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>tfw you and your glorious solar waifu specialize in the same areas
>tfw she always shows you up

>Exalted, what is that?
Read this article to get a hang of the setting. http://theonyxpath.com/exalted/

>That sounds cool, how can I get into it?
Play this tutorial: http://jyenicolson.net/exalted/. It'll get you familiar with most of the mechanics.

>Gosh that was fun. How do I find a group?
Pray. But seriously, Roll20 and the Game Finder General here on /tg/ are both places where games could be found. Still, they tend to be rare since no one wants to ST.

>Wow, this book is confusing as hell. How the fuck am I supposed to generate a character from this mess?
Anathema. http://anathema.github.io/. This is a godly character generator. It has all the charms in nice little skill-trees, a soothing sight for anyone who's ever played an RPG before. It also does all of the math for you, making it very easy to experiment with builds and create character sheets easily

>Corebook with embedded errata http://www.4shared.com/office/xH2zo1Oqce/_exalted_core.html
>Most other books http://www.4shared.com/dir/YI_tDi2g/Exalted_-_Second_Edition.html
>Archive with Errata notes: http://www.4shared.com/rar/Vq9yxN4Yce/erratacomments.html
>Fanmade crossbook indexes: http://www.4shared.com/office/_Ke_MsnJba/_exalted_indices.html
>Some mechanics reference sheets: social https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53927438/CheatSheetSocial_0-5.pdf combat https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53927438/CheatSheetCombat_0-7.pdf
>Infernal Bandaid: http://forum.theonyxpath.com/forum/main-category/exalted/124885-how-to-put-a-band-aid-on-infernals/page2#post128384

Today on threadstarters: Anything you can do, I can do better! /tg/ how do you handle power differentials in your stories? Do you buff the lower exalts, or do you just ask players to consider one anothers' specialties? Or perhaps something else. Whatever it is, I want to hear it, as I always have trouble in mixed splat games.

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>ow do you handle power differentials in your stories?

I ask the better optimizers to consider playing weaker splats if they don't want to hold back so much. As weird as it sometimes is when the DB ends up with a perfect defense before the Solar does.

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Thats... actually one I've never thought about before. We do basically have a minmax player, maybe that could go well for the next game. Thank you!

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This is how I Solar

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This is how I Dawn Caste with Medicine Favoured

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You are doing it hilariously right.

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My god the timing on this reopening was exquisite. Good on you OP.

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He's getting good at that.

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You do realize you never have to do that word in Captcha, right?

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Nonscandinavian pläb.

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Page 10 > Page 8
We know for sure now

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I did that time cause I actually know the alt code for æ/Æ

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What''s the weirdest game of Exalted you've been in?
For me, it has to be the time where I accidental joined a slightly weeaboo ERP session, and just rolled with the punches.

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this one time, we saved Gem and it didn't blow up.

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>slightly weeaboo
How is something "slightly weeaboo"? Doesn't weaboo, by definition, involve excess?

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Well the players were using Japanese honorifics with japanese names, but that was the extent of it.

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where the characters from lookshy or something?

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Nope. Two from the west, and one from Unicron.

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I find that hard to believe

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We played an Abyssal game, and had this goth chick who really wanted my D and kept hitting on me in character.
>mfw my character literally had a squirming mass of maggots for flesh

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I joined a game where I was a masculine Dawn Solar hero. And oh god, my circle. Our ST told us we could do whatever we wanted for our characters. Mine was fairly mundane for a Solar, but the other players...
An Oricalchum-Caste Alchemical loli. With Thousand Courtesan Calculations.
And a Solar/Lunar pair. Both lolis.
Everyone apart from me was a loli with at least 5 Appearance, maxed out social stats, and utterly useless in combat. So essentially, I was an utterly ripped chaste 20something Dawn Solar playing big brother to three crazy little nymphos. As they seduced and slutted around, I kept the Wyld Hunt off of their asses (ST gave out XP to everyone equally. He gave out lots so the lolis could slut more efficiently. What this meant for me was that I was an Essence 6 killing machine that couldn't be damaged by most things by the end of the 10th session.).

Eventually, they had mindraped a significant portion of the east, and started to draw attention from the realm.
It was pretty fun, until he sent Deled along with 4 other Dragonblooded and a small army of archers to murder the crew. It was an easy fight for me, but I accidentally all of my willpower, and my limit break was one of the stock valor ones. Berserker rage.

3 dead lolis later, the ST decided we should try again with no lolis.

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There was that one time I realized more than halfway through the campaign that I was basically involved in an Exaltified version of the El Mariachi trilogy.

Not like I'm complaining, though, as I love the movies.

But when it finally dawned on me what we doing I apparently pointed my finger at the ST, and with narrowed eyes went "youuuuuuuuu" in such a comical way he literally could not stop laughing long enough to finish the session.

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>So essentially, I was an utterly ripped chaste 20something Dawn Solar playing big brother to three crazy little nymphos.
That sounds super funny

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I wonder what martial arts style Kenshiro used in Exalted.

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>specializaton problems
There's usually something else you can do, even if you're working on the same problems.

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Sounds super typical and boring like most "I've played" wankery.

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alt+0230 = æ
Now kneel before your betters.

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Story time is always lies. Some are just more obvious than others.

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So you were Big Daddy with three Little Sisters, and you accidentally the entire East?

Sounds First Age enough for me, bro.

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It's Hokuto Shin Ken.

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This is how I Dragon Of A Different Color

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Playing a zenith caste warrior-priest, with background in cult (amongst other stuff). OR at least, that's the plan.

Is there anything anyone can point me towards that makes the cult background worthwhile, as opposed to just getting another hearthstone?

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You need to start monitoring your cult, getting them to infiltrate relevant high priority targets.

A thousand mortals mindlessly shouting your name is all well and good, but if you can get Lord Whatshisface of Wherever to start praising you, the political capital you gain will be so much more important than the benefits of the background itself.

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So no homebrew/fanon charm list that's worth pointing out then?

Cheers though. My current plan has the cult functioning as a cross between a shaolin style training school and soup kitchen. Anyone can come, learn some basic survival/fighting skills, and get a meal or two. But those that stay longer are expected to visit nearby cities, and work with local law enforcement in taking down travelling trouble - bandits, wild animals, and the like. And, of course, the chance to spread the word.

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>Not like I'm complaining, though, as I love the movies.

Not for Solars. Infernals? Fuck yes. They have flurries and perfect defences and other things based off cult rating.

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...what did I quote? I should pay attention to what appears when I click.

>So no homebrew/fanon charm list that's worth pointing out then?

What I MEANT to Quote.

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No fair using charms on the story teller.

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Looks like I might be 'creating' a charm tree then

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How do you guys come up with good names for your exalts? Do you just use name generators, random words or do you pore over dictionaries and volumes of poetry for days trying to find something profound?

Also, what are the coolest names you've ever seen for an Exalted character?

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I just pick something I like the sound of. When playing Dynasts and such I do the same thing, but not with threshold names.

As for coolest name.. Exalt names are rarely cool in my experience, probably just from the people I play with though. And I won't mention my own because I have no sense of judgement when it comes to that.

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Bit hard to really justify with Solars due to thier nature as skill-based Exalts. Combat charms don't really fit into the social skills (Where most of the 'priest' stuff is) while at the same time, cult stuff doesn't really fit into the Dawn skills.

Solars do have limitations on charm design and I think taking the Cece ones is a bit outside it.

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Pick up a sports video game
Pick two players from the shittest leagues imaginable
Fuse their names together.
Add "The Great/Devouted/Immaculate" as needed
9/10 times, you will have created a passable PC name.

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Something inbetween. I tend to pick relevant words that give a good "feel", often trying to squeeze in some reference to something or the other.

>I won't mention my own because I have no sense of judgement when it comes to that.
I echo this.

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I used to use Voidstate's for a starting point (the hell happened to it?). Also various wuxia-themed materials are good inspiration.

>tfw that one time my ST blurted out names of artifacts from that one scene in Kung Fu Panda when naming mystical armaments in a Dynast's collection

I may have given it away when he got to the magic super armor and my lovable dope of a Dawn exclaimed "WITH AUTHENTIC BATTLE DAMAGE!"

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This is a silly question, but is it generally better to max out everything at character creation? It seems like it might be better to spread things out at character generation. Although not sure if maxing things out make it easier on experience spending.

>> No.32661178

Specialize at chargen, then generalize ingame.

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Someone needs to explain Limit Breaks and Virtues to me like I'm a special needs monkey. I dunno if I'm just not getting the concept or if my brain has an aneurysm when I'm trying to read the paragraphs on them.

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Raising an ability costs (current skill*2), with the first dot costing 1.
So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
3, 2, 4, 6, 8
3, 5, 9, 15, 23.

To raise a (non favoured) ability to five is 23 XP.

If we start with an ability at 4 and an ability at 1:
Hitting five costs 8
2, 3, 4, 5
2, 4, 6, 8
2, 6, 12, 20.

So you have a total cost of 28. Which is bigger.

of course, I could be messing up the cost. It's been a while since I played, but I thought it was current score * multiple to increase, not target score.

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I always loved little poetic or impossible names, like Silent Thunder or Ten-Thousand Impossible Truths. A player in a game I'm in is called Nine Verdicts of Heavens Mandate.

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Uh, what? Any examples of this? I mean RESPLENDENT CHAVEZ JOHNSON doesn't seem like he rolls with Solars.

>> No.32661895

Your virtues are a summary of your personality. A compassionate person is just that, a temperate person has great self control. Etc.
Your limit track is the amount of mental stress you are under/have been under.
When you reach 10 limit you snap a bit, because of the herculean amounts of mental duress you have been under, and this manifests as limit break.

Do tell if you need a better explanation.

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>When you reach 10 limit you snap a bit, because of the herculean amounts of mental duress you have been under, and this manifests as limit break.

...ish. That's leaving the Great Curse out of it. Someone without the Great Curse, even an Exalt (Redeemed Abyssals for instance), doesn't really limit break.

>> No.32662001

Chargen is less a matter of xp and more a matter of how bp relate to xp. You can raise a favored skill from 1 to 5 for 4 bp, but doing the same thing with xp costs 16xp. And if you use your initial dots to get it up to 3, the xp payoff becomes even more efficient.

It's nothing compared to having 10 willpower, of course, but it's still a very good use of bp. There's virtually no reason not to have exactly as much willpower as you intend to ever get, along with 2-3 skills at 5 right from the start.

>> No.32662027

I always found it a bit silly that one moment of mental stress, followed by ten years of peaceful raising of a family, followed by one moment of stress etc. will lead to someone flipping out.
If limit really is mental stress, then it should go down naturally if you wait long enough

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I used Anathema's random name generator and got "The Number Ten Guardian," and I thought it was too dumb not to use.

The dude was a Sidereal of Journeys, and was as just clueless about what the name meant as everyone else.

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Well, no. Resplendent CJ is obviously a Lunar name.

>> No.32662402

Perhaps that's the great curse at work. It won't let you let it go. That's my headcanon at least.

>> No.32662419

I beg to differ. He rolls with them all night long.

>> No.32662473

Solar Hero Style, with a focus on the flurry charms.

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How is he supposed to treat all the ladies right with zero ranks in performance?

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So can Dragon Kings Exalt?

>> No.32663651

they're bot human

>> No.32663659

>So can Dragon Kings Exalt?
No. Exaltation is human-only.

>> No.32663661

Nope. They are what they are, and they stay that.
They do get perfect reincarnation, though.

>> No.32663684

Nope. Neither can the Jadeborn, nor sapient animals, nor fair folk, nor demons, nor any other non-human being in the setting. Only beings with human souls can exalt.

>> No.32663705

Some non human races can exalt, though they're really just modified humans. Like the Crafted Races.

>> No.32663744

>Some non human races can exalt, though they're really just modified humans. Like the Crafted Races.
Crafted races aren't non-human, you dummy. They're just different ethnicities of human.

>> No.32663869


The Crafted Races are human, in the only way that matters (their soul structure is a human hun and a human po).

>> No.32663875

Imagine how much it sucks to be a Dragon King.

Your God created you and your kind worship him for countless millennia, making sacrifices and prayers to him. You spend every minute worshipping him you can.
Then Humans come about, and your kind takes them as servants to protect and teach them, as your kind are the destined rulers of Creation. You take care of the mortals, and teach them good lessons that you learned through your thousands of years of life.

Then your God comes to you and says a War will be fought, and instead of choosing your race, the race he made and took the form of, he chooses the race that serves your kind, and who have no powers of their own. A race who is nothing but mortal in body and spirit. Not the half god that your kind is, no he chooses the filthy humans, and gives them his own power.
Power which should have belonged to your kind. Power that your God decides your kind is not worthy of.
Then the filthy mortals and their new God Chosens come and tell you what to do, and how to live. Humans that only have been alive for a hundred years or so. And they tell you, a creature who's been around for thousands of years what is right and wrong.

Humans are assholes.

>> No.32663911

I said they're really more"modified human" than non-human.
Though the difference is a bit bigger than simply that of ethnicity. Only Air Folk and Dune People even look human still.

>> No.32663966

...no, they all look human.

And they are human.

Having mutations doesn't make you non-human.

>> No.32663997

>How do you guys come up with good names for your exalts?

I dunno, I've gotten pretty good at shitting out Threshold names. They're kind of fun.

>Also, what are the coolest names you've ever seen for an Exalted character?

I'm not sure it qualifies as 'coolest', but a player made a demonblooded character who was an 8 year old girl that never aged. Her name was Inappropriate Object of Desire, or known as Desire for short.

>> No.32664074

The canon reason for this was the fact that humans have small enough souls to attach an exaltation to (no Enlightened Essence by default) and that they were seen as so insignificant that the Primordials weren't even paying attention to them.

The plan was literally, "Hey, Dragon Kings, we're going to give super powers to a few members of your slave race because the Primordials are too arrogant to notice we're weaponizing them. Make sure you guide and help them for us, alright? Remember, they have Solar powers, so you need to help them as if you were helping me."

And the Dragon Kings, devoted bros that they were, said, "Hell yes. I'll devote whatever I need to making sure your chosen weapons are in peak condition, Sol-sama."

And the Dragon Kings were actually treated fantastically during the First Age as a result - a golden age that eclipsed when they were in charge, at least from their perspective.

So, no. The UCS lifting their slave race up as Solars was actually one of the best things to ever happen to the DKs, and the Solars being Usurped was literally the worst thing that's ever happened to them.

>> No.32664091

I have The Scroll of Heroes right in Front of me
>Earth Folk are Clearly inhuman, with bight azure skin, huge black eyes, and claws.
I can't find the written description for the Sea Folk, but the picture doesn't look that much more human than the one of the Earth Folk.
Alsoi I completely forgot about the Djala. They also look almost completely human, just kinda short.

>> No.32664117

And when you actually look at them, they still look human, just with a funny skin color, a funny eye color, and a minor physical alteration.

They're just different ethnicities of human.

>> No.32664179

I'm not saying they aren't human in all the ways >>32663869 describes, but they don't look it, and the difference between a southerner and an Earth Folk is much bigger than that between a southerner and an easterner.

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File: 34 KB, 350x263, Futurama-BenderSad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That feel when you'll never play an Old Dragon King sleeper who remembers the First Age, who was found by a Solar with memories of your friendship
>That feel when you'll never help him learn to understand mastery of his powers
>That feel when you'll never sacrifice yourself to save him from an Infernal
>That feel when he'll never travel through the whole of creation to find his best friend from the past life and the next
>That feel when he'll never find you as a monstrous hunter who kills humans
>That feel when he'll never see your kind at their worst
>That feel when he'll never have to teach you the art of Essence like you taught him
>That feel when this will never continue on till the end of days

Such a shame.

>> No.32664244

>the difference between a southerner and an Earth Folk is much bigger than that between a southerner and an easterner
And the difference between a Northerner and a Southerner is much bigger than that between a Southerner and an Easterner. That doesn't mean they don't still look just as human as each other.

The Exalted setting has a much wider spread of human ethnicities than the real world. That's really all there is to it.

>> No.32664336

I think we might be arguing passed each other. I AGREE they are human. However they are described IN TEXT as "clearly inhuman" LOOKING, and the picture supports this.

>> No.32664380

...but why not? Play a game where you're a Dragon King mentoring a Solar NPC. When your DK dies, play a sequel game where you're that Solar tracking down his old mentor - and dearest friend - in his new incarnation.

Obviously Zenith/DK make the best pairing. All the better if your DK teaches the Zenith Eye of Heaven Style, and if your Zenith's Artifact weapon is his DK master's old Reaper Daiklave. Great combination of character concepts.

>> No.32664440

Our party consists of the following:
An Eclipse with Crane Style who manages the ledgers at the local Cult of the Illuminated branch.
A No Moon sorceress who gets worse at social skills if she takes off her clothes, but is nigh invulnerable otherwise (so long as she doesn't roll dice).
A Chosen of Endings who poses like she's Kamen Rider and likely has the least knowledge about campaign shenanigans.
A Noble Raksha who wants to destroy all the other Raksha, as far as he's aware.

...and they fight crime! Did I mention that all of them except for the Raksha have Compassion 4+?

>> No.32664493

>A No Moon sorceress who gets worse at social skills if she takes off her clothes
Something went horribly wrong somewhere. Unless they're artifact clothes, but even then..,

>> No.32664543

If I could find a Exalted game I would totally love to.

Hell I'd be fine with another player being the Solar. It would be so much fun.

>> No.32664576

Are Specialties included when something's effects are based on your XYZ rating? For example, an attack where you gain bonus damage to your Martial Arts rating - would you include your Specialty in that particular style? Or is your Specialty only ever relevant in calculating actual dice pool sizes?

>> No.32664577

They're custom artifact clothes. It's still fun to think about.

>> No.32664633

>A Noble Raksha who wants to destroy all the other Raksha, as far as he's aware.
are Raksha actually playable? I heard that their book was a complete mess.

>> No.32664654

>are Raksha actually playable?

>I heard that their book was a complete mess.
It is.

Playing a Raksha is not only a bad idea, it's a stupid one.

>> No.32664684


No, they aren't.

Specialties only apply for dice pools and static values (where you take a pool and divide it, like DVs)

>> No.32664761

The errata makes them workable. The player is pretty talented, so it'll work out.

>> No.32665172

So do Dragon Kings have perfect memories or do they just not forget some stuff from their previous life?

>> No.32665211

Are there any martial arts that mesh with Eye of Heaven Style well? Maybe a TMA that goes well with it if you've Swallowed the Lotus Root?

>> No.32665233

depends on their Essence.
At E6 they have perfect memories, at E1 they have none

>> No.32665242

So would taking the perfect memory merit be kinda wasted?

>> No.32665310

What on Earth does +12L/3 Damage mean?

>> No.32665313

Are the lights back on now?

>> No.32665316

Add twelve to Strength to determine base damage, which is lethal. Minimum damage is three dice.

>> No.32665324

Yeah ,but Jadeborn look close enough to human themselves, yet are ineligible.

>> No.32665326

From what I can see.

I just spent 2 hours and accidentally made a Dragon King with 22B soak and a gem of Admant Skin.

>> No.32665333

>gem of Admant Skin.
I really need some sort of bitchslap image here.

>> No.32665359

Is there a cap on how much power armor buffs you?

Like can you not go past 5 or Essence?

>> No.32665367

They either look like caricatures of humans or as impossibly perfect humans that are somehow not actually human. And they're also carved from jade, literally carved from chunks of jade, which house altered fae congeries inside them, rather than being born.

>> No.32665375

You can go past 5 you just use your bases for excellencies

>> No.32665385

So having 9 strength at creation is totally possible?


>> No.32665390

How much does having a high Temperance limit a Solar?
From what I understand from the description, one would avoid a night of binge drinking, but cracking open a few cold ones with the buds would be okay. But how far do the boundaries of what is and isnt acceptable go?

Could he enjoy a quick shag with a random Lunar who hit on him as long as it wouldnt interfere with anything important, or would he only have married sex in missionary position, with the lights out, solely for the purpose of procreation?

>> No.32665399

May result in angry STs

>> No.32665406

Quick shags are just fine as long as they don't interfere with anything important... which could include a large number of things. Just make sure that you don't break your word, if you gave it, or go against any oaths that you swore.

>> No.32665416

If having an Admant Skin Gem, Power Armor, 6 Artifacts, 6 Strength, 22B and 6B Hardness don't, I don't know what will.

>> No.32665427

I think this is on the level of a personal visitation from Ketchup Carjack

>> No.32665433

Righto. Since I'm planning on playing an Oath Happy Eclipse, I've got absolutely every reason not to break them.

>> No.32665436

Today, in Exalted, my Full-Moon Lunar picked up a demon monkey by the ankles, and used that demon monkey to beat a bunch of bone golem things. All while the demon monkey was screeching and beating at the bone golems.

It was a good day.

>> No.32665442

Hey, it's a Dragon King, who needs to commit like 15 of his 34 motes to power his shit.

>> No.32665483

Sorry, that's 23 of his 34.

Yep. Probably gonna not have all of these on.

At least I can pull a cart 210mph day without tiring.

>> No.32665662

Would it make sense for a Dragon King to work for a Gold Faction Sidereal in some way through Yu-Shan?

>> No.32665776

I think that would be an open invitation to send in the Silver Prince's fleet along with several Void Necromancers and E7D's new Contagion. And I guess a shitload of demons. Everyone likes demons.

>> No.32665821

"Y'know, you've been a total bro for me these last two lifetimes, but this politicking is giving me all the headaches. Mind if I take a sabbatical on this one?"
"Not really. Hell, gimme six months and I can arrange to come with. We can go find where your wife reincarnated, and pick up some whores for me, and have a grand old time down on the old rock."

>> No.32665826

>Would it make sense for a Dragon King to work for a Gold Faction Sidereal in some way through Yu-Shan?
Yes. It's almost certain that several do.

>> No.32666584

Many DKs do live in Yu Shan and work as scribes and such for Gods that are more inclined o not leave them as mindless monsters on Creation.

>> No.32667233

Are any of the Third Edition books out yet?

>> No.32667392

4shared hates me. The downloads are crapping out at 60mb.

>> No.32667799

no, check again in 2015

>> No.32667843


now now. don't be so optimistic

>> No.32667856

Hey I didn't say they'd be OUT then, just that it would be a good time to check on the "progress"

>> No.32667921
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Imagine the shitstorm that will happen if Onyx Path suddenly announces that they have found a way that the system can be exploited and have decided to rewrite the mechanics and the charm tree from scratch.

>> No.32667970

Well according to the playtesters a few such goofs did come up, but apparently nothing that needed an entire system do-over to fix.

>> No.32668970

Time to hit up the Sidereal and go Solar hunting.

How tall are Dragon Kings? The art seems to vary.

>> No.32669059

The combat mechanics and the Brawl tree were apparently redone at least once during the playtest.

>> No.32669118
File: 634 KB, 857x1200, Dragon King Duo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The higher their Essence gets, the more fully they remember their past lives. At Essence 2 they're basically sentient, with an Intelligence cap of 3. At 3-5 they have increasingly vivid memory fragments, the ability to recall names and faces, and so forth. And by the time they reach Essence 6, they have perfect recall of all their past lives.

For context, they usually have Essence 2 before they're 20, Essence 3 before they're 30, and live to 350 if they don't get killed early. It's relatively common for Dragon Kings - or at least it was, when their society was intact - to reach Essence 6 before they were middle-aged.

>> No.32669175
File: 21 KB, 350x350, 200194_350.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That picture just reminded me of this and I felt the need to post it.

It's a gasmask.

>> No.32669703

So is there memory eidetic? Or is it just normal but they can recall stuff from their past lives in great detail but not literally every detail down to the exact number of freckles on least favorite human's face?

>> No.32669726

Is your memory eidetic because you can remember stuff from your childhood?

>> No.32669735
File: 261 KB, 900x636, Dragon King Mobster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They have perfect recall at Essence 6, according to one sentence in their book.

Prior to that point, they do not.

Take that to mean what you will, because there isn't any more clarification than that to be found.

>> No.32669993

Since the Yozis have 50 exaltations and the Neverborn have 100 plus whatever solar exalts that didn't manage to die, why aren't the yozis trying to stop the Neverborn from killing Creation?

>> No.32670034

hey generally try to avoid thinking about the Neverborn at all. For immortal, unkillable beings, remembering their dead is just too creepy.

>> No.32670067

>implying they aren't
The Infernals have a lot of shit on their plates, and most of them go out of their way to ignore it in favor of whatever petty bullshit exalts do.

>> No.32670069
File: 198 KB, 546x500, Twilight Rider.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is the likelihood of the following scenario ever happening?

A person in the Realm (or one of its satrapies) exalts as a Twilight caste and before long attracts a Wyld Hunt consisting of DBs who are all family members. However, instead of being killed, the Twilight is kidnapped by the Dragon Blooded and set to work designing artefacts in order to give the family some power and an edge in the political playing field. The Solar is kept in a building that is part prison, part study and is claimed to be a Lost Egg if anyone talks about him.

Is it possible to create a campaign out of this; as either a political DB campaign or a solo campaign consisting of the Twilight breaking out a la Iron Man?

>> No.32670136
File: 81 KB, 400x400, fluffybunnies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The mask is licking.

>> No.32670166
File: 192 KB, 1041x822, Disregard the constabulary.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sure, I guess.

There is only one thing to remember about doing anything in Exalted: Is what I am about do going to be awesome? Yes or No?

If the answer is yes, then fucking do it.

If the answer is no, then what the fuck are you doing?

>> No.32670168

>Is it possible to create a campaign out of this
The answer to that is always yes, but that isn't what you're really asking.

You're asking:
>Is it possible to create a GOOD campaign out of this
The answer to that is that it depends on \how well you do it.

>What is the likelihood of the following scenario ever happening?
I'd personally say that a (comparatively) unscrupulous but sane DB leader might do that, making the likelihood of it happening greater than some of the stuff that already happened in canon.

>> No.32670183

Also depends how devout he is, Mnemon for example wouldn't stand for that shit and skullfuck everyone who tried it to death.

>> No.32670212

Since there are only 30 Twilights in the entire setting? About as unlikely as any other Twilight backstory. Honestly, though, the only way it sounds like it could be interesting is by Iron Manning the fuck out of there, and even then, it's sort of lame.

If you want to be a Solar directly involved in Realm bullshit, be a Night Caste masquerading as a Lost Egg with elemental martial arts.

>> No.32670221

>wouldn't stand for that shit
>Mnemon not being willing to cut deals with Anathema
What the actual fuck are you talking about?

>> No.32670255


What about as a DB campaign? A family of DBs goes out on a Wyld Hunt and shortly after they return they start getting better artefacts and building better manses. Upon finding the DB you've to decide whether to inform the other DBs, slay the Anathema, or blackmail the family, all while prevebting the Twilight from Iron Manning it out of there.

>> No.32670258

...Weird. The foolz archive lists this as two separate images, but there's no difference between them as far as I can tell.

>> No.32670267


Maybe a really important (and presumed immaculate) DB trapped a really important Twilight Caste, so when the Twilight Caste broke out, a good portion of the Blessed Isles began fighting each other.

The universe is at a tipping point. You play as [# of players] new Sidereals, trying to influence the fate of the universe.

>> No.32670316

It still sounds really fucking lame. At that point, the character is just a prop. You could replace them with an archaeologically-uncovered factory and nothing much of value would have been lost.

Having an Exalt trapped (they're only still there because they want to be, unless they're wearing a Slave Collar) and used as a resource just makes them a boring non-character.

Except a Twilight running amok on the Blessed Isle is one of the few things guaranteed to forestall a civil war. The main reason there's infighting instead of unity is because they don't feel immanently threatened by forces like the Bull of the North. MAYBE they'd get to infighting once the fucking massive Wyld Hunt succeeds at their goal and they're suddenly directionless.

>> No.32670385


No, the Twilight isn't running amok, he (Or she, whatever you like) got the fuck out immediately.

The part that's causing infighting is the fact that the Dragonblood presumed to be one of the most immaculate followers was using Antathema-made equipment for however many years. That fact shook many leaders' beliefs, and (in part due to some troublemakers of various types - rival DB, mortal rabblerousers, other Exalted looking for the fall of the Empire, etc.) caused many important Dragonblooded to start getting paranoid about each other. After all, if Immaculate Immaculateness the Blessed Immaculateosity would do such a thing, what's guaranteeing that someone else might do something just as bad?

>> No.32670406

>Since there are only 30 Twilights in the entire setting
Y'know, I always wondered how it would affect the setting, if the ratio of solar castes were changed.
Like, for example, the Deathlords managed to hoover up all the Dawn exaltations from the jade prison before everything went tits up, thus making the the deathlords exalted forces heavily weighted toward Dusk castes.
How would that affect the plans of the neverborn? How would the remaining solars cope with not having dawn castes around to pack someones shit in?

>> No.32670412

>No, the Twilight isn't running amok, he (Or she, whatever you like) got the fuck out immediately.
...they definitely would be. The Blessed Isle is the size of a double-Australia. Unless the Twilight was a LOT more unsupervised than you're implying, it would take them at LEAST a few weeks to get out of there.

>> No.32670446


The Twilight had plenty of time to (learn a charm for | create a device that let them | bribe a guard to help them | pray to some god to give them the power to) (burrow underground the whole way | breathe underwater to run away | blend in with the populace | fly | teleport | run really, really fast | have friendly Exalted help)

Pick one of each.

>> No.32670539

Depends on your definition of 'clearly inhuman.'

>> No.32670570

It's not like the other castes are incapable of being warriors. You could be a Twilight and favor all the Dawn abilities if you want.

>> No.32670665

Why would you even do that? You really need only two, three tops.

>> No.32670723

You realize Mnemon is an incredibly devout true believer of the Immaculate Religion right?

>> No.32670765

>Deathlords hoover up the shittiest caste with the worst ability spread and a sorta shitty caste power

Yeah, this sounds like something Darth Retard and the rest would do.

>> No.32670788

>applying mechanics to fluff discussion

I bet you're one of those faggots who claimed the Usurpation never happened.

>> No.32670865

Then her being willing to accept Deathlord allies in RotSE is extra bullshit.

I'm saying you're full of shit. Nothing is sacred to Mnemon. I'd be agreeing with you if you said Cathak Cainan.

>> No.32671079

>ever not fractally bullshit

>> No.32671094

Is there any point in trying to level up non-favored skills? Should I favor whatever I plan to eventually level up in chargen?

>> No.32671147

>Is there any point in trying to level up non-favored skills?
Sure, if you want a charm for them or a few more dice.

>Should I favor whatever I plan to eventually level up in chargen?
Yeah, that's kind of the idea of favoring something. Makes it easier to get better at it. If you don't plan on improving a particular thing past chargen - maybe you just want Awareness 5 and a single Awareness charm - then do that at chargen and leave it un-favored.

>> No.32671159


I think the rule of thumb is to specialize at chargen, and generalize over the campaign. That's because 5 dots in Melee costs the same number of BP as one each in five other Abilities, but it costs many more XP.

>> No.32671164


It amounts to a maximum of 5XP either way, so it's not like it'll cripple you to level up a non-favored skill.

But ultimately any skill you'd be leveling up for its own sake, rather than to qualify for a particular Charm, should probably be favored.

>> No.32671182

Deathlords aren't Anathema, dumbass. Even then, what the fuck does the reeking pile that is RotSE have to do with anything?

>> No.32671940

>unimpeded perfection of exertion
>Duration: Permanent
>While the Infernal dashes, she automatically maintains balance and exerts no weight on solid objects, allowing her to skip from one blade of grass to another or waltz across the snow without leaving footprints.
>dash to heaven by tossing sand

As a first-timer, I never thought exalted is this ridiculous.

>> No.32671973

That's not even ridiculous, though. There are powers that let you launch giant, glowing air-slashes with your sword. Being able to balance on the top leaves of branches or the surface of water while sprinting is fairly mild in comparison.

>> No.32672026

He's referring to the tossing sand thing. Which doesn't work. It flatly says that Perfection of Exertion requires solid objects. The upgrades to that charm are actual flight...

>> No.32672033

That's a pretty fucking tame power.

I always like Chirality Prohibition Index.

>> No.32672061

Jumping isn't dashing, and falling sand doesn't stop falling just because you don't exert weight on it.

Also, Heaven isn't 'up.' The adamant Dome to which the starmetal Stars are affixed is up.

>> No.32672090

I thought Yu Shan had the adamant dome. Creation just has Wyld on all sides doesn' it?

>> No.32672103

The grains are pretty solid.

Just sanic past the rate of fall.

>> No.32672112

No, Yu Shan has nothing of the sort. Creation has a ceiling a bajillion miles above it that the stars are attached to. When a god dies, their star falls to the ground as a starmetal meteor.

It's still surrounded, in the lateral directions, by Wyld.

>> No.32672135

>Just sanic past the rate of fall.
Not an option. Adorjan charms boost dashing speed; they don't do anything about jumping, which is what you're talking about. And even if they did, they increase your speed to the hundreds of miles per hour, not the speed you would need to be moving to have sand appear to be stationary by comparison.

Also, you still fall at the exact same fucking rate as the sand.

Basically, I'm telling you that you're a fucking idiot, and that it doesn't work that way. Anything beyond this point is you trolling, or you being a retard - take your pick.

>> No.32672139

>No, Yu Shan has nothing of the sort

Inaccurate, Yu-Shan absolutely has a dome. I don't remember what it's made out of, but it changes colors based on who's leading in the Games of Divinity.

>> No.32672279

Except they're falling. You might exert no gravity, but you're still going down with them. It would take you forever to get anywhere. And again, literal flight are the upgrades to this charm.

Solid means that they have to be actually solid. Grains of sand falling are the opposite of that. You can't run on snowfall either. I dunno why you're insistent that it works. One charm down that tree is flight. Full on. Flight. At Essence 3. Hovering if you're Essence 4.

Or you can just take Sky-Vaulting Surge.

Adorjan actually does have a jumping charm, in Broken Winged Crane. Sky-Vaulting Surge isn't all that amazing though.

>> No.32672428

So I'm was wondering, what Ability best represents the Maid/Butler half of a Ninja Maid/Butler.

>> No.32672453

Performance. Bureaucracy. Craft: Water. I'm sure there are other options.

>> No.32672489


I mean, it's a shitty ability, but it'll let you know all the correct protocols.

>> No.32672498

Socialize is etiquette, Bureaucracy is paperwork, Craft (Water) is food knowledge/preparation. Not sure what skill cleaning would be under.

>> No.32672814


It's possible to stat an Infernal to be able to break the sound barrier on foot. You've barely even scratched the surface.

>> No.32672838

Only with Crystal Chameleon synnergy.

>> No.32672855

What ability governs digging? Athletics? Resistance? Survival? Craft?

>> No.32672916

Athletics if you're just digging a hole through something. Craft (Earth) if you're digging something with a specific architectural function. Survival if you're doing it for a survivalist reason, like insulating yourself against the frozen Water Season.

>> No.32672942

Naah. She puts up a face. She is well informed that Immaculate Faith is all bullshit.
She still doesn't like the solars at all, but for practical reasons like them being some faggots that dare to be more powerful than she is.

>> No.32673035

So I'm going to take a whirl at playing the much-maligned Strength 5, Dex 1 character in an upcoming Solar game. I'll be using Invincible Ego Shield to cover DVs and have a focus on clinching, but given the existence of that dang Hearthstone and other practical concerns are there other Charms or MA (from... basically anywhere, I'm Eclipse) that I should be thinking about and don't require Dexterity to function?

>> No.32673070

>are there other Charms or MA (from... basically anywhere, I'm Eclipse) that I should be thinking about and don't require Dexterity to function?
Sure. Social/Mental charms. You're not going to be making a successful combat character.

>> No.32673130

The ruins of Rathess supplement states that their architecture is abnormally large for human frames to the point of forcing an endurance check and athletics penalty while climbing them. I generally put them 6-10 ft depending upon the type of DK

>> No.32673143

by "climbing them" I meant climbing stairs

>> No.32673156

>How tall are Dragon Kings? The art seems to vary.
It varies quite dramatically by breed. The Anklok are fuckhuge.

>> No.32673163

Deathlords are literally dead anathema...

>> No.32673194


Don't be stupid, there's plenty of things clinchers can do against most things a Circle usually faces.

Anon, I'd suggest looking at the expansions to Solar Hero Style.

>> No.32673219

By Immaculate creed, they're no longer anathema, since the evil spirit possessing them is no longer with them.

>> No.32673257

By Immaculate creed, they've only barely just heard of the Deathlords when Thorns happened, and don't know enough about them to de-classify them as Anathema. Since the definition is bullshit in the first place, all that matters is whether or not they're still calling them Anathema, which they are.

>> No.32673322

they're also generals of armies of anathema and make more of them, which makes them, like, double anathema

>> No.32673341

No, she explicitly is a true believer.
Her mother knew it was a hoax, but Mnemon was raised to believe.

>> No.32673360

but at the very least, they are ghosts, which are still forbidden by the Immaculate Text for breaking the cycle of reincarnation. Remember that most Wyld Hunts aren't called against Exalts.

>> No.32673364

[Citation Needed]
Mnemon's a stone-cold bitch who uses the Immaculate Order as political leverage, just like literally everything else in her life.

>> No.32673370


Even if this is true, is it really likely that Mnemon would be averse to cutting a deal with Anathema if doing so meant furthering her goal of capturing the Throne? Seems completely out of character to me.

>> No.32673462

Going by scroll of Fallen races Anklok are 7+ feet, primarily larger. Raptok 5-6 feet, as are Pterok, although they often walk hunched, but with wingspans of 15-20 feet, sometimes larger. Mosok doesn't say but they have the same strength, stamina and health level bonuses as the Anklok, so one could assume just slightly smaller than them.

>> No.32673686

To the Empress,
the Order was simply another tool in her arsenal. Having been
privy to the foundation of the modern Immaculate Philosophy,
the Empress had no illusions about its theological accuracy
and was content to value it solely as a means of exercis-
ing social control. Lacking such insights, Mnemon was
raised to be a true believer. She strongly supports the
Immaculate Order in all things, and only the
Heptagram draws more students from House
Mnemon than the Cloister of Wisdom.
pg. 88 Scroll of Exalts

I'm not saying the bitch isn't practical. But that would go straight against her hardline beliefs..

>> No.32674175
File: 952 KB, 612x816, exalted__reclamation_propaganda___szoreny_by_tehdevilishrogue-d4nh4np.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Yozi generally try to avoid thinking about the Neverborn.
As it is, most of the major players in creation are at least somewhat aware of the Neverborn and Abyssals. While not everyone knows the full magnitude of the threat the present, they are none-the-less taking action against them.

On the other hand, almost no one outside of Malfeas knows of the reclaimation. Fewer still know about the Green Sun Princes, and those that do are likely to mistake them for Solar Akuma.

At the moment, the Yozi are better served by letting Creation and the Neverborn fight each other. Taking overt action would reveal their hand, and since this is the best opportunity the Yozi have ever gotten to escape, they aren't willing to take risks.

Besides, the Yozi are patient.

>> No.32674336

>Since there are only 30 Twilights in the entire setting? About as unlikely as any other Twilight backstory. Honestly, though, the only way it sounds like it could be interesting is by Iron Manning the fuck out of there, and even then, it's sort of lame.
Honestly, I think the best use of that concept would be as an NPC.

The party has an important but broken artifact. A Gold Faction Sidereal approaches them and says he knows a skilled Twilight crafter who would be willing to repair it. The catch is that said crafter is imprisoned beneath a hidden and highly guarded Dragon Blooded manse.

Bonus points if the Twilight crafter was perfectly happy making artifacts and is unhappy with his rescue.

>> No.32674395


>Bonus points if the Twilight crafter was perfectly happy making artifacts and is unhappy with his rescue.

What are some special privileges that the Twilight can earn? Learning sorcery? Learning history and occult knowledge? Invitations to Cynis dinner parties?

>> No.32674428

DB prostitutes
all the crafting materials he could ever hope for

>> No.32674457


I'd imagine that the only MM he'd be given is Jade to keep up the ruse.

>> No.32674465

What if he's in love with one of the Houses DBs
Or he could just be a crafting nerd I guess

>> No.32674474

DBs make stuff out of others MMs too.
Also, there's more to crafting than just the five MMs, you need other rare ingredients too

>> No.32674488


Didn't we stat a DB orgy once?

>> No.32674506

As someone who has dabbled in artifice, magical materials are the easiest ingredient to get. It's the exotic crafting ingredients that's a bitch.

>> No.32674509

>What if he's in love with one of the Houses DBs
possible, sure.

>> No.32674518

yeah, if I remember right its social attack poll was just below 70 dice

>> No.32674539

>It's the exotic crafting ingredients that's a bitch
and the most fun. Did your ST really let you make everything out of nothing but MMs?

>> No.32674571

Depends on the person.
A guy can be happy going all "PERFECTING MAH CRAFT" and just craftsnerding in the basement, perfectly happy as long as he has infinite flow of money and materials to do so.

The Dragonbloods could provide good Terrestial Sorcery books. History - sure, could easily get him to lore 5. Dinner parties - depends on nerdity rating of the twilight.

But the guys with REAL knowledge are Sidereals. They can theoretically have same arrangement a grade higher.

>> No.32674647

which house do you think would be the most likely to try this? I would suspect nellens

>> No.32674659
File: 945 KB, 238x182, kamenriderairplane.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Adorjan actually does have a jumping charm, in Broken Winged Crane. Sky-Vaulting Surge isn't all that amazing though.
You just need to stunt well.

>> No.32674668

>The Dragonbloods could provide good Terrestial Sorcery books
The DB magic school has lots of Celestial Spells, too.
And I don't think a newbie Solar would have the Essence for higher level sorcery anyways.

>> No.32674747

He probably could find the time to raise his essence as a point to advance his crafting.

>> No.32674809

>What are some special privileges that the Twilight can earn? Learning sorcery? Learning history and occult knowledge? Invitations to Cynis dinner parties?
Twilight like making artifacts the way some fa/tg/uys like paining warhammers.

Imagine having a endless supply of Imperial Knight kits and all the thinned paint you can dream of...
This is the life that Twilight lived before those darn PCs and their Sidereal asshole broke him out.

>> No.32674810

Going on a journey may be hard when you're the crafting pet of a DB house

>> No.32674830

He could have already gone on the journey before he Exalted

>> No.32674851

A person isn't their caste. Some Twilight like crafting, as does probably at least one Dawn. He could be a Twilight because he's a very good Surgeon or something.

>> No.32674870

But we ARE talking about a specific Twilight the maximum craftsnerd.

>> No.32674876


I can imagine.

>Why am I outside?
>The sun is too bright.
>I'm getting sunburned.
>These Solars are making me work in a shitty forge.
>I wish I was back in the Realm working for the Dragon Blooded.

>> No.32674889

>A person isn't their caste. Some Twilight like crafting, as does probably at least one Dawn. He could be a Twilight because he's a very good Surgeon or something.
I know, I know.

_This_ Twilight, though. This dude is all about the crafts.

>> No.32674985

>History - sure, could easily get him to lore 5.
Exalts don't need training time or tutors for mundane favored/caste skills. A Lore 0 Twilight with experience points to burn can close his eyes, think for a moment, and instantly have Lore 5.

>> No.32674991

>I want my perfect workshop manse back
>those DB bitches where always so impressed by my work, Zenith is hot too but she's a bitch
>I had to make my bed myself today, I want my servants back

>Suddenly wyld hunt shows up
>"Thank Sol. About time you showed up, let's go back so I-. Ah why are you attacking me sto-."

>> No.32675011

Let's be completely fair here, he'd have to think for 5 moments.

>> No.32675016

The funny thing about this is that the iconic Twilight Sorcerer for 3e actually is going to be a loyal citizen of the Realm playing double agent and feeding information to the All-Seeing Eye.

>> No.32675037

While also pretending to a different citizen of the realm.
The guy got fucking SERIOUS SCHEMES.

>> No.32675054

No, actually. The training time is 0. It actually takes less than a moment. Solars have 10 skills apiece that, by virtue of being an exalt, they can instantly and permanently improve in, on a purely mundane level.

I actually think a neat idea is playing, say, a Dawn caste who had zero fighting/war skills before exalting, but instantly gained them in his first fight. He had been, prior to that, a particularly shit farmer or something. Someone with a good physique but terrible actual fighting skills.

>> No.32675071

Eventually a Demon or Abyssal will tempt him to their side with Cheetos and promises of enabling his lifestyle.

And that's the last the PCs will ever see of him.

>> No.32675103

nah, they'll use investigation charms to track him down and 'save' him again.

He's like a living MacGuffin

>> No.32675116

It'll be demons. The guy we're describing would give both his nuts for access to Ligier's forge.

>> No.32675122

Yeah, but he'd have to take 5 instant moments. He's training 5 levels, after all.

( ゚◡゚)

>> No.32675140

It could be Sids, too. Autobot's old workshops are still in Heaven, they just have to get past the security.

>> No.32675146
File: 49 KB, 1000x1000, 1400703186088.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Five zeroes is still just one zero, anon.

>> No.32675159

>Autobot's old workshops are still in Heaven
Wait, really? Do you have a citation on that?

>> No.32675173

>While also pretending to a different citizen of the realm.
>The guy got fucking SERIOUS SCHEMES.
The dude's virtues are:

Compassion: 1
Conviction: 5
Temperance: 1
Valor: 1

The only reason he was able to exalt was because he cheated on his character sheet. As an NPC he doesn't even have a sheet, but he was able to cheat on it anyways because he's just that much of a dick.

>> No.32675179

Yu-shan book, iirc.

>> No.32675196

According to the search function on my pdf reader, Autocthon isn't mentioned even once in Compass: Yu Shan.

>> No.32675219

The greatest of these ancient holdfasts was the last
to be shut, the Primal Forge, Autochthon’s massive
forge-palace, a mechanical wonderland whose corridors
have rarely been traversed since the Unconquered Sun
and his fellows deemed it too risky to leave open. It sits
on a hundred acres of industrial wasteland in the east
of Yu-Shan, a towering maze of pipes and iron walls.
All of Autochthon’s staff of gods and automatons were
either destroyed or transferred to other positions, and
the massive doors of the forge—each a hundred yards
tall and capable of twisting the space they take up until
they can allow in a mountain—sealed with ancient wards
and incomprehensible sorcery of the highest level

CoCD Yu-Shan p.103

>> No.32675229
File: 110 KB, 598x532, aedfa22d89[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello dudes.
Im not too familiar with the game but I want to make a solar based on burning infidels to the ground and razing Dragon blooded shit in the name of the unconquered sun.
How should should I go about this?
What caste, abilities and weapons would help me fulfill my arsonist needs?
Are firewands any good?

>> No.32675238

>It'll be demons. The guy we're describing would give both his nuts for access to Ligier's forge.
Dude, Malfeas has a sun that shines in doors.
He might do good work at the Forge of Night, though. I have a feeling he'd get along pretty well with Eddie.

>> No.32675252

>Five zeroes is still just one zero, anon.
Likewise, one zero is five zeroes.
So technically, it'd take 25 instant moments.

>> No.32675262

also relevant:
Of those handful of gods who have seen the Primal
Forge, if compelled, they will speak of wondrous,
spiritual engineering mechanisms capable of crafting
reality itself from the Wyld or using souls as cogs in
great Essence machines and tiny clockwork insects
capable of disassembling living beings and reconstituting
them as divine tools and strange weapons. The
Primal Forge is larger on the inside than its exterior
would indicate, and if pressed, savants will say that
the same science that allows the Loom of Fate and
the mirror-gates of the Maiden of Journeys to work in
the Palace of Mirrors bend space in the Forge itself.
The mirrors of the Maiden are in fact inferior copies
of the Forge-Primordial’s craft.

>> No.32675273

Firewands are fantastic - though mechanically inferior to bows - but Golden Janissary lets you shoot golden fire from your fists. Play a Zenith to be literally given a pass from the UCS as one of his high priests!

>> No.32675275

>Lunar Prostitute Quest is ded before it even began
Feels bad man.

>> No.32675281

>What caste
Presence, Performance, Integrity, Combat Ability of your choice, whatever else you want to flesh your character out
Whatever matches your combat ability, what you're holding in your hands usually isn't as important as your abilities.
>Are firewands any good?
Eh. I generally think bows are better, but firewands are pretty cool.

>> No.32675292

basically, it's every Twilight's wet dream

>> No.32675298

But that would mean it would take 625 instant moments! We're going to overflow into zero instant moments!

>> No.32675365

Nah, there's an easy out.
You'll notice that no matter how large the number of instant moments get, they're still equivalent to zero.
So we just take out the zero through division and it'll all even out.

>> No.32675416

You're not thinking like an Exalt.

We kill the zero.

>> No.32675480

How would performance and presence help me out?
I havent played the game before and im unsure of how social combat and related stuff works.

>> No.32675505

Performance is to make really awesome prayers to the Unconquered Sun. Presence is to either inspire people or scare the piss out of people to make them pray to him, too.

Just killing infidels isn't enough, man! You've gotta encourage the True Faith as well!

>> No.32675506

Turning people to your cause, who you can then send to burn more infidels

>> No.32675515

But anon, look at the perfect little hole. So taut and exquisite in shape. A real Solar would fuck the 0 into submission.

>> No.32675534

>You're not thinking like an Exalt.

>We kill the zero.
Nah, I want to keep the zero intact so I can use it as an ingredient in my next artifact.

>> No.32675560

Alright, new idea. We get a Night Caste to disguise themselves as one of the many zeros, and then when they're not looking, we kidnap the Prime Zero, mindbreaking it with Natural Mental Influence (UMIs are for people in a hurry) and then using it as an ingredient in a reality engine.

>> No.32675605
File: 6 KB, 209x206, Lunasmile.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really wanted my snippet to inspire a story. Would have been awesome.

>> No.32675629

Thank you guys.
One more thing, what kind of charms would you suggest for maximum flammability?

>> No.32675651

If your ST allows you to have a trusty torch as a weapon, Call The Blade.

>> No.32675657

Fire Dragon Style seems appropriate, if not optimised.

>> No.32675684

Solars aren't really about burning things, but Essence Arrow is the first thing that comes to my mind. It's possible you can try to make a custom Daiklaive out of red jade that causes fires, though it'll probably be an entire dot more expensive.

>> No.32675688

>Lunar Prostitute Quest
Wait, what?

>> No.32675695

Craft Charms can increase the solidity of the burnings worn apparel, causing the blaze to last longer.

>> No.32676486


There's a canon Solar slave to a Cynis Dynast. I think he's a Dawn that is secretly training her fancy Silent Legion mk 2 in her bid to seize the Throne.

I'd modify your idea in one of two ways. #1 its not a Wyld Hunt that finds the Twilight. Wyld Hunts exist for killing Anathema and they DO NOT fuck around on that front. You keep the latter part (building weapons and stuff) but have it be an opportunistic DB or maybe sworn brotherhood. #2 would be to keep the Wyld Hunt angle, but have the capture be for other reasons. The Empress used to have the occasional Anathema captured and brought to the Imperial Manse, never to be seen again, so there's precedent for some kind of interrogation/research angle where the Hunt needs to learn about its prey.

>> No.32676613

I didnt quite get it, what do you mean?
I heard non celestial martial arts were really weak

>> No.32676643

Fire Dragon is Celestial

>> No.32676648

>I heard non celestial martial arts were really weak

1. Fire Dragon is a Celestial Martial Art.

2. some are weak, some are insanely hax, but with "Swallowing The Lotus Root", Terresrial martial arts become really good because you can learn two charms for the cost of one charm.

>> No.32676691

Presence/Performance are, between the two of them, Diplomacy/Bluff/Intimidate/Performance - the D&D skills - rolled into two packages.

There are some exceptions, but Presence is for direct, one-on-one interactions. You use it to talk to, lie, and intimidate single people and single, contiguous units that all share a close identity, like a single military unit, or two cops who are each other's partners.

Performance, on the other hand, is broad-scale stuff. Convincing an entire congress with an impassioned speech, putting on a play that changes people's opinions, or singing a song that makes people fall in love with you. It's also used to make prayers to deities - pray well enough, and with a big enough group, and they might grant you boons/miracles.

A conversationalist wants Presence. A demagogue wants Performance. A party face wants both.

>> No.32676709

Object Strengthening Touch and Durability Enhancing Technique.
The longer the item can hold out against the fire damage, the longer it'll burn.

And there are several good Terrestrial styles, it's just that they suffer from overspecialization somewhat.

Golden Janissary is great anti-CoD stuff.
Jade Mountain makes you FUCKING INVINCIBLE
There was a post about it two threads ago, but I didn't save it.

>> No.32676735

>I heard non celestial martial arts were really weak
Fire Dragon Style is a Celestial Martial Art.

And Celestial Exalted have access to a charm which lets them take Terrestrial Martial Arts at a 50% discount, which actually makes them QUITE good for the cost of investment.

>> No.32676771

>One more thing, what kind of charms would you suggest for maximum flammability?
Well, if you want to use Flame Pieces, a combination of Golden Exhalation and Righteous Devil Styles.

If you want to use something other than Flame Pieces, either Golden Janissary Style (you literally shoot holy flame from your fists/spear) or Fire Dragon Style (you get two short daiklaves and cut motherfuckers to ribbons while breathing fire everywhere).

>> No.32676812

With the Lotus Root charms, the TMAs are quite good even if you're not taking ones that are on Celestial power level. WITH the Root, Even Blade is just totally hax.

>> No.32676831

>Lotus Root AND Even Blade

Fucking lol, any ST who allows that should just kill themselves.

>> No.32676853

The main downside to TMAs with Lotus Root is that they tend to be WAY less mote efficient for the bonuses they provide. Which is sort of what justifies the 50% discount, of course. With Lotus Root, your best strategy is usually to take a CMA alongside a TMA that has functions which supplement it well - like taking Black Claw Style with White Veil to supplement it.

>> No.32677374

I'm trying to use Anathema and there seems to be something on the right-hand side of the window that's getting cut off. It might be the low resolution of my monitor, but am I missing out on anything here?

>> No.32677426

Usually not, you can drag the Charm screens over if you can't see all of them.

>> No.32677431

You die?

>> No.32677560

You can't see the BP/XP spending if your resolution's lower than 1280 across, no matter how wide you make it.

It's fucking stupid., I run into the same problem since I normally run on 1024x768.

>> No.32677652

Wow. That is pretty stupid. I'm having fun with it otherwise, but not seeing the BP/XP count is kind of a problem.

>> No.32677719

EXP I usually do outside of the generator myself.
BP is fairly easy to keep track of too, the other counters will Bold if you're using BP for them.

>> No.32678331

So, I'm planning on starting off a new campaign for a bunch of new Exalted players, starting it off as Solars only in not!Greece in the South-West, among the islands to the west of An-Teng. No real Realm presence (mainly because of how tough it is to maintain an occupation with any supply lines going through Lintha-infested waters) although tales of their exploits could still spread.

So far I have not!Plato's republic contending with a kingdom ruled by an outcaste DB, being on the brink of the not!Peloponnesian War, as well as setting up the not!Trojan War as the DB's fiancé elopes to a nearby kingdom. Meanwhile Lintha are constantly circling like sharks in the water.

Now, anyone have any ideas I can use to make this Greece pastiche, less Greeky, or at least a good twist of some other culture to give it some extra zing? Or just some wonderfully fucked-up ideas for some of the smaller states in the region. I already have an island of primitive not!Minotaurs, so the beastmen slot is already filled, and one island is going to be ruled by an incestous line of God-Blooded daughters of a local god.

>> No.32678401

You can always toss in the cannibal island from Indiana Jones. Try adding some not!Mexican to it.

>> No.32678563

Well, the minotaurs are cannibals already, and I was considering adding a rival solar later building a not!Aztec culture with all the heart sacrifices to UCS on a remote island to the west, aided by a small army of Dragon Kings.

And I just realised how I'll get the group's shaper his Hand of the Great Maker, by having the rival solar be a shaper as well, conjuring up an army with which to invade the starting region.

>> No.32678939

I didn't even know that it had BP/XP spending

>> No.32679442

How is the republic even a threat with just an outcaste DB

>> No.32679545

How hard is it for an Exalt to get drunk?

>> No.32679580


All dependent on XP and build, I'd wager.

>> No.32679608

Isn't resisting poison (Stamina + Endurance)?

>> No.32680215

Is there a charm that lets me punch confidence into people?

>> No.32680336

That runs into an issue where being in combat time or social time, you use completely different ticks.

>> No.32680411

Can't you use the alchemical mind-spike charm to do that? I mean, you have to grapple them first, but still.

>> No.32680417

Its a stunt.

>> No.32680441

don't forget that actually performing the punch gets you killed

>> No.32680475

Simon survived it.

>> No.32680494

>How hard is it for an Exalt to get drunk?
If they know how to summon demons, then potentially a very long time.

>> No.32681782

Rip off Atlantis.

Well off the coast, there used to be an Island, but it's now sunk. Its First Age spires and domes are now inhabited by a breed of humans with gills, but no real ability to keep the place maintained, and building by building, tower by tower, and dome by dome it's been failing over the years. They're now down to a single dome and a single tower, with more primitive dwellings built in the shells of the now-powerless buildings.

Have it be mostly picked clean, most of the good stuff long since taken or traded away, but it's still an absolute treasure trove if a Twilight or other craftnerd were to stumble across it. The people of the city would, of course, be grateful beyond all measure.

And that's not even taking into account what would happen if they got it to rise again.

Of course, they could also ignore that hook, not bother trying to fix it, and instead just interact with them in the normal way, by mooring their ships at their floating trade dock. It is, after all, located squarely on a major trade route, and sees many goods passing through its floating bazaar before the merchants descend back down to home each night.

>> No.32681878

Almost impossible, according to the rules. Especially with decent Stamina + Resistance.

>> No.32682065

Sure, with normal alcohol.
Now, if it were glorious solar hefeweizen...

>> No.32682362

And this was jet fuel born before jets.

>> No.32682995

>First age not having jets

>> No.32683786


Wrong. She knows the truth behind the Anathema, knows their power.. She wants to be on top, so much so that her willingness to work with her enemies has been ingrained into her character since 1e. In Aspect Book: Earth, opening fiction she INVITES an Abyssal of the Mask of Winters to the Blessed Isle, and meets them in secret to commune with the Mask of Winters through the Abyssal, who is bleeding from every orifice from the intensity of the possession

The reason why most of Mnemon is in the Immaculate Order? To make a supposedly neutral power into an asset of hers. It's not about faith, it's about control.

She truly is a spitting image of her mother..

>> No.32683851

>Mnemon was
raised to be a true believer

Where does this say she IS a true believer. You can be raised to be a baker, doesn't guarantee you will be.

If only makes her position far more believable.

>> No.32683927

And considering that Red knows the truth herself, it shouldn't matter how much Immaculate bullshit she fed her kids. Any heir worthy of succession had damn well better learn that mama lies.

If Mnemon hasn't hit on the truth, I'm sure V'neef has.

>> No.32684716

You Can Be More plus stunt.

>> No.32685419

Not sure if there is anyone here but

New thread for whenever you want to post.

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