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Have fun with all those magical powers!

A creation of Vex. New version by Bliss.

Multiplayer list (a bit outdated): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bHWX2GlmAmCLHSXU0tF3LcL2xNrVEyBZ7ENvt2IgAf8/edit?usp=sharing

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The CYOA itself

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I hate PDF. It never runs well on my computer.

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Sucks to be you then. Can't post the .jpg until the old thread drops off the last page.

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try sumatrapdf
its open source, best pdf viewer

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Just wait. Currently the world of Zorothinihah is being built. as soon as I finish my overly ong description of the indegenous people, followed by everything else, it will be up

....in other words: bump

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Alright, final part of the muscle wizard story is coming along nicely. It should be finished in a little while. I'm gonna post it all at once when its done.

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That's really not the best pic to start this thread with, OP...

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when describing our realms home-made race is it appropriate to discuss, in scientific manners of course, the physiology of the race's reproductive organs, or would that be heavily frowned upon? I only included the information since the ecologist in me demanded somewhat unique and appropriate physiology, and while /tg/ is considered "/d/-lite" i wanted to ask you guys first before including the information. If it makes you feel better i could keep it contained in a spoiler tag.

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If they differ significantly from ordinary people, it would be appropriate to discuss them in every detail an observed would need to know.

The previous thread had an entire plane of drunken lesbian party girls in frilly victorian dresses, so I'd say we've already crossed well into lewd territory.

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I'd go for spoiler tags as courtesy.
Yeah but that wasn't a high point.

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If it's something really alien, then yeah, just keep it scientific.

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Thank you. I shall keep it Professional and placed properly in a spoiler tag.

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Well clearly it goes unspoken for most of us, but we do create things for carnal desires too. I'll be damned if I didn't create submissive horny shortstack goblins at some point. Technically I'd be the only regular human in the various worlds inside my realm too, so I'd hardwire some major fetishes for that into my inhabitants. Harem skill also helps though.

Obviously let's keep it light though. You can always subtly insert things.

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My realm is th eplanet of
Area 6 (94)
Insertion (93)
Population 8 (85)
Attitude adjustment - crazy aggressive (84)
Culture and customs (83)
Metahuman population (80)
Technology 6 (74)
Metropole (72)
Mystical (68)
Technomagic (65)
Warfare, sexuality, alcohol, religious (61)
Landscape adjustment - entire world is a rainforest, where it's not ocean (58)
Fauna and flora 2 (55)
Malice (54)
Theme (50) vicious ass planet with dangerous animals (and plants) that spits out dangerous people.
Influence 3 (44)
Lifestyle 2 (41)
Immortality 1 (39)
Tongues (38)
Memory (36)
Superhuman body (33)
Teleportation (32)
Healing (30)
Seer sense (26)
Empowerment (23)
Psyker enhancement (21)
Hypnotism (19)
Time manipulation (16)
Magical affinity (10) to make me stronger
Elementalism 2 (7)
Waifu (4) will be my one true confidant

I guess shape shift 2 (1) for appearance sake and fetish roleplay
For that last bauble, let's bump our planet up to the size of Jupiter.

I am now the immortal psionic god emperor of a massive race of crazed (think the reavers from firefly), violent psionic tech berserkers. The stuff we use is mostly scavenger tech from some unknown forerunner (but we can replicate it) customized to weld with the power of the user. The jungle is dangerous and violent - everything wants to kill you, and a constant war is fought between my so called civilization and nature. We will conquer the stars, raping, pillaging, cannibalizing and enslaving as we go.

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Hit send to early.
My realm is caled Tenlap. I am Rourke, god emperor.

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>mfw I'm not sure I can keep my magical realm professional without going off the /d/eep end

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Reevluate your life then
or be subtle.
personally I'm only including genitalia because the Biologist in me loves being super thorough.

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Hahaha you mentioned earlier that we had similar realms and it would certainly appear so. Right down to the horny shortstack goblins.

I've also decided to change the name of my realm to Rangehold, the small part being the Hold and the large being the Range. I drew an immensely detailed and devilishly clever diagram as well.

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Why do you think I have a society that is 99% 7+ foot tall musclegirls? Hohoho!

But in all seriousness, describe your realm the best you can and that makes the most reasonable sense based around the themes and concepts your realm is trying to aim for.

In fact one unique aspect of the 7+ foot tall musclegirl biology is that they can dump lactic acid build up quickly in their mammary glands, thus their breasts increase in size the longer and more arduous the workout or fighting becomes as a means to keep their muscles oxygenated for longer periods of time.

And this is the extent of lewd content you can expect from my realm!

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....I'm not sure if I wnat to live in my Realm or your realm. I do like my Women strong.

Though in my realm they tend to be feral folk with polymorphic growth based uppon the outcome of instense instrospection, the local flora and fauna they encounter, and other variables. Basically think Khajiit except less amount of extremes between subraces

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Screw it! I'll make a realm where several fetish related guilds duke it out in an incredibly over-the-top manner to see which one gets the most fetishless people into their ranks. Of course, this all includes elaborate Rube Goldberg-esque contraptions and incredibly convoluted plans down to the exact second which fail spectacularly. They never give up though.

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So Ravnica?

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Alright, almost complete. I'm finishing up the fight right now. On a related note.

Damn you Armstrong! Damn you for making muscle wizards that inspire me to write and post stuff on the internet. I hope you're happy!

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We'd be disappointed if you didn't. The creator was surprised at the lack of /d/-related stuff when an anon brought it up.

Of course, keep it to within the limits of your realm. Don't take anything biologically impossible unless you took Fauna & Flora 3, or the combination of Extrahuman + Metahuman population, for instance.

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...I kinda did take those....

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so you've basically sacrificed all quality of life to turn your subjects into an army of power mad lunatics?

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Yes. Basically, Ravnica meets a cheesy slapsticky sleazy B movie that doesn't take itself too seriously.

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In that case, go all out.

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Am I the only one that would leave my world as is for the most part and then gather up all the personal powers in order to make myself a god, just so that I can watch the world grow? I mean, I'd probably buy a few things to make stuff less shit, and one or two culture stuffs... But I wanna see them grow and have history and things.

Worldbuilding is my fetish.

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Terrifying, isn't it anon. they'll be comforted by the fact that the emperor loves them

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This ancient technique of roleplaying as Armstrong and fleshing out the muscle wizardry mythos has been passed down the Armstrong family line for generations!

Also thank you for sharing with us your writing.

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Same here anon, same here

I'm just surprised this didn't happen sooner considering this IS /tg/

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You're welcome. I'm enjoying myself.

Also, an apology to the Kylos guy if he's here. Since this is a quick and fun bit of story time I kinda used his people as generic bad guys. Sorry man. Don't have the time to do anything else.

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Tried writing something for the Mazerunner game like I said I would last thread, but I'm not doing a very good job. Sorry Dr. Divergent, but my writefaggotry skills aren't too sharp.

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Only reason I didn't make mine obviously fetish-tastic is because I'm asexual. Can't do sexual stuff without the drive.

If anything my realm was designed to allow for potential and improvement, because being powerful and attractive is something I really like.

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It doesn't have to be good. My writing isn't great either and I'm shelling out a short story.

Everybody here loves goodies.

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I'll probably try something after I finish editing my world. However, If I do write the story, be prepared for it do be from the POV of one of my Shape-shifters.

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Gah, fuck it. I can't back down now.
No problem. I'll do the story anyways, but if you want to write something yourself feel free. Shape shifters are welcome, people from other planes keep the Mazerunner matches exciting.

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After a short period of departure, I, Tyra, have returned. I shall begin updating the multiplayer setting Realms list as soon as I have a description and build for God-Wizardland, and would appreciate it if anyone who has posted and would like to be added to the list could identify themselves and provide the info stated on the overview sheet. That includes the new addition of Council status, which clarifies if you follow our laws, are a voting member, are neutral, or are opposed to us.

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Also, does anyone just want me to open the document for public editing? If I back it up periodically to prevent griefing then it could make things much easier on us.

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As Reginald stepped into the night the last few drops of the storm fell. Leaving them standing in an open yard, grass slick and the sky itself seeming to hold its breath in anticipation. He could sense Lucas and Micheal taking cover and readying themselves for what was to come. Gazing into the sky for three long breathes, he brought his gaze down to the portal.

A slowly widening circle of warped space, nearly blinding to his magical senses as it crossed dimensions and worlds. He stood stoicly as the three power armored men stepped through. A man who amazingly stood nearly taller then him, wielding some great axe. Another carrying the telltale profile of an implosion lance, one of the deadliest magitechnical weapons on record. Finally, a man walking with an obvious bearing of authority. He bore no weapon but Reginald wasn't fooled. Every movement of his spoke of a warrior who had mastered the unarmed arts to perfection. A deadly grace only enhanced by the armor that he knew would render his foe potentially stronger and faster then even himself.

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Waiting patiently as they lined up in front of the closing portal, Reginald counted the seconds before one of them finally broke the silence.

"Stand aside muscle wizard. We have no reason to face you if you don't interfere."

Setting his features into a mask of stone, Reginald prepared himself for what was to come.

"You know I cannot allow what is to take place here tonight. Starting tomorrow the people of earth will be united in common cause with the demiplanes. We will be able to work together towards a better future for all. Where no world need fear the aggression of others and the horrors of war."

Reginald could swear that the armored man was holding back laughter, a suspicion that was only comfirmed when he answered with amusement in his voice.

>> No.32642988

"There will always be war wizard. It is a part of life. If it doesn't come tomorrow then it will after. What happens when The Apostle of Akasha decides that the best thing for all people is to unite them under his rule so that he might rid them of all ills. Or that this world or another is a threat that needs to be nipped into the bud. What about The Sanctum or Greathaven. How long until they decide their technology and wealth puts them above all other worlds. Conflict is in our nature wizard, and conquest is inevitable. Kylos is simply the most fit to be the victor."

Reginald released a great sigh. Those words did hold truth in them. There would always be conflicts and disagreements. An allies prosperity could always be seen as a sword over one's own head. Tomorrow would be a great step towards a brighter future. Trade would enrich all nations. It would spread knowledge, culture, resources that many on earth desperately needed. It would not bind them all as friends and companions, but it would open the door for the trust that when lacking had so often led to wars and bloodshed.

"I am sorry you see things that way my friend. But I cannot let our chace for a better future die simply because some may hold war inevitable."

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Seeing the stance of the man's two companions shift, Reginald exploded forward. It was difficult to fully describe muscle wizardry to someone who didn't practice it. You could say that it was like the fury of the storm coursing through your veins. That it felt like the bones of the earth itself were your flesh and blood. For all the poet's words Reginald had yet to find any that truly captured what it felt like.

Time itself seemed to slow. The distance between them seemed like a fragile thing as the air shattered and cracked like glass. In the center of the yard fists met axe and lance. Thunder resounding from their clashing blows to dig trenches through dirt and crater stone. An shift of the spearman's weight sent a blow too far to the right. It's force shattering a telephone pole tens of yards away. Before Reginald could finish the breath he'd began to take while charging the combatants parted.

Looking down Reginald sent a swift prayer as an apology to his beloved late mother. He had ruined yet another suit. It's few remains already falling off of his shoulders. Returning his gaze to his opponents, he watched them carefully. He had broken several of their bones in that exchange, and come out unscathed in return. Overconfidence would be fatal however. Their commander had yet to face him, and he had no doubt that the real battle would begin then.

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Lucas swore under his breath. The stories plastered over the news said all kinds of things about the denizens of the new worlds. Demigods, wizards, monsters out of a storybook. He'd been willing to accept some of it as real, but had taken everything with a grain of salt. He'd been flabbergasted at first hearing about so called muscle wizards, even more so upon meeting them. Their entire culture seemed almost like a parody of masculinity when you first looked at it. He'd nodded and listened when Reginald had been introduced to them and the mission explained, secretely thinking that their size was all that was unusual about them.

Never before had he been so wrong. Before he'd even registared Reginald beginning his charge he was already standing back where he'd began. The only sign of stress a brief flash of disappointment upon looking at his now non-existent shirt. Meanwhile the entire yard looked like mortars had bombarded the place, shrapnel and debris only now succumbing to gravity to rain down everywhere.

Flashing his partner a quick glance to make sure he was unharmed, he breathed a sigh of relief seeing that he was only knocked down from the top half of the stone wall he was behind being obliterated. The same couldn't be said for their opposition however.

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If we want there to be, say, giant robots, but we don't mind having all the other aspects of society unadvanced, do we need the Tech 6 upgrade?

For that matter, do we need higher education for there to be robots?

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The axeman was having trouble breathing. The front of his armor had been caved in and was occasionally sending out small sputters of some kind of energy. Every time he moved the joints in his suit seeming grind and lock together, dented nearly beyond repair.

His companion had taken much worse. He weapon was snapped in two, one arm mangled and hanging limply. One of his sides had jagged rents in the armor, blood streaming out even as he tried to staunch it.

With a gesture from their commander they fell back, retreating through a quickly opening and closing portal.

"Most impressive. I had expected an impressive showing if they thought you could stop us by yourself. I have to admit you've certainly left me speechless."

It was all Lucas could do not to open fire on him right then. No concern, no humility. Just a mocking arrogance that soured any respect his words might have conveyed. Raising his rifle Lucas....

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Reginald didn't hesitate, within a heartbeat they had met in the field. Blows striking guards, subtle shifts in weight and balance sending blows careening into empty space. Every true opening outnumbered by devious traps and feints. Even with his opponents frightful skill, speed, and power Reginald was winning. Slowly and painfully gaining the advantage as they clashed.

Then a subtle misstep. A foot resting weight where the dirt had been blown away. A perfect shift and evasion becoming a fatal error. Recovering took only an instant but a blow sailed through his guard. Armored knuckles met flesh and tore through. Sinew tearing and blood boiling as pain overtook him.

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Reposting my build.

Name: Hivus
>Realm Wizard: Dr.Divergent
>Build: ↓

Area Increase 7 [7 baubles]

>Planar Features
Gateways 2 [2 bauble]
Portals [3 baubles]
Division [2 baubles]
Protected [3 baubles]

Population Increase 6 [6 baubles]

Pretty Population [1 bauble]
Culture & Customs [1 bauble]
Population Demographics [2 baubles]
Extra-human Population [2 baubles]
Meta-human Population [3 baubles]

Technology Upgrade 1 [1 bauble]

Metropole [2 baubles]
Sanitation [1 bauble]
Healthy [1 bauble]
Transit [1 bauble]
Electricity [1 bauble]

Libraries [1 bauble]
University [2 baubles]
Mystical [4 baubles]
Technomagic [3 baubles]

Music Affinity [1 bauble]
Theater Affinity [1 bauble]
Sports Affinity [1 bauble]
Gaming Affinity [1 bauble]
Art Affinity [1 bauble]
Literature Affinity [1 bauble]
Intellectual Affinity [1 bauble]
Food Affinity [1 bauble]
Sexual Affinity [1 bauble]

Landscape Adjustment [3 baubles]
Fertile [1 bauble]
Fauna & Flora 1 [1 bauble]


Lifestyle Upgrade 2 [3 baubles]
Automatons 1 [2 baubles]
Influence 3 [6 baubles]

Immortality 1 [2 baubles]
Shape Shit 2 [3 baubles]
Tongues [1 bauble]
Memory [2 baubles]

Alchemy [2 baubles]
Healing [2 baubles]
Superhuman Body [3 baubles]

Waifu 1 [3 baubles].

Magical Affinity [6 baubles]
Wizards Spell Book [2 baubles]

Total: 100 baubles

>> No.32643189

........jolted as the sound of pulping flesh met his ears. Force and stone slamming into his back and driving him into the ground as the wall behind him exploded. Rolling to his knees he looked up and paled.

Reginald was against the far wall of the lobby, blood spilling out of a gaping hole in his body. Even from here he could see the wizard's body almost shrinking as all vitality drained from him. Spinning around and raising his rifle the enemy was slowly walking towards him. Blood and gore dripping from his armored fist.

Lucas opened fire.

>> No.32643204

Since I have no good name for this place, I'll just rip off the name of a location from a comic I've been planning for quite some time.

Anyhow, welcome to Alistair.

Area Increase 4 (4)
Gateways 1 (5)
Population increase (8)
Extrahuman Population (10) -Various anthropomorphic animals and mythical creatures because A. I'm a dirty furfag and B. beastmen races always interest me in fiction.
Technology Upgrade 1 (11)
Metropole (13)
Sanitation (14)
Healthy (15)
Libraries (16)
University (18)
Industrial (21)
Mystical (25)
Technomagic (28)
Literature Affinity (29)
Gambling Affinity (30)
Festival Affinity (31)
Landscape Adjustment (34) -Nothing specific, just a lot of variety in ecosystemsfor maximum adventurin' potential.
Fauna and Flora 2 (37) -Same as above.
Dungeons 3 (42)
Malice (43) -Just various monsters, outlaws, and the like.
Shape Shift 2 (46) -Every few decades or so, fake a death, change species, looks, etc., start over anew.
Memory (48) -So I never forget my friends, family, the like over my lifespan.
Ghost Soul (51) -To be paired with Shape Shift.
Superhuman Body (54)
Healing (56) -Call me softhearted, but I never want anyone to die by my hand unless they're truly iredeemable.
Elementalism 2 (59)
Psyker Enhancement (61)
Waifu 2 (65) - May as well let fate decide who's best for me, along with some characters I just like because I'm a lonely weirdo.
Rivalry (68)
Familiar (71) - I'd like a magic dog. Dogs are da bes
Friends (72)
Wizard's Spellbook (74)
Wizard's Study (80)

So I have an adventury country of magic cowboys, with 20 points left over. I'd prefer to spend them on others besides myself, so should I just enhance the overall culture or get a touch more magical realm-y?

>> No.32643206

>Description. P.1

At the center of Hivus is a blazing blue star three-times the size of Earth. The 1st planet orbiting it, Hivus-1, is a hot, Mars sized, wasteland covered in storms and toxic clouds. The only civilization on the planet a combat/defense training facility and several small research bases.

The 2nd planet in orbit around the star is Hivus-2, The homeworld of this planes sentient species (The Shape-shifters). Hivus-2 is twice the size of Earth and has three moons orbiting around it. The planet is diverse and fertile, harboring multiple ecosystems. The moons orbiting the planet are also inhabited by the Shape-shifters.

The 3rd planet in the system, Hivus-3, is a freezing, Mercury sized, arctic wasteland. It lacks any clouds whatsoever and only holds a thin atmosphere. The planet is completely undeveloped because of the thin atmosphere.

The entire solar system is surrounded by an asteroid cloud. The cloud conceals the edge of the plane, and reflects light from the planes sun to create the illusion of other stars. The cloud is also home to numerous dwarf planets.

The native sentient species population of Hivus consists of 300 million Shape-shifters. In their default form, the Shape-shifters are a race of feminine hermaphrodites. They stand 5 to 6 ft tall, have curvy, thin, or athletic bodies, pale white skin, solid black eyes, and translucent hair.

The Shape-shifters can alter themselves at a cellular level, allowing them to emulate the appearance and physical abilities of others creatures, however a Shape-shifters must absorb the genetic material of another creature before they can transform into one. (This is done by either eating or mating with that creature.)

Shape-shifters can reproduce both sexually, and asexually through parthenogenesis. Shape-shifters have a minimum lifespan of 200 years, and a maximum lifespan of 250 years. Shape-shifters can reproduce with other species, but the offspring will always be a shape-shifter.

>> No.32643244

He sighed as the soldier unloaded his weapon. Bullets bouncing off harmlessly. He could hardly see why they insisted on resisting. Kylos wasn't some evil empire of cackling lunatics. They weren't going to round people up and slaughter them by the thousands. Through conquest they would be elevating earth to a level of technology and society that as of now they could only dream of. Instead they insisted on kicking and screaming like a bunch of children told to take a bath.

Dragging his attention back to the present moment he felt a jolt of surprise at the man charging him screaming with a knife in his hand. Catching his arm and lifting him off his feet he idley noted the man's leg bleeding from what looked like richochet wounds. See! They were doing more damage to themselves them he was. With a sigh he shattered the man's spine with a quick chop and dropped him to the ground. Now there was only......

A knife slamed into one of the joints of his armor, knicking his arm. Turning to the last man he slammed a fist into his stomach. Letting him slouch to the ground limp he surveyed the damage. The first would be crippled, second probably would die from ruptured intestines, but that was the cost of war. From the firelight it was easy to tell they would not be getting back up.....wait.

Turning towards the devastated building, shielding his eyes from the burning light, he could barely open his mouth in confusion before the world exploded.

>> No.32643282

>Description. P.2

The Shape-shifter culture is centered around balance, and freedom. Children are given free reign to learn, act, and make decisions. Knowledge is openly given and available, (Although people do lie and secrets are kept.) And people generally live very relaxed lives.

However, despite the relaxed and open society, conflict does still exist. It's never anything terrible or world ending, but many Shape-shifters have gone evil or crazy out of things boredom or jealousy. Because of this, many people undergo training in combat or self-defense. This training can be for weapons, martial arts, offenses shape-shifting, or even combat magic (see paragraph 5)

Shape-shifters are encouraged to go out an collect genetic samples to improve their abilities. They can accomplish this by either traveling across Hivus-2, or by going to another plane of existence. Shape-shifters who travel to other planes are expected to follow the laws of that plane.

Technology here is used to eliminate the amount of work people do, and find new ways of solving problems. For example, Many individuals transform into an animal to get from place to place, but airships, boats, and trains are used for mass transportation. Large cities and towns are built to be unobtrusive to the environment, and renewable resources and widely used.

Weapon technology is late 1800's level. However guns and explosives are rarely used, as people prefer swords and magic. Communication is conducted through magitech telegraphs, photography, and films. Medicine is very advanced, as the Shape-shifters utilize natural, artificial, and magical methods of healing.

Hivus's internal portal network consists of 343 large transport gates. The gates are located in major cities, large towns, and other areas of importance. The gates allow instantaneous travel across Hivus-2, as well as to planets & moons within the plane. There are different gates to transport people and vehicles.

>> No.32643316

Reginald slowly floated through old memories. Dreaming of the paths he'd walked to get here.

He remembered his mother. How she would frown every time he'd rip another one of his shirts. Exasperated even as she could barely hide her pride in how he was growing up.

He remembered his teacher. The withered man covered in muscle like curled steel who had taken him as a student and taught him everything he knew about magic and life.

He remembered all his comrades. Those he'd fought with side by side as they ensured their people would have a brighter future.

But most of all he remembered the mountain.

He remembered climbing for what seemed like forever. Leaving even the clouds behind as he rose to the top of his world.

He remembered standing on its peak as he realized that he had done it.

He remembered feeling that there was something missing.

He remembered when his trials were completed, journeying back down to his comrades and family, how he couldn't shake that feeling.

He remembers the cavern he found. Stone molten and bright. How his mind suddenly swam with its fires and encompassed all the world. How every mountain was one with the whole earth. Connected through fire that ran like blood.

>> No.32643328

>Descripton. P.3

(Continuing from post 2) Portals can be opened to Earth and other known Demiplanes. The Portals are controlled by a central network hub located on Hivus-2

Magic in this plane is fueled by the blue star in the center. Exposure to light and energy from the star will grant an individual the ability to manipulate molecules and fundamental forces. (Gravity, Electromagnetism, Strong forces, & Weak forces.)

A persons magical power will increase the longer they are exposed to the star, but in contrast, their power will decrease and eventually fade if they are away from the star for too long. Fortunately, the starlight can be stored in crystals for use at night and in other worlds. Individuals can use magic via either casting spells or activating runes.

Some structures and vehicles are inscribed with magic runes in order to make them capable of doing things they would be normally unable to do. (Ex. A zeppelin can carry more weight than physically possible, Oxygen breathers have limitless air supplies, magic based energy shields, etc.)

I myself am the leader of the Shape-shifters. My position is that of Grand councilor, which means that I am the mediator and adviser of the Hivus Council, the highest authority in the land. My duties are actually pretty minimal, I just have to keep the council going smoothly, and protect my people from any major threats they can't handle on their own. I also have majority vote on all major actions my people decide to conduct.

Finally, my waifu is a member of the Shape-shifter race I created. She(He/It) Is a beautiful, submissive, and intelligent, partner who's personality is a perfect foil to my own. She has authority over the government and can decide to take over my position if I am ever absent.


>Trade Partners:
Anyone who wants food, and/or magic crystals.

>Status Toward Earth:
Chaotic Neutral (Gather Genetic samples from humans and animals. Maybe mess with humanity a bit.)

>> No.32643434

I actually like it the way it is, people look at someones world first then decide whether or not it's good enough to add.

That's my opinion, but If you don't feel like editing the document yourself every time we add a new world, go ahead and open it.

>> No.32643468

Pain boils away like dew. Muscles roil as flesh begins to burn like slag. Tendons crackle with roaring lightning. A man rises, wounds burning away and skin shifting into blazing armor. Opening his eyes, he once against sees the fires the join all. He sees his comrades laid low, yet their hearts burning with courage that is held back only by the limits of their flesh.

He sees his opponent, blinded and spirit fleeing as he doesn't comprehend what is before him.

He moves, and the world quakes as a mountain rises to war.

>> No.32643541

so are we giving this it's own thing now? should we keep posting it in normal cyoa too?

>> No.32643581

I got Disconnected earlier, but i'm back now.
>muh mugic relm

Logicum Empire
This is the same one as from the other threads. I think this is the 4th or 5th version, but it's the first time i've given it a name.

Area Increase 7 [7]
Insertion [8] Orbiting the sun at 90 degrees to the rest of the planest, in such a way that it just happens not to ever interfeir with them.
Population Increase [16]
Pretty Population [17]
Attitude Adjustmen [18] Outspoken, opinionated and head strong, have no problems correcting complete strangers, will not be offended by this, and are accepting of new information if well supported.
Cultures & Customs [19] Value debate, logic, and correctness above all else. Using a logical fallacy is treated the same as verbally abusing a small child. also strongly value personal freedoms.
Population Demographics [21] Always exactly a 50/50 gender ratio, or as close to one as possible. Only ever one race or ethnicity.
Metahuman Population [24]
Technology upgrade 6 [30]

Metropole [32] 4 major metropoles as major co-capitals that all share political power. most of the rest of the world is used for some kind of production.
Aesthetics [34] Heavy inseration from roman architecture, with elements of sci-fy and fantasy mixed in.
Sanitation [35]
Secure [36]
Healthy [37]
Transit [38]
Electricity [39]
Internet [40]

Libraries [41]
University [43]
Wealthy [45]
Mystical [49]
Technomagic [52]

Intelectual Affinity [53]
Gaming Affinity [54]
Literature Affinity [55]

>> No.32643588

"For a world that might yet be, and a future that all men hope for!"
A fist sends his enemy soaring, high enough that he must crance his neck up as if gazing upon the gods to follow him.

"Behold! The New Dawn within our hearts! BLAZING SUMMIT!"

A single fist flies out and night becomes day.

Epilogue to come shortly.

>> No.32643625

Almost done with mine. Spent all the points now I just have to finish the fluffing. Spent most of my time making the race.

>> No.32643634

For now, keep it to its own thread.

>> No.32643641


Landscape Adjustment [58] Every kind of environment exists here, but as a more senic and beautiful version of its self, with the exception of Desserts and tundras. the hottest temperature is slightly cooler than that of earth's, and the coolest is slightly warmer. Summer and spring are very mild, spring and fall are idealistic versions of those on earth.
Fertile [59] To feed my population
Rich [62] To advance technology
Fauna & Flora 3 [67]
Spirits [69] Spirits are the center of the closest thing to a religion this plane has. The 4 spirits are Logic, Advancement, Liberty, and Arcane. The first 3 punish those who obstruct their namesake, Arcane punishes those who abuse magic and use it to obstruct the other spirits namesakes.

Influence 3 [75] Use this to get lifestyle, my palace is the center of one of the metropols. I usually leave governance to the peoples democratic representation.
Immortalit 1 [77]
Shape Shift 2 [80]
Healing [82]
Waifu 2 [86] will probably only ever keep one, but is nice to have. That one will probably be my irl crush.
Magic Affinity [92]
Wizard's Study [98] use these 2 pluse influence to get teachers from the magical academy, to quickley learn magic.
Psyker Enhancer [100] to round it off.

We will spread to the earth and to the stars spreading our supirior culture and society, through war if neccesary, using our suprior technology and tactics, expanding our empire.
I'll interact with other demiplanes, if you wanna be assimilated that is...

>> No.32643729

Well kids, I just ironed all that out in one sitting.

Lucas and Micheal become Reginald's disciples and go on to spread The School of the Blazing Summit of muscle wizardry all throughout earth.

Many more battles are fought and countless more stories forged in battle and brotherhood. Some happy, some sad, all of them involving gratuitous flexing and JOLLY COOPERATION!

Remarkable nteva

I agree captcha. I agree.

>> No.32643788

I was going to post one, but it needs more ironing out so i'll do it later.
No doubt it will be good.

>> No.32643912

Hm. I still have 20 points left. I was thinking of living a humble life and enjoying the world as is, but...

...Should I play out my fetishy power fantasies on the poor little people?

>> No.32643936

>Area Increase 7
>No Planar changes
>No Population increase
>Attitude Adjustment (Depravity)
>Metahuman Population (Do not age, require no sustenance, and in case of death, are resurrected at young adult age on a random part of the globe)
>Technology Upgrade 1
>No Infrastructure
>No Society
>Religious Affinity
>Landscape Adjustment (Flat. Very very flat.)
Magical Phenomena (Lets go ahead and include the Reincarnation thing as a part of this. In addition, attempts at shelter are demolished in the middle of the night.)
Fauna and Flora 3 (Very dangerous plants and animals. Some are Magical Realmy. Others will just kill and eat you.)
Theme (Grimdark style. Everything is potentially deadly)
Lifestyle Upgrade 1 (A small shack in the middle of nowhere.
Automatons 2 (Zombies)
Immortality 2 (With the changes I mentioned before)
Shapeshift 2
Ghost Soul
Elementalism 2
Time Manipulation
Magical Affinity
Wizard's Study
>Keep last 13

More info in next post

>> No.32643969

you don't need to. I have 16 points left and I plan on living in my world as a simple hermit/spiritual advisor

>> No.32644007

Theme should probably be enough for giant robots, although obviously other things would make the giant robots better and more awesome.

>> No.32644056


Ok, so I wasn't able to be on much today. Is there a story written about the wizard world already? Is there anything more I need to post about Sapphoshire? It might take me a bit to read up in this thread, and I'm sure I missed a lot from the last one too.

>> No.32644100

Aside from the story I just ironed out about Reginald there hasn't been anything.

I actually have a question. Where are the angels of your land based out of? Do they have a base or two here and there?

>> No.32644118

In the grimdark future of this world, a massive explosion in the center of the planet has severely warped it. Oceans are non-existant. Humanity was nearly wiped out. Only a few survivors remain, but they are changed.

They have adapted to the harsh conditions, and with a bit of magical assistance, have been granted powers. They are immortal, forever caught in their years as a young adult. But they are not free from death, and in this post-apocalyptic wasteland, death follows them everywhere they go.

Though the land is divided into exer-expanding forests and ever-shrinking deserts, the Survivors are always fighting against this advancing vegetation. It brings with it deadly animals, as well as deadly plants. However, on such a large planet and with so few people, the Survivors live very lonely lives. On the rare chances they meet, a night of depravity often follows, the two seeking to fulfill their urges as quickly as they can. For this world does not allow people to live happily. The deadly landscape is certain to tear them from their companions, and being unable to build a home, they must always be traveling, attempting to entertain themselves and always seeking companionship.


>> No.32644175

I don't want giant robots to be the theme, exactly- I just want it to be one aspect of the realm.
Hm, kinda like this one. Smarty-pants Roman conquerors with a robot fetish.

>> No.32644251


However, there are 13 beings, whom the Survivors know only as Gods, who hold the power to change their land. The small radius around their living quarters, though harshly guarded by automatonical beings, are much more livable, almost enjoyably so. The beings that live there spend their time dabbling with whatever suits their fancy, manipulating their nearly limitless power.

And there is something else that these beings have that nobody else does. Baubles. Strange objects of immense power, it is said that these objects have the power to change the world, making it a much easier place to live in, or granting the individuals powers to rival the Gods. But of course, the Gods are not willing to give them up, having entered into a pact upon the Apocalypse to save and protect these Baubles. But these baubles do not take the shape of an ordinary trinket. No, these objects take a unique shape, that of an animal or other living being, sculpted and melded to their God's will.

But the Gods are not always indifferent to the sufferance of Survivors. Some have been known to interact with them, trying to improve their lives. Other have been known to toy with them, killing or torturing them for their own amusement. All have the power to change life, but it is up to them to choose how.


>> No.32644340

Well, that's not really quite how it is, although I do agree that system would be good. It is more of "I wait around for people to ask if they can be added, add everyone who asks, which has not been that many, and occasionally add people who have been doing a lot of roleplay but have not asked." I think I will open it, though, because it might help a bit with getting a more comprehensive list, and will allow people to edit their own pages. I can periodically remove realms that are not supposed to be multiplayer, have no lore, or don't roleplay.

>> No.32644362

The streets of the city were empty today. None of the businesses were open, and no one was at work today. Today was the first day of The Gauntlet, and everyone sat in front of their TVs, sharing popcorn with their friends and placing bets on who they thought would last longest.

The contestants stood at different entrances to the maze. Hundreds of people were participating, some coming all the way from other planes to participate. They checked their weapons and gear one last time before the game started. "Mazerunners, on your marks." The announcer called, and they all lined up at their entrances.
When the starting bell rang, the runners began sprinting into the maze. Two contestants found a spike pit waiting at the end of the hallway, while another found himself caught in a quickly flooding room. It didn't take long for all the contenders to find themselves in some kind of danger. The first to go were the new Runners, the ones who didn't understand just how aggressive The Gauntlet could get. Even at the start, the maze was merciless.

The star of the day was a human equipped with a magic missile cannon. Not long after entering the maze, he found himself face to face with a metal automaton. Without even stopping, he slid underneath the magic machine's legs and kept running, firing his canon behind him as he went. This was his third time in The Gauntlet, and he knew that speed was just as important as skill here. The automaton let out a metallic-sounding roar and chased after him.

>> No.32644382

Magnificent. I really want to write up an actual RPG campaign setting or something for this, so we could actually play this as a game.

>> No.32644393


This has led to a split among the populace. Over their lives and reincarnations, it is ineviable that they will run into all of them eventually, and it is always the case that they choose one as their favorite. Being nearly omnipotent beings, it only makes sense to pray and worship them, hoping that they may bring good fortune.

And now onto the part that Im sure anybody who is reading has been waiting for, the Feitsh part.

As I mentioned, with companionship so scarce, lovemaking is furious on the rare opportunities. Having children is nearly impossible, due to the improbability of surviving 9 months. The plants and animals are obviously appealing to Guro or Vore fetishists, but in addition, there is so Bestiality or Tentacle stuff going on in a few plant types. And finally, the Gods, being such, are pretty much free to do whatever suits their fancy, tracking down people to fulfill whatever dreams they would want. They can also easily take a harem of these people, if they so choose to.

For the reincarnation, it places the people into a new body each time, with randomly selected traits such as race or sex. As a result, everyone is bisexual, taking any chance they can get to have sex.

Probably some other stuff too, but I am pretty much done for now.

>> No.32644419

The hallway split into three sections up ahead. He went straight, the automaton following close behind. Two steps down the new hallway, he stepped on a plate and the hallway came to life with guillotines, pendulums, and spears. He didn't stop, if he did the automaton would catch him for sure, he had to risk the traps. Running past three of the pendulums and stopping just a hair's breadth away from a guillotine, he looked back at the automaton. The machine was just past the first pendulum, having a hard time trying to time it's advance right. The guillotine raised, and he ran underneath, running past more pendulums and a row of guillotines that dropped behind him. The automaton was on his heels, reaching out it's metalic arm to grab him. Just then, three spears came at them from the side, and he ducked just in time to avoid being impaled. The automaton was not so lucky, the spears stabbing through it's metallic . He seized the opportunity, blasting the machine's head off with his canon while it was stuck. The machine's glowing eyes went dim, and it fell with a clang.

By the end of the day, 120 of the 500 participants were eliminated. They curled up in the sleeping bags provided for them at the start of the game, thoroughly exhausted from the day's events. But this was only day one, and The gauntlet was just getting warmed up. When the contestants awoke, they found the maze had completely rearranged itself i their sleep. Some found themselves sharing a camp with other contestants they hadn't met yet, while others woke up locked in a puzzle room by themselves. Thus, day two of the Gauntlet began...

>> No.32644449

And there's my little tidbit of wirtefaggotry. Hope it was at least entertaining.

>> No.32644480

When I find the time to make my own, I plan on making a world with minimal population, root out any possibilities of crime, corruption, and lack of innovation/ambition, then using time manipulation and checking on them every decade or so.

Really awesome dudes get immortality, etc.

>> No.32644482

Fuck I'm going to regret saying this but....

I would help make this.

And most importantly thank you for your compliment. I ironed this out so fast I can't help but cringe a little at all the ways I could have done it better.

>> No.32644590

If there is anyone else actually interested in this continuing on in a more perpetual and immortalized form, perhaps we should consider a custom wiki or forum some such? Then we could have a good place to store information and stories, and could easily work on and update a full RPG in our own time. Eventually we could actually try playing out what would really happen if we had more serious PvP rules and were not just theorycrafting on who was better! I have a friend who runs a forum we currently use for playing D&D online, actually, so we could just use that.

>> No.32644622


They have their own castles and towers. I imagine angels belong more in real castles than manor houses, but besides that they're properties are just like everybody else's. They might even party a bit when they're not busy.

>> No.32644663


After thinking about that for a sec, I doubt angels party very often because they are kept busy keeping track of everything. They're more like the practical big sisters of the partying ladies. But they join in the fun every once in a while.

>> No.32644669

Okay- so the Familiars share all our personal and magic things, but not our powers?

>> No.32644680

I only just found this thread and the previous, but I'd be down with it. I'm still thinking up an idea for a plane, but there will be foxgirls. Foxgirls with questionable biology.

>> No.32644706

I'm gonna say this right now, Power Armor CYOA, Dead. StarDust, Dead. If you guy's really wanna make this into an actual game, your gonna have to put reall work and care into it, and not just move on when the next big CYOA comes around.

This is the site /tg/ recommended to archive all these games. DO NOT, make a wika or google site, The Power Armor CYOA died because of that.


>> No.32644715

I've already said I'm in. A forum like that would be a necessity. I can't imagine trying to coordinate all this through emails and such.

Lets just make sure to get permission to use the worlds of people who won't be involved.

Alright, thanks. It was a minor thing but I couldn't help but wonder.

>> No.32644743

Gotta go to bed soon, so imma post what I got


Planar Features:
Area Increase 4 [4 baubles]
Portals [3 baubles]
Population Increase 4 [4 baubles]

Culture and Customs[1 bauble]: Strong emphasis on tight-knight family units and self-sufficiency. Zorothian culture is also defined on its focus on seeking personal improvement and mastery as applying those skills to the betterment of self and the family. Very conservative values about romance and morality, sexual interaction is to be held only in the holy confines of mairrage, but plural marriage is occasionally allowed under only specific cirmumstances, must be mutual, and needs the approval and oversight of higher ranking religious figures. Their organization tends to be that of sedentary tribes and small civilizations.

>> No.32644774


Extrahuman Population+Metahuman Population[5 baubles]: The standard rubric for the Zorothian people is similar to normal human, albeit their skin tone tends to be darker shades due to the nature of their realm, however there are distinct differences to be noted. Their jawbones are slightly more pronounced and their canines sharper, with the bottom pair growing occasionally growing outward like tusks when not properly groomed.
Their eyes have ash-grey scelera, and their pupils shift around in a similar fashion to cuttlefish, complete “W” shape. Iris colors range from different shades of green, brown, yellow and (in rather rare instances) turquoise.
Hair grown quickly and rapidly, and rather than stopping at the base of the skull it continues to grow in a long strip along the spine and stops just before the base of the torso, with common colors being various earthtones and the occasional red.

>> No.32644801

>cont. Males tend to have a hard ridge that grows, while females tend t grow more pronounced tusk than the men that often are decorated and well groomed in much the same way human females spend time on nails and make-up.
Reproductive organs tend to be in the same general places as humans, but differ greatly in appearance. Female clitoral hoods completely are long and retractable, folding over and covering the vagina when not in the act of mating. These hoods are tough and leathery and naturally stiffen in response to stimuli, making rape difficult and almost impossible. The male phallus is also located within a genital sheath and appears like a human-sized horse phallus except with round ridges along the shaft. The genitalia for both genders have the texture and appearance of soft, supple black leather.

>> No.32644805

On the base of Mount Megalodon, a great ceremony was held, attending muscle wizards and ladies wearing formal military regalia of navy blue, back and silver trim all standing firmly tall in rank and file and all saluting in unison, as three figures approached the podium.

"I Grand Master Alex Louis Armstrong am here today to reward Sir Reginald Sidney and his honored disciples, Lucas and Micheal for exemplar action that goes beyond the call of duty to the service of Megalodonia and Earth!"

"I present to you three each a medal of the Mountain's Peak! For your actions on preserving the peace between our realms Sir Reginald, you have made your beloved late Mother, your Master, your school and all of Megalodonia proud! Wear your medal with pride and may you climb higher peaks and see grander horizons!"

"And to our honored guests Lucas and Micheal, we of Megalodonia respect strength, skill and courage beyond all other attributes and on that fateful night your courage and valiant efforts to defend your home against overwhelming odds and threats incomprehensible to mortal men, has out-shined every muscle wizard and citizen of our great land, and for such bravery you are made honorary citizens of Megalodonia! You fine gentlemen will always be welcomed here as your second home! And may you one day triumph over your own mountains!

And with that the ceremony concluded with roaring applause and much drinking and feasting was had by all.

>> No.32644826


The Zorothians age at a rate similar to humans during their early years. However, once they reach the end of early adulthood (approx from ages 26-30) this slows down as they undergo a process known as The Refining. During this time the Zorothian becomes naturally contemplative and starts to analyze their own life, skills, and goals. After a long period of time (ranging from a couple of months to year by Earth time) they reach a point of personal understanding and awakening and undergo a lifelong change, proceeding to age at a normal rate after the first year. Their body soon begins to adopt animalistic changes appropriate to their personal revelations that occur gradually as they age. For example a male who seeks to become a strong leader may begin to experience growth in his head ridges and body hair, and once he reaches old age he’ll have a glorious rack of antlers, tawny fur across the sides of his torso, and a hard keratin plates in place of nails. All Zorothians take pride in this transition as they age since they see it as a full coming to age, and this takes effect on all Zorothians regardless of of where they are, though the outcome is affected by their environment and the creatures and beings they encounter in their life (for example if they spend a large amount of time living in a place filled with beings from Hebrew Mythology they may develop vestigial wings along their waist or golden bands of eye markings along their face).

>> No.32644854


Technology Upgrade 1 [1 bauble]: do to their own love of self discovery and improvement it is quite common for individuals to seek to build thie own home-made complex machines. Further the usage of Firearms such as basic volley guns and rifles held hunt down the massive fauna that live there.
Aesthetics [2 baubles]: Due to the massive mountain ranges and impenetrable forests that blanket the land, as well as the introspective nature of the people their settlements tends to blend in with local nature around it. The settlements that don’t are often comprised of beautiful temples, ziggurats and carvings crafted from hardworking and dedicated members of the tribe.
Sanitation [1 bauble]: In a world filled with giant critters and populated by introspective people this is almost a given.

>> No.32644884


Advanced Education [1 baubles]: Due to their philosophical nature of the people, as well as their natural drive towards self improvement, it is natural that they try to insure that knowledge and lore are available to all that need it.
Libraries [1 bauble]: Second verse same as the first. Most of these “libraries” are the accumulated records and wisdom of the tribe.
Mystical [4 baubles]: The world around them is highly steeped in magic and power, only a fool would deny it. So many seek to understand and discern the beatific forces abounding in their world. Magic works through meditation and reaching an understanding of the world about them. By attuning to their “flow” of the world around them and reaching inner harmony with their various forms one is able to nudge and shift the surrounding forces to create different effects. This skill can also be directed and enhanced with the aid of different spirits, if they are so willing. Works similar Platonic Metaphysics.

>> No.32644898

Oh yeah, CYOAs absolutely die out. I was there for StarDust, and I've seen the remnants of the Power Armor CYOAs and Armored Descent. I am fully aware we would need to put effort into this, but that is no reason not to try. 1d4chan is probably the best place to archive the realms and writings, but if we actually play a game, I think using the forum I have would be a good idea.

Great! Yes, we will want permission from any of the worlds who are important enough that we need to use them yet won't actually be involved. I'll mark that as a thing on the Realm Listing, perhaps, so they can mark it off themselves even if they don't respond in the chat. Just as something to start thinking about, though, what kind of system would we want this to function on as an RPG? A full stats and abilities system that is rigid, a skill progression percentile system where you say the specifics of your action and then roll against your skill based on the difficulty the GM decides on? Or a totally freeform roleplay one where we decide on strict limitations ahead of time and can veto an action if it seems inappropriate, but without actual stats, skills, or rolls?

>> No.32644919


Music Affinity[1 bauble]: Since the Zorothians strive for the best in all they do that include music. Zoroth music places emphasis on its ability to move emotions and incite awe, often with loud pieces with complicated melodies and loud sounds.
Art Affinity [1 bauble]: Just like music, art comes easily for these introspective people. Whether it be engraving scenes from religious tests into the walls of a house, or carving statues and totem poles to commemorate great events, all art is done with spirit and emotion.
Literature Affinity [1 bauble]:
Intellectual Affinity[1 bauble]: see above
Hobby Affinity[1 bauble]: see above
Food Affinity[1 bauble]: Do to the vast amounts of Unique flora and fauna that exists the Zorothians have large amounts of ingredients to experiment and try. No to tribes prepare their food the same way and visitors should be prepared for foods of all manner of spiciness, richness, and zest due to the large amount of herbs and spices that are used in their cooking.
Religious Affinity [1 bauble]: At the heart of all tribes there is a great respect for religion and worship. All tribes are led by their different high priests, who not only specialize in the faith of their people, but also in the fields of comparative religion. There is no rancor held between the members of different sects and faiths, for they all understand that faith in necessary for seeking introspection, purpose and understanding in life. Most of their religions tend to focus on seeking self perfection and righteous living, much like Early Judaism, Daoism, and Mormonism.

>> No.32644980

Landscape Adjustment [3 baubles]:A land of verdant forests and towering mountains covered in slightly thinner forests. All manner of tree filled environ is present, from temperate deciduous lands to rainforests and marshes of various typing. The land is carved up by various different rivers and bodies of water of varying depth and salinity. The temperature generally ranges from high 30s to low 70s (Farenheit) though in the extreme north and south the temperature dips much lower to at least 10 degrees where the land is covered in thick Taiga forests.
Fertile [1 bauble]: Nearly all manner of vegetation is capable of growth here, and they almost always grow massively.
Magical Phenomena[3 baubles]:
>could not complete everything past here isn't done yet. May complete soon if i can sneak computor to bed
Fauna and Flora 3 [5 baubles]:

>> No.32645004

rest of incomplete

Spirits[2 baubles]:
Lifestyle Upgrade 1[1 bauble]:
Influence 1[1 bauble]:
Shape Shift 2[3 baubles]:I don’t really plan on using it too often, just for slight changes when I need them. Also I don’t care much for making anything permanent.
Tongues[1 bauble]:
Memory[2 baubles]:
Seer Senses [4 baubles]:
Alchemy [2 baubles]
Healing [2 baubles]:
Elementalism 2[3 baubles]:
Friends[1 bauble]:I’ll bring my family along as well as my closest friend if they wish.
Waifu 1[3 baubles]: Let destiny decide who it is.
Familiar[3 baubles]: A creature native to Zorothinihah known as a Luoatleh. A wolf-like creature that has a long snake-like tail in place of its hind legs, long fangs, and birdlike feathers. The creature’s coloration is like that of lammergeyer and can grow to a height of 3ft and a length of 6fth.
Magic Affinity[6 baubles]: How else will I use my world’s magic?

how'd I do?

>> No.32645067

Imaginary people that I made for a story just got rewarded and acknowledged in an imaginary ceremony that I read in the voice of an imaginary character.....somebody tell me why I feel like I just watched my children graduate from college. I don't even have kids.

Where do these feels come from.

I'd say we should keep it simple. Kinda like Everyone is John. Probably more mechanics then that game but loose enough to where its more freeform. It would also help us actually finish the damn thing.

>> No.32645090

urk... too tired to finish. Hope this thread or a continuation is still here in the morning

>> No.32645200

Realm name: The Imperium
Wizard name: The God-Emperor

Area Increase 7: Size of Jupiter
Population Increase 8 - 40 fucking billion
Temporary Portals, created for special instances
Pretty population
Attitude Adjustment - Extremely loyal and hardworking
Popultion Demographics- 50% male and 50% female, all white
Metahuman Population - Small percentage of people have magic and go into the Church of the God-Emperor, divided into Acolytes, Apostles and High Apostles with an Inquisitor and Templar branch
Technology 6
Aesthetics- The holy first world must be beautiful
Advanced Education
University - For tacticians, officers, inquisitors and Templars- War academies.
Warfare Affinity
Religious Affinity - They are not devout worshipers of their 'Respective' religions. They are fanatic worshipers of THE religion.
Landscape Adjustment, Flora & Fauna, Rich - A beautiful, diverse and massive world.
Lifestyle Upgrade 2
Automatons 2- People work to increase population and work to expand or defend the Imperium, Automatons handle menial work
Influence 3
Immortality 1
Shape Shift - Become a figure worthy of Godhood
Superhuman Body
Ghost Soul
Magical Affinity

I wait until we grow too large for this big-ass planet (7 billion people on earth take up the space of around 3500 billion on Jupiter), spending that time refining and improving our technology, magic, military strategy, soldiers and training, and plan to expand the mighty human race to eternity.
If someone attempts to attack us before then, we are well-equipped for self defense, considering it makes up about 100% of daily life. If you aren't in the Military in some way you're either a Priest (Religion keeps morale high) or working in some way to support the troops, since all menial labor is done by Automatons. This comes out to tens of billions of top-notch warriors.

>> No.32645269


I don't mind Sapphoshire being used in a project of yours, but I'd like you to ask me before you do anything to crazy with it. Please post in one of these threads if you get a whole page started for your project, so people can ask questions and comment.

>> No.32645385

Anon I'm afraid that I've already cliamed the title of
god emperor here >>32641678
we must now fight our minions to the death to determine the true god-emperor

>> No.32645415


I wouldn't be making any changes to anything. People's planes would be exactly as they made them.

Speaking of which would you be alright with us using Megalodonia. Its the best plane out of all of ours and frankly could be its own complete game.

All this is if we even do this. It might not go any further then this discussion.

>> No.32645433

You are no God-Emperor, you are merely a Techno-Barbarian.

I will have to make your uncivilized planet into proper Imperial Citizens.

>> No.32645487

By all means!

I left it vague and interesting enough that you can reasonably populate Megalodonia with your style of city states with their own customs, muscle wizards and ways of governance,
Just make sure it is within flavor of the world, adheres to the tenets and principles of muscle magic and are meritocratic in some way.

>> No.32645517

Alright, thanks. I gotta get off so hopefully I'll catch everyone on later.

Akasha bids you good day.

>> No.32645572

No, my minions are the techno-barbarians, and they're all psionics

You must not understand their mindsets. They can't be tamed; they're just like the jungle. If you manage to stop tripping over all your titles and sociological institutions like churches and militaries long enough to actually set foot on our planet, you'll find yourself getting guerrila'd by an insane horde who soon after disappears back into the jungle. You'll then be devoured by the man-eating plants and animals. Meanwhile we launch constant attacks on your supply ships so your troops are cut off. Demoralized, the few of you not left dead in the jungle retreat, only to find hordes of us looting, raping, and pillaging your laughably-not-100%-militarized population.

The remnants of your pathetic imperium will be fed to the jungle for fun or enslaved for labor.

>> No.32645591

I agree that simple rules would be best. My thought is we write up some rules on the limitations of each type of power, and on how realms and wizards can advance in power, and beyond that mostly let it be freeform. If we want added fun and coolness, we could drop most die rolls and replace them with the level of success being based on the coolness of the description.

Thanks! We will make sure not to alter anything you have already specified, and all new additions will be clearly in line with the lore of the realms. If we are not sure of something relating to your people or world, we would also be sure to ask you.

I'll write up some possible rules ideas and post them on the forum, then link it here, too. Hopefully we can get this to actually go somewhere!

>> No.32645632

just snuk my computer to bed and will resume typing

also forgot the Wizards name: The Savant

>> No.32645650

How much will this hurt new players? If a new person joined while other people have well established demiplanes, will they have some protection against a "closed club" sort of deal?

>> No.32645753

Well, I was thinking about this in the context of a closed game RPG. If we want to do it as an MMO, then yes, that could be a problem. However, the council will have provisions for the protection and education of weaker wizards in the same way it will protect humanity, which will make things easier. You could also just seal yourself off until you get past the easy end of the progression curve, which with only a bit of optimization would make you about equal to non-optimized veterans.

>> No.32645791

Oh, well, I thought this was going to be more open than that. I really want to play! Or help if needed.

>> No.32645903

I intended it to be open to anyone, but I did not assume it would be open-ended. That depends on what people want, though. If they want an MMO, we can try to do that, or otherwise you can just join as a player in a closed game.

>> No.32645929

Realm name: The Red Light District
Wizard name: The Pimpmaster

Area increase 5
Population increase 4
Pretty Population
Attitude adjustment
Culture and customs
Population demographics
Extrahuman population
Metahuman population
Technology upgrade 6
Advanced education
Sexual affinity
Lifestyle upgrade 3
Influence 3
Immortality 2
Shape shift 2
Superhuman body
Ghost Soul
Waifu 2
Magical affinity

A plane full of women, libraries full of porn, universities that educate them to be professional hoes, and one pimp to rule them all.

>> No.32645942

fair enough. Are you the one maintaining the gDoc?

>> No.32645946

what about male hos

>> No.32645976

Yeah, we got some of those too if that's your thing. Not a whole lot, but enough.

>> No.32645991

where there be any actual objectives or overarching plot to this? or will it basically be Civilization/Spore with worlds and dimensions?

Also with what little information is available on it would Zorothinihah be a good wold to join in?

>> No.32645997

Reposting my actual build from last thread:

Realm name: Pending. I'm no good with names, suggestions welcome.
Wizard name: The outsider

Area increase 3 [3]
>Planar features
Portals [3]
Protection [3]
>Population increase
Population increase 5 [5]
Attitude adjustment [1]
Culture and customs [1]
Extrahuman population [2]
Metahuman population [3]
Technology upgrade 6 [6]
Metrapole [2]
Aesthetics [2]
Sanitation [1]
Secure [1]
Healthy [1]
Transit [1]
Electricity [1]
Internet [1]
Advanced education [1]
Libraries [1]
University [2]
Wealthy [2]
Merchantile [2]
Mystical [4]
Technomagic [3]
Gaming affinity [1]
Fertile [1]
Rich [3]
Fauna and Flora 3 [5]
Dungeons 3 [5]
Spirits [2]
Influence 3 [6]
Immortality 1 [2]
Shape shift 2 [3]
Tongues [1]
Memory [2]
Mimicry [2]
Spirit walk [3]
Levitation [1]
Healing [2]
Empowerment [3]
No bonuses
Magical affinity [6]

Details coming up.

>> No.32646004

what about loli and shota and futa and alll other /d/ stuff

your yelp rating depinds on this c'mon

>> No.32646021

The plane's population consists mostly of humans, though elves dwarfs and other fantastical races are not uncommon. The people are well educated, both in the mundane and the arcane. Not all can use magic, but most who don't can compensate using the various magitech gadgets that are readily available.

The people as a whole are very friendly. That's not to say you'll never meet an unpleasant person, but as a whole they are very welcoming.

The people never want for anything, but the biggest business, and main attraction for tourists, is the gaming industry. Video games and table top games compose a lot of this industry, but the pinnacle of the gaming industry is a game called Mazerunner.

Mazerunner is a game where contestants are armed with various weapons and magitech gadgets, as well as any spells they may know, and sent into a maze filled with traps, monsters, and puzzles. This is entirely safe; various spells are placed to ensure that nothing is lethal. Contestants may fall into a pit trap or be cut by a minotaur's axe, but they don't die, or feel pain. They do lose if they suffer any would-be lethal injuries however. The objective is to be the first one to reach the center and defeat the maze boss. If the maze wasn't challenging enough though, rival competitors may also sabotage other players, or even defeat them themselves, making Mazerunner a highly competitive game.

The Mazerunner facilities are all powered by Maze spirits, friendly spirits who alter the maze and power the nonlethal magic field. They serve as judges for the game. Most cities will have a Mazerunner facility, where contestants may play for fun after paying the entrance fee. Tournaments are also held every now and then for prize money. Professional Mazerunner games are particularly difficult, and televised world wide. Professional Mazerunners are some of the greatest celebrities, and always very wealthy.

>> No.32646040

The biggest Mazerunner event is The Gauntlet. It is held once a year, and people come from across the plane and beyond to watch and participate. The day of The Gauntlet is a world-wide holiday, and the event is broadcast for all to see from the comfort of their own homes. The Gauntlet is the hardest Mazerunner facility in the plane, a massive labyrinth with various landscapes, terrain, and monsters guarding it, and lasts on average 5 days, and changes every year. Only the strongest, smartest, and most magically gifted participate. Only 5 people have completed it and all of them are famous and rich beyond the average man's wildest dreams.

Thanks to the Mazerunner industry, the hospitality industry is also booming, with many tourists coming from across the plane, even from other planes, to see and participate in these games. By far, the largest source of income for this plane comes from these games, and the tourists who come to see it.

>> No.32646060

As far as government goes, the plane has a democratic government and those elected to office serve for life unless removed for misconduct. Those serving are held to a very strict code of conduct. Anyone caught breaking this code is tried and removed from office if found guilty. For this reason, the politicians here are usually fair and honest.

Beyond the government though, there is another entity who is treated not necessarily as a supreme ruler, but his word is greatly respected. This man is The Outsider, the creator of this plane. He holds no official power, he prefers to let the people rule themselves, and prefers to step in only when necessary. He is immortal, watching the world from the sidelines since it's creation. Everyone knows of him, though few have seen him in person. His face is known, but he often changes shape specifically to avoid others recognizing him. He travels constantly, performing random acts of kindness wherever he goes, and as a result has no specific place to stay. Due to this, he relies on the hospitality of others for food, water, and housing, though it is not known if he actually NEEDS any of these. This is the reason for the local saying "Treat your guest as though they were The Outsider himself...for all you know, they could be."

The Outsider usually keeps a low profile, only revealing himself when need be. The exception to this is at The Gauntlet, where he is a regular spectator. Occasionally he will participate as well, being one of the 5 who has actually bested The Gauntlet.

Earth is mostly ignored by the inhabitants of this plane, but tourists are allowed into the plane, as well as the other way round. Peace is maintained between them, but no actual defense pact exists between them. The Outsider would ask the people to come to Earth's aide if it was in peril, but there is no official alliance between them at the moment.

>> No.32646107

Nigga, I'm a pimp with a whole planet full of hoes. I got loli, shota, milf, futa, I got shit you probably haven't even thought of. If you're looking for a fetish, Mr. Pimpmaster here's got your back.

>> No.32646159

10/10 would conquer first but not cannibalize everyone

>> No.32646197

I have made slight revisions to the Muscle Wizard Mythos. I changed the fabled of the four mountain brothers to be the four journeys that all muscle magic schools developed their styles from.


>> No.32646224

I am indeed the one maintaining the gDoc. I am also Tyra, Wizard of the Sanctum.

For the most part the objectives are your own. I intend to go post-singularity and eventually turn my metamind into a piece of the substrate of magic itself, so I can see everything and affect anything I wish. You may want to take over earth and kill the Council, fight off the people who have the previous goal, or really anything you like. However, the Pattern exists, and is intended to be a much more truly evil NPC villain. Wizards may be bad, but the Pattern is a level above anything they are capable of, both in terms of power and how villainously they use it.

And if you'd like to join the Listing or the Council, we would be happy to have you. I will go and make the doc public so you can add it yourself, actually.

I will swap the link in the page for your realm.

>> No.32646248

I don't think you realize just how strong my pimp hand is. That, and I bet you weren't expecting those hoes to be ninjas either.

>> No.32646291

for those of us just joining could we get recap of the lore?

>> No.32646374

how do we get in this super exklusive gdoc club

>> No.32646404

I'd like a recap as well, kind of got lost as to the depth of the shenanigans taking place.

>> No.32646462

Currently you go to "https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bHWX2GlmAmCLHSXU0tF3LcL2xNrVEyBZ7ENvt2IgAf8/edit?usp=sharing" and write yourself in following the guidelines of what I have already made. If you don't add any roleplaying or lore then I might remove it after a while to save space, though, but otherwise feel free to do it yourself now.

What kind of lore do you want? The majority of our roleplay has been the realm wizards talking to each other and fleshing out their own worlds. If you want a recap of an individual world it would be best to read their page on the doc or ask the creator, but if a recap of the setting history and the Council is what you want, I could provide that.

>> No.32646479

Here we go.
The kitsune of Havoc are a rather advanced tribal society, or so they wish to appear. They have a heavy emphasis on the arts of theater, utilizing the rich mythological background and illusion magic they possess as their primary form of entertainment.

The world is intentionally, internally, isolated, to prevent a world government. Each enclave must be dealt with separately.

In regards to organization across the plane, each fertile area contains enough family units for stable reproduction and sufficient tech base, but all are separated by vast untouched lands.

More info on this plane by request.

>> No.32646489

Yes, council stuff and history please

>> No.32646538

Comments on the setup are welcome.
Also, pic, because I forgot.

>> No.32646587


Is it ok if I rewrite Sapphoshire's info a little nicer?

>> No.32646629

>Popultion (sic) Demographics- 50% male and 50% female, all white

Exceptionally plebeian waste of points.

>> No.32646631

Absolutely, assuming you are the creator. If anyone would like to adjust their own page, feel free. That is one of the main reasons I opened it up.

>> No.32646737

From what I can understand, a council of god wizards is formed to promote peace and mutual protection and economic trade among our magical realms.

Earth is made a neutral world off limits both from invasion and our own influence other then trading fairly mundane technologies and goods. Everyone agreed to keep a low profile on the planet and watch over it from a safe distance.

I am made the official magical realm diplomat and emissary to Earth, establishing fairly inconspicuous gyms, dojos and clinics in every major nation to better monitor strange happenings.

And Sapphoshire is made the official delegation realm where all council meetings are held.

Greathaven and Akhaska have formed a trade union, handling most of the councils finances and keeping them in order the best they can.

And we're probably in the process of formulating a automaton council army.

>> No.32646883

Greetings, Armstrong.

While my realm cannot provide assistance in any large way, do note that I offer access to my demiplane to any member of the Council on request. This is to show my general agreement with the Council's motives.

Further, my people would be very interested in performing other world's mythos in the form of play. Legends of your people would bring much knowledge and power to us, should you allow this.

>> No.32646916

hmmm, if you need resources as well as an advisor of comparative religious matters (since none of ya'll chose that affinity) Zorothinihah is ripe with both large amounts of philosphers and natural resources such as "Steelwood" and various other natural remedies and the like.

I Savant do hereby petition to allow Zorothinihahto join the council....as soon as I finish up all the fluffing and writing.

plus I could see Zorothians taking pilgrimages to Megaladonia to learn of thier peoples ways. They love studying spiritual traditions and matter and they do share the "self-mastery" mindset.

plus i'd imagine them studying the differenced and similarities between Muscle Magic and thier Spirit Magic

>> No.32646942

That is incorrect, the people of Havoc are well versed in matters of religion. We are simply... unorganized.

>> No.32647013

>reads Havoc stuff.

Well Mistress of Havoc, based upon what you know so far about my people, do you perhaps see friendship between our two realms in the future?

dont worry im almost done with all the fluff

>> No.32647017

In the 2014th year of the standard calendar of Earth, a god decided to die. His strength of mind had grown so great and his existence was so deeply merged with the existence of reality itself that no further outcome of man or nature could surprise him. He had accomplished all he had wished with his abilities, and much more, and after a great many years, he had finally become bored. The boredom of a god is no temporary emotion, but rather represents the end of their life under all circumstances yet recorded, for a bored god is bored with the whole of the universe, with all of time and space and thought, and truly has nothing left to see. So, with his dying breath, this god set in motion one final plan: the choice that, out of every possibility his infinite intellect had foreseen, would allow his successors to spend the longest time possible before they, too, became bored.

This plan was the creation of the Wizards.

The Wizards were each once human, and through the last action of this god, who was once himself a wizard, and before that a mortal, we were granted power over magic and a new piece of land, a Realm to call our own. Each of us wove the power of our benefactor into a unique form, forging it in our image and to our desires. Some choose to infuse themselves with great magic, others to build utopias for their peoples, and more to create private fantasies of the ideal life.

For a short time these realms existed apart from each other and without yet connecting to earth, as each wizard took time to adjust to the changes they had wrought. During these few days, earth spilled over with rumors, hints that something had happened, yet without any true confirmation of what. And then the connection was completed, as islands raised from the ocean, planets erupted into the solar system, and tremendous constructions marked as the Gateways appeared throughout the world.

>> No.32647032

I'm currently stuck for how to flesh out the Shapeshifters. Can someone give me a story or world building idea?

>> No.32647093

Anyone else tempted to just pour all 100 points into themselves and then emigrate to megaladonia (not as an invader, as a guest)

>> No.32647199

Some good fluff. Excellent job you all.

>> No.32647200

The people of Megalodonia respects your peoples' wishes to remain neutral Nin of the Thousand Tails!

We will send our scholars and lore masters to enlighten you of our muscle wizard mythos, our teachings and our legends! In exchange we hope to be entertained and enlightened by your plays and mastery of threatre!

The people of Zorothinihah is welcomed to journey to Megalodonia, to learn of our life philosophies and the Path of the Enduring Mountain. If they so wish, they may be trained and conditioned to be muscle wizards themselves and make the sacred pilgrimage to the peak of mount Megalodon to seek enlightenment!

And honestly we respect your religious ways, but many magical realms and their god wizards prefer secularity and the separation of state and religion.

You can nominate yourself to be the religious adviser for the council, we will discuss on these matters and talk to you later about your nomination.

And yes trade would be simply lovely!

>> No.32647281

Pathetic attempt at role playing

And why would you want to do that when you could simply create an unbeatable army to mow down all your foes.

For example, the muscle wizards are a kind and trusting people, take advantage of that kindness and use it to undermine them.

A shapeshifter, for example, would spend a long period of time in disguise, observing it's surroundings, and gaining the trust of the people around it, so it could suddenly strike quickly, and destroy it's enemy before anyone realized what had even happened.

Also, I'm running out of creatures with solid black eyes.

>> No.32647291

>religious adviser for the council
ugh, religion
lies fed to the masses to control them
distorted over time, causing good people to do evil things.
it should be stamped out wherever found, with extreme prejudice.

>> No.32647379

I see that we are a very similar people, both tribal and family orientated and both taking on altered shapes, though do keep in mind that our natures are not so... restricted.

We would be glad to see you as a tentative partner, but must refrain from strong pledges for now.

We thank you, great Muscle Wizard. I expect many Havocians to seek more tails through the arts of Muscle Wizardry.

They are not lies when I myself created the first of the havocian kind. They are not lies when the myths they act out actually happened. I grew them from nothing to what they are now.

Any who seek to destroy them will find me in the way, and a sealed realm.

>> No.32647383


Ok, I fixed some small stuff up.


Havoc sounds like a interesting and fun place. Sapphoshire also has lots of theatre, but more gardens than wilderness. If the foxgirls ever want to come and hangout/party/race dragons with us, they can.

>> No.32647394

All beings forge their own path to climb their mountain.

It is not up to our judgement to say which of these twisting paths are the most right or the most wrong. All will eventually climb their mountain, seek their spiritual peak and look beyond the horizon.

And religion is just another arduous path out of many.

>> No.32647409

son I think your Fedora may be on too tight

Either that or your synicism is causing you to lose your perception of Epistemology, applied metaphysical logic and Cartesian skepticism

>> No.32647426

The first few days were chaos, as nations rushed to discover as much as they could about these newcomers, while the wizards similarly rushed to be the first to communicate and forge agreements with the rest of humanity. But quickly a few rose to the top as memorable figures, those who dealt most effectively with earth or stood out among the rest of these new beings of power. The "Muscle Wizards" of a realm named Megalodonia, merely appeared to voice their intentions of friendship, and stood out most not due to their astounding physique, but due to how apparently comfortable they were with the new state of affairs. A land called Sapphoshire drew attention to itself as a result of its very unique societal system, but quickly gained a reputation as a place of peace that several wizards clustered in as a meeting ground. The citizens of a realm calling itself the Sanctum appeared in highly alien form, immediately publishing a book on philosophy and stating a goal of leading the other realms towards a stable solution.

Though these realms stood out to the humans, they more significantly stood out to each other. The group meeting in Sapphoshire slowly grew more insular, then grew in numbers once again, emerging shortly thereafter under the title of the Council. The Council rapidly took over all major interactions with earth, naming themselves the face of the Realms, and appointing the Wizard of Megalodonia as their diplomat. We were then secure in our position with earth, and over the next few days the world began to calm. The Council declared its laws for the Realms, and appointed other Wizards to manage the police, trade, and finances. For a moment it seemed as though this influx of magic might not change the world significantly beyond the scientific possibilities, but as so often occurs, such thinking left room for disappointment.
(continued again...)

>> No.32647485

2nd attempt at R.P

Although the Shape-shifters can easily disguise themselves and blend in with the people of Earth, we would like to know exactly how hidden we must be.

Are the wizards setting up a "Masquerade" scenario when our realms and peoples are only urban legends?

Or are we actually making direct contact with Earth while simultaneously trying to keep things calm & peaceful?

>> No.32647560


Decided to give >>32643204 a 2.0.

I apologize for the lack of quality fluff, worldbuilding has never been my strongest suit. If anyone feels they could add on, feel free. I'd appreciate the help.

>> No.32647586

I thank you for the compliments. I am gladdened to see such interest. My people will be glad to perform in your world.

From what has been said before, it seems that we will try to maintain the masquerade for as long as needed, until Armstrong decides to move in as a visible diplomat.

>> No.32647627

I am now adding my realm to the list, just a heads up

>> No.32647629

Alright, just added myself to the roster. Hardcore Mode begin.

>> No.32647658

Oi, I am very nearly done with this- but I have a question. It mentions that a demiplane can be inserted into space if it's large enough.

How large is large enough? I made sure not to make any size upgrades.

>> No.32647690

Large Enough is the size of your demiplane + 1 cubic foot.

As long as you would fit inside, it is big enough.

>> No.32647691

Do not mistaken our open arms of trust and kindness for gullibility and weakness shape shifter!

You can mimic our ways, you can sculpt your bodies in our image and even copy our moves and steal our thoughts, but you will never be recognized as one of us nor fool any of my people as our own!

You have no spiritual peak, no chivalry or honor in your entire being. Your bodies harbor evil and from the treasures of your minds, the veins of your wisdom are plundered and made ruin by your blind arrogance to rob strength from others!

The wolves can howl all night and day, but the mountain does not bow.

>> No.32647704

Mars, 5x Earth, or Jupiter sized. However I just made mine Jupiter sized and tuned it into a mini solar system, much safer.

>> No.32647787

More or less this. The Council was formed when Quintessence and Megalodonia engaged in JOLLY COOPERATION, Sapposhire extended communications, and it more or less snowballed from there. I'm really glad with how it turned out.

Anyone is welcome to join the Council. There's no real requirement other than agreeing to the non-aggression pacts, and even then we try to have as few rules as we can to avoid messing with the realms.

Much like Armstrong said in >>32647200 I agree! It would be a curious position to say the least, but it could be an interesting thing indeed.

While it was be a preference, we all know that's more or less a temporary measure until SOMETHING happens.

Interesting writing! I'm curious as to why Quintessence is not there considering it was originally credited as 'Red's Defensive Alliance', though truth be told I can see the reasoning, as compared to a lot of people I've really only just kind of talked to people.

>> No.32647867

Before the Council could even arrange its first formal meeting with humanity's representatives, an enemy had declared itself. Soon more rose to join them, declaring themselves an Opposition against the Council, which, although its laws were few, did place regulations upon their behavior. They spoke of infinite armies and spies capable of infiltrating any defenses. They whispered in the ears of many of their power, and spoke of the greatness mankind would reach if merely it bowed down to them.

But the Council had sworn to protect earth when it was formed, and declared that no matter the intentions, they would not allow earth to be taken by force. And so the Wizards of the Council set to work, and took the automata that staffed many planes, and from their designs produced a new soldier to fight forces of supernatural power. The Golems were woven of spells as much as they were forged of metal, and used every tool the Council could muster to strengthen and empower them. They can walk where no man may pass, and though they have no eyes they may see all. They are bound in protective magic based upon that which defends the Realms themselves, and even time itself bows to grant them the extra seconds they need to move their mighty fists. Their guard has not yet been broken. But the Opposition improves just as we do, and it would be foolish to think any creation made by man invincible.

The world has now changed, and how it has changed is clear. We are the Wizards, and we have our Realms. Humanity is as it has always been, and the Council exists to help keep it that way. We have our laws just as earth has its own, and we have our criminals, too. But, above and beyond all else that you may feel when you see what destruction and upheaval we may cause, remember that we are not an accident. Each one of us was chosen for this by a being that could predict the whole of the rest of time. I, for one, believe that in the end we will prove it chose right.

>> No.32647920

Oh, really wizard, test me, and my people. You and the angels are so hung up on protecting Humanity, but what are you protecting them from?

Themselves, are you trying to actually deny them this knowledge and power that we have been granted?

Tell me, what is to stop me from opening a portal right over New York City, flying through several of my people on their biggest airships, and then announcing to the world "Magic is real! Humanity is not alone!"

If you, and the rest of your council want to be good. then I, and my people, must be evil. It is the only way to keep the balance.

>> No.32647944

Yeah, Red's Alliance probably should have been in there. I mostly did not add it for the sake of compressing things down into a realistic time frame, under the idea that if we were all in a room together, that snowballing would have happened quickly enough that it would not really have had time to be credited as Red's Alliance first. I was also trying to write it as a bit of a myth in tone, and dropping in too many names would have detracted from that a little. I will likely rewrite all that for an actual history page while naming all of the people who were originally involved, though. So no worries, you will get your time in the spotlight of history! ^.^

>> No.32647965

so no one found my people's physiology to perverse?

>> No.32648018

my people are all futanari and their tails split depending on the environment or age. Even with your people and my people, I've seen much weirder.

>> No.32648028


Also to further clarify:

The Apostle from Akasha is the Defense Coordinator
Armstrong (You) is the Diplomat/Emissary
Tyra (Sanctum) and Keeper (Greathaven) overlook finances/trade
Lady Alice (Sapposhire) is the delegation realm

And if all goes well, Savant of Zorothinihahto can be made the Religion Coordinator, offering insight into the religions of other worlds and helping us make an informed decision should any action offend anyone.

Aaaah, that would do it. No problem at all!

Please. This is a CYOA/Metaverse dedicated to more or less the secret/not-so-secret desires of ours. I doubt anyone would have the right to criticize the way you design your people.

>> No.32648206

I do not wish to align myself fully with the Council at this time. I prefer to observe, first.

For a magical realm CYOA, this is surprisingly not magical realmy.

>> No.32648240

gotta sleep now, gnight

>> No.32648247

Yes it is true, we are protecting humanity from ourselves.

These powers the first wizard give us, are not gifts, they are a curse!

We have so much power, power to create peoples, societies and worlds from star stuff and shape them in our own image and many of us did just that. But aren't we slaves to such power?

You were once a mere human just like the rest of us, what has changed? As a human living in a comparatively blissful ignorant existence of how the cosmos worked and ticked, we were free to live out our lives the way we chose and life was simple, and our joys naive and pure.

Now that we know so much and do so much more, we are burdened by the machinations of our power, and occupy our thoughts with the accumulation of even more power, of desire of want and need. We are more free as simple humans then what we have become.

All I ask is that we spare our curse from the people of Earth and let lead the lives they want to lead, keep the peace and let them have their freedom to choose and the freedom to resolve their problems.

That is all I ask of you.

>> No.32648373

Okay, here we are. Tell me everything I did wrong, or that I can change.

Realm Name: St. Magamisberg
Wizard Name: Grand Poohbah

No changes.

>Planar Features
Portals [3] 97
Protection [3] 94

Pretty Population [1] 93
Attitude Adjustment [1] 92
Culture and Customs [1] 91
Population Demographics [2] 90
Extrahuman Population [2] 88
Metahuman Population [3] 86

Technology Upgrade 6 [6] 80

Metropole [2] 78
Aesthetics [2] 76
Sanitation [1] 75
Healthy [1] 74
Transit [1] 73
Electricity [1] 72

Libraries [1] 71
University [2] 69
Industrial [3] 66
Mystical [4] 62

Musical Affinity [1] 61
Theatre Affinity [1] 60
Sports Affinity [1] 59
Warfare Affinity [1] 58
Gaming Affinity [1] 57
Animation Affinity [1] 56
Literature Affinity [1] 55
Intellectual Affinity [1] 54
Hobby Affinity [1] 53
Alcohol Affinity [1] 52
Food Affinity [1] 51
Sexual Affinity [1] 50
Religious Affinity [1] 49
Festival Affinity [1] 48

Landscape Adjustment [3] 45
Rich [3] 42
Magical Phenomena [3] 39
Flora and Fauna 3 [5] 34

Spirits [2] 32
Malice [1] 31
Theme [4] 27

Lifestyle Upgrade 1 [1] 26
Influence 1 [1] 25

Immortality 2 [5] 20
Shape Shift 2 [3] 17

Dominion [4] 13

Friends [1] 12
Rivalry [3] 9

Fluff: http://pastebin.com/sKDWdivC

Tl;dr version: robots and magic in 80s suburban/urban Japanese-American living space station. Crazy people, all immortal. Hijinx ensue.

If it's too late to join the game, it's fine. I had fun making it.

>> No.32648400

The Great Wheel offer its assistance to the council in any means necessary.

Given its diverse population and skill at trade and combat, it would be ideal to assume first contact duties, or rapid response.

>Update to the Great Wheel
Wizard Name: Samsara the Maker

On another note, great work everyone on their worldbuilding. If all the omnipotent god emperors just fight each other for the title, that'd be great.

>> No.32648408

If by game you mean all of us having fun roleplaying here, then it is certainly not too late, and we have been having a great variety of people join recently. If by game you mean the actual RPG, then I have not even started writing down the first revision rules for that yet, so it will be a little while until we even have a place to sign up.

>> No.32648445

That's a beautiful sentiment armstrong and I can see that you truly are the hero Earth deserves.

But, as the old saying goes, every hero, needs a good villain.

Hivus officially changes its stance to Hostile, and declares a cold war on the Council.

If this is messing with you guy's lore/game plan too much just let me know and I'll stop.

>> No.32648460

Tenlap is done and added to the Gdoc, pls review

>> No.32648509

Ah, fuck it. May as well toss on a name here for convenience's sake.

Well, ain't you a petty one? All this over whether or not our former kin should live free of our meddlin'?

Also I'm gonna go ahead and toss Alistair on the GDoc if there are no objections.

>> No.32648551

I have mostly completed the entry for Havoc.
There may be a few details missing in the description, my apologies.

Please note that I missed applying the demographics cost, so I removed dungeons and transit perks.

>> No.32648575

You can do what you like. If you want to be a villain, it certainly helps with keeping things interesting.

Looks properly done to me, good work.

No objections. If you roleplay and have lore, adding your realm is totally fine.

>> No.32648606

Fair enough! Apologies for jumping too far ahead of ourselves there. By all means, observe and see what you think. We realize it's not for everyone, and people can easily befriend other realms without some self-appointed group making it harder on people.

It is never too late.

Frabjous day! Armstrong and the Apostle would be the best people to talk to on that.

Really... it's a case of what Armstrong said. We're protecting the Earth from ourselves just as much as we are protecting it from other forces. We have been given many gifts and abilities, with the potential to do so much more. And yet... really, by the same token many of us realize just how far even the smallest things can impact others at that scale. Even many of our wishes for self-improvement carries the risk of further complications later.

Some of us see it as a curse. I myself see it as a boon. A boon that we can truly find who we are, WHAT we are. In being given this, I can explore every facet of myself and truly decide who I am. In exploring and training myself, I find my freedom.

...and unfortunately, by the same token I realize that introducing magic on such a precedence would be disastrous. We would be causing more problems than we solve. Even within a group of thirty people (really estimating here), we already have those who would want power at any cost, to desire to inflict what they wish on others or Earth. How much trouble do you think would happen if six billion people gained that potential? Even on a smaller scale?

Protecting Earth from the myriad of problems we can inflict upon them is one of the best courses of options we can pursue.

>> No.32648640

Words and muscles cannot possibly describe my disappointment in you shape shifter, the council will not be kind to your transgressions!

I must redouble my efforts to monitor Earth of possible infiltration!

>> No.32648676

It's not just that, everyone's trying to make a perfect peaceful utopia, but it's just so unrealistic.

I've always preferred to have things with just a little bit of imperfection, a little bit of chaos and conflict, because like it or not, conflict breeds progress, and things get so fucking boring if theres absolutely no conflict.

Plus, I always the the whole, "Oh humanity to dangerous as a whole to handle the awesome truth of magic and/or aliens."

No, fuck that, I have magic and I'm gonna give it to who ever I want.

>> No.32648754

Just checking through your build here, don't you need tech 3 to get electricity?

Quite right on the unrealistic part, but then again, these worlds were molded to fantasy and whims of Wizards.

What I'm surprised is that massive egos hadn't caused a clash sooner. Then again, Earth is pretty much built on eggshells compared to stuff that some can throw out.

>A fey mood has struck
I feel like writing something...

>> No.32648763

You're right. Things are too perfect in some of these. It looks like I need to introduce some of these soft motherfuckers to the jungles of Tenlap.

Prepare to receive the might of the emperor and his horde.

>> No.32648781

Truly, you are a good choice for head diplomat of the Council. Earth is in good hands. We do note, however, that this is the sort of conflict that we wish to avoid. The fire and illusions of my people, though I myself possess them not, are strong, but we are not warriors.

Havocians are not a peaceful people. Many are scheming and conniving. We understand the desire of conflict to progress. We wish, however, to reiterate our emphasis on staying out of any conflict that arises.

>> No.32648805

forgot my pic again, damn it.

>> No.32648830

To be fair, the point is not to keep magic and high technology away from humanity. It is to keep it away from earth, and even that is not enforced very harshly. Any human can come to any realm willing to accept them. You can trade technology and magic with earth. You just cannot trade research that is significantly beyond what earth would already be capable of, because while it would be ridiculous to ban earth from having the benefits, we are at least going to try to protect them from making mistakes with technology that they don't understand. If the world suddenly had the ability to make technology from 50 years in the future, everyone would be dead within a year. If the world suddenly had access to non-dangerous technology from 50 years in the future, hunger and disease would be gone within a year. That is the difference the Council is trying to maintain.

>> No.32648959

Hey now, easy,friend.
I ain't sayin' things need 'ta be perfect, just seems a little pointless to start a war for it's own sake.

>> No.32648974

I actually assumed that adding electricity would just get your people electricity without the need for the tech level purchase. They had the potential for electrical generators in the 1800's you know.

Honestly, I think everyone just has a different idea of what exactly is going on right now. The way armstrong was saying it made the council sound like they were keeping all magic secret.

I guess it was my bad for reading everything better, but now I actually want to stay as the villain. I'm editing my world to make it a bit more formidable, so get ready for the Shapeshifters.

>> No.32649081

Its honestly my fault for painting Megalodonia's desire to keep magic a secret as the councils.

We see magic as something that is earned from achieved strong body, mind and spirit and many of the gyms, dojos and clinics established on earth. are aimed at improving their bodies; the first stage in the path of muscle magic

>> No.32649114

>We see magic as something that is earned from achieving strong body, mind and spirit

Yeah I am heading to bed, thanks for the great thread!

>> No.32649184

Ok, so you see magic as spiritual, and a reward that people need to earn, I can understand that.

But, the Shape-shifters come from a world where ANYONE can use magic, just by standing in the sunlight for a few hours.

They use magic like we use oil, and they can store their magic in crystal batteries that grant powers to anyone just holding one.

The Shapeshifters are all about freedom, and they see a lot of these rules and secrets as just plain stupid. No offense.

>> No.32649265

Sadly, I must sleep now. Good night everyone.

>> No.32649599

Well, the intentions of the Council, that I believe several of us had decided on earlier, was to keep the actual extent of our power and the specific problems we are facing as quiet as possible, for as long as possible. This was primarily to prevent widespread panic, as giving humans more time to get used to something has done wonders for making it socially acceptable in the past. It is quite clear, though, that magic will eventually become widespread. This is regardless of the beliefs and preferences of humans, muscle wizards, or anyone else. We can prepare humans, we can protect them from making the big mistakes, but we can't keep magic away from them altogether, and we should not try.

For all those who have their own views about how magic should be used or what must be done to obtain it, though, do please remember the difference between thematic magic and existential magic. The power of a muscle wizard or shapeshifter is drawn from their realm, and regulated by the nature of that realm. To become a muscle wizard you must devote yourself to the techniques of the muscle wizards and draw your power from the same place. This magic, however, is innately different from the power that the shapeshifters draw from. The effects may be similar, but each follows completely different, and internally consistent, rules. A muscle wizard could no more draw his power from the sun than a car could draw its power from the hopes and dreams of a tuna.

This is because these are both forms of thematic magic, which are on a very different scale than the kind of magic that created us. Existencial magic is an innate part of the universe. Understanding it is a science, not an art, and its nature is constant under all circumstances. You can control thematic magic, and should be fully free to do so, but existencial magic is does not require climbing any mountains or standing before any suns. It is knowledge, and knowledge cannot be locked away.

>> No.32649618

>Set foot on a planet with no knowledge of enemy positions but knowing they have the tech and mindset of retarded apes

How about no?

I can and will easily orbital canon you monkies out of existence.

>> No.32649647

>tech of retarded apes

we have the same tech level anon. the moment you step a (metaphorical spaceship) foot in our sector we swarm you until you're debris.

>> No.32649674

No, my population is a nation of highly militarized and extremely efficient bio-engineered soldiers using and constantly researching the best technology and tactics, you lot are a bunch of primates fighting plants on a planet not worth conquering, who have acquired shiny weapons through magic.
If we were to be fucking retarded and send all or some of our military onto your planet without intel or a plan, defying all logic, you would indeed wrek us. In space or pretty much anywhere else, not a chance.

>> No.32649722

Except we have advantage in numbers. You waste time partitioning off your society between military, research, priest, etc, when literally all of mine is able to mobilize for combat. We have spaceships too, and ours are augmented with psionics (battle meditation style). Even if your ships have some technical superiority, they'll be overrun the minute they look funny at us.
Not to mention that in close combat your soldiers get rekt because maybe 1% of yours have magic.

>> No.32649768

Everyone that isn't a soldier works to support them, and all menial labor is done by the automatons.
That leaves us with around 30-35 billion soldiers who spend their entire lives training in tactics and warfare and actively fighting in it with perfected genotypes compared to your 40 billion who spend their lives fighting plants and looking for grubs to eat.

You also seem to think your ships, troops and technology is better due to it being enhanced by magic while ours or not- see where it says "Empowerment"?

Your laughable heretics will fall to the might of the Imperium. The only purpose of the Imperium is to war, and it is the best at just that.

>> No.32649859

You never selected technomagic, and empowerment only works for one person. So while you sit there slowly enchanting every cog for those millions upon millions of warships, I'll be out with my entire race beating your shit out with my psionically coordinated pseudo hivemind horde of crazed reavers slowly bleeding away your fleet with fast, easy to produce magitech ships.

If you really think you'll be able to do any significant genotyping (remember, you start only 50 years ahead of earth tech wise) before we wipe the floor with you, go ahead, but I'll only laugh as killers with honed instincts whetted by the toughest of mother nature herself swarm you over and over, with you frantically trying to re-train soldiers while my populace pops out killers

>> No.32649955

First there's the slight problem of you not even being able to get into my realm. Secondly, I'd be interested to hear how you plan on not having your entire population near-instantaneously genocided by the planet while waging an uphill war, maintaining and growing families, advancing technology, producing food, building facilities capable of mass production of the warships and weapons you have acquired and then actually building all of those and distributing them, and so forth- all with a race of IQ 50 near-insane psionic barbarians.

I never said I would eliminate you instantly, even though that's what we've been discussing. While your race struggles to survive, much less thrive on your shithole planet, the Human Race will be over here, making leaps and bounds in everything from population to technology to tactics.

It could theoretically go either way in an instantaneous war where both had free access to the other's lands. In a decade, I'll have the obvious upper hand on all fronts. In a century, it'll barely come close. In a millennium, your maybe 100 billion at absolute best will be laughable, with our choice of how to commence the genocide.

>> No.32650076

Except the population has already been established. I think you underestimate how much control the realm creation gives us - it's absolutely in my power to say the true imperials (ie us not your wh40k ripoff) have established the population. So yeah, I will have industrialized areas (I mention that in the gdocs page) and since mine's based on scavenged tech I'm going to have space access first off anyway.

Crazy/bloodthirsty=/=iq of 50. And considering your only way out is through small portals that you have to open for everything that passes through (good luck moving your army through those) We can just wait on the other side as you slowly pass through. While you rely on time and technology to up your game, we spread throughout the galaxy in those years you hide away, increasing our numbers, improving our tech with what we take from others (and some in-house innovations, not as many as you, sure, but don't discount it entirely).

Really, your only hope is to try and attack as soon as possible, because if you don't, you'll be fighting against a fast-spread gigantic reaver force that's powerful throughout the galaxy, enslaving populations to contribute to the war machine.

Also powerful psionics are going to rip the shit out of whatever piddling genetic touch ups you can make for you soldiers.

At this point, I'd recommend you go ahead and

>> No.32650087

go ahead and draft your official surrender and honorabur sudoku speech*

>> No.32650146

>Start 50 years ahead
>on a planet that literally murders a large amount of your population
>we have established that there is not any intelligent life a ridiculous distance away

You will not be enslaving or taking over anyone. If your claims can actually stand up to your talk which I find very, very much doubtful- More likely we would be able to just absolutely rek your nigger-like forces in any fight, but assuming that your weak psionic powers, zero organization and years of pretending to be elves somehow trumps a massive machine intended for the most efficient war possible, it would take almost no time to just engineer a custom-tailored virus, send one guy out and kill your entire race or a massive portion of it. Your pleb-tier african tribe would barely survive the common cold.

The closest reference I can figure between your race and mine is the British Empire and the Zulus, if someone gave the Zulus rifles and they were still looking down the barrels and blowing their eyes out.

>> No.32650164

The important question is: What perks did the sculptor of our world/realm/dimension take?

>> No.32650286

>Weak psionic powers
wrong, entire culture values strengthening psionics, each of mine does by instinct what it takes your soldiers years of training to do
>zero organization
Wrong again (psionic pseudo hivemind, damn it feels good to be the true god emperor)
>years of pretending to be elves
>pretending to be elves
There's playful banter, there's smack talk, and then there's that. Over the line. Take it back, cretin
>somehow trumps a massive machine intended for the most efficient war possible, it would take almost no time to just engineer a custom-tailored virus, send one guy out and kill your entire race or a massive portion of it. Your pleb-tier african tribe would barely survive the common cold.


>race of people who wear armor and gear that regularly filters toxins and acidic spores
>some cheap virus getting past it

>evolved by nature's toughest course to be durable as shit
>lab virus spreading far enough to do damage


>you send out single ship from your portal
>hey, that's suspicious as shit
>we dust it like a lone duck at a skeet shooting convention


>race of mutts that ravages every species it comes across
>single virus affecting it without also trashing your weak bodies acclimated to sterile environments and with no genetic diversity (100% white with one model of DNA made in a lab, you're the ones that should be afraid of the common cold)

I see us more as the mongolian horde bearing down upon you, the last of the Jin dynasty, with superior numbers, better fighters and the superior god emperor
(which is where the historical metaphor ends). Guess what happened to the Jin? (they waited too long and lost their only chance of actually putting up a decent fight. victory point Genghis khan! victory point Rourke, the one true god emperor!)

I expect that form of notary surrender ready by tomorrow but for not it's late as shit and I'm tired. sweet dreams inferior god emperor

>> No.32650340

If you're going then I won't bother to write out a long dissection of how ridiculously wrong that is, but basically every point is wrong in either some way, with some being just insanely out there and bullshit.
and i won't take it back you faggot elves, get rekt

>> No.32651394

Wow, We're taking the road to war! Sad that I wasn't here for the most part of the thread, but don't worry my fellow Wizards! You haven't heard yet the last from the Chaos God-Wizard!

(I will try some writefaggotry soon)

What's wrong with that? At the end, I just to turn my entire population in a method to gain power instantly, by sacrificing all of them.

>> No.32651617

>What's wrong with that?
You've condemned billions to eternal oblivion.

>> No.32651729

Paris was a beautiful place. Truly beautiful. He has been there many other times when he was a mere human, but he didn't have the chance to get the views that he could now archive thanks to the powers that were gifted to him.

He always had loved the architecture of Notre Dame. and be able to watch over all France's most renowned city form its highest point was just beautiful. Or that would be what a normal person would have thought. But he wasn't normal anymore.

He had already visited that city, as well as many others, in search for something interesting to happen. Searching for some magic user to appear and make something interesting for once.

Maybe he archived his powers to quickly, maybe he should have used his realm for something more that archive even more power... But now he didn't felt like coming back to the world building business.

"All those ass-head Wizards could start doing something interesting for once" he said to himself as he start walking down the walls of the bell tower.

"I can fucking believe that this weaklings didn't even lift a finger even with all those land, planets, gates appearing in their fucking faces." He kept mumbling to himself. It was hard for him to believe that after six fucking millennia of wars and conquering, nothing had happened in the last months.

He sighed as he reached the second floor of the marvelous French cathedral. As always, it was full of tourists, but they couldn't see him. Even right now his aspect would give creeps to any human who would look at him, his magic protected him to be seem by mere mortals.

He looked once again at the Gargoyles. The Guardians of the cathedral, watching for it for eternal nights and days. Some of them were restored recently, while others had seen better days. The guardians of the fortress, some of them looked idly, while others were ready to defend their home from outsiders...

>> No.32651737

He smiled to himself. "Well, it's a shame that I have to be the one to start doing something, but I think I have already given them enough time to do move". He said to himself as he levitated outside the bridge that separated the bell towers.

As he raised his arms, the Gargoyles starting cracking, to the astonishment of the tourist that were in the moment in the bridge, and after the first screams, to all the people that were crowing the Île de la Cité.

"It's time to wake up, my darlings". He said with a strong voice at the new awakened stone guardians gazed at him. "You have a job to do." He shouted as them as he pointed at the confused crowed in the old island. "What kind of guardians are you? Letting your home be invaded by such weak beings... You should teach them a lesson for sticking their noses into your homes".

He smiled as he saw how the now living stone statues started raiding against the population, defying all logic.

"Well, let's hope that this helps my little friends to start moving into something". He said to no one as he smiled while looked at one Gargoyle throwing people out of the cathedral to the abyss, proud of his own job.

>> No.32651836

Not the eternal oblivion actually. They gladly gave their souls to me, and I absorbed them. Now they are a part of me. Isn't it the best thing that a worshiper can expect? Become a part of his god?

What do you guys think about it? I thinks it's the first time that I write something like this in /tg/.

>> No.32651916

As a short piece of writing, it reads well. Short issues with grammar aside, the characters personality (sophistication, sociopathy, narcissism) are well imagined and written with the right amount of words. The ending leaves off on a perfect cliff-hanger, and sets the scene for an interesting (if generic in motive and mindset) antagonist encounter.

>Now in character
Are you so bored as to torture sheep when other farmers would not play with you?

So confident in strength or uncaring of consequence that you would set fires to see the reaction?

So dull in imagination as to let yourself become an easy target for discrimination?

So "un-gentlemanly" and insane that destruction is your only joyous pastime?

As you sow, so shall you reap.

And hey, instead of wars against the Council and Dread planes, we get an insane chaos god wizard! Hunting season!

>> No.32651920

Are they still sentient? Conscious? Could still be called alive and thinking in any way? If the answer to any of these is no, then it may as well be oblivion.

I dunno, I like the fact that you're a trickster god, who's just wandering the planes and being a hilarious dick, but your origin just seems depressing to me. It's kinda like something out of Cthulhu Mythos.

The best I can hope for is that you'd be more like Loki or Q, instead of Nyarlohotep or Ialdabaoth.

>> No.32652090

Well, I know the grammar will always be my main problem. Sadly, English isn't my mother tongue and I have only spend a few years learning it (although I'm planning to do some travels to some English speaking countries the next year or the following, hope that helps a bit).

Well, I don't think any of those simplistic Wizards can think about me as the guy behind of all of this, since no one saw me as the responsible, I just put some magic in the world so they can learn about their existence as treat (even if they somehow know that it was me, I could warp shit to get the attention to another guy and come back to the shadows again)

And I have all the eternity to play to be a good guy, build shit or gift magical powers to the good guys, but what harm can do some little pastime with such an interesting world that I have before me?
Don't know. Don't care. They existence only lasted a few minutes. They were only brainwashed puppets waiting for me to take their strength.

At the end, I can simply rebuild them with the power that I have now, and I'm sure that I will do it sometime now, but now I want to enjoy a more entertaining game in the Earth.

I don't think I'm aiming to become a Chaotic Evil entity, more in a Neutral scale. Sometimes favor good, sometimes evil, sometimes neither.

>> No.32652284

>Area Increase 5
Planar Features
>Population Increase 7
>Pretty Population
>Flora and Fauna 3
>Landscape Adjustment
>Dungeons 3
>Theme (Epic Fantasy)
>Immortality 1
>Shapeshift 2
>Superhuman Body
>Ghost Soul
>Time Manipulation
>Magical Affinity
>Wizard's Study

I'm going to make a bunch of different races (goblins, humans, orcs, elves [brown, naturally], dwarfs, halflings and animal-folk [ie catgirls/boys but with more variety]), put them all in different places and watch all the different cultures and races develop however they will - hence not taking any cultural affinities. Meanwhile I'll live in my little house, mastering magic and sometimes venturing out to wander among my peoples, to see what they're like and how they're doing, and to scatter powerful artifacts which can change the course of history - magic swords, rings, things like that. Maybe I'd take a hand in destroying various evil overlords, or setting up a few magical academies, so that there's rumours of me as a powerful being wandering the world. Or maybe I'd be the evil overlord, or topple a government just to see what happens. Or maybe I'd just watch. Essentially, I'd have my own D&D world, to play in as I see fit.

>> No.32652517


Will you be joining the wizard council by any chance since Sapphoshire is where we meet?

>> No.32652535

It was a beautiful day in Paris, the Sun was radiant as ever and not a cloud was in the sky to obscure its glory. It was a slow day at the Sunny Marigold Kinesiology and Neuromuscular Clinic and Lady Winfrey Marigold had the rare opportunity to visit her favorite cafe for a spot of afternoon tea and a loaf of baguette, as her nurses held down the fort.

As she sat somewhat uncomfortably in her chair she saw the all too familiar gaze of nervousness and bewilderment as local bystanders strolled pass her, they never seen a lady of her size or physique and even the waiter who was accustomed to her patronage still rubbed off a vibe of anxiety as he brought her her drink and food;they will warm up to her eventually she mused and sighed under her breath.

Suddenly, the air picked up speed and from the corner of a block, one of her trusted nurses dashed towards her in a blur of white from her nurse outfit, cobblestones quaking and cracking in her haste and the local pedestrians shunted to the side by the burst of wind.

"Lady Winfrey terribly sorry about my abrupt intrusion but it seems a bit of trouble is afoot."

"Now now Nurse Margaret, what could be so urgent to startle the citizenry and do unwanted damage to these lovely cobblestone streets? We're still paying for the last incident you know!"

"Animated gargoyles are spotted terrorizing the citizenry! I put in the initiative and contacted a muscle wizard, he is due to arrive in about 45 minutes."

>> No.32652559

Added the Endrealm to the spreadsheet- we need more worlds hostile to those moralist, self-righteous Councillors

But OOC they're okay really. No hard feelings

Captcha: andsays Caesar

>> No.32652602


Evil wzard on the loose! Should angels go chase away the gargoyles?

>> No.32652624


Musclewizard James Bond?

>> No.32652725

"Hmmm, that will take too long and many people will be hurt or even worse, killed in that time." Lady Winfrey gestured the waiter for her check and thank him for the most refreshing tea and delicious baguette. "It appears we have to take matters into our own hands Nurse Margaret."

"I understand, I will inform the other nurses to get ready for combat." And with that Nurse Magaret disappeared in the same burst of speed, cracking the streets in even worse shape.

"That girl still needs to control her strength." Lady Winfrey lightly thought to herself.

And with that thought she stood up to her full height, her head almost scraping the clothed canopy roofing of the cafe and rolled up her sleeves, she knew there is much work to be done.

>> No.32652992

The gargoyles sneered and screeched bellowing laughter as they swooped down nipped men, women alike in their stony talons and dropped them from high above.

They poured into Notre Dame, screams of terror and tragedy ringed throughout its sacred halls. At the center of the infamous cathedral, a priest keeled on the podium, whispering one last prayer, as the gargoyles swarmed around him as hungry as sharks circling their wounded prey.

The priest closed his eyes and he heard a cacophony of crashing rocks, painful wrenched grunts and howling screams and finally a feminine voice reached out to him. "Get up Father."

"Ar-are you an angel?" He nervously replied and slowly opened his eyes. And he saw a group of very tall and muscular women clad in white nurse outfits, ripped and tarnished from the exertion of battle stood before him, their leader a reached a hand to him.

"Don't be silly Father angels have wings, you will be safe with us. We're get you to the clinic with the others, as for the rest of you ladies, search the premises for survivors apply emergency first aid and meet us back in the clinic in post haste!" And with that reply and a burst of enormous speed, the Doctor and her nursed busied themselves on what they did best;saving lives.

>> No.32653337

It's OK to have people start with good intentions. Soon or later many of them will start showing their true colors when facing what their fantasy will become if given enough time.

>> No.32653351

And with that Lady Winfrey joined in the heat of battle, her fists and feet made contact with granite and stony leering faces, it has been decades since her last bout with fisticuffs and she repeated the fundamentals in her mind taught to her by her old master and medical mentor in those jungles so long ago on one of their expeditions to isolate a raw strain of a super virus..

"Magic flows through the body like a river carving a path down a mountain."

"Widen the canals and the river's mouth and, magic will pour through like a torrential downpour, block the mouth of its streams, kill the river into a slow trickle."

"In order to journey the river's path to the top of the mountain, one must see where every groove, crevice and crack the water has sculpted in its greedy path to the bottom, its veins are your veins, use it, exploit it and even death can be reversed."

She could see, no, feel the chaotic mixture of wild magic that stirred in these stony aberrations that brought them to life, every careful surgical blow disrupted that magic a little bit more then the last. Soon she could feel where the strongest nodes were, as fists became open palms, and slight subtle pushes and nudges became all that was needed to turn the gargoyles to dust.

She fought on the roof tops, and jumped high in the air to deliver her prognosis as her cowardly opponents fled with her advance, soon the day was won, and air was thick with dust and debris.

>> No.32653537

>wake up, check the thread
>still alive

I love you guys

>in character
The True measure of a man is not what he does when power is taken from him, but rather when power is bestowed upon him. let us wait and see the true face of men who would be gods. As for me, I shall farm, advise me people occasionally, and then pass away when my time is over so that others may inherit the mantle and grow from it. Who knows, if there is a God beyond the Wizard that gave us power, some powerful Monadic entity from which primary movement began that is beyond our comprehension, then I await the day I shuffle off my mortal coil and join him

It is a shame my people are too bizzarre to properly interact with earth yet. Though we will provide the council with resources. Afterall, nothing like specially cultivated "Steelwood" trees to provide with materials as light woods yet strong as top-grade steel. Pretty good for making reliable Guns and bows

>> No.32653564


So much for the masquerade...

>> No.32653651

I wonder how Muscle Wizards will do against the magic tanks or soldiers of the hostile realms. It will be worth watching a fight where a muscle wizard destroys a tank with a single fist, or deflects a projectile with a kick.

Truly one of the most interesting realms in it's interactions.

Now it's time to the world react against magic. I can just wonder what will do the council, take a more active actions? Search for the guilty without messing with the Earth?

>> No.32653659

Back in the clinic, the tired and battle worn nurses, still clad in their ruined outfits toiled away stabilizing their wounded patients. Sleeves were ripped off and skirts were torn off for better mobility and range of motion.

And Lady Winfrey was at the helm, delivering quick handiwork weaving life magic back into broken bodies and torn bloody flesh.

Late that night, as they were debriefed by Sir Horatio Augustine, the muscle wizard they all operated under and he was sent on his way covering up the mass fiasco with a case of hallucination and severe acid rain that caused an public health and safety issue with the dissolving gargoyle statutes.

As the muscle wizard departed, the priests called out to Winfrey.

"You are angels made flesh my dear, the lord heard my prayers and delivered me from death and for that I am truly grateful."

"Thank you for your sentiments Father." Replied Winfrey, "I pray we're ready for what fate has in store for us, now Father get some rest."

And with those word, Winfrey knew she lived in interesting times.


>> No.32653718


Well, speaking out of character it was bound to be a thing that happened. As much planning and preparing a group of immortal wizards can plan, it really only takes one guy who decides he wants to fuck with people for kicks to more or less shatter the whole conception. With multiple people deciding to be antagonistic to Earth for the sake of being the villain in a story, the chances of everything failing increases exponentially. I have personal bias in wanting to be protective/neutral of Earth, in that I sure as hell wouldn't want to be victim to some demigod's whim decision of "I don't like all of you" or "all of you are boring, time for death". So really, what gives me the right to inflict it on others?

Of course one also has to realize that this is the internet, and inevitably there will be people who think it would be neat to subjugate or antagonize others. I may not agree with it, but that's their belief and good for them.

>> No.32653908

Well I had a great story lined up but have to go to sleep.

I'll post it tomorrow if we haven't all gone to war yet.

>> No.32654059

Ah hell with it. Posting now.

>Samsara Presents:
>The Singapore Run
>A Great Wheel Story

>> No.32654106


Money makes the world go round, as the saying goes. This went double in the plane known as the Great Wheel, a ring of twelve planets that orbited a center, Spoke, the capital and shining jewel of the Twelve Lands. It boasted bustling cities, knowledge far ahead of its time and a history rich in culture and colour. Even if the whole thing was only made a few years ago.

This was not to say the Wheel span separate to Earth, the Old Kingdom, where Samsara, he who span the Wheel, came from. Many Wizards were granted power, and some chose to make their presence known in space, while others hid away, placing doors to their realm. One such door was, currently, sitting somewhere near China while Samsara himself decended from Spoke to meet with Wizards on matters of the Demi-planes. It was a country that bore much similarity in culture and history, being the inspiration to the Wheel. A great trade hub, and bearing a rich criminal culture, that interested certain groups in the Demi-planes. Certain groups making their own presence known...

It was raining. More heavily than usual. Weather systems worldwide were affected by the presence of new landmasses, with scientists everywhere trying to sort out the problems of wizards who really could take a sunrise and sprinkle it with dew. The Singaporean docks took it well, tarps and freight containers turning the place into a maze. A stray wind twitched a tarp over some conspicuous looking containers marked under some newly formed international charity. The occupant retreated from the rain, hands still as they readjusted their gear.

>> No.32654143


That lovely set of voices belonged to Dailee and Sho, two lowly 'professionals' from one of the few demi-planes that had an underworld worthy of the name, Great Wheelers to the bone. It was a usual high-level trade, the sort that took place a dozen times a month, muscle on the ground and eyes in the sky. A skeleton shift this time, they were working with a comfortable group, no need for the big scary Nui-ren to butt heads or Long-ren frats to light their cigs just too close.

No sooner than that little exchange took place, the long awaited rattle of a chain gate was heard in the distance. A caravan of cars carrying restricted, yet light, goods was arriving, the underworld of Asia taking the demi-planes existence in stride.

"What do your elf eyes see?"

Whirring and adjusting could be heard over the silent line before the response came, "One convoy, looks like a medium guard. Nothing inhuman, so no last minutes panda trades like last time. Should only be- Hold on, something's happening"

While Sho picked up the new group by their heat and the sparks running through their phones, Dailee was already twitching in her skin. A good twenty, even footsteps meant discipline, five with chems of some sort by the smell, three in blackmarket scrapsuits cobbled together from a full set by their uneven movements. She could intercept them, let the deal go through, or she could take a page from the Art of War and...

>> No.32654186


"Deal's off tonight", said Dailee, hopping off her perch, "I'm securing the merchandise, pinning it on them"

"Dailo won't like this," Sho's voice betrayed no worry, used to these sort of things, "You know how they feels about changing the plan"

"Well, Sho, she can take it where the sun don't shine"

The Wheeler girl took her time, picking a path through the dockyard even as the first screams and gunshots broke the sound of steady rainfall. Dailee moved silently on her approach, her waterproof cloak blending in perfectly with the wet tarps as she took the fight in consideration.

A thug ran past her towards the ocean, screaming and on fire from some explosion. The ambush was not in favor of the convoy, the lead car already in flames, the last survivors already being flanked by men in hissing suits of metal and snipers from atop shipping containers and cranes.

Defending the convoy was a lost cause, given the difference in numbers (17, no 16 to 4) and firepower, so the Wheeler girl began the task of cleaning out the stragglers before taking out the pack.

With some assistance from Sho she moved closer, taking out the rearguard or seeing a sniper drop out of his nest, finally making her way to the ambushers just as the last of the convoy screamed out. If she could just keep going like this, hunting as her ancestors did, they'd be all dead before they'd even know-

Something cried out behind her as bullets sprayed the ground she just left. Sho shouted something about interference from the weather but she wasn't listening to any of that, her mind focused on diving cover to cover away from the crossfire.

>> No.32654242


"I got the lookout" there was Sho over the line, "But you're too close to the group and they're itchy on your tail! Take out the rest now or get out!"

On the Great Wheel, the martial arts came as easy as breathing. Some used it as a form of meditation, others as a social activity, others just for the exercise. Dailee set her breathing, noises dulled and rain slowed under her mantra. Right now, it was used to put down unruly dogs.

The cloak was flung out, wrapped around some concrete and quickly destroyed under a hail of bullets and grenades. The distraction was provided long enough for her to dart from cover and blindside a thug. A strike to the throat stunned them long enough to become a victim to friendly fire as Dailee already moved on to the next target.

She had speed now, her movements unrestricted, her blood up for combat. These triads had never seen a Twelve School fighter in motion before, or they'd be leading their bullets just a bit faster. Two more were taken down in quick succession as their eyes failed to follow the tiger. Dailee was about to tackle a third just as she heard a roar and was blind sided by a charging suit.

Back-tracking from the scrap-suit, she could already detect flankers from behind, the squad's discipline already reforming. A grenade she picked up was thrown forward, the bright flash and boom meant it wasn't as deadly as she hoped, but then out came her sword.

>> No.32654286


The scrap suit may have made men in it stronger and tougher, but they still had joints and exposed places that would have been covered in a proper power-suit. The man in the suit was already choking on his blood as Dailee finished her leap and cut through that third man she missed.

Without the sword fought with caution, making use of blindspots and sharp movements to conserve energy. With the sword, she flowed. Three more were cut down as Sho muttered something about highlight reels, but when Dailee went to slice up another scrap-suit, a hum of energy wrenched the weapon out of her hands into its claws, the shock giving the hissing man enough time to shove her into the waiting arms of a gangster who put her into a hold.

His arms were to friendly for comfort and breath too close, the smell of drugs and alcohol bringing a wrinkle to her nose. She could easily break out, but her sword was still with the suit, and there was the problem with its magnet. Thinking quickly, the gangster was flipped around and thrown towards the steaming hunk of metal, the wet ground giving away his uneven footing. The man was caught in claws of scrap, and the two were about to shoot when they noticed that the deadly foreigner was nowhere in sight.

A small object fell on the unsuited gangsters head. He looked at it. A pin, from a grenade.

>> No.32654351


Dailee waited out the explosion from cover while warming her tail between her hands, she hated doing that in the cold and there was no knowing how many were left. After the sound died out, she went to retrieve her sword from the broken mess of meat and metal, feeling like a very happy cat. Running footsteps could be heard just behind her as the sword (intact from its sturdy construction) was wrenched out of a claw grip.

She chased after the fleeing thug into a clearing, and that's when bullets cut between them. Head snapping round, she counted five, no, six gangsters at the ready, the last of the scrap suits the obvious leader given his stance and lack of helmet.

The gaze of the gangsters was like a searchlight on Dailee. They weren't going to kill her or they would have shot by now. No, they saw the way she moved, saw the grace, the curve of her body, saw the tail. That meant they were trying to make up their losses with a different kind of illegal good...

"Drop the sword, mogwai! Drop now!"

"This sword?" she raised it high above her head slowly, faint traces of energy giving it an electric shine, "You watching me closely, seilou? Dropping it.. now"

"Dropped and stopped" came the voice from the earpiece, "Not picking up any chatter, or activity on the ground. Should be last of them. Pick up the packages and exit, we'll give Dailo the news tomorrow"

"Why does everyone forget we've also got guns and things? Fifty years ahead of the pack and we're still known for punching our problems away" Dailee said, making her way to the middle van to check the goods, "Did you see their hardware? Definitely not our usual scrappers"

>> No.32654368


"Well we are the Kung-fu Capital of the multiverse, as you just demonstrated" Sho scanned the bodies from afar, images flashing from some unknowable database in his dim hacker cave. "Looks like alt-tech, nothing too out of place but remove the batteries or the locals will be trying to make their tanks run on steam"

The heat of the moment had passed and the two were now back to being professional, such was the way of the Twelve Schools. Like plumbing could their tempers run hot and cold.

Dailee wondered what the Asian underworld had to trade this time. More Megaland male-pattern baldness pills? The latest Sapposhire blackmail? Hiver blood they were trying to pass off as martian, again. The cases were battered from the fight, but undamaged. Fitted with digital locks, they would need 24-sum codes to open, while all she had was a sword shaped skeleton key. What was a girl to do?

The first locks broken, she pried open the lid, and stopped.

"Your heart skipped a beat, Dai, what's spinning?"

"Sho, what am I looking at?" her voice was flat, eyes locked into the contents of the case.

"Bring it outside"

The case was lighter than it should be, and would have been easily brought through any Earthly customs with the right disguise. Dailee raised the box high above her head, in clear view of the sky, as rain continued to drip.

The reply from Sho was unsteady, hands racing across keyboards, double checking the images, "Isn't that- but how did the Triads of all get their hands on- secure the rest. Now"

>> No.32654479


"This is big, this is too big" searching through the cases, the Wheeler noticed a briefcase, too clean and new to be a drop-off box. Documents, in Chinese and in English were torn out and read in the rain. They weren't very neat, numbers and places and orders mixing up, but the wording was clear. Higher Weapons Trade. Earth wouldn't be happy with pet monsters or designer drugs, they wanted bigger guns, security, protection from the unknown.

"Th-this has to go to someone" Dailee was shaken, "It can't just stop at Dailo"

They were people of the Great Wheel, which came with a sense of honour lifetimes of crime couldn't dull.

Sho spoke up, interrupting the tiger-girl's train of thought, "What do we do about these ones. Locals are paid off for maybe two more hours but we can't leave them like this. I'm thinking drowning, maybe explosives, should be good story for those six"

Dailee stopped her pacing, nose flaring by a thug, the one that called her a mogwai, "Those five. I think I found a talker, by the smell of his pants. We'll work him tonight and drop him off as a deserter in the morning, you know how the locals are with deserters"

They were people of the Great Wheel's underworld, which came with a viciousness lifetimes couldn't dull.

>So ends this story, as the Wheel turns on.

That's done, I'm going to sleep, someone tell me how I did.

>> No.32654886

Finally, after so many problems and writing Zorothinihah is finished and added to the spreadsheet

>> No.32655076

So, comments on the finished product, or is everyone asleep? I'm on US Central Time so it makes it hard to talk to people across the pond

>> No.32655115

Great story! It is awesome how much writing we are getting now.

Cool, all your formatting looks good. I'm glad opening the editing for the document is working well.

>> No.32655116

Realm Name:Rykos
Wizard: Volk

Area Increase 6 (6) [6]
Insertion (1) [7]
Gateways 2 (2) [9]
Protection (3) [12]
Population Increase 7 (7) [19]
Pretty Population (1) [20]
Attitude Adjustment (1) [21]
Culture & Customs (1) [22]
Population Demographics (2) [24]
40:60 Male:Female split
Multiple ethnicities
Extrahuman Population (2) [26]
Metahuman Population (3) [29]
Technology Upgrade 6 (6) [35]
Metropole (2) [37]
Sanitation (1) [38]
Secure (1) [39]
Healthy (1) [40]
Transit (1) [41]
Electricity (1) [42]
Internet (1) [43]
Advanced Education (1) [44]
Libraries (1) [45]
University (2) [47]
Wealthy (2) [49]
Industrial (3) [52]
Mystical (4) [56]
Technomagic (3) [59]
Music Affinity (1) [60]
Sports Affinity (1) [61]
Warfare Affinity (1) [62]
Intellectual Affinity (1) [63]
Sexual Affinity (1) [64]
Festival Affinity (1) [65]
Landscape Adjustment (3) [68]
Flora & Fauna (5) [73]
Dungeons 3 (5) [78]
Lifestyle Upgrade 3 (5) [83]
Influence 1 (1) [84]
Immortality 1 (2) [86]
Shapeshift 2 (3) [89]
Tongues (1) [90]
Elementalism 1 (1) [91]
Friends (1) [92]
Waifu 2 (4) [96]
Wizard's Spellbook (2) [98]

The idea is a society that is very war-like, but is neither the stereotypical MUH HONORABU WARRIOR RACE CULTURE, nor grimdark, only war, ect.

As a result, I came up with the idea of war as a pastime, leading to Rykos. In this particular magic realm, some variation of combat sports are pretty universal. Other then that, the individual Rykos natives (I really need to come up with a term for that. Rykosians? Rykoslings?) are pretty similar to Earth-humans, if only a tad more aggressive. Except, instead of their preferred sport being soccer or baseball, they may prefer dueling or large-scale wargames, or they may dungeon-crawl as a hobby.

Population wise, females outnumber males by a fair bit, but both sexes are equal in terms of rights and wages and whatnot. The population is predominately human, but non-humans are not uncommon with a ratio of around 10:1.

I'm open to questions.

>> No.32655131

Bit surprised that nobody has commented on my Realm.

>> No.32655180

Pacific time here. I thought it was a very enjoyable story, and one that seems to fit very well with the feel of the rest of the writing we have been seeing, too. The idea that many areas of earth are getting weather discrepancies due to the added landmass is interesting, and underestimating the technology of your opponents based on stereotypes is a very human characteristic for background characters.

>> No.32655196

Searched "the first", found nothing. Can you link your post?

>> No.32655202

The Ryk is a good name for them.

So basically they're a people who love adrenalin rush from combat. You could build them up like romans then.

How are they governed?

>> No.32655224

Thanks, but im not the writefag, Samsara is.

I'm the guy who made the race with the odd genitalia, and have now fully moved them onto the spreadsheat

I think I might think up some writing on the people, but don't expect it soon, i gotta leave in an hour

>> No.32655226


And the explanation posts that chain to it.

>> No.32655246

Oh shit I missed the first thread but this looks fun.

What happens? You make a magical realm... and then what?

>> No.32655256

Then write about it.

Or not. Im a poster, not a sign.

>> No.32655260

You make more and pretend to be multiple different users posting them, then argue with yourself.

>> No.32655315

>The Ryk
Hmm, I do like that.

The governments vary from territory to territory, though tend to lean towards some form of democracy. While dictatorships do crop up occasionally, for the most part tyrants are pretty quick to be ousted. The only common thread most of the governments have is that they are relatively quick to change direction if the populace demands them to, which is a result of which is a result of a large portion of the population being at least somewhat familiar with varying types of warfare.

>> No.32655319

so you are arguing with yourself.

am I you?

are we a schizo?

>captcha: locityT John

>> No.32655346

so basically they're Greek City states except with even more bloodsports

>> No.32655417

That's a pretty apt comparison.

>> No.32655455

The basic concept is you make a magical realm and then be happy with yourself for being a wizard. What we have turned it into is a complex multiplayer thing where we write stories about battles and have debates about politics. Check out the three parts of this >>32647017
for the history ,yth I wrote up. It is hardly the complete story, but conveys the idea of the context we are all working in.

If you want to join the roleplay, you could be independent, friendly to the Council, a member of the Council, or hostile to us, currently. Which is totally your choice, but right now, aside from god wizard builds (that I might have a way to beat anyway), the Council is by far the strongest force. The groups that specifically oppose us are, for the most part, built to be powerful armies. The Council, on the other hand, has powerful armies, as well as trade groups and research realms. We have greater numbers and the ability to rapidly progress our technology to a higher point than the Opposition, although due to the levels we are working on, they can almost certainly manage to cause heavy destruction on earth.

That's what we are here to prevent, though, as without the Council it is unlikely earth would survive two months. If you'd rather leave your name in the history books as a villain, though, you can feel free.

Or, of course, you could just be independent and mildly friendly with the Council like most people. Then you can do whatever you want as long as you don't hurt anyone.

>> No.32655604

>we write stories about battles and have debates about politics

Magical realms are supposed to be pornographic, where is the pornography?

>> No.32655629

So how is everyone this lovely morning?
I'm pleasantly surprised that this thread is still alive.

Maybe politics are our porn?
That said, my species is solely composed of hermaphrodite kitsune, which is about the closest I am to actual magical realm at the moment.

captcha: usually pGsofun
Clearly captcha is on to something here.

>> No.32655637

The 4chan is actually a hivemind AI that went rogue and escaped from the government into the internet. Christopher Poole is a FBI agent who trapped us in a website.
captcha: fest whatepa
Several points:
1. >oceans are non-existant
>ever-expanding forests
2. Having Baubles not only be possible to leave out from your choice, but also having them be an actual thing in the world, creates interesting implications. What if just took the magical powers for myself and then melted rest of the Baubles into a neutronium golem? Or used magic to infuse them into my very being to transcend everything and become the wishmaster? This is awesome!
3. And what is your role in this world?
4. Lack of Transformation fetishes makes me sad.

>> No.32655641

>>we write stories about battles and have debates about politics
Welp, you just have look at the builds. Many choose to simply create a realm when they can satisfy all their fetishes, but they usually don't stand up and keep role playing, so they are hardly seen.

>> No.32655658

Silly anon, world building and Politics ARE our fetish. and besides there are plenty of smutty worlds such as Havoc, Sapphoshire, the Pimp Dimension, and if you want it to be tasteful, yet really exoticZorothinihah

>artistic speBouz
Captcha speaks the truth

>> No.32655659

1: Magic. Unnaturally rich soil.
2: yessssss
3: One of The Gods
4: The Gods do whatever they want and nobody can stop them.

>> No.32655717

Captcha is very much on to something, it seems. Really, though, the lack of sexual deviancy is not due to a lack of realms that have it, but rather a lack of attention paid to it. There are not really that many fetish realms, and they don't really roleplay with us. Among the realms that do roleplay, they often have sexual affinity and mention somewhat greater details in their descriptions, but porn fantasies are not really what other people want to share in, so they are not mentioned in the roleplay either. Really, though, the central meeting place of the Council is a land of fancy lesbians, one of the newest major realms is said hermaphroditic kitsune, and even Megalodonia could be said to be a bit of a fetish land.

Yeah, this is the main thing. The Council is mostly only here because we all get off on discussing trade treaties.

>> No.32655764

we Theologians of Zorothinihah have found your world...wanting. As members of the council we will not make any actions against the world unless the Council deems it fit. However we find your world in a sad state of existance. Your many of your Gods are guilty of crimes of Abusive Religion (thats Extra Heretical!) and we feel that your world could become a much more beatuful place if society and nature where allowed to flourish in hamony.

Once again we are bound by obligation to not interfere with your world in any unapproved manner, yet we feel obligated to let our feelings and opinions be stated

May the Light of Faith and Contemplation shine on you (a common parting phrase amongst the Zorothian people)

>> No.32655849


Sincerely yours,
The First

>> No.32655887

This world is too desolate for us to make plays of. Therefore, it is no interest to my people. We do not, however, pass judgements upon you for your choices.

>> No.32655890

I don't think that I have mentioned earlier, but the Shape shift was just to change my appearance to the beings that I post. Constantly.

Wow, there's an actual God's Club? And nobody told me about it?

But where's is the fun on that?

>> No.32655917

It is pretty exclusive. But you can come if you want, as long as you dont disrupt anything.

>> No.32655955

Will we have to do musical numbers and introduce ourselves by singing about who we are?

>> No.32655991


I'm not any good at writing. If I was then I might write a story about two fabulously dressed Sapphoshire ladies barely able to contain their longings as they exchange quick but sultry glances across the interplane wizard meeting table, because they totally just want to rip off their dresses right there but must keep up appearances of good manners and propriety for the wizard meeting. They unintentionally hit the wine to hard throughout the meeting in an attempt to settle themselves down. After the meeting finally ends and the wizards head off to Earth or wherever they're going, the tipsy and elegantly dressed ladies finally lose control and tackle each other onto the meeting table, getting in the way of the automatons that are trying to clean things up, and begin all kinds of lewdness. It'd be an even better story if the meeting lasted several days and they were forced to wait all that time and attend cultural events like plays and poetry readings that all had to do with girl love.

Like I said though, I'm no good at writing so that's all the smut that's probably going to come from Sapphoshire unless somebody else decides they'd really like to write about it.

>> No.32656051


I'm going to add that I'd be afraid to write a non-lewd story about a wizard meeting in Sapphoshire because I can hardly keep track of all the wizards and because a meeting like that would be terribly important and I wouldn't want to have any of you say something that you wouldn't.

>> No.32656066

Superior smut concept:
A giant pile women tired and aching from a week long lesbian sex orgy session, and on top of the pile there is a 7+ Foot tall musclegirl with monocle and tophat, the largest shit eating grin to ever shittingly grin and smoking a fine cigar.

>"What is your secret, how are you so good at drunken lesbian sex?" The last barely standing groggy Sapphoshiran lady would ask.
>With a twinkling in her eyes and a burst of flamboyant posing and flexing the muscle girl stands up abruptly and proclaims, "It is a ancient lesbian sex technique passed down Megalodonians for generations!"
>"Our great, honorable and ancient foremothers developed it to fend off tentacle monsters and rapacious eldritch monstrosities of our beloved homeland!"
>"If you give me your tiny frail bodies I will mold them like clay to glorious and virtuous temples of physical perfection! And once I'm done you too shall have the physiques and gentile decorum befitting of a proper lady of muscle!"


>> No.32656123

I am pleased by the mental imagery this brings up. Nothing says is has to be /the/ meeting between the wizards, the one that sets up the Council. I would expect meetings to happen many times with any number of wizards, considering that said realm is the designated meeting place.

I fully allow anyone to utilize my Havocians in any smut, though I'm not sure how well they would work for said lesbian orgies due to possessing more parts.

>> No.32656179

>ecribou a prima
Even Captcha is Aroused!

Zorothians only engage within such acts within the bonds of marriage, so I'd allow them in either non-lewds, interspecies marriage, and hand-holding

>> No.32656213

>a couple days ago, said she was embarrassed to to talk about being a lesbian on an anonymous image board
>now writes this
How do you bring out the lewd in people so quickly /tg/?

>> No.32656258


>> No.32656276

Its because /tg/ is a very accepting and polite board, so once someone comes out of thier shell and is accepted they start to revel in the joys of anonymity and Jolly Cooperation.

I love /tg/ so much

>> No.32656277

CYOA magic. With that Nether's Lord CYOA there're a few that created muscled men sex fantasies.

>> No.32656347

I am so glad we got more writefagging. My story still makes me cringe when I look at it. I could have done it so much better.

Since Akasha's image has drifted from what I originally envisioned it due to its involvement in the council, I'm going to be posting an updated build and probably a short story.

So far I haven't done anything to communicate a sense of its culture and I think its about time to fix that.

>> No.32656427

Only if you are really cool.

>> No.32656479

A discussion on traditional Havocian theatre:

The traditional theater of the Havocians is very close to an Arena style theater, however, the primary difference is that the actors are not on the stage, but under it. The arena itself is an octagon, with seating to match. The space below the stage is closer to a proscenium stage. Utilizing the inherent illusion magic many possess, they project the acting upwards in such a way that each of the sides views the over-stage as if it were the proscenium stage underneath. True actor skill, for that reason, not only includes acting itself, but also highly honed illusion magic, since they must simultaneously project eight different images of themselves in an area they can't even see without any interference between them. Particularly talented actors even project themselves as an entirely different species. Just as important to the process are the special effects mages. While they do no act, they maintain the background, props, and other images that are not directly the actors. In this way, any environment, species, or magic can be presented without having to train actors from other worlds, or bear the expense of various props and setups.


>> No.32656772

I think I actually "get" your fetish now. Inb4 lesbianism is an orientation as opposed to a fetish, this is much more specific than just liking girls.

Stop it anon, you're about toforce me to roll for a new fetish.

>> No.32656804

Yeah, I'm sure most of us insert our fetishes into our dimension, wether discreet or not. You're into amazones/musclegirls, which is pretty obvious from the start. I can take a look at someone's realm and I can figure out the pieces of the puzzle of their fetishes. It's always there.

I told you we were alike. Now if you're not into trading then perhaps I can make clones. I'm not accepting inferior specimens however. Submissive, horny shortstack goblins.

>> No.32656836

While a play can be done in a less magical form at any time, this is not done in a serious or religious manner. It is important to remember that the art of theater is a religious experience for all Havocians; utmost care is taken at every step and presentation of any play. Consequently, less refined plays, or plays that do not follow the expected setup, are seen as either childish, or irreverent, depending on the content presented.
Subjects presented at these events are typically of comedic, or improvisational theatre, with a small subset of very serious and entirely religious presentation. The comedies tend to be lighthearted, and show more "modern" events, the influence of their mythos is lightest in this category. Common plays involve antics of local families. Conversely, the improvisational theatre deals heavily with the background mythos of the culture, and involves taking existing heroes and putting them in new situations, or replacing heroes with other heroes. Plays based on other species and worlds are considered a part of this category.
Like the improvisational category, the High Religious, as it is commonly known, category deals with the mythos, but it does not allow for any variation. This style is the most sacred and the actions performed are linked inextricably with their magic.

OOC: so this was totally just thought up. I hope people like it. I can always expand more if someone is curious on a particular facet of the Havocian culture.

>> No.32656930

If this is what a regular Megalodonian musclegirl can do.

Just imagine a male muscle wizard, in a society where there is 99 muscle girls for every 1 muscle wizard gentleman.

And they have to pleasure them all.

>> No.32656954

What is there to "get"? Most people who like women (straight guys or lesbians) find supermodels attractive. And most women appreciate fine clothing and accessories. What makes this magical realm any different from vanilla yuri?

>> No.32657127

Their pelvises would be hard as diamonds.

>> No.32657235

The Spiral of Akasha
Area Increase 7 (Over a hundred earth sized planets.) [7]
Portals [10]
Division [12]
Protection [15]
Population Increase 7 [22]
Attitude Adjustment [23]
Culture and Customs [24]
Extrahuman Population [26]
Metahuman Population [29]
Technology Upgrade 6 [35]
Metropole [37]
Aesthetics [39]
Sanitation [40]
Transit [41]
Electricity [42]
Advanced Education [43]
Libraries [44]
Universities [46]
Industrial [49]
Mystical [53]
Technomagic [56]
Warfare Affinity [57]
Intellectual Affinity [58]
Magical Phenomena [60]
Fauna and Flora 3 [65]
Spirits [67]
Malice (The Adversary) [68]
Theme (Apotheosis, Enlightenment, Rebirth) [72]
Influence 3 [78]
Immortality 2 [83]
Spirit Walk [86]
Shapeshift 1 [87]
Friends [88]
Magic Affinity [94]
Wizard's Study (Akashic Records) [100]

Here's my updated build. I'll get around to posting my writing later.

>> No.32657562

Area Increase 7 (7)
Portals, Protection (6)
Population Increase 8 (8)
Attitude Adjustment, Culture and Customs, Metahuman Population (5)
Technology Upgrade 6 (6)
Metropole, Secure, Aesthetics, Healthy, Transit, Electricity, Internet, Sanitation (10)
Education, Libraries, University, Wealthy, Industrial, Mercentile, Mystical, Technomagic (17)
Intellectual Affinity, Religious Affinity (2)
Rich (3)
Spirits, Theme (6)
Lifestyle Upgrade 1, Influence 1, Automations 2 (7)
Immortality 2, Seer Senses (9)
Magical Affinity, Wizard's Spellbook, Wizard's Study (14)

The attitude, culture, religion, spirits and theme of the world are all centered around the creation of a perfect technomagical AI, with god-like power and intelligence and completely dedicated to human welfare and happiness. Once the AI is complete, the Earth and any other planes that exist will be subsumed under its oversight, and a universal utopia would be established.

>> No.32657617

So like the PanOceania AI from Infinity, but less murrica and more social democrat EU?

>> No.32657700

>Earth and any other planes that exist will be subsumed
Uh-huh, sure. How do you plan to get past all the other god-wizards, Protection[3]s, limited access, and opposing Theme[4]s?

I'd also suggest grabbing spirit walk for true immortality.

>> No.32657751

And you said that I was the bad guy... Well, you know have someone that wants to build a God Hitler AI to build his perfect universe!

Protection can be passed if the AI it's powerful enough. It'll be the same with the God-wizards or themes. It's just a matter of power.

And looks like he doesn't care about his life or he wants to become the AI himself.

>> No.32657815

It's a nice plan, but the Sanctum will also be a posthuman intelligence, and will go to great lengths to prevent you from forcefully subsuming anything. You are free to convert the rest of the universe to computation at a subatomic level, but we will be converting the magical substrate into the computational engine for our intelligence, and if you try to interfere, I seriously doubt you will win.

>> No.32657838

>rotection can be passed if the AI it's powerful enough. It'll be the same with the God-wizards or themes. It's just a matter of power.
where was this established? Hell, all it takes is for a god-wizard to explicitly define his realm to say that whatever that anything created by the other god-wizards absolutely doesn't work at all in his realm. No where does it say your realm can be overpowered.

>> No.32657874

Vex said so himself.

>> No.32657910

Fine, then I use the god-wizard build and immediately destroy you.

>> No.32657914

If I had to destroy some realm, it would be yours guys. You seem to want to spoil the fun of the others.

>where was this established? Hell, all it takes is for a god-wizard to explicitly define his realm to say that whatever that anything created by the other god-wizards absolutely doesn't work at all in his realm. No where does it say your realm can be overpowered.

I stated it. Vex confirmed it. It's just logic: If you are as powerful as the creator, you can break it. Maybe a hammer won't break a stone wall, but what about a truck? Or a cannon?

>> No.32657923

I mentioned something about this earlier. There is a difference between thematic magic and existential magic. Anything about the nature of the universe that does not apply in the Realms is held that way by magic. Your thematic magic will actively try to prevent the usage of other magic under its domain, but if they put more power into a spell that operates as existencial, not thematic, magic, then it will be able to override the thematic constraints you have set up. Thankfully, for anyone who is willing to be friendly to the Council, the Sanctum shall be putting the vast majority of its incredibly powerful intelligence into producing better existencial magic, and due to the fact that we are reaching these heights with research and intelligence, you can trust us to be smart enough to understand why it is wrong to just kill everybody.

>> No.32657965


Yeah, I think Sapphoshire is supposed to be like the meeting center for the Council. One thing I would bring up at the meeting is that people were talking about having lots of people from Earth immigrating to our planes, but I don't think I'd want people immigrating there because people are good at messing things up and misbehaving if they don't get what they want. I don't want my angels and automatons to have to throw people out because they're trampling our gardens, peeking in girls' windows, polluting, trying to hunt dragons, stealing from castles and manors, making lewd comments to angels, and polluting and doing all the horrible stuff people do. I don't think it'd be a utopia very long if we let people live there instead of just visiting.

Havocians are very welcome to visit and party with us though.

>> No.32657966

Wanna be a god-wizard with me? At this moment, I'm the only want who wants to take the short way.

We could be bros, messing up with other wizards, going in a rampage in the Earth! And if you just get bored, you can always create another multiverse!

>> No.32657972

Bah, the Sanctum does not want to spoil anyone's fun. We exist to prevent the initiation of force. You can be as powerful as you want and we won't care unless you are harming people. If you are harming sapient races, though, their right to life trumps your right to freedom.

>> No.32657992

But logically, if you're just as powerful as the person who is just as powerful as the creator, you can prevent it from being broken.

To continue your metaphor, a truck may break a stone wall, but it won't break a steel wall that's a foot thick.

>> No.32658066

What's the fun on being overpowered if you can do things with your power?

The CYOA itself states that you can be as powerful as the guy who gave you the power. It doesn't say anything about limits. It's just a start-up. The Old Wizard get all the power he wanted, and without ease he granted you all the things in the list. If you're as powerful at he's, you could remove them as well.

>> No.32658072

Honestly the whole realm vs realm is bullshit. This CYOA isn't made for PvP, if you want to expand on that, that's fine. But don't go around saying "I would fuck up your realm" out of nowhere.

You can't just find or enter a realm especially ones that are protected or through portals. Even if you do, any respectable wizard has rules set up for these occasions.

>> No.32658110

>Uh-huh, sure. How do you plan to get past all the other god-wizards, Protection[3]s, limited access, and opposing Theme[4]s?

I don't plan anything, the AI will do that. Since it will be intelligent and powerful beyond human comprehension, anyone else will lose.

Then it's really a matter of who builds the AI first, and since I have a population of 40,000,000,000 people - educated, intelligent, versed in magic and utterly dedicated to the construction of this AI - I'm pretty sure it's going to be me.

>> No.32658137

Welp, we started to do the whole PvP thing by ourselves. And Vex said that he didn't care, and even liked it.

If you don't like, you can simply don't play at it. Post your build, add your history of your own world, and forget about it. If you allow interaction, things like this will happen.

>> No.32658168

Who said you can't do anything with your power. Harming sentient races is hardly the only action it is possible to take in the universe.

I am hoping to fix this a bit for the RPG form. There will be strict limits on what each power actually means and on the speed at which you can progress in power, and you won't be able to play a god-wizard build. They will technically still exist, but under the assumption that either they gained their power through understanding the nature of magic, and are smart enough to have a philosophy that is preventing them from interacting with us, or they somehow boosted their way into power without first developing a good philosophy, and were subsumed or killed by the other gods.

>> No.32658189

We thank you again for your acceptance. We also will allow human immigration, however the tech level will be strictly enforced in order to maintain my vision of the world.

Unfortunately, some people like the concept of smashing other people's toys.

Or how about I just ignore you, considering this is all a game of pretend anyways. What are you going to do?

Sure, the PVP is fine, but seriously? You are fine with the "I automatically win and you can't do anything"? At least make it more interesting.

>> No.32658212

Actually, I start with a posthuman intelligence, no building necessary. My people have a metamind that shares their mental processing power, so right off the bat we are smarter than any other race. You could beat us if you did a metamind with more people, of course, but I would not be worried about that, because then you would be intelligent enough to come up with a good philosophy before you did anything. The Sanctum has no problems with gods, only with mortals who have godly power and don't know how to use it right.

>> No.32658220

I'm still interested in that RPG/forum thing.
Especially if you make it crunchy, I love crunchy.

>> No.32658225

Mine doesnt have anything attached to it.

It is isolated in the universe.

Isolation is a recurring theme here.

>> No.32658237

>Or how about I just ignore you, considering this is all a game of pretend anyways. What are you going to do?

I was just responding to people who responded to me, I didn't make my build as a personal challenge to anyone. If you want to ignore me, you probably shouldn't be responding to my posts.

>> No.32658318


Honestly pretty much every council member has a world where their magic isn't reliant on being powered by their theme.

Mine uses a theme of apotheosis to turn the world into a massive training ground for mystical ability. What you learn there can be used anywhere else just fine, although another worlds theme can hinder it as normal.

Granted overriding a theme and a plane's protections means you have to be stronger then the original benefactor, and thats not something thats going to be happening without a few thousand years of training.

No need to worry. I believe those people were referring to immigration to their planes, and most of those only if earth is in very extreme peril.

Sapposhire wouldn't have to take anybody in it doesn't want to. That right would be one that The Council would enforce.

I think your build's creative and interesting, but if this is in the same timeline as The Council you're gonna have a lot of issues. Benevolent as it might be, that AI does very much violate the right of self determination. We couldn't afford to stand aside on this. Rest assured with our combined resources it wouldn't be easy for you.

And what infrastructure are your people going to use to house this AI? I AM from And I must scream seems the closest in fiction to what you're building and it took and entire planet to keep him working.

>> No.32658324

We're talking about late game stuff. I'm not even taking in account the broken thing that I did to gain power, but simply the guys with all the powers and using time magic and familiars to get faster learning.

It's just a matter of time that they will get powerful. Powerful enough to overcome others, who didn't spend their gift in gaining power, but focused in created a dream world. It doesn't necessarily means that these "over powered" guys need to kill everything, but if one of them wanted, and the others were to busy using their godlike powers to create their perfect realms without any limitations, what could someone who didn't choose the path of the power do to stop them?

Even if you add rules of "time needed to learn" or something like that, it will always be the same. The main problem it's that there's someone that spend all his shit into gaining power while other didn't.

As I said before, even if you took away the "insta-god" option, you will have to to deal with it in late game. Maybe this late game won't come until a few thousand of years, but will eventually come.

>> No.32658418

You're half right. You can do PvP if others allow it or encourage it, and not if they're allowing interaction. There's a line.

I don't care what Vex said about this. It's just plain rude to go ruin other people's fun by poking holes in their builds or doing an active comparison of who would win. It's your own private realm and game, don't go play it to ruin it for others.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't PvP, actually I'm all for it. However you need to flag for it and stick to other people who also flag it.

That's true. If people are persistant just ignore them. You can always just strip them of their power in your realm, or just deny them access. It's magic, I ain't gotta explain shit.

Isolation is the safest. I think that without insertion your realm would be in a complete different dimension.

That all said, I would like to see the pocket dimension skills, summoning (like portals except smaller and more controlled) and magic level upgrades (like those of technology). And maybe a point overhaul too, just too much points. I'll discuss it with Vex to see if he's interested in a newer version.

>> No.32658507

>And maybe a point overhaul too, just too much points.
I think this would work better with a finer gradient of power, and/or more options. further, some of the options existent overlap a bit. I'd also recommend placing more emphasis on the realm creation than on the personal creation.

>> No.32658511

I'm glad to see some interest. If you want crunch, though, you may have to help. The basic idea is going to be fairly freeform to go in line with the CYOA and make it easier to finish. Once that is done we could work on a more crunchy and detailed rules set, but because of how much extra effort it would take, we are going to keep it simple at first.

Of course it will still happen eventually. Given sufficient time the vast majority of us will become gods. However, that is why the rules don't say you can't become a god, they say you can't play a god. If you ascend to full godhood, you either become enlightened enough to leave the mortal realm behind, or are deemed unworthy by the other gods and killed or absorbed. Plus, this assumes that a single game will be continued for long enough that people will reach that point, which is frankly probably unlikely.

>> No.32658526

>Actually, I start with a posthuman intelligence, no building necessary. My people have a metamind that shares their mental processing power, so right off the bat we are smarter than any other race.

That's clever, although I don't know if I'd interpret the option like that. If that's how it works, I guess I'd have to drop my personal Magical Affinity to make space for Metahuman/Exhuman Population.

>And what infrastructure are your people going to use to house this AI? I AM from And I must scream seems the closest in fiction to what you're building and it took and entire planet to keep him working.

Yeah, I figured Area Increase 7 would be necessary not just for my gigantic population, but also for the raw materials and space necessary to construct such a machine. I could see the entire plane becoming a massive Jupiter Brain, although with powerful enough magic it might ultimately transcend spatial dimensions altogether.

>> No.32658541

Feel free to work out some details that I can write up to Vex. We work together, so before I do or promise anything I need to check with him. However it's better if I have a detailed system to present to him rather than random ideas.

>> No.32658542

I would suggest swapping to finer gradients of everything, if Vex does not feel that would take far too much time to be interesting. If you could choose what level of magic you got in each skill, or the degree to which your realm is enchanted, then people could specialize a lot better, which would make the high point count feel less huge.

>> No.32658582

I figure that with extra/metahuman, tech 6, magitech, mystical, and magical phenomena, I can say that my people use a combination of technology and magic to create the metamind. I don't know exactly which pieces are necessary, but I would have them all anyway, and the result is physically possible, so I figure this is enough to do it.

>> No.32658620

I'd be happy to work with you on the rpg, at any stage of it's development.

I'll see what I can think up.
How do you want me to collaborate or should I just throw stuff onto the thread as I think of it?

That was my line of thought as well.

>> No.32658626

The Tower is considering removing all portals and becoming completely isolationist at this revelation. I had assumed the advantage went to the defender, and protection would always prevent people from breaking into my realm.

>> No.32658656

Magic upgrades will be great. But I don't see how the point overhaul will help if you plan to add more things.

>It's just plain rude to go ruin other people's fun by poking holes in their builds or doing an active comparison of who would win. It's your own private realm and game, don't go play it to ruin it for others.

Well, many people started talking about defenses, so that's pretty much and open door to do see if your build could take down that defenses. Although I have stated many times that I don't intent to simply invade other planes by creating a full PvP thing. It's more like being Overpowered enough to could still doing the things that I want, since there're many others wanting to create a set of rules by creating some god, become the god itself or whatever that rules the universe and use their own morals.

Many want to become the god that will rule the universe, make their plane stupidly overpowered that ensures their holy will it's the only accepted in the existence. I just want to have the power to simply go everywhere that I want, without having the trouble to bow before these guys.

> Given sufficient time the vast majority of us will become gods

But we're talking in a race of become a god, the first one in get to the throne will be able to limit the other ones, ensuring his supremacy. The point of get overpowered quick it's just to ensure my own freedom against that. It's not like I want to kill you all, but I don't trust that any of you will twist the morals. So I want to get first so I can live happily after ever doing whatever it pleases me.

>> No.32658686

I think we are at the post limit now. Does someone want to make a new thread?

>> No.32658705

Do not worry friend. The Council stands ready to stop this kind of foolishness. Also you're better off then most considering your entire realm is easily one of the most defensible.

Also, we're talking at least two thousand years in the future here. Probably more. At that point the various planes are going to have advanced their defensive measures as well.

>> No.32658766

Just put up any suggestions here, I'll read them and send them to Vex.

>> No.32658812

This may be a pretty bad idea but hear me out.

What if we make magic have an effect on personality? Think about: power changes people. It changes how they see themselves, others and the world. And when someone start shooting fire out of your hands at will, suddenly they start feeling themselves out of place. Here you have average humans becoming demigods within an instant. With their own realms and powers. Someone is going to go nuts.

>> No.32658878

Basically the whole god-wizard thing.

But I don't think everyone will lose their mind. It will highly depend on what did you built and how your realm it is.

>> No.32659046

I always wanted to add some third level of automatons. With these level, should be able to produce more automatons (even with enough time you could do it, but this is just for the starting).

Some magitech or magic levels would be great too.

Space magic, able to create portals, pocket dimensions to store things, and so.

>> No.32659135

I'd probably add more scale to Protection.
Something like:
Protection 0[1] Regardless of what happens, your realm will always try to return to the state it was meant to be in, though it will take a lot of time.
Protection 1[3] {As written}
Protection 2[6] As above, but you are able to explicitly allow or deny access to the realm regardless of form of entry.
Protection 3[8] Your realm can become completely isolated indefinitely. Nothing can interact with it, however, you cannot interact with anything else while this protection is active.

>> No.32659205

All noted, keep them coming.

>> No.32659224

Much of the infrastructure section seems redundant, particularly the internet and electricity ones.
I'd probably replace it and the technology section with some variation of this http://wiki.travellerrpg.com/Tech_Level_Comparison_Chart

basically, give multiple forms of tech level for different areas.

>> No.32659245


Here you go

New thread: >>32659169

>> No.32659273

What about one last area increase option? Not more land, but make your demiplane in a whole new dimension. Given the time, if you could create more planets through your magic, you could have the space to create your own universe (preventing conflicts)

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