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Copypasta thread.

Also I am looking for one about a 40k game where that guy makes his character pick up a chick and tries to play the scene out, but due to an awsome DM she turns out to be a Slaaneshi cultist and makes him part of a ritual

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That's literally the plot to the last season of the jojo anime though.

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I saw a WoD one like that once.

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I was in the thread you're looking for the image for.
Give me a minute.

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OP, at least post stuff.

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>tfw only person in thread

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Is this a reference to something?

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I'm lurkan I just have nothing to boot with.

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A Lewis Black comedy routine. I've heard it, but I couldn't say which act it's from.

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Lewis Black's bit about watching those A-bomb/earthquake safety videos in school as a kid.

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That's solid fucking gold.

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Do you take me for a fool?

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Ok, so that anon was pretty cool
But his GM. The GM for that game was amazing, from the sounds of it. 10/10

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Oh, never noticed.
Have a jpeg version.

I'm keeping the gif. jpegs get fuzzy after a while.

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Does anyone know the context for this?

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I beg to differ: that GM was clearly playing favorites and would have had his shit kicked in 12 ways from Sunday if that went down in most of the groups I've played in.

Hint: if you make it so critical failure on an attack paired with a critical success results in a PC getting instantly decapitated, your "everything goes by the rules" defense goes out the window.

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If you're a scrub:
Jimmy Russel
A Pokemon trainer, specifically a Swimmer.
Smith and Wesson is an American gun manufacturer.
Wizard of OZ
How the Grinch Stole Christmas

I thought it was the player's familiar or something. The character in question being a water spirit of some sort.

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Nah, read more closely. He specifically mentions the two *players* with him on the island are calling him out; they are the Captain and the hydromage.

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Well, in that case.

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I have been told that this story is nearly older than I am.

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If he's honestly trying to present that as a positive experience, then I can only imagine what he actually acted like in real life, not from his perspective.

Although not really, since if it was significantly worse than that, he would have gotten the shit kicked out of him before the end of the session.

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Polite reminder: If you ever make a threadcap, and your horizontal resolution is greater than 1280, please zoom in somewhat so that the image resolution isn't twice as wide as many people's monitors. Nobody likes to scroll back and forth hundreds of times, or zoom out until the text is too small to read.

Screencapers are caring sorts, who like to make sure a story is heard, so I hope you'll understand.

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Damn, /b/ is fucked up.

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>Ate an ork out of anger

Holy shit, /tg/

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Jesus shit

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it says /r9k/

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Didn't there used to be a function in 4chan that made text wrap to 3/4 of your screen?

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>jpegs get fuzzy after a while.

I agree, sir. I hate it when jpegs get hazy after a while. They never age well.

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Better to put your browser in windowed mode and reduce the width.

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B-but anon
m-muh tabs

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use multiple windows wtf is wrong with you

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Why would anyone need this many tabs? Use bookmarks you fuck.

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this the thing?

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Slow night... I guess I'll dig for somethings that's not already posted here...

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Thanks to this story, I'm going to be playing an undead Cleric/Wizard skelebone that was kept alive by a magical fuck up from his master's attempt at being a Lich and stuck in a cave for 300 years. His name is Bartholomew and many laughs shall be had

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I...I don't get it...I've never played Ravenloft...

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last one for tonight, if this is still around tomorrow afternoon, I'll post a few more.

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For some reason, this one made me laugh straight into a coughing fit.

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Posting this for Lawful Good reasons

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And posting THIS for BBEG reasons...

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Not a funny copypasta, but instead a really useful one for people running Pathfinder.

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I should point out that while that screenshot's from /a/, the screenshot in the screenshot is /tg/.

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Dude, I have almost the same thing happen to me every night, what the fuck.

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It's called sleep paralysis

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>10/10 would play with DM and bropirate

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Basically a Hammer Horror Movie got knocked up by the old school Castlevana games and birthed a D&D setting.

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Now that is a game I would like to play.

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Glorious bastard.

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Glorious shit, mate!

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I'm giving 100 out of 10.
I want so much to know players' reaction when rogue stabbed that girl.

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Please be fake.

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It probably isn't fake.

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Fuck you. This must be fake.

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The fact that that anon seems to have died could be attributed to the fact that losing alot of sleep can cause your brain to simply shut down. Some people have psychological-physical stimulii caused by dreams as well that make them seem more vivid. For example, falling dreams could give you enough of a shock to have a heartattack. It's completely valid that the person was experiencing sleep paralysis and hallucinating, and their mind made up the rest of the difference by tearing apart their body.

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No it happens. There's a disease that makes you literally unable to sleep . You just stay awake till you die.

Makes you see... things...

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So you say that was a disease?
Welp, better than some paranormal shit.

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Yet you could argue that this paranormal experience isn't just rooted in human psychology. How do you explain that ruby disappearing? What if he really DID get visited by the boner killer? That's my favorite part about supernatural speculation.

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A riveting tale of a barbarian team.

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Of a bard and feminazi tiefling.

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Punching weaboos.

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The tale of high adventure in Pokeland.

>> No.32570548

And a second story from the same game.

That's all I have, folks.

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Oh my god this is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

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For those who don't want to squint: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/26565579/

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I'm not gonna post after >>32571695.

I'll be in my bunk with some tissues and a blanket I kept in my closet from when I was 7.

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GDI this always gets me upset

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Dear god you're right.

it would have been much better if they'd kicked him into space

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Holy motherfucking shit! This is awesome! I wanna anime about it, this would be only anime I would watch to the end!
Or comics at least! PLEASE!

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Old one.

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holy fuck that is gold

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Pretty sure that shit's called Sky Dancers. One of those gimmick shows from the 90s.

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hey, I'm just reposting. Also, didn't really watch a whole lot of tv.

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Please stop being a Fucktard. I was there when it happened, holy shit someone made a Screencap of it, but it has nothing to do with anything to do with the number 9, 0, 90, or anything other than a typo. Piss off.

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Calm your quivering tits. He was just pointing out a similarity.

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please tell me this happened

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They are some cheap ass toys in the 90s-ish that, like most toys, got their own cartoons. There were ballerina ones for girls and dragons for boys.

I still remember the theme from Dragonflyz and hum it occasionally.

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Holy crap that is some gay ass theme music.

Have some good shit to cleanse the palate.

COPS was kind of a shitty show, but it had a great opening.

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I'm pretty sure i have dragon flyz on vhs

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That's what they played over the end credits. This is probably what he was talking about.

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That is pretty weak too. It aint no Spiral Zone.


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I bet you like metal

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fuckin... wow.....

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How the shit do you make planes in D&D?

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>>32575377 done borked.

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I don't even...

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So I'm slightly confused by that guy's analysis. Is he suggesting that the Paladin's Illusionist just made the other players think he slaughtered the city?

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this is awesomly amusing and I can't quite put my finger on it
9/10 would watch the syndicated television show

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I am referring to >>32575524

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He used the illusionist to mask any signs of necromancy, methinks.

/tg/ stuff only, plz.


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the baker's daughter never fails to elicit feels from me ;_;

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These people fucking exist? I mean, I'm not even a player of wargames (I have about 1000 points of Tomb Kings by 7th Ed rules, if that, and I don't even know how much by current rules, and they're not even assembled), but holy fucking shit, man, that's bullshit of the highest order.

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Traditional Games frequently attract people ailed with autism and/or aspergers. While it's likely that these people could simply be normal people with a serious anger problem that simply always need to get their way, it's important to note that there are frequently underlying issues.

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I am glad I read that story.

>> No.32576919

or he just stopped posting to troll everyone's jimbobs

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I- I just..... its so beautiful..... I will never be able to write something so beautiful in my life...

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No, but seriously. It's like taking offence to someone in a casual game of MtG running a deck that's almost, but not quite, standard-legal, and bitching them out about it, then grabbing all the cards that aren't standard-legal, tearing them up, and then burning the pieces. It's a senseless waste of something that someone spent money out of their own pocket to get and put time, effort and possibly more money into to make it something better than the original.

Or am I now just being a ranter?

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Like a guy preaching about not kicking puppies.
It makes sense, it's sympathetic, and it's a good sentiment, but it's still a lengthy spiel.

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Just a Janitor.

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My god...

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NTR rabbit edition. Wow. I feel apathetic to this, and I'm usually the first to crucify someone who starts anything remotely resembling it, Netorare AND netori.

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Not to mention the fact that anyone who needs the rant isn't the type of person to listen to it.

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has anyone figured out what game this was?

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cryin liek a bitch

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>(if you are imagining this said in a joking way, you are horribly wrong)

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Can someone explain this one please?

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I'm not entirely sure, but I think it involves throwing enchanted night goblins at the enemy force which probably proceed to explode

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Edition Wars

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I...don't get the refference...I know who terry pratchet is, but nothing about what this insinuates.

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He has alzheimers.
It's already progressed to the point where he's incapable of writing on his own.

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>Like a gorilla who was also a Blues Brother. I'm not sure where I was going with that

My sides.

But the rest of it was muh heart.

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If I remember correctly, that was when Moot stickied a video of Giga Puddy on /a/, /b/, /jp/, and possibly a few other boards, and made it so that no matter what text you posted on those boards, the text came out as GIGA PUDDY.

In order to talk, /b/tards wound up invading /co/ enmasse. It was a bad time to be on /co/.

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In his books, that's how the reaper talks.

>> No.32580575

He's not dying... he's just going home.

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>> No.32580735

This reminds me, what ever happened to our 40k Cute threads?

those were fun.

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>pronounces "Hastur" like "Hastyr"

>> No.32581300

He pronounces "shoggoth" as "show-goth", and that's the part that you call out?

>> No.32581320


>admitting to can't into accents
>stay pleb

>> No.32581349

Stephanos Rex is a professional, if he pronounced it that way he did it on purpose.

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Two years. Two bloody years, I've been stationed in this trench. We've not managed to push the foul fowl xenos off since they've made landfall. Our orders are the same as always: "Hold the line, reinforcements are en route." Reinforcements, my holy arse. They've been saying that for months now.

Wait, what's that sound... it's almost like.. music? Dammit, what're the men doing now, trying to draw enemy fire? Looks like we have some volunteers for tomorrow's scouting det- MOTHER OF THE EMPEROR, WHAT'S THAT

Hundreds of women were being deployed from planes. They lacked parachutes, or even gliders, simply twirling in defiance of gravity. They fluttered this way and that, making light of the xeno's AA fire. The horror that followed would haunt the 529st Infantry battalion for the rest of their lives.

-Log from the deployment of the 13A-11 Airborne Ballerinas.

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What's the game this is in?

>> No.32582349


Looks like legend of the five rings

>> No.32582518

Well, now I'm kinda sad.

>> No.32582768

>Use bookmarks
Go back to sleep, Grandpa.

>> No.32582898

...Fuck man

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The fluff behind Night Goblin Fanatics is that they are basically a cross behind suicide bombers, people on meth and whirling dervishes.
Before battle, they get so hopped up on weird Orkoid fungi that they basically have to be kept contained in a small space or they go into full on whirl mode.
When the battle comes, you use a small group of goblins to keep them contained long enough to get them to the enemy.
At that point, the goblins see the enemy, go "alright, close enough, we're getting the fuck out of dodge" and leave the fanatic behind. The fanatic, armed with an iron ball about half as big as he is on the end of a chain that's about twice his length, begins to go into practically religious fervor, and starts swinging this ball and chain around like the world's ugliest hammer thrower. Being so hopped up on fungal hallucinogens and whirling an iron ball that, let's be honest, is about as heavy as he is, the fanatic can't control his movements. Nor can anyone else.
What this means in terms of gameplay is this.
Fanatics can only be taken as part of a unit. When the unit gets within a certain distance of an enemy unit (I think it's 5 inches, but I could be wrong) one model from the unit is removed per fanatic, and the fanatics are spawned about an inch in front of the unit. Scatter dice are then rolled every turn for each fanatic. Bear in mind that fanatics are effectively a moving small template of d6 strength 6 hits. The green tide is rolling possibly as many as 63 sets of scatter dice each turn, possibly dealing as many as 378 hits per turn and these hits are completely uncontrollable. Once your army has released the fanatics, the game basically plays itself.

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Fuck I can't stop laughing

>> No.32585254

The first half of that story had me in the mind of The Protomen The Stand

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>> No.32586131


I hope she kept his gun.

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>> No.32586524


>also the paladin falls for some reason

>> No.32587270

The sun won't come out since it would negate your wish to have an ice cream.
Grats, you wished for eternal night.

>> No.32587384


Yes, that's the joke.

You just explained the joke, in literally the same way that it was already explained, in the thing you just referenced.

>> No.32587521

>while the sun is going out
Poor choice of words

>> No.32587808


No, not really.

Don't make this any harder than it needs to be.

>> No.32587867

Just stop.

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who's on the pic?

>> No.32588096


>> No.32588186


Something's telling me it's Gilbert Gottfried.

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>> No.32588357


>> No.32589314

Thats fucking golden, mang

>> No.32592247

It's threads like this what make me want to start playing RPGs.

>> No.32592606

The Whore Himself.

>> No.32592914

Sorry if that was a bit of a squinter.

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>> No.32593051

Tarkus: no.

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>> No.32593154

>> No.32593186

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>> No.32593379

did we ever get a copy of gruff?

>> No.32593628 [DELETED] 

Nope. That's all that was caught before I was KO.

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>> No.32593661

darnit. Ive been wanting to play it for over a year since I first saw that cap.

>> No.32593698

Image limit reached. Womp womp.

Hope all of you had fun!

>> No.32594639

I think that's /fit/.

>> No.32594723

Does anyone have Cloud Strife Raven, or whatever his name was?

>> No.32594811

It was John Cloud Raven, and no, but I wish I did as it is excellent.

>> No.32595013

I just cried over a story.... and now i can't stop crying.

>> No.32595224

GO to bed.

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