You will never be part of crazy, Nazi occult sex experiments to create the true übermensch.

>> No.32661812

There's always pretend.

>> No.32661982

O-oh, gosh!

I don't like to play favorites, but...Ixchel, Gnovia, and Leon have all been very good to me.

>> No.32662032

I personally wouldn't call out anyone who doesn't post in the threads.

>> No.32662037

Redouane and Lola Calavera.

>> No.32662066

Critique incoming:

>Thanks for checking out my profile!

This would be better as an introduction, not as part of a spoilered text. At a second thought, its maybe even completely unneccessary.

>In the deep expanses of space, everything you can imagine can be found just there, over the horizon.

Maybe add some lovecraftian elements to that.

"Story": Maybe add how the Karkum escaped the mogul.

>This is my second somewhat-serious F-list character as I was slowly getting bored with the first one

Unneccessary, encouraged the reader to think bad of you - like they could think "what if anon gets bored of this character? maybe I shouldnt even bother if he just deletes it one day"

"I'm something of a veteran with PnP games, having played them for years and years and I have dozens of groups I've game mastered for behind me. I'm fairly confident I can spill an intriguing tale with rather decent grammar. There's also a trick or two I've picked up from F-list.

However! That does mean that I take something of a build-up to get to the hot part. Just mindless typefucking, "They met, and then they fucked" does absolutely nothing for me, unfortunately. So if you like something resembling a story as well as having your cock sucked, maybe we'd make an awesome team!"

Thats not bad, maybe a little bit condescending with the game-master part - your partners are not your teacher/professor/boss, you dont have to prove to them directly that you have qualifications or something - you naturally show your qualifications through your style of writing (which is very good, as far as I can tell from these paragraphes)

What you could add would be a trigger to the readers fantasy to go wild, since you have a great opportunity on hand with your character. (See lovecraft, he does that pretty good, even if he uses basically the same periphrases in each of his stories)

All in all I would give you a solid 7/10 from /tg/ standards, and a 10/10 from flist-standards.

>> No.32662132


People have said that they liked my profile in the past, but I'm interested in an objective and thorough critique. If I posted my profile for you to read through, would you go over it anon?

>> No.32662152

>looks at profile
lore from my favorite series and an argonian who likes lewd? https://www.f-list.net/c/haj-daril mind if I shoot you a friend request?

>> No.32662167


Bookmarked, will send a note when I can.

>> No.32662173

>Honest, constructive critique

Thank you, anon. I'll get to changing it!

>> No.32662199


Molly really is the best.

>> No.32662208

Fuck ze jews, fuck zem in their tiny little buttholes.

>> No.32662223

Well, it doesn't fit yet, but that only means we need more foreplay...

>> No.32662231

Of course, that's why I'm here.

>> No.32662252

Your Fuhrer was a jew... Would you fuck him in his tiny little butthole?

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>> No.32662285


>> No.32662289



>> No.32662291

Molly is such fun.
10/10, would let her document my ass again.

>> No.32662321

I can't figure out if I should tell you to go back to /a/ or /pol/. Fuck.

>> No.32662325

My only thought is that I want to play in an ERP LotW game SO BADLY I CAN HARDLY STAND IT.

Fuck, I'd settle for ANY LotW game. I just want to actually play LotW.

>> No.32662340

What the fuck

>> No.32662360

Let's make one happen.

>> No.32662370

I feel like Molly is secretly played by some famous YA novelist or something. Not in a bad way, of course, I just mean they're way too good at writing to have just done porn stuff. Molly = GRRM spread the rumors

>> No.32662372


Can confirm that Molly is 10/10, would Pizza again.

>> No.32662436

Have you gotten your daily intake of shota cuddles yet today?
doctors recommend cuddling with a shota at least twice a day.

>> No.32662437

>that outfit

>> No.32662448


Sadly my game is full at the moment and I'm quite uncertain about introducing new players from /tg/ after a few rough experiences. This goes doubly so for ERP, which I feel requires more trust between players than usual RPing.

I'd encourage you to try and arrange something yourself, though. It's not a particularly difficult system to play or run when you get past the learning curve, and the way it works is really awesome for having a game where losing a fight can be just as fun as winning it. If you want any advice, suggestions, or even just anecdotes to give you a frame of reference, feel free to ask.

>> No.32662465

I have nowhere near enough time to be GM, but I will do literally anything else to help put together a game if you or someone else is willing.

>> No.32662514

Isn't that the same game with the martial arts that causes people to change their sex?

>> No.32662528

>china dress best dress

>> No.32662544

There's an RPG where you can punch someone in the dick so hard it inverts?

>> No.32662579

Tell me more anon

>> No.32662586


A bit of confusion there. You actually fuck them so hard they get a sex change. Daoist Sexual Arts.

>> No.32662588


I love /ssloli/ I just need to get around to making a female character.

>> No.32662604


That isn't exactly a thing, but it technically could be based on core materials. It's pretty awesome.


I agree. It's why I have Ma Sin's Teahouse in my game. Run by a ludicrously curvy woman, Ma Sin herself, it boasts a huge number of cute waitresses in heels and Cheongams, serving their customers needs in more ways than one~

Some people ask where all the waitresses come from... And the answer is simple. Ma Sin does not allow fighting in her teahouse. If you cause trouble, you work off your debt... And if you resist? She gets to enjoy breaking you in~

>> No.32662613



Very good idea, pretty fantasy-provoking. It's content is pretty cliché but in this case thats a very good thing because it gives the reader the illusion of a familiar setting, just with a sexy outcome - in contrast to the murdering of aliens which normally ensues after reading a log like that - very good.


Normally I would say thats a no-go, but in this case it just fits with the vibe of the Log. Maybe the placement of the music-link is a little bit odd (I only noticed it on the second read), but on the other hand it would probably be a little bit obnoxious if you would highlight it too much.

>(by now, I'm hoping I haven't lost your interest)

Statements like this are destroying the impression of "power" a good profile emitts. Emitt confidence through your writing, like the words would even be sure themselves that the reader is so confined with them that he must read it completely.

Everythign else is top-notch. I really like the pictures you added, too - they are meaningful and not unneccessary - BUT you should really edit the japanese (or whatever that language is) out of them, it hurts the very "western"-scifi-vibe of your profile.

All in all, its very good, and all of my nitpicking aside, easily a 10/10 by /tg/ standards.

>> No.32662623

How do you get...buttdocumented?

>> No.32662639

Well now, guess I'm going to have to make a monstergirl/boy and investigate. For science!

>> No.32662651

I really need the name of this series

>> No.32662656

Step 1: Be a monstergirl/boy
Step 2: Post profile
Step 3: Get on chat
Step 4: Hope Molly notices.

>> No.32662661

>Daoist Sexual Arts
Sounds fun.

>> No.32662667

Btw. if anyone else wants a little critique, I got the time now.

>> No.32662668

Kamen Rider Gaim.

>> No.32662677


Kamen Rider Gaim. It's pretty fucking great.

>> No.32662682

Thank you!

>> No.32662708

I fear the profile's getting a little too intimidating, so if you had any suggestions to make it easier to read, that'd be awesome.

>> No.32662733

Hey, it's the not-sangheili again. I re-did a bunch of the profile, and hopefully made it clear that the mogul was long-dead. That was just an excuse to get the people into space, really.

I'm not that well versed with Lovecraft apart from the obvious Lovecraft mythos, so I wasn't quite sure what you meant with that, but I tried. And fingers crossed it doesn't sound as condescending now.

>> No.32662739


She's really nice, but you should know before you begin that she's my waifu, and I'm just letting you borrow her.

Just kidding.

>> No.32662853

>So! Thinking of playing with me, huh? Hopefully I can live up to your expectations.

Just delete that and it's relatively perfect. And for that lovecraft-thing: Just read like the first page of a short-story of him, and you will know what I mean. He has a very specific way of letting the reader know about the depths of what he is writing about, without getting too specific - hard to describe.

Next post will contain the response to this, so don't think I'm forgetting you.

>> No.32662856

Not necessarily. Some subs can be quite demanding on how they want to be abused. I plan on starting doing that with my own partner quite soon since we're almost finished with the mutual discovery phase.

>> No.32662899

I finally got contacted by him

>> No.32662931

>These comments.
Ohgosh!! If I wasn't me, I'd seriously think all of you were! I could almost cry...

Well, I'm smart enough to know good ad space when I see it!

Easily excitable and precocious investigative journalist here! Feel free to leave me a note or pester me in chat, I always enjoy chatting!

>> No.32662967


Ugh what are you, a sadist? Don't ask people to read just anything by Lovecraft. His works before 1930 are really shoddy, like, bad fanfiction tier. Try Shadow Over Innsmouth or At the Mountains of Madness specifically if you want a decent read from him.

>> No.32662969

wow, mind telling us what public rooms you were in?
I want to join the ranks of people who have been creeped out by this guy.

>> No.32662971


Molly, I'll note you back as soon as I can get around to it - this weekend has been hectic, sorry to keep you waiting this long.

>> No.32663009

Design an Infograph on the catgirls + locations - this would be the only step you would need to take to a truly perfect profile. Expecially something in the form of that one CYOA where you have to choose your roommate out of a selection of people would be extremely beneficial to your profile. I took some time to find mistakes in there, but there weren't any real problems besides that - good job!

>> No.32663019


What's the story behind this guy?

>> No.32663027

>not denying accusations of being a famous author
Confirmed. Do you play by notes at all? I don't have time to chat lately but I'd love to play again sometimes. Full disclosure, I was the chameleon, so feel free to answer accordingly.

>> No.32663029

Make a female character. He'll find you. Like a slasher.

>> No.32663054

My thought was that he would type "reading lovecraft online" or something like that into google - the first results are usually his "best" work - and I only asked for reading the very first page, to get an idea of lovecraftian phrases.

>> No.32663057

I have 4, he hasn't messaged any of them

>> No.32663091

Thanks! I didn't think it needed much, but it's good to hear it from someone else.
What do you mean by >an Infograph though? So as to condense the information into a more two dimensional form, with pictures and text?

>> No.32663097

I'm trying to replicate the way Lovecraft writes, but it's such a fine thread between capturing what he writes and ending up like one of those 'SO MYSTERIOUS' profiles that litter F-list.

Honestly, I don't think I can do what he does, and he's a legendary writer for a reason, so I'll just leave it be.

Thanks a lot, critique-anon. You da man.

>> No.32663121

A-ahem. Hey! First time not just lurking in one of these, and last night in a fit of insomnia (or caffiene induced) inspiration I decided to make a profile of an annoyingly nerdy and perky lizard monstergirl.


As for discussing ERP... well I never would bring it up since it'd be kinda embarassing IRL but if I ever did a tabletop game with some lewds, I'd totally play / run a D&D campaign in a setting that's kinda like Fairy Tail (Adventurer and magic guilds as far as the eye can see and a big open world of mystery) with monster people... not completely accepted in all places but usually able to make it as citizens in metropolitan cities.

The problem being I only have an IRL D&D group and doing stuff with them would be a little uncomfortable even with just light lewds ("The goblin merchantess seems to have a thing for elves and after agreeing on the price for your wares, looks over the elf. She even wiggles her hips at him while walking away to get a satchel to carry your stuff and asks if he'll be back sometime soon... and alone.")

>> No.32663131

Most of the links I get are unsorted collections of all his stuff. He was really bad at first, and that isn't something to emulate. Ya gotta point people to the wheat or they won't know it from the chaff.

>> No.32663154

Yeah, just like for example this: >>32649820

Imagine a appropiate background, cute pictures of cat-girls instead of the runes in this post, and the information about them unter the pictures - it would look so good.

>> No.32663170

Ah! Yes yes, my very first session! I was wonderin' when I'd hear from you again; I needed to ask you if you had a problem with me posting the log?

And of course, I do notes! Anytime you want to start something just let me know dear~!

>> No.32663181

Official ERP Tabletop Games Rankings

Power gap
Rogue Trader
Everything else

>> No.32663209

Gotcha. I can see how that would work. Now you've pointed it out it does kind of play out like a CYOA thing. Except that you actually get the lewds after you pick, haha.
Unfortunately I think that exceeds my photoshopping capabilities.
Also I'd be tempted to post the finished thing in CYOA threads...

If you've still time and nobody else is interested in getting a review, here's one of my less polished profiles that I could use some help with: https://www.f-list.net/c/ixchel%20titecol/

>> No.32663216


Power Gap? Haven't heard of that. Also, your list is missing Exalted and Legends of the Wulin. It is very flawed.

>> No.32663225

It's not about replicating, its about understanding what he is doing that people get curious. (And by the way, don't say he is a legendary writer - he was a legendary idea-guy yeah, but a pretty bad writer. )

But all that aside, of course you can let your profile like that, its good.

You are right, next time that will be neccessary, I'll just post the link to a specific story.

>> No.32663228

Oh! Certainly not, do whatever. You carried that one anyways, probably. I may make a monsterboy if I can find some pics of one I want to play; if I do I'll definitely bring him in for inspection.


>> No.32663248

How would you ERP with actual tabletop games?

>> No.32663268

needs WoD: Vampire - mind control, flesh shaping and stuff

>> No.32663285

>he was a legendary idea-guy yeah, but a pretty bad writer
Oh come on now; that's a parroted opinion and you know it. His writing was more than acceptable.

>> No.32663291

During down time usually. Occasionally rolling toughness checks to make sure people don't prematurely fire off or black out from fucking too hard.

>> No.32663332


Okay, how about this:

>Official ERP Tabletop Games Rankings

>Power gap
>Rogue Trader
>Everything else

>> No.32663374

That sounds really hot.

Too bad I don't play Tabletop RP games.

I wish I could. I bought pathfinder and played with my brothers and relegated me to GMing but I'm terrible at it. Plus they aren't really the kind of people to ERP with it.

>> No.32663444

Oh I know that fucking feel. I'm the GM in everything we play. I don't think I'm terrible, but they don't read the rules and then constantly think I'm trying to screw them over when stuff goes down.

ERPing, especially in Shadowrun, is easier to keep going since people can just screw when they want to do their own thing..

>> No.32663469

It's not that they hate me, it's that were all new to it and we don't even know the rules.

>> No.32663502

Anyone want to kill the next three hours being fucked stupid? I'm free for *anything*, so hit me up on my hub profile.

>> No.32663568

Can I get you to play a slime monster that coats my character like a second skin, pretending to be their clothes and expanding their breasts and forcing them to go and do mundane things while invading all their holes and trying to make them squeal at inopportune moments?

>> No.32663613

First of all its a little bit illogical - what reason should centaurs have to live in the jungle? The last time horses lived in the jungle was when their ancestors were as big as little dogs - a horse would trip all the time in the jungle. The speed advantage a horse or centaur has against an enemy completely goes lost in the jungle, too.

That aside, you shouldn't change it. Aztec(or maya?)-centaurs are an awesome idea.


You should structure the text more - either go from biggest to smallest (first lore, last personality) or from smallest to biggest (vice versa)

For example you could structure it like that:



I like the general feeling the profile gives me - kinda light-hearted and inviting. It isn't even that bad that your writing is a little bit "basic" - its complimenting the "nice"-feeling of the profile.

> Sex is a large part of her tribe's culture, religion and diplomatic processes.

Aaaand? It ends pretty abrupt, maybe you should describe how exactly sex is part of these things, in 1-2 sentences.

Overall its good, but yeah, less polished is quite accurate.

>> No.32663618

That's a stupid idea. That last bit is hot though.

>> No.32663640

You'd have to PM me or catch me in chat first, Anon!

>> No.32663693

Well, that was only my opinion after "studying" him for myself since here in Germany we only focus on writers like Goethe, Schiller or Lessing - no parroting involved. I just think that he ruins a lot of good attempts in storytelling with his typical phrases like "cyclopean", "not describable" or what do I know. - It just gets comical after reading that 10 stories in a row. I love his work because of the way he kindles fantasy in me, like he probably does with a lot of people.

>> No.32663717

Yeah, centaur in the jungle is completely nonsensical. I knew that from when I started it. I was thinking of hanging a lampshade on that in one of the scene ideas: -It turns out that long legs and a longer body makes trekking through dense undergrowth something of a difficulty. Ixchel has tripped and sprained her ankle on a vine, and needs you to nurse her better.
Thanks for the other advice though, I'll get to that!

>> No.32663719

How long does F-list take to send an account confirmation? Damn.

I just want to ERP as a little, robo shota, maybe with magic powers based on the reference I found.

>> No.32663814

I think f-list is blocked from some emails.

>Scene Idea

Not bad!

Glad I could help you a little bit.

>> No.32663838

I have you bookmarked. I'm thinking of RPing with you.

I assume you're into guys since you're listed as pan. Any preference on what type?

>> No.32663849

About five nanoseconds.

>> No.32663868

Is there anyway I can change my email? I guess gmail's blocked.

>> No.32663893

Gmail is not blocked, I used it for my account.

>> No.32663900

Not too many of his stories actually do that. There are only a few offenders like CoC, Music of Erich Zann, a few of the other ones with his giant aliens and shit. Even Dagon doesn't use copout phrases where it could. He's got a ton of stories like Winged Death where everything is very clear.

>> No.32663923

I'm into ladies primarily, but here lately I've been approached by all sorts of femboys and cuntboys and even a cute herm (Who got three posts into me and deleted him/her/its profile), and it's been pretty fun!

>> No.32663927

I might have mistyped my email? I don't know because I don't have anything from F-list and it's been like twenty minutes.

>> No.32663965

I have a twink.
I don't mind getting turned into a cuntboy though, usually as degradation.

>> No.32663971

Spam folder.


>> No.32663972

if you are using a microshill email account (hotmail, outlook, or live) then the message gets filtered and never reaches you

same goes for Sadpanda and a bunch of other websites.

>> No.32663981

Nothing in there either.

>> No.32663995

"web" and "gmx" are both blocked as far as I know.

Would you mind giving me a list or something of more stories like that? If you are right, and I trust you on that, I should really change my views on him.

>> No.32664000

Then yeah you probably didn't type your email right.

>> No.32664040

I have time for looking over one or two profiles more. (And I only visit /erpg/ like once a moth)

>> No.32664058


>> No.32664072

Yeah I just checked, and I typed "Hmail" and didn't notice.

I just reregistered and got the email. Thanks for putting up with me.

What would you guys name a magical robo-shota? I'm terrible at names.

>> No.32664092

No idea what a twink is but I'm always up for dehumanization and corruption!

>> No.32664101


>> No.32664110

>Shadowrun top tier

If I want to play a spreadsheet simulator, I'll boot up Vicky 2.

>> No.32664122

Give him a "cute", short, everyday name.

captcha: Leon xclierwa

>> No.32664199

>abloo bloo bloo
>I don't like rolling 300 dice all time

It is an acquired taste, but I love the setting.

>> No.32664201


>> No.32664229

That was a good chuckle you gave me, anons.

I like that idea, but I'm not sure about it. I feel like he should have some sort of half unit number half magical name. I'll post my reference, that might help, probably. A short name would be preferable though. Simplicity is a good thing.

>> No.32664249

Enzo Matrix

>> No.32664321


I'm thinking that he's like a super hero or magicalboy_.

Not sure he should have a last name.

Thank you though.

>> No.32664337

Maximum Extermination Unit #69

Short: Maxi

>> No.32664344


>> No.32664369

It's perfect. Love it.

A killbot turned into a shota-bot by magic.

Thanks, anon.

>> No.32664399

A twink is a small slightly feminine male.
Similar to a femboy but not as girly.

>> No.32664651

Can the guy who keeps posting Gaim images in this thread post his profile? I'm curious.

>> No.32664680

Oh okay. I could be convinced, then. Are they usually played straight or gay or?

>> No.32664687


Fuck no, that's horrible, why would you ask for that?

>> No.32664704


I-I just wanted to see the kinks of people who share similar tastes in rubbersuit bugman fightan shows. S-Sorry.

>> No.32664722

Mines gay. Twinks are typically gay but I guess they can be males too.

>> No.32664726

Also gay as rainbow unicorn.

>> No.32664729

Oh, okay.

I'm still not posting it though, no way.

>> No.32664784

>they can be males too.
Fuck, brain fart. meant to say straight

They can be straight too.

>> No.32664799

Wow, it sure is great to be a lazy piece of shit all day and give innocent survivors earthshaking orgasms while pressuring them to cry out my name loud enough to satisfy me.


>> No.32664800

You're pretty sharp. That's good.

>> No.32664815


C'moooon, anon! Pretty please with an orange on top?

>> No.32664888

>not cherry
Being Sid must be a crushing experience.

>> No.32664933 [SPOILER] 



You know, I just considered: If you have a crush on Kouta, does that make it an orange crush?

>> No.32665024

I'd give him my Banana Au Lait, if you know what I mean.

>> No.32665074

What's rping with darumako like?

>> No.32665203

Has anyone played with Candi?

I'm thinking of sending a note.


>> No.32665288

I played with one of her alts. She's pretty cool. Long post writer.

>> No.32665346

The best kind of dominant.

>> No.32665366

Seeing as they can't bother to spell correctly in their own kinks, I wouldn't bother.

>> No.32665371

Which alt?

Is she nice?

>> No.32665413

Someone give me some shota fishboy pics. I'm about to resort to drawing my own and I suck ass.

>> No.32665456

Now, now, naming alts wouldn't be very polite.

I think she's tired of being popular sometimes.

>> No.32665458

I hate those characters who are fetishized caricatures of actual groups, but can't even properly give me some good kinks to fap to.

There's a merboy who's got some good guro kinks that I saw once. Had good pictures.

I make a habit of using character search for people with kinks like death, degradation, watersports, extreme humiliation; they usually have hot as hell custom kinks.

>> No.32665560

Does anyone else like IRL hypnosis?

>> No.32665568

You mean Pale Mountains, Ghost Six, Ali Taka, Cynis Disaku Ana, Pocket, Lindara and Anatris?

Those alts?

>> No.32665597


what, like sissy hypno?

>> No.32665619

Pale Mountains is Darumako?

Why does Darumako hate me so much? I'm pretty cool with her. But yesterday she went on a rant about how i'm terrible and tumblr incarnate.

People seem to think I should just be quiet when someone says stupid shit about trans people, as opposed to telling them off for being dumbasses.

>> No.32665639

Oh boy here we go
Suddenly my hiatus from F-List and /erpg/ seems more palatable

>> No.32665661

>Playing tabletop ERP
>Playing a Paladin
>Roll to not think about dicks, mostly as a joke
>Natural 1

Well, shes going to be distracted for a while.

>> No.32665664


That kind of thing exactly! Only with nekomimi elements, like having kitty ears, a tail, and a fuzzy belly for rubbing.

Comfy is being wrapped up in three blankets, having your belly rubbed, and purring like crazy.

>> No.32665679


Sounds adorable, but not necessarily sexy. Isn't that Ana Malice, or am I thinking of something else?

>> No.32665754

tfw you'll never get to erp with the one who taught you a brand new kink ever again

>> No.32665758

She is a bitch and acts twice as bitchy on Pale Mountains. All you see her do is try to pick fights and steer the conversation.

>> No.32665771

Does anyone else ever get off to people's custom kinks without actually playing with them

What kink?

Yeah, I saw that from the logs I was shown. She outright told a friend who tried to defend me that *she* should shut the fuck up and listen.
Plus, I've just seen Pale Mountains being a cunt before on here.

Shame, because her kinks are sexy, even if she never ERPs

>> No.32665772


Anna Malice is the go-to, but /gif/ and tumblr are good sources too

>> No.32665787

It's something else. I've been looking for someone to play around with to no avail. It's the one kink F-list doesn't have. D:

>> No.32665791


Well, it sounds like she adheres to the old 4chan ideology of "if you're offended, then go somewhere else" rather than the new 4chan ideology of "if you're offended, complain about it and start sending reports to mods"

tl;dr: nobody wants to hear another butthurt brigade argument about biology, semantics, or social problems when they're trying to fap

>> No.32665808

Maybe she should drop the retarded shit and realize that Flist is not 4chan.

>> No.32665816

blackcobalt #tranceland is hypnohub's RP channel. Might have some people for you.

>> No.32665822

Getting carried to the bathtub after messy sex and getting doted on while she cleans me up

>> No.32665828

T-thanks, Anon!

>> No.32665859

>4chan dies right as I was about to ask for help with my character.

Writer's block is a bitch.

I posted earlier about my Killbot turned shota-bot thing, but I'm having trouble with his back story. I'll post what I have, please be gentle, I tried to make it special, but I bet I made it dumb in the process.

One dark night in a dank, dark factory, there was much work being done. The conveyer belt whirred at a break-neck pace, and the robotic arms placed the parts quickly, but precisely. Their product? The most efficient killing machine to ever disgrace God's fertile Earth: The Maximum Extermination Unit. These horrible metallic constructs were being mass produced for the jet setting warmongers on the go! War was brewing on this small planet, and it was coming quickly, so the powers at be thought it best to prepare. As the factory hustle and bustled to produce their product, there was a light in the sky. This light was distinct and different from the twin moons of the planet, for it seemed to jostle in the sky frantically while pulsing with color, but back to the factory. The oil stained line was consistently pumping out the killer tools of destruction and a rapid staccato until that bizarre light in the night sky cut a swathe through the heavy factory air. The wall of the factory was completely leveled, the robotic worker arms burned and deactivated, and the newest, spiffiest Extermination Unit was smashed into a crater. Slowly the machine rose from the crater, surrounded by illustrious, kaleidoscopic light. It's new form was quite different from its original, blocky form. It became sleek, smooth and humanoid in nature.

>> No.32665866


or maybe people who are trying to fap don't want to hear butthurt, no matter what website they're on? maybe, just maybe, the pushy way that a certain class of trans and pro-trans individuals go about badgering people who offend them and try to turn their condition into a political movement cause more harm than good?

But, no, I'm sure "telling off" people and generally being unpleasant is the best way to get people to view your group positively

>> No.32665884

But doesn't that mean that if people are offended when I call them out on being dumbasses that... they should go somewhere else?

This is my secret kink.
I even have two tall submissives, one female and one shemale. Both are going to start out most RPs as being dirty and musky, and I love when they get baths. I even had rough, passionate, wall-breaking shower sex on my shemale submissive orc.

People who are trying to fap also don't want to be treated like less than human, Anon-kun.
So, yeah, if you start bitching about how trans people are dudes in dresses or fucked in the head, I'm going to tell you off. This shit doesn't come up for no fucking reason, it comes up when people are being assholes.

Or, put more simply, I get off to assholes IC, not OOC.

>> No.32665900

>But, no, I'm sure "telling off" people and generally being unpleasant is the best way to get people to view your group positively

The irony is outstanding

>> No.32665909

People don't go to the main /tg/ chat for fapping. That's stupid. Hell, with everyone being idiots and talking about horse pussy and acting like this is /pol/ it's already almost impossible to have a conversation, much less public typefucking. People do that in PMs or other better rooms.

>> No.32665915

Is that on IRC?

>> No.32665928

Yes. Blackcobalt is the server, #tranceland is the channel. I think they might be having drama or something but that's secondhand information; I don't know any more about what they are than what they're supposed to be.

>> No.32665945

Atom, Astro, or Rusty.

>> No.32665968

>dont want to play games
>dont want to watch anything
>dont want to redesign profile to be presentable for ERP

>> No.32665987

Okay, clearing the air here - I was pretty goddamn wasted last night. I even said I was tanked.

Part of the reason that I have anger with you is because of the drama that starts around you. People who try to defend you get shit from people who dislike you, and people who dislike you get shit from people who try to defend you. You went on tirades yourself - talking about transgender politics and all the other tumblr-tier arguments that don't belong in the room.

But all of that is forgivable. A simple 'Sorry' would suffice for me, but for the other mods, I don't know.

What crossed the line was the way you attempted to backseat moderate when the mods explicitly weren't on your side. You attempted to shut something down that ultimately wasn't hurting anyone simply because you wanted to have a conversation about some inane bullshit and two people ERPing happened to be interrupting you. When someone asked them to stop, you told the RPers to stop, and the Mods told you to go fuck yourself. You got mad, then got banned. That's it.

I don't get mean until someone crosses a line, and if you can't handle lighthearted teasing, grow some thicker skin.

I ERP sometimes, but I'm mostly doing other things.

>> No.32665988

You could always read some logs, Anon.

>> No.32665998


That implies that I care what anyone thinks. These people are the ones invading my space, not the other way around. I have no interest in being viewed positively, nor any political agenda, except to prevent the kind of censorship we came here to avoid from spreading here.

>But doesn't that mean that if people are offended when I call them out on being dumbasses that... they should go somewhere else?

You're the offended one, so no. You go somewhere that people are having a good time and then start bothering them because they offend you and expect them to change their behavior to suit "muh feelings," which I find morally reprehensible, and a sign of the decay of western society in general and this board's culture in particular.

There was a time when 4chan traps were catty and vicious and thick-skinned and were too busy trying to castrate themselves on cam to be butthurt about pronouns or "slurs". Now you're so pampered and prissy and used to getting your asses kissed by all-comers that you have this massive sense of entitlement — the sort of sense of entitlement that causes you to "tell off" people for things like using the word "trap".

having GID does not make you a special snowflake, nor does it entitle you to never be offended

>> No.32666008

Wouldn't know where to look. I just want to ERP to kill time anyways.

>> No.32666025

>Want to make new character
>Not really super into my own idea of the character
>Not sure if the effort would be worth it

Life is suffering.

>> No.32666031

>Part of the reason that I have anger with you is because of the drama that starts around you.
no john
you are the dramas

Also "I don't get mean until someone crosses a line," I mentioned something about the thread and you called me a sarcastic little cunt for ~daring~ to tell you to fuck off after you bitched about the thread being mentioned at all. So what's the line?

>> No.32666034

Awesome! Thank you. :D They're not going to mess with me, are they? D:

>> No.32666036

Who belly inflation/monster pregnancy here?

>> No.32666039


>> No.32666043

Well, I have some logs here that you can read! Hopefully you can find something that you like amidst the meandering purple prose. Have fun, and hopefully you get that profile of yours cleaned up soon!


>> No.32666048

Seeing as you're the kind of person who likes those /gif/ "hypno" things I don't really care either way what you think they're doing to you. Good luck figuring out the relationship web of that room, though.

>> No.32666073

Does ERPGen like Little Shota Boys?

>> No.32666077

Damn, that's a cute as fuck name for a shota, even one that isn't a robot.

First off, people arguing *about* me, that's not my fault. People getting up in arms when they find out a character is me, or people just bitching about me, that's not on me. I don't have any control over that. As a tangent, transgender politics are something I only bring up when shitheads like Erinna or Crusader NT1 or whatever brought it up. It's not "Tumblr SJW Bullshit" to tell people to shut up when they act like assholes.

And second, no, I wasn't backseat modding, and that's not why I was banned. I used bolded red text not to backseat mod but to be attention grabbing. And it wasn't that I wanted to have a conversation about something inane, it was that PEOPLE WERE COMPLAINING and asking them to stop. If mods aren't going to do shit about it, then yes, the users of the channel will. But what I was banned for was telling Leo privately that he's a shit mod and that he should ban Erinna because she starts more trouble in the channel than anyone, even me. I told him to do his Goddamned job and get rid of the problem. He got rid of me instead. I didn't get mad and then get banned, Leo got mad and then I got banned.

And frankly, I like it better this way anyhow.

Being wasted last night doesn't mean anything. You were an ass. Not to me, but to my friend. You went off on a bitchy rant that no one gave a shit about, stirred up shit from ages past, and then told her to shut the fuck up and listen to you.

Plus, there's stuff like >>32666031

>> No.32666093

>mfw you actually believe that
Again, why do you get to offend people but people don't get to offend you?

>> No.32666107

it's not just the bath. it was her.

>> No.32666127

Don't mention the thread.

Problem solved.

>> No.32666158

That doesn't solve any problems. People should be able to talk about things without mods getting down their throat.

>> No.32666161

Because being 'offended' isn't something that others can control.

You're in control of what offends you. If you have to let everyone know what offends you, you have to realize that it makes you look like you're crying.

>> No.32666162

Well shit. Alright, I guess I'll figure it out on my own.

>> No.32666169

Do you have a profile? I'd like to help, but I don't really wanna take up the thread doing it.

Well, he's some of mine if you'd like. It's mostly pretty vanilla girlxmonstergirl/boy...

>> No.32666171

Why? Why not mention the thread that fucking brings us to the chat? You're a whiny little shit and I'm glad you're on my ignore list. Please do get a trip so I can do the same thing twice. I'm sure you will on your own anyways, at this rate.

>> No.32666176

Am I the only one amused at Darumako posting about herself fishing for compliments and getting into a (admitedly deserved) shitstorm?

>> No.32666177

I have a profile, but I don't have any character on it yet. That one would be my first. Don't know if you can still message me without one.

>> No.32666204

Hypno rooms seem to attract that sort of incestuous relationship netting. I actually had to make a chart for one I was in, to keep everything sorted out.

also best of luck, that sounds great but I'm way too shy and gay to say anything

>> No.32666205


>So far, only in the intro sessions, the PC's have been mass body morphed into hypersexualised variations of themselves and had an orgy, which was pretty damn fun. I'm really looking forward to where the game is going.

Xifeng does not approve of this. She is pure and innocent and that was ENTIRELY the fault of the Third Dragon Princess.

Yeah, one of the players here.

Art blatantly stolen from internet, not drawn.

>> No.32666229

>Actually believing this
Anon-kun, if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.
Don't you know that girls like a man who's passionate? Is that why you've never had a girlfriend? You think that you shouldn't ever speak up? I'm sorry for you, Anon-kun.

>> No.32666235


You bitching at other people for getting their terminology wrong or whatever it is that you define as "being a dumbass about transgenders" is going out of your way to bother them. Their act of "being a dumbass" was not, presumably, originally intended to offend you personally. Thus, you are the originator of the butthurt, and in the wrong.

I've never even posted in any of the chatrooms we're talking about in here, I'm a wanderer who is mildly interested in ERGing which is the only reason I'm here, but I've moved in trappish circles on this website for half a decade so yeah, I do have something of a personal axe to grind, but that's not really the point. The point is if you are trying to get people kicked or banned for offending you, then you are in the wrong. I'm not trying to get you kicked or banned, I'm just using good old fashioned argumentative drama, more for catharsis and to let you know that your new orthodoxy does not go unopposed than anything else. The "new transgirl" and her love-affair with butthurt is part of why I prefer to associate with crossdressers, as they still have something of the old spirit of the subculture which the tumblr-commissars have mostly burned out of the newer generations.

>> No.32666246

>Had to stop ERPing because of uni and work
>Have to postpone things with best sub I've ever rped with
>Come back and speak to her


>"Everyone else is lazy!"
>"This one guy logged on and I was such a bitch to him, I don't know what came over me.
>"I missed you so much, it's been too long, when can we play again?"

I am both a little worried and a little proud by the fact that I may have ruined her for everyone else.

And also a little turned on by the whole Yandere vibe I'm getting

>> No.32666250

Don't believe so! Just make a placeholder one you can delete later if you'd like to talk. I'm just sorta hanging around in the chat.

>> No.32666252

People were literally saying transgender people are bad people the other night. Good of you to admit that you're new around here though.

>> No.32666273


holy shit dem birthing hips

>> No.32666277

>So, yeah, if you start bitching about how trans people are dudes in dresses or fucked in the head, I'm going to tell you off.

Actually, in my righteous autistic buttmaddery I didn't read this part, and I will say that the people who insist on invading trap/trans/cd threads on every board purely to say "muh man in dress" "muh crazy" and spam pictures are quite irritating as well. They are engaging in their own brand of attempted censorship, and will get no defense from me.

>> No.32666289


Any thoughts? Anything would be great.

>> No.32666302


Should I just meet you in the /tg/ chat?

>> No.32666321

Naaaah, this shit is fun as hell to watch. I should get back into ERPing just so I can watch in the chat.
Plus it's been quite enlightening as to who I should remove from my Bookmarks list... done.

>> No.32666336

The fuck are you on about? My net just destroyed itself and I'm posting from an old phone.

I don't want compliments. I'm not here for my ego to be fondled, I'm here to play traditional games.

>> No.32666353


Yep. Xifeng is not exactly a slim or athletic looking Xia. She's a scholar, she works more with her mind than her body.

On the other hand: She can channel lightning and has a mild dommy streak she's not aware of yet.

She's also ended up in a Rivalry with the Third Dragon Princess because both of them have a matching disadvantage. 'Anything you can do...'. Any interaction between them very quickly turns into a feedback loop of 'Oh yeah, you can't do X?'. Which is why they both ended up sucking a dick together, because the Xifeng called her a Whore and a Coward.

That and the Third Dragon Princess is pissed off that Xifeng's father is more well known than the King of All Pirates, when she wanted to be the most well known person about.

>> No.32666368

>You bitching at other people for getting their terminology wrong or whatever it is that you define as "being a dumbass about transgenders" is going out of your way to bother them.
Actually, we're talking about people who've said that transgender people deserve to be shot and other /pol/tier things.
I've had pleasant conversations with people who've gotten their terminology wrong and corrected them. I've even become friends with many of them, and had quite a few scenes with people who slipped up and I'd get comically mad and emoticon or something >:I and they'd feel bad and I'd tell them it was fine. I find their embarrassment cute.

I was trying to get people kicked out or banned for offending plenty of people. Erinna, the user in question, was known to call people niggers, say spics need to be made into hamburger meat, and other eyerollingly edgy things. And this is on top of simply being an asshole of a person.

So, yes, you're new. And you're also wrong about what's going on here.

Considering how many people are trans in /tg/chat, or where when I was last there, that's essentially what happened.
I'd actually at the time had quite a few people confide in me that they hated all the transphobia but didn't want to 'out' themselves by speaking up.

>> No.32666382

Lots of spelling/grammar errors, especially in your customs.

>> No.32666393

Don't announce your unbookmarking, dude. Nobody cares.

I'm with you there, this shit is hilarious. Sorry you're not going to approach me, but hey, hope you find partners that have more free time than I do.

>> No.32666401

Nothing like logging in to see that a partner has deleted their profile with no explanation

>> No.32666410

We've all been there before, Anon. It's tough.

>> No.32666477

A lot has changed, Rory. Here's the truth; anyone that's being edgy or stupid is usually called out. Mods are active and don't let any politics come up. It's not conductive to conversation when people bitch about things and niggle others into viewing their views.

If I hurt the feelings of your friend or your feelings, I guess I'm sorry that you're offended, but there's nothing I'm going to do to amend how you feel. It's just something that is. Maybe you should apologize to others before hoisting a flag that they're monsters.

>> No.32666496

Thanks. I'll take another look.

>> No.32666543

I saw your conversation yesterday. Not only that, I've seen people bitching here and in my channel about how people are called out if they try to stop the 'politics' rants. Just the other week someone complained that they came on and people were arguing about Jews or something and she was called out and told she wanted a "hugbox" when she said the conversation was making her uncomfortable.

I'm also not saying you're a monster, so cut the self-deprecation crap, it won't really work on me. I have no one to apologize to. I don't go to the room specifically because I decided that I didn't even *want* to be in a channel with so many people I hate.

Also, "respect people and don't be a fucking cock" is the kind of view that you should niggle people into.

>> No.32666556

Look, if this is detente, then fine. Because frankly, it doesn't even matter what I feel because I'm not in /tg/chat.

But I'd urge you not to disregard opinions just because I'm the one relaying them.

>> No.32666572

Finally finding a pic that suits your character is such a good feeling.

>> No.32666579

>Erinna, the user in question, was known to call people niggers, say spics need to be made into hamburger meat

well, I still don't endorse banning people for being edgy, no matter how edgy they are.

>> No.32666594

I have a question, as someone who has never read ERP general before: does anyone here run/participate in/know anything about ERPGs? I don't mean the shitty video game ones, I mean actual pen&paper style ERPGs. It's something I've developed an interest in lately.

>> No.32666630

It was less the EDGE itself and more that she was annoying as fuck with her EDGE.

She was(is?) the type of person to essentially start shouting in the middle of people trying to play, and emoting grabbing people away or humping them. She also put half the room on ignore.

And once she made an alt to play with Tuplet when Tuplet had said he didn't want to play with her.

Edge is okay in small doses, but when it gets on people's nerves and they ask you to stop... you should stop, and the mods should put a stop to it.

I actually got banned when I redtextbolded "Hey, you're making people uncomfortable, please take it to PMs" or something like that.
Mods hadn't done anything about it, people were complaining.
WHOLE CHAT STOPPED to tell me not to backseat mod
As of someone had been front seat modding
Then I told the main mod that he was shit at being a mod, so he banned me

>> No.32666645


I'm running three right now, there's literally hundreds of pages of session logs linked on my account, feel free to peruse.


>> No.32666673

Don't embellish - it was one person from 1k1 who wasn't used to people publicly ERPing.

>> No.32666698

Also, no, it was several people. I'd even asked them to knock it off myself.

And it wasn't just a public lewding, it was something people weren't into. I can't remember the specifics, but probably rape or masochism. I remember it was something that I'm into but that isn't appropriate for public play outside of specific rooms.

>> No.32666732

I was on the sub end of that once.The Yandere creeped my partner out. We don't ERP much anymore. ._.

>> No.32666765

You should come with me. We could be cute nekos together~

>> No.32666777

Looks like some pretty neat stuff, but holy shit, your wait list has 40+ people on it. I didn't realize demand for this sort of thing was so high...

>> No.32666784

>People shitting on Daru at all

I'm sorry, she is one of the nicest people in the room. You're all fucking retarded.

>> No.32666862

I actually liked her until I figured out she was Pale Mountains.

Someone else wanted to play an Alchemical and she just went on and on bitching. Then when they said the'd be something else, she said they were being emotionally manipulative.

>> No.32666863

Let me guess, you are one of her mod buddies? Saying shit like that only makes you lot sound shady as fuck.

>> No.32666911

You have to admit they ARE pretty dickish when they hang out on Pale Mountain. I thought they were Erinna at some point.

>> No.32666925


Throwing this out here one more time. Anyone interested in playing with a slightly crazy mortal for some nWoD fun gimme a PM or a note.

I'm open to a lot of ideas.

>> No.32666926

To add to that, until finding out she was behind that drunken rant last night I usually defended her as "last I saw her, she was a pretty decent person"

[21:44]Space Elf Tari: People are too damn touchy. Internet drama is silly.
[21:45]Pale Mountains: Tari, it seems to me you're just spouting off in an inflammatory manner simply because you feel something's misrepresented.
[21:45]Pale Mountains: Why not shut your fucking trap for a bit and let the conversation move on before it comes to blows.

>Implying PM wasn't the only one keeping to the conversation

>> No.32666958

A-Anon-senpai... Let's talk a little?

>> No.32666970

I just wanted to post this image.

>> No.32667028


We don't ERP at the moment mainly because I'm so busy with RL. I'm hoping to pick it up over the break though.

I can't speak for you and your partner, but personally I've got a line, I've had to drop partners before because they crossed it.

But she toes it flawlessly

>> No.32667057

I could deal with it if I was attracted to the other person as well. I've done a long distance relationship and it worked... well enough.

>> No.32667067

You just outed Rory's friend, after Rory admitted they were funneling information to them.

I'm pointing this out because that's hilarious.

>> No.32667105

>Implying only one person funnels me information.

I don't even WANT all this information.

>> No.32667124

Then why are they funneling it?

>> No.32667128

I am her mod buddy reading this thread and >>32666784 ain't me.

>> No.32667161

rory more like

chicken cacciatore


>> No.32667168

> implying anything anyone says can be trusted, ever
get on my level, scrub

>> No.32667180

Sure! Let's talk in #hypno on Rizon.

I'll be waiting~

>> No.32667182

Less funneling, more bitching about /tg/chat.

Jesus, that's a horrible thing to say.

>> No.32667185

>one of the mods getting shat on
>deploy damage control squad (the other mods)

>> No.32667200

Do we still count as damage control if we're sitting on sidelines with popcorn buckets?

>> No.32667213

One of the main problems with /tg/chat (and the bottle room, and everywhere) is that the mods don't want to listen to criticism. Admittedly, a lot of criticism comes in the form of "you're shit", but that doesn't mean they should ignore everyone's valid complaints.

>> No.32667224

>tfw come here to read logs and perv
>no logs


>> No.32667227

Daru's on the sideline herself.

Then give constructive criticism - PM Daru herself. She's online.

>> No.32667232

But there are several pastebins worth of logs posted in this thread, Anon. Within the last few hours, even.

>> No.32667257

I came to post my profile. Didn't realize erpg was going to go full on DRAMA~

We should probably just come back another time once the dust has settled.

>> No.32667262


Thinking about it, I think the issue with me is clinginess. I get burnt out on people if I'm around them all the time

The perfect yandere must be domesticated and adoring towards you. They let you do your thing and take care of your other responsibilities with little complaint.

Conversely they take their growing frustration out on the world around them. You do feel bad about making them feel a little down, but when they set fire to a car, brick a house or emotionally shatter someone to get your attention you can't help but go...

"So Kawaii"

>> No.32667273

It just makes you sound bad since it means you are taking this all as a joke.

>> No.32667293

What the hell should we take it for then? It's internet drama, a simple short of cheap amusement on par with soap operas.

>> No.32667300

Thread drama IS a fucking joke.

>> No.32667309

But that's nearly a week from now!

I know, I read several.

>> No.32667354


My main problem is that I feel bad if someone is clingy and I don't like them as much as they like me. It always feels like either someone likes me more than I like them, or I like someone more than they like me.
Never the Goldilocks Zone of mutual friendship.

>> No.32667359

Oh, yeah I guess it is.


>> No.32667404

It's funny as fuck, you know.

>> No.32667428


No such state anon
And that's a good thing

>> No.32667704

>2 partners take long breaks.
>One of them comes back, doesn't say anything to me.
>The other comes back, says hi
>mfw I've got a ton of stuff going on now but both of them had good RPs
>mfw I want to start back up with both of them

>> No.32667761


>> No.32667822

I made a Sphinx, ferals are fun but I don't like playing unintelligent animals. Feel to bookmark or message me. I mostly like listening to scene ideas and plotting out the setting of sexcapades before starting them.


>> No.32667825

>tfw you were going to go to sleep but you randomly start femdom raping a bara guy instead

>> No.32667855


I'll let you rocket punch my sectoid cyborg if you know what I mean

Mechs are more powerful, genaugs are more versatile anon. don't discriminate

>> No.32667892

I don't get any of those jokes.

>> No.32667925

He's a big guy

>> No.32667957


>Read a hot fapfic a while ago about sectoids
>Kind of want to lewd a sectoid
>Only one sectoid profile, no gender listed

>> No.32667972

Read this http://pastebin.com/H0PY6Wc5

>> No.32668012

He messages basically every new pink name with the same canned message.

>> No.32668157

>being this mad

>> No.32668180

Why not shut your fucking trap for a bit and let the conversation move on before it comes to blows.

>> No.32668186

As a sub who respects my tops i will never understand why dommy women like being called mistress. sure, we know how theyre trying to use it

but this is the first thing google pops up with

A mistress is a long-term female lover and companion who is not married to her partner especially when her partner is married. The relationship generally is stable and at least semi-permanent; however, the couple does not live together openly. Wikipedia

Master is already pretty darn unisex for almost any application.

>> No.32668223

Yeah, but there's something nice about them acknowledging your femininity too. I agree that meaning makes it slightly weird, though. I just haven't found anything better yet.

>> No.32668224

Mistress is an archaic term that's the female form of Master.

>> No.32668228

Holy fuck, that gave me a fucking head ache. I'm glad he's never touched any of my characters.

>> No.32668233

As a dom who respects my subs opinions you're still gonna call me whatever the fuck I tell you to call me, hmm? Just kidding I'm a switch split pretty even down the middle so I see it from both sides. It's just an ingrained cliché for most people that they use as a forced reminder of the relationship. The textbook definition isn't really important.

>> No.32668234

>being. this. mad.

>> No.32668250

I figured pronouns could take care of that just fine, I mean really, pet, slave, dear, sweatie, whatever, most of these D/s related or 'pet' names are perfectly unisex. Master is the same way.

read harder.

>> No.32668277

I dont think I could be too happy if master wanted me to call her a steaming pile of shit. I mean, its not exactly to the same degree to be fair, but its pretty much similar how i feel when using the word mistress. maybe its because I play a lot of fantasy table tops and am used to thinking in a dated mind set for certain terms. but I've just grown to the point where I feel like I'm doing something that should be punished when I say "mistress" to someone that isn't the slut of some married man.

>> No.32668286

I've had some crazy ass logs.

http://pastebin.com/5FmsgVeF <--- Didn't seem to understand why I didn't want to play with him.

http://pastebin.com/mSwDvSjS <--- Thinks Gynophiles are ruining sites like this.

Read the post you were quoting.
It was a quote from the logs

Read what harder? Mistress is used because it's the female form of master. Yes, you COULD be unisex, but... Master is pretty much used for males while Mistress is used for females.

>> No.32668297

The beauty of it is, if you're being dommed by a steaming pile of shit you really don't have that much lower to sink.

>> No.32668319

While I usually agree that we should move towards using unisex terms in the workplace and in society in general, I really have to agree with >>32668286 >>32668223 .
Because this is about sex and sexuality. I think having gender specific terms is a good thing. You shouldn't have to gloss over what you are, you should embrace it and use it.
Sure, once upon a time mistress meant that, and maybe it still does in some contexts, but in D/S relationships it has a different meaning, and I think that to deny or try to change that meaning is a net loss for all of us.

>> No.32668325


>everyone knows shota don't count

>> No.32668335

read the post that clearly already acknowledges that I know all the definitions for mistress. I know what mistress means, what I have trouble understanding is why with the double connotation most women tops enjoy being called it.

>> No.32668344

guess I'll just be over here in my submissive corner then, we don't get any gender specific terms.

>> No.32668351

I say that, but I literally just got out of a scene where I handcuffed a (gay) bara guy up and rode his dick while cutting into his chest with a knife. I threatened to cut off his balls if he didn't cum. Now I'm sitting on a femboy's face...

Because it's sexy. Because "Mistress" is an inherently sexually charged word. Both uses for it, whether secret lover or dominant woman, are sexually charged.


>> No.32668352

You may be too autistic to sub, dude; I'm sorry.

>> No.32668361

Slut v. manslut?
whore v. manwhore?

Damn, anon, you're right. Alright then, we should brainstorm some new ones that fit. Any ideas?

>> No.32668369

Faggot, sissy, cuck

>> No.32668371


I don't even play shotas, I just thought it was funny.

>> No.32668376

Objects don't need genders, anon. So be a good pet and enjoy the nice names we let you have.

>> No.32668380

>>all about being a promiscious person
Promiscuity, in human sexual behaviour, is the practice of having casual sex frequently with different partners or of being indiscriminate in the choice of sexual partners.

dunno, that doesn't really sound like a submissive woman who is subject to someone, more like a woman who just likes sex and isn't afraid to go get it.

you're too retarded to brain, Caring about the definitions of words does not make me autistic,

>> No.32668386

I take it you didn't learn English by immersion, did you?

>> No.32668397

I don't yolk myself to master's who dont understand that human property has to be taken care of properly, you wouldn't scrub your china down with steel wool. and you wouldn't treat your slave so poorly it becomes unhealthy for them.

I guess sissy counts, never heard of cuck, faggot is definately unisex, and certainly not indicative of being submissive at all.

>> No.32668402

We need a 'words are the slaves of their users' image macro, methinks.

>> No.32668414

Cuck is short for cuckold.

>> No.32668422

considering you seem to know oh so much about me anonymous internet goer, I don't think I need to help you with your magical mind reading powers. I'm sure you'll figure out the answer that you wanted to hear all on your own.

>> No.32668437

And I don't yolk myself to subs who don't know where a semicolon goes, boy.
>never heard of cuck
Someone go over to /fa/ and get pigfuck in here to teach a lesson.

If you're going to sperg about common terms at least pretend to speak the language you're complaining about the misuse of.

>> No.32668444

>Someone go over to /fa/ and get pigfuck in here to teach a lesson.
I'm confused, but intrigued. Tell me more.
Was a /fa/ namefag cuckolded?

>> No.32668464

Kinda, actually, but that's some effay tripfag drama. He mostly just spams the word "cuck" all over the board.

>> No.32668474

>>more shitposting
figures /tg/ cant handle a fucking conversation without it turning into assburger accusations and retarded internet tough guy behavior.

seems completely irrelevant to the topic at hand then.

>> No.32668476

I don't think you understand "Tell me more" anon.

Tell me more.

>> No.32668509

Go over there and lurk more, fuccboi.

Also, as we push off into the dark waters of page 9, I feel like we should ritually burn this thread or something. What a horrible end to the weekend.

>> No.32668537

>seems completely irrelevant to the topic at hand then.
Not really

>> No.32668563

dont apologize or anything.
please explain then how "a cuck" could be a viable gender specific monicker for a sub in a general sense instead of a very specific circumstance involving cheating and denial play?

>> No.32668611

Because there's quite a subculture of cuckoldry play where the cuck is treated as a submissive, forced to pleasure the dominant female OR her dominant male lover while himself being denied orgasm.

I didn't say it was good in a general sense, I was putting out terms that are used for male submissives.

>> No.32668635

On the matter of how to call your master, what are good respectful terms to call a male that aren't 'Master'?

>> No.32668649


I fucking love saying "Sir" and "ma'am" in a submissive context. It makes my toes curl.

>> No.32668670

someone already turned down slut, manslut, etc, then asked for more ideas. I don't understand why you think more specific situations would fulfill that person's criteria any better.

Sir is an easy one, "it's okay, I'll get it for you sir. would you like breakfast sir?" then there's the more unisex master+Last name, as respect to a master whom you don't belong to. despite my dislike for mistress, I have no trouble with Ma'am, actually quite enjoy it.

>> No.32668685


Mein Herr.
Yes, I have used them.

>> No.32668686

out of curiosity, does that love eclipse other terms?

>> No.32668694

Not really. I find Master corny. Daddy is... iffy, but okay in some situations. But corny as shit in most.

>> No.32668705 [SPOILER] 

New thread >>32668677
The lewd train ain't stopping for a workday.

>> No.32669023

>I find Master corny.
That's my problem with it as well. That, and my character is still resistant when she isn't busy being a cocksleeve , and 'Sir' doesn't sound nearly as so abasing. But being forced to use 'Master' sounds hot.

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