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What is your opinion of the Dresden Files RPG?

I have been thinking about running it and have seen it mentioned here and there on /tg/. Me and my group are pretty big into the role playing aspect of things, so I think we will enjoy it.

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>Summon a demon
>It tries to eat my face
>Demands to be loosed from its containment circle
>I break the circle
>It charges at me
>Warrior of faith choke slams the demon
>I bury stakes imbued with the blood of cross into the feet and hands of the demon to pin it to the floor

Now what's all this aboot you and your kind stealing children, eh?

>tfw Candian Lumbermancer

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>black court asshole after us
>well, guess we're fucked
>wizard creates a magical slingshot and uses one of the party as the ball
>suddenly ballistic obese manlet from the sky
>not even 200 years can prep you for this shit
>stake him when he's trying to get over the sheer "Wut"

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If you're not into the DF setting, you'd probably be better off with a more generic version of FATE.

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pretty much this.
If you like the series, the game gets so much easier and more entertaining.

what are you waiting for? Start reading damnit.
Though I should warn you that the first two are his first books, and it shows, it starts picking up the pace by book 3 and is absolutely fantastic by book 6/7 and it only gets better from there

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I just finished Skin Job.

Am I too late for /tg/'s gush about books thread?

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We can always make a new one.

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I'm not sure, I just finished it today myself, had to avoid those threads sadly, they seemed really lively.

Clap your hands if you believe in Lightsabers.

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I am so sorry for asking this because it's a narrative game and stuff but is Good: Fists okay for combat? I don't like being useless in situations so I have a bad habit of making jack of all trades characters.

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I made a character a while back that was something of a combat monster, and I can tell you that "Good" is usually enough, as long as you're creative with tagging aspects. Tons of maneuvers and lots of tags can negate the penalties of any low score.

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I just started reading Storm Front (first book)
Yes, it really shows this is a first effort, but /tg/ usually has a Dresden thread once a week or more, so I'll stick with it

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As many have said, if you can get over the hump that are books 1-3 (and 3 is where it starts being good), the series is worth the wait.

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After Storm Front, I just skipped right to Gave Peril, because that's where everyone said it really gets good. I should probably go back and read Fool Moon sometime, and see if its all that bad.

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I enjoyed it. It's got like three different kinds of werewolves, and Murph being a badass.

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Yeah you can get away with less-than-perfect skills no problem as long as you have aspects that reinforce your concept.

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I want to read Dresden because I heard there's a group of werewolves that play tabletop games with Harry and that sounded adorable.

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The second book is slightly better than the first, but the third book is much stronger than either and then there's an upward trend in quality that plateaus about book eight, after that I'd say they're all about the same level.

Of course that's all just my opinion.

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Storm Front and Fool Moon are both good. It's not that they're bad, it's that the later stuff becomes noticeably better.

Seriously, missing some good character development in Fool Moon.

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The Alphas, led by William "Billy" Borden. The group starts as a bunch of college nerds that can turn into wolves, but develop into really powerful individuals

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Book 12 is easily the best one of the series so far.

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They're good books, that should be reason enough.

But yeah, the Alphas are a group of werewolves he's sort of teaching about magic. They do play some tabletop games together. Harry plays as a brainless barbarian because playing as a mage just feels like work to him.

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It's better than Storm Front and not as good as Grave Peril.

I should really make a chart or something.

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The chart should start at "good" and go to "better." There's no reason to skip any book in the series, especially since there's heavy plot continuity starting at about book 3.

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Butters was hinted at picking up Fidelacchius way back in Deadbeat because POLKA WILL NEVER DIE!

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Doesn't he get all autistic about how wizards work in the system? Like, he was gonna play a mage but he kept pissing everyone off by going 'man magic doesn't even DO that, this is SUPER DUMB'

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Yes, he bitches about fireballs being unrealistic.

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Just blew through the series myself.

Honestly, I'm unimpressed. The worldbuilding is really cool and all, but it reads like a Sam Spade take on the standard weaboo "my power level keeps increasing and all the girl want my dick" wish fulfillment stuff.

I'll definitely be checking out the RPG, though - anyone in my playgroup can play a better character than anything Butcher writes.

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he bitches about fireballs only doing damage in a 20ft sphere without it changing size or intensity due to environment. he was all
>Magic only conjures the fire, it acts like normal fire after that.

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The thing is, all of his 'power level increases' mean nothing, and he's never had a fulfilling relationship. Everything he's been remotely interested in has either been a monster, or gotten eaten by monsters. Of the women he actually cares about, so far his track record is
First, mind-controlled and tried to kill him, still hates him.
Second, turned into a vampire, had his baby, he had to personally murder her
Third, also mind-controlled
And then Murph, where fate constantly cockblocks him, hard.

Harry's life is suffering. You want a Mary Sue, look at Hannah from the latest book. She's almost literally 'Harry as an actual Mary Sue'.

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while Dresden's power level does increase fairly regularly, its by no means like that. he gets the shit beaten out of him fairly regularly and a lot of times he only wins against the BBEG is because he has friends or he uses his knowledge against the enemy. A big part of the series is him going against impossible odds and succeeding purely based on his ability to out thing his enemies, or by having friends who can help him when he is overwhelmed.

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I love it. It was my intro to Fate and I was in a campaign for a solid year. Once you understand it can be directed like a book or a movie, the fun increases tenfold.

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...I'm almost certain you're not using that term correctly in this instance.

She's really good at fire magic and also really hot as well as dead now I don't see how that's any kind of sue.

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She stumbles in, already has an established history nobody ever read about before, hits on everyone and is better than others. Wasn't that the original Mary Sue?

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she is not necessarily dead. there was no body, and those denarians are ridiculously good and faking deaths.

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Think about it anon

>Literally so beautiful it's a curse
>All the men comment on how pretty she is
>All the women are jealous of how pretty she is
>Rape backstory to make her more sympathetic
>Teams up with Lasciel like Harry
>Even better at fire magic than Harry
>Being hunted by the Wardens just like Harry
>Harry has totally heard of her even though she's never been in any of the books or short stories before

She's textbook fanfiction.

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Not that Anon, but let's look at things here

Better than Harry at what he does best (Blowing shit up)
Like how most fans want Harry to be, she only uses fire
Is way too young to have that kind of power, which did set off warning bells for me.
Rape as a backstory element
So beautiful it's a curse
Evidently has a long history with kicking warden ass that we've never had foreshadowed at all.
Other women are jealous
Gives a "Justified" rant at Harry about him being prejudiced.
Dramatic Death
Teams up with Lasciel for "Totally Justified" dark power

This shit adds up.

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>Everyone he's been interested in

I would say that the number of women who desire him is the measure of the fantasy, honestly, not the number he's interested in.

'So desirable it's a curse' can be a male thing, too.

>Power level increases mean nothing

...Did you miss the Hellfire/Soulfire, and the whole "yo, I'm the winter knight and I'm so powerful I scare my friends" stuff?


Oh yeah, he gets injured, but does he lose more than maybe once or twice? (And even those times, he accomplishes a larger goal at some other cost.)

I'd say that him struggling on despite his injuries makes him even more of a badass.

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Did you miss the those powers are killing him, and the Winter Knight thing makes people hate and fear him and makes him do things he wouldn't otherwise

Just as often as he accomplishes his goals, he suffers a cost. His house has been burned down (and bought by a mob lord), he's basically had to sell his soul, he nearly dies constantly, the people close to him either nearly die or actually die, his best friend is a cripple because of his fuck-ups. The guy doesn't get away with ANYTHING scott-free.

And keep in mind that the books are from Harry's perspective, and he's kind of a pig. Read the story from Murph's perspective and it becomes clear how much Dresden exaggerates in both directions. She basically describes him as a mild autist.

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But she's ONLY good at fire magic, and he heard of her because he saw a fucking wanted poster or equivalent, and harry only told her it was because she was too hot because that's literally the most brilliant way to brush off a chick I ever heard of, honestly Harry's some sort of savant at not getting laid.

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well in the newest book it has that banker he was trying to save, but failed, hard. then there is the taunting he did to Nic, which backfired and tipped Nic off about his kid.
he has bad shit happen to him and he fails with things that hurt him emotionally.

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Those power level increases took years and a bunch of training and practice for the most part.

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Dresden files drinking game:

>1 shot every time Harry's narration says "predators"

>2 shots if it's in a context that can be construed as sexual

>3 if he's referring to himself

Hard mode:

>1 shot every time Harry's narration spends more than two consecutive sentences describing how desirable a woman is.

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DO NOT PLAY HARD MODE during any of Harry's dry spells, or during the Winter Knight books.

So, Summer Knight, the last two books... Any others I'm forgetting?

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>alcohol poisoning: the game

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Isn't the Dresden Files RPG full of half-fae catboys?

>> No.32616427

Skin Game and following books European Extreme mode :
One shot everytime the word "Parkour" is used by anyone.

>> No.32616468


Everybody is gonna work the parkour thing into their game somehow, be honest.

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Dresden files drinking game:

>1 shot every time Harry's narration says "predators"

>2 shots if it's in a context that can be construed as sexual

>3 if he's referring to himself

Hard mode:

>1 shot every time Harry's narration spends more than two consecutive sentences describing how desirable a woman is.

Forgot mah pic.

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A half-Malk would be fucking terrifying.

>> No.32616493

1 shot: Whenever a building ends up on fire.
2 shots: 'it wasn't my fault'

>> No.32616495

vanilla mortal with all of his aspects revolving around urban exploration. use all those sweet sweet fate points to allow you to do crazy shit.

>> No.32616537


Are you TRYING to kill people?

>> No.32616553

The system is good, or at least I like it.

>My "party" has been backed into a trap that sent us to the never-never, the alternative was to face down 3 black court vampires, a ghoul and a sorceress of some kind

>We consist of a Geomancer (me),
>a were-tiger,
a cowardly, must hit on everything wannabe hydromancer (he's yet to cast anything),
>a luchador scion of power from an ancient Myan? (or aztec) god of the sun, and the patron of masked wrestling
> a mortal who ended up being the Scion of Gia
>and a Vet. (DVM) who has some magic...

We're fucked in the most unpleasant ways.

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I want to play a Knight of the Cross who was meant to be one of those temporary hires but got stuck with the sword for Reasons.

Like, he ended up with it in his hands because Super Evil Shit was going down, and he's a decent enough guy that it all seemed simple at the time - smash the bad guys and get it done, you know?

But now he's a little more unsure, and he's nowhere near Carpenter-tier moral fibre so he's super careful about actually busting out the sword because he only wants to use it when it's right to do so.

>> No.32616625


>I want to run up the dragon.
>I run up the dragon!

>> No.32616674

>fighting a dragon
Shit nigga, You crazy!

>> No.32616686

>then I use my climbing rope to tie it's mouth shut and ride it like a bull!

>> No.32616711

The problem with the knight's of the cross is that you have to have the sword to do some good old fashioned smiting.. When was the last time you saw someone walking down the street with a sword in hand who didn't draw un-wanted attention? Our luchador's mask is an item of power.. If he loses it, he loses his supernatural powers.

>> No.32616754


Well it'd be a little one, less than a hundred tons, barely eighty feet long.

>> No.32616756

Yeah, I just think it'd be interesting. The real canon-hoop is 'how the fuck did he even get a sword considering they're all in Chicago' but I figure GMs could think around that.

I just like the idea that he's got this incredible thing of power... and so much respect for it that most of the time he just makes do by being a very well trained human being.

It's an invitation for the GM to shove my character in the corner admittedly.

>> No.32616778

Michael seems to get away with it pretty easily by keeping it in a duffel bag.

on another note, who wants a novel about how Michael picked up The Sword in the first place.

>> No.32616792

I've got an interesting team myself.
>Me, half-demon video gamer. So strong the only thing that can definitely stop her is a bank vault door, and even then only for a little while.
>Religious woman who wears a white catsuit with a cross emblazoned on it into a battle. My character calls her the shotgun nun.
>Winter changeling, apparently the child of some being that's very slightly weaker than Lea and wants to usurp her. Has very many anime vibes.
>25 year old earth focused sorcerer. Has pulled some absolutely crazy stunts with gravity and magnetism, like once tossing an I-bar through an ogre.
>Beat cop who doesn't get paid enough for any of this shit. Arguably the strongest member of the party.

>> No.32616803

>Visited by an angel
>Saves his wife from a dragon
>Lays holy fucking smackdown on shit like it ain't no thing

The only thing I'm failing on is imagining a young-and-foolish Michael. And yet, YES. It would be the maximum level of rad. Just a badass knight being TOO CHIVALROUS FOR YOUR SHIT

>> No.32616825

>Winter changeling, apparently the child of some being that's very slightly weaker than Lea and wants to usurp her. Has very many anime vibes.
...how old

>> No.32616854

She was 15 when the game started. since it's been 5 years in-world, she'll be 20 now.

>> No.32616865

Huh. Shouldn't they be in a take-it-or-leave-it scenario by now re: the Change?

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Playing it one hour. I like Fate in general, and Dresden made changes that got rolled into the current edition. There are a few things about the game that take a little effort on the part of the GM to run smoothly, but overall the system let's you play the characters and doesn't get in the way.

>> No.32616910

According to Cold Days, no. Sarissa was apparently a few centuries old, and was still a changeling. Even still appeared pretty young and vivacious.

>> No.32616934

Well, Sarissa is sort of a special case, considering her heritage.

Fair enough, though.

>> No.32616993

>Beat cop who doesn't get paid enough for any of this shit. Arguably the strongest member of the party.
I like this. I like this a lot.

>> No.32617026

What about Ace?

>> No.32617084

I think that's one thing the Dresden Files does better than a lot of other settings with wizards (sup D&D) is making regular men and women viable characters.

>> No.32617124

Not to say you won't be outgunned.

But it's a short list of things for which 'sufficiently large gun' is not a viable answer. And those usually have other weaknesses.

Being a good mortal competitor is about being two things:
1. educated
2. well-armed.

>> No.32617143

But pure mortals have shit scaling, stunts are a raw deal compared to supernatural powers, and wizards ARE hyper overpowered in the RPG because of focus items.

>> No.32617163

There are enough 40k wankers out there, that there have to be at least two or three people who genuinely believe in it. This means that Orks exist as part of the Nevernever, with all their steel power klaws and dakka. Imagine what would happen if one of them stumbled into Faerie.

>> No.32617214

By that logic, Twilight vampires exist in the Nevernever and they have a massive population.

>> No.32617215

Yeah, the default giveaway on focus items is a bit much.

The system works much better if wizards have to actually work to produce them.

Stunts can be pretty good though. Our mortal pulled her weight, though less as a combatant and more as a lore-monkey and aspect tagger. She had resources to spare, so her role was
a. figure out what the monster-of-the-week's weakness was
b. acquire said weakness
c. use said weakness to rack up enough free tags that my wizard could obliterate a motherfucker in one shot before the stress racked up

>> No.32617236

He's that if nothing else. He's the guy that took multiple levels of awareness, and his aspects are built for being smart in a fight, whether that be social or physical. He simply reacts better than everybody else, and that alone has one him more fights than the rest of the party.

Yeah, but you do things right (like setting up turbo-aspect tagging) and you can end anything real quick. You just have to be creative with your aspects and come up with enough new stunts to seriously kick ass. Relying on your party helps, but it's no substitute for figuring out a demon's weakness by first parlaying and then getting in a cheap shot.

>> No.32617250

>She basically describes him as a mild autist.
that doesn't stop her from wanting to grab his blasting rod tho

>> No.32617253

>Stunts can be pretty good though.

Only if you flat out ignore the terrible stunt guidelines or interpret them in the most generous way possible that doesn't line up with the example stunts.

Like, the Occultist stunt is utter shit.

>> No.32617277

Stacking tags is a raw deal in the Dresden Files RPG because the most you'll ever get is giving an ally a free invocation.

Compare that to Fate Core where success by 3 shifts gives you TWO free invocations.

>> No.32617305

Well, he's also like 6'5" and fairly fit. He might dress like shit and have a bad haircut but he's not COMPLETELY unattractive.

I think DFRPG could run on FATE Core assumptions pretty cleanly really.

>> No.32617328

So slenderman exists in the nevernever?

>> No.32617363

So do Touhous and MLP ponies.

>> No.32617366

He's only fairly fit as of recently.

I think Murphy just has a thing for dorks.

>> No.32617411

It comes and goes. He's reasonably fit just because he has to chase shit down, though he tends to be less so whenever he goes full neckbeard, like post-Susan's Vamping. He just only got /fit/ recently on account of having new magic powers and a Workout Island.

>> No.32617412

The source material is absolute garbage, but the game is fun.

>> No.32617422



>> No.32617430

Actually, he's always been fairly fit, except for the first few books, in which he was a squishier wizard. Now he's a bonafied heroic combat wizard, which, frankly, IS kinda hot.

Also, He plays Tabletop RPGs! He's creative, funny, a self sacrificing, good person. There's more than just physical attractiveness going on.

>> No.32617433

Went to a book signing by Butcher the other day. Reason behind the parkour thing is that him and his son were playing Battlefield and were making fun of how these soldiers carrying full loads could do all this parkour stuff. So for the next couple weeks him and his son said parkour in a lot of their conversations even if it didnt revolve around it ("So we went to the mall PARKOUR today, and got a PARKOUR gift for my friend...etc etc")

>> No.32617474

Actually he's more like 6'9, apparently.

>> No.32617509

She describes him as SEEMING like a mild autist/eccentric to the general public. Murphy knows very well that that isn't the case.

>> No.32617539


He's 6'6" three inches taller than Superman.
Four inches taller than Batman.

>> No.32617541

That seems absurdly tall, isn't Thomas only a little over 6'?

Yeah, but even so, if that's the impression he gives off, it makes his own description of ladies all over his staff seem dubious.

>> No.32617579

>you will never have a dad as cool as Jim Butcher

>> No.32617636

Yeah but Harry is usually describes as being a lot taller than him

I think he got the height from his dad's side, considering Ebenezer is short and fat.

>> No.32617645

Only really works after book 12. Then you'll kill yourself pretty hard using it.

Though, you could probably get a good buzz of of books that Thomas is in.

>> No.32617680


Thomas is exactly six feet tall, Harry is Six-Foot-Six ,or 13/12ths Thomas' height.

>> No.32617721


You're thinking of Rashid, he's the only White Council wizard taller than Harry.

>> No.32618599

>"I'm sorry, you're far too astonishingly sexy for I, the charming protagonist to ever have sex with"

>> No.32618706

Well, in fairness, with Harry it's more 'you're far too astonishingly sexy to not secretly be planning to kill me' which is entirely valid with the life he lives.

he's right, too

>> No.32619319


Billy turns into a gigantic asshole. He used to be fun, but then he got married and /fit/ and turned into an asshole jock.

>> No.32619381

What? Where did you get this idea?

>> No.32619579


I think he's reacting poorly to Billy becoming more wolfManly.

>> No.32619631


The book where Harry was a ghost and itshows how all the other characters changed when he died....Ghost Stories?

>> No.32619656

Ghost Story.

They're always the same number of letters.

And, he's a little more aggressive, but I don't remember him being a dick to anyone who wasn't hostile to him first.

>> No.32619660

What did he do? I cant remember anything bad.

>> No.32619673

Billy was "/fit/" before that. Also consider that some people tend to be on edge and angry and upset after someone close to them died. Nobody in Ghost Story was really a happy camper.

>> No.32619800


It's pretty fun and adaptable, depending on your specific group dynamics and whatnot. Offhand in a few games, I've played a non-council sorceress who teamed up with a mortal for wacky detective mystery solving, a rich as balls monster hunter who does it for kicks, a cajun weregator, and the ghost of a CIA operative from the cold war. You could say he's a real spook.

>> No.32619858

Well, he always did running and he had an ok build from working out on Ebenezer's farm growing up. He'd learned to handle a sword and gun, at least, along with a staff.

He's a big son of a bitch. Hell, he straight up brawled with Victor Selles in the first book and in the early books he wasn't a match for Morgan, but he could at least make an effort. He's just utterly outclassed by anything that is super-humanly strong, and that's a hell of a lot of things.

As to the game: It's weird. High Refresh characters can direct the story a lot if they have a mind to. A pure mortal with only a couple tricks can pretty much be a co-storyteller.

The template rules are weird. Changelings basically get to pick whatever the fuck they want while everyone else gets to pick from a more constrained set. Red Court victims and White Court virgins are only worth playing for story reasons.

Mortal magic is either OP or too expensive, depending on how the GM runs the game. If you are fast and strong you can punch most problems to death before they get to act.

>> No.32620163

Yeah, I'll give you that.

One thing I definitely think doesn't get brought up enough is that refresh is HUGE. If you're playing a Wizard, you have just given your GM license to treat you the way Butcher treats Harry. Which is to say - your life is gonna get complicated and ugly, fast.

Of course, that's true for any high-cost template, and Wizards are definitely the beefiest in their power level.

>> No.32620205


He alpha'd some dude while they were discussing what to do about a situation that was concerning Molly. Harry was dead for a year at that point, I think.

>> No.32620274

That was Daniel Carpenter, IIRC, and mainly for his own benefit because he would not sit his ass down and shut up.

As for Billy, you have to remember he was playing the role of the 'heavy', or scowly stupid muscle, for the duration of the Chicago alliance. A lot of that was simply for show.

>> No.32620304


She's also locked in Hades vault and got buried under several tons of molten rock.

Even if she survived the rocks, how's she gonna get out of Hades vault since Harry destroyed the way?

>> No.32620370

There was also all the cyclops and monster spirits prepared to rip and tear everything.

>> No.32620375

Lasciel can probably teach her. Harry said so himself. Though I agree, Hades probably isn't going to let her escape. He'd know if she's still alive. I give her low odds of living, but they're still there.

>> No.32620556


Those odds lessen since there were also deadly spirits coming around to tear anything that was still alive apart.

So even if she survived the rocks and learned how to open the way, she'd have to fight her way through the powers of the underworld while also learning how to open a way back.

To say nothing on the fact that she'd still be locked inside a nigh impenitrable vault owned by Chicago's baron, plus two knights of the cross, and Harry himself once he catches word.

On the upside, at least that's two coins that nobody would have to worry about.

>> No.32620639

I'm still worried about what Nickodemus has planned for the Holy Grail.

Also, while I was reading I thought Harry was going to bribe Marcone with the real Shroud to buy off his emnity, not present a weregild.

>> No.32620690


I think the shroud is too important to give up lightly.

Plus, Mab probably had some plans on how to use the holy relics later on anyways.

>> No.32620715

My idea was more like what he did for Marcone at the end of Death Masks, lending it to him for a time, and promising to come for him if he doesn't give it back in the specified time frame.

>> No.32620730

I was surprised there was no "you/he/she chose poorly" moment. But seeing as how the grail should turn up again there's still another chance.

Who is the best Knight, and why?

>> No.32621073

Michael, because 'a good man opened the door'.

It's hard to measure though because they're all so TOP FUCKING TIER

Sanya is fucking amazing, Butters is completely rad, and as for Shiro, well

When criminals in this world appear
And break the laws that they should fear
And frighten all who see or hear
A cry goes up both far and near

>> No.32621269

Sanya for being the funniest, Michael for being the best argument for faith I've seen, Butters for most developed, Shiro for, after nearly a decade, still having enough influence to scare the shit out of Nicodemus when his weapon is seen.

>> No.32621328

Which reminds me: only 2 things make both Nick and Anduriel go apeshit: Fidellachius and Mouse.

Harry, despite nearly killing him, only makes Nick frightened. Anduriel doesn't go crazy on sight. Makes me wonder about Mouse.

>> No.32621446

He's said to be a cousin of sorts to frickin' Uriel

Note that he has also made Lea and Ancient Mai both pause.
Don't mess with dogosaurus

>> No.32622590

-7 refresh is costly, but the payoff is fucking off huge.

Give me a wizard with 1 refresh over a pure mortal with 10 refresh any day.

It's not even a contest.

>> No.32623770

Yeah, but it's not a game where Mr Wizard fights Mr Mortal. Mr Mortal gets to twist reaility and the narration to suite his ideas about where things should go while the Wizard has to eat whatever shit the GM throws at him and ask for more.

>> No.32624003

Mr. Mortal's narrative twisting has to be the equivalent of a +2 bonus each time and it's coming from a limited pool.

Mr. Wizard gets to solve basically any problem with thaumaturgy and gets to blast shit to oblivion practically at-will.

>> No.32624040


It's FATE. You will either play your role or run out of Fate Points. If your role is "badass normal in a world of shit" you will have way fucking more Fate Points than anyone else in the group.

That's about the only thing you need to know.

>> No.32624072

And none of that helps Mr. Wizard when he turns out to be a sucker for a pretty face and walks into a baseball bat that explodes his knee.

>> No.32624168

Yes. A pure-mortal is basically Kincaid-lite, the main difference being that they're squishier.

>> No.32625226

>And none of that helps Mr. Wizard when he turns out to be a sucker for a pretty face and walks into a baseball bat that explodes his knee.

+1 fate point for the wizard, which he pockets.

And then absorbs the attack no problem with an enchanted item that takes up 1/8th of his slots.

Harry Dresden is a shit-tier optimized wizard.

>> No.32625256

Either way, the mortal's probably worse off because he can't just use a complexity 8 ritual to heal a moderate consequence.

>> No.32626425


>Literally so beautiful it's a curse
Well, yeah. She's busy using Lasciel for her supernatural plastic surgery.

>All the men comment on how pretty she is

See above. She's absurdly pretty if you assume she's a mere mortal. If you realize she's the bearer of Lasciel, the Seducer, it's hardly unlikely. Do you doubt that Lasciel could turn a male bearer into the closest thing to a white court vampire if she wanted to?

>All the women are jealous of how pretty she is
Don't recall women being very jealous.

>rape backstory to make her more sympathetic
I thought the other parts of her back story were more spectacular in that. Oh so conveniently situated to make her sympathetic. Harry is just as guilty- "My girlfriend got mindraped and I had to kill my mentor! A bloo-bloo-bloo!"

>Even better at fire magic than Harry
She's a focused practitioner! Oh god! Stop the presses, we have a new headline!

>Being hunted by the Wardens just like Harry
He isn't that I recall, and it's definitely for a different reason. She's being hunted by the wardens like Harry was, but that's the whole point; she's what Harry could have been.

>Harry has totally heard of her even though she's never been in any of the books or short stories before
No fucking shit. It's only six to eighteen months between each of freakin' fifteen books. Harry was a Warden, built the paranet, and has been a major supernatural figure for twenty years! Even if he refuses to go hunting down warlocks, he was probably handed the same briefings on "Known Lawbreaks" in the wizardly equivalent of an all points bulletin.

On a different, far more interesting topic;
>Denarians only show up on books in the series that are a multiple of five
>this is a practice confirmed by Jim

>Elaine was first mentioned in book one
>Elaine showed up in book four (Summer Knight)
>Elaine showed up again in book nine (White Night)
>Next book is 16 (Peace Talks)
Place your bets

>> No.32626549

>cajun weregator
That was a DFRPG campaign?

>> No.32627139


Not to mention she's crushed to death under tons of rock and trapped in Hades

That isn't very sue. I can't imagine one sparkley special snowflake getting turned into fucking crushed goo.

>> No.32627175

Well, I don't count that against the theory. As I see it, the theory is that Jim wrote a mary sue in, as a plausible character, and treated her... well, fairly given the plot, setting and her powers.

I don't think that's the actual case, but if it were, the ending seemed fair enough.

>Will Lasciel find her way out a a vault designed to hold religious artifacts

>> No.32627182

If you have a character who is a blatant mary sue for 50 books, thousands of pages, and then suddenly dies a vicious and/or ordinary death they still remain a mary sue. It's about the journey.

Not that I disagree entirely regarding Ascher but it needed to be said.

>> No.32627303

So, how do you think Harry would summon Hades?
Would he still have to go through the routine where they must try to break free of his will and try to kill Harry? I mean, he's technically a being from the Nevernever.

>> No.32627336

shes even named like a mary-sue
>Supreme control over fire
>name pronounced "ash-er"

>> No.32627349

probably just ask him to meet up at Mac's for a beer and a steak sandwich.

>> No.32627442

Give it up, doods. She gets the spotlight for like two scenes and never really dose anything that is very impressive once you know her secret.

>> No.32627446

I wouldn't be surprised, with that many mary-sue traits, if she turned out to be another one of Jim's bets.

>> No.32627487

I was under the impression those were names she made up for herself or was given to her by the White Council.

>> No.32627510

Ursiel's also there.

>> No.32627610

In that regard he's also got a lot less responsibility, a lot more room to breathe, and a lot more free will to exercise. He's a walking nightmare for Nick.

>> No.32627746

I had a grandad like that, but he's dead.
And then my dad (also like that) went off with some whore, so yeah.

>> No.32628804

Our group tried it with social combat, 'twas pretty good, but also recognized social combat is complete bollocks

>> No.32628824

Weren't the Dresden Files RPG threads from 2012 to 2013 full of one guy trying to fix the social combat rules and everybody yelling at him because the social combat was SO PERFECT or something?

>> No.32628851

If the social combat rules in Dresden are so perfect then my name is Mickey Mouse

>> No.32629750

she was the deconstruction of a sue
>supremely gifted with fire
but complete and utter shit with everything else even with Lasciel's help, is too arrogant to consider tactics other than blast the shit out of it and gets rekt by Harry because of his versatility and ability to fight smart.

>incredibly attractive
yet still gets shot down by everyone she comes on to, even by a guy far from his prime even with heavily implied fallen plastic surgery

>Oh so free, calm and collected!
yet gives her free will for petty revenge, and is too deluded to even see that she's done it

>you do not belong as a minor character, whatsherface!
>I don't?
>You will come in to your own in the later books, and thrive!
>I will?!
>Heh, no, Tartarused
>a new twist on an old classic!

>> No.32629839

>as in the firebombing of
Egads, Harry's one too!

>> No.32630177

Currently working on a character for a DF campaign - a possessed suit of armor that uses guns to kill monsters.

>> No.32630407

Seems legit. The social skill list is probably a bit lengthier than it needs to be.

>> No.32630444

Five kinds, by my count.

>> No.32630469

Its four I think.
Dudes who turn into wolves.
Dudes who use dark magic to turn into wolves.
Dudes who are wolves on the inside.
Dudes who turn into nigh invincible saber-wolves.

>> No.32630471

Most of the women who are actually interested in him are predatory monsters from the land of dreams and rape. Their interest is rarely genuine (or at least it usually has some pretty thick strings attached).

>> No.32630491

I've been tempted to read it, but I always felt it was too Terry pratchett-y, which I'm sick of by now. Or like Artemis fowl. Insufferable shits.

So, talk me into it /tg/. Why is the Dresden files a good read?

>> No.32630539

Because it's a detective story with wizards and monsters and the character, despite the people claiming he is a mary sue, is human.

There's a point where someone says, "Well, why don't you do the sunbeam-in-a-handkerchief thing this time?"
"I can't."
"What, you don't have it prepared?"
"No, I can't make one."
"Well why not?"
At this point Harry gets angry. "Because in order to catch a sunbeam, you have to be happy, really and truly happy, damn it, and I haven't been happy for...a long time!" He's apologetic, but that defines his situation pretty well.

Every time he wins, he loses.

>> No.32630548

I think the other Anon counted the wolves who turn into humans.

>> No.32630554

I don't think the Change is ever, technically, mandatory. Most folk make the Choice by the end of adolescence, but it's never stated to be a requirement. Plus, aforementioned counterexamples.

>> No.32630583

That's not particularly great writing. Or witty. What you describe sounds like an inferior John Constantine. A misery guts who always wins out in the end (except not really for constantine) and is in over his head.

There's just something about these books, which makes me place them alongside Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter and early Prathcett that puts me off. Things are just so sure. Everything is defined, there's not so much doubts or duality. There's always solutions to everything. And the writing tends to be awfully generic.

>> No.32630611

It's a demonstration that he's not a static character - that happens in about book 4 or 5.

If you don't want to read it, don't read it. But you won't be able to judge off of other people's opinions.

>> No.32630648

> optimizing a character in Fate
Suck a dick.

>> No.32630651

Oh, you're one of those.

"Hey /tg/ convince me this is a good book."
"No, you it's shit because X,Y, and Z."
"...'kay, troll."

>> No.32630669

Are there any characters who show up in the fibonacci sequence?

>> No.32630684



When asked how strong Ferrovax and the other dragons were at a convention in the Dresden Universe Jim Butcher said.

"The Leanshide and the Eldest Gruff (champions of winter and summer court basically) could be in the right spot to kill one, have everything they need to kill one, be working together fully to kill it, have it weakened extensively, and ambush it completely and they still wouldn't stand a chance against it."

It really goes to show you why nobody fucks with a Knight of the Cross. When God tells them to go kill a mother fucker, said mother fucker is going to die. They might kill the knight in the process, but that mother fucker will still die no matter what. The only things that are tricky is the Denarians because of their angel lineage gumming up the works.

>> No.32630692

He wouldn't Summon Hades. He'd set up a meeting with him the same way he does Donner Vadderung. At his office.

>> No.32630693

It's a funny detective story with wizards and monsters, etc.

>> No.32630698


I would just have them use the thorny crown entangled into a whip indiana jones style.

>> No.32630715

I was absolutely right about Hades. The only negative story about him was even brought up and it was still essentially poppycock. Death gods tend to not be pricks, because everyone comes to them in the end, even other gods.

>> No.32630718

Yep. That's the fifth kind.

>> No.32630738

The Denarians are also tricky because the job is not to kill them - the job is to redeem the humans whose souls have been given over to The Adversary. If the Knights had free reign to FIGHT the Denarians, they'd be fine.

>> No.32630747

> everything is defined
> no doubts or duality
> always solutions to everything
There is nothing factual about what you just said.

>> No.32630783

Well maybe
>always solutions to everything
But often times that solution leads to a much worse problem.

>> No.32631257

Maybe if you had a higher readign level that 6th gradfe you might appreciate reading other books. Really, you're comparing a book you've never read with Patchett humour, and two series written for middleschoolers and calling them the same, and expecting them to read similarly.

>> No.32631319

Hey man, The first three Artemis fowl books were pretty good.

>> No.32631634

Does anyone else admire how Jim Butcher turned all his character fuck ups into character development, instead of just sweeping it under the rug and pretending it never happened?

>> No.32631644

I admire Butcher's characters but I'm not sure I understand what you mean here.

>> No.32631681

Mage the awakening

>> No.32631719

Just things like Murphy not being called out on (at the time) for her overzealous bitchiness/short sightedness and Harry being an extreme doormat to women/constantly blaming himself for things that couldn't possibly have been his fault.

In the first few books, it was irritating because they seemed unintentional flaws, but then got written in for them as things they gradually attempted to get over

>> No.32631926

Oh, I see. Yeah, it's cool to see old flaws dealt with and new flaws pop up.

>> No.32632131

That's exactly right, but these threads are, of course, dominated by Butcher fanboys, so don't expect much agreement.

>> No.32632289

They were paraphrasing.

>> No.32632381


I found the series fun, but gotta agree with you here.

>> No.32632455

Oh god, are you that guy from a few weeks ago who got assblasted when people called you out for not knowing what a deus ex machina is?

>> No.32632516

literally just had my first game last night

>ice sorcerer
>lycanthrope beat cop
>barkeep with contacts and money out the ass

the highlight was probably the barkeep beating off a red-court infected with a series of beer bottles or the were-anglerfish getting beat through a wall and coming back into the fight wielding a lawnmower

>> No.32632564

>barkeep beating off a red-court infected
so it was an ERP?

>> No.32632597


>> No.32632668

ok, so there's this guy, and sometimes
stay with me here
sometimes he partially turns into an anglerfish.

>> No.32632702

what the fuck went through his head when he decided to become part anlerfish?
I've heard of kamikaze were komodo dragons, but that's just a step too far

>> No.32632741

>Fucking vampires thinking they're hot shit just because they bite shit
>Ill show them!
>Ill bite those motherfuckers in half!

>> No.32632763

his background was that he has an old bloodline that let's him turn into a creature of the deep type deal with bioluminescence and teeth. I'm the only one who's read all the books so I'm planning on making him tied to the formor

>> No.32632765

>A misery guts
>Things are just so sure
>there's not so much doubts or duality
>There's always solutions to everything

All objectively incorrect and curious critiques to make considering you haven't read them.

>And the writing tends to be awfully generic.

High school lit critique, hello.

>> No.32632788

>not full soul devouring hatchfetfish

He missed out on a trick there

And yes, this is a real thing, but rest assured it only dwells in the deep sea and naughty little childrens closets.

>> No.32632808

>And the writing tends to be awfully generic.
Especially bad seeing as the guy hasn't even read the books.

>> No.32632821

No non fallen/denarians/evil titan of the Fomor get to incorporate that monstrosity

>> No.32632873

Welp. Now I know what my next Dresden FATE character is gonna be.

>> No.32632877

I wikipedia'd and google image searched that just to verify that it's real.

What the fuck?

>> No.32632880

I think this is the first thing I've seen that relies on scaring your prey to death.

>> No.32633161

Rolling Gotham campaign for my friends, I have changed the dresden world and the Gotham city world to fit the flow and to give my none Dresden files reading friends a fun time. This is what has happened so far.
Part 1/2
>Four guys, A white counsel warden going undercover, A mercenary, a were-iguana hobo, a archer who has no magical ability but has a random third eye.
>They are hired by John Constantine and the Dark justice league to go in to a city that doesn't show on any map. Gotham City.
>Each player would get a nemesis that will torment them or interfere in the game.
>Warden gets Riddler, a psychotic mage who uses riddles as a way to get in to your mind and steal power.
>Mercenary get Talia Al Gul
>Hobo gets Deadshot because he killed his brother
>Archer gets Scarecrow, a elder creature who fused with Doctor Crane to create a new being.
>They run afoul Penguin
>They blow up his club and kidnap him
>Releasing Solomon Grundy
>Archer stays behind to fight Solomon grundy
>He gets kidnapped by Scarecrow to be tormented
>Deathstroke hunts them down and beats the shit out of them
>They can't find their friend
>Scarecrow sets a trap to capture them
>Break in to Arkham to find him
>fight ensues
>They arnt doing to well so they jump out giant bay window in to gotham harbor
>Deathstroke saves them because they have leverage against Penguin
>They found out Bane is working with Ras Al gul to bring down the city
>Bane has been double crossing Ras
>Almost get killed by bane untill Deathstroke shows up and saves them
>Team accidentally kills Deathstroke while fighting Bane
>Bane finally dies.
>They figure out what Ras's plan is.
>Arkham is build on top of a giant prison for eldritch creatures and dimension hopping horrors
>If something tries to break out the prison will be cut off from this dimension and shot to the other side omniverse where eternal darkness will be their only friend for the end of time.
>Something is tapping onthe other side.

>> No.32633390

Part 2/2

>Ras wants to trigger the fail safe by causing they city to go insane and mimicking a prison break.
>The team thinks he wants to release them all by the court of owls
>They storm the site which leads them through a giant maze known as the Grand Gotham Opera house which sunk in 1952 during a giant earthquake
>Each of them are separated and have to fight a boss fight
>Warden has to fight a mind battle against Riddler
>encounters a inky darkness after the fight
>runs away
>Mercenary Fight Talia in a deep cave system
>Gets the uper hand on her before the inky blackness comes and takes her out
>Runs away
>Hobo fights Deadshot in a multi-level dual
>Gets his eye shot out
>Knocks Deadshot in to a underground lake
>Inky blakness chases him down a corridor
>Archer fights a mind battle against Scarecrow
>Bearly makes it out alive
>Finds the others but misses his chance to kill Scarecrow
>Only one to make physical contact with the Darkness
>Ras greats them in a round room where a group of rogue wizards are going to trigger the trap
>Fight ensues
> Ras slinks out saying they released something and he is running to the other side of the earth to prepare for the end
>The Darkness has entered the scene
>They team attacks him
>He defends disabling each of them
>As they lay broken he soul gazes with Warden
>Its the godamn Batman
>End of book one

>> No.32633550

Yeah, although he did keep talking about them in a PvP context which was kind of insane. Being 'taken out' is just as devastating in any context, not just social.

I can also affirm, by personal experience, that the person in question was Colette.

>> No.32633588

Someone pointed out that this is why Nic is such a bitch to kill. Normally, when a Denarian surrenders, they have to remove their influence from their host completely, and their host may legitimately pause or regret what they've done, which gives the Knight a leg up if they then betray them.

Nic, on the other hand, is JUST AS MUCH A DOUCHE when he doesn't have the coin. So he can pretty much just play hot potato with the thing any time he's threatened.

>> No.32633597

3/2 P.S. round

>Monster slinks out of the darkness laughing.
>Goes to visit his brother Scarecrow
>Scarecrow calls him Nekron

>Once Ras leaves the city now out from under a spell he put on it, everyone now noticed there is a huge city they have never seen before.

I'm about half way through book two right now. The hobo and the archer got sent back to 1952, they are helping Bruce Waynes grandfather find a serial killer dubbed the Ginning man because carves smiles on them.

The team in the present day are looking for a copy cat killer all while dealing with a time skip of three months. They have no memory of the last three months.

The end game is both the original killer and the copy cat are trying to appease a creature that has been hidden in Gotham since the first brick has been laid. The original killer was a person who was possessed by the Scarecrow, the current one is Mr. zsasz.

They will release the being to bring untold destruction and chaos. The Joker.

The third book will be a war between The team and their small number of allies vs the Joker and all the insanity he brings.

>> No.32633600

Your spelling is atrocious but your story sounds fun.

Bonus points if Bats came in with the words

>It's all over!

>> No.32633603

On of the things I like most has always been the way it's a developing series. I was so proud of Harry when I read Small Favor for the first time- being able to go toe-to-toe with Nicodemus in the rapid-fire plotting, and come up with working backup plans.

Whereas Harry from three or four books prior would have run in hopelessly and gotten #rekt by Nic.

>> No.32633617

I'm partially typing this on a phone at work and its a pain in the ass.

>> No.32633630

All is forgiven. For now.

>> No.32633687


I kinda wished I did that line, I did have Deathstroke show up and say before the fight "No man is beyond deaths stroke" when the renaming team members had to fight him.

I wanted to stay close to the dredenverse but found it alot easier to fudge the worlds rules.

>> No.32633692

or the goblin shark

>> No.32633727

or, infinately less usefull but way funnier, he could be a were this thing

>> No.32633734

I don't remember them being talked about in a PvP context.

>> No.32633773

I do, although I think he eventually dropped that line of reasoning.

Again, though, the main thing to remember is that permanent consequences can arise from being Taken Out in any context. A social loss isn't 'mind control' any more than if you're taken captive by getting Taken Out in a physical context.

There's a reason concessions exist.

>> No.32633814

I thought the line of reasoning was more like "social combat gets really retarded when it's anything but 1v1" and it kind of is.

>> No.32633888

It also suffers from the problem of it being about yelling at people until they listen to you instead of understanding people.

>> No.32634287


He should be careful to conserve Fate points or he could wind up as a pair of testicles just hanging off some chick.

>> No.32634472

Well, he IS a wizard. That's generally how their powers work, that's just part of the universe. And I'd argue that it's not always his powers that pull him through, but his allies and (now) prep-time. The dude has learned to think ahead.

And, as for all the girls wanting his dick, this is discussed multiple times as most of them not actually wanting his dick, but wanting to eat/kill him

>> No.32634567

It's a pretty fun system overall, and pretty much idiot-proof. I'm a first-time GM running a game for first-time FATE players (one's totally new, the other is more used to D&D and railroad GMs; neither are used to the independence given in FATE) and I _know_ I'm missing out on things and the system still holds up reasonably well in spite of that.

My players are a 'professional' psychic with a tiny bit of actual talent (re: psychometry) hidden under thirty layers of total bullshit and fraud, and a weretiger child prodigy from India who hears kidnapped children. Since it's my first campaign I basically lifted the Nevermore setting and started with a bunch of pregens from the one-shot adventures that've been put out over the years.

>Begin dumping in next post

>> No.32634590

>Campaign starts with Night Fears
>All the original cast are college students shooting a paranormal documentary on the Cranston house, psychic is hired out as a 'consultant' for the film, prodigy tags along
>One of the psychic's clients recently died on a ghost hunt at the house
>Chris is a skeptical changeling, Dani is a hot rich girl, Mike is an ugly-cute lardass who talks to dead people, Nicky is a militant vegan, Terry is basically a cultist with holy powers, Andy is a dick who doesn't know what he's getting himself into
>Party splits up early on, because nothing bad ever happens when they do that!
>PCs stay together at least
>PCs go upstairs and investigate various creepy-ass rooms, including the murder scene. Mike almost passes out repeatedly.
>Psychic discovers the mother was a budding sorceress who went crazy and snuffed out the baby
>Evil hatchet resonates evil
>Psychic steals the mother's ritual dagger
>Prodigy breaks into master bedroom, finds some of the wife's bones in one of the walls
>Psychic psychics the bones, house gets dark and frigid all of a sudden
>All the electronics stop working
>Someone screams

>> No.32634616

>Prodigy goes tiger, Mike sees it and passes out
>Prodigy and psychic wake Mike up, convince him it was just a hallucination, everyone goes downstairs to find Andy frozen solid in the living room
>Follow the racket to the kitchen where Terry is holding off the mother's spirit with holy prayer shenanigans, defending Dani in the process
>Prodigy goes tiger-mode. Mike passes out again. Terry is stunned, loses focus on his prayer
>Mother attacks, psychic stalls her with the bones and revelations about the mother's past
>Prodigy rips the mother's physical body apart, Terry resumes prayer, psychic continues babbling, mother gets blown the fuck out
>Is it over?
>Haha, no. Babby cries in basement. People still missing. GUESS WHERE YOU'RE GOING.
>Prodigy changes back, Nicky and Terry are losing it but both are buying into the psychic's hype too.
>Psychic has a moment of inspiration, bolts back upstairs and finds the baby room.
>Recovers the teddy bear the baby was holding when mommy snuffed him
>Group -Mike goes downstairs, psychic and tiger-child leading the way
>They find themselves in baby Cranston's demesne, an impossibly large basement centered on the furnace where his body was burned
>Smoke bubbling up out of the furnace resembles crying baby faces
>Missing party members Dani and Chris are freaking the fuck out in the corner
>Psychic starts getting overloaded by the sheer power of the place
>Prodigy swipes the bear and runs up to the furnace, offering it without any conditions
>Babby is soothed, laid to rest in short order
>PCs collect other NPCs and book it outside
>All the electronics are shot
>Andy's fuckin' dead
>Psychic stops and looks over her shoulder at the end to see the father, whose child was snuffed out, who murdered and chopped up his wife in a rage decades ago, and who killed himself not long after, nodding his approval from the doorstep
>Everybody leaves
>The end?

>> No.32634653

>Postscript: They forgot to tell the cops about Andy
>Psychic stole the knife and ‘borrowed’ Mike’s focus
>No way any of that could possibly blow up in their faces!

Maybe more later/some other time (re: fae chicanery). Gotta go now.

>> No.32636081

>And then Murph, where fate constantly cockblocks him, hard.
given the end of skin game, Fate's going to have to pull out all the stops this time

>> No.32636508

Truly, the things that dwell in the lightless depths of the ocean are the stuff of nightmares.

>> No.32636852

Of late, it's my group's default game.

Though, now that we're graduating college/moving away, it may end, just as things were getting interesting.

Here's my thoughts on the DFRPG:
Wizards may be strong mechanically, but as is often talked about, they get their shit rocked narratively. From a mechnical standpoint, the Wizard in my group solves most of the challenges. On the other hand, he spends so much time farming his "Young, Dumb, And Ugly" aspect that none of their enemies, or even the party, respects him. His successes seem like the flukes that make him tolerable.

-Highly differing degrees of Toughness/Strength can make battles a little Rocket-taggy, or "Unending meat grinder"

-Pure mortals need to have a better understanding of the system than most of the players, to use their fate points effectively.

-Further, with the number of FATE based games I've played, I don't know where I picked up this trick, but it helps pure mortals: What I call "invoking for effect". A guy earlier in the thread was talking about how Aspects only give +2. In specific situations, they can be tagged for greater effect, as long as that's in their purview. For instance, if someone gets the Blinded Aspect, you can tag that so that they blunder into something important, or fail at a defense roll. Because that's what being blind would do to them.
Or tagging "Greedy" to convince an NPC to accept a deal, as long as it was highly in their favor, without a roll.

-Lastly, giving the city and NPCs character is very important. If the PCs are the only interesting people. they don't want to talk to others.

>> No.32637050


>-Further, with the number of FATE based games I've played, I don't know where I picked up this trick, but it helps pure mortals: What I call "invoking for effect". A guy earlier in the thread was talking about how Aspects only give +2. In specific situations, they can be tagged for greater effect, as long as that's in their purview. For instance, if someone gets the Blinded Aspect, you can tag that so that they blunder into something important, or fail at a defense roll. Because that's what being blind would do to them.
>Or tagging "Greedy" to convince an NPC to accept a deal, as long as it was highly in their favor, without a roll.

Ohhh, that's good. I need to remember that.

>> No.32637100

Fetches bro. Fetches.

>> No.32637160

The irritating thing about it is that I know I read it in a FATE game, but between DFRPG, SoTC, FATE CORE, and so on, I can't figure out which one.

>> No.32637300

I'm just marveling at the fact that you're lambasting someone for their supposed lack of academic achievement and have like... 3 typos in said post.

>> No.32637326

explain further.

>> No.32637541

>implying typos mean anything but a lack of proof reading

>> No.32637568

>Implying smart people don't proofread.

>> No.32637604

>implying nobody ever has a lapse

>> No.32637648

>Implying smartness doesn't = perfection.

>> No.32637711

>implying you shouldn't have written being smart = perfection
>implying we shouldn't stop this shit and get back on topic

So is anyone else wondering if cu chulainn will get a mention?
Seems fairly good Winter Knight potential, and being fucked by a geas seems to be how a Sidhe would roll if you pissed it off.

>> No.32637728

Tam Lin was mentioned back in Cold Days, I think.

>> No.32637869

>Implying that wasn't the joke.
Also yeah. Man. I'm a giant nerd for that guy. If someone got ahold of the Gae Bolg that'd be rad.

>> No.32639472


>> No.32640647

We are the ones that Bump Back.

Speaking of, how would you go about moving the Hellboy Agency into Dresden Files? Abe is clearly Aquatic, with Psychometry. HB has Sup Strength, inhuman toughness. Fire girl's a focused practitioner. Or just has Breath Weapon.

>> No.32641018

The nature of the Way she could open would be different. It's no longer an impregnable vault guarding the relics of Hades, after all.

>> No.32641115


Hades basically ALLOWED them to rob his vault in order to test them and to help in Mab and Marcone's gambit.

>> No.32641157

It never was an impregnable vault guarding the relics of Hades. It was an extremely hard to access repository of things that can be retrieved only by the most capable and determined. If its intraversablity has been changed by the act of reaching it, Harry just could have gated everyone out from the top of the amphitheater and left the half-mauled Ursiel for the shades to deal with.

>> No.32642328

Is anyone else morbidly curious to see what unimaginable horror the Easter Bunny will turn out to be?

>> No.32642521

Well, Dresden definitely has Declarations as an option.

>> No.32642604

it's going to be a giant jackrabbit with an Australian accent. at least it is now, after rise of the guardians came out.

>> No.32643004

>Playing retired biker, born again Christian, furniture chain owner. Bartholomew Edwards, CEO of Sofa Kingdom corporations and none too bright. One of his aspects or whatever was, of course, Sofa Kingdom. He was brilliant in larcenous activity and the law surrounding it, as well as having a keen business sense, but near retarded otherwise.
>Having contact to Fall Court Queen looking to get whatever power she can, he swears by contract he will become the autumn knight if he can be simultaneously removed from jail, given a week with the mantle's power beforehand, and cured permanently of his "eye shot to hell-itis."
>Week pass, much metal is done with the mantle of autumn court
>Fae Queen returns to collect, brandishing contract before the group's office in the 2nd story of the Sofa Kingdom headquarters
>Bart puts on his reading glasses, adjusts the tie hanging between his leather vest and scrutinizes the contract. I burn a fate point and invoke Sofa Kingdom.
He looks over the rim of his glasses, his dull eyes meeting the Queen's and he drawls "Name on here's Berfomew. S'not me, brother."

>> No.32643111

Well, for starters, easter egg decorating has its original roots in slavic pagan mythology, so that more than enough bones for something horrible to grow off of.

But belief is power in the dresdenverse, and a lack of first hand sources means we've only got the murkiest view of how pagan slavic religion worked or even what the god's names were. Those gods aren't going to have much vim left in them if no one is able to believe in them. ...but we can't discount modern sources of belief either, since they have just as much potency as anything else. There's a lot of people who believe in the easter bunny, or at least do worshipful things with chocolate in his name.

My guess would be that he's some vicious slavic fecundity god, horribly twisted and mutated by the irradiating forces of capitalist consumer culture.

>> No.32643166

Money on Mister being Merlin.

>> No.32643321

So a question for /tg/:

What was the best part of Skin Game,

Jedi Knight of the Cross Butters or Dresden twisting the knife when talking to Nicodemus about his daughter?

>> No.32643525

Best bro Hades, motherfucker.

It actually ties into one of my favorite things to play with in DF games, and Jim plays with in a couple of the books: when your enemy/conversation partner is so powerful, they don't feel the need to be anything but polite, because they could END you with a whim.

I once had my party meet a god on a mission, and he was calm and amused with them. Their threats were entertaining to him.

>> No.32643647

One of my players doesn't know it yet, but he actually caught the Morrigan's interest by being a rude dick to her face.

See, if you read the stories of her, one of the things that comes out is that she seemed to have a love/hate relationship with the heroes. So I made that her trouble, that she likes the 'bad boys'. The problem being that, as a goddess of Death and War, she'd gonna kill most of them.

So, since he's a broken-up ex-commando alcoholic, on a one-man war to eliminate the red court, his sass got her attention.

And will probably get him killed.

>> No.32644865

Chapter Twenty.

I don't know what to do. I think I'm lost.
Had me in fucking tears. Michael is the best man. Best paladin. Best bro. Best friend.

>> No.32645165

What's weird is that Dresden doesn't realize his fear is the evidence of his humanity.

>> No.32645298


"I think I need help," I heard myself whisper, voice little more than a rasp. "I think I'm lost."

I'll admit I misted up a bit myself.

>> No.32645721

Michael is how one is supposed to play a paladin.

anyone else wonder if Michael ever joined in on on of Harry and the Alpha's games?

>> No.32645751


"Will you be my daddy?"

I got something in my eye when I read that, I swear.

>> No.32645775

Maybe I'm gay. I dunno, Maggy didn't do much for me (I guess I grinned,) but it was Michael who had me tearing up.

>> No.32645797


Maybe it's a more personal thing, as one of my goals is to one day be the best father I can be.

Honestly enough, I might just look to Michael for that example.

>> No.32645896

Between Michael and that, I was tearing up too hard to keep reading. Had to put the book down and go for a walk.

>> No.32645933

you could do a lot worse. in the short story "Warrior" he almost fell, in the paladin sense, because an asshole priest kidnapped his daughter and he, even crippled, laid down a Righteous beating on the guy who did and had to stop himself just short of killing the guy.

>> No.32645987

Michael strikes me as the kind of guy who'd gently be like "We could be doing something more productive with our time then playing pen and paper games Harry. Like building houses for the poor." Michael strikes me as a guy who thinks charity work is fun.

>> No.32646092


I remember that.

Even crippled, The Fist of God can beat someone to death given the right circumstances.

I honestly think he would have been in the right to do so anyway, but that's just me. Plus I haven't read that in a while.

>> No.32646094

true, but you know he'd do it if Harry asked him to come play. I could see Harry wanting to bring Michael along just to show one of the guys how a paladin is supposed to be played.

>> No.32646147


I just reread that today, actually. The part where Dresden goes, "Look, Michael, if that's what you want, give it to me, I'll kill him. But you can't do this. Not you." had me tearing up a little too.

>> No.32646543

I disagree. But I'm also not gonna argue about it. Because it's kind of a dumb point to argue over.

>> No.32647009

>Michael strikes me as a guy who thinks charity work is fun.

There's a couple ways you could read that, and both of them seem quite true.

>> No.32647408

"A good man opened the door"

And Michael back in action

>> No.32647449


>> No.32648413

you know I just realized, because butters is basically a jedi knight now one of, if not the, first Jedi ability we see used, force suggestion, would be considered dark and break one of the Laws of Magic, where as one of the most well known Sith abilities, force lighting, would be completely OK, if its not used to kill at least.

>> No.32648582

That's a good point; the only way Suggestion would work is if it was some kind of illusion, and even then it would have to be so personalized an perception-warping it would skirt close to Lawbreaker status. Then again, didn't Jedi have issues with using it as well? At least, in any more than a "light touch" capacity?

>> No.32648867


With how the typical mortal's psychology has been shown to work in the DF universe, wouldn't it just be a matter of offering a rational explanation for the supernatural thing they're seeing that happens to work to your advantage?

>> No.32650863

My money's on Jim ignoring the actual origins entirely and going with Nanobozho.

>another one of Jim's bets
Absolutely seconding this.

Also this. I think if you get hung up on specific imbalances in the system's gameplay you're probably missing the point. It's for telling a story not duelling or dungeoncrawling.

I would tend to agree, but they're in no way "the same" as a Pratchett in terms of style or content except for falling into under the umbrella of Fantasy.

Harry's always going on about how your magic is an extension of your soooouuul, and you have to truly believe in it to work.
Star Wars is sort of the same like that. I always thought Sith lightning would be very much pain and torture first with a flashy veneer of blue crackling on top. Not the kind of thing you could discharge to power the ice cream generator at the puppy orphanage.

>> No.32650899

Psychology is fragile period in the Dresden universe - using magic to mess with anyone's mind at ALL has really bad effects on both parties

>> No.32650943


Remember Yoda, in Empire, "A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never attack." If you want to summon Force Lightning, you have to HATE THE FUCK out of the dude you're shocking.

>> No.32651065

I can't wait for Butters to see a wizard using lighting based magic.

>> No.32651073


When Lasciel speaks to Harry in the vault she refers to him as "lover" and says "to think I LIKED you"

But wasn't all the weird denarian romance and conceiving mind-babies with Lash, who was a separate entity from Lasciel, and so how does she reference this?

>> No.32651186

She (somehow) knows about the spirit-baby and considers it her child, so she presumably considers Lash a part of herself regardless of whether she has any of her memories. It does throw up some vaguely troubling implications, certainly.

More likely she's just trying to piss Harry off and drive a wedge between him and Michael.

>> No.32651306

considering Harry basically made a fallen angel grow a free will and fall in love with him, I don't see Michael getting too annoyed at him.

It raises some worrying implications about the nature of Lash/Lasciel if Lasciel knows what happened while Lash was with Harry. But at the same time, it seems that some of the affection may have bled over too.

As an aside, I noticed in Our World that Ferrovax is described as a master of Name Magic, ie using things' names to power magic against them. Harry has a running theme of using nicknames to change entities (Lash, Ivy, Shagnasty, the Nickleheads, calling Marcone "John"). May be important later when they meet again.

>> No.32651390

Given that Michael didn't know the ins and outs of Lash, the wedge might have worked if Michael wasn't such a bro.
Seriously, a fallen angel tries to outright state collusion between them, and Michael only raises an eyebrow and asks Harry for an explanation when they get out of there

>But at the same time, it seems that some of the affection may have bled over too.
s-s-stupid wizard, it's not like I like you or anything
Sorry, couldn't resist.

>> No.32651730

Both Plo Koon and Luke use force lightning without hate.
Plo Koon uses it by accident and then keep using it until the council rules it out, even though he's at peace and the perfect little Jedi.
Luke uses it because it fucks shit up mightily.

>> No.32651759

Youre not supposed to because it's a violent use on the force itself, which is normally a no-no.

On the other hand, Luke is the last remaining Jedi, more or less, and he's got more call than most to need to fuck up a lot of shit without hurting anyone faster than a lightsaber can take care of the job.

>> No.32651767

I want the talk afterwards to consist of Michael trying to convince Harry to marry Lasciel, because he's already had one child out of wedlock and another just wouldn't be right.

>> No.32651780

> Youre not supposed to because it's a violent use on the force itself, which is normally a no-no.
> > Force pushing someone over a ledge into a kilometers drop isn't a violent use of the force.
> > Cutting shit up with a lightsaber isn't a violent use of the force.
> > Spotting and striking weak points so hard everything/one collapses isn't a violent use of the force.
> > Imposing your will over somebody else's isn't a violence use of the force.
Stop trying to apply logic to the Jedi Order.

>> No.32652011

>but Michael, she's literally an agent of Satan!
>we all have to make compromises, Harry. I'm sure you're not perfect either

>> No.32652331

>Nick's the best man
>Forthill does the ceremony
>Murph's the maid of honour
>The Carpenters are Godparents
>Molly's the fairy godmother
>The wedding is the single highest-power gathering in magical history.

>> No.32652362

>Maggie's the flower girl
>Lara gets drunk and jealous at the reception
> Harry puts the ring around the rim of the coin

>> No.32652545

>Satan bursts from the ground, takes one look and says
"ok, I'll bite, what the hell is this?"

>> No.32652769

>It raises some worrying implications about the nature of Lash/Lasciel if Lasciel knows

Mab has known for a longtime and whatever a fairy knows is for sale. Even beyond that we are assuming Lasciel is incapable of seeing the signs of Harry's condition and putting 2 & 2 together, especially after days of observing him.

>> No.32653290

Michael is best character.

Although I was glad when Harry and Murphy finally goddamn hooked up. That's only been coming for four or give books now.

>> No.32653353

Don't get your hopes up, next book she will sell her memories of Harry to some fairy to avert some disaster.

>> No.32653513

I love you for the Teen Girl Squad reference

>> No.32653532

Here's a question for you guys. How would you go statting about the Archive's power. The reason I ask is because I want to replicate it on a smaller level - absolute knowledge about a very specific branch - namely Ancient Egypt. Having all the gods of the Aegypt in your head will do that. But how would I go about describing it?

>> No.32653603

you could argue that it was coming since Blood Rites.
Hell, there were even bits of it in Fool Moon

pic related

>> No.32653641

>pic related
It will happen and you know it.
Being Harry Dresden is suffering.

>> No.32653719

you're not thinking Butcher enough.

You don't just give him something to make him happy and rip it away instantly.
You give him something good, let it nurture and THEN tear it away in the most painful way possible.

>> No.32653726

Stunt that gives bonus to Scholarship/Lore in regard to Egypt in combination with a high rank in those skills + an aspect that would allow you to make Declarations in that field.

>> No.32653750

Point is that as it was mentioned before it's been building up for a while now. Just before it actually culminates is the perfect time to rip it away at this point.

>> No.32653781

It already culminated. They're just getting their breath back healing up before engaging in enough sex to have the neighbors call the police on account of all the screaming going on.

>> No.32654390

I had one really solid idea of a PC I wanted to make with Dresden Files.

A black court novice, that is trying desperately to use his powers for good. Not in the flavor of a tortured hero, but just a naivie idiot. Before he was turned he was mostly a NEET who watched too much superhero shows and Kamen Rider, so now he tries to be friendly and nice but he's still essentially a creepy walking corpse.

>> No.32654627

You'd have to ramp up the comedy angle there.
Stuff like him feeding, getting caught, and just saying "...what?"

>> No.32654654

Heh. He tries seducing women in order to feed on them. Except he sucks at it.

>> No.32654686

oh you.

>> No.32654797

in one of the short stories it has a black court novice that used to be, how I interpreted it, a Hambeast that got way too involved in a V:tM Larp.

>> No.32654806

What do you guys think - a Egyptian sorcerer - would she know Divination or Necromancy as her starting Thaumaturgy?

>> No.32654885

Thank fuck for that. Seriously, that will-they-won't-they relationship dynamic was waaay past endearing and well into old and annoying 6 books ago. Now that it's finally resolved, maybe we can get on with the series without their unresolved sexual/romantic tension eating up too much focus in future books.

>> No.32654960

Didn't it only really get a few page focus whenever it came up?

>> No.32655354

So I'm confused.

On one hand, Wizards are Born, carried by the mother's bloodline, and it's genetic. (Charity was once a witch, Ergo Molly.)

On the other hand, "Anyone can learn magic" (See Butters, Thomas, etc. And not just Skin Game, Butters goes around throwing up circles of power in Dead Beat.)

Which one of these is true?

>> No.32655411

Either could easily have the right flavour, depends what kind of sorceror you want them to be.

Divination is a functional specialisation, Necromancy is thematic, so you can do a hell of a lot more with the latter (so long as corpses are involved somewhere).
But then again the White Council will murder you that much harder...

>> No.32655416


Anyone can learn it. You just need to find a source of magic. Usually it's a sponsor or something. Butters used Bob. But yes, anyone can do magic.

>> No.32655440


Well, yes, the presence of the White Council is an issue. The thing is, Egyptians did not see necromancy (consulting with the spirits of the dead) as something bad. Most Ancient civilizations didn't. And since my Sorcerer is trained by Thoth himself (Egyptian God of Magic), I am at a loss, and my GM is not online.

>> No.32655475

Butters threw up circles of power by himself (Harry's instruction, but no power from Harry) in Dead Beat.

>> No.32655494

White Council anti necromancery stuff is against raising zombies. They have no problem with traditional, actual necromancery, a la talking to the dead, or Mort wouldn't be able to do what he does.

>> No.32655613

Anyone can learn the techniques by which magic works, but magical *power*, the battery they run on, can vary by bloodline.
Someone with zero magic potential can throw up a circle (there isn't even a mental technique necessary with a little blood and salt)

This is why Butters' toys need Bob to function.

>> No.32655683

I believe at one point they also stated that the "Battery" is like a muscle, and even someone with zero power can eventually develop strength, even if it's extremely minor. Butters has the potential to actually be a practitioner, even without Bob

>> No.32655719

it's not even all zombies, just human ones. you could easily be an Egyptian necromancer that raises jackals, cats, crocodiles, etc. and be completely within The Laws. just look for a cat from ancient Egypt, the older the corpse the more powerful it is.

>> No.32655720

So would someone with no power (only practiced/learned ability) have an effect on tech?

>> No.32655745

Technically not so.
There's a major distinction in the series between the spirits left behind as an echo upon death, and the actual souls of the dead. This is what made Harry so special in Ghost Story.
Mort's ectomancy deals with the spirits, necromancy can only deal with a soul within moments of death, the bodies thereof and the elemental power of Death as an abstract.

>> No.32655758

At one point in Your Story, Billy claims his mom is walking techbane, despite having no magical power, and given he's got his own magic (WOLF FORM, ACTIVATE!) he probably got it from his mom. It seems that regardless of whether a practitioner has become strong, their base strength is what determines their techbane aura

>> No.32655770

Probably just a mundane Pauli Effect.

>> No.32655794

Granted, but this is Dresden Files we're talking about. When has there ever been a coincidence?

>> No.32655809

Whenever it would be inconvenient to Harry?

>> No.32655824


Hmm. I wonder if Butters will now use the energy of the Sword to use his magic. And whether he will let go off Bob, because the Sword exists on a different wavelength.

>> No.32655847

>Read Jim Butcher all through college
>Get out of college
>Read Pratchett and Sanderson
>Try to pick up latest book
>This is so short
>This magic feels flat and unsatisfying
>These quips aren't funny

>> No.32655899


I'll admit I giggled.

>> No.32655907

You're making comparisons. The single most important thing I've found for enjoying a novel is to to put all other stories out of your mind for the moment. If you're reading for enjoyment, this can even save bad or childish novels for you, as their own narrative will still be good enough to enjoy if you're not comparing them. It's why I can enjoy the Deltora Quest series despite being something like 16 years too old for it.

Comparison is for school projects. reading should be enjoyable, no matter what.

>> No.32655953

As much as I love the idea of a mummified cat familiar, if minions are what you want you'd be better off going with Summoning and simply binding and conjuring a couple of sexy scorpion girls or naga or whatever. Consulting with spirits of the dead is definitely Ecto- rather than Necro.

>> No.32656001

Coming back to Butcher after Sanderson does make a lot of the magic unsatisfying, though, I agree.

>> No.32656015

Interesting idea...taking Bob into the field is definitely a bad plan, but I'm still unclear as to whether the sword can itself be used as a power source, or if it uses the wielder's faith to power *it* (and that's therefore different to magical muscle).

>> No.32656047

Faith is power, and the sword of Faith gets its power from EVERYTHING that has faith in God. every Christian on the planet is powering it, not just the user. It just has inherent limits on its output.

>> No.32656189

So what the hell is necro then? Actually re-animating the dead?

>> No.32656209

That's definitely plausible, but do we know that? I can't think of any mention in the books that specific

>> No.32656254

I thought it was more Faith in general, not just in God, the new form of The Sword was proof of that, I thought. Also if you are going with the God of Abraham then it should be the Faith of all Christians, Jews, and Muslums.

>> No.32656279

Bob says it in Your Story, actually, when they're talking about powerful magical foci.

I'll admit I'm not super clear on it myself, but "powered by the faith of the planet" is definitely a thing.

>> No.32656304

Summoning something from the nevernever to animate corpses. The bodies "remember" being alive, so are a lot more potent than your average meat golem. There's also trapping true souls and using them for power, and the transferrence (read:gobbling) of lifeforce.
There is at least some crossover between the two disciplines, I guess it comes down to what the GM thinks is apt.

>> No.32656503

>> No.32657207

Here's hoping that Harry's interactions with Maggie and his other daughter get some more page time in Peace Talks.

>> No.32657274

They better.

>> No.32657334

I want to see her interact with Uncle Bob.

>> No.32657576

Oh lordy. What is Bob going to do to her?

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