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= Learning the Game =
Rulebook: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/android-netrunner/support/ADN01_Rules_ENG_Lo-Res.pdf
Errata/FAQ/Tourney Rules: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=207&esem=4
Tutorial: https://wwwyoutube.com/watch?v=VAslVfZ9p-Y

Android Netrunner Official FFG News & Spoilers:

Compiled List of Spoilers:

Netrunner Card List and Data Pack Details:

Deckbuilding Resources:
http://onosendaicorp.com/ (Takes a while to load the first time, it works fine after that)

Articles and Blogs:
http://thesatelliteuplink.blogspot.fr/ (Despite the .fr, it's in English)
http://stimhack.com/ (Home of the Alexfrog, take that as you will)

https://soundcloud.com/sansansouth (Sansan South, new podcast. Not sure what to make of them, but they use Maple Leaf Rag as jingle music...get dat sweet, sweet ragtime.)
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYND9uft5u_19FMPCVD2mVkECG5jnf6sk (Teamwork cast, not completely netrunner, but they have high quality recordings of face-to-face matches, including Chronos Protocol matches)

OCTGN Statistics:

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All right, something I've been postponing for too long. Make of it what you will.

As of the time of H&P's release (correct me if I'm wrong):

Total number of ICE: 77

Barriers: 18 (23.37%)
Code Gate: 25 (32.46%)
Sentry: 32 (41.55%)

AP: 18 (23.37%)
Bioroïd: 12 (15.58%)
Destroyer: 8 (10.38%)
Illicit: 5 (6.49%)
Tracer: 18 (23.37%)
Trap: 3 (3.89%)

Native ICE STR:

0: 12 (15.58%) 6: 5 (6.49%)
1: 6 (7.79) 7: 4 (5.19%)
2: 12 (15.58%) 8: 1 (1.29%)
3: 9 (11.68%) 9: 0
4: 14 (18.18%) 10: 1 (1.29%)
5: 13 (16.88%)

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Now, for our fellow Anarch:

Yog.0 breaks 44% of Code Gates.
Yog.0 + Ice Carver breaks 72% of Code Gates.
Yog.0 + Bishop breaks 96% of Code Gates.
Yog.0 + Ice Carver + Bishop breaks 96% of Code Gates.

Mimic breaks around 53% (17 )of Sentries.
Mimic + Ice Carver breaks around 69% (22) of Sentries.
Mimic + Bishop breaks around 84% (27) of Sentries
Mimic + Ice Carver + Bishop breaks around 94% (30) of Sentries.

Morning Star breaks around 72% (13) of Barriers
Morning Star + Ice Carver breaks around 83% (15) of Barriers
Morning Star + Bishop breaks around 94% (17) of Barriers.
Morning Star + Ice Carver + Bishop breaks around 94% (17) of Barriers.

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An for the sake of conversation, stupid theme decks that are quite right there yet and no one else wants to play anyway:

Noticed something this week end while we were all trying to build with the new H&P cards: everyone that uses and install Tri-maf contact will trade the click for the creds the fast majority of turns.

Which made me re-think about Hard at Work. There's was already NACH + Joshua B. If you needed your click back.

Add Savoir Faire, and you have another way to trade back that click for two credits, with added bonus that you can now bluff the corp with your installs.

Add Origami, Duggar, and maybe Underworld Contacts + Dyson Mem Chip if you're playing a Link ID, and I do think there's something that could be interesting in an econ denial deck here. (Alternatively Tri-Maf + Theophilius Bagbiter in a Criminal deck I guess...)

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Play Gabe / NBN or stop playing.

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suck my butt

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And here I was hoping to start an interesting conversation...

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Thomas Haas.

45/15 Criminal

Whenever a player uses a card featuring Thomas Haas in its illustration, gain one credit.

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I was thinking instead

when ever you trash or score something with advancement token on it gain a credit for each token on it

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I've just barely started learning Netrunner, but I started idly thinking about how you could stitch multiple games together into a campaign. These are the basic rules I worked out:

-There's a world map, with each major city on Earth, the moon, and maybe Mars divvied up between the corporations, with a few of them being "contested," meaning no one corporation is particularly strong there. How many cities count as "major" depends on how big the campaign should be. Cities are connected into trade routes: One city provides a resource, a second provides industry that refines the resource, and a third is the market where that resource is sold. Trade routes are marked by colored lines that represent which of about 4-6 different resources it harvests and sells.

-Each turn, a random event is drawn, affecting a specific city, a trade route, an entire resource, a specific region, a specific corporation, etc. etc. Every corporation can make one move try and claim a city. If a runner doesn't foil the attack, the city is claimed by that corporation. Cities affected by the event remain under the corporation's control unless a runner intervenes.

-After the corporation's turn, the runners go in the order of Shapers->Anarchs->Criminals. Each one picks one event or attack to influence. They can thwart an attack or prevent a corporation from automatically quashing the unrest caused by an event. If they help an uprising, the city becomes contested.

>> No.32408005

-A corporation which controls a complete trade route is immune to event cards that affect the trade route or the cities specifically (but not to cards that affect the entire resource, the region, or the corporation).

-If a corporation controls an entire resource, they gain an extra action thanks to their resource monopoly, as well as immunity to the random event for that resource.

-All runner factions get five runners. Multiple copies of the same runner identity is fine, and you can use any of your surviving runner identities in any confrontation. If the runner is flatlined, that runner is killed and cannot be reused (although copies of the runner can still be used). If all five runners are flatlined in all three runner factions, the game ends and the corporation with the most monopolies wins or, failing that, the corporation with the most complete trade routes, or failing *that*, the corporation with the most cities.

-If a corporation controls every city, they have won.

-If all corporations are wiped out, the Anarchs win.

-If the Criminals make a deal with a specific corporation, they win if that corporation wins. The Criminals can cancel the deal at any time, and attack any city in the corporation they've defected from if they do, and choose which corp, if any controls the city if they win. The corporation can cancel the deal at any time. The Criminals can't win unless they have a deal with a corporation.

>> No.32408035

-Whenever the game ends for any reason, if the Shapers have successfully hacked more corporations than any other runner faction and at least one of them is still alive, they have won. It is possible for a joint victory between the Shapers and another faction (or even two, if they make an alliance with the Criminals *and* a corp).

-The Shapers do not win if the corps or Criminals have been throwing games. They're in it to prove they can, not to top a scoreboard.

-If people are getting bored with it, a five-turn countdown can begin, and the game automatically ends at the end of that countdown. Determine the winner as though all runners were killed, but count the Anarchs as a corp who controls the contested cities.

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In your HQ servers, running all around the place, randomizing your losses !

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So a much better version of Simone Diego as an ID?

>> No.32414757

Fisk would skyrocket in usefulness.
CI would have to be more careful with their credit pool.
Hemorrhage would be more powerful than it currently is.

I am ok with these things.

>> No.32415273


It's a Runner ID though.

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I have only recently started playing Netrunner and thus I don't have as much experience regarding deck construction and how to play certain types of decks. I am pretty much just playing against a friend of mine and usually play Runner / Corp for a while. We just switched and I am playing Corp and I wanted to try out a new deck with Jinteki and he uses my (so far my best deck imo) Shaper Deck. I currently just get my ass handed to myself because I don't know shit about how to play Jinteki properly and the Shaper Deck I built is just very consistent and persistent at running on literally anything without fearing consequences. Maybe some of you guys can look over my deck and help me improve it or tell me how to screw the Runner easier.

Identity - Jinteki - Personal Evolution

Agendas - Fetal AI 3x
- Braintrust 2x
- Priority Req. 2x
- False Lead 2x
- Gida Hands Arcology 2x

Upgrades - Hokusai Grid 3x

Operations - Neural EMP 2x
- Beanstalk Royalties 3x (•••)
- Hedge Fund 3x
- Scorched Earth 1x (••••)

Assets - Edge of World 1x
- Cerebral Overwriter 2x (••••)
- Project Junebug 2x
- Snare 3x

ICE - Neural Katana 3x
- Ice Wall 1x
- Chum 2x
- Pop Up Window 3x (•••)
- Chimera 2x
- Datamine 2x
- Bastion 1x
- Wall of Static 1x
- Inazuma 2x
- Enigma 2x

Overall idea was just a deck with a lot of early ICE (one of the bigger problems when I draw bad and the Shaper gets the right economy cards) and traps all over the place. It just doesn't seem to work well enough to score enough agendas or flatline him. Any suggestions /tg/?

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Since this thread is a really slow...

So this is my HB deck that I have been running with a great deal of success on OCTGN.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what I should include, what I should take out?

I feel all my ICE are where they need to be cost/distribution-wise. The only one I am still unsure about is Quandry. I ran 3x Guard for awhile and although it is really fucking stellar early-mid game (great for baiting out those Inside Jobs), it just sucks dick once they get the breaker out. I feel like I *really* want 1 cost ICE in my opening hand, and 1 rez cost "end the run" is hard to argue with. Maybe Pop-up Window is a good alternative?

I also keep going between Hedge Fund/NAPD Contract and Biotic Labor/Project Vitruvius. The latter is, I feel, better in most cases but Chaos Theory and runners that get really good Econ starts (to trash my shit) absolutely wreck me.

>> No.32416709

Related to OP's art, is there a good way to run Notoriety in a shaper deck? Just load up on All Nighter? I see it in criminal now, like Tenma, with their events.

>> No.32416730

cue arguments about "Oh he's totally in the background there"

>> No.32416774

Thread song:

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"I swear it's him right there ! He just used a lot of make up."

>> No.32416914

"You just underestimate Thomas Haas if you think that isn't him"

>> No.32416922



3x Fetal AI
3x Future Perfect


3x Fetal AI
3x Medical Breakthrough

Then pick agendas worth 4/7 points. Don't run False Lead. Run some combination of Gida Hands/House of Knives and/or Nisei Mk II/NAPD/Philo. Entanglement.
Listen, just between you and me? Run Caprice. Just do it.

Run 3x Ice Wall.

Run Yagura over Enigma and Wall of Static over Bastion. Quandry can replace Yagura if you REALLY want the "end the run" effect.

Run 3x Pup (AMAZING taxing ice).

Run Komainu over Neural Katana (or both).

Take out Scorched Earth, Chimera, Datamine, and probably Chum.

Consider running Pad Campaign (or Medical Fundraiser) over Beanstalk. This will require testing, but I feel it could work well for you if you also run NAPD contracts.

>> No.32417027


All Nighter, Doppelgänger, anything that lets you get more click in one turn would probably help scoring several at once, which can probably help - but given Notoriety decks are going to run in turns with concentrated bouts alternating with turns dedicated to the mass gathering of resources, well it's useful, but maybe not as much giving yourself a sure way of scoring those three successful central runs.

And since you *have* to make those runs, might as well maximize them too. I'd be more looking into cards that facilitate them (Feint, Blackmail - given you run notoriety, you may be able to run Frame Job, which could be great econ too for you) make them more efficient (Retrieval Run and Security Testing for Archives) AND diminish the remotes (Chakana).

>> No.32417164



>> No.32417419

Thanks for the tips, I don't have Fear and Loathing and Double Time yet so no NAPD and no Yagura or Quandry.
Agenda-Wise I've decided to try out this :
3x House of Knives
3x Fetal AI
3x Medical Beakthrough
2x Braintrust
1x Philotic Entanglement

I just put in Braintrust because it's an easy 3/2 and I needed some Agenda points.

Scorched Earth was pretty fun to just have when he caught a Snare, but I guess it's too rare to draw with only 1 copy.
I put in 2x Komainu over Neural Katana and added Pup 3x. I'll also put in two more Ice Walls. What about Tsurugi as another source for Damage? How do you use Hokusai Grid well? Is it just for taxing or forcing him to take damage? I really liked Chum + Neural Katana or Datamine, why wouldn't Chum be efficient?

Thanks a lot for helping me out, let's hope I can get a working deck out of this :D

>> No.32417573


You probably don't need 2 Cerebral Overwritters, or 2 Junebugs. The threat of a trap is only viable when the runner has to access the card. So get to point match as quickly as you can so they have to make the run on an unknown with two advances.

I find Celebrity Gift to be very effective in terms of econ and bluffing. Revealing an agenda and a snare, or not revealing an entire hand when you have no agendas.

3 Pop Up Windows seems like too many. Komainu is great. Think about putting in a Wrap Around or two for forcing an early agenda out. It also looks like with inazuma and chum, you have too many code gates that buff ice, and not enough ice that actually ends runs or taxes.

Flat Lining the runner is fun, but if you're scoring agendas it forces the runner to be more risky and makes it more likely they'll make mistakes.

>> No.32417622


Also having some variety for your upgrades so the runner doesn't always know the Hokusai Grid is there. A Trouble Shooter in there will mix things up, maybe make the runner jack out (especially if you pop it on a komainu or katana) so they don't accidentally themselves, and make calculations the runner has to make before hand more complicated.

>> No.32417753

Without the Overwriters or Junebugs I'd have no actual traps anymore apart from the Snares. If I'd put out Enigma, I'd have no more good early ETR cards apart from the 2 Barriers. Is Neural EMP worth playing anyway? 2 credits + 1 click for 1 net damage seems a bit weak. What about Ice like Archer or Hourglass or something like an Ichi from HB? What should I do economy-wise? Especially if I put out Pop Up, my econ is pretty bad with only Hedge Fund and Beanstalk. Playing Pad Campaign seems to weak without defenses, surely you can lure out some credits from the runner, but I don't know if it'd be worth it. Is Edge of World any good? Or should I throw it out? What about Mushin No Shin as a tease for Traps or Trick of Light with Ice Wall to fast advance?

>> No.32417824


I wasn't saying remove them entirely, I'm saying run less of them. One of each is fine. That way you've got more space for other cards, but still threaten traps. Having a Ronin helps too, that way the runner can't just ignore something advanced twice and left alone.

I'm not too fond of EMP, I like Cerebral Cast quite a bit more. Either option is usually fine for you, as you can trash resources or you get brain damage in there.

Archer is risky is you're not running a lot of low cost agendas. Hourglass is pretty weak imo, but I get how it might work here. Might be worth a try. I've been having a good time with Victor 2.0 on R&D.

Mushin No Shin and Celeberty Gift help with jinteki econ quite a bit.

>> No.32417893


Edge Of The World isn't very useful unless the runner's totally desperate or you're running a lot of 3-cost agendas.

If you're feeling a lack of ETR ice, Quandary's pretty cool and can sometimes let you get in an early house of knives and the like.

But yeah, Trick Of Light if you're playing icewall, mushin and traps can be effective.

>> No.32418024

I'll just give this new deck a shot and see how it's working out.

3x Fetal AI
3x Medical Breakthrough
3x House of Knives
2x Braintrust
1x Philotic Entanglement

3x Snare
2x Pad Campaign
1x Ronin
1x Zaibatsu Loyalty
1x Cerebral Overwriter
1x Project Junebug

3x Hedge Fund
3x Beanstalk Royalties
2x Mushin No Shin

2x Hokusai Grid
1x Corp Troubleshooter

3x Pup
3x Wall of Static
3x Ice Wall
2x Inazuma
2x Komainu
2x Pop Up Window
1x Neural Katana
1x Victor 2.0

Maybe I'll try out Trick of Light at some point. Thanks a lot for the tips and tricks you showed me, hope I'll do better in future matches :)

>> No.32418108


That looks a way more viable. Glad to help. There were at least two of us.

I find playing Jinteki well to be difficult, but its super rewarding.

>> No.32419608

if you're willing to trade 2 dollars for a click, why run the HAW? tri maf is good because it costs the same as kati and you have control of it without janky combos.


Gabe a shit, play andy and really know the blue cards

>> No.32421520

You would run HAW over Tri-Maf in Anarch only. Also, HAW is less of a liability if you get tagged. Worst case, you're down a bit of money instead of dead.
Personally, I still think it's kind of a crappy card, but not as crap as everyone claims. I just wish there was a way to get it out more cheaply. Maybe I would actually run it in Nasir, to be honest.

>> No.32424144

>if you're willing to trade 2 dollars for a click, why run the HAW?

You're misunderstanding. As I was saying, as far as I can see, people will trigger the Tri-Maf the majority of times, making the turns where full four clicks are needed the *exception* actually.

Keeping that in mind, I'm looking for ways to get that fourth click back if and when needed, while keeping the econ going while using HaW.

>tri maf is good because it costs the same as kati and you have control of it without janky combos
>I just wish there was a way to get it out more cheaply.

That's my main issue with Hard at Work really, it seems overpriced to me, which makes me think there's something we're not quite seeing on the Anarch econ side of things.

Anarch run for cheap. And then tend to run often. In a deck that needs/wants to run once per turn - no more, but no less - I've had Hard at Work a perfect econ solution for my needs.

>Maybe I would actually run it in Nasir, to be honest.

I don't know that I would - you'd lose those credits if unspent upon ICE raise.
Though my main issue with designing a Nasir Deck so far seems to be the late game econ... and *that* may work actually.

>> No.32424355


I like the idea of that, but the design seems over-crowded from where I stand.

Tell us if you manage to get it going, would be interesting.

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File: 810 KB, 1283x1000, port-ill-queensgambit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, anyone has had successful attempts at building a bad publicity deck that sort of works yet?

>> No.32428719

The closest I've seen are blackmail decks.

>> No.32428929

Once I get the last three expansions I was gonna try and make one.

>> No.32429655


Yeah, been struggling myself so far; it doesn't help that the few options we have right now seems to severely limit your design space:

- You want a deck that runs often, to make full use of the Bad pub. You're probably going to want to couple that with an aggressive econ denial deck, forcing the Corp to overspend on ICE. Blackmail goes somewhat at cross purpose - though probably useful as a free access on a remote if you only hammer the centrals I guess.
- Activist Support puts you in a position where you'll want pure resource-less tag-me (basically preventing Tallie Perrault, one of the very few options you have to give Bad Pub) with several of them because you want it out first, or very cautious and slow, resource intensive game with Aesop and NACH - but doing that seems to be severely hammering your versatility and ability to force the tempo of the game.
- You basically *need* to run notoriety in case the corp has no one-pointers, for Frame Job. And need another complementary econ to get you kick-started in early game, allowing to score those and get you going while waiting for the bad pub to pile on - but it must not clog up your deck either.
- Leverage... I don't see it landing bad pub most of the time, if ever. Though I've used it for a couple free runs on a Janus locked R&D... far too specific.

From all that I'd say an econ focused on events and hardware recurring econ, with Prepaid VoicePADs. Hammering centrals, and keeping Blackmail - or maybe quest completed ? - as a solution for remotes. But I just can't quite figure a way to make it work properly. The pacing especially.

>> No.32430055

There are a bunch of viruses in the old Netrunner that do weird shit with HQ. I really hope FFG is bringing these back for Fisk.

>> No.32430291


Yeah, I really miss some of those.

Cockroach makes me grin because of how much the corp just hates to have to purge because of of it.

It's a bit like the anti Courtier/Kati Jones, with which people are so intent on maximizing profit they sometimes go overboard with the money hoarding and fuck up their own tempo - a mistake that can cost the game (which we've dubbed "being Katijonesed"), only it's reversed, and the Corp just so much doesn't want to purge because of Cockroach it'll often pass very valid moments when it should have.

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File: 376 KB, 959x1351, Sil-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Making myself custom IDs for Regionals. If you get paired up against this in Philly on July 19th, you'll know it's meeeeee

>> No.32430449



>> No.32430555


You should totally make some for CT and NEXT.

>> No.32430650


That looks dope

>> No.32430672

Lookin' kinda Pizza there.

>> No.32431283


Funny you should say that, since I play a lot of both of those IDs, but the next one is gonna be Replicating Perfection.

>> No.32432554

Been browsing the boardgamegeek forums for a spell, and that whole counter vs dice debate kinda left me dumbfounded.

I guess people are going to find ways to be dicks one way or another.

>> No.32432722
File: 97 KB, 750x750, TS370-product-main__35309_zoom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32432855


Whatever floats your boat. I just fail to understand that need some have to police other people's preferences.

>> No.32432931

While I haven't read the bgg discussion, I can see there being an issue in tournament play with the visibility and accuracy of your methods. Even accidentally taking an extra three credits off an Adonis Campaign can make a big difference to the outcome of a game.

In casual play, people should be able to do whatever they fucking want.

>> No.32432959

Speaking of that, I've kind of wondered if being able to use dice for psi struggles is within the spirit of the rules at all. Oh, well.

>> No.32433130


What do you mean "my methods" ? I haven't even stated a preference.

That being said, if your opponent can make a 3 creds unnoticed mistake, you haven't been paying attention to such an extent whatever method used would have ended up with the same result.

>> No.32433154


You can use dice as tokens for that specific purpose if that poses a problem.

>> No.32433167

I meant to obtain a random number, rather than being forced to personally choose one on your own without assistance. Using a die to show your result is obviously the same as credits.

>> No.32433232


Oh. Ok.

I don't get how it's against the spirit of the game. The player has to make the decision, but can make it for whatever reason deemed fit. Can try to make an educated guess. Can use any form of randomizer (anything that deals with the value noted on cards could be used as such too after all).

>> No.32433413

I was using "your methods" to refer to a general player, not to you specifically. Apologies if that was unclear.

The result wouldn't be the same. If you physically put 12 credits on an Adonis and then take them off 3 at a time, you'll never accidentally take 15 credits off it. Yes, mistakes might still be made, but using alternative methods of marking credits and counters increases the chance of that happening.

>> No.32433567

I think I remember this coming up on Facebook, and Damon said that you could, but it would be unwise. If you're going to play randomly, I'm just going to bid zero every time. That guarantees me a 33% win rate.

>> No.32433603


I don't see how forgetting to remove a token - or removing the wrong number - is any more unlikely to go unnoticed than forgetting to move a dice - or move it to the wrong side. Messy, forgetful, non attentive (for whatever reason, exhaustion included) people all seem to act the same to me, whatever their preferred methods of display.

>> No.32434651

Anyone got a list of what's in the next draft list? Other then the new stuff of course.

>> No.32436998


Any more in store?

>> No.32438884


Replicating Perfection as my Corp, then maybe I'll do more if they're popular enough? I dunno.

>> No.32439248

Leverage seems good in a very rare case, that corp has a rezzed Flare, the damage can't be prevented, so the corp has to take the bad pub.

>> No.32439319

That's not how that works.
You play leverage.
Corp says "Ok, prevent all damage."
You run the flare.
It does three damage, because that damage bypasses the prevention.

>> No.32439349

And because it damages you they then have to take two bad pub tokens.

>> No.32439386

That's not how it works.

>> No.32439407

Except it wouldn't.
When you play Leverage, the corp makes its choice, and one of two effects happen. Either the corp takes bad pub, or the runner gains a "prevent all damage" effect. Then Leverage is gone, nothing else happens.

Then you run the server. You take damage from Flare. The corp takes no bad publicity because Leverage has already resolved. It's gone. It's done its thing.

>> No.32439424

I don't think so.
Leverage resolves when you play the card. The corp has to immediately decide whether to apply the prevention effect to all damage or to take the bad pub. Once that's done, leverage is resolved and discarded.

>> No.32439425


And even then: you'd still lose the hardware and the run would end.

Leverage is interesting in the case a server is being protected damaging ICE you don't have the rig or econ to prevent.
The the corp is face with giving you two free runs there or a great recurring econ for other servers.

Say, as in the previous example, a Janus locked server, a or one with a Komainu when you have a lot of cards in hand etc...

>> No.32440220
File: 222 KB, 300x418, Netrunner-Efficiency Committee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy fuck.

Shipment from SanSan works AMAZING with Efficiency Committee.

Shame I have to take out my Ice Walls to free up the influence to use it.

>> No.32440387


>> No.32440389
File: 1.91 MB, 219x143, off the grid 2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>importing ICE wall

>> No.32440419

Wtf happened there?!

>> No.32440440
File: 1.47 MB, 300x206, off the grid.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ran HQ

>> No.32441354


There's a very fun Custom Biotics game to be made using tagging from NBN, Meat damage resources from Weyland and the good old reliable Private Security Force + Efficiency Committee to kill the runner.

There's some cute interesting combos that suddenly become potentially deadly (Data Raven + Hourglass; a well timed False Leads) and the native Brain Damage that helps put the Runner flatlinning more attainable too.

Very fun to play.

>> No.32441462

I have been working on this deck for some time.
I call it Cyberdyne Systems.

>> No.32443033
File: 156 KB, 677x365, Cyberdyne_systems234154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hah, Cyberdyne.

I've been working on a certain Andromeda deck. Do you mind taking a loot at it /tg/?

Mass Install Andy

Andromeda: Dispossessed Ristie (Humanity's Shadow)

Event (15)
3x Account Siphon (Core Set)
3x Freelance Coding Contract (Creation and Control) •••
3x Mass Install (Honor and Profit)
3x Quality Time (Humanity's Shadow) •••
3x Sure Gamble (Core Set)

Hardware (6)
3x Desperado (Core Set)
3x Plascrete Carapace (What Lies Ahead)

Resource (3)
3x Same Old Thing (Creation and Control)

Icebreaker (19)
3x Alias (Honor and Profit)
3x Breach (Honor and Profit)
2x Corroder (Core Set) ••••
3x Faerie (Future Proof)
3x Overmind (Honor and Profit)
3x Passport (Honor and Profit)
2x Peacock (What Lies Ahead)

Program (2)
2x Magnum Opus (Core Set) ••••

14 influence spent (max 15)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Honor and Profit

Deck built on http://netrunnerdb.com.

>> No.32443101

For the records, yes, it's supposed to do a Mass Install/FCC in the first turn. Quality Time to repeat it until a suitable icebreaker suite is played.
Then run, run, run.

>> No.32443223


I'd remove at least one Plascrete Carapace and replace it with a Muresh Bodysuit (if you prevent damage by bunch of 2 - and most generally you should) then you can prevent up to 16 damage for 7 creds, have one lasting damage prevention solution that costs only one to install - can help with your econ. Seriously under-valued card in faction.

I reckon your base strat is: wait to get your rig ready, then pound the corp ?

>> No.32443376

>I reckon your base strat is: wait to get your rig ready, then pound the corp ?
Well, if by turn 1 I don't have my rig ready I guess I can start poking the different ice. Something like Run, Draw, Draw, Play if the cards are not in my favour.

Well, I guess I can swap in a single muresh bodysuit for the third desperado since I only have 2 cores anyway. But since this can go tagme I'd keep the 3 plascretes. Thanks!

>> No.32445542

Since some cards occur in the 'meat' world and now there is a firearm crim hardware, do you think FFG will eventually add ICE of security cameras, guards, alarms, etc. to represent both net hacking and actual sleuthing?

>> No.32445821

Well some bioroids ice and most upgrades exist in the real world.
I think it's a point in one of the descriptions, novels or something that bodiless bioroids tend to be a bit crazy, which is understandable.

>> No.32446108


They already have meatspace representations of things like that in agendas, assets, upgrades and operations.

>> No.32446164


I haven't drawn with it, but how often do you find yourself not having a full breaker suit that can run remotes? Might be worth trying to swap out Quality Time for Quest Completed in that case.

>> No.32446223


If I have two Muresh Bodysuits in play, and get scorched, do they trigger in an order and thus prevent two points of meat damage, or simultaneously and thus only both prevent the first point of meat damage, or does something else happen?

>> No.32446265

Simultaneously, so you only get prevention for the first point of damage.

>> No.32446333

We (the /tg/Netrunner Steam Group) created a Netrunnerdb account to help share deck ideas, updates, get easier feedback, and try new decks out. Feel free to upload your own decks, but please refrain from making changes to other people's decks (do take advantage of the "save as copy" button to copy a deck and make changes to it that way).

Also, feel free to leave comments, questions, and opinions in the deck descriptions box after selecting to edit a deck. This way we can get the communication of a deck posting without the hassle of actually doing it.

And join the group, god damn it.

User Name: Crash_Space
Password: tgnetrunners

>> No.32446345


From the FAQ:
>Net Shield
>Net Shield can prevent a single point of net damage each turn.
>Multiple Net Shields cannot prevent more damage.

Given that the wording for Muresh is the same, I'd wager it works the same way.

>> No.32447296

Thoughts and opinions on my kate deck?

1x Diesel
3x Modded
1x Tinkering

Hardware (11)
3x Clone Chip
2x Cyberfeeder ••
2x e3 Feedback Implants ••••
1x Silencer •••
2x The Personal Touch
1x The Toolbox

Resource (13)
1x Aesop's Pawnshop
1x Compromised Employee •
2x Ice Analyzer
1x Ice Carver •••
2x Inside Man
2x Kati Jones
1x New Angeles City Hall
1x Personal Workshop
2x Professional Contacts

Icebreaker (9)
2x Atman
2x Crypsis
2x Cyber-Cypher
2x Dagger
1x Knight ••

Program (7)
2x Cloak
2x Magnum Opus
2x Paintbrush
1x Self-modifying Code

Barriers get tinkered with or painted.
I am worried that I'll only access one card at a time though

>> No.32447973

Too many singles and doubles, I dont even know what are you trying to do.

>> No.32448154

Nay, it would defeat the purpose of FCC. You only need anything at the beginning, midgame you want to swap those "central only" for the regular ones, if the game allows.

>> No.32448472


I.... can't even comprehend what you're trying to do with this deck. It makes no sense.

>> No.32448546


Singles and doubles are the least issue in term of readability for this deck I'd say.


May I ask what's your main strategy for this deck happens to be ? What tactical advantages do you expect from the Cyber Cyphers ? The E3 Feedback implants (the only breakers you have that breaks a subroutine for two is Knight... kinda overkill if your only aim for those happens to be neutering bioroïds) ? The NACH (you don't have anything to fear anything from self tagging not to mention your Link) ?

Many cards seem to be hindering each other too.

>> No.32448990

Yeah, I see now e3 is pretty pointless. I either didn't read properly or I'd left them in from when there were some more 2 credit breakers. They'll go.

Cyber Cyphers I just plan to put on HQ and R&D, because they are both strong and cheap, and work well with paintbrush.
NACH is for tag prevention, but I didn't really take my link into account there, especially if I manage to get the toolbox out.

General strategy is to make the icebreakers stronger/cheaper with the rig, rather than just using money to do it. Especially multi-purpose ice/ ice with paintbrush
I also value options over reliability, hence only 2 x3's.

What cards hinder each other?
I'm really surprised by the confusion

>> No.32449416


Honestly, the deck would maybe make a bit more sense to me if it was a Kit deck, and not a Kate one. From where I stand, it's like you cut two different decks, one that wanted to be fast, run cheap for central-hammering, and another that was going to be slower, with big econ and targeted big runs... only each now feels incomplete.

The personal Workshop feels weird: you have that recurring econ from Inside Man you can't use with it, it doesn't work with the Moddeds, not to mention Kate's ability. Your hardware is generally so cheap you don't have a need it for it, same for many of your programs, and you have little benefit from installing them mid-run. You don't have such a drawing power that you *need* to offload to it..

Ice Carver and the Atmans don't really mesh well.

Three clone Chips, but not many programs that are going to demand recursion.

You have a rig that is very demanding MU-ise but only The Toolbox to boost your MU.

I don't know, may just be me lacking imagination, but I just don't know how I'd play that one.

>> No.32449644


By the way, don't let comments discourage you, in the end, there's only one thing that matters: whether the deck works or not.

Play it. If you can pilot it reliably to victory, then we're just wrong.

>> No.32449756

Ice Carver saves me money on everything except possibly an Atman, which would go to aesop, though I may need another one of him.
Clone chip was for anything that got trashed.

I'd definitely look to boost MU though, and maybe get an interface or two.

Not sure about dropping NACH, but I think I'll lose the workshop. Not sure about knight, now that I think about it, get my drawing power up. Possibly make each run more effective with some viruses, as I don't mind going slower

>> No.32449813

*might want to get my drawing power up instead.
Though now I'm thinking about a Renia deck...

>> No.32450115


Running only one copy of diesel and one copy of tinker seems odd to me, just in that you probably won't pull a diesel when you need cards, or a tinker when you need access. Options are good, but being able to have the options in the first place is important.

Having Atman but no Datasucker means your Atman isn't super versatile. And if you find space for Datasucker you can probably find space for yog if you want to codegate everything.

You could have more pawnshops and sac the atman to them? But that's going to get expensive.

Running Kait Jones, Procontact and Magnum Opus is sort of overkill. You could probably free up some space there.

There might not be enough self-modifying code to be able to pull a cloak/dagger or a knight when you need it.

It seems like it would lack focus? But yeah, like


said, try it. Might be okay, that's how people learn. Seems janky though.

>> No.32452305
File: 367 KB, 756x1000, port-ill-reina.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All your Queens are belong to us!

>> No.32453520

What does /tg/ think of my Harmony Medtech deck? Played with it earlier tonight and without Swordsman, AI breakers were walking all over it. So took out 2x Chimera and put in 2x Swordsman.

Has anyone had any luck with Levy University?

Harmony Medtech: Biomedical Pioneer

Agenda (6)
3 Priority Requisition
3 The Future Perfect

Asset (6)
2 Aggressive Secretary ••••
2 Levy University
2 Shi.Kyu

Upgrade (6)
3 Akitaro Watanabe
3 Midori

Operation (6)
3 Hedge Fund
3 Medical Research Fundraiser

Barrier (6)
3 Himitsu-Bako
3 Ice Wall •••

Code Gate (6)
3 Inazuma
3 Quandary

Sentry (8)
1 Ichi 1.0 ••
3 Rototurret •••
2 Susanoo-No-Mikoto
2 Swordsman

>> No.32456967
File: 500 KB, 771x1039, alt art correct size.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32456973

>Has anyone had any luck with Levy University?
Never. Runners always go for it on sight. Which is a good bait really.

>> No.32457527


Unless you're limited by not having them in your card pool: I'd replace a couple Hedge Funds for Sweep Weeks. Lower cost, teaches the runner that, maybe, keeping more cards in hands might not be for the best. If you can squeeze them.

Three of each Sysop is overkill in my book. dead draws galore if you're unlucky - and unlike the Runner, you can't even justify it on brute forcing damages if needed.

Also, given the number of repeats in your deck: might replace one Priority Requisition with one executive retreat: gives you one free turn of rest on HQ while allowing you to redraw your hand, might be worth it (though given your number of ETR compared to a "classic" Jinteki deck, might not be that interesting for you).

I love ho different our HM decks look.

>> No.32457543

more like All your queers

>> No.32458160

Played it against Nyan, did you?

>> No.32458451

Looks like it could be good with Grail ICE. Might make a decent way to combo up with the likes of Lancelot

>> No.32458490

Combo with CI to keep them from clogging your hand. Could get pretty good. Maybe.

>> No.32458661

What would you drop for Sweeps Week? Replace the Ice Wall with Wall of Static and replace Hedge Fund for it?

I agree that the Sysops being unique really sucks (and I think is unnecessary; they'd both be fine if they were non unique like Zaibatsu Loyalty) when multiples are drawn but I'm not sure the best way to get around it. They usually start in HQ and get trashed when I rez them in the remote. I'd love to drop them for something else but a pair of Watanabes usually saves 8-10 credits and Midori has a nice effect to put say Swordsman or Ichi where it is the most useful.

I tried Executive Retreat but I found it lacking because it takes a click to draw and I usually have another agenda to score by the time I score one.

Though I have been considering the inclusion of either Profiteering or Clone Retirement for one of the Priority Requisitions and bringing in Archer instead of Ichi.

>> No.32458939

>I tried Executive Retreat but I found it lacking because it takes a click to draw.

That's feature in a deck with little to no ETR. Your unprotected HQ becomes less of a liability for a short time.

>What would you drop for Sweeps Week? Replace the Ice Wall with Wall of Static and replace Hedge Fund for it?

I'd probably drop one Aggressive Secretary for a native Jinteki trap.

And I'd get two more influence from Ice Wall and/or Rototurret - or maybe even just the Ichi. You do have Trash program aplenty in this deck already.

>they'd both be fine if they were non unique like Zaibatsu Loyalty

Not sure I agree. Very powerful cards. Being able to switch ICE mid run on all servers would give you crazy versatility as the Corp. Not to mention getting rid of runner programs installed on them. And Watanabe is both great econ and great trap bait (by fucking the math on ICE activation, making the runner feel safe)

>> No.32459876
File: 44 KB, 224x224, G00ru.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


left before I could kick

>> No.32460659

>That's feature in a deck with little to no ETR. Your unprotected HQ becomes less of a liability for a short time.
Ah but that deck runs quite a bit of (binary) ETR. 12 cards with ETR on the card, 3 cards that make the ETR ICE unbreakable, and program destruction to destroy breakers that could break ETR ICE. As soon as Eden Fragment and Utopia Fragment come out, I'll be throwing those in instead of 2x Priority Requisition.

>I'd probably drop one Aggressive Secretary for a native Jinteki trap.
It's odd you should say that. I had originally made the deck as a flatline, but I found it too difficult because the runner can't be flatlined by Install-Advance-Advance, and Junebug doesn't do much for breakers already out. Hence Aggressive Secretary. Though I have considered Power Shutdown to replace it.

>Not sure I agree. Very powerful cards. Being able to switch ICE mid run on all servers would give you crazy versatility as the Corp. Not to mention getting rid of runner programs installed on them. And Watanabe is both great econ and great trap bait (by fucking the math on ICE activation, making the runner feel safe)
Sorry, I didn't make myself clear. I had meant that Zaibatsu Loyalty as an example as a card that has a fairly strong effect but is not unique. If I had to re-do them, they would have the same effects and be unique assets that work on all servers, or non-unique upgrades that only work on *that* server.

>> No.32461030

>Ah but that deck runs quite a bit of (binary) ETR
Yeah, I noted that in the original post.

>It's odd you should say that. I had originally made the deck as a flatline, but I found it too difficult because the runner can't be flatlined by Install-Advance-Advance

The (main, but if you can flatline, go for it) purpose is not to flatline the runner, but to pressure the runner, forcing a loss of tempo for fear of getting flatlined.

Very few Jinteki decks actually work as pure flatlinners. That's not really the purpose. Net damage acts generally as just another form of taxation, tied to a winning condition for added pressure.

>If I had to re-do them, they would have the same effects and be unique assets that work on all servers, or non-unique upgrades that only work on *that* server.

Compare Midori to Tenma. There's a reason Midori is an upgrade, and unique, and it has to do with the cat and mouse games, the funneling aspect between corp and runner. As a Unique Asset, it would become an immediate run magnet, and to be balanced I'd say would need to be both costlier to rez and cheaper to trash. It would end up serving another purpose really.
Same with Watanabe, it's only one to rez because it only benefits one server - compare with it's closest asset from a functional standpoint, Dedicated Server, which is already two more to rez, "just" for two recurring credits to rez ICE.

>> No.32462019

Current Criminal Running OST:


>> No.32464795

Is there a point to running an asset-based corp deck? It seems to me that if you run assets that you're forcing out ICE that could protect them. Is this why so many corp decks rely on operations for their economy?

How would you fix this?

>> No.32465275
File: 688 KB, 500x337, Dataravenswithpowercounters.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


My anti criminal RP jinteki works on running ONLY asset based corp deck. 3 copies of PAD, mental health and sundew along with encryption protocol. The main gimmick is putting centrals with huge scary bioroids and sentries while saving hard ETR ice on a super server for my agendas. On a good day i'm gaining upward 4 credits on my turn and 4 credits on the runner's turn.

The ease at how this deck shut down andy sucker is extremely funny but do note that whizzard will completely shut you down.

>Desperate andy sucker player tries to siphon me.
>Gain back the credits at the start of your turn while she struggles to remove the tags.

>> No.32468328

Asset based corps hit the runner where it hurts, tempo. Either you run those assets (wasting clicks) and trash them (spending credits) or I have these cool advantages. Dont run my DRT? Here, take 2/4/6 meat damage for every run on which you are tagged (siphons, data ravens). PAD Campaign? 1 extra credit per turn! Ronin? 3 Net Damage. Adonis? extra 12 credits over 4 turns.

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