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Is there a more unlikable, self-centered, ambitious, sociopaths, narcissistic and downright evil prick of BBEG than this?

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inb4 Marche pictures

And sure. The Devil, I guess?

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You thought Griffith was the best evil bastard. But it was me, DIO!

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>Is there a more unlikable, self-centered, ambitious, sociopaths, narcissistic and downright evil prick of BBEG than this?
Luca Blight and Albedo are definitely contenders.

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>Tfw there are faggots on /a/ who unironically think Griffith did nothing wrong

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>"I can't handle loss and being defeated waaah"
>"Instead of using my head and marrying the princess by following the rules I'm going to be an impulsive dumbass"
>"get caught"
>"Alright, I'm all fucked up now, I'll settle for Caska and live a norm-"
>:"Too late, Guts beat me to her. I'm entitled piece of shit so I'm going to just sacrifice all of my friends and loved ones who bled for me"

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Lucifer/Satan in Paradise Lost?

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the ones who didn't walk away from omelas?

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This fine duo would come to mind...

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not at all, he got his position by birth and expected it his whole life, he did nothing to try to attain it or gain power while he had it
i don't think so, that's usual associated with antisocial behavior. joffrey just liked hurting things
>downright evil prick
i guess, but mostly he was just crazy

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That has nothing to do with being anti-social. Fuck, Sociopaths are usually likable because they're such good manipulators.

all 'Sociopath' means is they're incapable of feeling empathy. They understand the different between right and wrong in an academic sense, but can't FEEL it.

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Final fantasy tactics advance. Main character.

End thread.

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>inb4 Marche

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Marche was an evil, soulless, heartless bastard who wanted to watch his friends suffer in a painful and mundane world.

When they had a world where a disabled, orphaned child had the use of his legs and two loving parents, a young woman was able to test her love of adventure, and every opportunity stretched out before him, he decided to LITERALLY ruin it for EVERYONE.

He is Asdurbal Vect-evil.

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That wasn't what happened and /tg/'s autism about that game continues

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>tfw no psycho mom into incest

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...you really don't know what Autism is... do you..

Use a more proper term, like "Butthurt" or "misconception."

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>Implying Griffith did anything wrong.

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He isn't evil, he's neutral. He realised that this world was false and that it was only fair for himself and his friends.

He was just a massive cunt about how he went about fixing it, is all. Marche is not Lawful Evil, or Chaotic Evil - He's Chaotic Asshole.

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>Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior.
>restricted and repetitive behavior.
Sounds 'bout right.

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Well what do you expect from the board dedicated to the same escapism that the game aimed to denounce.

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Refusing the sacrifice would have been the wrong choice. He already killed hundreds, if not thousands more during his campaign. Hell, he probably sent more Hawks to their deaths than even were present at the Eclipse. What are 20, 50, 100 people if you already killed thousands? Fucking Doldery probably saw more corspes than the eclipse.

No, banging the princess, that was idotic and fucked everything up.
But the Eclipse was, all in all, not that evil. Sure, the Dark Age was horrible, but the Golden Age wasn't exactly golden. And now, with Falconia and all, he's on a roll to create the bestest, most perfectest, greatest empire ever.
The people of the world are better off thanks to the Eclipse.

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I bet most of those fucks didn't even play the game.

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Likely, yes. It's just a meme on repeat now.

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I played it, though not to the end.

Marche really is a douche. He completely fails to explain any of his actual evidence and just yells about how I'M TOTALLY RIGHT AND YOU'RE BEING EEEEVIL AND FUCK YOU

He's not actually wrong about the world being bad for people - there are definitely signs that the book is twisting Ivalice and generally fucking shit up - but he is a complete shit-head.

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>That wasn't what happened
It's exactly what happened barring anon mixing Mewt and Doned into the same character. The worst part being that he did it entirely without evidence. It's not until Li Grim is already fucked that he finally gains proof that the world is an illusion.

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I find Guts just as annoying really. At least Griffith killed out of ambition. Guts killed for the fuck of it. Only reason he abandoned the band of the hawk was because his petty ego wanted to be alpha so he left to assert his snowflake status, thus causing a lot of the problems by bailing on his responsibilities to his men. Corkus was right about that faggot.

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Yeah, Dio actually beats him at unlikability.

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If my best friend turned into Joffrey Baratheon I'd probably knock some sense into him in ways I wouldn't be proud of later.
Marche may have been trying to kill imagination land but by that point Newt had run the place into the fucking ground. The people who lived there considered oblivion a preferable alternative.

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This just in, Dio a shit.

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>by that point Newt had run the place into the fucking ground
Actually, it was only after Marche started hunting down the crystals that Mewt started throwing new laws around on a whim and making everyone's lives hell. Until then nobody had any idea that anything was wrong.

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This just in,

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The whole thing got derailed by some kind of hikkikomori suicide drama anyway.

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Normal Life a shit

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Go home, KC. Nobody gets how you work anyway.

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It just works!

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This just in, you lose

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Meh, I miss Jojo characters being ridiculously buff...

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You make a valid point, but I think Ramsay Snow/Bolton is even worse. >>32572786
is right, Joffery isn't really ambitious, but this mother fucker sure is.

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Yeah, but Ramsay is so effective because you know that guys like him really exist, not because he's a huge threat.

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> not because he's a huge threat
Maybe not at the moment, but he's got the potential to be. If you leave him to his own devices and without supervision, he's certainly the kind of person who'd become a huge threat.
Also, he'll cut off your wiener, and if that isn't scary I don't know what is.

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>Joestar line becoming weaker, and as such the descendants are becoming less /fit/

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>he's certainly the kind of person who'd become a huge threat.
I doubt it; he got really lucky to rise the way he did. If there hadn't be a war his antics would have probably gotten him killed, either by Ned or his own dad to keep things quiet.

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What a shame.

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If it was only that; Jotaro is becoming girlier and, girlier with every part.
He looks ten years younger now than in part three.

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Is this the work of an enemy stand?!

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In the books, where Theon is supposed to be killed by him until the 5th, Ramsay is currently the lord of Winterfell and, as you probably know, is married with fake arya stark

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And what's wrong with an illusion, anyways?

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yup, but only because he got really lucky
and as it is, his dad doesn't expect him to last very long.

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>Downright evil
Are you a dog person? If so, DIO.

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To be fair, I expect his dad to skin and kill him. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the character, but I don't get all this love (or hate). You got a lot of evil and cruel characters, this one is just the edgier of them all, and he doesn't even have the subtility of his father.

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He's got that killer smile

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> Danny powered

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Ah, well, I dislike the series so maybe it's why I didn't got the charming.

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The ride never ends.

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>"Car" Platinum

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I kinda like their take on him. Him being average, kinda hobbit looking, rather than an ogre, gives him a nice extra creep factor.

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please tell me there's more

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>Cart Crimson can skip over large portions of the course
>Gold Experience Wheelquiem just makes everyone else drive in reverse

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>Main Cart Crimson every day
>No one understands how the races are over the moment they begin
Don't these morons get it? It just works.

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Clearly, when Giorno's cart bumps into other carts, they turn into turtle carts.

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In retrospect, Kars might be more of a dick than DIO. He just had the ability to back up his impossibly huge ego.

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I'm not sure why Marche didn't just go to a Jagd and shoot himself in the head. It would've fixed his problem; since that world's not real and all, it's not like he would actually die.

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He was really more ruthless than a dick. Yeah, he'll break his word or use a hostage, but Dio will take the time to put mutilate a cat and stick bits of it in your drink, just for the lulz.

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While Kars for some reason loved animals and nature as the whole.
You can't say character who saves puppies is absolutely evil.

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Joffery was just a messed up kid with too much power.

He wasn't evil or anything just a fucked up little brat. A few good years of therapy and actual parenting would have fixed him right up.

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Guts, more than anybody else, deserves his revenge regardless of what the reincarnation of Griffith is doing currently

Griffith raped Caska before Guts eyes because he was angry that his pawns weren't playing his game anymore. He couldn't forgive Guts because of his possible homoerotic or just bromantic (whether Griffith was gay/bisexual or not has been open to debate many times) love for him and Guts left him to live his own life on his own terms. He didn't want to die for Griffith which is what he was risking everyday he stood by Griffith.

Don't tell me that betraying all of those who were closest to you and psychotically raping a former comrade is acceptable any way, shape, or form.

tl;dr Guts deserves revenge. 'Nuff said.

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