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Whatever happened to the Scraplootas? They seem to dropped out of /tg/ psyche entirely. I still like them.

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What more was there to say?

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They are fondly remembered, but essentially, their story was told.

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How come Blue gets ignored in favour of Xeno who is objectively worse?

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>Why do people spam things that make others angry.


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I suppose.

On the plus side, at least we don't get Blue run into the ground.

How hard do you reckon it would be to make a figure for the Scraplootas characters?

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They had their time, just be glad they didn't turn into another Angry Marines.

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They still need some work but no one is willing to provide.

Thinking about having them make an appearance in a rogue trader game I might run.

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Out of curiosity, how would you do that?

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What's wrong with angry marines?

You can shoehorn in anything with enough effort

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Here is something.

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Players are stopping by in tiji sector have a job for them to run into some freebooters also a orky invasion of a world where they are transporting some guard regiments. Nothing solid yet as have to see what the players decide to do.

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It's not entirely told yet. There's still a few plot hooks left dangling, a few stories left unfinished, and an e-book that probably still hasn't been updated with grammar and spelling fixes.

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Had to find what I'm talking about.

is still not finished.

sets up a rematch against the 1st Membranes.

This e-book

needs editing

and is also missing

Those are the lose ends that I know of that still need tying up.

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I started a Threegrot but never finished it.

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Because Blue is sexy - wait, that's a reason Blue shouldn't be ignored.
Because Orks are aweso- no, that's not it.
Because Xeno is a Tau that's been made into a Necro-

I don't know.

I just know I like Blue's cheery, Orky personality mixed with inherent Tau traits and delicious hips and belly rather than stupid living metal.

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My picture disappeared for some reason

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I keep expecting them to be mentioned in one of the 40k RPG books, like other characters we've made up over the years. I think it would be the ultimate ego stroke to see a printed mention and canonization of something you personally had a hand in creating.

Anyway, I've always thought that building a scale model of Boris would be a dream build, perfect for Games Day or some other event. He would even have minis of all the major clan members peaking out of him.

And Blue, well, fa/tg/uys love some blueberry pie.

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Angry Marines got so popular that they're no longer "our thing." Shame, really.

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Xeno has all these traits AND she's made of delicious living metal.
That makes her objectively THE GREATEST!

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Why don't you make a Space Marine version of the Mafia? That way you can have your Cosa Nostra again.

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Putting some of this stuff in the wiki, to be remembered.

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>literally fedora marines
it would fit /tg/ perfectly


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...go on.

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Hopefully it would be the actual fedoras, and not the 'Austistic-and-totally-a-fedora' trilbys.

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...Shit. I just wanted to make an 'our thing' pun.

Well, the chapter would probably gain most of their recruits from the hive gangs worlds of sector Italicus, mainly Sicilicus. The strong traditions of honor and family within the gangs influenced the chapter's doctrines. They refuse to recruit from any other planets. Their chapter colors are black with white aquillas and white helmets, which they were special ornate hats referred to as 'fedoras' in the custom of the Italicus hive gangs.

The Chapter Master is called the Godfather, his titles including the Boss of Bosses and Capo dei Capi. The captains are called Bosses. Each squad of marines follows the doctrines of the Codex Astartes, but can easily operate on their own. The chapter's specialty is for a lone marine to carry out a 'hit' - a killing ordered by their Boss. These are usually enemy leaders, but can sometimes include regular enemy troops, or even fellow marines suspected of heresy.

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>implying there can still be a difference

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The one mad dok needs some love.

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I can't squeeze living metal. Living metal isn't propah Orky, and their guns ain't loud an' shooty.

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Even though his personality started diverging almost immediately
still sticks with me.

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Not much else you can really do with this sort of thing. Chapter would be specialist urbant fighters, used to the clutter and cluster of hive worlds. They'd probably be willing to make deals with planetary governers, Arbites forces, and Mechancius factions to do them favors for technology and resources. The favored weapon of Scouts is the shotgun over the sniper rifle, because they prefer to kill the enemy one on one at close range.

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Then make it orky.

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>shiny bits are green
>not red so it can go fasta

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hm when did the scraplootas acquire a spacehulk? I thought they just had the one gutted ship.

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I think they're one and the same.

The gutted ship is just called a spacehulk because it's big.

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green is propa

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Is propah orky, yeah, but it won't make ya go fasta! I'm supposed ta be roidin' that thing! Iz wanna go fasta!

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I really like the idea of a cheery orky tau for some reason
I think it's the idea that orks can loot anything, even people. I like diggas for much the same reason.

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>the only way to make Xeno liked is to give her to Blue

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Because no one knows or cares who blue is. Xenofag posts Xeno.

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There's this one thing that someone always brings up though.

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And it looks like I'm the one who's going to bring it up this time.

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That's great, I'd never seen that.

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For me I just like the idea that there's someone cheery there. Even if she is just a blueberry tank girl she seems like a nice character, and very much the sort of thing you'd find in a saturday morning cartoon.

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That story is 10/10. Whoever wrote it deserves a lot of praise.

On a different note, I think two of my favourite things have to be "the 60 second market", and the way the only evil thing the chaos core could manage was to create politicians. They're both so Pratchettesque, and so good. There's a lot more wit in the Scraplootas than people give them credit for.

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Whenever a new bit of good original content is spawned, /tg/ are super exited about it for a couple of days or even months, then get bored again and move on. That's the way it's always been, and I'd rather have that than beating the same dead horse over and over.
Scraplootas were fun, but there's really nothing left to do with them.

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It's the internet, it will always turn sexual eventually. This applies to effectively everything.

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I guess they're just fleshed out as much as they can be and anything else would be stories about them doing stuff.

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Which wouldn't really be as fun to write as it was to come up with more and more crazy things to put inside that titan. Sometimes you get to the point where you can't really add anything to something without destroying it. And I'm thankful we never crossed that point with the Scraplootas.

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Blue a qt

>> No.32584495

Dem thighs and stocky built. Easily the hottest blueberry.

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She's a kid you sick fuck.

>> No.32584550

Not with that shape, she isn't. Also she's a fictional alien.

>> No.32584576

That's not strictly true. With the Scraplootas she's an adult, just not very mentally developed.

I vaguely remember something about the WAAAAGH field or whatever keeping her young because the orks don't think she'd age. I might be wrong, fuck it.

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There's that one story with (at least) two different ends for Blue. In one, the orks are baffled as to why Blue is slowly growing weaker over the years until she finally "falls asleep", since the concept of dying of old age is completely alien to orks. The warboss is convinced she will one day wake up again, but he misses her a lot.

In the other, the WAAAAGH field has made Blue stop aging, and she grows bigger and bigger like normal orks. Frankly I like the first ending better.

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>lots'a time since tha last time
>roidin' fastah
>not roidin' propah
git goff, grot

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I just looked it up. There's three alternative versions; She dies, she grows, and she stays the same forever.

Personally, I like her staying the same, but I agree that her dying is probably the most sensible way for her to go. It's just really sad.

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Artist who made that picture. Man that brings back a whole lot of memories. I feel terrible leaving that so unrefined and crap

Makes me nearly think of giving it another go at redrawing it

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It's sad, but it makes a better story to me. Also seems like the option that would happen "in reality", but that doesn't really matter much with Scraploota's silly tone.

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Do it. I want more of dem hips.

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I thought she didnt grow, she just becomes an orky dreadnaught by using a crisis suit.

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Could be, it's been a long time since I read it.

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We all do

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I'm also not very fond of the "it's magic that can do absolutely everything as long as you just believe!" approach of orks that some fans have. Orcs live a lot time (unless they die violently, which usually happens) because their bodies are tough as hell and can repair themselves better than most, not because they wished upon a star and the blue fairy made her a real boy.

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*a long time

I'm tired.

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Yeah, but we're talking about something that isn't an ork.

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Which makes it even weirder, since shen she shouldn't really have that ability. She barely has a warp presense, even.

I don't want to go on a "Blue is stupid because canon" rant, because I don't believe that and I think having fun should go before playing by the rules, it's just that it always annoys me when people take the ork imagination thing too literal and say stuff like "if ork guns work because the orks think they will, then why do they build guns instead of just picking up sticks and go pew pew pew"? Someone seriously asked me that once with a straight face.

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True, but the lootas are exposed to all sorts of weird shit, like glowing waasquigs and a constant slow trickle of chaos corruption.

>> No.32585199

I don't think anyone here is claiming something like that.

>> No.32585223

We're discussing a story where a Tau becomes immortal because she believes she's an ork, and her wish came true because she believed it hard enough, even if it's impossible for Tau physiology. So yes, something like that has been claimed.

>> No.32585230

People are saying that the orks believed it, not her

>> No.32585267

It's still stretching the ork wish fullfillment thing to ridiculous extremes just because some people can't handle a character being mortal.

>> No.32585423

The story was framed from the point of view of observing eldar who had no idea why she wasn't aging, just that she wasn't. Even within the story they called the theory that the waaagh was keeping her young dumb, they just couldn't figure out what the fuck was going on.

I kinda liked that story the most just because it sort of enveloped the whole idea of the Scraplootas being silly and that if you try too hard to make sense of them, you'll just get a headache. Sort of like how Calvin never aged at all in the entire run of Calvin and Hobbes and Watterson would even sometimes made jokes about this.

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still my favourite /tg/ creation

>> No.32585500

Like any other fad on /tg/ it died from being run into the ground. It's dead now- let it have its rest.

>> No.32585510

We already did this before.

>> No.32585542

heres a little taste to show that im actually going about it. Though im running on soft drink to keep myself awake at the moment, so I dont know how long ill work on this for now

>> No.32585598

The legs are a bit stumpy. Could look good when done though.

>> No.32585751

Isn't that true of EVERYTHING on /tg/?

>> No.32585789

Probably. We're not as creative as we think we are. I'm almost positive the last "Mafia Marines" thread is still on suptg.

>> No.32585792

She needs to be a little more buff, but it's looking great so far.

>> No.32585818

That's why I think the Scraplootas ended up being good, because it was partially based on random dicerolls.

>> No.32586132

Yeah. A lot of "OC" here is Space Marines, but X.

>> No.32586262

Bad OC is still OC

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>> No.32587267

If it isn't original, then it can't be OC now, can it?

>> No.32587433

It kind of can, OC is just something that uses other elements in a new way.

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Well hello new content.

Same person who write that wrote a few of the other stories.
If the thread stays up long enough, maybe he'll see it and feel motivated enough to continue.

And there are still things to be done with the Scraplootas, regardless of what a few people in this thread are saying.
Until the unfinished stories get finished and the collection of stories gets updated, we're not done yet.

>> No.32588759

>If the thread stays up long enough, maybe he'll see it and feel motivated enough to continue.

I doubt he's even here any more

>> No.32589074

why wouldn't he be?

>> No.32589094

Here's hopeing that the new ork dex makes a grot/kommando heavy homage to the scraplootas viable.

>> No.32589130

I suppose anything is possible seeing how homages have happened before, even if I'm only aware of one.

>> No.32589160

/tg/ barely remembers them, so GW definitely won't know about them. That and they're too crazy to get recognised.

>> No.32589185

So, what's the point of the Scraplootas? Aren't they just Bad Suns but even more nonsensical?

>> No.32589219

Oh lordy, I never expected GW to know about them. I just hope luck of the draw makes the units good, so that I can field them with some hope of victory.

>> No.32589332

What's the point of anything?

>> No.32589349


Glad you enjoyed it.

It wasn't on /tg/ and I kept forgetting to put that together from from a pic of the entire thread I had sitting around in my harddrive so that might be why you never saw it.

>> No.32589711

There is no point to them, they're just pointless, silly fun. They weren't created to fill some niche genre like most /tg/ marine chapters are, they were just a collection of random rolls and half-baked ideas that congealed into a delightful whole. I think that's one reason I love em so much. That and because /tg/ went out of their way to avoid most pop culture references for once.

>> No.32589725

Don't suppose you have anything else?

>> No.32589751

Agreed, pop culture references just kill off the fun of a lot of these things for me. Why do we have to reference popular culture when we have perfectly good ideas anyway?

>> No.32589786

Because people can't resist inserting their favorite media into places it doesnt belong, and the congratulating themselves on being so cool and referential.

Also, they have no creativity of their own, and must draw from other people's ideas.

Throw in some hipsterism and LE REDDIT MEMES for good measure, and you've got yourself some primo cancer.

>> No.32589820

Why are they so likable considering they're basically responsible for genocide with a smile?

Even Blue is a mass murderer.

>> No.32589853

>what is a ork

>> No.32589863

Because there is nothing more lovable than a happy ork, except maybe a happy tau what thinks shes an ork.

>> No.32589958

Because people seem determined to never be serious about anything. Even a little bit of "hey guys, let's try not to just shit on canon" gets a response of HAY GUIZE LETS MAKE THIS WACKY NOW.

It's like in quest threads where the OP just lets people do whatever the hell they want, because they've confused fervor with quality. Not every scream and shout is hotblooded gurren lagann awesomeness, sometimes its just morons yelling.

It happens in every homebrew that /tg/ tries to do, and if it's not permitted, the "No fun allowed" images start flying and people start shitposting when their retarded super speshul ideas get any criticism.

>> No.32589981

I agree with that for some things, but are you saying the Scraplootas should be treated more seriously?

>> No.32590080

No, I think he specifically meant to explain why gratuitous pop culture references do more to hurt OC than help it. Basically, he means that trying to make something like the Scraplootas won't work quite as well because there's a good chance that any good ideas will be drowned in pop culture references and "I'm so random" horseshit that wouldn't be out of place on Gaia. Throw in the fact that many content creators become reluctant to listen to outside criticism as time foes on, and you have a recipe for disaster on your hands.

>> No.32590112

We look at Orkz from Orkz perspective.

For a look from the other race's perspective imagine a 7 foot tall gorilla man that wants to kill you, enslave your family and loot your entire planet for resources for a warmachine that him and his million strong army of gorillaman friends are apart of. They don't fear death, are as strong and fast as your best men and you've probably seen them take horrific injuries without dying.

>> No.32590475

That's not as fun

>> No.32590593

I'd like to say that Dok Gitstitcha could probably benefit from toning down the Dr. Weird references a bit. Derknitt is fine as is.

>> No.32590595

I think only three of them started off as references, but then almost immediately diverged.

-Snekkit was a Snake parody, but then took off on his own and no one remembers that anymore. Now he's best known as a nob who is a kommando and is dead sneaky despite being big.

-Derknitt was a Batman parody, but now he's just the ork who goes around krumping anything that isn't orky, including gits, screaming wall demons, and whatever else he catches.

-Gitstitcha was a Dr. Weird parody, but the idea of how an ork can survive a head transplant overwrote that with the idea that he's done it to himself before. That and his tormenting the deamon core.

>> No.32590645

Yeah, that's pretty much the wavelength I'm on. It gets so annoying having to explain to people that just because their idea doesn't receive acclaim, that it's not a personal attack on them. And just because they have an idea, that doesn't mean that it fits the tone of what the project is.

It's like, sure, there's a place for derpiness, but not EVERYWHERE. And yet, people seem to think that derpiness is necessary, because any restraint whatsoever is an ATTACK ON MUH CREATIVITY, and any attempt to tone the zaniness down is GRIMDARK FAGGOT PLEASE GO.

Lolrandom does not mean fun. It just shows that you can't create an idea beyond yelling about shit. Volume is not quality, if that makes any sense.

Just look at the Oestalan System for a recentish homebrew that didn't get any traction. They tried to keep the derp to a minimum, but got accused of being fascists because they tried to maintain some control over what was included. Some of what hey said was hamhanded, certainly, but there was also a lot of butthurt from the peanut gallery, which was caused by AND provoked excessive responses. The anons got mad because their every utterance didn't get included, and they left the project to die on the vine.

It was a really interesting little negative feedback loop.

I'm not saying it was perfect, but it was very illustrative of the difficulties in creating a storyline as opposed to a series of disjointed segments.

>I was of the guys who wrote about planets. It was kind of sad to watch something that could have been cool die.

>> No.32590646

>That feel when everything is so much better with Orks sometimes you can't contain yourself.

I want an Ork only RPG book.

>> No.32590653

>Snekkit was a Snake parody

I didn't actually know that

>> No.32590669

He was only really similar to Dr. Weird at first, then he just became your usual mad dok with an obsession with squigs.

The later stories with him in them take him further away from the Dr. Weird angle.

>> No.32590831


nothing with the scraplootas that isn't already listed and linked on 1d4chan's scraploota page I'm afraid.

>> No.32590875

>I think that's one reason I love em so much. That and because /tg/ went out of their way to avoid most pop culture references for once.

yep. there are a few exceptions but for the most part yes. and It's lovely.

>> No.32590940

Basically, Blue is the only thing that really leans kinda hard on canon. Other than that, an Ork warband that took over a titan? Fucking excellent.

>> No.32590986


neither did I.

>CAPTCHA: envelopment dorsekl

>> No.32591006

Blue is really the least important part too. And the rest seems to all fit in nicely.

>> No.32591020

>Blue is really the least important part too
Gotta have a waifu.

>> No.32591061

Yeah, but take Blue out and nothing is really lost.

I really like her, and think she's adorable, but I won't pretend she's particularly interesting or necessary.

>> No.32591081

The way I see it, Blue is the audience representative, or whatever that's called.

She's the excuse for the orks to explain things that would be obvious to them.
At least that's the role I see her plying from a narrative perspective.

>> No.32591113

I find it interesting that a piece of random /tg/ OC even has that sort of character. It gives everything a cartoon sort of feeling.

>> No.32591149

I was there lurking for a fair amount of it, and my impression was that as time went on, fewer and fewer people were actually making stiff for it; they all either got bored and left for other things or didn't like the way one part or another was going and ragequit.

Speaking of which, never namefag or tripfag when making OC. It causes the content creators who do it to get swelled heads and attracts the shitposters who automatically assume any thread with mor than two namefags/tripfags is a circlejerk which must be trolled to oblivion for the good of the board.

>> No.32591327

I've seen the Scraplootas described being like a Saturday morning cartoon more than a dozen times.

>> No.32591385

I think of them more as the 40k characters Terry Pratchett never wrote.

>> No.32591576

I don't see why people compare them to Pratchett

>> No.32591875

Let's not pretend that it isn't the case that namefags and tripfags ruin OC discussion.

>> No.32592229


No, no you do not need to have a waifu. You really, really don't.

Yeah, that one guy who showed up for the last four threads or so to do nothing but crusade against the namefags was probably correct to speak against namefagging, but holy shit he threw such bad feels around that no one wanted to touch the project with a ten foot pole.

Like, i get fighting for a cause, but holy shit, let it the fuck go and go somewhere else if you really hate something so much.

>> No.32592511

Some people take the "4chan is for anonymous" thing far more seriously than is probably healthy for them. And the sad thing is that they think the rest of the board should be grateful to them for "saving the board culture" from the big bad namefags even though they're the ones who aren't producing anything besides shitposts.

>> No.32592607

So it seems. People just need to calm down, even though it's evidently the hardest thing in the world.

>> No.32592670

Apparently the guys who made it wanted to make a roleplaying game like it would be done by an Ork.
So pretty much, by Orks, for Orks.

>> No.32593123

They are still right though, shitposting or not. Tripfags are a cancer.

>> No.32593221

Case in point- assuming all tripfags are alike.

>> No.32593278

The actual IDEA of Tripfags is cancerous though. And almost all of them are exactly alike.

I can count the number of Tripfags who are any actual good on one hand, and they don't outweigh the shit ones.

>> No.32593337

Only 99% of the time.
There is the occasional trip/name fag that's actually cool.

Think about it, though.
You're on a website where the vast majority of the userbase posts anonymously.
It takes a special kind of egocentric faggotry to decide that you, of all people, need to be specifically identified for no other reason than "Because I'm special.".

>> No.32593378

Everyone's definitions of everything is different, particularly what is "good" and "bad".

That's the main problem people stumble into i think, is assuming their definitions are correct at all times. I know it's hard taking a step back from yourself, but it seems to be so very important for anything good to get done.

>> No.32593404

Worst /tg/ homebrew period, keep youre shapely tau fetish out of 40k.

>> No.32593805


>> No.32594102

Well, I found that on LARP threads, names/trips are usefull, if only to denounce where in the world you are from, so we can keep the discussion ontopic, instead of constantly asking where you are (for when you are asking questions about nearby larps/stores/shops/workshops/ect)

>> No.32594194

I don't think anyone would say that trips are a totally useless tool.

The key is that tripping tends to attach a person's ego to their ideas, and then they get extremely defensive at the slightest criticism. I've seen it dozens of times in many /tg/ homebrews.

Reacting with GET THE HELL OUT TRIPFAG I HOPE YOU DIE IN A FIRE at their first post is also likewise poor decisionmaking on the part of anon. Such an excessive reaction leads to trips tripping just to troll those anons.

It's finding balance, and learning not to fly off the handle at the slightest provocation, is all.

>> No.32594253

Yea, you're right.

Unfortunately, quite alot of people can't handle the truth.

>> No.32594876

Suppose I'm new to /tg/ and have never heard of them. Who actually are they?

>> No.32595093

saturday morning cartoon IN SPACE with VIOLENCE

>> No.32595096

It sure would be cool if we had a wiki. And it would be even cooler if the first thing the wiki page did was answer that exact question.

>> No.32595122

>Implying the wiki isn't full of Reddit

>> No.32595134

An ork tribe that /tg/ rolled on the ol dice tables and ended up with a gang of freebooterz comprised almost entirely of grots and kommandos and nothing else. Oh, and they also looted a chaos titan and made it orky.

From there /tg/ loaded them up with some pretty ridiculous characters and acquaintances. Threegrot is one of my favorites.

>> No.32595171

Don't forget that the Titan is run by a bureaucracy of Grots with a political system, and that each limb hates each other.

>> No.32595177

Is it? What do you think needs to be fixed on it?

>> No.32595337

I THINK what the other anon meant was all the CREEEEED and other stuff like that often found on 1d4chan.

Of which there is none of the Scraplootas' page.

>> No.32595342

There's a lot of random homebrews and shit that need to be cleaned out, for one thing. Shit that's never been fleshed out, never been used, and no one reads. It's all been kept for fear that the one anon who made it will come back and pitch a hissy fit.

>> No.32595390

>homebrews and shit that need to be cleaned out
Why exactly would you want that gone?
>Shit that's never been fleshed out, never been used, and no one reads.
Yeah, but that takes up what? A kilobyte a page? And it has no influence on anything else.

>> No.32596819

Because, despite the background idea being vaguely cool, the waifu bullshit tends to eclipse it.

>> No.32597654

The admin hates having to delete anything that isn't outright spam. Kind of ridiculous, but it's his wiki so there's nothing we can do about it.

>> No.32598188

The admin wouldn't stop someone from deleting the spam for him, nor would he ignore deletion requests.

The blame falls equally on either on our collective timidness or plain indifference to act.

>> No.32599148

He doesn't ignore them so much as flat-out not listen to them. Only way it's going to be cleaned out is if they have a full-fledged coup.

>> No.32599694

i wonder if GW would ever think of making these orks a new army (or any /tg/ "army" a bonified army)

>> No.32601503

I seriously doubt it.

I'm still not even sure how a "Love Can Bloom" reference got into something official.

>> No.32601526

Because Fantasy Flight likes fun.

>> No.32602994

I really like them most of the time. I wonder sometimes if they churn things out piecemeal to make more money, but I can honestly say I've had fun every single time I play one of their games, RPG or board.

>> No.32603056


And here it is, hope you guys like it

>> No.32603237


Is that a window or a poster behind her?

>> No.32603303


Oh thats just a window, I wanted something a little silly there, so I just drew something happening outside.

>> No.32603362

Sweet sweet OC.

>> No.32605192

Rubbish. Most of the discussion here is about the works.

>> No.32605843

>That and because /tg/ went out of their way to avoid most pop culture references for once.

I don't think it's that they avoided them, I think its more that they used to create something decent instead of just "lol derp look a reference! XD!!! XP!!"

Pop culture references work best when they're used to add something to the universe or characters.

I'd argue that both Threegrot and the Grotocracy are both pop culutre references themselves.

>> No.32606053

>I'd argue that both Threegrot and the Grotocracy are both pop culutre references themselves.

In what sense?

>> No.32606748

Well I wouldn't call them direct references to any one thing or character, more references to ideas/cliches that are regularly used in significant portions of pop culture.

Threegrot is based on the gag about 3 (or more) kids/midgets/aliens trying to sneak about and pretend to be an "adult/human" by standing on each others shoulders and wearing a big coat (and maby a hat).

The Grotocracy is a cliche, over the top bureaucracy, taken to even more extremes because they're Orks/Gretchen.

Combine that with the fact that they have a bit of a 80's Yuppie type vibe going with some of the higher ups.

Well at least that's how I see it

>> No.32606985

That makes them tropes, not pop culture references.

>> No.32608290

Same thing really

>> No.32608443

Far from it. It's certainly better than the "Scary Movie" approach /tg/ normally takes with it

>> No.32608578

Scary movie is also based on tropes though.

>> No.32608617

While in a blue moon does Scary Movie references a trope, most of the time it is a reference to all the horror movies that were released at the same time, regardless of how much the horror movies being referenced lasted in the mind of the average consumer of pop culture.

They do do a tiny bit more to the references, but it is no better than what /tg/ can homebrew on a /b/ad day.

>> No.32608689

All /tg/ waifus are terrible, without exception.

>> No.32608741

heh, its usually me. That's my go to Ork picture.

it's funny

>> No.32608767

Boris is the beet waifu

>> No.32608914

Aren't ALL waifus bad?

>> No.32609015

The first one and maybe some of the second. After that its just random references to internet memes and topical scandals.

>> No.32609443

No, just yours is.

>> No.32610224


>> No.32610970

Take this, my dakka, my choppy, and ALL OF MY WAAAAGH


>> No.32611596


>> No.32612036


More looted creations of blue please.

>> No.32613540

I don't think much was ever drawn.

Did anything happen with the fanseer/those two tau guys tasked with getting Blue back?

>> No.32613639

The Tau probably died of old age and the fanseer probably isn't too active if that one fic is right about the Scraplootas krumping all their enemies.

>> No.32614480

>I don't think much was ever drawn.

Hence the asking for more?

>> No.32614542

Oh, I thought you meant for people to post some that were already there.

>> No.32614596

>that filename
Jesus Fuck that's not something I ever expected to see again.
How many years ago did I make that thread? Two? Three?

>> No.32614828

Well the Scraplootas are two years old now.

>> No.32615084

Yeah, she is pretty much an orkaboo NEET who does nothing but stalk her husbandork.

>> No.32615118

>The Tau probably died of old age
I like to think that they are constantly cryo-frozen and only reheated whenever the Scraplootas are discovered since they obviously have the most field experience in dealing with this unique threat.

>> No.32615167

She is still a farseer still. She likely still has duties even if there's basically no threats.

I mean they probably live in that shithole sector the scraploota and everyone else unfortunate enough to end up in.
Maybe, but time adds up.

>> No.32616861

The thing about it all is you can kind of pick whatever time period of them you want. It's not a hard and fast rule that they're the later on scraplootas, you can still think of them as the early version of them, when they'd just looted the Titan and were finding their feet.

>> No.32618664


>> No.32618818

>And I'm thankful we never crossed that point with the Scraplootas.

>> No.32618940

That was just a joke

>> No.32619225

>the imperial aquilas is in the curse censor
>Big Es skull in the junk pile
Its the little things.

>> No.32621914

Getting there.

It'll have been two years come the end of July.

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