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Xeno did nothing wrong!

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She exists and this is wrong enough.

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Ok how about you be productive and either
a- Dump a set of her
b- Link to a gallery
c- Stop posting 1 fucking image with little else

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Do NOT bully the Xeno!

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Except, you know, not being human. Which is not only wrong but also is heresy.

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Is it bullying to make her wear ALL the pauldrons?

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>tfw you can't receive kisses from her because your cheeks would disintegrate at the touch of her entropic lips.

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You mean don't just dangle some xeno in front of you to entice you without any intent to satiate that desire for moar xeno?

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Best. Eternity. Ever.
The silent king should feel so bad for himself

Fucking worth it

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What the fuck is this shit?

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>used to hate Xeno
>Smut threads, this image and necron army happen

Now I just want more and more of her

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You are a miserable sight.

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oh hey that one is new

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I think it was drawn well

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Don't want Xeno because of her booty, want her because she's 100% cute

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Can you use her chest-slits as a toaster?
Do you think she does?

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What the hell is this Xeno thing anyway?

It looks like someone got a sexbot, stuck some necron sigils to it, and added a severed Tau head on top

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Sounds right to me. A testament to our ingenuity

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She was the protagonist of a very old quest thread. Basically, a Tau girl who ended up getting captured by Necrons and assimilated sorta Borg-style.

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You've described it well enough yourself, anon.

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Death to Xeno! Death to Cultist-chan!

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Some people call Xeno and Cultist-chan stale.

Then they post this kind of shit that stopped being funny years before Xeno even appeared.
Seriously by the time Tau Quest started people were already calling Fuklaw and the whole heresy thing an old and busted meme.

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You have a problem with good ole Jhonny, you Double Heretic?

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Brace for TL;DR.

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Xeno is the protagonist of an old, old quest thread from /tg/'s yesteryear creatively named Tau Quest and, in fact, she did start out as a tau. The first part of the quest was really a best-of, of survival/horror tropes including, but not limited to; waking up from a coma, with amnesia, in a hospital; everyone mysteriously vanished except for a few scenes of the aftermath of graphic violence; mysterious, indeterminate noises somewhere in the distance; something in the air ducts; suddenly, zombies!

She was originally a silent protagonist and, since she had amnesia, never had a name. During the course of the quest, she "met" another surviver, a Space Marine that was some place else on the ship (did I mention that it was set on an abandoned starship? It totally was) who communicated only through audio and, in Space Marine style, wouldn't deign to address her as anything other than "xeno." And so people started calling her Xeno.

Eventually the zombies are revealed the be Necron Flayed Ones and the Space Marine turned out to be puppeteered by a Necron Lord (Lady) who had been usurped by another Necron and it turns out that she had been ordering Xeno around doing her bidding in order to take revenge. Since it was basically all System Shock, all the time, now, Xeno started collecting "upgrades" in the form of Necron tech that gradually but irreversibly cyberized her (body horror is also a horror trope) until, eventually, she was completely mech.

There were boss fights and backstory and the revelation that Xeno wasn't a real girl but a clone all along which is why she couldn't remember anything before waking up and eventually she did, in fact, defeat the usurping Necron and reclaim the rule of the dynasty for that other Necron Lord who, by the way, was really dying the whole time because that's a thing that happens when you're a disembodied consciousness so she inherited the whole thing and Xeno became the Littlest Phaeron.


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Ok someone made a Tau girl model and a cultist chan one. I would pay good money for a Xeno piece for a necron overlord

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I miss when Xeno still had a bit of the horror vibe going on, instead of all this derpy 2cute4u bullshit that sprang up over the years.

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>Xeno did everything wrong!

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You mean in the first three threads of Tauquest?

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knock yourself out

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You enabled it and this makes you the person with the most blame.

The 2cute4ufags can't help themselves. You could have stopped it.

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Like the first five.

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How can you be stupid enough to even be able to put these words in that order and post them?

I mean, I don't think you're stupid enough to actually believe this load of bullshit you just posted, it's already a wonder that you were retarded enough to consider it as a possibility, even a very remote one.

Cause that's the kind of thought that can not be formulated by a sane mind.

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Okay, so when she was just a random nondescript MC who happened to be blue-skinned.

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Yup. It is a scientific fact that shit gets less scary when you can kill it.

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Whatever makes you sleep at night, enabler.

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My only problem I have with these threads is that the same images are reposted almost on a daily basis, wouldn't it just be easier if the OP dumped the image set on a gallery or image archiving site and just fucking linked us the images whenever we have a blueberry thread?

Xeno and her images is violating global rule 10.

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blueberry threads constitute no less of a violation of your silly rule.

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>Xeno and her images is violating global rule 10.
>No spamming or flooding of any kind. No intentionally evading spam/post filters.
That's a pretty broad definition of spamming you've got there, friendo. If we apply that logic to the rest of the board, anything that's been posted before would apply - which would significantly curtail a pretty big percentage of posting, overall.

If you don't want to see stuff that's been posted before, you can go to >>>/r9k/, seeing as that's that board's purpose.

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At least those threads have good cheesecake material and more chances then not, leading to discussion on tau fluff and lore.


In my defense, its the frequency of the reposts that is the problem, not inherently with the reposted images themselves. That no worthy discussion ever came out of a xeno thread other then kawaii moeblob bullshit.

Not that it matters these as, /tg/ is more of a hub of traditional gaming general threads with the same people circlejerking to the same reposted images as soon as a general thread goes 404.

Yes I am cranky oldfag ranting about the shitty aspects of current /tg/

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Well, that's not entirely true, is it?

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Fun fact: Xeno can turn into a scarab and drop fat dubs and wubs by rubbing her itty bitty legs together.


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I read that picture in Gir's voice.

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I always read anything Xeno says in Hilary Haag's voice, for some reason.


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wow, you really call "pointlessly and autistically calling bullshit on each other's sources about the size au tau breasts and whether they have toes or hooves" a discussion on tau fluff and lore.

You aren't a cranky oldfag, that's a posture. In truth you're just a dumb faggot.

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meh, her voice breaks when she starts shouting, that's off-putting.

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Goes to show that as much as some of the fa/tg/uys bitch endlessly about tau, they all have a thing for blueberry pie.

For instance, here's Blue. Born from one of /tg/'s greater moments, she was raised by a really wacky ork clan.

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Yeah, and for some reason, she doesn't find Xeno "proppa Orky".

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Well except when Xeno suggests people to just go "waaagh" to solve problems because it's too complicated to think up a plan.

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Dunno, I thought it'd be in-character for Xeno. I would think that she gets increasingly shrill as she becomes agitated.

>> No.32510063

>being shrill
no, she's too chill to be shrill.

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>Born from one of /tg/'s greater moments
She's Xeno but for Orks instead of Necrons. Woo. The Scraplootas were the original content and even then it's basically just flash gitz with a looted Warhound.

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Well, what's she supposed to sound like, then?

>> No.32510226

I guess Hilary Haag but not shrill.

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