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>Fly straight
>Watch your Delta-V
>And never, ever cut a deal with an AI

What goes on in space?

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Nothing for 99.999999% of it.

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Not much. While space is definitely more open than it is today, it's still a very small community relatively speaking, and a whole lot of it is controlled very tightly (usually by corps).

That isn't to say that there aren't more independent/free space installations, and the ones that do exist are pretty cool in that respect (the fact that "space" is a lot bigger than it is today means that it has its own economy and infrastructure built up to support people who spend a lot of time there). There's definitely leeway but nowhere near like you'll find in an earthbound sprawl. There are several abandoned, supposedly abandoned, and even "reclaimed" (squatted) space stations out there.

I believe that the bulk of information about space is in Target: Wastelands, but I don't know how much was ever updated into 4E or 5E books after that.

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In the last campaign I played in... murder. Lots and lots of murder.

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There's a bit in Hazard Pay, but that was a terrible book made of half-finished drafts and badness.

Had some amusing magic in it though. Not particularly powerful, but it has things like Rot and Blood to Ichor.

It also has a list of bounties - infected, toxic, blood, that sort of thing.

IIRC, they're all pretty fucking nasty, a result of "NPCs gotta be bigger than the PCs, so Magic 14 seems legit right?"

Like there's a M14 Toxic Mage. His base probably has at least an R3 Toxic Aspect, so he's throwing out Magic 17 and PCs have their reduced by 3.

Then there are vampires and nosferatu, who can add 5-10 points onto their 9-12 magic ratings.

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Run and Gun has a surprisingly in-depth section on space runs

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Can someone post some good shadowrun or cyberpunk images?

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No. Because I'm about to leave the house. Have a singular one as a gift.

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Looking for something special?

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Is there a lower limit on the size of a vessel for spirit possesion? Can I have force 7 great form fire spirit posses a fly, so it would be hard to hit on physical plane?

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Here, you guys might like this thing I made for myself a little while ago.
Remember, the order is as follows:

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I might have a couple.

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Anyone got any ideas how to make interesting boss fights in shadowrun that ISN'T punch it until it stops moving.
My only ideas so far is a run'n'gun cyberzombie that moves slowly and you have to hack to stun it and a Giant mecha-tank (think first boss in Metal gear rising: Revengeance)

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So, Space Stations. Are they interesting in SR?

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I'd less go for "boss fight" and more "horror movie monster gauntlet" or something.

Although I'm not sure I'd be able to build something that my group wouldn't be able to take down and be forced to flee from without it being ridiculously powerful.

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Modular scenery, say a building being destroyed, mooks, like ferret drones coming in with tasers every now and again, and that kind of stuff.
Making it slow moving is making it boring. Have it use hit and run tactics (raptor legs will make it run a lot faster) and dodge behind cover when it can (full defense actions etc).
Perhaps put in a spirit that hates everything ever, but since it can't see the cyberzombie, it only attacks the players?

Seriously though, changing scenery.

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My friend plays watch dogs pretending he's a technomancer.

It makes the game actually make sense.

Just posting this for you cutters, I'm assuming a few of you have the $1400 pc to run this game at 60fps stable.

If not then you're in the same boat as I am with the pleb edition of watchdoge that runs 60 fps stable once in a blue moon and looks worse than a dreamcast game.

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Why does it have to be a single entity?
secret warehouse full of Azt child cyberzombie experiments

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I've been pretending that I'm a decker with an internal deck but techno makes a lot more sense when you think about it.

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It's magic hacking that requires LOS.

It's the most shadowrun modern game ever

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ctOS basically IS the matrix. It's retarded how much is connected to it.

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>Magic hacking
>Literally using a phone loaded with programs that attack everything

Don't post spoilers in here, I haven't played it yet.

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>smartphones have the computational power to hack anything

It's not a spoiler it's just bullshit that a smartphone could be so powerful

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But you can see the stupid hollywood "hacking" in all of the trailers. It's a game about being a "hacker."
Of course there's magic hacking, no one who makes games or movies knows what hacking is.

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Have a strong expert system (read: borderline AI) running security, complete with omega protocols in case of containment loss. So even the building is threatening to kill you.

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>Wifi grenades.
Who thought that was ever a good idea?

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>mfw Watch_Dogs is 5e and no one keeps their gear running on silent

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Both of you are forgetting the first rule with PC's
>If the GM puts a big monster in front of us, we have to kill it, why else would he/she put it here?

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Ayup. That's why it wouldn't work.

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To capture it. SK is paying big nuyen for somebody to and steal Ares' new Cyber-Tyrannosaurus biodrone. Of course, because they want it intact, conventional bullets are out of the question.

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>climbing onto a mecha dinosaur
>riding it into SK's building

i am hype

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Monster attacks can work if you make it clear that their objective doesn't involve fighting the beast, especially if they don't have all of their tools. If they just had to fly into Singapore and haven't acquired any guns yet they might get the hint that it's better to hold off and avoid the werewolves then fight them.

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Speaking of monster attacks our team went into a biolab of a corp and were there to extract a scientist.

In order to make a diversion my decker marked the research director's comm and then spoofed an instruction to release some cybered animals on one level. All hell broke loose and I stole a few files from the research director that I later sold to someone else.

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Vicious, cybered up animals turned loose. Sounds like poetic justice.

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Are there any decent 5E-compatible premade campaigns available?

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Not yet, but you can transfer forwards some of the ones from 4e without too much trouble.

Dawn of the Artifacts is actually pretty good if you cut out Frosty and replace her with a weaker NPC Magician.

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I like this a lot

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even if they did know, real hacking is boring.

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Been trying to make a Wolverine character for a couple days, centered around the regeneration critter power. Seems like its impossible with the RAW.

There are only 3 ways to get regen without being a vampire, that i know of.

>1. Be a hedgewitch and channel a great plant spirit
Women only, and no other possession tradition uses plant as its combat spirit. Still not super comfortable with how spirits work, so there may be a workaround here I'm missing.

>2. Spirit Pact with a plant spirit
A few issues here. Requires you to be a mage or mystic adept so you can trade a spell for regen, which doesn't quite fit Wolverine. Mystic adept is close but in the end the Pact only lasts 24 hours, good luck convincing a GM to allow you to renew it day after day. If he's that lenient he'd probably just let you homebrew something

>3. Shapeshifter
this seemed to be the best option. Fits wolverine's theme pretty close. Problem is shapeshifters can't have augs. Well, they can, but only deltaware and only in animal form, when they shift to human the augs mysteriously disappear until they shift back. Makes spurs, which are pretty much a requirement for a Wolverine character, unuseable.

I'm super disappointed.

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Regeneration is quite simply one of the most powerful critter powers you can get Omae, it's not going to be easy.

Just go "X-23" Hedgewitch, or bite the bullet and go Wolf Shapeshifter with arm-mounted Spurs.

You can build them into your armour if you want, like old Sniktbub has to now that his healing factor's gone (for now).

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regen isn't really that powerful. You get some health back at the end of the turn, sure, but most fights are resolved in a couple turns at most. Not to mention there are tonnes of types of damage regen doesn't work on. All it does is cut down on your downtime after a fight, which can be accomplished with first aid and magic anyway.

Its not like I'm asking for 22 hardened armor or something :(

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Ok this is kind of awesome. samurai... obnoxious 80's flair... Love it.

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I saved dis.

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Mages can communicate telepathically with their spirits, right? Can they also do so with watcher spirits?

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Regeneration makes you crazy hard to kill, barring magic and "called shots".

You in overflow? Not for much longer.
You beat down those guards and there are more coming? By the time they're here you'll probably be right as rain.

It grants ridiculous survivability to characters, and renders non-lethal forms of take-down pretty much useless.

First aid is pretty rubbish at healing post-battle damage, and magic is paid for in drain.
Regeneration is forever.

Also, how'd you know about my Hardened Armour... I worked hard to make that "Hidden Life" Pact.

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They're controlled spirits, so yes.

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>Hidden Life Pact
immunity to normal weapons, totally not OP. What book is that from?

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I've got .25 powerpoints to spend on a combat adept in 5e.

What the fuck is worth putting .25 points into if I've already got improved accuracy on the two weapon types I'll intend on using. Got light body on a qi-foci. Missle parry is kind of lame (really I've never run into any one who didn't just start shooting instead of throwing knives/bows).

Should I get some crazy improved Sense like Thermo-vision or Ultrasound?

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Nimble Hands or whatever is .25 I think. +1 to Palming/sleight of hand and makes a bunch of actions Free

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Street Magic.
It's less of a "Pact" and more of a "Power".

Immunity to Normal Weapons and Immunity to Age.

He's only Force 4, and he likes to lounge around in my house. It's basically an exchange, he perpetually gets to mooch off my cable, eat my food and haunt my house, and I get to bounce small arms fire off my skin and support him for all of time.

It's passable.
I mean, i'm an Adept Hacker, so people almost never hit me anyway, but it's a nice bonus.

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How would someone go about building a visionary; knight of the magical light?

Key themes
1. Has an animal they embody (think mentor spirit)
2. Can summon ethereal version of said animal
3. Can shapeshift into said animal
4. Bomb-ass armor with screens on the front that the animal comes out of when summoned.

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What book is that in? I can't seem to find it.

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Does your Gm double your lifestyle costs or anything or are you pretty much getting it for free?

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Magical Tradition
1. Require an Animal Mentor Spirit
2. Summoning skill with Spirit of Beasts
3. Shapeshift spell, and take a Body within 2 points of the animal
4. Buy some fancy armour, and fluff the summoning that the animal appears from the chestpiece. Perhaps make it a Summoning Focus (Beasts).

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4edition Shape Shifter Adept/mystic adept.

1. You are a that animal in human form
2. This one is a bit tricky, might need to be a mystic adept and summon spirit of beast that takes that form.
3. You're a shape-shifter, so yeah can do this.
4. Full body armor with helmet and some custom graphics on the front.

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He uses up a LOT of entertainment, so I take the additional 10% lifestyle cost.
I also have to keep Necessities and Entertainment at High or better. I also took the Homegrown Farming Lifestyle quality, because who doesn't like Quail eggs?

Oh, he's also kinda on the run from an organisation of Free Spirits for being a gigantic slacker from his "duties". So I suppose I have to help him with that from time to time.

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Stolen Souls. Nerve Strike is also in there along with the thing that lets you copy fingerprints and something else.

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I like it.

>> No.32490743

>organisation of free spirits
scary shit.

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You know you can make your own traditions yeah? They straight up say in the magic section of the 4e anniversary book here are two examples you can use to make your own. I just gave him a couple of levels in Rapid Healing. It's not exact, but creating comic book characters in SR requires some compromizes

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>What goes on in space?
Corp shenanigans. Pic related is the latest news.

>Remember, the order is as follows:
Evo and Ares have switched places as of 5E.

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I'm about to run a 4E campaign, and planning to run a one-shot adventure-of-the-week kind of deal before the actual story starts so players can get used to the system. Would a mission for them to break into a place (quietly), grab a scientist, and then leave with him (probably loudly) go through enough rules to make everyone knows what they're doing without feeling too tutorial-y?

>> No.32491724

Then I would just make my own possession tradition with plant combat spirits... Its allowed and even supported by the rules, but still feels cheesy, making up your own speshul snoflak tradition to get a mechanical benefit, even if it's more for fluff reasons than anything.

>> No.32492321

I'd say so, assuming you remind the players they can hack and magic their way past security on the infiltration as well as in the fight
Might be a bit tutorial level, but you can explain that as the Johnson or Fixer giving the team the job as evaluation

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>wait two weeks for Shadowrun game
>have had character made for a month
>neither of the other players have characters
>friend waits until day before, finally make character for him
>GM is out having drinks
>friend left to go out with college bros
>this happens every time

I just want to play a fucking game with my friends. God damn.

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Any rules for playing a gorilla in 4e?

>> No.32494320

I can think of 3 ways:
1. Play a Gorilla Shapeshifter. A Magical Gorilla with the power to turn into a human. Just refluff the Bear Shapeshifter option from 4e's Runner's Companion and you'll be good.

2. Play a Free Spirit of a Possession Tradition, and spend all of your time running around in the Possessed Body of a Gorilla.

3. Play a Magician who spends most of his life sustaining the Shapechange spell, for the form of a Gorilla. What's awesome, is that with a Force 4 Sustaining Focus (Manipulation), you can run around as a Body 10, Agility 8, Reaction 9, Strength 9 Gorilla 24/7 with no negative penalties (barring Focus addiction tests).

See pic related for option 3

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I'd suggest using the shapeshifter bear rules.

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Do we have a download for Stolen Souls yet?

>> No.32495480

goddamn 4chan 'antispam' made me put this in a pastebin:

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Hi y'all. I wanted to make a martial arts adept troll with maximum edge in 5E. I was wondering if you could give me a few tips.

1) Will 4 magic be enough out of character gen? I want to use rank C from magic and put all my special points into edge (using meta-type rank A).

2) My character concept is a wandering warrior, travelling around the world to test his skills. What type troubles might he run into aside from the usual SINless stuff?

3) Is there some way for an adept to throw out fireballs? I would love to be able to hadouken someone in the face.

Any help y'all could give would be appreciated. This character is just theory for now, it doesn't have a game to go into. However if someone is running a 5E game where they need something punched the fuck out of, or a 4E game and doesn't mind a newbie, lemme know.

>> No.32496413

Trolls that make a point of running around beating people up aren't all that rare. That said, if you really must put the Metatype points into Edge, either Skills or Attributes will be at Priority D, and that's no fun. I would suggest Skills D and just taking your combat skills. Also refer to Run & Gun for Martial Arts options for spending your Karma.

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You're a champ, anon

>> No.32497163

Damn son, that's easy.
Bossfight one: The building is trying to kill you. Either an AI or some rigger got into it, and all the doors, cameras, coffee machines, stoves, turrets, drones, and anything with a computer in it is doing its best to harm you.

Bossfight two: Cloning banks working on override pumping out dozens and dozens of angry wimps with guns

Bossfight three: The boss is some kind of monster with big claws. It's a bit stronger than PCs in close combat, and can become intangible through some mechanism to go through walls. Play up the horror.

I'd type more, but my arm hurts bad.

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Not working for me.

>> No.32497243

Too much fapping can be harmful, my friend

>> No.32497628

I'm imagining a brothel that offers special cyberdick maintenance where a cute nurse with a bunraku-style skillwire operates on your penile implant to make sure it's working correctly, possibly swap some old parts out and give it a tune-up.

And a test drive, of course.

>> No.32499175

I remember reading in on of the novels about implants that help sustaining erections, but outright chrome dick?
How would that even work?

>> No.32499274

The standard version isn't chrome.
Though i'd imagine there are some people who'd want that.

>> No.32499459

I'd just get a blood circuit control system. It can increase, reduce, or completely shut off blood circulation to any part of the body, reduces any physical damage by one box, and adds +2 Body for the purposes of checking overflow death.

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>Its not like I'm asking for 22 hardened armor or something :(
22 hardened armor is easy. Go buy a tank or something.

>> No.32499829

I didn't know that.

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>Be invited into Shadowrun game
>Have character made that day
>Game's still going on, they say they can't introduce me just yet
>Two months pass
>Finally introduced at a pivotal point in several other character's backstories, thus kind of ruining it for everyone (including myself)
>Still out of the loop, I can't fix it, GM can't fix it
Never join a game in progress.

>> No.32500353

>Never join a game in progress.
Dude. It's Shadowrun.
Why not just go, yeah we need additional muscle for this job/specialist X(whatever your char does)?
Sounds like a GM fuck up.

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>What goes on in space?
Last time I played, rastas with ganja. That was more Neuromancer than pure canon though.

>> No.32503847

Cuts down on security issues. You can throw them, but they only explode when authorised by the central security system with an authorised user's ID, and in permitted areas.

>> No.32503866

I'm aware this is insanely stupid, and I don't care. Maybe they're not AAA and get a truly massive discount on insurance handling things that way.

>> No.32503875

Have you even _seen_ the historical document titled "Hackers"?

>> No.32503907


Available now from all reputable Amazons.

>> No.32504193

Aztechnology owns Stuffer Shack. Every twinki you buy goes to funding sacrificial obsidian daggers.

>> No.32504481

>Just another day in Redmond

>> No.32504513

So I just started playing 5th ed with some friends who are more experienced than myself, starting a game with completely new characters. I went with a technomancer despite the apparent learning curve and I'm stilling getting a handle on all sorts of matrix stuff I can do after reading that section of the Core twice over, but I was hoping I could get a few little tricks and examples from you fine gents on the sort of shenanigans I can get up to. I didn't have a lot for my starting resources, so all I've got for gear is a few dummy rating 1 commlinks, an armored jacket, some glasses and contacts with imagelink and other shenanigans, and the almighty Dodge Scoot.

Basically I want to know what kind of shit I can expect to be prepared for and handle in regards to matrix stuff, since with my piddly 1 agility and no combat skills I am utterly useless in meatspace.

>> No.32504550

I made some advertising banners and logos for der Panzerwaffle. Does anyone want it?

>> No.32504570

Every product you buy screws you in some way, because they use that money to hire lobbyists to fuck you right in the ass.

>> No.32504644

>der Panzerwaffle
Waffles are feminine in German. Should be Die Panzerwaffel.

>> No.32504707

1. Original concept called it der Panzerwaffle: http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/22898902/#22899768
2. Seattle entrepreneurs are not going to know proper German.

>> No.32504898

>Seattle entrepreneurs are not going to know proper German
Actually they might, considering that the good people in the Shadowrun verse speak an amalgamation of Japanese, English, German and god knows what else slang, in addition to the presence of MegaCons like Saeder-Krupp it's not too likely that would have gone unnoticed imo.
But I'm not gonna tell you what to call your Wafflehouses. Was just trying to help you out.

>> No.32504916

It's like 2am here and I've already exported this shit out, the idea of going back and making changes scares me

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>> No.32504930

Maybe they figured that "die" has too negative connotations in english to be put in a food product's name.

>> No.32504946

> inb4 the only thing people say about my work is the der/die shit

>> No.32505134

>Criminal Convoy: completed

>> No.32505189


>> No.32505265

Oh my god fucking Redmond. I tried renting an apartment in that shithole. I got three burglaries on the first fucking night I lived there. After frying the third bastard, I said fuck it and moved out to a place with higher rent, but fewer break-ins.

>> No.32505299

In the watchdogs world, personal computers never happened, every-thing's run from a large city mainframe and everyone owns dumb terminals which are nothing more than a screen and interface.

On some level it kinda makes sense, it would be a lot cheaper to produce and maintain that kind of architecture. Imagine how cheap consoles, smart phones and personal computer terminals would be if they didn't require state of the art cpus, gpus, memory and long term storage. Smart phones with weeks worth of battery life and effectively unlimited cloud storage.

On the other level, grenades who's detonators are linked to some database in an office building somewhere is a terrible, terrible idea. Single point of failure.

>> No.32505434

This dude.

>> No.32505604

Yes, but usually it doesn't go to human sacrifice. I'd hope. I mean, exploitation is pretty terrible too but not as heart carving-y

>> No.32505631

So tonight I'll be making my first Shadowrun character. I wanted to make a rigger. Is there any advice/do/don'ts that /tg/ would care to impart? I've done a lot of RPGing in my time but never Shadowrun. Come to think of it, I've never done anything other than standard fantasy settings.

>> No.32505640

My character has the paranoid, and refuses to buy from aztech.
He also is afraid of vaccines, and never gets wireless bonuses because WHAT IF SOMEONE HACKS HIS PANTS?

>> No.32505659

Friend, are you familiar with the term "banana republic"?

>> No.32505673

I think they're adorable and silly, and they need a Timmy the Tank mascot.

>> No.32505699

Bump and drawing attention to my post again.

>> No.32505733

I prefer victoria's secret comartment.

>> No.32505878

Is that where we get our bananas and cocaine from?

>> No.32506159

Do free spirits even need to eat? What is that money being spent on?

>> No.32506184

Collecting classic comics.

>> No.32506190 [DELETED] 

>Street Magic.
>It's less of a "Pact" and more of a "Power".
>Immunity to Normal Weapons and Immunity to Age.

I have been glancing around Street Magic trying to find out more about this. Can someone help me out?

>> No.32506194

Entertainment. Basically the runner keeps the spirit in Sky TV, vidya and deepweed

>> No.32506206

Don't be a one trick pony. You're an operative, and you'll need to do more than just a single thing. Doesn't mean you don't do your thing well, but a runner that can't move, fight, and IDEALLY be discrete/unobserved and maybe talk a bit, either through knowledge or sheer social ability is going to run into issues. You're not dungeon delving, you're dealing with a pretty 3d world, and you need to either adjust your playstyle heavily or keep your character at least able to paper over some aspects of running.

Don't forget about your contacts, don't forget about the RESPONSE to what you've done, don't forget there's inevitably a bunch of threads in any one event, and a few of them might even be yours.


You're probably going to die. Can't live in the matrix, and the job's a very physical one. Bad combat skills and agility 1 don't add up to a long lifespan. Those two are fine for a cubical drone, but a Shadowrunner needs to be able to do more than curl up in the corner and hack. For one, half the stuff you're trying to get at isn't going to be easy to get to, and a lot of the time you don't have the luxury of a heavily armed escourt. You'll probably have to fight people, or at the very least negociate a difficult bit of scenery.

>Imagine how cheap consoles, smart phones and personal computer terminals would be if they didn't require state of the art cpus, gpus, memory and long term storage.
Much cheaper, but they'd be nonfunctional unless you had some sort of implausibly functional transmission system and an equally godlike processor at the far end. There's not enough bandwidth, and you've basically just shifted the CPU from the terminal to the mainframe building. You have a computer there rather than a computer here. And given how easy it is to make very small electronics these days, portability isn't exactly an issue.

Maybe one day. But it's ridiculous by modern day standards.

>> No.32506338

How do spirits do drugs? I thought they were incorpeal or something. Do they borrow your body and then do drugs with it?

>> No.32506343

Technomancer here. I wound up stuffing 4 group skill points into the one that offers Disguise/Sneak/something else, so I do have 10 dice to disguise as well as the Blandness quality, if that's any consolation. I honestly have no direction for the character gameplay wise, and need help with figuring out a half-decent way to spend my karma/operate. Should I take driving skills, get some drones, or what?

>> No.32506465

Possess a body probably.

>> No.32506477


Ah, stealth. That's a good thing to have if you're sculking around checking out a place, before things get intense, or shooty.

Personally I'd say get some agility, athletics style stuff, and at least some skill in say, pistols. You don't have to be a fighting god, just have some ways of protecting yourself and not getting stopped by the lack of a clear easy lined path to your objective. Drones are a way of doing it, but they're also a bit unweildy at times. They're good for guarding your body though if you have to go full VR.

Agility 1 is frikkin' lethal, though. So many runner related things work off it. What was your priorities, and where did the rest of your stats go?

>> No.32506504

I love the idea of some bulletproof dude who has a ghost that rides around in his head and demands stupid shit like calling off the run and going to a titty bar.

>> No.32506587

>Hey. Hey Dan.
"Not right now, you bitch. We need to eat, so we'd better not fuck this job up."
>Dude, did you /see/ our Johnson? She's like a fucking 10/10 and we're in a strip club. We should wait for her show to start and do some 'research'.
"You're the worst spirit."

>> No.32506676

One of my friends did something like that except it was an AI that decided to setup shop in his headware commlink.

>> No.32506680

>Hey. Hey, Dan.
What is it now?
>There's a new episode of Fanservice Anime #18 out.
Oh gods you're an otaku too.

>> No.32506694

Resonance A, skills B, attributes C, Metatype D hooman so 5 Edge, and Resources E with 10 points of karma stuffed into starting dosh for gear.

From what I can tell Technos are MAD as fuck, so I've got Int, Wil, Log and Cha at 6-4-4-3, Bod of 3, Str and Agi of 1, and I think a 2 in Rea. I dumped all 36 of my stat points into the big 6 matrix skills (without realizing that hardware is nigh-useless for Technos, and my GM said he forgot to tell me that so he's letting me reassign those 6 next session), with my 5 group skills going 4 into Stealth and 1 into Outdoors for some ungodly stupid reason. 5 in Compiling and Registering from my Resonance priority.

From what I've read I don't actually need a commlink or anything for my persona, so I CAN operate without, but it's probably wise just to have one on my person linked to my fake SIN.

>> No.32506734

It is actually named Fanservice Anime #18 by creators who wanted to be meta and artsy wit their ecchi

>> No.32506760


Yeah, particularly so it's less obvious that your a TM. It's not safe at times, and it's good to have people think you're not a hacker.

Although I'd probably drop that 6 down to a 4 and get 3 agility. You can at least work with that. Get a few points in pistols with some of that hardware skill points. And sooner rather than later, either with karma or chargen, get something in athletics. It'll come up.

Beyond that, you're in a new environment. After a few runs I'm sure you'll have a pretty decent idea of where you're strong and weak, and what you shouldn't have done chargen wise. At which stage, hope that your GM isn't an asshole and will let you adjust things with the benefit of hindsight.

>> No.32506766

Here's some advice: resonance C, metatype D, then put meta points into resonance.

>> No.32506979

Since devices like a comlink have a dataprocessing and firewall of their device rating, if I use Hermes Chariot cyberdeck (with an array of 5442) slaved to a Hermes Ikon commlink, I can put the 5 of the array in something like sleaze, a 4 in attack, a 4 in firewall, and a 2 in dataprocessing and then replace the lower dataprocessing and firewall with the commlink's 5, right?

Is there any particular risk besides the way marks act with slaved devices?

>> No.32507075

Possibly your GM striking you physically.

>> No.32507267

That's not very nice.

>> No.32507329

whatever she's doing in the matrix, it made her wet.

>> No.32507399 [SPOILER] 

Technomancer porn is weird man

>> No.32507762

so you get possessed by the spirit of Archer?

>> No.32507821

One of my players wants to take Dark Goddess as mentor spirit. How fucked is he?

>> No.32507874

The artist has a weird mix of completely serious stuff, and then half to completely naked muscle girls fighting monsters or being cybered up weapons.

They also did some professional work for Exalted (as well as Exalted fanart that is actually kind of superior to the commissioned piece) for anyone who is a fan of that franchise.

>> No.32507883

See, that is actually a cool thing that makes a lot of sense as a point of divergence from real history, if you're trying to build a cyberpunk setting.

I think I'll steal it for other games.

>> No.32507915

animated gifs. really trippy ones.

>> No.32507917

...Danger Zone!

>> No.32508215

how's his will/charisma?

>> No.32508385

I'm going to run my character through one more combat test before our game starts.

Any ideas, rules that should come into play, scenarios to use, etc?

I've had him ambushed by a bunch of gangsters and he's fought a tricked out veteran cop so far.
Was thinking of an ambush by about 5-10 people, maybe more.

>> No.32508428

If you've got ambushers and a single cop down, take a look at the GMing chapter and see how you do against standard corpsec tactics when on a clock?

>> No.32508438

Use scenarios he's not super specialized in. Rooftop Chase, tailing through a crowd, having to fight off a pursuer while driving on the freeway (either have him passenger or driver).

>> No.32508464

10 dice total to resist it.

>> No.32508466

>think first boss in Metal gear rising: Revengeance
I would kill to fight this in Shadowrun, even if I get stomped after rolling to Rules of Nature and glitching.

>> No.32508622

>offer to GM Shadowrun
>group are interested
>have characters made
>it's been over 4 weeks since they last touched their character sheets, I've had a run ready and waiting
>always bring my core book to sessions with expansions on a memory stick
>group always plays RuneQuest instead
I understand it's our main game, but I just want to GM for once...

>> No.32509354

How much cyberware does a person need before ghouls stop caring about eating them, as there's practically nothing to eat?

>> No.32509555

Technically not possible, although if I GM'd I would probably have them target non-wared up folks with higher priority.

>> No.32510563

That's rigger porn, yo.

>> No.32511422

>> No.32511594

>> No.32512565

>> No.32513370

I dunno man, I imagine a ghoul wouldnt care much about a jarhead

>> No.32513465

Still has meat even when really wared up. Though hard targets are less preferable to minimally wared gangers who are likely meatier and not as badass.

>> No.32513514

Thing is after a certain point, you cyber so much your soul goes "Nope" and you fucking die. and no, that point is not when you become someone from Ghost in the Shell, it's much, much earlier, so you would still be about 80 to 60% meat for the ghouls

>> No.32513555

Is there a complete list of statted up vehicles for Shadowrun 4e kicking about?
I keep seeing references to MPUV's and Stonewalls but can't really get a grip on where they're statted (if they were at all)

>> No.32513664

uh guys, no. a Jarhead is literally a brain in a jar, piloting a drone, no other meat whatsoever.

>> No.32513694

You're forgetting that 'ware has grades, and no it isn't "much, much earlier" than a brain-jar cyborg (0.1 Essence) or a full body conversion. (even standard grade can replace 5/6 parts)

>> No.32513720

It's called Chummer.

>> No.32513784

Can anyone help me with my 5E adept gunslinger character concept? I was kind of imagining essentially a talented military contractor that would have probably run special operations missions maybe for a corp or something, but I don't know enough shadowrun lore to make it work or be interesting. Any suggestions for an interesting background (and even qualities to fit the narrative) would be super appreciated.

Could also use some advice on appropriate priorities.

>> No.32513845

Shadowrun has a lot of setting things that aren't included in the main rulebook (5th edition, but I'm sure it applies to any of the others as well). How heinous a crime is it for me to throw in my own ways of filling in the blanks? How about absolutely and completely changing many major elements of the setting?

Thing is, my players are new to the game, and while I could make them read up on background information (and get some of the finer points down myself), it might be easier and more engaging to just make up our own with a simpler, but emergent history to it. Normally I'd be fine with homebrewing anything, but shadowrun seems married to its backstory more than most games I've encountered.

>> No.32513920

Depends. He could worship the Sekhmet version, who (mythologicly speaking) was apparently a friendly drunk. This is a good thing, because she has two speeds: drunk, and genocide.

>> No.32513927

You could have worked for any number of AA-level PMCs, or even had a stint in Desert Wars.

>> No.32513936

Depends on which major elements you want to change
As for background, read the 6th world almanac, its for 4e but there's only 3 years gap between that fluff and 5e's, most of which you can find in the 4e books anyway

>> No.32513945

you could rip off my backstory. Former Firewatch operative, ascended from the ranks of Knight Errant. Make sure to take some of the fighting styles from R&G, if at least for fluff.

>> No.32513959

Skills A is probably the most efficient. After that, you probably want to decide whether you can handle Human E, and split Resources, Attributes, and Adept between B-D. Otherwise you might have a tough time placing your Metahuman trait without stepping on your own toes.

If you can afford it, Strive For Perfection (12k quality, Assassin's Primer) and Sharpshooter (4k quality, Run & Gun) will negate the penalties for core book Called Shots, (and make the R&G Called Shots much easier) though you'll have to use CS for anything other than suppressive fire / full auto shenanigans.

Which firearms skill(s) are you looking at using?

Pistols are easy to conceal, automatics cover all bases, while longarms are shotguns and sniper rifles.

>> No.32513971

Sixth World Almanac and tell us which city/region you're looking at so we can point you in the direction of a supplement that may have some partial information on it. It's no crime at all to improvise; SR is a chaotic and shifting world, and the movement of corps and syndicates means the political and underworld landscape can be crafted to your liking.

>> No.32514013

What do you mean by gunslinger? Just an adept who's good with guns? Pistols specifically to evoke the feel of a "gunslinger"?

In any case, when building adepts I put magic at B to get all 6 power points (magic A is pointless for adepts, B is as good as it gets). Since you won't have ware to sink cash into, I'd put resources at priority C, or maybe even D (140 grand should be more than enough for those purposes unless you want to have stupid amounts of variety in your weaponry). Attributes A, skills D, metatype E unless you plan on going something not-human. Max out agility, put your reaction and intuition pretty high too to help with initiative. Put 6 skill points into one of the firearm skills (and only one), find some secondary things you can do because no one likes a one trick pony.

Maybe take some negative qualities so you can make up for your lack of skill points. Ambidextrous may be good so you can do some sweet john woo stunts, although depending on your character's backdrop that may make zero sense.

For powers, the ones that give you initiative dice are a must, buffing agility/other attributes is always a good thing, and I'm personally a fan of wall running and light body although that puts you into John Woo gun-fu territory again.

>> No.32514059

I might just be going with the bog-standard Seattle life, but we're from Toronto, so it might be worth it to take a look at that.

>> No.32514180

Toronto is now a city in the United Canadian and American States (UCAS). Its a major entertainment centre that uses its varying architecture as sets. Also known for small tech start ups. So its basically colder, less flashy and more realistic LA

>> No.32514210

Isn't that kind of impossible? I thought Cyberzombie was the furthest you can keep flesh alive with excessive augments.

>> No.32514271

Its not augmentation, its literally a brain in a jar with the bare minimum of essence thats then installed in a robot body
As you can imagine the subjects are at best unhinged slightly

>> No.32514278

why you asking questions? Jarheads are in the RAW. Go read Augmentation

>> No.32514280

There is a Montreal sourcebook from 4th ed. that can probably give you some background on the surroundings and give you some lore of the place at least.

I remember I had it, but not where, if I find it I'll up it later.

>> No.32514298

Not him, but thank you for the source.

>> No.32514307

>Which firearms skill(s) are you looking at using?
>What do you mean by gunslinger?
I plan primarily on using assault rifles, so automatics (though the Cavalier Arms EBR does catch my eye). I figure I should have a backup weapon of some sort, but pistol seems maybe a bit redundant and I figure I might not have the strength to make melee viable.

>> No.32514326

Well, technically, there's not really any flesh to a cyborg. A cyberzombie is a heavily, heavily augmented body, yes, but it's still just that- a heavily augmented body.
A cyborg is just a brain.

>> No.32514375

Nerve Strike is a great power.
Also pistols are great. They're concealable, generally cheap and they aren't wildly illegal.

>> No.32514406

The good thing about Automatics is that you can still have a good backup under that single skill, just pick a small sub-machinegun and you're good to go,

Hanguns are useful though, more concealable, the other end of the spectrum is get Longarms to use a shotgun, and as a plus you get to be a capable Sniper too.

>> No.32514607

It always confused me, as well. Things as inane as getting a few extra organs - without removing any of your meat - strain the connection between your body and your soul, and in order to get heavily cybered you need to essentially be converted into an unholy abomination, but if you cut off everything except for the brain the only issue is you going loopy?

>> No.32514684

You're a brain in a jar, man. That's like- that IS the issue. You're like a robut by that point but you're painfully aware of it.

>> No.32514791

I can't empathize with that issue.

My point, though, is how if you replace your arms and legs you die, but if you replace your entire body you just need regular counseling.

>> No.32514871

I thought most jarheads are raised as jarheads, rather than taking a grown adult and transplanting them out Robocop2-style.

>> No.32514975

There are 3 types:
1. Adult brains translanted into Cyborg bodies. They generally have a harder time adapting, and go insane much faster.
2. Child brains extracted a short while into their lives. They can adapt to the body easier, but they also have some "knowledge" that isn't Simsense education derived.
3. Cloned brains. Similar to the old "Halberstam's Babies", these brains where cloned entirely for the purpose of creating Cyborgs and have never experienced life outside their Cranial Containment Unit. They just don't "get" some things, but they also don't really go insane from the experience, as it's all they've ever known.

>> No.32515011

Just did.
I also can't wait til the 5e equivilent comes out, cuz I noticed that a cyborg only takes up about half of your cash if you get resources:A. (Dump attributes and metatype, you can leave physical attributes at 1 and you aren't going to be human for much longer.)
I just love the idea of a cyborg PC who just keeps going so he can kill whoever did this to him.

>> No.32515067

You can replace your entire body and have some essence left over.
Cyborgs have .1 essence. Forever.

>> No.32515129

What affects the deterioration of borged brains? Can an adult brain train itself to work in its new surroundings, or find some way to keep its priorities straight even though it feels like it's sleepwalking through a bad movie, or is it just some magical 'tecmologee is unnaterul' thing that gets you after 1d6 years?

>> No.32515263

A lack of maintenance.

Every Month, a Cyborg has to make a Willpower + Intuition (1), check, the threshold increased by 1 for each weekly maintenance session missed, each costing 2,000 Nuyen.

Adult brains suffer a -2.
Clonal Brains get a +2.

It's the creeping sensation of knowing you're nothing but a small chunk of meat, running around in a suit of metal.
It's partly related to extended periods of sensory deprivation during creation, installation and maintenance.

Also the drugs that are needed to keep you alive in that form

>> No.32515836

Sorry i didn't catch this thread earlier.

I posted this a few times earlier and since OP wanted to ask about space I thought I'd post it again.

I'm planning on running my very first Shadowrun game after playing for 5+ years. The game will be set (mostly) in space.

The player runners are going to be somewhat unconventional in that they will be starting out as rookie astronauts for AresSpace and Knight Errant. Around 2068 the world is still recovering from Crash 2.0. Space infrastructure took an especially hard hit with %89 percent of the communication gone and many orbital facilities damaged or lost. The recovery has been swift but is still slow in some areas and there is always the persistant problem of orbital space debris.

That's where the player runnernauts come in. Their official job description will be rebuilding and re-securing Ares space assets. There will be 'shadowruns' involved and the players will put on their runner hats pretty often. But ever since the Space Operations Charter and the Space Rescue Service were establish by the corporate court, shadowrunners in space have become an endangered species which is why the shadowrunner job will be secondary to their primary job as AresSpace astronauts.

Players aren't going to be awakened at all because of the manavoid but that doesn't mean there will be no magic involved in the plot. The lineup currently includes a Pilot Rigger, a Drone Rigger, a Combat Specialist, and a Medic/Face.


>> No.32515842

A lot of it is because the cyborg operation is designed to make you into an unendingly aware drone, instead of giving you a simulated natural hormone range.

>> No.32515852

I'm going to run the game in three phases with some side missions in between.
Phase 1 will involve the astronaut training and first orbital missions for the players. Securing derelict space habitats and clearing orbital debris.
Phase 2 will involve a trip to the Moon. Ares's Artemis Lunar Base is undergoing renovations for the 100th anniversary of the Moon landing but efforts being delayed by something. Rumors are the base is being Haunted.
Phase 3 will involve the training, preparation and launch of the first Ares Mars Surface mission. Evo beat Ares to the punch when they established Gagarin Base while Ares's was relegated to a semi-permenant base on Phobos. The players (assuming they have made it this far) will be selected as part of the first Ares surface mission to Mars in which they will be trying to set up a habitat for future permanent use. Note: while this is going on Gargarin Base as mysteriously fallen out of contact which is something Evo has yet to acknowledged.

I'm going to be using alot of throwbacks to the old world space adventures of NASA but with a Shadowrun touch. Some of the tech that they use will be pretty dated (their first spacecraft will the the Orion MPCV Block VII) since my understanding is that chemical propulsion is still the primary means of space travel in 2070 (besides forays into nuclear and ion propulsion). Any thoughts or suggestions?
One thing I thinking about is simple rules for piloting spacecraft. (eg. Delta-V Budget)

>> No.32516103

If you wear a suit, the Ares Executioner is an excellent choice for being inconspicuous - easily disguised as a briefcase.

>> No.32516130

Same anon as >>32514280 here, found the book on the dark corners of my hard drive, here ya go dude: https://www.mediafire.com/?5fgrq3fa069v8rc

>> No.32516435

So I want to make a Human Gun-Adept with maxed out edge, but I also want him to be a competent face (5e). Is this possible? I'm not the best at crunch, so any ideas for how to make it work would be greatly appreciated.

Right now I've got; Name: 777 Real Name: Ryu Kurokawa

A. Attributes
B. Metatype (Human)
C. Magic (adept)
D. Skills
E. Resources.

Qualities: Natural Athlete, National Sin (Japan) Distinctive Style (Yakuza-style Asian Dragon tattoo over entire back, along with sleeves) Severe Allergy; Dairy. Bilingual

Body: 4 (50
Agility: 5
Reaction: 4 (7)
Strength: 2
Willpower: 4
Logic: 3
Intuition: 4
Charisma: 6
Edge: 7
Magic: 6
Essence: 6
Initiative 4D6+11

Skills: Automatics 6 (Assault Rifle Specalization)
Negotiation: 4
Ettiquette: 4
Con: 4
Disguise: 4
Electronics: 2
Perception: 2
Arcana: 2
Knowledge Skills: Yakuza procedures 4
Gang Politics 4
Law Enforcement Tactics 6
English N
Japanese N

Adept Powers: Improved Reflex 3
Attribute Boost (agi) 4
Increased Attribute (body)
Kinesics 4

Thoughts? I played one short session with him and the number of dice I was rolling to shoot someone was truly absurd, but amazing.

>> No.32516713

I can't think of any good 'common' allergies for my decker to take. The ones suggested in the book are kinda 'ehh'.

>> No.32516760

Then don't take an allergy. Take a Prejudice or some other shit.

>> No.32516799

Latex is a good, easy one. Food allergies work pretty well too.

>> No.32516803

Soy (god help you), CS gas (as in instead of just teary eyes your respiratory system shuts the fuck down), Bee stings, because its hilarious when an insect is scarier than bullets.

>> No.32516839

Shellfish might be a neat one even though it's not really common. You still got to watch what you eat though, since krill are also used like soy in a lot of food now.

>> No.32516874

The most common genetic predictors of criminal activities in the 6th world are allergies to silver, gold, and other assorted bullshit things.

"This kid got the hives after he touched molybdenum, quick put him on a watch list"

>> No.32516890

.... Wut?

just look up a list of the top 10 allergies and go, polen is a good one (Plant or tree) or take the other road and make the allergy be polutants instead.

>> No.32516912

Oh man that would be hilarious.

>Just after a gun fight
>Security is knocked out with flashbangs and stick and shocks
>wasp buzzes around
>Dwarf starts swinging at it and shouting
>Others: "What the hell man?"

>> No.32517059

If your GM is anything like mine then you don't want to take any targeted negative qualities.

I took pollution(common) mild, and every single run we done is in heavy industrial parks where there is tons of pollutants and makes sure to remind me of my penalty on every single physical action I do with a silly grin on his face.

I basically bought 10 karma for a permenant -2 to my phsyical stats.

>> No.32517090

That's ridiculously dickish. Unless its absurdly bad, flaws are a recurring problem, not a permanent one.

Also, spend some karma to buy that off man. Say you spent it on one of those anti-allergen treatments.

>> No.32517130


Secondly, that's something to take into account "Hey Mr, Face and Mr Fixer, I can't contribute to the team as much if we keep getting sent to polluted shitholes. Can we try for runs outside of town/less awful areas.

Shadowrunners (ideally) function as a team, with their strengths and weaknesses in mind. Your relationship with your Johnsons should be more "You meet the wizard in the tavern and he tells you to-"

>> No.32517169

*should be more than just-

>> No.32517399

Have any of you ever had a cybered up dog as a pet in a game?
How'd that work out?
I'm thinking of getting a big ol' attack dog of some sort.

>> No.32517422

You too huh, I just started a Shadowrun campaing with a guy who wanted to run it because Shadowfall, he has a house rule that you can get any benefit as long as you agree to a bad thing happening to your character in the future.

In shadowrun this manifested in him bestowing us with a negative quality of his choosing, I went to him to get an extra contact, wanna know what he wanted me to take as a negative?

Enemy: Ares. Yes, you read that right, not someone in middle management, not a specific branch. THE ENTIRE COMPANY

>> No.32517464


>> No.32517494

Are you playing the guy who runs Atzechnology?

>> No.32517505

I don't know how many points that drawback would be worth.

>> No.32517537

Reminds me of the novacoke adicted 17 year old gnome covert ops thing who had a 6/5 connection we didn't bother looking at.

Turns out the local Lonestar marshal was her adoptive dad. Trust me that is not a face you want popping up on your AR screaming WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER?!* I think my PC rolled Body to avoid a heart attack.

*His daughter was at the time playing real life frogger, running around a busy parking lot while wearing a ruthenium suit for reasons I can't remember and probably didn't make sense at the time either.

>> No.32517823

Took five runs to get enough karma to buy it off and I did that the second I was able to.

And I did 'talk to my fixer' and the face to try and get them to find jobs that weren't in polluted areas and anything that was outside those areas was like 4000 for the job, compared to our average of like 12000.

>> No.32517879

Wow. Like, 4000 each or 4000 TOTAL?

Yikes, at that point you're better off starting to investigate and cultivating your own runs instead of waiting for the johnson.

>> No.32517929

I don't know. It sort of depends on how much Aries wants you dead. I'd say 35 points, maxes out your negative qualities on it's own drawback if the CEO has a kill order on you and firewatch teams on standby to kill you when you get detected.

If it's "Aries wants you for questioning and possible prosecution involved with the theft of a prototype device" then maybe 10 points.

>> No.32517957

Yeah, that was more or less my own reaction.

Being fair to the guy, it's his first time GMing Shadowrun. What he used to run for us was Dark Heresy, in which having extremely horrible things dismember your Hive world Guardsman bit by bit is part of the fun.

nope, I am playing the infiltrator/face of the group, used to work for Ares before I had to pretend to be dead because reasons.

Yeah, I would like a fully customized, late game PC with every gamebreaking I can get away with for that price my good sir.

That sounds like a fun run actually, Find the daughter of the police chief, avoid jail time and possibly get some nuyen and limited access to Lonestar's armory for that disctric.

>> No.32518007

I always have trouble using up the last bit of nuyen at character creation. Anyone got any fun pieces of gear to suggest for a 4A hacker?

>> No.32518034

Enemy: Ares fag here, with the way this GM runs things I would want 125-150 points MINIMUM for me to actually even consider taking the quality.

>> No.32518083

Disposable comlinks, get them cheap rating 1 comlinks.

>> No.32518090

I could've done that actually. I was playing a uber professional face with the Erased edge and a lvl 6 sin living in a respectable middle class neighborhood.

Better than the ex-cop PC who was widely known for being the 6th world equivalent of the cops who beat the shit out of Rodney King

You better use that to buy Positive Quality: Immortal Elf/Actually Harlequin

>> No.32518164

HE grenades and glue. Stick them to things and turn the wireless on, then set them off later as traps, distractions or a poor man's breaching charge. Or a way to make -really- sure someone dose what they are told, by glueing a HE grenade to their head.

>> No.32518166

>no way out. In order to survive, you become the thing you hate.

... I don't know whether this is brilliant or horrible.

>> No.32518183


A kg of rating 15 explosive. Another gun. A bug out bag in case you need to leave in a hurry. More grenades and ammo. That sealant crap you can waterproof your commlink with. Clothing. A cheap survelliance drone. A scooter or subcompact car, another month of lifestyle, or perhaps a secondary lifestyle as a lockup or safehouse. Some security measures for your house. Some sensors to assist with you if you need to keep tabs on a building or other place. Some electronic bugs style stuff. Some basic mods for your weapons?

>> No.32518237

I sort of wanted to do something like this.

A corp-experiment runaway with maximum levels of enemy in that corp. You're a top of the line superwarrior, and they want you back, dead or alive. (Preferably alive, or at least intact)

>> No.32518305

Since this is Ares we are talking about, they've built Robocop, as a Knight Errant project, you have escaped and you are valuable not just because prototype hardware or crap, but because the guy who made you died during your excape and he was the only one who knew wtf to do in order to build you.

Cue the entirety of Knight Errant and Firewatch on your ass every time you so much as hit a sensor.

>> No.32518348


If I might offer a suggestion, that's a good way of ending up dead VERY quickly. Megacorps don't slaughter Shadowrunners because it's usually not worth it. But a situation like what you're describing really gets the megas weight behind it.

There's got to be something mitigating about it or the characters simply not going to last. Maybe only a SECTION of Ares wants him (say, a single black ops manager, etc), or maybe the corp DOES want him, but they think he died, or something. Big risk, but you've got a bit more wiggle room.

>> No.32518447

Would a good compromise between the two ideas be the lab iy was built in got destroyed for unknown reasons, and the corp couldn't tell whether or not it escaped?

>> No.32518526

Tell me about jobs you take on the side of your shadowrunning, anons.
I'm thinking of making a character who is a street doc on the side.

>> No.32518593

One of my players in a game I'm hopefully running soon wants to be an insurance claims adjuster.

>> No.32518621

This ain't GURPs, kitten. You can only get 35 points/70 Karma for negative qualities.

I hear you though. The GM's going to use it as an excuse to kill you but you might want to think it over:

If the game's going to be You Vs Aries anyway, you may as well take as many points as you can for it.

>> No.32518708

I know, this was pretty much me saying I was riding the nope train to fuck that ville.

mind you, this was AFTER I had already taken my 35 BP of negative qualities, after I Noped hard, he still tried to reel me in with Cranial bombs and Judas and that kind of stuff.

>> No.32518732


Paracritter hunter. From Devil Rats to Wendingo, the person you call when you need to get rid of a preternatural threat.

Private Investigator.

Private Police. Yeah, it's basically a protection racket, but setting up a small business that offers extra police protection to areas that are undeserved by KT/Star could work.

Bodyguard. Molly Millions style.

Stripper. Hey, you spend all those points on Face shit, might as well make some quaility contacts at your day job.

>> No.32518769

I'm playing something like this right now. Our main storyline is "someone" is paying us a lot of money to make lonestar look bad, shortly after they took the seattle contract back from Knight Errant. So we do our own runs blowing up stuff, kidnapping buses full of children, mob minding an entire police station worth of lonestar into a couple cells, naked, then welding it shut. All the while filming the whole thing and sending it to the major networks, to just make Lonestar look like the most incompetent security on the planet.

Here's the problem though: My character is a former KnightErrant/Firewatch member with distinctive style. I have to take crazy measure to make sure no one ever recognizes me or can positively ID me, because if the news ever gets wind that someone affiliated with Knight Errant may be causing the chaos, everything was for naught. Either Knight Errant gets blamed for everything and never gets a contract in seattle again (and it's pretty clear at this point that they're behind our Mr. Johnson), or they save face by putting every man they have to the sole purpose of hunting me down. Not to mention all of Lonestar would be after me at that point as well.

tl;dr inadvertently gave myself a backstory that makes me a huge liability to our mission, as well as potentially leading to every cop everywhere having my face permanently burned into their AR display

>> No.32518815

Being a Bartender would work better for a Face, get people plastered and talking to find out info, befriend a lot of people just getting them a free drink or two every now and then. Bonus points if you're a hot chick since people come to get plastered and have the chance to talk to you.

>> No.32518822

How about just... don't join in for this one.
Take a bit of a vacation.

>> No.32518823

*letters 500 meters tall in Seattle skyline* <HAVE YOU SEEN THIS ASSHOLE?>*mugshot*

>> No.32518884

Today in my shadowrun campaign, two humans and an elf sneak into a troll go-gang compound (underground parking lot) and rigged all their bikes with grenades, then proceeded to climb up an elevator shaft so as to ride off into the sunrise (two bikes and a truck) before taking the "go" out of "troll go-gang".

Spirits bless whoever thought wireless grenades was a good idea.

>> No.32518940

Cool guys don't look at explosions.

>> No.32518945

Currently he's unemployed/slumming around in mid-class Seattle on account of trying to reenact Taken (he's Liam Neeson, his sister is Liam Neeson's daughter, and instead of "perverted old brown person" it's MCT).

But one of his cover IDs is a network security consultant.

He's a technomancer (disguised as a hacker).

>> No.32518964

We're too busy negotiating the ever-loving fuck out of an Ancients lieutenant.

(They gave us the truck as bonus pay for the job. I love our Face.)

>> No.32518979


That's quite good, actually. Bit of a loose end. Sets up some NPCs nicely as well, and there's excellent potential for maybe some fairly nuanced intrigue style stuff.

One of the riggers was big on streetracing. Sort of a reoccuring story line. NPCs, occasional Shadowrun work out of it. Tied into some organised crime arcs I was doing at the time fairly nicely, actually. The sammy had a bit of an adopted mother relationship with the kindly dwarf lady that lived downstairs with her extended family. Bit of a local mafia matriarch thing going on there, so that was good for a laugh and some out of 'running moments. The Gunslinger Face was tracking down the Ares man that killed her partner, so that often ended up with work. There was also a bit of work involving skimming off the top or sides of various drug groups that were operating. Every now and again the runners'd hit a shipment. Not enough to single themselves out, but they had a corp fixer that was able to fence things for his own purposes so that was always good for some extra coin.

>> No.32519012

Moral of the story? Corporate SIN + Distinctive Style = Criminal SIN.
Add Code of honor in there so you can't kill innocent witnesses or even just unarmed baddies and you're right fucked.

>> No.32519024


>Son of a bitch. SEKIGAHARA.

>> No.32519119

>Ho-lee shit.

>> No.32519233

He's coming back...
I expect Horizon brainwashed/reprogrammed him, put him into the Dawkins Group, and he's one of the Face-Changing Adepts they sent after the Artifact.

>> No.32519264

Bugger, forgot image.

>> No.32519281

It would be far more hilarious if he just showed up in the Tir for vacations or whatever, and that makes the police come out in force around all of the Tir, adding another layer of possible clusterfuck to the equation.

>> No.32519286


>> No.32519319

Oh. Oh, sweetie...


>> No.32519334

One of the characters from a story of a shadowrun game.

>> No.32519382 [DELETED] 

I don't know who that iiiiis

>> No.32519411

I can tell I'm gonna like this.

>> No.32519419

>take a bunch of social/tactical infiltration skills
>pay for them with a giant HERE I AM sign

Tactical fuckin' genius here, mate.

>> No.32520062

Should I go with my ridiculous elf burnout adept or make someone who is- well, I dunno- capable?

>> No.32520126

depends on if your group is fluffy or they want you to be able to throw 20+ dice at a problem

>> No.32520145

Depends on your game and fellow players. I've known players who make and eat purposely shit builds for breakfast, and ones who absolutely despise playing the game with anyone unoptimized.

Even if your fellow players don't mind, you might find your negative traits unattractive to yourself, especially if they're consistently exceeding you, so it really is up to you.

For what it's worth I really enjoy roleplaying addicts, so I might stick with it.

>> No.32520161

>My GM's face when I throw 27 dice for a damage soak roll. As a human in a suit.

>> No.32520224

To be fair, Shadowrun is the kind of game where both players AND GMs will be doing your pic a lot.

(and that's in GOOD groups that resolve their conflicts like adults)

>> No.32520276

Why is this not spammed over all these threadS?

>> No.32520296

oh my god this is the most 80s thing ever

>> No.32520362

This group is pretty good, though I had to remind the GM that although it's super cute to want to roleplay everything, that makes all the karma the face spent on social skills kinda moot and he should let him throw some dice if things aren't going his way. He says he considers the guy's stats when he decides whether an npc is willing but c'mon, that's simply unreliable at best and takes random chance and any sort of player control completely out of the equation.

>> No.32520373


As a Street Sammy with full augmentation and packed to the gills with toys an armor, wearing urban explorer + Helmet and a Ballistic Riot shield, I can call 27, + 9 body +1 from Toughness for a total of 37 soak, 5 of which is hardend armor because I had some exotic material (a giant para sewer gator skin) worked into it.

>> No.32520399

the funniest part is that is exactly how the matrix is described in SR, to this day.

>> No.32520482

Haha this isn't a pissing contest, you're missing the point. I'm a chromeless human with 4 body, wearing a suit and I'm throwing 27.

>> No.32520526

>Hardened armor from gator skin

Is this really a thing? Holy shit, why doesn't everyone do that?

>> No.32520542

explain. i'm running a chromeless dude soon and need to survive.

>> No.32520548


I'll bite, how are you doing that?

>> No.32520627

A mad scientist owns a small underground complex. A cyberzombie-monstrosity rebels against its creator, driving him out of his lab and making the entire building a horrible mess of dead bodies and rogue machines.

The AI the creator installed is trying to clean the building by destroying intruders, repairing structural damage, and attempting to fight off the cyberzombie, so you have a constant war of AI vs. cybered-up monster. Neither side can really win, especially since the drones are running out of ammo and are instead using make-shift weapons like blades made from scrap metal, and the cyberzombie is learning at the same pace.

Now enters the player. Maybe they are tasked with demolishing the building, deactivating the AI, or maybe just told to grab some data from inside. All there is to know is that you're running through a crossfire of fighting robots and a fucking insane cyberzombie, all in a crumbling building that robots are trying to rapidly fix. The actual "boss fight" could be standing in the top story of the building trying to fight off the monster all while drones are flinging electric-charged wire at your feet and the AI is hacking into your stuff and the floor is crumbling around you while the zombie stomps around.

>> No.32520649

I know, I was pointing out of amazing/crazy it was for a chromeless dude to have 27 soak.

It wasn't a normal gator, it was a huge 2 cars end to end big giant para-gator in the sewer.

I eventually slew it by throwing High explosive grenades into its mouth. Its only weak point, for massive damage. Om nom nom

>> No.32520673

You forgot your image.

>"L-l-l-l-l-look at you, hacker. A pa-pa-pathetic creature of meat and bone. (panting and) Panting and sweating as you r-r-run through my corridors. (How, how) How can you challenge a perfect, immortal machine?"

>> No.32520702

It's not about how big the gator was, there's no way you should be able to make paracritter hide into something that gives you hardened armor, full stop.

>> No.32520718

Now keep in mind, as soon as I post this someone is going to tell me I've misinterpreted the armor rules somewhere, but here goes

4 body
4 more body from an increase body potion (I keep a few of these at all times, and they have good potency so last for hours)
13 from my Sleeping Tiger suit (power tie and mesh, fuck ya)
+3 from a Business Line longcoat
+3 from secure tech PPP (this is more situational, I try not to wear noticeable armor)
+1 forearm guards (I figure it was fitting, as a swordsman, in a ceremonial sense. Contention as to whether they work with the arm PPP. Decided it did, because RAW doesn't seem to disallow it and why would they make 2 identical arm armors?)

Having high body or Mage Armor could easily bump that higher or replace some of the more contentious choices, but in the end I'm just a chromeless human in a suit.

just realized that adds up to 28, I guess I decided NOT to stack the forearm guards and arm PPP

>> No.32520732

Uh, oh.

Looks like the fun and/or balance police are here.
Everyone be cool.

>> No.32520733

Does anyone play this on Roll20 or something? I'd love to try it, but I know my friends won't be interested in trying a new game. They only just started playing D&D. I don't think I've ever seen it mentioned in the game finder thread.

>> No.32520744

ah, it was I who was missing the point. Apologies

>> No.32520857

I sort of want to get a high-rigging/decking skill AI as my next player just so I can possess entire buildings and pull this shit.

>> No.32520903

Naw, it's a shit idea from the perspective of fun too. 27 Hardened Armor means you pretty much never take damage and are in no danger in combat.

Turning combat difficulty down to VERY EASY is a valid choice, but it's going to make the game boring.

>> No.32520932


Not to mention the idea of having a dude in a very affordable suit and coat having basically the same or better as a guy in bulky and extremely noticeable SWAT armour.

I mean, it's cool, and I do like the idea of supermaterials like that, but it's also a bit incongruent.

>> No.32520934

Its not 27 hardened. Only 5 Hardened.

>> No.32520956

I just love the idea of everything, from the lights to the coffee machines trying to get you out of the building. There isn't a big guy that can grab your neck and kill you, but imagine a normal office building being turned into a vehicle of destruction.

Anyone getting in the elevator will be thrown up and down as the car goes to the top level and to the bottom again at top speed. Doors might be unlocked only to slam painfully onto whatever limb happens to be in the way when it forcefully closes. Coffee machines might boil water to extremely high temperatures and spray its contents all over the room. Toilets could overflow while the hair dryer sitting on the counter blows enough air to propel itself into the water below, electrifying anyone standing in it. Televisions and intercoms could blare annoying pop music loud enough to deafen people nearby. Automatic vacuums move at alarmingly high speeds at people's feet.

There aren't drones with bullets or robots with swords, but that average refrigerator wants your blood.

>> No.32520975

I think he said only 5 of it was hardened. That seems legit. I agree with you for the most part though. One of my current characters has medium milspec battle armor in a smuggling compartment in his car, but I never whip it out unless I'm planning on going mano a mano with a tank

>> No.32520996

hardened armor dude is different from suit and tie dude.

>> No.32521243

Is it ok to have like, two deckers in a group?

>> No.32521285


Oh, I know. Just saying. SR armour's a bit odd in some respects.

That's still 3 auto-soak against most shots. 27 regular and that makes most attacks bounce. Well into traditional trollbrick problem territory.

>> No.32521286

indeed we are.

>> No.32521303


The GM'll have to adapt a bit, but it's doable. Depends how deckerish the deckers are, really. There's a good chance they'll step on each others toes a fair bit.

>> No.32521316

Hey, quick question, say there's a cyberzombie with heavy miltech armor and helmet for 18/16 armor. But, they've got the Inhumanly Resistant cyberzombie quality at rating 6 for Hardened Armor 12/12.

Does it armor soak as 30/28 or for 18/16 with 12 being treated as armored?

>> No.32521373

Doubling up can be great, just make sure the doubled up people know what job is theirs so they dont waste time doing the same thing hacking wise, and make sure they assist each other.

>> No.32521402

My friend is playing a character I made. He's a decker/face, Sony CIY-720 with about 13 or 14 dice to throw for Hacking actions.

I just kinda wanna play a teenage elf with big dreams of paydata.

>> No.32521412

have one hacker and one techno, they complement each other pretty well

>> No.32521484


Well, if it doesn't beat the 12 hardened armour then it'd bounce anyway, but beyond that it'd depend on how you got the armour. Sometimes it doesn't stack. If it DOES stack, it'd be part of your regular armour pool as far as rolling it's concerned, plus you'd have the auto-soak from the hardened component. RAW hardened works like armour but with extras, so barring something explicit it'd be like having a helmet or riot sheild, IMHO.

But it all depends on if it stacks. Rock skin as the SURGE quality explicitly doesn't have it stack with anything else. You get it or you don't.

Which book are you drawing from?

>> No.32521529


Well, seeing as he's also facing there's still time for you to shine, and presumeably the other way around.

The issue with hacking in general is that it isn't meatspace. That might sound obvious, but given the nature of the matrix rules, netspace isn't quite as hetrogeneous as meatspace, at least in basic senses like rooms, people, etc. It's a bit more gamey and simplistic, so to speak. So having two hackers can sometimes feel more like you just get two rolls on a lot of hacking stuff.

If the players are creative and team up well, and the GM can keep the matrix parts active, and interesting, then it'll work great. How good is the GM at making matrix stuff fun? Because that's really the keystone.

Oh, and making sure the group can function with 2 fetal position people. If you have 3 people, 2 hackers might be an issue.

>> No.32521572

Are there any common ways to make decking less time consuming?
I'd like to not force a paralell game on other players if I do computer things.

>> No.32521583

>4 more body from an increase body potion (I keep a few of these at all times, and they have good potency so last for hours)

You regularly create force 8 preparations, so you have a enough of these on hand that somewhere during their maximum 8 minutes duration is when you're likely to be shot?

Or are you chugging potions at the start of combat? (to say nothing of being surprised)

>> No.32521622

SR4 295 for Hardened Armor and Aug 158 for the other one. I was mistaken, it's actually called Unnatural Vigor.
Honestly, I should probably rule that it doesn't stack because the damn thing is already soaking for a total of 36/33. Still, I'd like to know anyway.

>> No.32521658

Just rewatched it with the guile theme in the background.
It's even better.

>> No.32521659


Have a GM that doesn't suck, basically.

Shadowrun isn't really the sort of game that does the parallel thing in any serious respect.

No more than everyone else twiddling their thumbs as the face talks, or the rigger fixes crap, or the sammy blows up the guards so that the others can eventually get to where they need to be.

Ideally the hacking's going on at the same time as everything else, so it's initiative as usual. Beyond that, manage it the way you manage everyone else waiting when the infiltrator has to sneak in in advance to turn off the security and open the door. Because that's the same sort of challenge you're dealing with.

Beyond that, if you cut down the system anymore you're kinda screwing hackers. You've devoted a huge amount of chargen resouces towards getting your deck, and also getting your skills, and if you sort of wave that way with a few simple rolls you're undercutting the player agency. The system as it is is pretty efficient, there's not really much faffing about there. It's got flexibility in terms of what you can accomplish (for the most part) when it comes to black opsy style stuff, and that's exactly the sort of stuff your hackers'll be doing.

It'd be like playing Shadowrun with nWoD rules. Yeah, they're pretty similar in a lot of respects, but you're losing a lot of function you want to retain.

>> No.32521666

Less nodes for starters. Keep all security on one node and everything else on another unless it's plot, and call it a day.
If there's IC, all it's stats are now 4 or 5, depending on who owns it, and it rolls 8 or 10 for any action in the matrix, which is usually dieing to the hacker.

>> No.32521723

Here I was thinking of some system where you mostly bypass all defenses if you compromise internal nodes with direct connections.

>> No.32521724


In which case (exactly as it's written), it's added on to the rest of armour.

>Additionally, this “armor rating” is added
to the damage resistance test as normal armor.

12 hardened armour is already needing stuff like assault cannons to even scratch the damn thing. If the rest of the character is anything like the essence score suggests, you're basically at T-Rex from Dino Crisis levels of resiliance.

>> No.32521766

Am I the only one who feels the average combat-type PC should be about that resilient while breaking entire sec teams over their knee?

>> No.32521767

If you're worried about the strength of your Cyberzombie, make it less than Force bloody 6.

That is quite simply the furthest you can actually get as a Cyberzombie, before even the horrible ritual that makes them just doesn't work any more.

In SR4, all Armour Stacks unless it says it doesn't.

>> No.32521808


That works, but I'd compare a solution like that to something like lockpicking. It works from a game/story PoV, but it's also a bit light on actual hacking stuff. Unless you drag that intrusion out a bit, but that kinda creates the issues that you're trying to avoid.

You need to avoid the problem of 'alright hacker, you've had your 2 seconds in the sun, you've pushed the magic plot progression button, back into your box'. Just as a character based around lockpicking is a bit of a single useful trick.

Are you finding hacking takes up too much time? Does the player get the rules? That can speed things up a lot, as can switching back and forth between the hacker and the rest of the party according to intitiative. So combat stuff's pretty easy to balance, nobody's getting bored there.

>> No.32521813

That helps. Also, learn the ins and outs of the various programs to simplify actions:
Tell a computer to do something out of the ordinary: Exploit.
Tell a computer to do something IN the ordinary: Spoof.
Change something: Edit.
Etc. etc. for the rest.

>> No.32521841

Well, I'm planning on playing a hacker/rigger who takes over things and then runs 'em until the team needs to leave.

So I want to sort of bypass most of the hacking and get to controlling everything and being the trapmeister, as I can do that in real time with everyone else.

>> No.32521848

I wouldn't say it's that kind of setting. That sort of power reduces risk and stress a lot. They aren't superhumans. A guy with a pistol should still be able to kill you, it's basically a realistic physics setting more or less, not exalted. Guns and a few security guards still need to be something serious, rather than
>lol, they're literally incapable of hurting me


Yeah, that kinda threw me. I wondered what edition anon was talking about. Saw the hardened armour thing in aug and though
>nah, -6 essence is a bit extreme, must be some other rule that extends it.

>> No.32521884


Ah, I see what you mean. Yeah, that's not a bad idea, but you might want to segment the system internally. Layers, you know? So you can trapmaster for one section, but you need to spend time getting into the NEXT section as the team moves through the facility. Or whatever.

Aside from anything else, that sort of spider level control of a place is a big frikkin' deal for the facility attacker. Locking the security team inside their office, and having control of the doors, guns, alarms, cameras, etc, gives you a vast amount of power for most runs.

>> No.32521911

I don't really want to make a dedicated combat character as the new guy in my group is making a street sam and I want to let him shine. I tend to make really tough combat monsters in everything.

But my friend has decker and face covered pretty well. I like the concept of a brilliant teenage elf with a mind like a supercomputer but I don't know how I could do it without stepping on his toes.

>> No.32521916

Newbie Technomancer here again, I have a rules question.

In the character creation guide in the CRB, the example technomancer has Logic/Intuition at 4, and Willpower/Charisma at 3, and Resonance at 6... but his living persona has Sleaze/DP at 6, and Attack/Firewall at 5. What gives? Where's he getting the bonus +2 in everything from? Because I need to know if I'm missing shit on my Techno.

>> No.32521927

You're a brilliant elf wizard.

Alternatively, fill the infiltration slot.

>> No.32521941

Well, dropping down to nearly -6 is a hell of a lot cheaper considering the costs of alphaware vs. deltaware. But I suppose they can splurge a little this time.

>> No.32521945

Also what does Device Rating do in regards to my Living Persona? I might be blind here.

>> No.32521964


Well, it's not like a running group can't find a lot of utlity in TWO combat guys. I mean, he's not going to kill an entire platoon a turn, sort of thing. Whoever goes second is probably going to have stuff to kill, and obviously you're not going to always get the chance to move through a facility like some sort of dungeon crawl. Splitting up and being in multiple places is totes a feasible situation. Combat's a really fundamental role, everyone does a bit.

Having said that, if you're dead against it...

What about an Infiltrator? That's a very canny, cunning sort of job, and definitely lends itself to a tactical genius sort of mentality. There's also being a rigger. That same mindset you're after could lend itself to the E/W and management aspects of being a rigger, and the design/engineering/mechanics of the job also benefit from a very intelligent character as well.

>> No.32521966

Well, it sounds like I'd have to do a lot of work with a DM to get it running right.
Maybe have some kind of wire-drone that rigs devices together as it goes, combined with a wireless jamming system? That would help bypass the threat of rival deckers and spiders, at least, while also moving more of the action to the meatworld.

>> No.32521967

preparations last for Potency x2 hours. And yes, at 7 magic I often prepare the required force 5 spells I don't know what version you're talking about but if it's 5e you should probably read the rules again.

>> No.32521970

>Looking at shit you can do in 5e character creation
>10 body
>+1 natural dermal
>+1 resistance dice from Toughness quality
>+8 from chrome (4 cyberlimbs with armor 2)
>+12 from armor (Armored jacket)
>+8 from aditional armor (helmet +2 and Shield +6
>+2 more body while resisting and +2 armor (Aluminum bone lacing)
>44 dice for resisting damage

HAHA WOW, and I'm sure I'm not completely optimized.

>> No.32522008

well ya, you're not optimized, you can get a lot better armor that for relatively cheap. Does armor 2 on your limbs really stack like that? That doesn't seem right

>> No.32522092


Bump? Anyone?

>> No.32522127

That's true. From what I've seen, even low threat combatants may not be killed in a single hit.
Someone's gonna have to babysit the decker when he goes VR, too..

How difficult is it to pull off an elf razorgirl/infiltrator combo? Should I just focus on one? 5e.

keebler for life

>> No.32522168

Yeah, but creates it's own issues. Not the least of which is getting the drone around without getting noticed. It's a useable idea, but isn't exactly standard. And jamming isn't exactly stealthy.

Honestly, I'd just get stuck in, and adjust as needed. Everyone gets their time to shine, and their time to work alongside other members.


It's a Cyberzombie. The corp's paying out the ass to even make one, I'm sure an extra million in what's already a very high value investment isn't that big a deal.

Fairly certain the editor for that section has been taken out back and shot. I'm looking at it and I have no idea how such low stats (the stat page has him at 2/3/3/2 for W/L/I/C) translated into such high matrix attributes.

>> No.32522178

Page 456 of 5e book:
Armor enhancements provide an armor bonus equal to their rating, cumulative with other armor, without adding to Encumbrance.

And this was just to see what could be done at character character creation. Items are limited to availability 12.

You can get Riot control armor for 14 armor and that's two more dice.

Forearm Guards for one more.

Gel packs in the armor for two more.

So now up to 49 dice on soak.

>> No.32522186

hmm, taking my own advice I reread the preparation rules. It would only last minutes. Still, no big deal, most fights are over in seconds, and its a simple action to activate one.

>> No.32522201

Preparations last for Potency *2 hours, but once activated they have a duration of Potency minutes. Page 306.
>If the spell is sustained, it lasts for (Potency) minutes

So again, what are your first actions at the start of combat? Chugging potions? Or just hoping that combat happens while you're under the effects


>> No.32522205

Page 70 of 5e CRB, says he's got W/L/I/C at 3/4/4/3 (spent 2/3/3/2 respectively). But he's getting a bonus +2 from SOMEWHERE to everything when it translates to matrix stats. Apparently my living persona's device rating is = to my resonance, though I'm not sure what it's ever used for. Confusion abound.

>> No.32522211

cumulative with other armor, sure, but cumulative with armor bonuses from other cyberware? I don't think so.

>> No.32522228

Sorry, p.102 shows his final stats for his Living Persona at 5/6/6/5, for reference. I'm still hopelessly confused.

>> No.32522229

Why wouldn't it be?

>> No.32522245

Well, low level types can die fairly easily. But even higher level's are at risk, at least. The burst changes in 5th adjusted things towards a more HP errosion mode of combat, but despite that the raised weapon damage can still drop you on your ass, even from a fairly low level enemy.

>razorgirl infiltrator
In the ninja backflipping around laser lines sense? Pretty easy. Athletics and Stealth and good agility are already things the average sammy has in usually pretty good amounts.

Of course often infiltrators also cover the social infiltration side of things, which helps a LOT, which stretches you a bit, but if you have the vent crawling Theif style character in mind, sammy shifts to that very easily.


Yeah, it does. Hence the whole 'armoured cyberfoot' problem.

>> No.32522251

Take all of the aforementioned chrome at deltawear to take essence penalties down to down to 4.125, take Orthoskin 3, essence penalty at 4.725.

Two bonus dice (lose troll natural 1 and gain 3). Up to 51 dice now.

>> No.32522274

Why would it?
seeing as it can be interpreted either way, I'd want to see an example in RAW or a FAQ or something.

>> No.32522310

activating a preparation (which at worst is a simple action and could easily be a free action) at the start of a fight isn't a big deal. And ya, sometimes you see the fight coming.

I don't know why you're implying its not viable.

>> No.32522312

Sorry, meant alphawear.

Actually would only have to take one limb at alpha. 3.8 (cyberlimbs) + 1.5 (delta Bones) + 0.6 (Ortho 3) = 5.9

>> No.32522317


Oh, I see what they did there.

Yeah, that +2 is still kinda explanationless. It can't be the hot VR bonus because they'd mention that and that doesn't affect base stats anyway.

Device rating is used for soaking matrix damage. It'd normally affect how much health you had, but you're a TM, so that's irrelevant for your purposes.

>Hosts and files can’t be attacked with Matrix damage, so they don’t have Matrix Condition Monitors. Technomancers don’t have Matrix Condition Monitors, either. Instead all Matrix damage they take is converted to Stun damage to their person, but it is still resisted with their living persona’s Device Rating + Firewall.

DR affects slaving as well.

It's not really that different to having forearm protectors, or PPP gear. You just have them attached to your cyberarms, in this case.

>> No.32522329

Armor enhancements for cyberlimbs stack with other armor. It says it in the book.

>> No.32522333

How big a cyber-footprint would a rolling security camera blackout leave?

>> No.32522334

>Armor enhancements provide an Armor bonus equal to their rating, cumulative with other armor, without adding to Encumbrance.

Page 456 SR5 CRB.

>> No.32522346

its one thing to have something like PPP covering you and adding to your armor, and I can see orthoskin working that way, but I don't see how having one cyberarm gives you better armor than two

ok, thats fine, that's been quoted multiple times now. Does armor = armor bonus?

>> No.32522348

Er, assuming it is following a car or person down the street. I forgot to specify situation.

>> No.32522366


>Using A Preparation
>The Spellcasting Test uses the preparation’s Potency in place of Spellcasting, and the preparation’s Force in place of Magic (with the Force also serving as the limit).

So after all that, you have a portable spell that rolls a maximum of 10 dice (by your reading of Increase [Attribute]) with the intent of getting 4 hits, instead of either moving or attacking (your choice) in the first turn of combat.

Yeah, I'm less than convinced.

>> No.32522375

>having two cyber arms gives you better armor than one
is what I meant.

>> No.32522412

I don't understand what your problem is. If you get a cyberlimb with an armor enhancement it adds to your total armor. Why would that suddenly not be true when you pick up a second limb?

>> No.32522415


Armour bonus is armour bonus. Same as having a sheild. You have your base armour from whatever you're wearing, and the bonus from your shield or helmet or cyberlimbs just adds directly onto that. Very simple. It's not the same bonus, it's from a difference legitimate source. You're not wearing the same bit on the same part twice. It says it stacks with armour, and explicitly mentions you can't have the same enhancement ON THE SAME LIMB twice. But it doesn't say a thing about cyberlimb armour not stacking with other cyberlimb armour. They're all bonuses.

Security cameras not working is a big deal if they're being watched. Rolling failures are even more serious.

Maybe if the region was KNOWN for crappy camera avaliability levels, it might be less of an issue, but what you're describing (assuming they weren't all seperate store's cameras, etc,) is pretty noticeable.

>> No.32522439

Suit yourself. Contact preparations list no action, and your combat effectiveness is in no way limited by not attacking in the first initiative pass.

Also, 12 dice get you 4 hits on average and thats easily achievable by casting it at force 7, which I do.

>> No.32522459

And maybe three more from PPP so long as the the swat armor doesn't count as full body, if it does, then the armor jacket with the 3 PPP bonuses will go to 15 giving one more dice for a total of 52 so far I think.

>> No.32522475

Sorry, scratch that, only two can apply to the jacket, that would make it match the swat suit at 14. So still at 51 soak dice.

>> No.32522484

blegh, I cast it at higher than 7, thats my magic rating. I'm going to bed, why I'm arguing about SR on the internet this early in the morning is beyond me.

>> No.32522563

Are gun adepts viable alternatives to street sams? I really like the idea, but if I'm just going to get utterly outclassed I dunno. 5e btw

>> No.32522595


Ehhh. They can certainly shoot a bunch of people in an effective and efficient manner.

I personally don't think they really match up to sammy's in sheer combat effectiveness, though.

They DO get a lot of really cool stuff that sammies don't though. You won't be utterly outclassed at all. If you're the combat dude of your party, your party's fine. Adepts are plenty killy.

>> No.32522735

Lets have some fun. Let's say the troll was standing next to that fragmentation grenade.

Hello Mr. Troll, yes I do see you over there... Yes, your arms ARE quite shiny. Just stand still.

The the grenade is 18DV, and it gives Mr. Troll a +5 armor value setting him up to 56.

Mr. Troll, could you please pull the pin on the grenade? Yes, thank you.

>Mr. Troll rolls for an average 18ish hits.

See? Mr. Troll is rather unharmed. Yes Mr. Troll, that was very loud, now don't go playing with too many grenades, you don't want to get unlucky.

>> No.32522800

You're selling me on trolls.

>> No.32522865

Yes. Pick a weapon group, specialize in it, get some Synaptic Boosters, Reflex Recorder, and Muscle Toners. At generation you can easily have 9 Agility, 7 Reaction, and be rolling 20-25 dice in your selected weapon. In addition, with Combat Sense and Mystic Armor you can get ~13/11 armor and over 15 dice on Dodge.

Gun Adepts are super legit.

>> No.32522936


Scratch that, didn't see the 5th part. I'm talking 4th, so ignore it.

>> No.32522965

Is this test being performed in an open field? With armour values that high, I'd be inclined to treat Mr Troll as a body barrier. (sr5 rules) Chunky salsa comes into play.

>> No.32522982

Newbie Techno here again, another question, this time involving Sprites: How many ranks does a given sprite have in any skill? Their level? Because in the example in the CRB on p.254, a level 3 courier sprite apparently has 6 dice for a Matrix Perception check, which... is Computer + Intuition, with a max hits of DP. Computers is listed as a skill for courier sprites, which is great, but the little buggers don't HAVE an intuition attribute because they're pure matrix, so I have no idea where they're getting the dice from.

Say I make a level 6 Machine Sprite, and I want it to Gremlins up some asshole's car mid-drive. Cool. The sprite needs to make a Hardware + Level [Attack] test. Okay, it's level is 6. It's attack is Level+1, so 7. Hardware is a skill for machine sprites, great, but... what the hell is the number that I plug in there? Equal to the sprite's level? Or the device rating of the sprite, which is its resonance, which is its level?

>> No.32523079

>If a device is completely unattended, the Device Rating stands in for any Mental attributes an icon needs but doesn’t have. For example, a device that an owner sets and forgets, like a door lock, uses its Device Rating in place of Intuition as part of the defense pool against a Control Device action.


>> No.32523091


Seems to be based on their level, forums seem to conclude similarly but they never spell it out. Another editorial fuck up, I think.

And thus was the Trollish art of grenade chest bumping born.

>> No.32523099

*Not a perfect rules fit, but I'd use that for any needed mental attributes.

>> No.32523696

Where do I find an AI's maximum racial ability scores?
I can't seem to find them anywhere, and I'm concerned on whether or not this means they can just keep increasing mental abilities forever.

>> No.32523761

Capped at 6 like everyone else.

>> No.32523763

>+3 from a Business Line longcoat
>+3 from secure tech PPP (this is more situational, I try not to wear noticeable armor)
>+1 forearm guards (I figur

Stacking armor?

Were is this Business Line Coat coming into play? Lined Coats are 9 Armor and can't be stacked with other main armors (you take the highest your wearing).

>> No.32523780


Sounds like an AI. Although.

>An AI’s Mental attributes and Edge start at 1. It may buy up these attributes at the standard BP costs for attributes (p. 73, SR4). The natural maximum for the Mental attributes is 6, and the natural maximum for the Edge attribute is equal to the AI’s Rating, which is described as follows.

>> No.32523784

Any quick-tips for 4e character optimization?
Like, stock up on maximum 200 bp attributes you can at start? Put it off for skills?

>> No.32523818


Yeah, there's a reason why they capped BP spent on attributes.

Take at least a skill at 6, or two at 5. Skill groups are nice. Don't touch qualities like toughness or will to live if you can help it. Try not to dabble in skills. Strength isn't as important as other skills for the most part.

Run and Gun. Custom Fit (Stack) is a quality of the Synergist Buisness Line Longcoat. The Sleeping Tiger armour is also made by them so the coat stacks with the armour. Only +3 rather than the base 10, but it adds nonetheless.

>> No.32524207

Might be kind of random, but I was wondering if any of you guys ever tried a game from a different POV than a runner's.
Like playing out gang wars, or conducting an investigation as Corp security or something like that.

>> No.32524208

What's the naming convention for Elves in Shadowrun who are trying to sound Elvish? Say you've got a runner who's the son of some Nobel/upper crust members of one of the Tir nations. They want to give their kid a proper "elf" sounding name. What would they use?

>> No.32524246

I've been considering doing numerous one-shots with perspectives ranging from street orphans trying to get by to doc-wagon crash teams to corp security.

I've considered doing a doc-wagon crash team session whenever my players mostly wipe.

>> No.32524279


Sperathiel, most likely. As for names, not a lot of Sperathiel has really been written about except one word at a time as the writer figured.

Corp and Lone Star games aren't unheard of.

>> No.32524375

>Corp and Lone Star games aren't unheard of.
I know but I've never seen them discussed here.

Just thought it might be fun to play a bunch of 'punch-clock-villains'.
I imagine the ganger thing would be a lot like a wild west scenario, where you have a few businesses running (gambling, btl stuff and the like), generating income and you fight over dominance in your part of the city basically. And if one of your PCs gets wasted you can just recruit some new bodies to fill the ranks.

>> No.32524380

Bands and modern sports teams aren't uncommon. You can get a lot of ideas from 4E's Attitude or (going back further) ShadowBeat.

>> No.32524449

>not a lot of Sperathiel has really been written about except one word at a time as the writer figured

It's mixing ED & SR, which takes it out of official canon, but it exists.

I'd just use Tolkien naming conventions.

>> No.32524471

... that naming conventions link isn't actually the link I thought it was.

>> No.32524472

Try Karma generation if you can.

Otherwise: Mathematically, you are best off putting as few or as many points into things as you can. "Soft Cap" attributes you want by putting them 1 less then the racial natural max in order to get the most bang for your buck. Spend all the points you are allowed in Attributes. If you don't have another idea in mind, play an Orc for cheap, high Body. Strength is almost useless, leaving it at the lowest value you can is the best way to go. Logic can, likewise, be ignored if you don't want any linked skills.

Buy your most important skill at 6 and try to set every other important skill at 4. Close Combat and Firearms are trap skill groups: You can only use one attack ability at a time, so only focus on one of them. Infiltration and Perception should have 4 ranks.

Pick 35 points of Negative traits. Codeblock (Data Search) is retarded, but valid, to take as something that's never going to bite you on the ass. (It makes you shit at using The Future Google, but that's it). Allergies to precious metals are likewise high value and will rarely come up.

Keep in mind: This is optimization advice. You are welcome to ignore it and make the character you like.

>> No.32524584

>Codeblock (Data Search) is retarded
>Allergies to precious metals are likewise high value and will rarely come up.
GM's actually let that through?


Considering how scattered the dictionary is, I assume it's more of a compilation than anything else, but I take your point.

>> No.32524591

Where can I find more info about this "Orange Curtain" that separates Florida?

Also, where can I find any info on CAS controlled Florida?

>> No.32525033

what ever happened to howling coyote? its only been 60 years, he could still be alive

>> No.32525046


Disapeared into the metaplot. A body's never turned up.

>> No.32525198

Fell down a plothole.
I like to imagine that one day, when the NAN is about to be destroyed, he'll come back to save them.

>> No.32526012

So have you guys seen the first renders of the minis they are making for Sprawl Gangers?
Female halloweener and some dwarf rigger.

>> No.32526073


Why would a ganger put a silencer on a predator?

>> No.32526100


Nah, that's not a silencer, that's a neon light attachment. Everytime you fire it lights up and shoots flames out the sides and plays epic guitar solos.

Alternatively, given the firing stance and grip, I'd say tacticool fever is a possibility.

>> No.32526110


Fuck yeah Pink Mohawk forever!

>> No.32526123

For the swag?
Seriously though, gangers might have to kill somebody quietly too, from time to time.

>> No.32526159


What are the plugs in her spine for? Rigger feeds?

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