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What is the Elemental Plane of Food like?

What are it's people like? (What do they make things out of, what jobs do they have, cultures, races, what do they use as currency?)
What are it's native fauna and flora like?
What sort of dangers does this realm possess?
How would your party fare if they were transported there?
How would YOU personally fare if you were transported there? Would you survive?

Would you even want to go home

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One thing that perplexes me is, do Food-elemental people have to eat?

Also, due to my current setting of choice, I wonder how Food being an element would affect the Elemental Chaos, and what the mixed-elementals and Food Demons would look like.

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OP, read toriko. It's essentially foodland.

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>One thing that perplexes me is, do Food-elemental people have to eat?
Well that depends on whether any other elemental in your setting needs to eat or if they're running "magic, don't have to explain shit"

If a fire elemental needs eat fires and water elemental has to go get a drink occasionally, then food elementals will need to eat too.

What food, probably the food they're composed of (already cooked) orr the raw materials for the food.

Their Plane has, like, areas and stratas of different foods, so elementals gather it and trade to each other.

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They eat fire water earth and air.

I think the inhabitants would be elementals made out of the different food groups and shit. You've got your meatkin, your breadfolk, your vegetamites, and so on.

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>read toriko

I've tried.
Believe me I have tried, but I find Toriko completely and utterly insufferable. Just something about it rubs me the wrong way entirely.

Which is odd because I loved the Dragon ball series growing up and I continue to love one piece to this day.

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Hasn't this been done? Just pretty much watch Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2.

As for it's native fauna and flora, and do Food-elemental people have to eat?

Well. People, humans are made of food. We're meat to something. It's pretty much not that different. Everything would just be bread based or plant based instead of meat based.

Oh that was the boring answer. Um. Everything is tacos, and maple syrup-lava flows.

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>meatkin, breadfolk, vegetamites and so on

Tomatoes are, of course, infamously indecisive.

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I once had a gate go horribly wrong, and ended up on the "Semi-elemental demi plane of Ranch Dressing."

It was nice there.

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>I think the inhabitants would be elementals made out of the different food groups and shit. You've got your meatkin, your breadfolk, your vegetamites, and so on.

I've always personally subscribed to this idea as well.

Like, the elemental plane of food has different Stratas and Biomes of their own world that act like environments but they're themed around "Meals": Breakfast, dinner, lunch, etc..

Then the various Genuses of life are themed around food groups and what not: Grains, Meats, Vegetables & Fruits, and so forth..

>Breadkin are there equivalent of Humans.

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I'd stay forever. Settle down in a gingerbread house with a qt3.14 girl made out of pastry, never go hungry and go through phases of eating junk food, swearing off it, eating healthy for awhile and then switching back to junk food.

Pastry girls are totally into men not made out of food.. r-right?

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I like this idea. And then there are all these processed food people that fit in as the setting's monsters

>breadfolk and meatkin fighting off hordes of potato chip titans to protect the City of Sandwich

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Overlaps allowing passage between the natural world and the Elemental Plane of Food would quickly be swarmed by wild animals of various, I think, what with food being, by definition, very easy to get there.

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Platescrape thread?

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Pastryfolk bestfolk, good taste anon

I wouldn't mind popping a cherry or two, though.

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Chocolate elves

>> No.32541184

>popping a cherry

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Are there Seven Seas of Rye? With amber waves of grain?

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Except for the fact that wild animals that wander into the Elemental Plane of Food would soon find themselves prey for wild wandering Baconbeasts, deadly Licorice Vipers, Venus Sandwichtraps, and ferocious flying fried Poultry-Hawks.

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strawberry chocolate elves

>> No.32541264

Think of Candy Rush from Wreck it Ralph, and the scenery from Raining Meatballs I and II.

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Wat dough

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>Overlaps allowing passage between the natural world and the Elemental Plane of Food

I think from an Arcane and Scientific perspective these places would be FAR more fucking valuable for their Microbes and their magical reagents than the food that naturally starts growing their.

Nothing ROTS in the elemental plane of food after all.

>A Wizard who had gone to look for a Cure for the Undead plague that his blighting his world has come back.

>He found it in the elemental plane of food, the "cure" is contained in a Jar that seemingly holds nothing but air.

>Everyone thinks he's mad- especially when he throws the Jar outside the walls of the keep and into the plagued and rotted undead lands.

>Over the span of a Month the undead blight begins to recede and in it's place all manner of delicious food stuffs start growing germinating on top of it: Doughy landscapes of rolling pastries, Candy woods, rough terrains of various roasted and deli meats, while pools of filth are converted into wafting pools of broth, stews, and ramen swamps.

>The undead animals seem to inhale something and they in turn fall over: Cocoons of meat, vegetable, glucose, or doughy folds encompass them before food-themed animals come bursting forth.

>Zombies as well are falling over before being encased in similar cocoons and then a week later, Food Humanoids: Cold, naked, and confused wandering out of their once undead hosts with only vague recollections of their past lives.

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>Something goes wrong with the cure
>The expansion of elemental foodstuffs can't be stopped
>Food zombies start appearing

>> No.32541585

Just like when Princess Bubblegum created that zombie apocalypse.

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>If you die while exposed to the elemental plane of food: you will rise back up as a cute food-themed person.

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What would you prefer it to be?

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Fighting Foodons.

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>tfw you rise up as your most hated food and have to have that taste in your mouth for the rest of your life

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Imagine her screaming in terror as I eat her out. Literally. A meal, rape, and murder in one. I'd start with the limbs first. Her syrup tears would be delicious along with her sweet eggy insides.

I would eat that bitch up. Leave her lungs and head until the end, so I can hear her scream.

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That would make an interesting CURSE to be honest.

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>Rise up as an orangefolk
>Taste orange peels forever
>Rise up as a kiwi folk
>Taste kiwi skin forever

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You truly disgust me.
No that's not sarcasm, you're messed up in the head man.

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so adventure time?

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She's food. Edible. Food. Dude, didn't you ever play with your meal?

Christ, I bet you think some of the wild life in real life is cruel and messed up too huh?

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What kind of terrible person would do that?
Oh, right, Satan. That explains it.

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But Anon, you're made out of MEAT

>> No.32541757

No, I don't
Yes I do, like that one thing with the dolphin mouthraping the dead fish.

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That doesn't change the fact that she's a person or that you're sick and demented..... Plus the texture would be all off- just because she's a food elemental doesn't mean she'd be "soft".

You'd had to go through bones, skin, entrails, etc.. I'd imagine she'd only be FLAVORED.

All the same: You're technically made out of food too, anon.

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Cats. Ever watch one kill? Big cats or small.

Oh fuck, you found me out... it isn't like anyone here can stop it. I WILL fucking devour this entire goddamn realm. Gluttony is a sin after all.

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I have a feeling all my wildest dreams are about to come true.

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Humans taste like pork. Your point is valid.

>> No.32541909

You're completely wrong, Anon.

Apparently, they taste like very good veal.

>> No.32541922

Edible either way.

Enjoy the horrible prion damage though. A fitting curse.

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satan confirmed for the great destroyer of this realm? will there be some banishment of satan to the lakes of chipotle?

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toriko is utter shit.
there's only 2 reasons why shonen jump kept pushing it, and good is not one of them.

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What I mean is, what does One Piece have that Toriko doesn't?

>> No.32542043

I have no clue, I just felt that this with this topic Fighting Foodons needed to be mentioned before too long.

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>One Piece have that Toriko doesn't?

We're all different Anons responding, but for me One piece has a much more Grander scale of adventure without being.....It's "comfortably" stupid.

Toriko to me at least feels too much like they've just blatantly took everything from the shonen jump genre and mashed it in their with a "Food theme". You could replace the food theme with anything else in Toriko and it would still be the same.

That's my biased opinion anyway.

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I don't think the food theme is that superficial. It's pretty important, because it provides the context for nearly all the events in the series. You've got people hunting rare animals for their meat, cooking and eating exotic dishes, seeking out their personal favorite foods... I've only seen the first few arcs, but it seems to me that the series would need a totally different plot if you removed the food theme.

I think Toriko's problem comes from the opposite direction, namely that everything in the world seems to revolve around gourmet eating. It's in the Gourmet Age where Gourmet Hunters seek out Gourmet Beasts from the Gourmet World to power up their Gourmet Cells, and they work for the International Gourmet Organization which is fighting against the evil Gourmet Corp. who want to conquer the world of/with(?) gourmet eating. Its scope is both epic and narrow, vague and specific, in just the wrong combination. One Piece was about pirates in the Age of Piracy, but it's pretty clear that there are things other than piracy going on in the world, and those things are connected to piracy in reasonable and believable ways.

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You could have a foodchain of increasingly complex meals
With the lowest rung just things like grain and sugar

>> No.32542708

>of evil

>> No.32542741

>but it's pretty clear that there are things other than piracy going on in the world, and those things are connected to piracy in reasonable and believable ways.

That's the reason, thank you.

>> No.32542786

>This thread
>No mention of Sugar Rush
Step it up, senpai.

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This person attempted to do so but got the name slightly wrong: >>32541264

>> No.32543066

The Maldoche from Yu-Gi-Oh are dessert themed

Hey, guys, what if the plane's inhabitants where either breakfeast, lunch or dinner themed?

>> No.32543110

>Hey, guys, what if the plane's inhabitants where either breakfeast, lunch or dinner themed?

We've discussed it before, but what we casually keep deciding is:

Environments/Biomes are themed by MEALS, I.E: breakfast forests, plains, etc.. Dessert... deserts, hinterlands, etc..

Living beings: plants, animals, and people however are usually themed around a FOOD GROUP.

That's the vibe I've been picking up at least.

>> No.32543222

This thread may have just given me ideas of a sample setting for my vore table top homebrew.

>> No.32543253


Both of you people disgust me for very different reasons.

I just think eating people ALIVE has to be the worst and most cruelest act. I'm not even riffing on your silly fetish.

>> No.32543303

>no feeder master race
/tg/ you let me down ;_;

>> No.32543337

I remember /tg/ came up with the elemental plane of Breakfast with manta ray flapjacks in a syrup sea

>> No.32543405

Even better. Make lunch, dinner, and desert watch. Make sure they know no matter what they do, them being on the menu is inevitable.

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>> No.32543465

>I just think eating people ALIVE has to be the worst and most cruelest act.
Agreed. It's really nasty.

>> No.32543525

That's what makes it so great. What's more hedonistic that imbibing on the life of another for your own personal selfishness? You're literally taking their being and turning them into little bits of you.

>> No.32543782

How does the person being alive add to it? Either way you're still imbibing on the life of another for your own personal selfishness. I will never understand vore despite thinking I liked it when I was 11-12 before I realized I just liked the fat look.

>> No.32543852

Vore is such a varied fetish that it's almost a million different fetishes that all fall under the same name. So note that this is my own personal stuff.

But the simplest way to put it in a way that I think is easily understood is...

What feels better? Beating a unfeeling computer at a video game, or beating another person at a video game? It's the same reason that sex is better than masturbation.

>> No.32543952

I never liked gore. For exemple, the dragon princess here>>32543525 is incredibly hot, but the vore make the picture barely "meh".

>What feels better? Beating a unfeeling computer at a video game, or beating another person at a video game?

So it's the feeling of total dominance and the negation of the other's self?

>> No.32543970

It's all fun and eatery until the local populace decides that you've disturbed the peace and a bunch of fruitmen with rifles that fire rather hard nuts start showing you the way to strawberry jail.

>> No.32544021

I would kill to be part of that. Ive been DMing for a couple of years now and figured that the only true way to share my talents is to lead a vore DnD game. Too bad most of the people who share this are shitters like on Ekas

>> No.32544134

and the Cheese Samurai will show you just how sharp their cheddar katanas are!

>> No.32544140


>All I want to do is live in a quiet little village in the CHEESE alps with my Big breasted, lactating, dairy-based Waifu.

Nothing but Vore.
Vore everywhere.

>> No.32544368

>All I want to do is live in a quiet little village in the CHEESE alps with my Big breasted, lactating, dairy-based Waifu.

You're looking for Switzerland, my friend. You just have to say you like money and you'll fit right in

>> No.32544430

>is a shitter on Ekas

I like to think I'm not part of the problem, but I'm sure I piss off my own share of people.

Admittedly, I'm sorry for sorta driving the thread off topic. Three of those were me.

But if it's any consolation I'll never be able to find true food stuff love. I'd forever have to stay away from my chocolate s'mores waifu in fear that I'd lose control and do something terrible to her.

>> No.32544476

>not posting pics of big breasted waifus

>big breasted
Not skinny swiss girls. My Basel best friend disagrees with your premise.

>> No.32546629


this >>32541031 i also heard someone talking about the elemental plane of breakfast like a week ago

>> No.32547345

Does anyone have more pictures of food people?

>> No.32548532

All people are food people, if you try hard enough.

>> No.32549399

What if a strange, seemingly indestructible humanoid came to our planet and explained that he comes from a dimension where everything in our universe is a literal delicacy.

Rocks and earth itself is what they make using candy.
His saliva is an extremely potent acid and he says our steel is similar to their loli-pops and candy cane.
Our meat and bones are found as their snackfoods.

>> No.32549849

Like this, you mean?


(warning: lewd)

>> No.32549975

>Elemental Plane of Food
>More "Food" than us
>Very high energy density like prepared meals

Well, the Elemental Plane of Food was pretty nice I'd think. But then one planeswalker went through and accidentally brought a couple of mold spores over.

I'd suspect it's been the elemental plane of fungal spires for some time now.

>> No.32552644


>> No.32553002

I expect that the elemental energies of the plane have caused the fungus to mutate to be delicious and nutrient-rich by now.

>> No.32553100




The elemental plane of food most likely does not rot.

That, or, it "does" rot, but in such a way that we don't recognize it as conventional rot.. Like, I guess things would caramelize or something or turn into soup or oatmeal..?

>> No.32553215

I'm actually going to be running a FATE campaign that'll pass through a place sort of like this, I've been trying to think of monsters. So far I've got like, an abominable ice cream man, dire gummi bears, giant attack cake/castle that walks around and has confectionary knights and jawbreaker cannons...

>> No.32553360

>So far I've got like, an abominable ice cream man, dire gummi bears, giant attack cake/castle that walks around and has confectionary knights and jawbreaker cannons...

I wonder if that's a stereotype food people have to deal with a lot when they venture out of their realm? Like, you get these parties of Food Humanoids and all the villagers are disappointed when they're bread, meat, and cheese people because they always think the elemental plane of food is full of CANDY when in reality that's only a very small portion of it.... That and they probably think we're disgusting because we always want to eat any part of them that falls out of them or off of them: Dandruff, Hair, etc..

>> No.32553378

Look I'm sorry but if you're entirely made of cheese or caramel or something I'm not gonna feel bad about eating you.

>> No.32553379


>> No.32555359

The chocolate elves are made of real chocolate.

They sweat chocolate sauce, melt in the sunlight, and can dissolve if licked too hard.

>> No.32555379

>Nibble on an ear
>It accidentally breaks off

>> No.32555435

I just think of it as a full-body blowjob.

>> No.32556602

>> No.32556668

It's mostly the part at the end where the consumed person dies painfully that freaks me out

>> No.32557267

>> No.32557328

>What is the Elemental Plane of Food like?
It's like food.
>What are it's people like?
>What are it's native fauna and flora like?
Mostly edible.
>What sort of dangers does this realm possess?
Plenty of ways to get your goose cooked.
>How would your party fare if they were transported there?
Probably the lighter fare like tossed salads and such. We're about 80% elves.
>How would YOU personally fare if you were transported there?
>Would you survive?
For about two weeks, until the total heart failure caught up with me.

>> No.32557379

>Dude, didn't you ever play with your meal?
I made it a point to kill it first.
Not just for the ethical concerns, but for the sake of texture. Fear makes for tough, stringy, stressed-out meat. If you want it tasty and tender, you need to kill them suddenly and without warning while they're relaxed.

>> No.32557431

>It's the same reason that sex is better than masturbation.
But that's objectively wrong. Maybe you're just shit at it.

>> No.32559476

>tfw feedee
>mfw just like stuffing, not getting obeast

>> No.32560709

What if the belly was really just a portal to outside the body?

>> No.32563938

There are plenty of vore stuff that avoids that, due to being a magical fantasy that doesn't have to adhere to reality.

Lots of people just treat revival spells as level one simple magic.

>> No.32563977

I guess I can't argue with this.

>> No.32564047

Endless cannibalism.

To see the level of confusion this invokes, watch those cartoons where people eat themselves until they are nothing.

>> No.32564057

> What is the Elemental Plane of Food like?
Mostly delicious
> What are it's people like? (What do they make things out of, what jobs do they have, cultures, races, what do they use as currency?)
See Candy kingdom from Adventure Time.
> What are it's native fauna and flora like?
Animals can be eaten raw, all plants have edible fruit. All mud is actually edible clay.
> What sort of dangers does this realm possess?
Fast food and over-eating. Also, ice cream giants, sweet-tooth dragons (their teeth are actually sweet) and whatever you fancy.

>> No.32564091

If you sent a Tarrasque to the elemental plane of food, would it be able to tell the difference?

>> No.32564116


I feel guilty for actually stopping and thinking about this.

>> No.32564121

It might notice that most things are suddenly more delicious.

>> No.32564200

P.S. And one more inspiration for for the Plane of Food could be the world of Cucumber Quest web comic.

>> No.32564323

The Demi-plane of Food, Cornucopia was created by master chef wizards known only as the Gourmands.

The people and land of Cornucopia are made of foodstuffs, but woe to anyone who attempts to eat from there. Such things are taboo for the Cornucopians, and result in the offender being ritually killed, cooked, and eaten in a banquet.

Should the Gourmands return however (or one who convincingly portrays a Gourmand, may draw from the land and it's people as ingredients for his creations.

>> No.32564983

But you're not getting sucked you're getting swallowed. Have you ever had a blowjob? The analogy doesn't hold up.

>Lots of people just treat revival spells as level one simple magic.
That makes no sense. Life is one of the most vague things and therefore the most mystical.

since this is /tg/ there's a 50% you've never killed and eaten an animal

What did you just fucking say about me you...

>unique animal
You fucked up

The soldiers kill people from the Elemental Plane of Drinks in an eternal war and drink them for sustenance, bottling up extra drinks to feed the populace.

>> No.32565486

Hmmm... I find a lot of your comments of questionable nature, but I'll just reply to the one pertaining to the one I said.

>Revival spells being level 1 magic.
>That makes no sense.

No shit it makes no sense. Magic has no need to make sense. Especially porn magic, the most bullshit of magics. But for the sake of world building and discussion I'm gonna look at this a little more in depth.

First of all even with out magic we've come a long way to understanding life. We know how life starts, how it grows, how it changes, the building blocks for it, and what it needs to sustain itself. And if you leave out the discussion of a soul, life is just an equation. There's nothing magical too it. It has it's rules that can be learned, understood, and manipulated.

Now if you add magic to the mix and you can have surgeons doing closed brain surgery in minutes. It's not that big of a stretch to be able to easily restore a body to living condition if you have the know how to do it. Hell, you could even have store bought resurrection scrolls that are just basic body healing/reconstruction that could work on anybody. Go a step further, and you can get a doctor prescribed auto resurrection spell cast on you that's fitted to your own special needs. Hell, many video games have this already.


>> No.32565499

Now, add in the soul and things get a little muddier. If a soul is out of our control to manipulate than that's it. Whatever rules the universe or gods dictate happens, happens. You can't fight that without high power. But if what happens to a soul after death isn't set in stone, then manipulating it would be the first task you'll need to be able to do in order to make sure resurrection goes well. People would be able to buy Soul Charms, little unbreakable trinkets that are linked to your soul that have a permanent auto body reconstruction spell. No matter what happens to you, the trinket will activate after a set period of time, build your body, and recall your soul. Hell, if you wanna be extra safe so you don't drop the trinket in lava have it be a remote object that's in a fixed location. Like the temple of your faith, or your bed back home.

But wait, there’s more. What if somebody doesn’t have their own charm? Well, if a predator is of the kind variety they may still be in luck. Considering they are turning people into part of them, reversing the process with magic isn’t out of the question. Just keep track of all those little bits that are stored throughout your body and whip em out and slap em back together. Maybe their soul is still hanging around inside you since it would have to pass through you either way to get out, and bam. You’ve already got all the ingredients for a person.

Just some ideas that I’ve seen people use in RPs.
Also, vague =/= mythical =/= powerful

>> No.32565693

>you can have surgeons doing closed brain surgery in minutes. It's not that big of a stretch to be able to easily restore a body to living condition if you have the know how to do it.
Yea, no. Not after being completely digested by stomach acid. Once your brain is devoid of electrical impulses you are dead.

How are MY comments of questionable nature?

>many video games have a doctor prescribed auto resurrection spell cast on you that's fitted to your own special needs
No they don't. Characters respawning inexplicably in Halo for gameplay purposes is not a suitable argument for resurrection spells being level 1.

>Also, vague =/= mythical =/= powerful
If you don't think that life is mystical then you're in no position to argue over what makes sense.

Power over life and death are universally accepted as powerful magic. You're grasping at straws to try to defend your sadistic fetish.

>> No.32565900

Reconstruct a body using a template created based of the body when it was healthy and magically restart the electrical impulses to reverse death.

Magicka, plenty of RPGs, and the odd beat-em-up have reviving from death being a quick cast of a spell, use of a commonly found item, or trip to a certified holy man.

Life is only as mystical as you want to think it is. Depending on your own perception life is either the single greatest miracle ever that we can't truly understand, or the single greatest miracle that is explainable through science. Don't assume your own beliefs are the end all be all for everybody.

You can say I'm grasping at straws all you want, but you're the one saying that magic has to make sense when magic by definition breaks the laws of sense in order to do whatever moves the story along.

>> No.32565993

>Like, I guess things would caramelize or something or turn into soup or oatmeal..?

Tfw the denizens catch you eating caramels.

>> No.32566324

Depends on the creature, could be hot.

Just look at that cutie eat a Buick.

>> No.32566359

It turns into the shitty soup/gravy/etc. Something liquid that just flows off.

Noble Soup Elementals try to distance themselves from that thing as far as possible.

>> No.32566390

Arguments about life death and being eaten in this thread? Just make fast healing or regeneration a quality gifted to Outsiders Native to the Plane as a Planar Trait. Not a perfect fix, but it fixes enough.

"Oh," said the bacon mistress through a seeping mouthful of your calf, "you don't regenerate? Terribly sorry about your leg,"

>> No.32568093

>This thread

>> No.32569612

This thread is delicious, what are you hating about.

>> No.32569822

I assume there is food

>> No.32572957

Bumping while I read the thread.

>> No.32573149

So then, simple question here.

Would there be simple humanoid races in addition to the food-people hybrids and food-beings?

Say there would be regular "Fruit-Folk" in a Fruit-themed empire. A kingdom of Strawberry, lead by a Strawberry-kin being that was just, but simple. He himself seems to be some odd warped vegetation that is only "humanoid" by the farthest stretches of the definition. Then he has a number of people who look no different from normal humans you would see in our modern earth, dressed up in strawberry-themed armor, strawberry-themed cloaks and caps to simply accent them, with strawberry insignias to mark their particular loyalty. And in addition to these people, would be those who appear to be essentially Half-Strawberries, being humanoids bearing strawberry traits, such as green chlorophyll-filled hair with the seeded skin of a strawberry.

Because if this was the case, I would love to write up quite the full setting for that.

>> No.32573275

>Would there be simple humanoid races in addition to the food-people hybrids and food-beings?


And pic related.

I think it'd work the same way as any elemental realm: There'd be "humanoids" who look like otherwise normal beings with "themed" appearances (Meat, Cheese, Bread, Fruit, Vegetable, Candy) and then I'd figure there would be stronger more PRIMAL food elementals who are literally just food-based abominations.

>> No.32573322

> food-based abominations.
I call dibs on hunting the giant Spaghetti-Kraken swimming about in the Ragu ocean, you faggots are gonna have to settle with fighting off a Cookie-Dragon spewing molten chocolate over your apple fields.

>> No.32573341

So what sort of oceans does this place have? Probably lots of soups and sauces, but I maintain that there must, in fact, be Seas of Rye and amber waves of grain.

>> No.32573518

I'm now imagining a giant made out of roast beef and celery, calling himself Emperor Dinner, ruling the land with an iron fist.

>> No.32573709

The Land of Food is separated into three nations.

The first, in the Floury Plains of the East, is Breakfastopolis; an agrarian nation of people who value kindness, trust and good nature. The inhabitants are the Waffle Elementals and Pancakefolk, living in peace with their surroundings. Their ruler is Duke Caffieli, a man of coffee who lives in a porcelain palace.

In the Salad Forests of the South lies the Confederacy of Lunch, a utopian industrial society that values progress and art. The inhabitants are the Sandwichfolk, and the land is ruled by Mayor Pop, a rare Sodafolk who once a knight in Emperor Dinner's court.

In the Mountains of Beef to the West, you'll find Dinnerland. Dinnerland is an authoritarian father-state populated chiefly by the Meatfolk and Potato Elementals. They piggyback off of the developments of the Lunch Confederacy, and are ruled by the roast beef elemental, Emperor Dinner, who considers himself the lord of the Land of Food and desires that everything taste the same.

How'd I do? Is this canon?

>> No.32573762

So, are Processed Foods constructs?

>> No.32573783

No, just the result of misuse of Sodium as a preservative.

>> No.32573841


I'm loving the idea that most normal people are just these cutie, adorable, little yoshi-coloured humanoids with a food motif in their clothing and hair.

And their lead by these absolutely horrific, gigantic, world of warcraft style elemental lords that are made out of food instead of fire, dirt, or water.. and I'm imagining that they started out just as chaotically evil, but over time they managed to stop taking themselves so seriously due to the well mannered, polite, and good beings the elemental plane of food kept producing.

Now they just sit on their thrones of waffles, roast beef, and so forth... as these voices of reason, responsibility, justice, and a heavy paternal or maternal hand as the only acting 'adult' amongst a population of adorable food-themed children.

>> No.32573982

You fucker, you think you're fucking clever hiding but I know who you are.

>> No.32574134

>I call dibs on hunting the giant Spaghetti-Kraken swimming about in the Ragu ocean

>The Giant Spaghetti-kraken has been terrorizing the Maritime villages of the Ragu ocean: peaceful, kind, and adorable pasta people with spaghetti hair, saucy skin-tones, and delicious garlic bread homes.

>Their king though, he is the one who summons you, sending out cute little spaghetti knights to escort you to his court. When you get there you find out he is a Gigantic and horrific spaghetti-based elderitch being: Tendrils of all different manner of noodles binding around his dripping sauce dripping meaty bumpy flesh. He has various rings and fine jewelry glistening jewelry of onions, peppers, and tomatoes ordaining his ankles, wrists, and atop his head- a massive macabre crown of beef lasagna and penne.

>He beckons to you, "Mortal beings of the material plane, I beseech thee- Slay the spaghetti kraken. He is a son of my own sauce and ground beef, but his savage and vile behavior has turned him into a most savage and vile beast with no uniform shape or mind to speak of and yet, even so; I still hear the guttural ignorant bellows of his stewed, raguued, mind bellowing out to me while I sleep. Please, dispose of him."

>> No.32574163

Literal seas of rye and amber waves of grain. They are traversed via extremely intricate mechanisms that allow near-weightlessness and travel on stalks of wheat like one would crowdsurf on people.

>> No.32574225 [SPOILER] 

>Trying to make me feel sympathetic for a giant beast of pasta and meatballs, swimming in sauce
>Trying to make me feel sympathetic for killing a giant squid.

Nope. Nuh-uh. Not gonna happen. Not in your wildest fantasies, which include these. Not even a little.

>> No.32574236

simple, start with grass, corn, etc

ingredient animals eat the plants,

food-people eat ingredients

so, cake-people enjoy eating yolk-birds, flour-foxes, and butter-hogs.

breakfast-people enjoy eating juice-frogs, sausage-pigs, and yolk-birds.

cake-people do not enjoy eating juice-frogs as it usually gives them an upset stomach.

>> No.32574273

Would juice-frogs be gel-creatures similar to slimes, or would they be flavored gummies with packets of juice that fill their bodies?

>> No.32574297

I thought we were already on the food plane because most animals are made of meat.

>> No.32574300

The latter, I'd assume.

>> No.32574342

Dear god now I want a delicious gummy frog

The Swamp of Fruit Gushers

>> No.32574377

I'd probably say gummy with liquid filling

different regional species would eat different fruit, so fill with different juice

Maybe have a straw-tongue for drinking juice... which also regurgitates the juice if the frog is squeezed

baby ones are flavourless clear gummy, but as they fill with juice they take on a colouration

>> No.32574389

I can only imagine marshlands being full of thick syrupy juices that most people refuse to drink because the juice-frogs and chocodiles swim through.

And the typical human would imbibe upon every drop they could.

>> No.32574416



>> No.32574424

Depends on who wins the fight. I'm going with the armed human.

>> No.32574476

> Rise as a brussel sprout person
> Never escape the stank

>> No.32574484

legends tell of a chocodile whose chocolate skin is so thick that fire will not melt it

>> No.32574499

I assume there are Brownies and Pixy Stixs in the forests.

>> No.32574501

are you trying to magical realm me, anon

>> No.32574519

That's a fucking lie and you know it. A legend made up by farmers drunk on maple sap and high on cat food.

>> No.32574541

I'm pretty sure every elemental plane is a magical realm, technically.

>> No.32574544

> A solid cast of characters
> Characters that are likeable, have some dimension to them, and have chemistry together
> An epic scale of adventure
> Decent story
I'm not a big fan of the art in One Piece but I can overlook it, and even then Toriko isn't much to look at in my opinion either.

>> No.32574552

>cat food

I never thought about it until now.


>> No.32574563

>hobnobgoblins have been stealing the local oat-stallions
>the loaf-farmhand's palms are sweaty with butter, the sun has toasted his crust

>> No.32574596

>little chunks of catfood with mouse ears and tails

>> No.32574651

>Living inland where the goblins and porcs like it
>Not living by the coastal areas
The worst we get are sucrabs and great white snacks, we don't even get that many predators around here because of the gulls that consume most inland creatures.

>> No.32574672

Well it's definitely my magical realm.

>> No.32574676

You mean the baygulls?

>> No.32574950

So what form of food-related lands will I have to explore before I can find the super sentai heroes?

Or do they explore the entire world, punishing evildoers regardless of land?

>> No.32575363

I think you mean the Brave Bold Berry Rangers

Blackberry and

>> No.32575404

Strawberry is obviously ranger red.

Who is the villain then? Or at least, the most notable problem to plague the lands?

>> No.32575431

>durian queen looking for a king
>nobody wants to be around that smell for more than a few minutes at most

>> No.32575462

Lemon and Lime for Bulk and Skull

Petra Potato, a green potato, who after 10,000 year is free from the soil she was buried in.

>> No.32575486

Will her roots sread throughout the land as she consume the denizens of the Elemental Plane of Food?

Tune in next week to find out!

>> No.32577240

>> No.32577549

Holy fuck I would murder some shit just to be able to ride on a syrup lake on the back of a pancake-ray with butter.

>> No.32577851


>> No.32578311

What is butter to a being of pancake?

>> No.32578335

Like water, cool and refreshing, but if you sit or wallow in it, it becomes a bit gross.

>> No.32578395

Sounds fair. I could see it like a pancake-beast icepack or general muscle-relaxant.

>> No.32578426

>Imaging a pancake/batter golem smearing hot sweltery butter on his body to keep himself from drying and cracking.
>He burbles majestically as he butters himself.


>> No.32578555

I approve of this.

This thread is still alive? I'll fucking catch and eat you all, my little food people.

>> No.32578651

and now this setting reminds me of this - and it is ruined

>> No.32579363

Maybe it's like the cup in a kappa's dish, or the fire on a charmander's tail?

>> No.32581891

Which is why you think of a lady figured golem doing it instead.

>> No.32581909

I would rather imagine a lady-figured golem out of chocolate who drinks milk.

>> No.32581940

And letting a bit of it spill out and drip down her body? Yes, I would like to imagine that. Lady Chocolate Golems are quite lovely.

>> No.32581971

Precisely that. Although she has to have a certain degree of rigidity in her design. As much as a perfectly feminine design with curves goes, it's got to have that "Chocolate bar" appeal to it, or it won't hit as hard.

>> No.32584272

Mm, how about them softening up as the temperature rises?

>> No.32585692

>vore table top homebrew.
Post it somewhere please, if it's not done post it in one of the smut threads when it is, they'll tolerate it

String them along, letting them think whoever pleases you the most gets to live the longest
Pick your meals completely arbitrarily

>So it's the feeling of total dominance and the negation of the other's self?
Sounds like it for him, for me, more the dominance than the negation, my preferred vore scenario involves the option to bring the prey back (resurrection, pred is shoggoth like and can rebuild what it ate, ect)or completely assimilated (eating memories and soul too), a sort of a way to say not even death releases the prey from the pred's power

>But if it's any consolation I'll never be able to find true food stuff love.
Never got why even among vore stuff that's so rare

>I just think of it as a full-body blowjob.
Full body massage is more likely, of course that depends on the pred being big enough

>Lots of people just treat revival spells as level one simple magic.
I prefer it as a demonstration of just how much more powerful the pred is that they can casually resurrect their favorite meals

That's the Tarrasque's home plane, it's actually quite delicious too bad like all inhabitants of the elemental plane of food, it thinks you are too

With the exception of it being common or easy, that's pretty much my thoughts on the matter

>Magic has no need to make sense
No, hell no, it has to follow some sort of logic otherwise it would be impossible to use, it may contain a major black box component but it has to make some sort of sense to be used

Mine too

Milk chocolate?
Or are different parts made out of different chocolate types?

>> No.32586099

>Elemental Plane of Food
Sounds tasty, can I come?

>> No.32587112

You already have planets like this, Kirby.

>> No.32587715

He's done with those, maybe an infinite plane can sate his hunger

>> No.32588832

But then she'd melt in your hands

>> No.32590318

Depends on the temperatures. She could also be made of varying kinds, with tougher stuff deeper in.

>> No.32591332

You mean, like a biscotti cervix?

>> No.32591591

After reading this thread, I think I'm gonna work on running this in like 13th age. Would Candy cane skeletons be good for a licorice lich?

>> No.32591598


>I'm an olive and my offensive taste overpowers everything I try to eat

>> No.32591868

I meant more like an analogue to a bone structure, but more.. thorough. A tough chocolate statuette covered by softer meltier chocolate. Orifices follow the same principle - so you'd be going into a canal filled with melted chocolate, under pressure from the tough walls.

>> No.32595954

bump for Plane of Drinks

>> No.32597246


I honestly think food people would still retain "make sense qualities" such as not melting at room temperature, having the same toughness or texture as normal flesh and what not a long with bones, organs, etc.

Like, the chocolate mistress at the inter-dimensional burlesque house isn't going to melt in your hands and if you bite her it's going to take as much effort as a normal being to pierce through her chocolate flesh.

But when you lick her you'll be pleased to find out she tastes sweet and bitter like chocolate would and you'll quickly find out find why "Working girls" from the elemental plane of food are so expensive.

>> No.32597632

make sense for a more serous setting, but I find the idea of foodgirls/foodboys/foodwhatever with the same resiliency as what they're make of just animate funny, if a bit dark

>> No.32598353


>> No.32601184

Love his chubby artwork
Love his vore artwork

bet his characters would love to end up on the plane of food

>> No.32603938

I told /ck/ about what we're doing here.
not the porn

>> No.32604118

And I have arrived. Reading this thread is amusing.

>> No.32604203

I'm glad that I at least accomplished that much.

>> No.32604390


But anon, orange peel is godlike. Especially candied.

>> No.32606945

Perhaps strangely, I never much liked the limitless stretching/distension resulting from same size vore. Give me either bit by bit or size difference.

>> No.32608744

I'm mostly the same way, I don't mind a bit of stretching or ignoring there should be organs in there but for the most part I prefer it if the prey looks like it could fit in the predator's stomach.
Most of Kipteitei's preds looks thick enough that their prey might fit, even if I don't think they could fit them down their throat.

>> No.32609726


>Undead century egg-people infest the land
>The smell alone kills hundreds

>> No.32609745

Like this, hmm?

>> No.32610826

The tears as she's forced to eat people are what makes it great, well that and the belly that says this happens a lot

>> No.32610913

Once we had to fight a pizza golem
Things got messy but he was supposedly delicious

>> No.32611103

>Be adventurer
>Your 10/10 giantess waifu goes missing while exploring a jungle
>Go find her, how hard can it be? She's a big girl
>Get captured by natives and have your gear striped from you
>Make fun of their jibber-jabber language to pass the time, not like they can understand you
>Turns out they can, now they're going to feed you to some great beast they captured
>You know the routine, kill the beast, break out, get your stuff, fight the chief
>...Oh, that's where she went
>Ha ha fuckers, they missed your ring of acid resistance
>...Wait, how are you going to get out? It's too slick to climb and the only other way is...
>Well shit

>> No.32613947

>Well shit
And given her size, lots of it

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